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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that breaking news is in the south bay: moments ago the santa clara county district attorney's office announced former 49er -- ray mcdonald -- moments ago the santa clara county district attorney's office announced ray mcdonald h he has been charged with felony an w false imprisonment this comes after an incident earlier this year in which he's accused of assaulting a woman who was hold ago 2-month-old baby. >> mcdonald is also charged with misdemeanor domestics violence e. child endangerment and violatingtrou a court order. this is the first time he's beenhe charged with a crime.. righ he ran into enough trouble, the 49ers dropped him as a player. he was picked up by the chicago this s bears, who then fired him right after this latest incident.
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we have a reporter working on orning this story. we'll have more during the new trains a casts. good morning everyone and thanked the m you for joins us. the b.a.r.t. training is finally back up and running after a major service disruptionrs. that snarled the morning commutebart s for thousands of riders. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is outside the fruitvale station. >> b.a.r.t. reopened the revale coliseum coliseum lake merritt and -- and thurp up and running al be 2 with some delays. b.a.r.t. workers were able to remove and replace a damaged section of electric third rail located south of the fruitvale station. it was around 4:30 this morning that a three-car train started arcing electricity outside one
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of the cars. schmoll started to fill at least one of the cabs -- two, possibly three people were hurt with minor injuries mostly smoke inhalation, taken to the hospital expected to be okay. service was interrupted for four, five hours, a five-station that shutdown. as to workers were late to work one to two hours, and many forced to take a bus to the 12th street station for the rest of the rid. >> have you spoken to your boss yet? >> no. >> reporter: are you looking forward to that conversation? >> i want her to just say, stay home today. >> reporter: but? >> she won't. >> missing out on work is you know, is not good. as you see all the people that are packed up missing out on money or food they just got to handle this man, so we can get back to our natural grind of things.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. tells us the riders on the disabled train did kick out two windows. it's not clear if they tried an actual escape before the train moved it up for a safe exit. b.a.r.t. brings that up exiting a train on the tracks is dangerous given there's oncoming traffic and that electric third rail. they'll do a permanent ride tonight after service is shut down. incidentally this is happening where b.a.r.t. has been repairing interlocking tracks over the past few months. they finished the repairs last month. it's not clear if that is somehow related to what happened here this morning. bob rebale nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. another story we're following. in less than 11 hours, you'll ff want to avoid this the iconic golden gate bridge. the main route on and off the doy bridge will be shut down over ould the next several days. >> stephanie chuang is live near
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the drive this morning, and this could add up to four hours for some drivers. >> that's right. according to a chp estimate. you can see here this is the approach that will be shut down completely where there's some traffic now. there will be none come 10:00 tonight. up there we saw the equipment. we saw crews working earlier 6 all she down. this is so crews can put the final touches on the presidio is it project. this is a fresh view this morning, a lot of is the work this weekend focused on taking out the temporary in a detour. they'll go over a short bridge then into two new tunnels, eliminating the twists and turns of the old doyle drive. project leaders say the new roadway will lead to more safety and better views. >> if you're coming from
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lombard, you come over a bridge. that allowed the expanse of the chrissy marsh, and then you come into a new tunnel. there's four tunnels now. north and southbound traffic will be completely separated, safety shoulders and a wider lanes. >> check out this animation showing the new drive for for instance marine to northbound 101, a short break into one of two new tunnels. there's still another year's worth of work, by the way, mostly taking out the temporary due tour making the historic area beautiful for locals and visitors. starting tonight, you won't be able to access or exit the bridge from 101 in the marina. that leaves a bit of a bottleneck in both drivers for both directions. you can expect major delays there. marking lots at the bridge pavilion, will also le closed up on both ends. the closure starts at 10:00, though some of the closure will
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start at 7:00 and everything should be back open at 5:00 monday morning, but the project spokesperson says people are still get used to this new drive come monday so expect delays for at least the next couple weeks. if. >> stephanie, thanks. this is sure to be a problem. for anyone looking to head to the city or the weekend. mike inouye you have some pix work-arounds? >> and also a note. anyone hoping to go through the golden gate bridge for the weekend, the parking lots are closed for this construction. that will mean different access maybe use a segway tour to get over there. we're going to suggest the ferry, and even though golden gate transit buses are working across the span they have to deal with the congestion to and from. you can take the richmond bridge over and across in towards the bay bridge. that would be very congested. the giants are also playing.
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let me show you what is stef was talking about. here this section is cut off. anyone who usually travels through the marina can't access it. they have to come down over towards 19th which we no can tend to be a popular route. it's going to get very congested to and from that area. that will be a big problem. the fehrly system is an option. golden gate transit is working, but your best option enjoy the rest of the bay, because we have a wonderful area. guys, we sent it back to you. anci >> instead we do. a summer storm bringing in some wet weather to parts of the bay area. here's a live look at the other bridge. it looks like pea soup out there. >> for more let's bring in kari hall. you nailed it. >> scott and laura, we're ending the week with some unusual rain for this time of year especially for the north bay. we're seeing the rain that's been over the same area for the
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past several hours. if ire in the north bay, you're looking up like when will this stuff stop in it will be a while. we're even seeing mist elsewhere across the bay. that mist has been just enough to bring in minor accumulation for spots look pour tolla, if this continues on you may best squeeze a tenth of an inch out of this but trace amounts of rain, and we're seeing the low clouds every, where temperatures hovering in the mid 60s. as we go into the day, there won't be much of a warmup so a very cool day with a mixture of sun and clouds for the east bay. we'll have a chance of more of those showers and possible lightning for the north bay, san francisco making it only up to 69d degrees, so after a day with low clouds mist and some soggy weather, we'll see all of this clears out in time for the weekend. i'll highlight a couple events, things can you do, more of that
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coming up a bit later.b scott and laura?f >> and of course to track the weather in your neighborhood i ne head to or arolin download or free nbc area app. on the contentious fight to remove the confederate battle flag. the governor will sign the big this afternoon and that flag i will come down tomorrow.after early this morning lawmakers voted 94-20 to remove it. that's more than the two thirds needed, but it came after a handful of lawmakers mounted a tenacious last stand. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol off these grounds on friday! sfoinchts that woman who voted to take the flag down is a got a descendant of confederate
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president jefferson davis, who got a standing ovation. that bill is now on the desk of governor nikki haley who says she will sign it into law. ide two are on the run after a spit home invasion ended in gunfire. the man living inside the home his was shot in the back. he's now in critical condition. in fact on lakeview drive not far from lake chabot. neigh police put the neighborhood on lockdown while they searched for the the police eventually cleared that neighborhood about 4:30 this morning. detectives spent much of then and night investigating a deadly crash involving a man and a vta mi train.gers w it happened late last night off tasman and aid ser drive next to the cisco campus in pl no passengers were on the train. service has so far not been sa impacted. family and friends will gather in pleasanton to honor kate steinle.
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she was shot and killed last week. she graduated from armador valley high school and cal culla in san luis obispo.artmen meanwhile the chronicle is cis reporting not only was the izati sheriff's department aware of the the return of the suspect to sans francisco, the department was g the organization that asked for his return. the chronicle says the sheriff'sl department asked to gain custodyence. sa of wayne francisco lopez sanchez upon his release from a 46-month federal prison sentence. sanchez was wanted in san francisco for a decades-old marijuana violation, but when he got to court, that charge was dismissed, he was released and then you know the rest of that store. the sheriff had in the past publicly questioned why federal authorities returned sanchez to san francisco. again, according to the chronicle, it was the sheriff's department department's idea. we understand that san jose ovales
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police are raiding a potshot shop. tony has more. what's going on? >> reporter: we're on the east side of san jose and about three dozen police have been here for about 45 minutes. they appear to be shutting down a marijuana distributor called san jose organics. you may recall it's a location we reported on back in may, violating city standards. i believe we have in livid i don't to show you, but the city basically has rules. they are not licensed to be open. they are selling to people under the age of 21 and three other code enforcement violations. about a week ago, a judge issued an order saying the facility should shut down. about 10:30 this morning, san jose p.d. showed up. they're interviewing people we're not sure if they're employees or customers. one individual appeared to be in handcuffs and in ra police
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vehicle. again, about 30 san jose cops here raiding san jose organics a medical marijuana distributor on the east side that has been in violation of the city standards. ed attorney we talked to from this location we talked to him last month, said this location is going off of the state standards, it doesn't have to follow san jose standards, they have been fighting it in court. the attorney in an e-mail to me yesterday said they will continue to battle and appeal the judge's order, but right now as we're talking 30 san jose police officers surrounding a medical marijuana facility on the city's east side they've been how here for about 45 minutes, they're inside and they have the area secure. members of a s.w.a.t. team also appear to be here as san jose p.d. is moving in on a location that the mayor has though said needs to be shut down. he told us that about a month and a half in an interview,
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apparently that is happening right now. we'll sent it back to you guys. we'll have an up date later in the show as we continue to keep an eye on what's hang here. tony cough tony. putting. regis philbin is back to tv and here's a hint, he's a this channel.
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they news is the computer still works, but the rally has faded on concerns over china. if you get up early enough to watch "today in the bay," you know why. steve woes any yak is weighing in on the apple watch.
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he says he doesn't wear one and has not bought one. he told australia's financial review he's used them in the past and did not change his use of the smartphone so is not sure he sees of values. so i'm wondering if apple's selling watching or bands. the private company which owns albertson's and safeway has filed to take the grocery chains public. reading through the prospectus they do list a lot of challenges ahead, including whole foods trying to reduce the legendary high prices and amazon afternoon direct grocery shipments. all right. let's play a game of would you rather? would you rather have your financial information stolen or nude pictures posted to the internet? according to a survey by mastercard 55% of america would rather have their nude pictures posted than lose financial information to hacker.
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laura, i'm guessing your triplets are too young to play would you rather. >> we're not going to talk about it in case they're watching. >> my kids are engrossed with that game. >> thank a lot, scott. for decrease caddy full-time has been defined as eight hours a day, five days a week but is it time to reexamine the 40-hour week? historians say the 40-hour week caught on back in the early part of last century when they were cranking out motile t cards. peter alexander reports it maybe by. >> portland-based treehouse is a growing business with a shrinking workweek they have about 100 employees who all work just 32 hours a week. yet for them every weekend is a three-day weekend. >> i think our team is more efficient during the four days because they have to. >> founder and ceo ryan carson
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says his employees get the same salary and benefits for working a 40-hour weeks. he calls it a ace up the sleeve to help hold on to talented people, like mary mcpherson. >> i feel so fortunate to be where i am today, and i'm so happy, the culture here is fantastic. i don't know what could be better. >> reporter: according to a gallup poll, the average physical-timeworker actually puts in 47 hours per week with 25% of salaried employees working at least 6 on hours each week. >> we're now the overworked champions of the western world. >> so how did we get here? for decades experts have predicted that technology would help us work less. >> i know yesterday i worked two full hours. >> well what does spacely think he's running, a sweat shot? >> yes today americans worked more hours than most developed nations, many without a guarantee of a paid vacation. >> we need to think what the
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american dream really is. it may well be it's not working 60 hours a week. >> brian carson says he believing what is working at treehouse could succeed at other companies if managers are willing to give it a try. >> i think if you can present it from a data perspective to your manager and show that actually you can exceed the expectations at work and increase employees retention, then you could have a winner on your hands. a familiar face joining the fourth hour of the "today" show. rejudge philbin will be a contributor. he will appear on "today" once a month. they're toasting him with wine. >> there's a shocker. [ laughter ] let's check in with kari and weather. >> to your health kari. >> we're in for a great weekend so making plans tougts outside and more celebrating. point reyes, we have seen the
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low clouds and mist also in healdsburg, that's where most of the action has been going on today. some cloudy skies, even a bit of some rain. we do have the clouds in san jose but not feeling the precipitation, and that would be drying out as we go into the weekend. now, as we get a look at the radar, we see there is green on here something kind of unusual this time of year, especially up around sanity rosa and the rest of us socked in with these clouds. temperatures are struggling to warm up today. we've seen them going up a degree or two through the morning, and now the temperature is at 69 degrees at discovery bay. danville at 62. now think about this time last week. we were talking about triple digits here and look at the comparison so what we are dealing with now. so a huge shift in this weather pattern, and it will stay nice and comfortable for the next few days while gradually warming up.
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in los gatos today reaching 71 palo alto 73 degrees, the mission district 64 degrees today, 74 in santa rosa vallejo reaching 69 degrees in dublin. we have just enough of an onshore flow to make it feel cooler but we're not getting a strong enough wind to help bring up some of these clouds. we have a very thick layer of clouds into our area and into the nest couple days, i think there will be more changes as this area of low pressure continuing to dr. off to the east. the future cast shows that there will still be a chance of some showers for the north bay. you just want to keep the umbrella handy, it may get are get heavy you may have to turn on the windshield wipe sister through tonight as we may get another rounds of moisture moving into the north bay and san francisco. into the next couple days, it go ahead warmer as the low pressure
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starts to drift off to the east and wee see the temperatures rye bounding into the far eastern parts, and livermore and san jose north bay and south bay reaching into the 70s, and it continues to warm up a few more degrees this weekend. if you are looking for something to do we have the whole list on, and one of the events, the jack-of-all-trades market in oakland. we start out at 63 degrees the rest of the mike roar climbed, it will be beautiful out there, and the peninsula 75 degrees on friday up to 76 degrees on sunday. once again a lot of sunshine after those morning low clouds clear out. i'll have another look at the microclimate forecast coming up. back to you, scott and laura. up next at 11ic comic book lovers swarm san diego. we'll show you what's going on this year at com i con.
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well here's a hard ticket to get. 100,000 people and more are descending on san diego right now no comicen con. >> the biggest show on earth. >> reporter: downtown san diego, the epicenter of the world's largest pop culture convention
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ready for another explosion. >> first time to com i con. >> signs still going up, exhibits getting final touches. >> feeling the electricity. i can feel the excitement around looking at everything going up. i'm pumped man. >> reporter: with the sides of hotel draped in and the trolleys too. >> this is the version of entertainment weekly. >> there's a lot of people. i'm really excited. it's nice to see the in other words out and about. it's fun. i can walk around in costume and makeup, and nobody takes a second glance. >> reporter: it's also known for the long lines. waiting is part of the deal. >> "game of thrones" especially. "walking dead."
11:28 am
"star wars" is another bick one. >> gilbert already has the weekend mapped out, but this family visiting from dallas texas, they don't know what to expect. >> it isn't just about comics. it's about tv shoulds as well. that's a win-win right there. and win for san diego as well. up next at 11:00, a close encounter with a coyote.
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the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus.
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it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. officially california's largest large ethnic -- now they're calling for the latino plurality to step it up. >> reporter: at this restaurant in downtown san jose the conversations around the table surrounded a new report today that shows the long-expected moment that latinos outnumbed better whites as california's
11:31 am
largest ethnic group has arrived. >> we contribute so much to the local economy, it's more of a validation validation. >> reporter: there were about 2 milled onin 1970. and as of last year the number to nearly 15 million. some think that's an underestimate. >> i think there's more latins that outnumber what they're saying, because a lot of them i feel are illegal immigrants that are hiding in the shadows, and will not come out. >> we've been projecting this for some time. >> but the first his spain mayor of san jose says this is an entire opportunity for the community. he wants to see more representation. >> it doesn't matter if we're 40% or 20% or 5% of the population if we're not engaged. whether it's voting whether
11:32 am
it's being involved in the local industry and the jobs the business community. >> reporter: for others the racial landmark was more of a mention than a critical moment in the very diverse bay area. >> i'm happy for the ones that are happy and, you know however that goes i hope it goes wild. >> ian cole nbc bay area news. now to the presidential railings and donald trump's-- race and donald trump's comments. >> reporter: more political fallout for donald trump after rnc chairman reince priebus called him wednesday, asking him to tone down the rhetoric. >> it was a candid conversation. donald trump was asked to tone it down but his advisers says he will continue to fight on.
11:33 am
>> reporter: jose andres backed out of a deal to open a restaurant? the trump's d.c. hotel. >> i. >> i will take jobs back from china, jobs back from japan. >> reporter: in a wide-ranging no holds barred interview, getting a reaction. on twitter -- donald trump has changed the conversation, this is a very good thing. >> it was a waste of viewers' time with trump tripe. enough already. >> they send them to our stupid politicians, and we have sanctuary cities, and all of this nonsense. i've been saying this for a long time katy and frankly if i didn't bring it up you wouldn't be talking about it now. >> what do you think of hillary clinton as the president if they wins the nomination? >> she was the worst secretary of state in the history of our
11:34 am
nation. would would she be a good president? i think she would be terrible. jeb bush will never take you to the promised land. he doesn't have us. hilly are never take us there. she would be a disaster as a president. jeb would be very poor as a president, no energy. >> reporter: comments like these, forcing opponents to reaction. >> look i like dom trump. there are a lot of folks in washington that seem to be crawling all over themselves to smack donald trump. i'm not one of them. >> or worse. >> my party is in a hole with the hispanics. the first rule of politics when you're in a hole stop digging. >> controversy will continue there. by this time tomorrow the confederate flag will no longer fly over the grounds of the south carolina capitol. here's jay gray with the emotional reaction to the decision. >> reporter: the confederate flag still waves, but it was an
11:35 am
unwavering emotion overnight. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful. such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds. >> reporter: passion after more than 14 hours of discussion debate and legislative wrangling that ended with a green light to take down the flag. >> i voted 94-20. receiving the third reading. >> it's humbling to know i changed the debate but it was entirely impromptu, and i just spoke from the hard. >> reporter: this morning just hours after her impassioned speech charleston representative jenny horn talked about the moment the politics became personal. >> i was frustrated that the
11:36 am
dewasn't around the victims i just felt like somebody needed as to stand up on their behalf and speak for what has brought us to this moment. >> an historic moment. and decades of controversy over a symbol of heritage for some hate for so many others a symbol that will likely come down in the next 24 hours. the governor is expected to sign the bill into law at 4:00 this afternoon, and the current plan is for the flag to come down during a ceremony tomorrow morning. jay gray nbc news columbia south carolina. a coyote is putting an east bay community on alert. >> he jumped into a backyard then killed a cat on inspiration circle in dublin. we talked to nervous neighbors in the area. >> she liked to lay on her back
11:37 am
and you would rub her tummy, and she would go crazy. >> joe an devastated her cute and cuddly kitty mama cat wound up in the jaws of a coyote. >> there's bigger animals on the food chains and unfortunately mama kitty became a prey. you know so it's very difficult for me. >> reporter: but the ease at which it jumped up our fence line of six feet i think was amazing. sflinchts kim taylor watched in disbelief as the coyote jumped on top her fence a week and a half ago. she took these photos before the critter actually hopped into her backyard where it eventually attacked and killed her neighbor's cat. >> it's added an element of fear and dread of wildlife. >> reporter: experts say as the drought wears on more and more animals are venturing closer to humans. >> they're coming in for food.
11:38 am
they're getting whatever they can eat, and trying to survive, like the rest of us are, with limited resources. >> reporter: but the close encounter has left folks here nervous. most have lived right up against the open space for more than a decade but have never worried about wildlife until now. >> actually i worried about everybody now. i'm thinking of getting night vision super goggles and bb guns it's sort of scary. up next at 11:00, officers raid a potshot? san jose. tony kovaleski is on the scene and he'll join us next. and tom selleck accused of stealing water. the undercover being done to try to prove it happened. as we take a live look at sunol, you see the clouds all across the area and we'll have some chilly temperatures that warm up in time for the weekend. more on that? the microclimate forecast.
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breaking news san jose police are raiding a pot shop. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski joins us with the latest.
11:42 am
tony? >> reporter: laura, scott, here is what we have learned in the past half hour we know that city county state and federal agentser here. this is a raid that started about 10:30, 10:45 this morning, it followed what the may yore said about two months ago in front of our cameras, that this facility has not been following city rules. then last week a judge constitutioned a cease and desist order to close this place down. they continued operating. about an hour ago law enforcement moved in they have shut down the facility. there's one gentleman? handcuffs in the san jose police car just on the other side here. they've been going in and out of the facility. here is what we know. san jose has long said for more than three, mower fonts that this facility was not licensed to operate as a distributor in the city. our investigation showed clear evidence that they were selling to people under 21 which is again the city's regulations, that they were operating beyond the hours the city allowed, that
11:43 am
they were operating without a permit, and that according to customers, they were selling marijuana in condensed form. that is not allowed. the bottom line here four violations, they've been fighting back and forth. our investigation showed what happened back in may, this morning about 10:30, law enforcement has moved in. we had e-mail communication with the facility yesterday. he said he was intending on appealing the judge's rulings that came down last week. so clearly this is probably headed back to the courts but for right now san jose organics on the east side of san jose a medical marijuana facility has been closed down by law enforcement. they continue pulling out evidence and we'll have more on this this morning throughout the day, including live at 5:00 or 6:00, but the latest a pot shop in san jose now closed down after the mayor called for law enforcement to move in in the shadow of a judge's ruling.
11:44 am
we will continue to follow the story all day. i'm tony kovaleski, nbc bay area news. >> yes, very much a state versus city law. i'm sure it will be in the course for quite some time. >> no doubt. after tom selleck, he's in hot water this morning. the "magnum p.i." start is accused of stealing water. witnesses say he drove truckloads of water back to his 60-acre 60-acre. he was asked to stop pumping the water. selleck has not commented. we are in the middle of summer. for a lot of families that means travel, youth baseball almost every weekend. as yenny beck shows us there's an 11-year-old pitcher in north carolina turns heads for a lot of reasons. >> reporter: that's the sound
11:45 am
that first drew britney to baseball. >> started playing when i was 2. >> reporter: she isn't like most of the ball players in greensboro's parks and recreation division. first a off she's a girl. most importantly she's a girl without a right hand. >> i can feel everybody watching me like a nervous, and once i is start throwing they'll realize i'm here to play not play around. >> reporter: in her 11 years she's had 11 surgeries on this birth defects and expects more in the future. she wears a special prosthesis and her real live is pitching. >> britney says one of her heroes is jim abbott another one-handed southpaw spent seven seasons in the major league. she says one of her goals in life is to meet him one day. >> with the help of her father
11:46 am
and coach, they even copied his feelings ing feelingsing method. >> she amazes me almost every day. >> reporter: she's a regular oy all-star and travel teams. dad claims she's touch 75 miles an hour with her heater a rising seventh grader she hose to play ball with the boyce through high school. >> it was a goal to get people to accept me for who i am and to know that they won't thattic me for anybody different. >> no matter what your hindrance is, your skill level, if you enjoy doing something, do it. >> remember the saying "take a bite out of crime" one man in tennessee took it to a whole new level. a man claimed to have car trouble, and once inside reportedly hit the homeowner with a tire around and bit his wrist. then the owner bit back, ripping off a piece of his ear.
11:47 am
>> when i was finally able to break free i spit out his ear on the floor and kept running. >> well the victim is now recovers. you saw the injuries. let's talk about something nicer. >> let's do. >> like the weather. rain or shine, kari has the forecast. >> scott and laura, we start out with clouds all across the bay, but some of us are getting enough light rain to give us some accumulation something that's kind of unusual this time of year right? now we're looking at temperatures in the mid 60s. as we go through the rest of the day, expect highs to reach into the lower 70s, very cool. you probably are thinking is this really july? only 73 degrees for the lie in the north bay. there may be some peeks of sunshine today, but don't expect a lot of that until the weekend. now as we go into the day, we
11:48 am
are tracking some rain moving across the north bay. this is what i have been keen my eye on. it hasn't been bringing much accumulation maybe about 0.05 but it is something. we say see more of that across parts of the north bay. the low clouds will stick around, maybe you'll have to turn on the windshield wipers. into the evening we see more clouds and -- low clouds and moving into san francisco. show where visibility will be the lower and that stayed with us, with a lot of huity in the area now 10 to 15 miles an hour, kind of stayed there, keeping us from being able to get a wind strong enough to mix out some of these clouds.
11:49 am
there may even be a bit of that wet weather, and future cast shows with the radar and the satellite picture could look like. especially for areas like point reyes, and then down the coast over towards maybe around tiberon. could make it into the peninsula. we're hoping that a chance of bringing that accumulating rain will be very slight. it's moving right overhead. as that moves to the east we'll be drying out to more seasonable weather. we're talking about some '80s, and the 10s along the coastal areas, and we've warmed temperatures up to another five or ten degrees over the next few days after the morning clouds clear out. quite a few events are going on
11:50 am
this weekend. like the jack-of-all-trades market happening on saturday in oakland, our temperatures will be topping out in the lower 70s, a lot of sunshine. some of the others microclimates, expect more of this beautiful weather, and i mean that by the comfortable temperatures. it's going to be slightly cooler than average in many spots, like the tri-valley only reaching into the mid 80s, with a mixture of sun and clouds. looking like a good weekend headed this way, just hoping for more of that rain. scott and laura? >> squeeze anything out we can. up next at 11:00, the plan to keep the bay bridge lights up and running for a very long time.
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the bay bridge should keep on twinkling well on into the next decade. the bay area toll authority approved the ten-year $2 million contract to keep the popular art installation running. it's with phillips lighting who will maintain the lights once they return next year. they've been off since march. 25,000 lights were first installed in 2013 as part of the bay bridge's 75th anniversary celebration. they may be the leaders of tomorrow in the automobile industry. they're about to unveil a one of a kind car. >> each year students take part of a similar car project. >> tomorrow the team's new vehicle will be unveiled. it would take part in the race this october in the bridgestony world challenge, a race across the australian outback that includes dozens of solar cars made by teams from 25 countries. be prepared to get
11:54 am
goosebumps. the popular book comes to the screen. the father of all fright will play the wild author in the film adaptation the 3-d film makes comedy a little scary, it definitely gives you a '90s throeback. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
welcome back.
11:57 am
we're taking a live look at the bay bridge. in and out of that throughout the morning, so we'll keep you up to date on the chance for rain in the north bay, as we go into the evening. >> good news. the miami sea quarium needs a name pinches now the animals is healthy and growing, but she still doesn't have a name. the public can choose their favorite of these five names -- ellie, emoji -- >> no. >> gigabyte. >> no. >> junebug? >> sure. >> prodigy? >> no. the voting will take place until august 14th on the miami's aquarmium website. >> thank you for joining us. our next newscast -- >> you can also get us the latest on see you tomorrow morning.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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today on "access hollywood live," a dear friend of the show went to the old set. >> what? >> looking around. nobody there. everything gone. and then came to the new set. dean cain is here. >> didn't get the phone call. glad he made it. this time brought illusionist tommy wind going through a fan while it spins. >> apparently getting up close and personal with the fan part of the act. >> and charlotte's christening. >> ay door iy iy iay -- adorable. >> and donald trump. incredible. "access hollywood live" starts now. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live from new york in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. >> [ bleep ]!


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