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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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an aggressive home invastion robbery in san jose leads police into a lengthy search for the people responsibl an aggressive home invasion robbery in san jose leads police into a lengthy search is for the people responsible. the new details we're learning. doyle drive is closed today. the get around if you're trying to get in or out of san francisco. and the sheriff is speaking out. what will san francisco's ross mirkarimi say about why his department let a repeat offender out on the streets of san francisco. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very likely it is your favorite day of the week on this friday. good morning, i'm sam brock. >> friday. if it's a payday even better.
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lots to get to this morning. >> there was some rain coming down, kari hall. >> i have like what is this stuff? i had to turn on my windshield wipers. yes, it's been a long time since we've had a nice mist in the morning. as we head out right now we see the temperatures are in the lower 60s. you may have some sprinkles, too, as you make that morning drive and into the afternoon. all of that clears out, though, and we will see a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures will be topping out in the 60s and 70s all across the bay. east bay 72 degrees, while the tri-valley make it into the upper 70s, even some lower 80s there. it will be a nice start out to the weekend, getting ready for more comfortable temperatures. more on that is coming up in the microclimate forecast. good morning, mike. there's some of the after effects, damp pavement. but also this pavement is going to be disrupted. the golden gate bridge i suggest you avoid that as we take a look at it we see very light volume of traffic, folks are avoiding
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that restricted flow across the span and in san francisco we keep talking about this happening starting last night at 10:00, that closure for doyle drive. as we look your map testify chuang is going to give you more on that update on what's going on, but we're talking about the water, the ferries are the best way into or out of san francisco from the north or east bay. those will be unrestricted. surface street traffic expected to be very crowded. california street and geary are very crowded already. they will be your routes over to highway 1 which is your only route, basically the main route san francisco over the golden gate. we also begin with new details on a home invasion in san jose and the intense search to find several armed suspects. >> "today in the bay" bob redell joining us with police headquarters on what we just heard a few moments ago. how close are they to moving into the guys responsible? >> reporter: they got them. we just got word from police here at san jose headquarters
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that officers have arrested all four suspects in last night's home invasion in east san jose. this taking place on harvest drive, but it took time as you can see in this video here as police had to set up a perimeter to do a yard to yard search. this happened around 7:30 last night. there were four men, at least one of them with a gun who burst into that home and assaulted a man who lives there, possibly slashing him with a knife or sharp object. officers arrived, immediately found and arrested two of the suspects, the other two hopped the fence and escaped leading to an intense search of the area. it wasn't until 1:00, 1:30 this morning that they found the other two men hiding am a garage that they had broken into. of the four suspects two of just 17 years old, they are locked up right now in jufy hall, the other in county jail. reports live outside san jose police headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much. happening today we could learn more about what led to the shooting of a woman on san francisco's pier 14.
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sheriff ross mirkarimi is holding a press conference at 10:00 to talk about why juan francisco lopez-sanchez chez was released in april. he is accused of killing kate stanley on july 1st. the gun he reportedly us used was stolen from the federal officer's car four days before the shooting. lopez-sanchez says he found it on the ground. he has pleaded not guilty. this morning the oncal reports san francisco police never assigned an investigator who look into the gun theft. police right now hope the public can help them track down a burglar linked to several crimes in concord and they even know who is responsible. concord police have issued a warrant for jason harris. according to the mercury news police think that harris breaks into homes while people are sleeping and steals small things. even though police don't think he has hurt anyone they do consider him armed and dangerous. happening now, a messy
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morning commute for people trying to get into the city. doyle drive now officially closed. crews are warning some drivers they could be stuck in traffic for hours. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is liv in san francisco. good thing it's a friday, maybe people will have more patients. that 19th avenue location could be seeing a bulk of the congestion. >> reporter: absolutely. it is too early to tell the actual traffic impact just yet, but we're here at california and highway 1 and park presidio which turns into 19th avenue as you can see there are three police officers here, they say they've been out here since 10:00 last night when the doyle closure went into full effect. they are here for any traffic headaches that might happen. everything smooth so far. the closure is so crews can remove the temporary bypass built three years ago and connect the final pieces of the new roadway there. had this has shut down the main road for the golden gate bridge on the san francisco side. ut canning off access for the
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cars that use it every day. traffic will be routed on to the two lanes in each direction that is park presidio or highway one. one alternative is the ferry service. there will be one boat, an extra boat, that can carry 500 passengers, making trips into san francisco, that starts around 8:00 this morning. there will also be late night service today and service tripled between larks ver and the city. the parking lot will be full very early on. the bus service is set to stay the same for the golden gate bridge, but that might not be the best option because those buses will be stuck in the same traffic as everyone else. a lot of the work around are really -- park presidio highway 1 that turns into 19th avenue, california, geary and fulton. mike will have your full details on traffic coming up. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." if you want more information about detours you can check out
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our digital platforms, head to or download our free nbc bay area app. >> my favorite advice is just avoiding the area. >> yes. when it doubt just don't go if you don't have to. where are you going this weekend? staying here? going somewhere else in the bay? let's check the forecast now with meteorologist kari hall. >> and the weather will be perfect all across the bay area. look at this, we're starting the morning with some sprinkles in spots, but unfortunately it wasn't really measurable rain. you see it coming down and then you have to turn on the windshield wipers and then it's gone. now as we go into the day we will have some dryer conditions moving in, but we will continue to watch that light rain fizzling out as we go through the rest of the morning. right now temperatures are in the lower 60s as we get a closer look at the east bay, livermore starting out the morning at 60 degrees, or recommend at that now at 57 degrees as we go through the day expect highs to top out in the upper 70s in the south bay, los gatos today 79
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degrees, redwood city 76 degrees, livermore today reaching 81 degrees. 60s, 70s, 80s all across the bay, very comfortable but will that hold up for the weekend? i will let you mow in just a couple minutes. a lack of traffic what steph was talking about over at doyle drive. we're talking about the bay bridge. now, a lot more folks will likely be heading across the bay bridge or a lot of folks perhaps will take laura's option which is don't go there, folks. the toll plaza no backup. the san rafael bridge likely to be impacted again because doyle drive is closed south of the golden gate bridge, access to and from there cut off on the north side of presidio, california and geary to the south, those are good options connecting your east west flow over to highway 1 as steph was talking about. we expect big jams throughout the weekend and we'll track it. we all know it's early, but people are already lining up outside of sacred heart in san
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jose hoping to be a part of the nonprofit's latest give away. sacred heart every year they hope to fill about 3,000 new backpacks with new school supplies for low income students. today is the first day families can sign up to get the backpacks, they will actually pick them up closer to the start of the school year. if you want to help you can donate money or even new school supplies. it's probably one of my favorite stories of the year. >> heart warming. get out there, go to a local department store and get some backpack. >> who doesn't like new crayons? 4:39. the confederate flag finally coming town in south carolina. a live report this morning on where the controversial flag is headed now and the passion behind its removal. yet another data breach. this time hackers took 21 million social security numbers.
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welcome back, time is ... (adlib) =laura/2shot= in a matter of hours - the confedera wow. what a spectacular shot out there, the bay bridge this morning. everything getting washed off just a little bit. a little rain this morning.
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in just a matter of hours the confederate battle flag will be removed from the grounds of the state capital in south carolina. that ground will be moved to a nearby military museum. >> this debate obviously touched a lot of nerves. "today in the bay" dave wagner joins us live in columbia, south carolina. dave, this flag a controversial symbol from the past but the emotions today still very raw. >> reporter: there's no question about it. three weeks after that hate fueled rampage at a church in charleston, south carolina, where nine parishioners were killed there, this flag behind me is coming down. it comes town at 10:00 today. it has been a long time since the civil war, but as you mentioned, sam, emotions are still raw over the future of this flag here. the flag is going to be taken to a nearby knew seem, it may be gone from the state house, but i've talked to a income of south carolinaians who say even if it's not here at the state house they will continue to fly their own flag, it's flown in or
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outside the state house now for 54 years. there are mostly supporters of this flag being taken down here, a few people who oppose it being taken down. i did talk to the brother of one of those shooting victims in charleston, that victim's name is cynthia hurd, her brother's name is malcolm graham and he said he just thinks it's tragic that it took an incident like what happened in charleston to bring this flag town. he believes this should have happened long ago. sam, laura. >> very sensitive topic. dave wagner from south carolina. thank you very much. music videos now might soon sneak their way into your facebook news feed. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell let's turn to landon dowdy. happy friday. >> happy friday. good morning to you guys. wall street could be poised for more gains today, futures are higher, stocks rose thursday but lost late in the session after rallying early on the rebound overnight, but the do you and nasdaq are on pace for their third straight negative week.
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we get data on wholesale trade and janet yellen speaks about the economy this afternoon. the nasdaq up 12 to 49.22. facebook may be looking to take on you tube, "the new york times" reports the social networking giant has held talks with record labels to add music videos to users' am news feeds. facebook would share revenue for ads that ran alongside those videos. the pc market continues to struggle. new data shows sales fall, their sharpest decline in two years in the second quarter, but sales could pick up later this month when microsoft launches windows 10. back over to you. we move now to some startling information. startling numbers. almost 7% of the u.s. population impacted by a recent government data breach. on thursday government officials put a figure on the fallout, hackers nabbed 21 million social security numbers from the databases that are used to run
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background checks on federal employees. investigators believe that china might be behind the breach. they also suspect it's the same hackers involved who stole the records of 4 million former and current federal workers. college graduates are looking up a pretty steep mountain if they want to buy a home in san francisco. almost everyone is it. this is according to new study from krflt hulia. it assumes appreciation and that 20% down payment. to save for that down payment in san francisco it will take a college graduate 29 years. for someone without a college degree even more difficult. the study lists detroit as the easiest city to save for a down payment at four years. i don't think you can save as past as things appreciate. >> it will take you 29 years to save up all that money, but then you have college debt a lot of folks. you're paying multiple areas and that's a pipe treatment in some cases. we don't have to get too creative with our weather forecast here. i think we have a nice weekend
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no store. >> we're starting out with a few sprinkles in spots, making it a little bit -- a little bit of a damp start to the day. as you had head out this is what you need to know, we will have some spotty morning showers and sunrise at 5:56 and skies clear later today. temperatures will be slightly warmer, a few clouds this evening and the sunset at 8:35. overall we're getting ready for a beautiful day after the light spotty rain rolls out of here you're seeing some low clouds. that will be moving offshore, off the coast, and we will have some sunshine breaking out as we go through the day. it turns mostly sunny as we go into the afternoon with some temperatures that are still nice and mild to start out the day. this area of low pressure will continue to move to the east and we're getting ready for some clearing in time for the start of the weekend. a lot of sunshine, too, after some of the showers continue to move across the sierra.
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in the sierra, yeah, if you're heading that way you have to be aware that there could be some slow moving thunderstorms and they're moving over a ground that's already wet because with that monsoonal moisture moving through they have had a few soggy days in the sierra. of course any rain across the region is beneficial, but if you're making outdoor plans this weekend heading east it's looking good, but if you're staying in the bay, awesome weather this weekend, highs in the upper 60s, 70s and even some lower 80s for the tri-valley. the warmest day will be on sunday as we make it up to 84 degrees in the tri-valley. let's head it back to you, sam. >> thank you very much. there was damp eyes among football fans yesterday, the raiders and raiders fans remembering a legend this morning, quarterback kenny stabler. to many fans stabler was known more affectionately as the snake. that was for his ability to slip away from defenders. the raiders drafted stabler out of the university of alabama
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back in 1968. nine seasons later he led the team to its first ever super bowl title. many who knew him well say that he was just as much a legend off the field as he was on the field. >> he could go out and party much like his counterpart bobby lane and he would show up -- he might show up with a hangover and sick. he would lead his team to victory. >> performed on the field. stabler played for the raiders until 1979. he retired in 1984. his family says he tied wednesday from colon cancer, surrounded by loved ones. kenny stabler was 69 years old. >> a lot of fans. john madden released a statement saying in part, quote, he was a perfect quarterback and a perfect raider. when you think about the raiders you think about ken stabler. kenny loved life. it's a sad day for all raiders. the last quarterback to lead the raiders to the super bowl also issued a statement, rich began gone tweeted so sorry to hear about the passing of a true
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raider legend, ken stabler, the original number 12. it was a pleasure to know him and wear his number. 4:49. in the midst of a draught federal officials are telling hundreds of people in san mateo he have to buy expensive flood insurance. fema added 270 homes to its updated flood maps. many of those homes reside on hillsdale boulevard, laurel creek is nearby but homeowners who got the notice say they've never seen it overflow. >> we got the letter that said it if we purchase it before july 16 it might be cheaper about but that's just for a year and it might going go up again. the fema flood zone map becomes official july 16th. homeowners are being urmd to buy flood insurance before that date. city leaders say if they don't they could run into trouble with i remember their lender. you use them to deal with minor aches and pains all the time but is there a dang for getting hooked on over the
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counter pain rilers. what the fda is telling consumers this morning. we're looking out there, there's san rafael an easy flow of traffic. if you're traveling from the north bay into san francisco doyle drive is closed tying up traffic on the south side of that golden gate bridge, either approach going to be tough today. we'll track your commute coming up.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." friday morning. how does that sound? taking a life look outside from the south bay this morning. you can't really make it out there, but we had some rain hit us this morning. very nice refreshing start to our day. we will check the forecast with kari coming up. the fda wants you to think twice about reaching into that medicine cabinet. this morning the agency amping up its warning about over the counter painkillers. drugs like ieb rochb increase the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. the more you take the greater your risk. doctors say monitor your doses. the warning covers common drugs like advil, motrin and aleve. the fda is alsoing asking drug makers to update medicine labels to reflect the risk. the fda is also putting the brakes on other kinds of labels,
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this morning the agency is extending a deadline requiring restaurants to list calories on menus. now it won't be mandated until next year. the rule became law under bay area five years ago, but still hasn't been implemented. it was dla id in part due to opposition by the food city industry. the fda says the latest delay is to clarify labeling requirements and give businesses more time to comply. any labels on the roadway out there? let's check in with mike inouye. >> a lot of numbers out there and one closed section. we will show that to you. a look at the map and we see the entire bay looking really good. the live camera for san jose, little green blobs showing where there may be damp roadways. a little rain out there. looking at a smooth drive. taking you into san francisco, this is the biggest issue for the weekend, the closure of that section of doyle drive approaching or leaving from golden gate bridge, that forces folks to the south for california or geary boulevard, over to highway 1, some folks
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know that as 19th avenue. the same roadway there. we're showing a smooth drive, a little slowing over on thumb bart street on the right side. your approach into the city does move slowly across that one lane on the span. use the ferries if you can. a brazen home invasion overnight. how the intense search for the armed suspect ended. what we know this morning. and the bottleneck for many drivers will tighten up this morning in san francisco with a major closure near the golden gate bridge. we're going to help you navigate the traffic crunch. anchor ots plasma cu 2 shot 2 box ck wall anchor ots plasma cu 2 shot 2 box ck wall a live look outside at the city here at 4:56. it is going to be a really nice, really moderate weekend. kari is going to have a closer look at your forecast right after this. =laura/vo= several streets -
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shut down overnight - while police scour a san jose neighborhood - several streets shut down overnight while police scour a san jose neighborhood for two heavily armed suspects. and a wait time up to four hours long on this morning's commute if you're trying to get over the golden gate bridge. we'll have more on the closure. and some sprinkles this morning across parts of the bay area, but it clears out in time for the weekend. more coming up in the microclimate forecast. and it's already been part of the headlines a major part of my traffic watch, that closure.on the south side of the golden gate bridge. we'll see how that effects the rest of your proechs into and out of san francisco. ate bridge. we'll see how that effects the rest of your proechs into and out of san francisco. joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. a very good morning to you and thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we have new details to bring you this morning on a violent home invasion robbery in the south bay overnight. this morning police say all four suspects are in custody after a lengthy search. "today in the bay" bob redell live at police headquarters to explain how officers moved in to make those arrest ares. >> reporter: san jose police rounded up the last of the suspects about four hours ago after locking down and setting up a perimeter in this neighborhood in east san jose, not far from mount pleasant high school. it was around 7:30 last night, four men at least one of them armed with a gun, broke into a house on harvest drive. police are calling it a home invasion style robbery. they ransacked the house, assaulted a man who lives there, possibly slashing him with a knife or another sharp object, his condition unknown. the four suspects then fled with the man's money but did not get far. officers arrested two of them right away outside the house, the other two hopped the fence, id had out in different places in the


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