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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 28, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... san jose good morning to you. we want to give you a live look outside at san jose right now. time is 7:00 straight up this sunday morning. and thank you so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen and standing by is anthony stlaugter erslaughter with the micro climate forecast. things warming up nicely this week. >> it will be a nice break from the excessive heat of the past week. temperatures reached 100 degrees in the tri-valley this past week. a little bit of a cooldown yesterday, only 91. so it's all relative here across the bay area. a live shot from san francisco. lots happening this morning as folks getting ready to head into the city for the pride parade. starts around 10:00 this morning. you'll notice temperatures will
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eventually climb into the low 60s. 63 by noon and we'll start to see plenty of sunshine by then. full sunshine all day long. a beautiful day in san francisco. 67 for the high temperature there. and temperatures falling back into the 50s by about 6:00. overall, it's going it be a beautiful day. 82 in the south bay, 76 for the peninsula and 78 for the north bay. even the tri-valley today, vicky, no 90. 80s will replace that. now, tomorrow we go back up. we're talking about 90s and triple-digit heat this upcoming week. get ready, get the ac ready the bottled water, the whole nine. >> the whole nine. >> because it's going to be really, really hot starting tuesday. >> call me crazy. i may be in the minority but i kind of like it muggy outside. >> i enjoy it a little bit, too. it's kind of a different change. >> exactly. it's good for the skin. >> yeah good point. >> all right anthony, thank you. well, a lot of energy this weekend as big crowds gathered in san francisco for the annual gay pride events but the mood quickly went from celebratory to panic just as the party was winding down. [ shots ] a bystander caught this shooting on camera and posted that video
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to social media. police say shots were fired near the city's civic center plaza. you can see it sent crowds running. a 64-year-old man was caught in the cross fire. police say the shooting stemmed from an argument that was not related to the pride celebrations. they have arrested six men. the man who was shot in the arm is reportedly in stable condition. despite that scare, the party still in full swing. heightened excitement at this year's pride event. the city's police chief expects 1.5 million people to attend this year. the celebration especially significant after the u.s. supreme court's historic ruling to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. pride events were filled with live music, dancing and, of course a sea of rainbows. many people say they feel good and proud about being out. >> and this time it's just like, even more prideful you know? you're just like you feel finally accomplished in many different ways. >> i've never felt so accepted
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and so much happy vibes. >> the festivities continue today. the pride parade starts this morning in san francisco at 10:30. and over at twin peaks, about 100 people including city and state officials, showed up at the 20th pink triangle ceremony. the goal is to commemorate both the past and the future. it is a reminder of the discrimination that once existed and still does in some countries. those who were gay had to wear the pink triangle patch in concentration camps during the nazi regime. it was a symbol that branded homosexuals as undesirable. organization members say they hope to prevent such hatred from happening again. >> it shows that incrementally, we slowly get our rights. so, that's wonderful. we need to remember what happened in the past. part of pride weekend and all the celebration is remembering where we've been. >> and if you are heading to the city today, you can still check out the pink triangle before it is taken down this evening. the theme of this year's pride
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parade is "equality without exception." you can find the full list of events on our website at it was a violent afternoon in oakland, where one person was killed and two others were wounded in a shooting. it happened about 5:30 on international boulevard near 50th avenue. the three men made their way to a hospital where one of them died. the two others are expected to survive. police say they do not yet have a motive or any suspect information. well it was a terrifying scene out of taiwan. more than 500 people hurt when flames erupted at a water park last night. an explosion of a colored theatrical powder thrown from a music stage may be to blame for that fire. it sent a crowd of spectators to the hospital to be treated for serious burns. authorities say at least eight people are in critical condition. the exact cause of that fire, though, is still under investigation. #freebree quickly went viral on the internet.
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she's the woman who took down the confederate flag flying outside south carolina's state house. britney newsome climbed the flag pole yesterday morning. police showed up before she made it to the top and they called for her to come down but she finished what she came to do. she removed that flag and she was promptly arrested. newsome was released from custody hours later, though after supporters raised funds for her $3,000 bond. >> do the right thing, we have to bury hate. it's been too long. it's killing us literalry. we can't do this. we can't be warring with each other all the time. it's not right. >> the flag went up a short time later because of state law. within a few hours, protesters on the other side of the debate held a small rally, calling for the confederate flag to stay. desperate and dangerous. that's how authorities describe an escaped prisoner still on the run. his partner now dead. convicted murderer david sweat has eluded police for three weeks now. he and richard matt escaped from a maximum security prison in new york
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york. late friday, a u.s. border agent shot and killed matt in the woods in upstate new york just ten miles from the canadian border. authorities tracked him down after someone reported a break-in at a hunting cabin. more than 1,000 officers are now searching for his partner in that same rugged area. >> the state police feel there's credible evidence that inmate sweat is within that perimeter. they've inserted individual tactical teams to do grid searches within that perimeter today, and if he's in there, we're going to find him. >> authorities have set up road blocks to keep sweat from heading across the canadian border. two people from northern california are among the victims of a deadly plane crash in alaska. roland cheney and mary doucette of lodi were on a side trip from a cruise they were taking when their sightseeing plane crashed into a cliff near ketchikan, alaska. seven others on board were also killed. a passenger from the holland american cruise ship says they heard about thursday's crash after their own sightseeing tour was cancelled. >> we had actually had a float
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plane scheduled to go out. they canceled our float plane. and then my girlfriend and i. so, we were kind of disappointed that they canceled ours and then we found out about the trarges and it put things into perspective. >> a memorial service was held on board the cruise ship. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. more mountain lions roaming the streets of san mateo, the latest spotted just a couple of days ago. police got several calls about an animal roaming near park elementary school around 10:30 on friday night. officers briefly spotted the mountain lion. >> people should be aware, especially times when it is dusk, dawn hours of darkness that they should be aware of their surroundings and try and avoid those wildland areas. >> last month, a mountain lion caused a scare in downtown san mateo. the animal was eventually tranquilized. you see it there back in the back of that truck. they took it back to the hills.
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wildlife leaders say mountain lion sightings are becoming more common because of the drought. they say sometimes the lions are following deer that venture down from the hills looking for food and water. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the grateful dead say fare thee well on their last weekend of concerts in the bay area. we'll take you to levi's stadium for a look at last night's epic show. and are you a member of the scooter network? it's fun, inexpensive and all over san francisco. we'll explain right after this break.
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deliciously fruity dinner feels a million years away grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. francisco (adlib) good morning to you. the time is 7:10 and we have a live look outside at san francisco. look at that transamerica building. skies looking nice and clear today for the san francisco pride parade which is just a few hours away, starting at 10:30 this morning. well a water fight may be
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brewing between the state and san francisco. state water leaders warn the san francisco public utilities commission to stop drawing water from low-flowing rivers and creeks. they gave the same order to central valley farmers. san francisco's commission has the rights to pipe in water from the sierra for 2.5 million people in and around the city and in the past it has been quick to defend those water rights. but the state says california's historic drought trumps all water rights. san francisco could face daily fines for unauthorized water drawn. firefighters are making progress against a 17,000-acre wildfire burning near lake tahoe. it's now about 30% contained. there have been no evacuations and there is no damage to structures. 200 people living in nearby markleyville left this weekend as a precaution. and a fast-moving, wind-swept grass fire near sacramento is now contained
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after burning hundreds of acres yesterday afternoon. the fire destroyed a barn threatened several other structures and triggered a voluntary evacuation order. firefighters helicopters and dozers were able to contain the fire after it burned about 250 acres. no one was hurt. that cause of that fire is under investigation. still ahead on "today in the bay," bidding the grateful dead good-bye. tens of thousands of deadheads in the south bay this weekend to witness history. we'll take you to levi's stadium. anthony? yeah, well we're going to see history of our own this upcoming week. we're talking about record-setting week across the bay area starting tuesday. in the meantime, a nice break from that heat today, actually. we'll talk more about that forecast coming up after this.
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franc ( and welcome back to the show. we want to give you another live look out at san francisco today. anthony slaughter says it won't be quite as hot as it has been
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and probably a great day to be outside if you are heading up to the city for the pride events this morning. the newest way to get around san francisco hit the streets just in time for one of the city's busiest weekends. scoot networks has launched a new scooter rental service. they are busiest during the weekdays with commuters who use these scooters to get to and from work but the networks are now getting a lot of weekend recreational use. the cost is pretty low. most trips are just $2. >> they go up to 30 miles per hour and have a 25-mile range. so we have charging stations and places to park at over 100 locations in the city. >> the company says its goal is to offer a fun, green alternative to cars. the south bay looking a lot like san francisco in its 1960s heyday this weekend. the remaining members of the grateful dead are back together on a farewell tour. "today in the bay's" marianne favro joined the deadheads at last night's show at levi's stadium. >> reporter: it's time to say
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good-bye forever to the legendary band the grateful dead. they perform one of their last few concerts tonight. thousands packed into levi's stadium in santa clara to watch four of the original members take to the stage and light up memories. >> well, i came from maui. and when i was graduating high school in that whole era, i saw, like 75 shows or something. and so this is just like a vacation for me. awesome. >> reporter: it's only fitting the band chose the bay area for one of its last live performances. the dead's bay area roots run long and deep. they got together in palo alto and played their first gig as the warlocks at a menlo park pizzeria in may 1965. since then as fans will tell you, they accomplished a lot. >> everything right? just inspiring people and bringing people together and just dance and fun and levity.
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>> reporter: tonight's performance is the first time in 20 years the four surviving members of the band have played together live since front man jerry garcia died of a heart attack at age 53. welcomed by a sea of tie dye, the legendary band lured in thousands, including this deadhead who was just born. >> is this your first dead concert? >>er and also it's my last. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i thought it was really cool because i've never been to a concert before. >> reporter: some came from across the world. others just across the parking lot to pay homage to a band that launched a culture of its own. marianne favro, "nbc bay area news." >> so one down one to go. the grateful dead will perform in front of 65,000 deadheads at levi's again tonight before heading to chicago for shows at soldier field next weekend. the group says it doesn't plan on any more shows after that wrapping up 50 years of live music. and anthony slaughter joins us now with a look at forecast.
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but anthony, i was reading about the grateful dead the concert last night went on for 3 1/2 hours, and the youngest member of that band is 67. so they are still jamming hard core. >> oh, yeah. yeah. true rock stars, huh? >> yeah and great weather for folks. >> oh, yeah. it's going to be nice, especially today. a little bit muggy unusual, but at least the temperatures are coming down. >> right. >> not going up, and that's the good news. we're not expecting excessive heat today in the south bay, but we'll hang on. maybe monday and tuesday it's really going to start to feel more like summer. we're talking about the return of 90s and triple-digit heat. that's a part of your weather headlines this morning. clear inland to start off. a live shot from mt. diablo. clouds are pretty thick around the inner bay, burning off around noon. later today, sunshine for everybody. temperatures coming down two to four degrees from where they were yesterday, but this week ahead is really going to capture the weather headlines of the entire bay area. we're talking about excessive heat. 90s inland even triple digits for the tri-valley. yes, it's going to be hot. get close to the coast, if you can, over the next week or so. look at temperatures right now, very mild to start the day.
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no 50s out there. we're at 60s across most of the day, 59 the exception in half moon bay. san jose at 64 degrees. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like. clear skies with a few clouds across the foothills. the thing about today and yesterday, our dew points have been unusually high. now, in the bay area, we usually talk about dewpoints below 55 degrees. the dew point is the measure of moisture available in the atmosphere. vicky and i were talking about this earlier. so, really now, today and yesterday, our dew points have been just little bit higher more noticeable, but not that bad. just you can feel it more than you actually can. feels more like florida than it does across the bay area, at least the last couple days. that will be the trend through the next few days. humidity will be with us because of that monsoonal moisture we usually see this time of year. 82 for the high today in the south bay, 76 for the peninsula, 67 today in san francisco. there's an area of low pressure sitting right off the coastline. that's what's been pulling in this tropical moisture, and it's had a little bit of help from that area of high pressure sitting across the desert southwest.
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the air pulls a lot of that moisture this way, and that's why we had a little sprinkle activity last night and even this morning across the tri-valley and up towards the east bay and the north bay. but a lot of that activity you can see, has made its way well into northern california, and we're done with the rain. however, the sierra will continue to see showers and even a few thunderstorms across the afternoon, today and again for tomorrow so that will be something firefighters have to watch, especially if we do get any more lightning strikes across that part of the state. now, the temperatures are expected to surge, as i mentioned, headed towards monday and tuesday. today a little bit of a break from the heat especially in the south bay. 79 degrees for your high in san jose today. 85 tomorrow in the south bay, but look at that by wednesday 90 degrees. even in the tri-valley temperatures tuesday 100 degrees, 103 on wednesday. so, it's really going to start to get hot. the best place to be this week will be san francisco and at the coastline. temperatures not too hot but more comfortable. but any time it gets into the 70s this time of year you definitely know there is a heat wave going on.
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70 by monday 75 by wednesday. so, all in all, vicky, temperatures are headed up. enjoy the brief cooldown while you've got it. >> awesome. thank you, anthony. >> yep. >> we're going to need that. well still to come on "today in the bay" -- >> we're building a temple in the middle of the city. >> a decade after demolition we'll show you what an artist created in an area once used for san francisco's central freeway. stay with us.
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central freeway was torn down over a decade ago . it created when san francisco's central freeway was torn down over a decade ago, it created space for a small neighborhood park. the city used the park to launch a rotating public arts program. "today in the bay's" joe rosado jr. has checked in with the first artist to build there to see how he's marking that ten-year anniversary. >> that will be perfect. >> reporter: any artist will tell you -- >> yeah, let's finish these up. >> reporter: -- their best work is their next.
7:24 am
>> yeah that will work huh? that's nice. i like that! >> reporter: that's because creativity is about propelling forward. >> my thoughts are ahead of my process, right? i don't know. i just made that up. hi, my name's david. >> reporter: artist david best -- >> oh, it's this thing. >> reporter: -- is constantly on the move. >> i would do this. >> reporter: bringing new life to pieces of discarded wood. >> i go to behind warehouses and get trimmings and drops from factories. just hold it up for a minute. >> reporter: at his home in the hills above petaluma best and his crew of volunteers are taking these piles of wood on a spiritual journey. >> building a temple like we've done for a number of years. >> reporter: best is best known for building elaborate, contemporary wooden temples, appearing at the burning man arts festival a foreloren lot in detroit, a field in ireland. >> volunteers do not work for nothing. they work for love. >> reporter: ten years ago, he built a temple in san francisco's hayes valley on the newly christiened hayes green.
7:25 am
and though best prefers looking ahead -- >> here's what i'm thinking. >> reporter: -- his newest piece -- >> that's perfect. >> reporter: -- is looking back. >> this the tenth anniversary david best temple marking the tenth anniversary of our green. >> reporter: to mark the tenth anniversary of best's temple on san francisco's hayes green, best and his crew this week erected a new temple. >> we're building a temple in the middle of the city. >> it's really the central gathering place in the neighborhood. >> this is going to be for a lot of people. >> reporter: best says he creates his temples as places for people to gather and remember lost loved ones. >> for a lot of people. >> reporter: unlike most works of art, visitors are encouraged to write on the walls, leave photos and notes of remembrance. >> it's a place to go and sit and reflect on those losses. >> it's phenomenal to have the return of it. >> the way the community's embracing it is pretty humbling. >> reporter: it's expected to remain on the site about a year.
7:26 am
>> coming back here ten years later, i'm just as grateful as i was ten years ago. >> reporter: any artist will tell you, their best work is their next. >> is that better? >> reporter: but maybe some deserve an encore. phil rosado jr. -- >> where did ten years ago? >> reporter: "nbc bay area news." >> remarkable. well, "today in the bay" is back in two minutes. coming up, we'll have more from this historic gay pride weekend. plus, pro baseball has its first openly gay player. hear from the local pitcher who is making history. and ready, set, go. nascar country meets wine country. we go behind the scenes at what some drivers call the most difficult course they'll race all season long.
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good morning to you. your time now is 7:28. we want to give you a live look at san jose where it is getting progressively sunnier each time
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we turn on that sky camera for you. we're happy that you're joining us this morning. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter, who is standing by now with a look at your micro climate forecast across the bay area. and man, you've been talking about a warm-up. >> yeah, today's a little bit of a break, though. so enjoy the break while you've got it, because by tomorrow and tuesday, we're talking about triple-digit heat returning to the bay area. oh, yes, it's going to be a hot one. the cloud cover and cool conditions not that bad. live shot from san francisco does show the clouds hanging on tightly. here's your forecast if you're headed to the parade. looking at temperatures by 11:00 at 61 degrees. that's when we'll start to see more sunshine. by noon, full sunshine, 63. and by this afternoon, the sun stays with us all day long. 67 for your high temperature in san francisco. elsewhere, the north bay will be at 78, the east bay 75, and in the south bay, 82 degrees. now, we've been in the tri-valley yesterday vicky. we had a few 90s. none of that torksd coming back into the 80s. and tomorrow, we'll head back up. and by tuesday and wednesday, triple-digit heat. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next report. >> a lot of changes.
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we've been on the road this week traveling the east coast, where they're looking at thunderstorms and lightning. it was sort of a refreshing change, come back here and you're preparing us for a heat wave. >> i was on vacation as well and experienced some lightning and thunder, and it was kind of a shocker because we don't have that much here. >> not at all. anthony, thanks so much. record crowds are expected for this weekend's gay pride events in san francisco on the heels of the high court's decision allowing gay marriage in every state in the union. just as the party in san francisco was winding down an unrelated shooting incident causes panic. [ shots ] a bystander caught this shooting on camera and posted the video on social media. you can see people running from the scene there. police say shots were fired near the city's civic center plaza yesterday. a 64-year-old man was caught in the cross fire. police say the shooting stemmed from an argument not related to the pride celebrations. they have arrested six men. the victim who was shot in the arm is reportedly in stable condition.
7:31 am
well, despite that scare, as you saw, the party still in full swing. heightened excitement at this year's pride events. the city's police chief says he expects 1.5 million people to attend this year. the celebration comes just after the u.s. supreme court's historic ruling to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. pride events were filled with live music, dancing and a sea of rainbows. many people say they feel good and proud about being out. >> this time it's just like even more prideful you know? you're just, like you feel finally like accomplish in many different ways. >> i've never felt so accepted and so much happy vibes. >> the festivities continue today. the pride parade starts this morning in san francisco at 10:30. over twin peaks, about 100 people including city and state officials, showed up to celebrate the 20th pink triangle ceremony yesterday. the goal is to commemorate the past. it is a reminder of the discrimination that once existed
7:32 am
and still does in many countries. those who were gay had to wear the pink triangle patch in concentration camps during the nazi regime. it was a symbol that branded homosexuals as undesirable. organization members say they hope to prevent such hatred from ever happening again. >> it shows that incrementally we slowly get our rights. so, that's wonderful. but we need to remember what happened in the past. part of pride weekend and all the celebration is remembering where we've been. >> if you are heading to the city today, you can still check out the pink triangle before it gets taken down this evening. and of course it is not just pride weekend in san francisco. gay pride celebrations are taking place across the country against the backdrop of friday's ruling. nbc's kristen welker shows us how it's a decision that is already having a wide-ranging impact, from courthouses to the campaign trail. >> reporter: with same-sex marriage now legal, gay pride
7:33 am
celebrations took on new meaning, from cincinnati -- >> the fact that we can celebrate together and there are no barriers. >> reporter: -- to san francisco. >> it's like we're on a level playing field now. >> historical. like, forever. this is forever now. >> reporter: the white house lit up in pride friday night as couples across the country rushed to make it official. >> you are joined in marriage as wife and wife. you may kiss your brides. >> reporter: and they are celebrating the possibility of new financial advantages. same-sex couples are now eligible for expanded social security benefits which could add tens of thousands of dollars. couples will be allowed to file joint federal tax returns, often lowering taxes. and most fully insured medical plans will cover same-sex spouses, and it creates an easier path to adoption. >> the bottom line is that many places prefer to place children with married couples. well suddenly we have a lot more opportunity to have married couples. >> reporter: meanwhile, the ruling has become a lightning rod on the campaign trail with
7:34 am
democrats firmly backing it -- >> love triumphed in the highest court in our land. >> they live in the real world. they know that times are changing, but the american people want to end discrimination in all forms of life. >> reporter: republicans were unified in their opposition but divided in tone. while conservatives like ted cruz called for a constitutional amendment, moderates like chris christie, who's expected to announce his candidacy on tuesday, had a more measured response. >> i think this is something that should be decided by the people of each state. >> i'm informed by my faith about this and i believe in traditional marriage. >> reporter: still, the ruling reflects the mind-set of most americans who support same-sex marriage. a seat change in american justice and culture. >> i just think, you know we'll only get better and better and freer and freer as a nation. >> and this weekend, more couples headed to churches and courthouses to tie the knot. in the atlanta area, decalkalb
7:35 am
county courthouse opened its doors for saturday weddings. dozens of couples came out to make their commitment official. a magistrate judge who performed a few weddings says she was happy to marry excited couples this weekend instead of having them wait until monday. experts predict an especially busy wedding season this summer now that all couples have the constitutional right to marry. the theme of today's gay pride parade in san francisco is "equality without exception." you can find the full list of our events on our website, and there is a pro baseball team in the bay area with no millionaires or tv contracts, but the sonoma stompers are making national headlines. during this pride weekend, they are taking pride in the first openly gay player. "today in the bay's" ian kalt has the story. >> reporter: in this small ballpark in sonoma it looked like any other game. >> it's a guy who deserves a chance to pitch. >> reporter: a small bay area
7:36 am
pro baseball league sonoma versus vallejo, but tonight they witness history on the mound. >> he might not show it but it's a big deal. >> come on shawn! >> leading up to the game, it was definitely more stressful than usual. >> reporter: shawn conroy became the first openly gay active pro baseball player. he's been the team's closing pitcher but earned a starting spot and recently came out to his team. >> he was accepted immediately because he is a very good pitcher, he's a great guy. >> the stompers are not affiliated with major league baseball but are a professional independent team. tonight was gay pride night. players wore rainbow socks for shawn. >> i love all the support. i mean you've got to think in this day in age that a lot of people are going to be supportive, but you never know. but just having all the fans here and having pride night, it was just amazing. >> reporter: in the end, a complete game shutout. 11 strikeouts on 140 pitches.
7:37 am
he won the games and won many hearts. it may look like a small baseball game but tonight's message was anything but small. >> if you can play you can play. so it doesn't matter your sexual orientation, whatever. just, if you love something, do it. >> reporter: ian pool "nbc bay area news." well the effort to reach an agreement to curb iran's nuclear program is intensifying between u.s. european and iranian negotiators. secretary of state john kerry is still meeting with other diplomats in vienna. they're trying to persuade iran to cut back its nuclear program in exchange for relief from economic sanctions. they say they also want to ensure there is a mechanism to restore those sanctions in case tehran fails to meet its commitments in the future. kerry said he was hopeful for a successful outcome. >> we have a lot of hard work to do. there are some very tough issues. and i think we all look forward to getting down to the final
7:38 am
effort here to see whether or not a deal is possible. >> reporter: the goal is to reach an agreement by this tuesday, but officials say it could take longer than that. well isis has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack at a beach resort in tunisia on friday that killed 38 people, many of them europeans. nbc's kelly cobiella reports from tunisia on the victims and some of the survivors. >> reporter: many of the witnesses we spoke to said they're convinced there was more than one attacker but the government says there was only one gunman, a university student dressed for a day on the beach, hiding an assault rifle in his beach umbrella. the horrifying attack captured on cell phone. >> an explosion. >> reporter: matthew and his girlfriend, diane darlington barricaded themselves in their hotel room recording the chaos below. >> you could hear the screams and some just sounded like absolutely horrid screaming.
7:39 am
>> reporter: police say the lone gunman had four clips and a grenade. witnesses say he was able to move from the beach to the pool area and a side street before he was shot and killed. at the airport today, some survivors were at a loss for words. >> the police, the firemen, it was just a complete -- >> reporter: overcome with emotion and clearly desperate to get home. [ inaudible ] at least 15 of the victims were british, according to the british government. there were also german belgian, ukrainian and tunisian victims. today, isis claimed responsibility, calling the 23-year-old tunisian gunman safadine radsky a soldier of the caliphate. at the hotel today, the gates were locked and guarded, the smell of bleach in the air as crews washed away the blood. the memories will be harder to eeration. tunisian media is reporting the
7:40 am
gunman's parents have been detained for their own protection and documents have been seized from the family home. back to you. well don't go away. "today in the bay" is back with your sports highlights. coming up the giants have a few anxious moments after a line drive hits and injures one of its players. and the a's switch cities for one day. the highlights are next. we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff.
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it is 7:42. we want to give you a live look at at&t park. your giants will be taking on the rockies again in their series. the game starts today at 1:00. the giants were looking to even their series with the rockies at at&t park but a little scare to one of the team's most popular players took some of the focus off of winning and losing. tim lincecum was on the mound for the g-men. with the giants down 3-0 in the second lincecum -- ouch right there -- gets drilled by a line drive. he would have to leave the game
7:43 am
with a right forearm contusion. san francisco would rally though. down by one in the seventh, bases loaded. andrew susac clears the bases with the double to give the giants a two-run lead. that's how it would end. giants win 7-5. we check back in with timmy after the game. >> it was probably midforearm and it got me kind of tightened up and locked up on me immediately. that's kind of obviously, the look you can see on my face. but right now it just feels like a bruise just like any kind of bruise, just a little stiffer than usual. we'll just go about treating it and progressing day by day. to coliseum. it was kansas city versus kansas city? the a's wore their throwback uniforms when they were the kansas city athletics. the green-and-gold would have liked some scorekeeper confusion. the royals rallied for two runs in the sixth and never looked back. they hold on to beat oakland,
7:44 am
3-2. and this is a huge weekend in sonoma county not just for the wine crowd but the beer crowd. more than 100,000 people heading to the annual nascar race today. danica patrick and jeff gordon among the stars there. photojournalist david burgess spent a day at the sonoma raceway, and as he found, this race may be more about strategy than speed. >> here in sonoma this is a 1.99-mile racetrack, about 110 laps of this racetrack is a very challenging and technical road course. it takes a little bit different mind-set when you come to this racetrack. >> you're not just holding on to the steering wheel and moving the throttle. >> this is a very tough place. i usually have some issues with the elevation changes. for me it really messes up my delivery. a lot of drivers rely on simulators to go out and try to get used to the racetrack and the shift points. there's almost more of a strategy that is played out when you come to sonoma. you'll have some guys fall off
7:45 am
the racetrack. you'll have some guys get spun around. >> you have two or three corners that are blind. >> you have to coordinate between brakes and throttle upshift, downshift. it takes a lot out of the drivers. >> thank you, sir! >> it's not always the fastest car that wins this race. it's usually the guy that has a little bit of luck and the best strategy. >> this is a lot of bang for your buck, and this one in particular they're like short track racing on steroids. >> right now, it's one of those places you love to come visit, you love to come to and you hope you have a good weekend. well much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up a ceo who has already made headlines by putting his money where his mouth is when it came to his employees. he has another trick up his sleeve, this time surprising a sixth grade class with a huge announcement. eating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew
7:46 am
that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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7:48 am
you might have heard of ceo dan price. he made headlines this year with the stunning announcement that he was giving his workers a big raise with money out of his own pocket. that won him a lot of fans including a group of sixth graders who just got a surprise of their own. here's nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: it's hard to find much glamour in the world of credit card processing. yet, gravity payments in seattle is now wrestling with overnight fame. >> i feel like we're almost kind of celebrities in a way, just getting stopped on the street and asked about it. >> reporter: asked about that staff meeting in april when ceo dan pryce made a surprise announcement. >> we're going to have a minimum $70,000 pay rate for everyone that works here. >> reporter: it took a moment for the news to sink in. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's quite a big raise to get in one day, to say the least. >> yeah! >> reporter: to help pay for that raise, pryce dropped his own salary from about $1 million
7:49 am
to $70,000. >> it is by no means certain that this is going to work out, but it's 100% true that it's worth the risk because it could really change the world, if it does. >> reporter: his daring proclamation went viral. price received hundreds of messages, most striking a stack of 33 letters that arrived by mail. >> i know some people might give you some criticism, but my class and i look up to you for all the sacrifices you've made. >> reporter: they were written by hillary demetrich's sixth grade class. >> for the most part the kids see him as really generous. >> reporter: students were anxiously awaiting a reply letter but price had another surprise up his sleeve. >> hey ms. demetrich. i'm dan. it's so nice to meet you. >> it's so nice to meet you, too. >> reporter: the class was as stunned as the employees who got that raise. >> it's so amazing! he just walked in here! >> i read every single one of your letters. >> reporter: for an hour, price
7:50 am
answered questions about his business. >> how do you feel when you made that decision for your company? >> i felt so happy, because i knew it was the right thing to do. hi. >> reporter: in return he asked each student to keep writing him. >> so nice to meet you. if you write the one letter every year i'm going to set aside a $1,000 scholarship for college for every single one of you. >> reporter: for this class, it's a business question with an unexpected bonus. joe fryer, nbc news irvine california. still ahead, fun for a good cause. why all these people were dressed up as albert einstein. >> reminds me of the kid song "little einstein." i've got twins what can i say? baby on the brain. on the coast we're waking up to sunshine and even inland.
7:51 am
we'll see a cooldown today but a big warm-up coming up this week.
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back. 7:53 the time this sunday. starting you off with the satellite and radar. we had drizzle this morning light sprinkle activity through the east bay and north bay, all associated with some monsoonal showers that rolled through yesterday. and it's going to add a little bit of humidity to the air today. keep that in mind as you head out and about. not feeling like the typical bay area, but we have the clear skies inland and coastal clouds.
7:54 am
it will be about two degrees cooler than it was yesterday as clouds filter in here but this week ahead, really it's going to be the big story. the 90s and triple-digit heat headed our way. we're talking tuesday and wednesday some of the hottest air we've seen all year long. it could rival that of what we've seen just about a week ago with triple-digit heat in the tri-valley. yes, it is the san francisco pride parade this morning and temperatures will be nice and mild, back into the low 60s. through the day today, temperatures will warm nicely. 67 degrees by 3:00 in san francisco. temperatures falling nicely, though, back into the low 60s this evening as that fog does return. you'll notice as we take a look outside right now, temperatures pretty nice. but you know what the thing about it this afternoon, we'll see temperatures warm up to 78 in the north bay, 75 for the east bay, but here is the warm spot. 87 degrees in the tri-valley today. while we will be warm it's all relative. temperatures are coming down just a bit from where they were yesterday. in fact livermore yesterday up to 91 degrees.
7:55 am
the day before that, 99. so, yeah again, it's all relative. it will feel much more comfortable. but that humidity out there really going to add a small wild card to our forecast today because we usually don't have that humidity. but it will feel a little sticky out there especially at the san francisco giants game this afternoon as they take on the rockies, hoping for another win here. winds will be out of the west at about 10 to 15 miles per hour as temperatures fall back near 60 degrees towards the end of the game. now, there is the area of low pressure sitting off coastline, then a area of high pressure across the desert southwest. both of those with the air around them moving this way, so that's been pulling in lots of warm, muggy air from the desert southwest. and the monsoonal showers that we usually get this time of year, well, that has been also the trend as well. we didn't see any rain here across the bay area yesterday, just a few sprinkles, but the bigger story will be vaas theacross the sierra where we're expecting showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. same performance for tomorrow. so this will continue through this upcoming week. for us here at home, it's just going to get hot.
7:56 am
we're talking temperatures, again, in the 90s and triple digits for the valley. san jose for instance today 79 degrees, by tuesday 89 degrees. the east bay valleys, tri-valley in particular, will be close to 90 today but back into the 90s tuesday and wednesday. in fact triple-digit heat by then and a small cooldown as we head towards thursday. in san francisco, this is where temperatures will be a little more comfortable. not looking at excessive heat but again at the coastline, any time you get to 70s this time of year, you definitely know it's going to be hot in those inland valleys. 75 will do it for wednesday, about a ten-degree jump from where we'll be for today, 67 degrees. again, the east bay valleys, oh, man, vicky, that's where the heat will be. tuesday and wednesday, make sure you've got some ac and take frequent breaks especially if you have to work outside. of course always remember to drink plenty of water. >> yeah. we're not even in july yet. soon. >> well, tuesday, wednesday one of those days. this week. >> you're right. july 3rd is friday right? i'm back-tracking from the holiday. >> me, too. that's why i had to think about it for a minute. >> anthony, thank you. you'll like this story. people are finding some really
7:57 am
creative ways to raise money for good causes. and a non-profit group in l.a. came up with a genius idea to fund education for homeless children. genius because it's all about albert einstein -- wow, he looks like albert einstein that guy. school on wheels looked to break the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as einstein. they needed more than 250 einsteins and they made it into the record books. there were female einsteins, einsteins with real white hair and mustaches and even baby einsteins. the event brought a lot of educational resources for underserved students. okay in case you missed it we want to show you the world's ugliest dog contest in sonoma county. this is quasi moto. he's a hunchback hound, and he was named the world's ugliest dog this weekend. he beat 26 other dogs at the sonoma marin fair in petaluma. his owners won $1,500 for earning that title. if you want to see more pictures from the competition, you can go to our website and peruse the photo gathering.
7:58 am usually they have those mexican hairless dogs with the tongue hanging out and no teeth. >> last year. >> nice to see a newcomer. >> he wasn't that ugly. >> no he wasn't so bad. thank you for making us a part of your morning. >> see you!
7:59 am
8:00 am
' landmark week for progressive politics in america. the supreme court makes same-sex marriage legal from coast to coast. plus politicians from both parties say it's time for the confederate battle flag to come down. >> by taking down the flag, we express -- >> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> the affordable health care act is here to stay. >> we're all excited. >> we'll cover it all, victories for liberals president obama's growing legacy and how conservatives will respond. i'll be joined by two 2016 republican candidates bobby jindal,


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