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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news: a violent nightf. an officer-involved shooting- and now police swarm another part of the city'r night nor san jose police, an officer-involved shooting and now police swarm another part of the city. we're live with the latest. and violence erupts one year since the shooting death of michael brown, a ferguson man now in critical cannen this morning. flames break out at a commercial building in san leandro that scene still active as fire officials evacuate nearby apartments. it's 430. i'm sam brock >> and i'm kris sanchez in for
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log today. we do want to get a first look at your forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> we start out with a lot going on this news but not a whole lot going on in weather. mostly clear skies and nice and school cool to start out the day with patchy fog in spots. today pretty much like yesterday, even a touch cooler with highs reaching 81 degrees in the peninsula, east bay 72 degrees, san francisco look for a high of 69 degrees and the north bay tops out at 80 degrees, in the tri-valley it will be warm with a high of 87 degrees and the south bay topping out at 79. i'll have a closer look at this forecast and what to expect as we go through the week, that's coming up in a few pins, let's get a look at traffic with anthony. happy monday. we made it past the weekend. we do have some unfortunate thus, though, this morning. in fact, we are taking a look at 101 in tully. this is in san jose. there was a port of a fatal accident overnight so the southbound lanes do look to be closed. you see northbound lanes moving without a problem, but
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southbound lanes you see no traffic on the highway. again, 101 near tully, crews have closed down the entire freeway. lots of green, obviously the red spot is where we had the accident and that's where they have closed the highway. we will continue to follow this as the morning goes along, overall that's the only real problem we have this morning on the roads. 4:32. we do go back to that breaking news we started with. police swarming an area of san jose this morning just hours after a different officer-involved shooting in the city. this latest activity happened just off of an marcos drive and san marcos court. >> damian, what can you tell us right now. >> reporter: it's still an active scene on the northeast side of san jose. am it fact, the commander here is not able to brief us on what's going on because they are still doing their tactical operation here. they are eve dwagt some homes
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here on san marcos drive. initial reports from sources tell me this was also an officer-involved shooting from earlier this morning and that the suspect potentially had a shotgun. so a very fluid situation right though, there are some k-9 units here, the s.w.a.t. team is out here, also paramedics and san jose fire department just in case things do get out of hand. this is still a fluid situation. it follows what happened late last night around 6:30 p.m., a call came in about a man being tabbed on the east side of san jose, police say they spotted a suspect and shot -- shot him while a couple of blocks away. according to police officers, it they feared for their lives and fired their weapons is a suspect. that suspect did die of those gunshot wounds. again, right now here on san marcos drive in san jose, commanders are still trying to assess the situation and see if any more homes need to be evacuated. we will keep you posted throughout the morning. new this morning that deadly
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shooting investigation, a different one is underway in union city. police say a man was shot dead near 13th and i streets louisiana night. that victim was outside a home with a group of people when two suspects started firing into the crowd. that gunfire hit the victim who died. so far police are not releasing a description of the suspects. a developing story, violence erupts amid protests in ferguson, missouri overnight. gunshots range out last night during protests marking one year since michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. officers responded with force, shooting and critically injuring a man. police say that there were two more shootings last night in the same area. all of this following a mostly peaceful day of protest its. more protests are planned for later today. and now to breaking news closer to home. firefighters battling has sieve
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flames in san leandro this morning, you can see them right there. a building fire forced the evacuation of a nearby apartment complex. all of this happening near marina boulevard and doolittle drive very close to 880. the flames so intense crews had to call for backup three times. "today in the bay" chuck coppola is live at the fire. chuck, what can you tell us? it looks like you have lots of activity behind you. >> reporter: we're catching a little bit of the spray from the aerial truck behind us that's pouring water on to this fire. we are at the corner of marina and doolittle in san leandro, you can see the scene behind me, it's a strip mall that is anchored by the marina superintendent, that's a supermarket where the fire we are told began this morning and then it continued for several hours while 50 firefighters aboard 16 trucks arrived at the scene here. so far two businesses have been destroyed, the marina market, as well as the thrifty medical
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supply store next to it, however, about three other businesses also this this strip mall have been spared. with me is allen evans, he is the battalion chief here at alameda county fire. we are told there was an explosion fairly early on with this fire as well. can you tell us about that? >> yes, so after the first alarm arriving units got on the scene and were starting to set up their hose lines and deploy there was an explosion on the front of the building on the office side and the whole front of the building exploded and blew all the debris out into the front. >> at that point how many firefighters were close by or very close to this explosion is this were any of them injured? >> there was no firefighters injured and they were in the process of setting up and positioning and deploying their hose lines. so phone was in front -- right in front of the building at the time. >> reporter: that's always a hazard. i know you look for that sort of thing. at this point it looks like it's pretty much out. what's the log know sis for when the crews might start pulling back and this this intersection may be cleared? >> yeah, after we went into a
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give mode after initial fire tack we are now in the process after going to a fourth alarm is reducing our apparatus here and starting to return them back to their districts. so right now we are down to about a third alarm right now. >> reporter: about how long before this intersection is cleared? >> it will be several hours. i would say midmorning at least. >> reporter: all right. thank you very much for your time. i appreciate it. we would also like to add that if you're driving this way this morning on your morning commute, marina boulevard will be closed for some time. they recommend davis as an alternative. reporting live if san leandro, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." at 4:37. more developing news. 3,000 acres burned in less than eight hours. firefighters battling a new massive wildfire just north of the bay area and just south of the rocky mountain fire that's still going on. this this latest fire is being called the jerusalem fire. crews say it started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon not far from last week's rocky fire.
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there is a mandatory evacuation order in place for homes in the jerusalem valley east of spruce road. it's not clear how many people are affected by that order, but this fire is just off of highway 29 south of clearlake. firefighters say it's creeping closer to the very tough rocky fire which is only ten miles away. >> we don't have is an estimate for the potential growth of the fire or the number of acres, but it is slowly moving towards the southeast corner of the rocky fire. >> right now cal fire is shifting its resources from the 70,000 acre rocky fire to the jerusalem fire. we are learning more about the death on the front lines of a different wildfire, the u.s. forest service says late saturday night they lost one of their own. michael hallenbeck was hit and killed by a tree white battling the sierra fire. he was from shingle springs. the fire is a maul one burning in a remote area near the el
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dorado forest. nbc spoke with one of hallenbeck's colleagues. >> this is something that we absolutely hate to see and unfortunately i have to announce this today. it's some of the worst news i have ever had to deliver in my professional career. >> you can see in her face so difficult. governor brown issued this statement saying, this tragedy reminds us of the dangers firefighters face every time they suit up. >> a very trying time for those on the front lines. certainly our thoughts go out to his family. let's get a look at your weather. meteorologist kari hall joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. nice and quiet as we look now at san jose, we see mostly clear skies and a cool start out to the morning but there are some clouds near the coast and mostly clear skies inland. it does become mostly sunny and slightly cooler than yesterday and a breezy evening with mostly clear skies, sunset at 8:05. right now 63 degrees if in livermore and concord, santa rosa 63 degrees and san jose 60
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degrees. as we go into the afternoon it will be nice and comfortable. san jose reaching 79 degrees, pacifica 66 and the mission district will be at 67 degrees, 83 in santa rosa while oakland tops out at 72, pleasanton expect a high of 81 degrees. a slow climb in those temperatures expected this week. more on that coming up this a few minutes. right now let's see how traffic is moving. we talked to you earlier about that fatal accident on 101 in san jose. you can see 101 northbound is moving fine without a problem had in san jose but the southbound lanes that are going to be affected this morning. in fact, all lanes have been closed at tully and that's where the crews are vie derting traffic around a fatal accident that happened about 2:00, 3:00 this morning. as crews continue to assess that, the coroner just arrived on the seen that will eventually get opened but they have not given us a time as far as when it will be open. over toward the at month pass we are starting to see the typical build so we will watch that as
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well. bringing people together, that is the campaign slogan of a presidential hopeful stopping in oakland later today but will it help that democratic hopeful gain ground on hillary clinton? and outside lands is in the books but it wasn't all harmony, an incident that sent a police officer to the hospital. the drought is affecting all of us. at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e
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that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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"today in the bay." welcome back. time now 4:43. looking live at san jose in what is a busy morning newswise, which includes politics. turning now to decision 2016, new poll numbers show that donald trump still the front runner. that is despite the controversial comments he made during last week's republican presidential debate. on yesterday's "meet the press" program trump said he is not backing down after criticism over his comments and behavior toward women, specifically the debate moderator megyn kelly. >> you seem to have an allergy toward apologizing. >> no, i apologize when i'm wrong but i haven't been wrong. i said nothing wrong. >> even though trump has his supporters he is starting to lose backers. a prominent serve is testify group rescinded their invitation to him for him to speak at a gathering over the weekend. >> on the other side of the aisle now at 4:44.
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in just a few hours democratic presidential candidate democrat bernie sanders coming to the bay area. his campaign says more than 20,000 team showed up to hear him speak in portland last night. he is trying to build off of the momentum. sanders is going to address members of the national nurses union at noon today in oakland. polls show sanders still trailing well behind front runner hillary clinton but he is gaining ground. >> another presidential hopeful is expected to make a big promise today. hillary clinton will announce a multi-billion dollar federal commitment to make college more affordable. >> for that and the rest of your news before the bell we turn now to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> wall street looks to start the week on a positive note. the dow and nasdaq both falling more than 1% last week in the dow ending at a six-upon low on friday. amid falling oil prices and media stocks there is no economic data today but look for reports this week on retail sales and inflation.
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the dow falling 46 points to 17,373 the nasdaq down 1312 to 50.44. hillary clinton will unveil a plan today to make college more affordable and reduce student debt which has dropped $1 trillion. students wouldn't have to take out loans to attend public schools. the plan is estimated to cost $350 billion over ten years. apple may take the wraps off of a new iphone next month. buzzfeed reports the company will hold an event on september 9th where it may also show off the new apple tv device. the iphone is expected to have a better camera and force touch display which sense ises how ard someone is pressing the screen. back over to you. >> that would be helpful to my father-in-law. he just got his iphone, he is resinging so hard. the music is over in golden gate park at least for though, the outside lands music festival
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came to a close last night with elton john rocking the city. ♪ rather that i am outfit for sir elton john. elton played to around 60,000 people. organizers live streamed the entire festival so that everybody could watch, but learning that not everybody played by the rules. a police officer was injured near the event. that officer was there stopping people from jumping the fence to get into the outside lands festival for free. one of those folks was trying to get in for free, ran into the police officer, knocking him down. the officer had to go to the hospital, but today we should learn whether that was the only arrest. and festival organizers responding after pulling an oakland musician from outside lands lineup. fantastic narito's appearance was canceled saturday after he and two others were accused of
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ticket scalping. the musician told us he is innocent. >> as it turns out one of the interns that was with us, he was very quiet and then he started to fes up that he had sold a wristband. >> outside lands sent us a statement about what happened. they said organizers look to protect their wristband system. they went on to say we are so sorry at that time artist was not able to perform due to this unfortunate breach. we're finding out we are a spectacular as we thought we were in san francisco bay area. the top two landmarks in the entire country right here in the bay. at least that according to trip adviser users. alcatraz grabbed the number one spot on this year's travelers choice awards, the golden gate bridge came in in the almost two slot. the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c., the 9/11 memorial in new york city also at the top of that list. those rankings are based on 12 months of reviews from world
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travelers. >> you have to take that picture of the golden gate bridge as soon as you can, i remember telling my dad take it now because it might be fogged in in two minutes. >> which is standard operating procedure. looked pretty clear this morning. >> here is meteorologist kari hall. going to stay that way? >> yeah, i think for a little while. we will start to see the clouds moving in for at least calm of hours this this morning over the golden gate bridge in san francisco right now it's 60 degrees, it's 56 degrees in the north bay and the east bay is at 63 degrees to start out. it will rise up to 72 degrees there, peninsula 81 degrees and the south bay a high of 79. so these temperatures aren't bad. it will be another comfortable day. wind coming in from the west and it will be breezy throughout the afternoon, especially this san francisco where we see those winds coming am from the west at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. all throughout the day a breezy wind, a nice cool on-shore flow and that will keep our temperatures in the 60s in san francisco with the low clouds. as we take a look at hayes valley here we are at 8:00 this evening and the temperatures
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dropping town into the lower 60s. we do have some 70s and 80s all across the bay and we are in for a cooling trend at least for the next couple of days as low pressure and the showers keep the wet weather farther to the north. as we go into the next few face here is a look at the outlook for the week for the tri-valley. temperatures well below average, we should be at 88 degrees today, only gets up to 83 degrees in most spots, 82 tomorrow and then by wednesday we are up to 86 degrees, friday it starts to warm up and that will set the trend for the weekend. it looks pretty hot this weekend in a lot of spots. we are talking about 80s and 90s across the peninsula, north bay and south bay, and san francisco will even be in the mid 70s, peninsula expect highs to top out in the mid 80s. so enjoy this cool weather while it lasts. sam and kris. >> thank you very much. bay area biker is resting well this morning after making it into the record books. >> 95,622 feet.
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i broke the record. >> craig canon spent the weekend breaking the world ascension record. he climbed 95,622 feet in 48 hours. canon says the idea was to break the record and it started after he biked the height of ever rest and then decided he still wasn't tired. >> i finished the ride in about 13 or 14 hours and i still felt good, so i was like, maybe i can do something longer. >> get this, he ran the distance of a half marathon before his record breaking attempt. so maybe he should try an iron man next. >> he has an entire posse in am tow there. >> do you hear a cow bell. >> we always need more cow bell. it is the time of year for back to school shopping for parents. would you believe school districts also getting in on the action here san mateo. >> ter still looking to fill some teaching positions as the first day of school for some
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kids is just days away. why the districts are struggling. and here on this monday morning we do have a fatal accident to bring you up to speed with, it's in san jose on 1016789 we will let you know what's happening coming up right after this. a live look outside right now, that is the bay bridge, beautifully lit at this early hour, we are eight minutes to 5:00 a.m. on your monday. get ready to rev your engine, start out your week. we will have more after had this. sam/cu a troubling trend in mane
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back. as parents and kids ramp up for the school year a troubling trend in many bay area school districts right now. an unusual shortage of teachers as the school year approaches. the mercury news reporting that san jose unified last week was still about a to see teachers short of full taf, this as classes start on wednesday. one problem is a shrinking pool of candidates, also more openings across the state. substitute teachers in some districts are in extremely short supply. hires are have to happen very quickly. the alum rock district begins school august 26th, san francisco unified starts august 17th, oakland unified kicks off two weeks from today. palo alto k through 8 starts
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next tuesday. >> my kids start on wednesday, sam. parents will be putting the extra in extracurricular this year, according to the latest study by american express parents expect to to spend an average of $455 per child on after school programs this this year, which is up from -- up 20% over last year. the good thing this did not happen during the actual school time commute, but we are seeing some trouble this morning out there on 101. anthony says they closed off a portion of the freeway near tully road. >> the ex tire highway is closed 101 south down at tully. the opposite way of the normal traffic flow this morning, but you are going to be diverted off the highway at tully because there was an earlier fatal accident. in had fact, the coroner is on the scene right now. there is no estimated time as to when this will open. i will be be tweeting all morning. a little weather and traffic together. we have the highway marked there on the maps but otherwise things looking pretty good.
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as we head over to the altamonte pass, no problems. the typical slowing we start to see early this morning. no comments coming through 580. back to you. an area also hard hit takes another blow. next we are following the jerusalem fire in lake county ten miles south of the rocky fire and it's creeping closer. and heavy police activity in san jose overnight leads to two separate investigations. at least one is an officer-involved shooting. a live look outside right now from san francisco, a little bit dark here in the cover of night, but sunrise quickly approaching. we will be right back after this. relentless flames - rip throug
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at least two buildings in san leandro .. news. relentless flames ripped through at least two buildings in san leandro. firefighters forced to call for backup as the flames quickly spread. and in san jose two separate
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sheets shut down overnight for separate investigations. we know at least one of them is a shooting involving a police officer. and a those are the sounds of ferguson one year since the death of michael brown in missouri. the shooting also involved the police. cooler air rolls into the bay area for the start of the workweek. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> and i'm anthony slaughter in for mike inouye this morning. we do have a serious accident that has closed down the entire highway, we will let you know when and where it reopen coming up in just a moment. thank you for joining us on a busy monday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we begin with that breaking news in san jose where a neighborhood is evacuated and a police manhunt underway. >> let's go straight


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