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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the next couple days look fantastic across the bay area. then we have spotty showers as we get into your thursday. mother's day weekend looking okay. we're going to show you what we're expecting from mom and you this year in just moments. >> and a smooth flow of traffic as you would expect on the peninsula. we'll show you how things are shaping up in the south bay coming up. first though a live look outside this morning. downtown san jose. it is tuesday, may 5th. also known as cinco de mayo. this is "today in the bay." >> from nba bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new details this morning about a sto shooting in the south bay after accidentally shooting herself in the leg. but more concerning, then what happened is how it happened. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in gilroy to explain the sequence of events. good morning. >> good morning. it's concerning that it happened
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at all because the girl is just 13 years old. it's concerning because it happened in a home belonging to a gilroy police officer. and that weapon belonged to that gilroy police officer. we can tell you that gilroy police are now asking questions of that 13-year-old girl who we want to emphasize is going to be okay and the gilroy police officer whose gun the girl was handling when she shot herself accidentally. this all happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon in a home on el sarita way here on gilroy. though the gun belonged to the officer according to the department spokesman it was not his service weapon. as soon as police arrived they determined that there was no public safety issue. >> there are no suspects outstanding to the neighborhood doesn't have to worry about that. we're trying to piece together what led up to the event. >> reporter: the 13-year-old girl was not home alone at the time of the shooting. there was an adult in the home
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at the time. we don't know if the adult was the officer here at gilroy pd. the police spokesman told nba bay area there are other witnesses answering questions as to what happened as well. once the investigation is completed we will be forwarded to the santa clara district attorney's office. this is the second time in nearly three years that gilroy police have had to investigate the accidental shooting of a child involving a fellow police officer. it was about three years ago in july that a 3-year-old accidently shot and killed himself with his father's weapon. that officer was a san jose police officer. the family happened to live here in gilroy. there are no charges filed. district attorney saying that the price that the family had already paid, the tragedy was enough. in gilroy, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." police in palo alto hope that someone recognizes this man. he's waunted for stealing. took things from several homes last week. if you got a look at him and you
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know him police want to hear from you. oakland's mayor says she's going to make the city safer by putting more uniformed officers on the street. she will present a budget proposal to the city council today i colluding $6.7 million for 40 extra officers. she plans to get that money by freezing vacant city positions. you hear the words b.a.r.t. and strike and you cringe. now a push to stop b.a.r.t. workers from striking during contract talks gets the first real test in sacramento tomorrow. who can forget the 2013 b.a.r.t. strikes that brought trains to a stand still? san ramon that assembly woman catherine baker will require b.a.r.t. workers to honor no strike clauses even if their contract expire 'that bill will be heard tomorrow. more development, less parking near at&t park. today the giants are rolling out a ballot initiative to turn a parking lot into a neighborhood. the proposed mission rock development has been in the works for eight years. now the giants and neighborhood
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representatives are ready to take it to voters p the project would transform parking lot a of at&t into a mixed use development with parks, affordable housing, and new jobs. probably find parking at oracle arena, the issue is going to be tickets. for tonight the warriors looking to take a commanding lead against the memphis grizzlies in the nba playoffs. >> live look outside, sam, at the oracle arena. tonight it will transform into roaracle. >> stephanie chuang is live at oracle. for right now, just you and some silence. >> reporter: yes, it's actually kind of nice. a little bit bizarre. good morning to you, sam and laura. you said it, roar-acle. tonight, i'm trying hard. these 8,000 fans in these areas will be tasked with distacting those memphis grizzlies with these thunder sticks. 8,000 fans get these. the grizzlies already up against a very tough, very strong warriors team led, of course, by
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steph curry, the league's official mvp. the first warriors player, golden state warriors player to have that title since the team moved here in the 1962. 27-year-old led the warriors in a franchise record and 67 wins. teammates bike draymond green saying he deserved it. >> like i told my mom yesterday, it couldn't have happened to a better person. >> this hasn't sunk in at all. i'm on cloud nine for sure. >> reporter: and hoping that buzz carries in tonight. 7:30. 127th consecutive soldout home game the warriors have the second nba home record in history at the 39-2, hoping to make that 40-2 tonight. now, warriors also getting in on a social media action. first 2,000 fans to check in to facebook here at oracle tonight. gets one of these nice gold head
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bands. swag for the fans tonight hoping to take game two. stephanie strochuang, "today in bay." >> you could almost get lost in the sea of yellow. put a bow on your head. knot of oakland, city council is considering giving them a raise. increasing the minimum wage to 2:25 per hour. that would tie san francisco and oakland for the highest in the country. san francisco's new minimum wage just went into effect last friday. if you have some extra money right now today is one of the most important days of the year in silicon valley. it's the second annual silicon valley gives fund-raisers. >> 24-hour event raises money for charities. they are setting up. just to get the word out. >> good morning to you. last year silicon valley community foundation raised $8 million within this 24-hour period. they're doing it again this year. the fund raising started online
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last night at mid fignight they already raised $1.6 million. they would love to get an infinite amount by midnight tonight helping 850 charities. like my new red shoes. >> we provide homeless children with new shoes for the school year. >> bewe provide housing to supportive service to young adults. >> one million >> we improve globally by providing clean and healthy electricity. >> peninsula use theater? >> we provide outstanding theatrical learning experiences for the young people of silicon valley. >> this is just four of the 850 charities that will be helped today. we're asking you if you can go on to they're asking for $10 or anything you can give. of course at the safe way at the river mark plaza here in santa clara. we will have people outside the doors today throughout today just to remind you of that website again, it's
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it's easy to remember as in like silicon valley trying to beat the $8 million that was raised last year. we're close to a quarter, fifth of the way there. $1.6 million. that's overnight when people are technically asleep. but i guess out here people getting up early for the commute, everyone is awake. laura? sam? >> not asleep there this morning. quite a lot of pep there. >> i'm impressed by that energy out there already. great for the cause. thanks, bob. of course, for more information on how and where to donate you can head to our website nbcbayarea, there you will find the link to silicon valley gives at the top of our home page. we're go to check in with bob ridell to see how the fund-raising is going in the next half hour. >> just a small snippet. >> you learn about different groups that maybe either you want to give to, get involved with. fantastic. >> christina is going to show us
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some of them later today. but in the meantime she's got a look at your forecast. good morning. >>ed good morning. if you go online you don't have to fill out registration. donate it easy. $10 minimum donation. looking forward to seeing you out there at safe way as well. we love to shake hands with as many bay area viewers. you are a part of our morning family. it's going to be 53 degrees to start that day in oakland. 52 in san jose. and 52 degrees in half-moon bay. we are waking up yet again with a full deck of clouds overhead but here's the deal for today. low clouds clear by noon. temperatures are going to be lovely out there. no need for that ac. in fact, we're running right around average for this time of year all across the board. 67 degrees on the peninsula. that is average for you. 76 degrees in the north bay. meanwhile, 73com for theable conditions out there in the tri-valley for today. as we get into the next couple days some changes to tell you about. so we're going to talk about some showers in your forecast.
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as we get into my next report it is cinco de mayo, a lot of people will be headed out and about this evening. count on a cool night ahead. 50s in san jose. 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. events happening. we will give you some of those coming up. right now though, check your drive and welcome in mike inouye. i noticed more people on the roads. could be cinco de mayo, could be silicon valley gives. what do you think? >> could be any of those things or a lot of folks getting to their early jobs around the bay. a lot of folks get to work before some other folks even think about it. the folks at the cash lane. that's why the backup cleared from that approach. no problems down the east shore freeway. let's look out to your maps. we will see the same thing for the speed sensors toward the bay bridge, the maze, and the carquinez and benecia bridges. 101 smoothly southbound. antioch, westbound highway 4 just starts the beginning of that build we see first in antioch. also at the altamont pass. there we do. west 580. that stretches into livermore no
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with the speeds dipping down below the green level. upper 50s except for where you see orange. around 50 miles per hour and some of the spots as they make their way to the dublin interchange. no surprises for the tri-valley. the peninsula with w101 and 280. san jose, a live look shows you a light volume of traffic northbound 101 just underneath that 680/280 interchange. it's 5:11. coming up, consumer watchdog group says it's had enough of high gas prices. what it's asking the government to do next. >> elon musk very busy week and we'll check your money on the stock market coming up as well. 3
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le. welcome back if you feel like you're getting taken advantage of at the gas pump you're not alone. consumer watchdog is releasing a new report about how oil refineries profit when prices of gas goes up. the group says it gives them more incentive to raise gas prices and they're going to ask the government to step in. opening unauthorized accounts and accessing personal information. those are some of the charges that wells fargo is facing this morning. the city of los angeles is suing that bank wells fargo claiming that it encouraged its employees
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to open new customer accounts with its culture of high pressure sales. that suit also claims that some employees used customer's confidential information and even rated their other accounts for money to open up additional accounts. the suit comes after a story published in the l.a. times on sales pressure at the bank. wells fargo denies those allegations. no ties allowed today in a memorila for silicon valley ceo dave goldberg. >> they will gather at stanford for a farewell to someone who had an impact on the community. >> without the ties to goldberg refused to wear, goldberg finally remembered for so many things. president obama this morning issuing a statement in remembrance. official with the mexican state where goldberg died on vacation with his wife said he appeared to fall off a treadmill while exercising and hit his head. good morning, landon. >> hey there, scott.
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yes, very sad tragedy and our thoughts are with his family. check of the markets. futures point to a mixed open after stocks rose on monday. dow posting best two-day gain in a month. better than expected economic data. services sector this morning. earnings from disney. points to 18070. nasdaq adding 11 to 5016. back over to you. >> landon, thank you. shares in cisco went essentially unchanged monday as the market b a soshed the news long time cisco ceo john chambers would step down at the end of july. he's staying on the board as chairman. and his replacement is an accolade. conclusion is not much chapgsng at cisco. the stock moved four cents. solar city will report profits this afternoon. first of two company fies for e musk. he's chairman of the board. his cousin is ceo. other cousin is cto. that's not all for musk.
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tomorrow musk's other company spacex will fire a rocket in florida to test a crew escape system for his dragon capcapsul. it will have a mannequin inside. they reported buster, spacex specifically denied it. it's a crash test dummy but it's not buster. >> keep it all in the family. >> bs si guy. he's got to find help where he can get it. >> got a lot of cousins. >> this is the busiest week for any human being, earnings reports, space launch. thank you very much, scott. let's check the forecast. up and at them this morning, meteorologist christina loren. >> you're getting your family ready, maybe getting the kids ready for school, you're getting ready for work, you want to think for the two different parts of the day inland. otherwise you need that jacket or sweater just about all day lock at the coast. 52 degrees. good morning, half-moon bay.
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52 in san francisco as well. wide spread 50 forz mos for mos. the only area isolated is in the north bay where we have the low 40s. you have to love the microclimates around here. 52 in san francisco. about aen hour and a half drive not north santa rosa. you're at 41 degrees. yeah, big difference there. as we head throughout the day today we are going to see clouds. that's what's keeping this nice and mild here. lacking the cloud blanket in santa rosa this morning. we do have fog developing as we speak. area of low pressure just to our north is bringing in that persistent onshore flow. more of the same is the thick marine layer will persist. as we get into the end of the week we are talking about a very significant chance for some showers. let me show you what some of our future cast models are bringing in. we stopped that clock for you. take you into your wednesday night up couple of showers in the north bay. better chance for all of us to get that activity as we head through thursday evening into friday morning. but i do want to draw your
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attention to this. look at this. we're expecting more snow up in tahoe. could measure six to eight inches of snow above the highest peaks. very unusual for this this late in the season. it's not our only chance for shower activity. we'll get another shot next week. we walk you through the next five days. temperatures staying nice and steady here. you will notice temperatures in upper 60s to low s through friday. a pump up in numbers as we head through saturday. staying steady for a beautiful mother's day weekend. you know what, i know mike is already prepared. he loves his wife very much. you know what, you and the kids are going to cook something this year? >> we try to take care of mom as best we can. she's traveling on business and get back and hopefully have a nice weekend as well. my mom as well as my mother-in-law. see if we can make everybody happy. of here we're happy to see this. san mateo bridge moving westbound just fine. sign a reminder over mother's
5:20 am
day weekend. it's going to be closed. celebrate mother may be out of town. the san mateo bridge will be closed again for maintenance 8th through 11th. we'll talk about more specifics as we approach the weekend and look at the maps across the bay. 92 moved smoothly. 84 as well. peninsula, no delays. no problems as we widen out our shot. no incidents reported for the south bay or getting in towards san francisco or oakland. we'll show you anywhere knot of here we do have a little slowing for highway 4 in antioch. typical. same thing for the build now stretches in to livermore. dublin still close to the speed limit. same thing for pleasanton south of 680. here's your north bay and if approach toward the bay bridge. we'll give you the live look. seeing a few more cars coming into the area. cash lane not showing that backup but it's 5:20. should see a few cars stacking up. check the golden gate bridge for good measure. easy flow of traffic. you see all the lights back and forth between the north bay and the city. back to you.
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now to an investigative unit exclusive. they come to america seeking safety and justice instead tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants in legal loim who looking at years to get out. senior investigative reporter steven stock has a quit ga lns at his latest investigation. >> good morning. we found nearly 30,000 undocumented immigrants living here in the bay area, all caught in a little waiting game. they've been caught by federal agents at the border. many of them have legitimate claims for asylum after fleeing violence in their home countries. they are now stuck in a huge backlog of cases before u.s. immigration court, a backlog that keeps growing. we sat in court and saw case after case over weeks set for hearings three years from now. that's something unheard of in our criminal justice system. by law, these immigrants are not technically allowed to work here in the u.s. they just live here and wait for
5:22 am
years. this forces them to live underground and in the shadows unable to legally work or pay taxes or contribute to our economy. in a rare candid sit-down interview on camera we talked with a u.s. immigration court judge who has been hearing these cases in san francisco since 19 1987. she calls this system now, quote, broken. she's also joining with other voices in this system calling for the entire immigration system to be reformed, especially u.s. immigration court. you can see the entire story, plus all the other stories we've done on this immigration system issue on our website. just go to back to you guys. >> and if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail to the unit. time right now, 5:22 on your cinco de mayo. coming up, caught on camera. >> a college student busted.
5:23 am
what she was caught doing to her roommate's food.
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5:25 am
a mea culpa this morning from a hollywood actress. danielle watts is apologizing to police. she plead noed no contest aftere and her husband were having sex in parked car. watts accused the officers of racial profiling. after a police recording of the confrontation was made public civil rights activist cast doubt on her account. now watts is writing apology e-mails to the l.a. pd officers and neighbors complaining about the activity. hidden cameras were a perfect ingredient to catch a shameless roommate sabotaging the frinl. university of south carolina had
5:26 am
a sneaking suspicion about their third roommate who they feared was spitting in their food. cameras seem to catch that and more from 22-year-old haley king. police arrested her after viewing the video. she's now facing felony charges that may lead to jail time. as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. >> without saliva. a concern you might have at a restaurant if you tick off your server. >> your roommate. but felony charges, that's serious. >> maybe she had something viral in there, who knows. it is 5:26. coming up, parking in the city could soon be getting worse, but supporter os of a new plan say the reward will be worth the pain. nba's mvp needs no name but he will be out in full force tob. game two, all right, steph curry will be draining thooi threrees >> incredible to watch. throw after throw. we're going to take you inside the roar-acle arena for a look
5:27 am
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new details about a shooting involving a teenage girl and a gun belonging to a gilroy police officer. >> protesters head to the south bay in response to a flag controversy five years in the making. good tuesday morning to you. more mild weather headed your way for this afternoon. and then some showers coming down the pike. we'll let you know if this unsettled pattern will bring rain to your microclimate in just moments. >> a mild start to the commute so far this morning. we do have the backup at the bay bridge. look at this beautiful scene. well lit. we'll talk about the lights. >> sounds great, mike. we look forward to that as we look outside from the south bay this morning. it's cinco de mayo, the 5th of may. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good morning.
5:30 am
thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. new details are coming to light this morning about the 13-year-old gilroy girl who found a gun and accidentally hot herself in the leg. that gun belonged to her dad who is gilroy police officer. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in gilroy this morning. kris, the teenager is in stable condition. the family is fortunate the outcome wasn't worse. >> reporter: indeed, laura. we will start out by saying the girl is going to be okay. she did shoot herself in the leg but was treated by medical personnel on the scene and went to the hospital. she's going to be all right. but now the questions remain, how is it that she was able to access that gun and how is it that she was able to shoot herself with it. gilroy police are asking questions of her and of that gilroy police officer whose gun the girl was handling when she shot herself. it was around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on el sar writ to way. that home belonging to a gilroy police officer. we should mention that though the gun belonged to that officer according to the department spokesman it was not his service
5:31 am
weapon. as soon as police arrived they determined there was no public sa safety issue. >> there are no suspects outstanding so the neighborhood is not in any danger. nobody needs to be concerned about that. but at this stage of the game we're still trying to piece together what led up to this event. >> we know the girl wasn't alone at the time of the shooting. there was an adult at home with her at the time. we don't know if that adult was the officer. the police spokesman told nba bay area there are other witnesses who answered questions as to what happened and once the investigation is complete it will be forwarded for review to the santa clara county district attorney's office. this is the second time in nearly three years that gilroy police have had to investigate the accidental shooting of a child involving the weapon of a fellow police officer. in july of 2012 a san jose police officer who lives in gilroy, his 3-year-old son accidentally shot himself and killed himself in the family's gilroy home.
5:32 am
no charges were filed in that incident. in gilroy, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. bay area man accuse of getting behind the wheel after a day of drinking and crashing into a mother and her baby will be in court this morning. ♪ i was blind but now i see >> last night family and friends gathered for a vigil at the scene of the crash in livermore. police say brian jones lost control of the corvette hitting and killing morales and her 14-month-old daughter julie. morales had come up with her daughter from monterrey to celebrate her cousin's 19th birthday. >> i hope that haunts him forever because it's going to haunt me forever. >> so much loss. jones is scheduled to be arraigned on a number of charges including gross vehicular manslaughter. more remembrance this morning. friends and family will honor the silicon valley executive who died suddenly over the weekend.
5:33 am
private memorial will take place on the stanford campus for dave goldberg while family concerns to mourn, confusion building over where the accident happened. mexican officials reported the survey monkey ceo died after collapsing on a treadmill in mexico at the four season 'the four seasons released a statement saying that's not true. meantime, tributes for goldberg are pouring? >> he wasn't larger than life but he lived a great large life. it's just a tragedy that one of the very good people of silicon valley this would happen to at a young age. >> president obama also honoring goldberg saying that he embodied the definition of a real leader, someone who is always looking for ways to empower others. goldberg's widow is facebook executive sheryl sandberg. he pushed her and supported her push for gender equality. it was a flag controversy that got national attention. this morning five morgan hill teenagers suspended for wearing american flag shirts to school
5:34 am
on cinco de mayo, they will demonstrate outside the school today. it happened back in 2010. four students at live oak high school wore shirts showing the american flag on cinco de mayo. school administrators told them to turn the shirts inside out or go home. protesters claim the school district violated the students' free speech. the incident led to a lawsuit that went all of the way to the supreme court which turned down the case this year. parking already such an issue for san francisco residents and those going to big sporting events. now you have more development and less parking near at&t park. today the giants are rolling out a ballot initiative to turn a parking lot into a neighborhood. the proposed mission rock development has been in the works for eight years now. the giants and neighborhood reps are ready to take it to the voters. that project would transform parking lot a for at&t park into a mixed use development with parks, affordable housing, and new jobs. the warriors are looking to continue their hot playoff run when they take on the mem gphis
5:35 am
grizzlies. >> they are on a roll right now hoping to continue that momentum. live look outside at oracle arena at this early hour. it is going to be filled with rabid fans later today. one of the most intimidating places to play in the nba. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live side oracle where it's quiet right now but if you could stay there longer, stay for the game. >> reporter: yeah, just what, 13, 14 hours no, big deal. i have to do a redo quickly though because i just learned how to use these thunder sticks like this. there you go. now i'm ready. 8,000 fans get these tonight as the warriors take on the grizzlies tonight. they are undefeated in the playoffs. and they're 39-2 at home. they're hoping to make that 40-2 tonight. big personal win as the league's mvp. he's the first warrior since the team moved here to the bay area in 1962 to get that title. the only other player for the warriors was wilt chamberlain in
5:36 am
'60 when they were playing in philadelphia. curry yesterday extremely emotional especially as he thanked his father dell curry who played in the league. >> it is special. really proud of what you were able to do in your career. and i don't take that for granted at all. >> reporter: now the warriors have won 21 straight games at home. and tonight is the 127th consecutive soldout home game. so it's going to be crazy here at roar-acle tonight. so i'm steph and then that's steph curry. i'm hoping the name somehow lentz me some extra power. i'm told bob, my colleague and friend, of course, was 1 for 50 from the three-point line. i'm going to start this morning and try to beat that. i got my own style. no judgment. here we go. >> let's see. >> all right. >> was that an underhand shot? we didn't sew you clearly enough. what's the technique?
5:37 am
>> aye seen that work for free throws. you almost knocked that one down. >> "d" for darling. >> she is very cute. and i have a feeling the next time we see stephanie chuang she is going to swish that shot. i putting my money on that. >> you realize how far it is. >> oh, that's a tough shot to make. keep in mind, steph curry made 77 consecutive three-pointers. bob ridell made like one or two which is equally impressive. >> i don't know. i guess we could get a game of horse going, christina. >> sounds good. 52 in san francisco. 52 to start the new day in san carlos. temperatures are looking good. we are all going to score in the weather department for today with a lovely, lovely day ahead. cloudy start. we do have interesting changes for today. that breeze will persist for today. afternoon sunshine, temps hover. noon today as we get out there for lunch temps will be in the mid 60s. a lot of people headed toward
5:38 am
roar-acle arena later today. he will hit 63 on the east shore. 67 on the peninsula. and 73 degrees out in the tri-valley. 76 for the north bay. pretty steady for tonight as well. more of the same, more delightful weather. it's also cinco de mayo so count on a lot of people out there on the roadways. 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. san jose, santana row will be busy. 50s on the way there. san francisco, 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., 60s. santa rosa is also having a lot of festivities happening. 50 degrees at 9:00 p.m. temperatures are going to drop rapidly. after the sun sets at 8:00 straight up our days are getting longer. even though the days are getting longer our temperatures are going to get a touch cooler as we head throughout your thursday and we're bringing in showers. we'll have more on this and the timing for where you live in just moments. right now here's mike. and you know what, if we were playing horse, mike, probably get to the "r" before you beat us all. >> oh, well, you give me a lot
5:39 am
of credit and i'll take that credit. i won't have to prove it then. looking over here, you know i would have to use a lot longer word to survive in that game. bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights may be turned on as i'm making this report. out to the live shot for the north bay as well. san rafael moves smoothly. southbound 101 picks up volume but no incidents reported. look at the maps, overview. there's the north bay. at speed. same thing for the upper east shore and bay bridge where the metering lights. let's count the monicas by the time you get there, that's what will be there. looking over toward the tri-valley, typical build now making over to dublin. no drama south of the san mateo bridge. we're going to look at the san mateo bridge the peninsula side. you've got a lot of company. 101 still moves close to speed limit. back to you. a crowded field getting even more crowded this morning. now who is announcing a run for president? we'll tell you. plus, it was the fight of the century. the story goes far beyond boxing. it's all about piracy and
5:40 am
twitter is in the heart of the battle. just north of san jose. there's a live look outside right now. we're going to be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after the break.
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5:42 am
isis is claiming responsibility for the sunday's shooting at a prophet mohammed cartoon contest drawing in texas. the terror group made an audio message taking credit for the events. experts say it's not certain if that claim is an attempt to co-op the attack as one of its own. investigators are also not telling us if the two suspects shot dead were in any way connected to isis. decision 2016. the race for the white house is getting crowded. at least 15 candidates are running or considering a run. one more officially throws his hat into the ring today. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. this morning. tracie, this new candidate is a
5:43 am
familiar face? >> reporter: a familiar face, name recognition. mike huckabee brings a little something different to the table than the other candidates we saw this week because he's been down this road before. nailed shut is the title of the video mike huckabee is using to kick off his campaign today. >> any drunken redneck can walk into a bar and start a fight. a leader only starts a fight that he's repaired to finish. >> reporter: he will make the announcement from the heart of sclin on the land, hope, arkansas, arguing it's there in small communities, not in washington, where government should have the most power. >> power needs to be local and limited. >> i'm ben carson and i'm a candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: former arkansas governor follows dr. ben carson and fhpco carly fiorina but huckabee may have an advantage. >> this thing gets more exciting when the governors get in
5:44 am
because the governors have governed. >> the greatest threat we -- >> reporter: huckabee been here before, won iowa in 2008 but failed to win the party nomination. he's popular with evangelical christians but can he win mainstream conservatives? analysts think he's likely to pull republican candidates to the right, especially on social issues. so let's talk about the democrats now because hillary clinton is out today in nevada. in our latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll. numbers are going up but not so much that she's not still beating every single top republican in the race. at least the top four that they polled her against. some of those have declared and some like jeb bush and scott walker haven't come out publicly yet. >> there are a lot of names floating out there. tracie. thanks. live from washington. sam? you mentioned karly 15 written that. she's going to be on the "today" show later this morning. scott mcgrew, she's making the rounds. >> she is.
5:45 am
she's not just run for president, she's also on a book tour. new book hits store shels today. it's not probably not a coincidence. fiorina on the "today" show, plus she did one of those periscope videos on monday afternoon where she took lots of tough questions about her time at hp. she acknowledges, yes, she was fired from that job and, yes, she did have to layoff tens of thousands of people. it's hard to determine just how serious fear rana is about running for president. polling puts her about dead last in iowa. the layoffs are going to be a problem. she laid off almost as many people as there are people in the city of campbell. those layoffs were probably necessary but in a debate with other candidates about how she's going to bring job into the economy, it's going to be sore point. the u.s. justice department is rethinking the way law enforcement uses stingrays, the devices they use cellphones to think they're communicating with a cellphone tower. part of the problem is we don't
5:46 am
know how often they're used. prosecutors sometimes abandon cases rather than admit their existence. futures calling for a slightly lower opening this morning. solar city reports profits after the bell. disney moved its quarterly report from this afternoon to this morning so that executives can attend the memorial for dave goldberg. mr. goldberg's wife sheryl sandberg sit osen the board of disney as well. >> an area that's known for having a lot of larger than life figures. dave goldberg seems to be at the top of that list. >> big loss. so young, too. thanks a lot. history in africa. secretary of state john kerry is in somalia this morning on an unannounced trip. this is video of him in kenya yesterday. he's meeting with somalia's president and other top leaders today to show so lar darity in fighting al qaeda and allies in somalia. kerry is first top u.s. diplomat ever to visit somalia. all meetings will take place at the country's airport under
5:47 am
tight security highlighting just how unstable the country remains. in case you missed it, christina's earlier report, she's alreadying looking ahead to mother's day. we know if you're going to respect and honor one person in your family, make it your mom always. >> make it your mom. try to make it all of your family members, as well. >> you know, respect is a good thing. i totally, totally stand behind that. 35g mother's day does look lovely. everybody's got one. we're looking okay toer mother's day. last year was really hot. i remember because i was throwing around the hot mama jokes. temperatures this morning are mild. 52 degrees on the peninsula. 52 degrees in san francisco to start the new day. and we're going to end up in the mid 70s later on this afternoon. so really beautiful conditions will prevail yet again. it's that time of year here in the bay area where it's really, really nice out there.
5:48 am
69 degrees on the peninsula for today. 73 degrees for the east bay. really comfortable conditions in the tri-valley. we have a really lovely pattern set up. basically what's happening is persistent onshore flow courtesy of area of low pressure that is just to our north. as we get into the next couple of days temperatures will stay steady today into wednesday and then everything changes as we head throughout your thursday. actually expecting some shower activity. area of low pressure moves through. let me take you to your future cast as promised. we like to give you the timing of the storms. and, yeah, scattered activity thursday, 1:00 p.m. that will continue into thursday evening. i don't think you need to carry your umbrella with you but you might want to have in your car spring is the season here in the bay area. always have a jack get and umbrella or whatever it is ready to go, vizer, sunglasses because you never know what you're going to get. next couple of days work like this. low 70s for tuesday and wednesday. those showers roll through by thursday.
5:49 am
this is san jose. 69 degrees. we're expecting some showers in san francisco as well. 64 degrees there. and out in the east shore we want to give the east bay some love as well. 76 degrees for your thursday. you know what, you give the entire bay area love when it comes to your traffic reports. although it's not always good news, mike. not always. >> you know, it's like a big group hug right here at the bay bridge toll plaza. everybody is huddling together because the metering lights are on. i guess that's one motivation. the backup will only mid parking lot for some folks off the left approach but everybody else back toward west grand of knew. let's look at the oakland area as well as we're traveling northbound down toward the san mateo bridge. a smooth drive by oracle arena. remember, inside today. that's not of tnl reason crowds are going to gather. warriors play memphis. we'll look toward the san mateo bridge. westbound as we travel across that san mateo bridge. live camera shows you a smooth flow of traffic. i've been trying to track whether or not we have any smoke.
5:50 am
i don't see any. a smoking vehicle was reported but, again, i see traffic going smoothly. we look at your map. live cameras there in the green and maybe a little bit of yellow. a tiny bit of slowing westbound shows up. here highway 4 as well as interstate 580 showing you typical commute build west heading over towards 680 fon both of them. and the tri-valley shows slowing at the dublin interchange. hayward typical of this time of day. and northbound 101 and 87 coming in through downtown san jose. no surprises. typical pattern and chp reports very light right now. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. now to an investigative unit exclusive. when you call 911 every second counts p the bay area investigative unit discovered one south bay address that's clogging the system and possibly delaying responses to true emergency calls. records show one location making hundreds of emergency calls for nonemergency issues. no, here's the concern. the calls are coming from an address within walking distance
5:51 am
of a hospital emergency room. paramedics and firefighters told the investigative unit the problem is growing and county administrators are failing to find a solution. tonight at 11:00, chief investigative reporter takes you inside the issue responding to non-emergencies at the risk of real emergencies. this was heartbreaking earlier in the week. the new york police department in mourning after the death now of a young officer shot over the weekend. 25-year-old brian mooar was critically injured on saturday after a gunman shot him in the head and died yesterday. moore and another officer was questioning a man in queens when the gunfire start pend the other officer was not injured. police arrested the suspect and prosecutors say he will face a first degree murder charge. relatives of the boston marathon bomber testified in court. tsarnaev is showing little emotion during this trial but he did actually tear up as his aunt began sobbing on the stand yesterday. tsarnaev's cousins said he was a
5:52 am
kind person and always had a smim on his face. they also said he was very close to his older brother tamerlan who helped carry out the bombing. defense lawyers are trying to prove that tsarnaev was only acting under the influence of his older brother. video app users gaming the system are sparking a new fight over the fight of the century. saturday night's floyd mayweather/manny pacquiao fight cost $100 to order. some people who forked over the money used streaming video apps like periscope and meerkat to broadcast it for free. they just simply held up their phones to the television. copyright attorneys say anyone who streamlined the fight to these should be prepared for round one of a legal battle. the video companies hour should be okay. >> the maker of the technology, whether that's sony in the case of the vcr or periscope in the case of this new technology, isn't going to be responsible unless they were encore ranning people to use it in illegal
5:53 am
ways. >> periscope says many of those live streams were shut down within minutes. others simply stopped streaming. two guys who can afford to pay a lawsuit, pacquiao and mayweather, now one of the lingering questions of the fight of the century will champ floyd mayweather pay rap mogle shugs knight's bail. that's which he said if he won the fight. that attorney texted the l.a. times yesterday saying the issue is still far from resolved. now, get this. knight's bail currently stands at $10 million. those fighters just for fighting in the contest made $100 million each. >> probably could afford it. >> he would be able to swing $10 million. here's a look at the stories we're, wog on for 6:00. a lot of questions after a 13-year-old girl accidentally shoots herself in the leg. police say the gun belongs to a gilroy police officer. the investigators say they're still trying to piece together.
5:54 am
cinco de mayo means something entirely different for a group planning to protest outside of one south bay school. why to them it's all a matter of free speech. the calm before the roar tonight at oracle arena. the warriors pulling out all the stops for the playoff game against memphis. happening today as we root on those warriors, also rooting on lots of generous folks to donate today. major fund-raiser right here in the silicon valley. >> "today in the bay's" bob ridell the telling people sill v con valley gives. >> good morning to you. 24-hour marathon to try to raise as much money as possible for 850 non-profits when we sal you last at 5:05 we were at $1.64 million. that was since midnight last night. let's look at see where we are ruth n right now. in about 15 minutes we've raised another $60,000.
5:55 am
keep in mind that's during the early morning hours while a lot of people are allegedly still asleep. hopefully we'll see that number get bigger. last year they hit $8 million. how did this all come to be? >> well, this came to be because we wanted to do something in the community where people could help all of the non-profits and sma san mateo, santa clara, and san beit in to counties. this one day to raise as much money for non-profits doing great things in our community. >> people go on the website and you're asking for $10? >> minimum of $10. up until paypal one of our partners along with nbc, bay area, and microsoft and others, but paypal is matching 1% of every give up to a total of $100,000. if you go on now you get a 1% match through paypal. >> this is a passion of yours you've been doing since the
5:56 am
beginning of time. why? >> because every day i get to wake up and try to help people. i get to work with thrilling, exciting non-profits that are trying to help people in all kinds of areas, from education to health care to the arts. >> dr. carson, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we've got a handful of these non-profits out here right now. so again, as you heard the doctor say, minimal of $10, go to come to the safe way here in santa clara and they will have people out there later in the morning, throughout the day to remind you again of that website. again, trying to raise as much money as possible. last year $8 million in 24 hours. here we are at 1.7. it's not even 6:00 in the morning yet. quite a good payday for just under six hours. trying to get more to help people like this behind me. >> almost seems like one of the best starts that i've seen on silicon valley gives. that's great. keep the momentum going. >> they seem to be multiplying. 800 in total. maybe bob will have a lot of friends.
5:57 am
thank you very much. >> if you want to help for more information on how and where to donate, head to our website nbcbayarea. there you will find a link to silicon valley gives at the top of our home page. we're going to check in with bob ridell to see how the fund-raiser is coming up in our next hour. >> nice too see. a lot of giving. 5:57. silicon valley preparing to say good-bye to a tech executive. even president obama sending his condolences. >> plus, the so-called fight of the century that turned out to be a did in some people's estimations. now we're learning why one of the boxers wasn't actually at full strength.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, heartbreak and confusion as new details emerge surrounding the sudden death of silicon valley tech executive. south bay girl shoots herself with a gone belonging to a police officer. give it back in a big way. we are live at the safe way this
6:00 am
morning. bob ridell and all of those non-profit organizations that needs your help. charities from across the bay area asking fors a zi tans today. >> all that energy inspiring. you know what, we've got a forecast that will inspire as well. beautiful sun rise over san jose. mild today. unsettled weather though. just days away. we'll give you the timeline for the changes. no smoke in the view of the san mateo bridge but i did see flashing lights. we'll give you the update as you cross the bay. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. south bay girl recovering this morning after she accidentally shot herself in the leg. the gun that she used belonged to a gilroy police officer and an it all happened inside his home. kris sanchez is joining us live at police headquarters in gilroy with new details. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. let's start by saying that


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