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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hours. and gunshots in ferguson, protests turn violent again as protesters square off with police. good morning and thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. san jose police busy investigating two separate police shootings, both happening just hours apart. the most recent happened just after midnight and we have learned some people living nearby have been evacuated. this near san marcos drive. they are being told to evacuate as police searched for a man they say is armed with a shotgun. damian trujillo broke in story overnight. there were helicopters overnight. what do you know now? reporter: the helicopter is gone at this point but police are still searching for the person who they believe was carrying a
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shotgun earlier this evening -- just after midnight here on san marcos drive. police say the >> reporter: of this man called police and said her brother was intoxicated and had had a gun. when police arrived at the say they spotted this man with a shotgun, shots were fired by police officers, unsure if they injured or hit the suspect at this point, but police have been evacuating a couple -- three homes maybe around the perimeter of this area and they asked one family to shelter in place while they looked for this had suspect: the k-9 units are out here, snipers are out here, the s.w.a.t. team is also out here. as you mentioned, sam, last night around 6:30 a call came in at about a man being stabbed ond the east side of san jose on 34th street. police say they spotted a suspect a short while later and a couple of blocks away. according to police responding officers feared for their lives and they fired their weapons. the suspect died from the gunshot wound by police officers there on 34th street in san jose
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yesterday. here this incident happened just after midnight here, tons of police officers remain here at the scene, a lot of streets are blocked off around san marcos drive. we will bring you the latest as it develops. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." and an update to breaking news in the east bay. look at these flames. two businesses destroyed by flames overnight and right now firefighters are still on the scene. they are mopping up and trying to make sure that this fire doesn't flare up again. this is happening near the intersection of marina boulevard and doolittle drive not far from 880 in san leandro. that's where "today in the bay" chuck coppola has been all morning long and, chuck, we know the major flames that we saw in that video they are out but there are still small flames that they're concerned about, firefighters. >> reporter: well, already. this was a very hazardous fire for them, but i do want to advise people waking up and about to'd out the door, if your
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commute takes you through san leandro and perhaps through the marina and doolittle this will be closed for host of the morning. if you take marina to take davis as an alternative. firefighters are still on the scene, they have been here since 2:30 this this morning and that's when the call came into this strip mall and soon 50 firefighters were on the keen here, very shortly after they arrived there was an explosion that blew out the windows at the marina supermarket. that is believed to be where this fire began. it happened as firefighters were setting up their hose lines. fortunately none of the firefighters were hit by flying gas or suffered the concussive effects of the explosion, but it did immediately lead to a lot of flames shooting through the roofs, it destroyed two businesses, the marina supermarket where the fire began and the thrifty medical supply next to it. i spoke to the co-owner of that supply company who told us of had his losses.
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>> i see that the roof is david in a little bit, but it seems like most of the damage happened here at the marina mart, so we're praying to god that, you know, the building is at least salvageable at this point. >> reporter: do you have fire insurance? >> yes, we do, thank god. >> reporter: three other businesses in this strip mall were shared, i just spoke with the owner at one of hose businesses we will share that with you in our next live shot. for now firefighters have been here for three that i have hours, there has been no determination as of yet as to what caused this fire to break out. marina and doolittle remain closed and we will probably stay closed as i he thinks ped million later this morning. now, there was an apartment complex also mere this in the rear of this strip mall. it was evacuated. we are now -- we have now been told that all but four of the occupants of those units are being allowed back in.
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reporting live in san leandro, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." from buildings to wilderness, new flames sparking new fears as yet another wildfire burning out of control just miles from the massive rocky fire. the jerusalem fire broke out yesterday afternoon and just moments ago we learned it has now burned through 5,000 acres, up from the 3,000 we reported last night. this fire located just off of highway 29 south of clearlake. right now there is a mandatory evacuation order in place for homes in the jerusalem valley area east of spruce road. firefighters say it's creeping closer to the very tough rocky fire which is only ten miles away. >> we don't have an estimate for the potential growth of the fire or the number of acres, but it is slowly moving towards the southeast corner of the rocky fire. >> right now cal fire forced to shift its resources from the rocky fire to the jerusalem fire. the rocky fire is 85% contained and firefighters hope to have it totally controlled by thursday.
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we are going to continue to follow the wildfires burning across california. you can track them on our website or using our free nbc bay area app. funeral services will be held this morning for a south dakota firefighters who was killed while battling raging fires here in california. david ruhl was killed just over a week ago as he scouted ways to fight the frog fire near the oregon border. he was trapped by the flames when the wind took a shift. a father of two had volunteered to come to california to help in the wildfire battle. services for ruhl will be held in his hometown of rapid city. we are also learning more information about a death on the front lines of a different wildfire, the u.s. forest service says late saturday night they lost one of their own. michael who will len beck was hit and killed by a free while battling the sierra fire. only 21 years old he was from shangel springs. that fire is a relatively spall one, burning in a remote area
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near the el dorado national forest. governor brown issued this statement, quote, this tragedy reminds us of the dangers firefighters face every time they suit up. new violence erupting amid protests in ferguson. the moment that gunshots range out during a protest marking one year since michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. witnesses say they heard as many as 50 gunshots. >> "today in the bay" jay gray is live in ferguson this morning. jay, we are told a protester shot first, then police fired back, hitting that man. >> reporter: yeah, all this apparently started by a small group police say of people intent on making sure -- these are their words -- peace does not no prevail here in ferguson. not the protesters police stress but a small group of what they call criminals. it happened just before midnight and behind a line of police
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dressed in full riot gear watching what was a peaceful protest at the time. two kbrups exchanging gunfire, one of the men that police had been following and watching throughout the night peeled off, turned his attention and weapon toward two unmarked police cars, opened fire. the police fired back. there was a brief chase, he was pinned and shot again, there was an exchange of gunfire, crushed to an area hospital, critical and unstable condition we are told told. police very concerned about what could happen next here, especially today on a day that protestors have called for acts of civil disobedience. they want to fill the jails up, not only here, but across the country to bring attention to michael brown's death and everything that's happened since then. they say that day will continue. police say they will continue to make sure people can protest peacefully and that the businesses in this area aren't ravaged by, again, people that he calls cripple thals. that's the latest right now in
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ferguson. we will continue to follow it. i'm jay gray. back to you. time to check the microclimate forecast as we look out our window in san jose and looking kind of nice, although some clouds hanging overhead. kari hall is here, she says check expect cooler temperatures. >> yeah, those clouds making way for cooler start to the day. now it's 62 degrees in the east bay and the peninsula 59 degrees. even some mist and drizzle in spots like the north bay. it's only 54 degrees there. 72 in the east bay for the high, peninsula 81 degrees and 79 with some afternoon shooirn in the south bay. and it will be also partly cloudy in san francisco, in the tri-valley expect a high of 87 degrees. so it will still be warming up in spots and we are getting ready for a slow climb in those temperatures as we go through the week. so after a cool start it is looking like it will stay that way, nice and comfortable as we go through the week. i will detail that and have a look at the rest of the
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microclimates coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with anthony for traffic. we had that fatal accident on 101 in san jose right at tully road. it seems as though crews have got the upper hand on that and are starting to clear the highway, one lane is starting to get through and we will see all southbound lanes continue to open. on the northbound side it's starting to slow but that's a typical slowing that we see. as we move up the east bay you will notice a little bit of activity headed over towards dublin, pleasanton, this is 580. cars are moving a little bit slower than they usually do just because of an accident right at 680 on the shoulder. that has been moved over to the side, but again, people like to take a look. as we move over towards the bay bridge toll plaza those metering lights have been on since about 5:40 this morning so the backup is extensive. it could be worse on a monday morning, not all bad. only really trouble spot is in san jose is. we will continue to washing that
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and you can also follow up on twitter, we have updates through the morning. >> take a little longer to get ready and you should be okay. >> it's 101 southbound so usually away from the flow of the main traffic. 6:11. still ahead, big changes coming to one of the world's most popular stores. why you may notice something a little different the next time you step foot into target. >> a new way to handle your cell phone contracts as well. we will take a look coming up.
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and more breaking news this morning. this time in oakland where two homes were torched this morning. this new video shows firefighters battling these
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ferocious flames during a fire off of 72nd avenue. we are told that the fire is not under control and that crews are frantically working to make sure that it does not spread to other homes. so far, though, there are no injuries. we will bring you updates as we get them. 6:14. within four years santa clara county may have itself a brand-new jail. the mercury news reporting that supervisors tomorrow will plan on discussing limb plans to replace the outdated main jail south. that wing dates all the way back to the 1950s. the more modern main jail mortgage right next door opened in the late 1980s. county leaders are putting together a proposal to get the state to pay for about a third of the estimated $240 million price tag. a new wing could come online by late 2019. a troubling trend in many bay area school districts, an unusual shortage of teachers as the school year approaches very fast. the mercury thus reports san jose unified last week was still about a dozen teachers short of
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full staffing. classes start on wednesday, that's the day after tomorrow. one problem a shrinking pool of candidates, also more openings across the state. the merk reports substitute teachers in some districts are also in extremely short supply. in addition to san jose unified in wednesday the alum rock district begins on august 26th, san francisco unified august 17th, oakland unified kicks off two weeks from today and palo alto k through 8 starts next tuesday. are you worried about making commitments? verizon is dropping the entire idea of phone contracts, but with it cheap upgrades. >> they were really never cheap once you did all of the math, scott. >> if you did all of the matt, where he, a lot of people didn't. you were paying one way or the other. the city calls it subsidized phones, you might pay $100 for a new iphone then pay the extra amount each month to make up the difference.
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verizon is joining sprint by dropping this idea. instead you will buy your phone full price but you are not stuck with a cell phone company for years. if you are in a contract right now that doesn't change until the contract expires, but this could can very well have a serious effect on the iphone industry because people often upgrade their phones just because they can. that leaves phone makers like apple to make incremental upgrades each year so you're getting something new, making it seem like a big deal to upgrade from iphone 4 to 5 or 6 or what have you. now, it's possible that people will have to pay full price all at once, they would be less enthusiast stick. that said if you are tired of your iphone 6 which after all is, what, like 11 months old, apple will likely announce the iphone 6s on september 9th. looking ahead to the week we are waiting on a new reo from twitter. the old ceo will likely step down from the company's board of directors. twitter founder jack dorsey filling in as temporary ceo.
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one of the biggest investors pushing that dorsey should take that position permanently. jack dorsey is right now the ceo of two companies, twitter and square. square is set to go public, sell its stock for the first time in an ipo, this would make investors very uneasy if the ipo they were investing in were headed by a guy who may or may not stick around as ceo so dors dwree needs to declarevestors k happen in the future. i think he is going to go to square. i think that's the only option that realistically exists. >> or you can just cologne jack dorsey. >> that might be the next cool silicon valley thing. a major u.s. retailer wants to put an end to gender labels. target plans to stop putting up signage in some departments suggesting that certain items are just for girls because they're pink or just for boys because they are blue.
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also on the way out the pink, blue, yellow, green paper tauz sometimes on the store shelves of the store. kari, i know you have seen that. bedding will only say now that it is for kids. the changes will begin over the next few months, clothing, though, will still be divided among boys and girls. 6:18. we do see some purples in our skies from time to time during the sunrise, let's get a check outside right now. right now we see a bunch of haze and the bay bridge, be a bit of a cloudy start. >> here is meteorologist kari hall. will we see some clearing today? >> some clearing except for in san francisco where you will see the clouds hanging around all day. doesn't it make for awesome pictures, though? we will have highs today reaching into the 60s in the city, as we look now at san jose we see the clouds to start out the morning that will be out of here by midmorning. get ready for a sunny afternoon. and now that seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen.
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check out those temperatures today as you head out this is what you need to know as we get a view, a live look at the golden gate bridge. cloudy and cool temperatures starting out the day, but it does become mostly sunny if in many spots, especially inland, with slightly cooler temperatures than yesterday and it will be breezy and clear this evening with sunset at 8:05 in the south bay. livermore is now at 62 degrees, as well as 60 in hayward and san francisco, sanity rosa is though at a nice cool 54 degrees. this is what i was talking about, the low clouds. you see the dark shades of gray ear and we are at 10:00 in the morning, we still see those clouds moving across parts of the bay and it doesn't really clear in san francisco, while the rest of the bay area away from the coast sees a lot of sunshine today and then the clouds move back in later on tonight and we will also start tomorrow morning with more of the aim, the clouds that will clear out as we go into the afternoon. so today in los gatos a high of
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85 degrees, redwood city 79 degrees, pigs district at 67 degrees. in the north bay it will be cloudy to start with some sunshine this afternoon, sanity rosa reaching 83, walnut creek 89 degrees and tanville a high of 87 degrees. through the rest of the week we start a slow warming trend but it stays nice and comfortable for the next few days. let's check in for traffic. things are starting to ease up a little bit. a little more comfort on this drive as we take you into san jose. this is 101 northbound we have been telling you all morning long, but southbound lanes have been closed at tully. they are beginning to reopen that, crews opened up one lane a few minutes ago and expected to open up all lanes just in a matter of moments. as we switch over to the maps and show you what i'm talking about there you can see that's where the accident was about 3:00 this morning and now they are starting to reopen the lanes. northbound lanes moving without a problem, just a typical slowing coming through santa clara.
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>> we had an accident at 580 near the 680 interchange but really not affecting traffic all that much and also some slowing getting on to the san mateo bridge. we will take you outside and show you with a it looks like there. typical build, nothing unusual. as you head over the bridge you have those low clouds a beautiful sunrise coming up, but as you head over the bridge from the peninsula no problems, same deal headed into the foster city. as we ache you to the bay bridge approach, the metering lights have been on now and you can see the backup pretty extent sieve is. we don't have our friend parker the spider this morning, but we will watch out for him. back to you guys. >> you to have some parking lot behind you on the bay bridge. the time is now 6:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," an inflatable whale, a massive crane and tv star steve o., the bizarre story coming up next.
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♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." and looking live in san francisco this morning, we see the clouds hanging low over the embarcadero and it's going to stay that way today. we will check with meteorologist kari hall for the rest of the weather around the bay. destruction of a massive mural in oakland is triggering a legal battle. the oakland tribune report that
6:25 am
the artist is now going after the nissan dealership on the corner of broadway and 27th streets. that's where his mural once was before the dealership reportedly painted over that 97 foot long master piece. the artist thinks this is a clear cut copyright violation so he is suing the dealership for $400,000. raters of the dealership say the lawsuit is really just a big swam. yet another outrageous stunt for former mtv star steve o. last night he climbed a massive construction crane in hollywood with an inflatable whale you see hanging right there and a sign that's protesting sea world. at one point police say he set off fireworks from the top of the crane. emergency crews showed up not knowing if he needed to be rescued. steve o. eventually climbed down on his phone and then police arrested him. yesterday's drama at wrigley field ended long after the
6:26 am
giants close loss to the cubs. the giants came up just short despite loading the bases in the ninth inning. authorities then evaluated the stadium, including the players, when the team got what police described as a credible bomb threat. police used bomb sniffing dogs, but found nothing. crews gave the all clear after about an hour. a tortoise named boris has a much better life now ahead of him thanks to a vet, 3-d printing store and jeweler in colorado. >> they worked together to create this ross stet tick jaw to replace boris' beak and upper jaw. the 3-pound tortoise was injured when a 90-pound tortoise attacked him. the owner said if boris had not gotten the new jaw he would not have been able to eat and probably would have died or had to have been euthanized. this 3 dchl tros at the time tick gives home to pet owners and vet nare wrans caring for injured animals. still ahead, first hillary clinton, now bernard sanders
6:27 am
heading to the bay area. and from democrats to republicans, donald trump a familiar face on the defense. what he has to say about his controversial comments about fox news anchor me go begin kelly. plus a chaotic night across the bay. an update to several breaking stories including this massive fire in san leandro right after the break.
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plus a chaotic night across
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good monday morning. we start out with clouds and cooler temperatures across the bay. a quick look at the microclimate
6:30 am
forecast is coming up in about three minutes. we are hoping for a better day on the markets, the dow industry is down 1% for the month so far. there's the nyse, let's take you over to the nasdaq as well, as things get underway. today is monday, the 10th of august. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." a good monday morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez, laura garcia-cannon is off this morning. we are following a number of breaking news stories this morning. the first this in northeast san jose. that's where just moments ago police confirmed that an armed man whom they shot at is now dead. officers evacuated the area near san marcos drive just after midnight after responding to a domestic disturbance. when they got to the scene officers shot the man who was armed with a shotgun. in a separate case last night police in san jose also shot and
6:31 am
killed a tabbing suspect who had they say was armed with a knife. >> in the in the east bay a san leandro supermarket gutted after a has sieve early morning five, a four-alarm fire which broke out at the marina supermarket on marina and doolittle. flames also damaged the pedicle supply shop. and in oakland an early homes. firefighters are still on the scene at 72nd avenue in east oakland trying to make sure that those flames don't continue to spread. so far no injuries to report. now to decision 2016. just a few hours democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is going to be swinging his way through the bay area. his campaign says more than 20,000 people showed up to hear him speak am portland last night. we will see how many come out at noon today in oakland where he will be addressing peb of the national nurses union. polls show him still trailing behind hillary clinton, but he is gaining ground. another presidential hopeful is expected to make a big promise today.
6:32 am
hillary clinton will announce a multi-billion dollar federal commitment to make college more affordable. affording to the l.a. times she says her overhaul will cut student loan interest rates and make it easier for repay college debt. clinton wants to make sure that students can go to an in state public university without having to take out a student loan. it's a new week and a new controversy for donald trump. this morning he is refusing to apologize for his post debate dee basing of fox news anchor megyn kelly. brian moore joining us live from washington, d.c. all this raises new questions about trump, but we have heard that line before. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. sam, once again, donald trump finds himself on defense. fresh controversy and a familiar response from republican front runner donald trump. >> i apologize when i'm wrong, but i haven't been wrong. i said nothing wrong. >> trump on defense for remarks about fox debate moderator megyn
6:33 am
kelly. >> you could see there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> he said he didn't mean the anchor was hormonal but he's finding no sympathy from his fellow gop candidates. >> they were completely inappropriate and offensive comments, period. >> trump wants to change the can conversation and so is to his vie valls. >> if i comment on everything he says my whole campaign listen consumed by it. >> it's up to me to tell people about me and not be worrying about somebody else. >> reporter: this latest controversy isn't helping trump's run for the white house but it's not clear whether it's hurting him in the polls. in a flash survey conducted for nbc news shows that even some of trump's supporters believe he flopped at the debate, but that same poll shows that his numbers actually went up a point. he's still in the lead. live in washington, i'm brian moore, now back to you. time to check that microclimate forecast as we give you a live look outside in san
6:34 am
francisco. this is our wind toe over the embarcadero looking very nice this this morning. >> and it's cool to start, whiskey because we know fire danger right now is ramp pan, kari. >> but unfortunately it will be windy, today, too, so that may add some problems to those crews trying to fight those wildfires. now as you head out today we do have low clouds but you see them settling in the valleys as we get a view from high atop mt. hamilton. a cloudy and cool start to the day and it will be a little cooler than yesterday. if you enjoyed it will be even more comfortable this afternoon and breezy with mostly clear skies this evening, and now our temperatures start out around 60 degrees across most of the bay area. once again, those low clouds hanging around. but it does clear out in the south bay, los gatos today reaching 85 degrees, redwood city a high of 79 degrees, and on the embarcadero it will be 69 degrees. santa rosa 83 degrees, oakland
6:35 am
72, danville topping out at 87 degree with 80s in the tri-valley. while it gets a little warmer as we head toward the end of the week, but loretta lynch then we can breathe in this nice cool air, maybe give the ac a rest. i will talk more about that. let's see how traffic is moving this morning with anthony. always mice to cut those pennies, give the ac a rest. this morning we are looking at some serious news, but the great news is that the dent we had earlier this morning around 3:00, 4:00, has been cleared. 101 southbound lanes at tully have all now been reopened. if you do use that route good news for you. northbound lanes moving without a problem. you can see what i was talking about, there is the little icon on the map and it doesn't show a whole lot of red. things are moving without a problem mr. headed over toward the altamonte pass the typical slowing toward dublin. the san mateo bridge a little slower than usual this morning, we don't have any accidents but i want to show you what it's looking like. it is stop and go headed over towards foster city and one final stop take us towards the
6:36 am
bay bridge toll plaza. this is in the general trend what it's looked like for the past hour or so. metering lights been on for about an hour. the great news in san jose all lanes have been opened on 101 at tully which it's been closed all morning long. >> just as folks have gotten used to the summer traffic pattern it's changing, kids are going back to school in the if he can couple of weeks. >> next week or two. >> wednesday for us. >> for your kids, yes indeed. 6:36. still ahead, a touching tribute to a fallen hero. how the oakland a's came together to honor the life of hayward sergeant scott lunger. and a quick check right now the big board, things are up so far this morning, almost 170 points to start off your day. scott mcgrew has all of your business and tech news right after this.
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all new this this morning, shots fired into the u.s. consulate building in istanbul overnight. two attackers opened fire leading to a shootout with police. the gunmen were able to escape, but according to turkish media police later caught one person am connection with that attack. an attacker was hurt in the crossfire. it came hours after an overnight bombing at a police station in the same city. ten people were injured had that bombing, including seven police officers. the man charged with killing sick children and two adults in a houston home is set to make his first court appearance today. violent criminal history and has previously been in a contentious relationship with one of the victims. authorities say conley confessed to breaking into the home, handcuffing some of the victims and then shooting them. the children range in age from 13 to just six years old and one
6:40 am
of them was conley's own son. now to a heart breaking call for several parents, this morning the families of two florida boys missing at sea for more than two weeks are calling off their private search. they had been using helicopters, planes and boats to comb the waters off of georgia and the carolinas. the coast guard also spent more than a week looking for the 14 wrerlds who disappeared during a fishing trip last month. the families say they plan to start a foundation to promote youth boeting education. a beautiful and touching tribute, the oakland a's celebrating the lives of hayward sergeant scott lunger. >> sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed during a traffic stop last month and he loved baseball, even coached girls softball at oakley's freedom high school. yesterday ballpark tribute meant a lot to the people who knew him, including his two daughters and his father. they flew out the ceremonial first pitch and there was a
6:41 am
moment of silence as well as an on field police motorcade during the pregame ceremonies. >> i can't even put it into words. it's -- it's aen unreal experience, it means everything and more to my sister and i and we know dad is looking down on us just so jealous right though and i know it means the world to him. >> the a's also hung a jersey with sergeant lunger's badge number on it, 106. it was in the dug yacht for the duration of the game. 6:41 coming up mention, an update to two breaking stories, fierce flames tear through east bay businesses overnight. and san jose officers shoot two armed men within hours of each other in separate incidents, both suspects are dead. we are live at the scene of the latest shooting. and a live look from san jose right now with still a little bit cloudy to start on your monday. kari will have a look at your full forecast when we come back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after this break.
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and an update now to breaking news in the east bay where two businesses were destroyed by flames overnight and no wonder why. look at those flames. firefighters still on the scene, mopping up, and making sure that this fire does not flare up again. this is happening near the intersection of marina boulevard and doolittle drive, not far from 880 in san leandro. that's where "today in the bay" chuck coppola has been all morning long. how is it looking so far this morning? >> reporter: a lot of smoke right now has picked up.
6:45 am
you think that after four and a half hours and some 50 firefighters the flames might be out and this fire might be out, but it isn't. ter still working it. there are some flames that have popped up in the last ten minutes or so in the back of had this strip mall here in san leandro. alameda county firefighters were pulling back some of the 50 firefighters and 16 trucks used to fight this fire that broke out around 2:30 this morning, now about two and a half hours later they are saying that they are very lucky that an explosion didn't injure -- did not injure anyone. that explosion blew out windows that eventually led to a roof collapse at the marina supermarket, at marina and doolittle. that's where the fire began and destroyed that business, along with a medical supply company next door. however, three other businesses were saved. veronica's coffee shop, gina's air and nails and the empire smoke shop. >> it looks like they did a great job, they had a lot of people out here and thank you very much for saving my business
6:46 am
and the rest of the property. >> reporter: an apartment complex was evacuated and of the 16 apartments that were evacuated we are told the very latest is four of those apartments are still evacuated. folks mott being allowed back in because of the firefighters here tell me they are concerned that the wind might shift and it is picking up a little bit this morning as dawn breaks, as well as concerned that a wall might collapse from this destroyed market. no word yet on how the fire started. the intersection of marina and doolittle has been closed for several hours, marina will likely be closed well into midmorning, we advise drivers to take davis as an alternative. reporting live in san leandro, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." from buildings to wind earns, new flames sparking new fears. as yet another wildfire burns out of control just miles were the massive rocky fire, the
6:47 am
jerusalem fire broke out yesterday afternoon and about an hour ago we learned that its though burned 5,000 acres up from the 3,000 last night. this fire is just off of highway 29 south of clearlake. right now there is a mandatory evacuation order in place for homes in the jerusalem valley area east of spruce road. firefighters say it is creeping closer to the very tough rocky fire which is only ten miles away. >> we don't have an estimate for the potential growth of the fire or the number of acres, but it is slowly moving towards the southeast corner of the rocky fire. >> and that situation forcing cal fire to shift its resources from the rocky fire to the jerusalem fire. the rocky fire is now 85% contained and firefighters hope to have it finally controlled by thursday. winds have been such a huge factor in the rocky fire, now that fire so close, kari, are they going to have trouble with the winds today? >> yes, because yesterday the winds were coming from the northwest, today it is more of a westerly flow and it will be a
6:48 am
little bit more breezy an than yesterday, too. as we take a live look at sunol you see it is very dry and we see the clouds also clearing with a cool start to the morning, maybe that will help out with those crews trying to battle those wild fires, the temperatures today will be a touch cooler than yesterday and right now as we look all across the bay it's right around 60 degree for most and in the south bay today highs reaching 79 degrees, 81 degrees in the peninsula, east bay at 72 degrees and 87 in the tri-valley where the north bay tops out at 80 and san francisco today sees a high of 69 degrees. so very comfortable, a breezy wind and we have a strong on-shore flow that stays with us. so let me take you hour by hour in san jose. a lot of sunshine today, we start out in the 60s, see highs in the 70s and mostly sunny skies through the evening. we do have some mid 80s in the forecast for parts of the south
6:49 am
bay with some slight cooling as we go through the week, an area of low pressure sitting just offshore and it brings in a strong on-shore flow for the next several days so no major changes sparse our weather from today through at least the middle of the workweek. so now we are taking a look at hurricane hilda. this storm has been weakening, great news as it approaches hawaii, and it will be weakening over the next several days. by thursday it's expected to be just an area of low pressure that could bring some more rain to the big island. look at the three-day forecast. it goes from the upper 70s to lower 80s, not a major change in those temperatures. mostly sunny skies, we start out with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, you know, the typical pattern, but cooler than average in the north bay. today a high of 80 degrees, tuesday 79 and wednesday 82 degrees. tri-valley goes from the upper 80s to the lower 80s tomorrow and then by wednesday we will see a high of 86 degrees.
6:50 am
so nice comfortable weather through the week for most of the bay area and the east shore will only see those highs staying in the 70s. let's get a look at how traffic is moving now with anthony. >> earlier we had been morning all morning about the accident that had 101 at tully closed. it's all open now. i want to show you northbound lanes are starting to see the typical slowing, these are the headlights towards the screen and that's usually where we see the slowing. southbound lanes not being affected at all anymore because of that crash that's earlier been cleared from the scene. as we take you to the maps you can see what i'm talking about, we move over toward the altamonte pass, we have some slowing through dublin. we don't have any accidents, just a typical slowing as we switch over to the cameras headed over towards the peninsula side. foster city moving westbound without a problem. the bay bridge approach, the metering lights now on, the backup is extensive. so pack that patience here on a monday. back to you guys.
6:51 am
we move now to an update to breaking news, an armed man shot by police is dead. this this marks now the second police shooting in just the past 12 hours in san jose. the host recent one happened just after midnight near san marcos drive and cam know dell ray. twiebt damian trujillo broke in story overnight. damian, you have only confirmed recently the death of the suspect. >> reporter: yeah, still trying to figure out if he died on his own or if police actually are the ones who shot him here on san marcos drive in san jose. you can see the bear cat unit, that's where the s.w.a.t. team arrived in, there were s.w.a.t. team members out here, the sniper was also out here, some k-9s all looking for this man. it came in michelle alley as a report of a woman who said her brother had came home intoxicated and he had a gun if his possession. police arrived and they say they spotted a man with a shotgun, somehow unsure if the suspect fired first, but officers fired at the suspect and unsure also
6:52 am
if they hit him at that point. just about 45 minutes ago we heard a flash bang grenade at the home where the suspect was apparently located and that's when police found his body inside the home. last night again around 6:30 a call came in about a man being stabbed on the east side of san jose on 34th street. police say they spotted a suspect a short while later a couple of blocks away. according to police officers, feared for tear lives and fired their weapons, the suspect died from a police gunshot there also. so two police fatal officer-involved shootings in the last six hours here in this san jose is. this will remain a crime scene treat on san marcos drive for the foreseeable guy tour so avoid the area if you can, police are going to assess the situation and process the crime scene for more evidence. we are live on san marcos drive, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." and developing right now, new violence erupts on the streets of ferguson.
6:53 am
our nbc cameras were rolling the moment that shots range out overnight during a protest marking the one year an verse of michael brown being shot and killed by a police officer. witnesses say they heard as many as 50 shots and you can see it was chaos. "today in the bay's" jay gray is live in ferguson this morning where it's all quiet now, but, jay, we're told a protester was the one who shot first and then police fired back. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of tension, though police are saying and they want to make this clear, they don't believe it was protesters that were involved in the violence, but instead what they call a small group of armed criminals intent on making sure, and, again, these are their words, peace doesn't come to ferguson. really haunting video, chilling to hear those gun shots, 40 or 50 as you talked about. let's take a listen as it ununfolded.
6:54 am
this police say was a gun battle between two groups behind the line of police watching the protesters. one of the men involved apparently peeled off, turned his attention to two unmarked police cars and his weapon, firing. police inside fired back, there was a brief chase, he was shot again during a gun battle, rushed to an area hospital where he remains in critical and we are told unstable condition. police very concerned that this could grow. they are worried about the potential for more violence. this was a day set aside by many of the protest groups which have been marching peacefully here for a year for civil disobedience saying they wanted to fill the jails not only here in ferguson but across the country to remind people about michael brown and the struggle that they have been dealing with protesting for a year here. police concerned about how that's going to unfold, they continue to monitor things, so do we. we will get back to you if it changes. for though, though, back to you.
6:55 am
>> thank you very much. it's been a dwreer and that tension still so obviously raw. at 6:54, new this morning, a deadly shooting investigation underway in union city. police say a man was shot dead near 13th and i streets last night. the victim was outside of a home with a group of people when two suspects started firing into the crowd. the gunfire struck the victim who died. so far police have not provided any description of the suspects. a horror film partly inspired by last year's aisle vista killings is sparking outrage. he killed six people, 14 others were injured. three of the victims were from the bay area. last week the trailer for dell plia came out, it is about a college student who became a killer and some families say the premise is too close to what happened in aisle vista.
6:56 am
>> it is extremely grief and pain and i think it's immoral to the deceased victims and it's unhuman to the victims' families. >> an online petition on already has close to 20,000 signatures trying to block the film's release. there is also a proposal to change the that i am of the film and contribute to a am memorial fund for the victims. opening statements begin later today in the trial of two teenagers accused of killing a santa clara county pair pedestrian dig. christian burton and david mic neil are being tried as adults. when they were 16 and 15 respectively at the time of the murder. they are accused of shooting quinn bowyer in the head during an attempted carjacking in oakland back in 2013. oakland police think burton, mckneel and several other teens as young as 13 years old were on a crime spree when they tarlt
6:57 am
targeted bowyer. the other boys have been charged in juvenile court. a different kind of police search for an escapee in fremont, this one with a happy ending. this morning a police dog who went on the lamb is safe back at home. the german shepherd named neek o co is just a rookie. >> he probably like anybody else wanted to go exploring and he kound, you know, somehow something happened where he got either confused or disoriented or lost. >> officers found nico in a san jose creek bed. the pup seemed happy to see his fellow officers. he is being checked out to make sure he is okay and then he is headed back to the academy. >> and that puts a smile on your face. >> for nico. markets offer to a good start this monday morning. >> scott mcgrew as always checking the numbers for you. >> dow industrials gaining 100 points, nasdaq up as well, this after a really terrible week last week we lost 1% in the week, that may not sound like
6:58 am
much, but 1% in five face is a heck of a lot. cnbc ran the numbers on tesla's latest financial disclosures and discovered when you take the hundred that's coming in and compare it to the cars going out, tesla loses $4,000 for each sell it cars. not because the model s costs more to make than it sells for, but because tesla is spending so much money ramping up on its two future models, the x and the model 3. shares in san francisco based sun run are down again this morning after popping human on friday, they were up 15%. sun run still below it's ipo price. wrist and sam, those ask me anything events on red at this time, this afternoon ronda rousey will sit down for an ask me anything, we presume it will las longer than 56 seconds. she is no stranger to reddit or online bulletins boards, for years she was part of a pokemon discussion group.
6:59 am
red at this time san francisco based. one viewer wanted to know what time san mateo. >> don't sfl g. to reddit. she is not going to be at reddit, she is going to use the internet to connect to reddit. >> the ama. >> online. >> the next question has to be who is next, rhonda? >> who could be next? >> is there anyone? >> kari, i don't think you are lining up for that one, either? >> absolutely not. do you know what, i will just day in the weather department. here we go, 79 degrees today in san jose, palo alto 81 and in san francisco 69 degrees, today still some low clouds hanging around, a lot of sunshine in the tri-valley, topping out in the upper 80s. >> anthony how are things looking on the roads? >> earlier we had that accident at 101 southbound on tully, things have been reopened now. northbound lanes a little slowing but that's typical. seeing that slowing moving through santa clara, also
7:00 am
oakland things moving slow. the bay bridge, metering lights are on. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we will be back with you w]tc live local news updates at 7:25. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight -- [ shots ] a barrage of gunfire in the streets of ferguson, missouri, exactly one year after the shooting death of michael brown. that suspect in critical condition, shot by police after he allegedly fired on them. others still on the loose this morning. we're live in ferguson. assault on america. [ shot ] a dramatic showdown in turkey. police chased down two people who opened fire on the american consulate in istanbul. one of the suspects reportedly a woman. nbc's richard engel is on the scene. trump on top.


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