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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  July 18, 2015 9:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. (hodiak) previously on aquarius... (shafe) stop. get in your car and go. he owes me, and i can use him to get in with butano, skip the pushers get to the supplier. [gunshots] but maybe now you feel different and i hope you're more disposed to seeing me for what i am. that is so cute. would you please go get me a cup of coffee? do you know what emancipation is - yes. - we'd just make it official. - set you legally free. - you and charlie... (emma) i saw the way you looked at each other. good-bye, ken. why are we working so hard to find a hooker who's been missing for seven years? because a guy named ken karn and his friends don't want us to. [sleigh ride plays] ♪ ♪ ♪ just hear those sleigh bells jingling ♪ ♪ ring, tingle-tingling too ♪ ♪ ding-a-ling-a-ling-a ding
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dong ding ♪ ♪ it's lovely weather for ♪ - salazar again. - what now? spics can't get justice 'cause there's no spics in the department. not true. cleaning lady-- ladies. plural, please. we got portillo, sanchez that new meter maid, corazon. i think he means no senior officers. it'd be good if there were a few. nice to have some brass i don't have to listen to. you don't listen now. sorry, what? ha ha ha ha. spics should get promoted 'cause they're spics? gimme a break, por favor. ♪ ding-a-ling-a-ling-a ding dong ding ♪ oh, yeah, this is what i call a real pickle. ahh. what? it's the orphanage christmas party and i'm late and you still owe 10 bucks for presents. i
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was wondering where the lieutenant is. your fairy godfather's at a racket in san diego. sorry. left me in charge, again. none of that's yours i hope. no, i'm fine. look, there's no getting around it--i'm a witness. well, i'll go bust lucille and that biker and call it a day. i don't want lucille. i want guapo. - then you didn't see anything. - here we go again. yes, again, so why don't you predict what i'm gonna say so i don't have to say it, again. something like jimmy was a low-life criminal, didn't pay his taxes had it coming. something like that? (cutler) that's what actual policemen call "misdemeanor homicide." jimmy was your route to guapo. jimmy is now dead. lucille is now your route. but she can't be your route if you arrest her. (cutler) plus no body. how much does the d.a. love that? we all love that. (cutler) listen, it's your call, junior. sammy here can go make two murder arrests that'll never stick, and blow your cover. or, we just call this one last name on my naughty list. - no. - mike? - man, i'm done. - look, i get it. - no, you don't, man. -
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okay? look at you, you've got a job. you have got a life. you are in charge of you. first of all, i'm a cop, so, no, and second of all, i'm married, so really no. you're married? yeah. - did i know that? - i hope not. otherwise, i'd be pretty bad at all this. you have kids? one. [laughs] i want to have kids. someday. well, first, you gotta get to "someday." so you're gonna go back in there, you're gonna stay close to lucille and you're gonna... give her anything she wants. you don't know what you're asking. none. in the bedroom it's like being mauled. oh, i am weeping for you. you want me to show you what she did to me last night? no, no. this is after
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she wasted the guy, man, because the blood, it just riled her up, man. stop. i believe you. - i believe you, okay? - she's out of her mind, sick. look at this. mike, okay? but she likes you. and she trusts you and right now, you got her in heat. mike, my job is to get that woman to trust me. which she only half does. your job is to ball her until she can't see straight. i really think you're the one coming out on top. [moans] - all the lines come-- - charlie? you give me a moment. i was just there, charlie. where's that kenny-ken? you know. i see. i see. how is she? not she, not anymore.
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it. that makes it easier for you, then, sure... "it" she is. i should have done this a long... it's gone, all of it. the police, the papers, the fbi. take them all there. it's just rocks again. now there's nothing you can do to me. and emma? her being gone... was that you? she's not here? took off wearing that same pretty dress she came in. oh, man. i figured you silver-tongued
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her back to the debutante ball. oh, god. she wanted to be free, i... man, who's free? not her. not you. not anybody! everybody in the world is living in a prison they built. they're the wardens, inmates. the razor wire, the chains. tower guard. i don't know what to do sometimes. whatever it...i just... man, why are you here? to see her? i'm...i'm tired. you're here for love. her, me. and that's all right. i only ever wanted you to know that i love you. i love
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you. stop it. - i love you. - i said stop. i love all of you. the dark, light, the high, low. everything you've ever done. what you pretend to be. who you really are. i love everything. all of it. do you love me? do you?
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. hi. my name is sam hodiak. i'm a friend of martha's. she said i might be calling. yeah. uh--oh--no. no, i'm not looking for a good time, but you sound...amazing. i just--what i'm looking for is, uh an old roommate of yours an old friend of martha's, louise mitchell? no? nothing? oh. well, that's too bad. well, eh--what? she had a son? gregory? huh. well, how old might gregory be right now? wow, okay, uh... thank you. no, i think all my good times are covered but if something should
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come up you will be the first to know, kandi. randi. mandi. okay. thank you. [christmas music continues] ♪ ♪ whose idiot idea is this? straight from the lieutenant. - come on. - hey, you don't like it get a cold, go home. i sure as hell wouldn't mind a long ride alone with that. (markham) cute. no. "cute" you take to the movies. "cute" meets your mom. that ass? demands. sabovich that's my daughter. what? she's somebody's daughter. and if you can't be decent human males at least be funnier. right now you're just being what a cop-hating world expects. and look out for her especially you, sabovich. your buddy's a little harsh. ah, but you get to know him... he's worse. (sabovich) roger that. they're not so bad. well, markham's not.
9:13 pm
the polack could talk less and bathe more. fair point. you know lou's letting me do a ride-along? oh, yeah? down in watts. your old beat, right? yeah. that's a little far south for us. lotta action, i hear. that there is. what are we doing down there? they're light on patrol, so they're pulling from other divisions. not everybody an action fan i guess, huh? i am. well, that's something you'll outgrow. the guys seem nice. well, eh...they're guys. what does that mean? eyes and ears sharp. okay. [crowd chatter, laughter] [rock music plays] ♪ ♪, no, no, no, no. oh, god, ah...ah! ♪ when
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i saw you first i thought ♪ ♪ that no one other could see my heart ♪ ♪ i know what you say ♪ [crowd whooping] ♪ our love... ♪ [music continues] ♪ ♪ ♪ i wish i could be with you ♪ ♪ till then please say i do ♪ ♪ the time has come for me to say ♪ ♪ our love don't fade away ♪ hurt me. [snap] hurt... me. how? you're the boss... this time. [i saw mommy kissing santa claus plays] ♪ ♪ ♪ i saw mommy kissing santa claus ♪ ♪ underneath the mistletoe
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♪ (markham) so... you got a boyfriend? no, i don't. what? come on, you're kidding me. pretty little thing like you? no. - you moving in on my girl? - easy now. - right in front of my face. - [laughs] come on, man. chili dogs? (sabovich) wanna beat the street-- hearty breakfast. mm-hmm. ahh... ♪ i saw mommy kissing santa claus ♪ ♪ underneath his beard so snowy white ♪ [music fades under traffic sounds] so, where do we go from here? thinking we roust some whores down on 44th give you some company in the backseat. [markham chuckles] well, if you want whores at this time of day, - you gotta go to slauson. - mmm! ho ho, look at you! genius on patrol.
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from foster farms. simply better.
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. [music, laughter] whoo! ♪ ♪ - you all right? - [laughs] yeah! primo-rimo. uh...consider your target... fully softened. [giggling] - hey, handsome. - lucille. look at you! so, uh, what can we do you for? uh, well... you mind talking a little business? good timing. back room. look, you clearly had issues with jimmy.
9:21 pm
understood. and clearly, you have plans for roy. smart. now, i'm just looking to see if i fit in anywhere. (lucille) well, you're cute. but i got that one covered. for now. what else you bring to the party? just ask roy. [roy chuckles] i don't know, man. i like you. i do. but every time i see you it's a little different version of you. party time you're a party boy. slick-dick stripper lunch, check you out, mr. preppy. what's your closet look like, man? you got a cape and cowl in there too? [laughs] man, you get to be one person all day, every day. lucky you. some of us got friends and family would fully freak if the truth came out. now, my closet is square but...trunk of my car? something to look at. got
9:22 pm
a whole lotta me's in there. have a look. you can borrow a blouse. [laughs] (lucille) you want your passport stamped? go see guapo. get right with guapo you're right with me. good luck finding him. [knock on door] what is it? somebody called for you. said it was an emergency. sister's been in a car accident? i gotta take this. [phone rings] - hodiak. - i don't have a sister. - yeah. something happened. - what? is kristin okay? bernadette? (hodiak) no, they're fine. there's been a shooting. charmain, your buddy his partner. i don't-- i don't have all the details. - oh, my god. - yeah, one's dead. one's critical. i'm on my way right now. - where? - i need you to drop everything - and meet me there. -
9:23 pm
i will. - where is it? - it's in watts, about two blocks from panther headquarters. (chorus) ♪ silent night ♪ ♪ holy night ♪ ♪ all is calm ♪ [coughing] ♪ all is bright ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly ♪ ♪ peace ♪ [background chatter] charmain. drink this. [sirens wailing] you're in shock. it's five sugars. drink it now. charmain i need you to focus. [stammers] are they... are they both...
9:24 pm
[click] hey, come on. get outta here. flannery, we are 28 minutes behind the shooter. what are you doing? writing a novel? you come inside with me? we were talking... and sabovich said... do you trust me? what? do you trust me? yes. - [whack] - [gasps] [sobbing] let it out. let it all out. you've been through one of the worst things ever. the only thing that can make it right is you. you understand?
9:25 pm
charmain? do you understand? yeah. okay. i want you to take a breath right now and stop crying right now and remember your training right now. i saw a jacket like a windbreaker, gloves. was he colored? i--i-- you don't know if he was colored? the sun was behind him. it was only a few seconds - before he started-- - stop. close your eyes. close your eyes. what did you smell? - what did i-- - don't think. - what was it? - gunpowder. good. anything else?
9:26 pm
i-i-- i never saw his face, i-- but his arm. i-i saw his arm. no. he was white. he's white. - are you sure? - yes. good. keep going. and then what? - i fell. - where was your weapon? i...
9:27 pm
i... it fell. i tried to... tried? show me. i it-- it was right... i looked... - but i-- - what then? what'd you see?
9:28 pm
nothing. but i heard... [tires screeching] [no audio under somber music] ♪ ♪ [sounds filtering back in] [telephones ringing, overlapping shouting]
9:29 pm
all right, everybody. [clapping] everybody, damn it! [whistles] (cutler) stop and listen! if you got hard information, write it up. small words, short sentences, no theories. i see anyone waste a single second on tears fire yourself. time is the enemy. this son of a bitch is our prey and we hunt with god's own fury until he is caged or dead. go. looking for a blue riviera '63 or later, two-door. charmain give you that? the blue part and that it sideswiped a red studebaker. the late model buick two-door moran got off the cook that was out back. and leaky oil pan, off the scene. (hodiak) the bloody boot print is a common crepe bottom work boot. the
9:30 pm
weapon is a colt 1911 .45. and you buy her description? that the shooter's white? in that neighborhood? hysterical female-- i don't think anyone's buying that. how long were markham and sabovich on loan down there? this was their... second day. all right, where were they before that, exactly? southwest. right, so that's-- that's roughly-- (moran) yeah. (hodiak) all right. deputy commissioner's got swat on standby. oh, that's great. neighborhood wired like a bomb add a battalion of white cops in helmets and high-powered rifles-- what could possibly go wrong? sam, what if charmain's wrong? what if the shooter is a spade? you wanna go pull him out of watts alone? (shafe) 'scuse me, 'scuse me. i got him. you got who? i caught him at home just him and his bodyguard. - he come willingly? - once i pulled my gun disarmed 'em both and cuffed him. anybody else down there see you pick him up? no. pretty clean. i hustled him through the back so...he's all ours and it's our eyes only. you okay with this?
9:31 pm
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monuments to dependability. nice work, jb. because when you're a washer that's designed engineered and assembled in america... ...there's a certain standard you have to live up to... one that lets you proudly wear the name maytag. . i'm trying to help you here, bunchy. call my lawyer--explain your form of help to him. special weapons and
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tactical--swat. the lapd's duly licensed assassins? - i'm all too familiar. - no, not as familiar as you're gonna be. two dead cops on that block-- that's curfews that's checkpoints. sniper nests door-to-door presence. a war's coming? well...that's why we're an army. and it's the worst kinda war 'cause it's stupid and it'll never end. it's the only kind white america knows how to fight. hey, just stop talking to me like you're passing out your pamphlets. the lapd is searching for a colored shooter that's gonna leave your world turned inside out, upside down and pretty much locked down forever because they won't find him. you're not showing your usual faith - in law enforcement. - no. because the shooter is white. your bosses think that? our bosses are highly doubtful. but i think we're looking for a male, 6'2" to 6'4" 20s to 50s driving a blue riviera sedan with a red scratch on the passenger side and a pretty bad oil leak. and he is very, very white. (shafe) you wanna keep swat out of your daily life show us you're an army.
9:36 pm
who hurt you? you should know. it was your idea. i'm sorry. it's okay. i guess we got karma him and me. i need to get settled into the here and now. you can' anything to him. you're right. our karmic business is for me to forgive him. to teach him forgiveness. or let him take his own path, however... destructive that may be for him. charlie--
9:37 pm
you've shown me, ken. thank you. thank you, ken. i need to open his mind, not his skull. - [laughs] - i'm serious, charlie. he's tied to me. my family. if you really care about me, i'm under the microscope now. the campaign-- you understand that? nobody you will ever know understands you better. i'll make sure the cop leaves you alone. but you do the same. my kenny-ken. guardian angel. just in time for christmas. it's christmas! oh, ha, kenny-ken, it's christmas! oh, gosh, you-- you want some eggnog? [muttering happily] (charmain) hi,
9:38 pm
daddy. no, i'm fine, i just... i wanted to hear your voice. are you having a party? it's hard to-- no, sor--i can call back. [louder] i can call back. no, i'm fine. yeah. [announcer on tv background chatter] what? the hospital. [sighs] sabovich. right after they got him in the operating room... he's dead.
9:39 pm
why don't you get outta here? i thought that i'd be needed to i.d.-- you're not needed. you never were. you had no business there. - go to hell. - look at you. - sal. - i mean, that's not a uniform. - it's a costume. - sal. your costume your hair... - why don't you go to hell? - it's all got two good men - killed today. - leave her alone. and why are you still alive? - why didn't you get a shot off? - get away from me now! what are you--you're just a pretty little thing-- get your hands off of me! - just calm down, calm down! - get off of me! calm down. oh, my god. - oh, my god. - what? two more cops just got shot. unis again, uh... dead.
9:40 pm
- they're, uh... - one's colored, one's white. right? [sirens, chatter] [powerman plays] ♪ i know a man, he's a powerful man ♪ ♪ got the people in his power in the palm of his hand ♪ [sirens approaching] ♪ he started at the bottom but he worked his way up ♪ ♪ now he's never gonna stop till he reaches the top ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the same old story ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the same old dream ♪ ♪ it's powerman, powerman ♪ ♪ and all that it can bring ♪ ♪ ♪ - ♪ if you want your money ♪ - well...thank you, ma'am. ♪ but you'll only end up picking up ♪ ♪ the nickels and dimes ♪ ♪ ♪
9:41 pm
thanks, ron. have a nice day. ♪ you call him names and he sits ♪ - ♪ and grins ♪ - thank you. ♪ 'cause everybody else is just a sucker to him ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and he's got my money ♪ uh, hey, hi. i'm looking for glenn lesick. - who are you? - i don't know if i have the right glenn lesick. um... my uncle died last month and
9:42 pm
my aunt said that he owed a buddy of his some money. guy named glenn lesick. now, she's never met him but, uh, i called a while ago, but no answer. and i just happened to be in the neighborhood. okay, uh, sorry. sorry to bother you. uh, how much? did my uncle owe? uh, $1,100. you got it on you? course. glenn? glenn, you're gonna want to get out here. hi. hi. i--
9:43 pm
hi, um... uh, do you mind if i come in real quick? i think this is for you. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. [dog barking] [dogs barking]
9:48 pm
sorry about this. it's not that i don't trust you, just... wanna be sure. it's a lotta money. [silent night plays in background] ♪ ♪ [fingers drumming table] well... [continues drumming] looks good. glenn, he's got a gun. easy, easy, easy.
9:49 pm
just...glenn, i'm a cop. just relax, okay? just relax. - just relax-- - get it. easy. easy. you should put the gun down. you don't want to do this. i'm just-- - think, glenn. - relax, relax. think about your wife and baby. we're police officers, glenn. we wanna ask a few questions but you gotta put the gun down. - glenn? [shafe murmurs] glenn, there are more cops on the way. this is gonna get to a bad place really fast, a place that we're not gonna be able to pull it back from, glenn. - put it down. - that's your wife. - put the gun down. - put the gun down. - put it down. - put it down. [baby crying] down on your knees. down on the ground. on the ground! now lock your fingers. [baby wailing in background] [tense music] ♪ ♪
9:50 pm
well, good news is the car. oil matches, scratches--it was definitely at the shooting. but mr. lesick is saying the car was stolen earlier today and that he discovered it abandoned a few blocks away. which he failed to report to the police. well, the witness in watts who gave you the partial plates can't positively i.d. mr. lesick as the driver. this isn't the weapon that was used in any of the shootings. you don't have his boots gloves, clothes. he tested negative for gunpowder in the paraffin. what about the nazi reading list? found only in his trash. he claims it isn't his. and there seems to be some question about whether your initial search was wholly legal. maybe somebody didn't wait for the, uh, warrant to be issued? so, what,
9:51 pm
we should have just left the scene so the old lady could burn it while we went to a judge? the guy pulled a gun on me. he and his wife both claim that you were already drawing your weapon before you identified yourself as a police officer. and given your whole... [scoffs]'s somewhat understandable. which brings us to your report, detective. yes, sir. where is it? gee, i submitted it. didn't i? - not yet, no. - i didn't? wow. with all the confusion... i know i typed it up. i-i'll get it for ya. you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation.
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9:54 pm
. i need to have a word with you in private, okay? - okay. - here's a good spot right here. but-- - what? - what? what? eyes up. you think you don't belong in here maybe you don't. describe
9:55 pm
him. describe him. white male. fair. mid-30s. facial hair, 6'3", 220. which is exactly what i wrote down on my notebook when you described the shooter to me at the scene. - no, i told you-- - yes, you did! - i can't lie. - yes, you can and yes, you will or two people are gonna walk out of this building today-- you and him. the difference being that one day a lot of dead cops later - he's gonna be back. - you want me to testify - under oath-- - look around. damn it, look around! four of us are dead. no one here would do any different. but if he did it if he was guilty-- this isn't a fairy tale, charmain. decide now. you gonna stop trying to be one of us, or are you gonna be one of us? i am. - you
9:56 pm
are? - i am. you are what? - one of you. - yeah? prove it. charmain. she's not quite as good as you. well, she's young. she's doing the best she can. she's gonna be a good cop someday. i hope. i don't know about that. i meant she's almost as good a liar as you. - i'm not a liar. - and how would i know that? hopefully never. lesick will be arraigned for the murder of four officers tomorrow
9:57 pm
morning. i take it you'll be there? every day till he's tied and fried and if you need someone to pull the switch i'll hold an auction. couldn't have done it without your guy tagging that partial at the second scene. do us both a favor-- keep it to yourself. well, if you will, i will. oh, and bunchy merry christmas. blow it out your ass hodiak. oh! all right. all right. think i made a new friend. thanks. anything else? nope. unless you have something to say which would be... understandable.
9:58 pm
my father is an unreliable morally ambiguous charming drunk. yeah? so? so you know what you smell like to me? home cooking. [please come home for christmas plays] ♪ bells will be ringin' ♪ ♪ the glad, glad news ♪ ♪ oh, what a christmas ♪ ♪ to have the blues ♪ ♪ my baby's gone ♪ ♪ i have no friends ♪ ♪ to wish me greetings ♪ ♪ yeah, once again ♪ ♪ choirs will be singin' ♪ ♪ oh, silent night ♪
9:59 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ christmas carols ♪ ♪ whoa, by candlelight ♪ ♪ please come home ♪ [carol fades into tense music] ♪ ♪
10:00 pm
. - previously on hannibal... - you won't be coming back here for a long time. - there's something reassuring about you eating dr. lecter. it makes you the apex predator. - i am packing loads of viable sperm. stumbled across any viable uteruses? - where is the polizia ? - they're being bought by the same people that bought rinaldo pazzi. - is your husband still in the city? - (hannibal ): chiyoh has always been very protective of me. i've taken the liberty of giving you something to help you relax. jack was the first to suggest getting inside your head. (drill grinding) (screaming)
10:01 pm
(clattering) (drill grinding) (muffled screaming) (heartbeat pounding) (muffled bang) (drill stops) - sono un ufficiale del fbi. ascoltami. mi chiamo jack crawford. (sound muffled) sono un ufficiale del fbi! ascoltami! ascoltami... - commendator benetti. don't imagine you're here to make an arrest. - no... you imagine correctly. (grunt) take lecter and this one. he'll pay us double for both.
10:02 pm
there's no price on your head, signor crawford. - so... hannibal lecter, il mostro di firenze narrowly escapes la questura. that how the story goes? - missed him by this much. the good doctor lecter is once more in the wind. but he left one last victim. open him the way lecter opened the other one. open him all the way. arrivederci. - arrivederci. (drill whirring) (muffled gunshot)
10:03 pm
wrong floor. would you mind coming over here and pulling this needle out of my neck? - where did they take them? - did you do this? - of course. - i appreciate it. - you're sitting at hannibal's table. you know him. you know will. - i know them. they are identically different
10:04 pm
hannibal and will. - where did they take them? - they are most likely taking them to the u.s. to maryland. i can even tell you the address once you've pulled this needle out of my neck. - then what? - my "then what" consists of getting out of florence alive, since i'm supposed to be dead -- which puts me in no position to stop whatever it is you intend on starting. (inhaling sharply) - where? - muskrat farm. the verger estate near the susquehanna river in northern maryland.
10:05 pm
(theme music playing) my opioid pain medication is slowing my insides to a crawl. millions of people are estimated to suffer from opioid-induced constipation,
10:06 pm
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10:07 pm
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10:08 pm
10:09 pm
. (buzzing) - pronto. dimmi tutto. - mason has what he wants. i think it's time you get what you want.
10:10 pm
- he has hannibal. he has will, too. - your brother is a sadist. he'll torture them and take the time to enjoy it. that gives us time. - there's a hush over muskrat farm, cordell. like the quiet of the old sabbath. smells like salvation. - gentlemen, welcome to muskrat farm. - your people might have assassinated me in florence, mason. - where's the
10:11 pm
fun in that? i still keep my father's knife, ever ready to slip into a pig's back to check the depth of the fat. a little lean, i think. maybe we should fatten you up, shall we? it is more trouble to move a semi-wild pig against its will than it is to kidnap a man. - (cordell): pigs are harder to get hold of and big ones are stronger than a man. - there are the tusks to consider, if you want to maintain
10:12 pm
the integrity of your abdomen. something worth maintaining, mr. graham. tusked beasts instinctively disembowel. - at swine fairs i've seen exotic pigs from all over the world. you are the best of all that i've seen. we are going to have some good, funny times dr. lecter. sad news about jack crawford. appears hannibal lecter killed him in florence. i hope there is some satisfaction in being the final victim of the chesapeake ripper. there will certainly be some notoriety. - the feces are flying again in florence.
10:13 pm
jack crawford is alive. - well, that's disappointing. - he saw the snatch. - i trust you haven't betrayed doctor-patient confidentiality dr. bloom. - your trust hasn't been misplaced. - the fbi are going to catch the first squeal on the kidnapping. - the moment jack crawford set foot in italy, i registered complaints with the local authorities the sheriff, the u.s. attorney's office that he'd been harassing me calling late at night with incoherent threats. - of course he can't prove he didn't. - and it muddies the water. - now you can head off a warrant. - there will be no warrant and there will be no warrant forthcoming. - i appreciate wanting to kill hannibal lecter and i'm not without benefit from that.
10:14 pm
- he can't make good on his promise to murder you if he's dead now can he? - but he's not dead. play with your food, mason and you give it the opportunity to bite back. - oh, i'm not playing, dr. bloom. - hannibal is. he's always playing. (classical music playing) - i snatched will graham right out of your mouth. you must be famished.
10:15 pm
- there is an inescapable parallel between you and jezebel, mason. keen bible student that you are, you'll recall dogs ate jezebel's face, along with the rest of her. - well, if jezebel was right with the risen jesus the riz would have provided her with a new face, as he has provided mine. the transplant surgery is extremely skillful, which is why cordell here will be performing the face-off. - hello. - you boys remind me of that german cannibal who advertised for a friend and then ate him and his penis before he died. tragedy being, the penis was overcooked. go to all that trouble to eat a friend and you overcook his penis. they ate it anyway. they had to, they committed. but they didn't enjoy it. i'm committed to enjoying
10:16 pm
every bite of you. - you're going to eat him...with my face? - yes. i got a taste for it after you two had me eat my nose. - you must be terribly proud that you could bring this off, it's dangerous to get exactly what you want. what will you do after you've eaten me? - you could wreck some foster homes and torment some children? - no, i'll drink martinis made with tears. - but where, mason would the hard-core fun come from? (clucking tongue) - it's foolish to dilute such ecstatic time as this with fears about the future. uh, cordell, mr. graham is looking very dry. a little moisturizer, please. - i'm curious, what will be the first cuts
10:17 pm
of me you'll serve? - the first course, of course, will be your hands and feet, sizzling on a promethean barbecue. the coal is white and very hard, makes a clear ringing sound when struck. - you've thought of everything. - and after that we'll have a little pajama party, you and i. you can be in shorties by then. cordell is going to keep you alive for a very long time. (screaming) (flesh tearing) well, no pajama party for you, mr. graham. we're gonna feed you to the pigs as soon as cordell has removed your face -- in a much more civilized fashion than you just tried to remove his.
10:18 pm
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10:21 pm
. (sizzling) - mason would've preferred to brand your face. he fought bravely and with his own funds against the humane slaughter act and managed to keep face-branding legal. - it's very important to mason that i have the pig's experience. - mason has done
10:22 pm
beautiful things with these creatures. hm! very special. truly visionary. - he has a wealth of information and resources in his faceless skull. - the longer you're respectful, the longer you'll keep your tongue. - and when i do lose my tongue? - i'll boil it and slice it very thin marinate it in olive oil garlic, parsley and vinegar. - simple and clean -- and delicious. - have they told you the drill? the drill is, in a few hours i'll come down here and remove all you've got below the elbows and knees. i'll keep you going with ivs and tourniquets until the very last. some things are best saved for last.
10:23 pm
once you're dead i'll prepare your loins and ribs aged. - meats are aged not only for tenderness, but mainly for flavour. - and flavours change. every day i'll feed mason some new part of you. and don't you worry, dr. lecter you will always be cooked to perfection. - i think i might feed the eel some delicacy of lecter -- his genitals, perhaps. how long have you and dr. bloom been an item? - not long. - longer than that cordell says. does dr. bloom want children? i'm sure you've had a chance to check under the hood by now. how's the uterus,
10:24 pm
intact? are the hips childbearing? roomy? - land the plane, mason. - oh, you've got a big surprise coming to you, margot. would it spoil anything for you if i told you i've already found us a surrogate? not for my sperm but for your eggs. - i don't have any. you took them. - i most certainly did but i didn't humpty-dumpty them i just went and found them a new basket. i told you i wanted to give you a verger baby, our own baby. yours and mine. well... mostly yours.
10:25 pm
- where's the surrogate, mason? - she's resting at the moment. - she's here? - she's on the farm. - i want to see her. - well, first, i think you need to prepare yourself psychologically. i mean, this is going to be a very emotional experience for you, margot. i have to think about appropriate timing. - don't think too long, smiley. (chair clicking) - oh! that's the spirit, margot! your maternal instinct is revving up. i love it.
10:26 pm
- what are you doing here? - i'm mason verger's psychiatrist. - oh... that part of his therapy or yours? - i think we're all working through some issues. i'm putting an emphasis on self-preservation. jack's alive. - good for jack. you helped mason verger find us. - i helped mason find hannibal. we followed bâtard-montrachet when
10:27 pm
we should have just followed you. - almost as ugly as what mason wants to do to us is the fact that he can do it with the tacit agreement of people sworn to uphold the law. - i was trying to get to hannibal before you. i knew you couldn't stop yourself, so i had to try. - by facilitating torture and death. - i can abide the thought of hannibal tortured, not necessarily to death. i'd say he has it coming wouldn't you? or maybe you wouldn't. - what did you think would happen? - i thought jack crawford and the fbi would come to the rescue. but the finer details of what i thought would happen have evolved. - then you have to evolve, alana.
10:28 pm
you have to spill blood. either by your own hand or... someone else's. ♪ me and you, ♪ ♪ and you and me. ♪ ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ ♪ if unsightly tartar buildup is giving your dog bad breath... try doggie dentures. now available in extra white! umm, you're kidding right?
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just give me dentastix. the dog treat that's clinically proven to reduce tartar buildup.
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10:31 pm
10:32 pm
. - buonasera, signor. - buonasera, signorina verger. (pigs grunting) - thank you for coming, margot. hasn't been that long since i treated you. have you started taking the chocolate,
10:33 pm
as mason likes to say, after you fought him for so long? - are we in therapy now? - you tell me. - mason promised to give something back to me. something that he stole. there was a surrogate all along. it's a verger baby. it's my baby. - mason will deny you. he will always deny you. you know you'll have to kill him. - you saying you'd do it for me? i could never trust you.
10:34 pm
- no, of course not. but you could trust me never to deny that i did it. it would actually be more therapeutic for you to kill him yourself. you'll remember i recommended that in session. - wait until i could get away with it, you said. - what difference would one more murder charge make to me? i'm the only other suspect you've got. you can do it when it suits you, and i'll write a letter gloating about how much i enjoyed killing him myself. - buonasera.
10:35 pm
- he has a pocketknife. - i was trying to save will from you but right now, you're the only one who can save him. promise me you'll save him. please. - i promise. and i always keep my promises, alana.
10:36 pm
just cut the ropes on one arm give me the knife and leave. i can do the rest. - are you going to kill mason? - margot is. snatch some of my hair -- back from the hairline if you don't mind. get some skin. put it in mason's hand after he's dead. - could i have ever understood you? - no. (tearing)
10:37 pm
(heart monitor beeping) - now, cordell told me if i waited long enough, he could grow me a new face from my own cells. but i was adamant it was your face i wanted. i was looking at your face while you were watching me cut mine off and i thought "oh, that's a nice face."
10:38 pm
- you're going under now mr. verger. when you wake up, your face will be bound and uncomfortable. - have you accepted jesus, mr. graham? do you have faith? i do. i'm free! hallelujah! - this will immobilize your body, but you'll feel everything. i'm going to cut off your face without anesthesia, mr. graham.
10:39 pm
- is he alive?
10:40 pm
- there's no fetal heartbeat. - take it out. take it out! - you'll be sure to let me know if this hurts, won't you?
10:41 pm
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so you can live the way you live, and enjoy all the rewards. chase sapphire preferred. so you can. .
10:44 pm
(laboured breathing) - cordell? cordell!
10:45 pm
cordell! (silenced shot) cordell! cordell! - hi, mason. - what the hell is going on out there? where's cordell? - cordell's dead. they're all dead out there. hannibal got away. - well,
10:46 pm
get on the horn to washington and get four of those bastards with guns up here now! send the helicopter! - i found your surrogate, mason. - your surrogate, margot. i promised you i'd give you a verger baby. - i'm taking what you promised me. i've got everything i need from you now. - you can't kill me, margot. you'll lose everything. "in the absence of an heir "the sole beneficiary is the southern baptist church." - but there is going to be an heir, mason. a verger baby. yours, mine... mostly
10:47 pm
yours. - do you know what happens if we stimulate your prostate gland with a cattle prod? hannibal does. he helped us milk you. - ah, you're dead, dr. bloom. - no, mason. we all are. didn't you know that? but these aren't. (grunting)
10:48 pm
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10:51 pm
. - will you go home? can you go home? - no more than you can. - would you
10:52 pm
watch over me? - i will. not in a cage. some beasts shouldn't be caged. - your obsessive and successful hunt, whose plight was it driven by? mine? yours? - mischa's. did you eat her? - yes. but i did not kill her. the most stable elements chiyoh appear in the middle of the periodic table, roughly between iron and silver. between iron and silver -- i think
10:53 pm
that's appropriate for you. (door creaking) (sighing)
10:54 pm
- do we talk about teacups and time and the rules of disorder? - the teacup's broken. it's never going to gather itself back together again. - not even in your mind? your memory palace is building. it's... ...full of new things. it shares some rooms with my own. i've discovered you there, victorious. - when it comes to you and me, there can be no decisive victory. - we are in zero-sum game?
10:55 pm
- i miss my dogs. i'm not going to miss you. (sighing) i'm not going to find you. i'm not going to look for you. i don't want to know where you are or what you do. i don't want to think about you anymore. - you delight in wickedness and then berate yourself for the delight. - you delight. i tolerate.
10:56 pm
i don't have your appetite. goodbye, hannibal. (door closing)
10:57 pm
- he's gone, jack. - jack! i'm here. - you finally caught the chesapeake ripper, jack. - i didn't catch you you surrendered. - i want you to know
10:58 pm
exactly where i am and where you can always find me. - cuff him. put him in my car.
10:59 pm
next at 11:00, five people killed in a house in modesto. no suspect yet. a short time ago police announced a person of interest. we'll have more for you. take a look at the scene in california today. that is headed this way for tomorrow. how much will we get?
11:00 pm
nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a heinous crime. five people found inside a home dead. who police are now looking for. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. developing news. five people found dead in a modesto home. police are not naming a suspect, however in the last hour or so police did release a fe photo of a person of interest


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