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tv   Today  NBC  August 10, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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are on. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we will be back with you w]tc live local news updates at 7:25. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight -- [ shots ] a barrage of gunfire in the streets of ferguson, missouri, exactly one year after the shooting death of michael brown. that suspect in critical condition, shot by police after he allegedly fired on them. others still on the loose this morning. we're live in ferguson. assault on america. [ shot ] a dramatic showdown in turkey. police chased down two people who opened fire on the american consulate in istanbul. one of the suspects reportedly a woman. nbc's richard engel is on the scene. trump on top. a new nbc poll shows donald trump leading by double digits, but will his refusal to back
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down from controversial remarks about a fox news commentator change the calculus? trump calls in live, just ahead. and remembering a true giant. frank gifford, football hero, broadcast legend, loving father and husband. we'll look back at his extraordinary life and career here today, monday, august 10th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone, on a monday morning. welcome to "today." and it's a sad morning around here. we're really hurting for our friend, kathie lee. >> we are. we lost frank gifford. he died suddenly yesterday morning. one of the biggest stars of his era in sports, and of course, kathie lee's husband. all you have to do is look at the newspapers this morning here in new york city, where he played for the giants. the "daily news," "a man for all
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seasons," and "the new york post," "the ultimate giant." we'll have much more on frank's life later in the show. >> such a wonderful man and she was so devoted and true. we'll talk to her later this morning. we'll start, though, with our top story, a violent night in ferguson, missouri. police say at least one person was shot as demonstrations remembering michael brown turned ugly one year to the day he was fatally shot by police. nbc's ron allen has all the overnight developments from ferguson this morning. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. absolutely a stunning display of violence. police just called it a remarkable barrage of gunfire, dozens of rounds fired not far from where police and protesters confronted each other, leaving one man hospitalized in critical and unstable condition, and one year later leaving many here wondering if ferguson is on the brink of more unrest. an evening of peaceful protests demanding justice one year after the death of michael brown seemed to be winding down when, without warning, gunfire in the
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darkness. [ shots ] the crowd, the police, everyone running for cover. >> move it, move it, move it! anybody hit? >> reporter: freelance photographer bradley raiford was in the middle of it all. >> i heard a lot of gunfire, a lot of gunfire. >> reporter: five shots, ten shots? >> more than that, coming from all different directions. >> reporter: police say it was an exchange of gunfire between two groups apparently firing at each other and then targeting police as they closed in. according to authorities, businesses along one of ferguson's busiest streets had been looted and officers had been hit with bricks and bottles, vehicles hit in the cross fire. >> there is a small group of people out there that are intent on making sure that we don't have peace that prevails. i don't know how else to say that, but that's just the bottom line. >> reporter: police say at least four detectives chased the suspect, who they say opened fire. these graphic images show the
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aftermath. >> this was pretty terrifying. >> very terrifying. i've never seen a body close to death before. >> reporter: it had been a peaceful weekend. thousands marching through the city led by michael brown's family and supporters still grieving their loss. >> he walked to the store and never came back. i don't know how you explain it. >> reporter: also overnight, two wounded in a drive-by shooting not far from here. in the aftermath of all the violence, a very tense day here in ferguson, police making sure, making clear that they blame a small group of criminals and not peaceful protesters for all this. as ferguson tries to move forward, the hunt for suspects continues. willie, savannah? >> in ferguson, ron allen. thank you. turning now to our other breaking story this morning. this one is out of istanbul, turkey, where the american consulate came under attack overnight. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is on the ground in istanbul. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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there were actually two attacks in istanbul this morning, one on a turkish police station. one police officer was killed. and the other, that shooting near the u.s. consulate. nbc news obtained this video taken by a man who said he filmed it from an apartment near the u.s. consulate. it appears to show police confronting a woman they say had just approached the consulate with a gun. she's cornered at a crawl space. a police officer opened fire but misses. he shouts for the woman to surrender. she appears confused and angry. the attack, residents say, started at around 7:00 a.m. the consulate in a well fortified compound was not breached. witnesses say the woman fired at least two shots outside. "i woke up hearing police yelling, stop, stop, down on the ground, and then i saw a woman running," he said. the entire area around the consulate has now been sealed off. witnesses tell us after the
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woman dropped a bag, took out a pistol and was confronted by police, she started running. she came down that street, went to the end of the block and then hid in a building. that's where the standoff developed. at one point, the woman seems to hold up her hands in surrender, then throws something at police. police keep firing and she's wounded. later arrested. turkish police have just identified the woman as 51 years old from a known far left organization. there is also concerns here about isis attacks. turkey has been recently intensifying its attacks against isis with increased u.s. cooperation. the u.s. has just brought in six more f-16s to assist in that operation against isis. so, today it was a far left group that attacked. the fear is that isis could attack as well. >> some incredible video there. richard engel in istanbul. thanks, richard. we move to politics now. a new week but a similar scene. donald trump still on top.
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he's leading his fellow republican presidential candidates by double digits in our latest poll, but the controversy surrounding his comments about fox news's megyn kelly won't go away, and trump is not backing down. we will talk live to mr. trump in just a moment, but first, nbc's kristen welker has the latest on all of it. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. the latest nbc news survey monkey poll shows trump is still ten points ahead of his nearest competitor, but can he move beyond this latest controversy? meanwhile, the challenge for the rest of the republican candidates, breaking through all of the trump noise. >> when i'm attacked, i fight back. >> reporter: donald trump remains defiant, refusing to apologize for shocking remarks he made about fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> no, i apologize when i'm wrong, but i haven't been wrong. i said nothing wrong. >> reporter: the controversial comments at the center of the firestorm were made friday night when trump seemed to suggest kelly was hormonal when she asked him tough questions during last week's first gop debate.
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>> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. but she was, in my opinion, she was off base. >> reporter: trump says he was only referring to kelly's nose. still, the comments touched a nerve throughout the republican party. this weekend, conservative activist erick erickson disinvited trump from his redstate gathering in atlanta. >> i don't want my daughter in the room with donald trump tomorrow night. >> reporter: and most of trump's republican rivals pounced. >> i think it's cowardly to share those kinds of demeaning, insulting comments. >> they were completely inappropriate and offensive comments, period. >> reporter: it's not clear yet whether the flap will impact trump's front-runner status, but it comes amidst some infighting in his campaign. trump says he fired his longtime business ally and campaign adviser, roger stone. stone disputes that, saying he quit. meanwhile, for trump's opponents, the goal is just getting their own messages out.
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>> we're going to keep the focus of this campaign on the problems, the challenges facing the american people. >> i'm going to fight hard, i'm going to fight with heart. >> reporter: and breaking overnight, buzzfeed reported that trump has been paying a conservative website, breitbart news for favorable coverage. they deny that, telling buzzfeed, "we have no financial relationship with donald trump. the insinuation that we do or did is a lie." trump's campaign did not comment. back to you. >> thank you so much. donald trump joins us on the phone right now. mr. trump, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you've been asked a lot about this, so let me see if i can attack it from a different tact. you said exactly that megyn kelly had blood coming out of her wherever. now, some people thought that was a clear reference to her menstrual cycle. you say you meant it was coming out of her nose or maybe her ear. >> correct. >> my question to you is why should people give you the
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benefit of the doubt in this particular controversy, given your very long history of pretty personal and pretty vitriolic and sometimes very crass insults? >> well, this wasn't meant to be much of an insult. she asked me a question. it was an inappropriate, ridiculous question. even the other candidates came up to me and said that was absolutely out of line. she asked me a question that was nasty and i gave her a pretty tough answer. i mentioned something at that particular question, that was the rosie o'donnell mention, and the room broke out. it was the largest applause of the day, by far. and she got very angry during this question because of that, because she couldn't even finish the rest of the question because the crowd went wild. and in discussing it later, i said blood was -- she was so angry that blood was coming out of her eyes, blood was coming out of her -- and then i didn't even finish the answer because i wanted to get on to the next point. but i was referring to, or if i finished it, i was going to say, ears or nose, because that's
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just a common statement. blood is pouring out of your ears. it's a very common statement. and then the next day, this, you know, total lightweight from, erick erickson, i think his name is, a total lightweight, somebody that's lost so many races, he's a disgrace, frankly to conservatives, he figures he'll get some publicity, he'll disinvite me, which saved me a lot of fuel money. but what happened out of redstate, which isn't even a big deal, but what happened there is they had virtual riots. the people went nuts when they heard i wasn't coming. >> let me just ask you just to clarify. if someone made such a comment about a female journalist, suggesting that they were on their menstrual cycle -- >> that would be inappropriate. >> it would be classless and juvenile and out of line, right? >> that would be inappropriate, but i didn't do that. if i did that -- first of all, look, i happen to be a smart person. i went to the best schools, i was a great student, i built a great empire, i did the "art of the deal," i did "the apprentice" -- >> what does it say to you that people think you did that very
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thing, that your reputation is such that they thought that? >> it's all fueled by the press, by you and the press. it's ridiculous. who would say such a thing? if i would have said that, it would have been inappropriate. the interesting thing is, i really said nothing, because i stopped, because i wanted to get on to jobs or whatever the next suggest was. >> let me ask you one last thing on this. you reposted to your followers on twitter a message from someone else, but this message called megyn kelly a bimbo. so, in effect, you publicized that message to 3.6 million people. do you think she's a bimbo? do you agree with that? is that why you reposted it? >> i thought the kind of questions she was asking me were inappropriate and they were the kind of questions that somebody -- you could make the case -- look, look, i was not asked about jobs. i was not asked about, you know, nuclear. i was not asked about all of the problems -- i wasn't asked about things that other people were asked about. and despite that, almost every poll has me having won the debate. they said i won the debate, but i was given the worst questions
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of anybody! >> it's a fair point, and you have absolutely been criticized for being more bluster than detailed. if you look at your website, and i did so this morning, there aren't any details, specifics or policy papers that you might see on another candidate's website. one expert i read said you're like everyone's uncle george at thanksgiving, saying you have all the solutions to the problems but no specifics. would you acknowledge you need to -- >> i'll tell you what, savannah, they had 24 million people watching. it was the largest in the history of fox and the largest in all of cable television history. 24 million people. if i wasn't on the show, they would have had 2 million people watching and they probably wouldn't have had that many. so you know, the other candidates are very lucky, because at least people are watching what they're saying as opposed to nobody caring. >> all right. donald trump, we always appreciate you calling in. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> and as kristen welker pointed out, the new nbc news/survey monkey survey has him up 20 points even after this firestorm. >> got a bump out of the debate.
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natalie is here now with the latest on some very scary incidents at a major u.s. airport. >> yes, it's happened again. the pilots of four commercial airlines reported seeing a drone during final approach at newark airport on sunday. the latest in a long list of similar incidents at new york area airports. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in newark for us. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. yeah, there is growing concern. this is the fourth airport drone incident in the new york area just this month. now, according to the faa, four commercial flights on approach here to newark on sunday reported seeing that drone flying between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. none of the flights had to take evasive action, all landed safely, but it made for some very tense moments. >> 1259, newark tower winds near 509, clear to land, use caution. drone reported six miles final 200 off to the right side. do have an occasional primary target in that general vicinity. >> okay.
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we'll watch for a drone, 1259. >> reporter: now, personal drones are not allowed to fly above 400 feet and not within five miles of the airport. the faa is still investigating. violating those rules, natalie, results in a $25,000 fine and criminal charges. back to you. >> all right, kristen dahlgren at newark airport for us. thank you. the man accused of killing eight people in texas this weekend, including six children, will make his first appearance in court today. according to deputies, 49-year-old david conley admitted breaking into a harris county home and shooting a couple and six children ranging in age from 13 to 6. police believe conley was previously in a contentious relationship with the adult female victim. the families of two florida boys who disappeared at sea say they have called off their search. the coast guard spent a full week looking for perry cohen and austin stephanos after they didn't return from a fishing trip on july 24th. the families then launched a private search with volunteers searching the waters off georgia
7:16 am
and the carolinas. in a statement, the family said, "today our hope becomes our prayer that one day perry and austin will be returned to us." newly released video shows the dramatic moments when a house exploded earlier this month in lansing, michigan. officials say the blast was caused by a gas explosion following a hit-and-run accident that sent a vehicle into the home's gas meter. thankfully, everyone got out of the house okay. police are still looking, though, for the vehicle that was involved in that crash. and a horrifying ordeal caught on camera when a storm buffeted a parasailing boat. it eventually snapped, leaving a young british man and his teenage sister at the mercy of the wind. the two eventually landed in a field of bushes and escaped with just scratches and bruises. that is remarkable. well, the dog days of summer are here, so a 6-month-old lab named maddie was looking for a way to stay cool.
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there was no water in the pool, so she took matters into her own hands, or paws, dragging the hose, as you see there, to the plastic kiddie pool. >> wow. >> even managing to fill it up. you know what? they are so smart, they figure everything out. they know what they need to do, right? >> this is why i love dogs. >> adorable. >> he likes the hose. i think he's having a lot of fun with it. >> smart dog. >> test him making a margarita. >> all right, natalie, thank you so much. dylan in for al. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. the weather was absolutely ideal in the northeast this weekend. in the south, though, it's been extremely hot, and we are going to begin to see some storms moving into the ohio river valley later this afternoon. we do have some heavy rain this morning and flash flood watches in effect through eastern missouri, so watch out for heavier rains this morning. scattered storms this afternoon, hail and damaging wind gusts possible, but keep an eye on the sky. that's a look at your weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds.
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offer ends september 8th. for great deals on other toyotas, visit you've invested wisely. thanks. toyota. let's go places. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out about 60 degrees across host of the bay, in the north bay, though,th a cool 54 degrees with low clouds and mist. we will see some sunshine this afternoon and a high of 69 degrees am san francisco, still clouds there, but in the east bay it will be 72 degrees, peninsula 81 degrees and in the north bay expect a high of 80 degrees, tri-valley will be a high of 87 degrees, still warm in spots. we will keep this wla as we head through the workweek. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. we mentioned our hearts are
7:19 am
heavy today and tributes are pouring in for an extended member of the "today" family who passed away on sunday. 84-year-old frank gifford died in his connecticut home, the one he shared with our kathie lee. >> frank was a legendary nfl star who crossed over from the field to the broadcast booth with style and grace. he made millions of people smile. we love when he came to the studio to join kathie lee and hoda. hoda, kathie lee must be heart broken. >> i went to see her yesterday. she's remarkably strong. i'm in awe of her, even today. we are all heartbroken over what happened. this has been such a shock. frank will be remembered with lo today by family and friends. >> my surprise. >> a star on the field and later on screen. hall of fame football player and emmy winning sports caster frank gifd passed away of natural
7:20 am
causes on sunday morning. he was 84. the family released a statement in honor oh of their beloved husband, father and friend saying in part we rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to live. we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being. long time partner al michaels paid tribute to the nfl hall-of-famer and eight-time all star. >> he was a very special man in so many ways. >> reporter: born in santa monica, california, gifford was a standout football player at the nearby university of southern california, earning all-american honors for the trojans. he played his 12-year nfl career with the new york giants. one of the last and most notable athletes to play offense and defense. he was a star running back and a wide receiver who won the mvp
7:21 am
trophy in 1976. sunday he was called one of the greatest giants to ever wear the uniform. >> glad you're with us. it should be a good one. >> reporter: gifford soon started a second career as a legendary sportscaster, the iconic voice of monday night football for nearly three decades, joining the booth in 1971. >> our newest colleague, former giants football great of course, the glorious and fearless frank gifford. >> thank you. you two, try to get along and help me. >> reporter: it was through his work on screen gifford met his future life, kathie lee. they married in 1986. two years later co-hosted the winter olympic games in calgary. >> she's like this all the time. living in a funny house. >> reporter: an on screen chemistry that would continue for 30 years. >> the legend. >> i was tricked. >> reporter: football star, family man, and father. >> you know what i love about
7:22 am
him so much? he's a very giving person. frank is a really generous, sweet person. he's a good man and i'm grateful for him. >> we are all grateful and obviously survived by cody and cass and three other kids. cass said something to me yesterday. she said, this is not a tragedy. i was holding her hands. she said a 4-year-old girl having cancer is a tragedy. frank lived to almost 85. she said he lived an incredible life, had an incredible family and legacy. she said, his life is a triumph. one of those moments you look at her and think, wow. everybody he met and you guys know, we all met him. >> oh, yeah. >> i have had five people stop me and say, my son met him. we'll never forget him. my mom watched a football game with him and i will never forget. >> they have opened their home to all of us. he would cook hamburgers and hot dogs. my kids are like, he cooks a
7:23 am
great hot dog and he's a hall-of-famer. >> we are talking about the private man publically. as al michaels said last night, for you young guys frank gifford was the biggest thing going when he was a player for the giants. he was mickey mantle in new york city. a massive star whose power went over generations because of football and the tv he did. he'll be missed by his family and the country. >> we're loving kathie lee. she's a strong woman of faith. i know that's carrying her now. >> thanks, hoda. >> we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. cruise into the school year
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plus, everyone gets $10 kohl's cash for every $50 spent. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah be yourself. kohl's the south bay. it's 7:26. i'm sam brock. we are following breaking news. the death of a suspect sought by police in the south bay. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo joining us live right now from san jose where there are still questions, damian, about how an armed gunman died. >> reporter: there are a lot of questions here. police have been slow and they are releasing a lot of information here on san marcos drive on the northeast end of town. what we do know is that one man is dead here on this street on the northeast side of san jose. now he was -- actually -- his sister called police and said he was home and drunk and armed and he was threatening to harm himself. at this point police arrived, they spot td a man with a shotgun, unknown why police
7:27 am
fired a at that man, but several hours later after trying to coerce that man to come out of the house and after a flash bank grenade they went into the house and found the man dead here inside of the home. the crime scene investigators are here, i see district attorney investigators here all assessing the situation trying to find out what exactly happened in morning on san marcos drive. the second officer-involved shooting in six hours am san jose. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area. we saw from his life shot there, kari, it's starting to clear up a little bit outside. >> yes. we are even from the north bay seeing the skies clearing as we get a view from mt. tam, a few clouds lingering behind, now our temperatures are 60 degrees across the bay. we will have highs reaching 79 degrees in san jose and redwood city, mission district 67 degrees, more clouds in san francisco, low 80s in the north bay, as well as the tri-valley,
7:28 am
and the east bay expect a high of 89 degrees in walnut creek. anthony. this morning we had an earlier accident in san jose but i want to turn your attention now, palo alto still starting to see that slowing coming down 101 through where you typically find it. as we switch over to the maps you get past the dumbarton bridge things do look smoothly, over the san mateo bridge it's slow and over the bay bridge the metering lights are on, stop and go there. that traffic starting to pick up a little before school. we will be back in 25 minutes for another update. for now we return you to the "today" show.
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7:30 now on monday morning, the 10th of august, 2015. a pretty day in new york city. a good crowd checking out the scene in the plaza. maybe they are on their way to the office. >> beautiful summer day. cool outside. >> beautiful. >> let's look at the headlines. a gun battle in ferguson, missouri, at an emotional demonstration to remember michael brown. at least one suspect was shot by police after he allegedly opened fire on them. >> officials in turkey have now captured both suspects in this morning's attack on the american consulate in istanbul. one of the assailants was a woman. she is part of an extremist group behind another embassy attack in 2013. >> the f.a.a. is investigating
7:31 am
more drone incidents at newark international in new jersey. crews on four different commercial flights spotted drones on sunday. and coming up, should you get involved? all week jeff rossen takes a look at tough social dilemma. what if a child is acting up in a restaurant? do you talk to the parents, kid, manager or ignore the whole thing? we'll show you what happened when jeff had his hidden am are a rolling. it was uncomfortable. >> a grisly attack at yellowstone. parts had to be closed and bear traps have been set up after park rangers say a park ranger was mauled to death. an autopsy is scheduled for later today as clues left behind may explain what provoked the deadly encounter. >> reporter: this morning tourists and rangers at yell yellowstone are on high alert after a hiker was killed on friday. a montana man who worked at
7:32 am
urgent care clinics in the park was found mauled on the popular elephant back route trail. the superintendent saying a bear has been captured. >> my indication whether this may be the killer bear? >> we have taken dna samples from the hiker at the time he was found. we have also taken now dna samples from the bear. we are going to begin to have them processed tomorrow to make sure it is, in fact, the bear that was involved with the death of the hiker. >> reporter: the superintendent said the victim had defensive wounds and was likely attacked by a large female with signs of a cub nearby. animal experts say that could explain the violent reaction. >> one of the most common attacks is females protecting cubs. we find typically grizzly bears will attack defensively. >> reporter: yellow it is stone is known as bear country. there is usually one attack a year.
7:33 am
park rangers say there have been only eight confirmed bear attacks in 99 years. expert advice for avoiding the attack. >> make noise. carry a bell. always carry pepper spray, bear bangers, flares. they are things you can use to >> reporter: rangers also say keep your distance and avoid anything that might startle a bear in the wild. for today, gadi schwartz, nbc news. >> scary. attacks are rare. incredible. and we turn to dylan now. >> yes, more heat is building into parts of texas and into louisiana. a lot of people going to school this week and it is going to be exceptionally hot under the dome of high pressure. the air sinks a little bit and tends to heat up. we are looking for temperatures to be well above 100 degrees. excessive heat warnings through louisiana and into southeastern arkansas. in orange surrounding that we have heat advisories. granted, it is hot this time of year in this part of the
7:34 am
country. but when you factor in the humidity it feels even warmer. 103 degrees in shreveport. it will feel like 107. even up in good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. not so hot in the bay as we see temperatures now in the lower 60s, morning clouds that will clear out for most areas, except for san francisco. you will still see hose clouds throughout the day and a high of 69 degrees, south bay 79 degrees and mostly sunny. 81 in the peninsula, east bay 72 degrees am in the tri-valley expect highs in the upper 80s and north bay today reaching 80 degrees. that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. a new high for historians. researchers may have discovered what fueled shakespeare genius. but up next, jeff rossen
7:35 am
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thanks to walgreens partnership with vitamin angels. when you get vitamins here... you change lives everywhere. a scary proposition. you walk onto that lot and immediately you are surrounded, like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like, car salesmen want to sell whatever car is best for them, not best for me. there's gotta be a better way. ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. we are back at 7:39. we are kicking off a special series on rossen reports called step in or step off. >> what if a child is throwing a tantrum and the parents weren't
7:40 am
doing anything to stop it. how would you react? jeff rossen broke out the hidden cameras. >> it's the willie geist story. kids going crazy and the parents not jumping in. the story got a lot of attention. we reported on it here. a restaurant owner got fed up with a screaming child. she took matters into her own hands yelling at the toddler. it caused a huge debate. can you discipline someone else's child? what if you were at a restaurant and this happened in front of you? would you step in or step off? >> when are we going to eat? >> reporter: this child is out of control in a restaurant. >> i'm so hungry! >> reporter: screaming -- >> mom! >> reporter: banging, shooting a nerf gun at customers. her mom doesn't seem to care, but the manager does. >> i have had it. you need to be quiet. >> reporter: it's a scene ripped from the headlines.
7:41 am
>> a diner owner in maine was fed up with a crying toddler in her restaurant. >> i slammed my hands on the counter and i said this needs to stop. >> reporter: what if you saw a child acting up in public? would you step in? >> i'm alexa. i'm playing the wild child snrk we hired actors s and set up cameras. >> i'm playing the mean manager. let's do this. >> i want my hot chocolate! >> reporter: our wild child is annoying customers. her mom walks away to take a call. >> she's cruising for a bruising. >> reporter: customers are shocked by her behavior. >> i would have taken them by the hair and dragged them out. >> reporter: these two pull out a cell phone to record the tantrum, offering the manager some advice. >> talk to the mother, not to
7:42 am
the kid. when the mother comes say, i'm sorry, but you can't bring your kid anymore here. >> reporter: they never approach alexa or her mom, whispering to each other and the manager. >> hi. jeff rossen with nbc news. this is a social experiment. >> oh, great. >> reporter: why not discipline somebody else's kid when they are making a public spectacle? >> i'm not going to step on anybody's toes. not my place. >> there is a polite way to tell the mother that's inappropriate behavior. i wouldn't discipline a child that's not my own. >> reporter: when we roll again this woman surprises us. finding alexa so cute. >> i'm going to shoot this gun. >> at me? great. >> i'm afraid you are going to hurt yourself. >> reporter: what will happen when the manager goes off? >> if she isn't going to discipline you, i will. you are acting like a brat. >> the woman is out of her seat.
7:43 am
>> i'm sure she's stressing you out. i understand. >> reporter: sympathizing with the manager and alex is a. >> you tried to disarm the situation. >> of course! yes. if i have learned anything from parenting we are all in it together. >> reporter: but the biggest reaction of the day was yet to come. keep an eye on this woman at the counter. [ screaming ] >> reporter: as alexa goes crazy she doesn't mind. when the manager goes off -- >> you're being a brat. >> no, stop. >> she jumps in to protect the child. >> don't -- >> i'm the manager. >> you're the manager? i don't care. >> you need to stop running. >> leave her alone. >> don't yell at me. >> i will. >> reporter: she's had enough and isn't backing down. >> i can't yell at her, but you can yell at me. >> absolutely not. she's a child. i'm not going to witness you talk to her like that or treat her like that. that's disgusting. you step away. >> reporter: she's clearly
7:44 am
emotional. that's when we come out to talk to her. >> i'm so -- oh, my gosh. i'm shaking right now. when it comes to a stranger saying shut up, you're a brat to a child i can't handle it. >> reporter: she was amaze. all kinds of reactions. we want to know would you have yelled at the manager? what about the child or the mom. i want to hear from you. go on my facebook page. i'm doing a live chat in a few minutes at reports. a lot of different reactions. >> so emotional. >> i like the last woman who stood up for the kid. even if she's behaving badly, if you -- >> she shocked us all. what about the lady with the nerf gunshot at her and says, this is great. >> i would be one of those lay dis, look over there. >> and do nothing. >> what's for tomorrow? >> a serious topic. we are talking about drunk
7:45 am
driving. how would you react if the guy next to you in the bar, you were watching him get drunk and he announced he was headed home, stumbling out with car keys. would you take the keys away, let him get behind the wheel? does it make a difference if it was a woman instead of a guy? watch what we found on our hidden cameras on "today." >> thanks, jeff. coming up next, a hollywood star fights back in her international custody battle. international custody battle. we'll hear from her next. it's a long day international custody battle. we'll hear from her next. and sometimes, an even longer night. helping with homework before doing your own. and you may think no one notices... but she does. she sees more than "mom," she sees determination. we do too. for nearly 40 years, we've designed an education for people just like you. learn more at soil is the foundation...
7:46 am
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brmilk and fresh creama. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! but grandmcause we uses we don't charmin ultra soft.clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. the international custody battle over actress kelly rutherford's children is escalating. the gossip girl star is refusing to return her young son and daughter to their father in europe. we have been following the story and tamron has the latest. >> good morning, everyone. it is a move her ex's attorneys call child abduction and say there will be legal consequences. actress kelly rutherford taking
7:50 am
her custody battle into her own hands. she was supposed to fly her two children back to their father in monaco last thursday but is now refusing saying the 8 and 6-year-olds are u.s. citizens and should stay here. >> no matter how unfair a custody decision may seem to you, it can a really damaging tactic to say to a judge, i don't care, i'm not listening. >> reporter: when the couple split rutherford and her ex-husband were granted joint custody. in 2012 a california court ordered the kids temporarily live with their father in monaco since his u.s. visa was revoked. they have been living there ever since. hermes and helena visited their mother this summer. judges in new york and california said they no longer have jurisdiction since the children live overseas. she writes, it also means no state in this country is currently protecting my children. it also mean that is no state in this country currently requires me to send the children away.
7:51 am
lawyers wrote to rutherford asking her to confirm she would have the children on a plane to france and returned to their father and their home in monaco. the letter says if she does not comply, they will file papers with the new york supreme court to compel her to do so. we implore you to reconsider your position that you are keeping the children in the united states without any lawful authority to do so. children now at the center of a bitter fight as the actress finds hes caught up in a real life drama. people have come out supporting rutherford's actions including famous names. debra messing tweeted out 1000% behind you. kelly was on capitol hill, even lobbying lawmakers to make her case. we'll follow that. meanwhile coming up, summer camp
7:52 am
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7:56 am
a good monday morning. i'm sam brock. right though we're following breaking news out of the south bay. that is where an armed suspect died this morning from gunfire in an officer-involved shooting. police in san jose got the call overnight about a man armed with a shotgun near san marcos drive and camino del rey. officers did fire is a map early on but don't believe he was hit. later police pound the man dead a gunshot wound. in a separate case police were san jose shot and killed a stabbing suspect they say was armed with a knife. fire crews are still on seen of a damaging fire in east oakland. flames destroyed three homes, one occupied, one vacant and one under construction. investigators it at this point believe that fire started in the home under construction and no one was injured. outdoors fires are raging as well, hoping to keep conditions
7:57 am
calm let's check with meteorologist kari hall. >> but the winds will start to pick up as we go through the day and kind of a shift in the wind direction brings in a different weather pattern. right now as we get a look at inkel side we to see the low clouds over san francisco that will stay in the afternoon. 60 degrees feeling low to mid 60s all across the bay. today we will see highs reaching the upper 70s in the south bay, it does trend a little bit warmer as we go toward the middle of the week with you not by much. we keep this nice weather pattern as we go into the next few days. let's get a look at how the roads are moving with anthony. >> good morning. we had kind of a calm before the actual rush hour, now things are really looking good across the peninsula. you can see coming down through palo alto no problems there. as we move over to the east bay, this is where we have had a few accidents, not big issues, but we have already seen the slowing coming through the san mateo bridge as we take you outside you can see it is stop and go getting on to had a side of the bridge, westbound rob not moving without any cause. over towards oakland 880 northbound stop and go heading
7:58 am
towards the bay bridge as the metering lights are on. >> we will see you am in 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on today. going gender neutral. why one of the largest retailers is ditching the pink and blue. plus, forget about all work and no play. >> are you ready? >> we'll take you inside the growing trend of summer camp for adults. and from hollywood beauty to hollywood -- >> this is a passion project. >> reese witherspoon opens up about life, family and her own brand of southern style today, august 10, 2015. up. >> we love the "today" show!
8:01 am
>> hey, "today," i'm back. ♪ >> we're here for my 9th birthday from virginia! >> we're from las vegas, nevada. [ cheers and applause ] >> it is 8:00 on a monday morning. the 10th of august, 2015. what a pretty day out here on the plaza. great crowd. great weather. beautiful august morning. great to have you along. matt and al are taking the day off. good morning, everybody. >> good morning. this is a perfect summer day. we want to send you inside to natalie with a look at the morning's top stories. >> hey, good morning. one year after the death of unarmed teenager michael brown, there is new unrest in ferguson, missouri. a weekend of peaceful protests marked the anniversary but overnight there was an exchange of gunfire between two groups as
8:02 am
police moved in, shots were fired at them. later after a chase, officers say they fired at a man who shot at him, wounding them. he was hospitalized in critical condition and police are looking for additional suspects. in arlington, texas, a police shooting at a car dealership is now being watched across the country. the suspect an unarmed black man did not survive. nbc's kerry sanders is in arlington. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, natalie. the fbi is uno joining in the investigation. the arlington police chief said he recognizes this comes amid a national debate over social injustice and police misconduct and he's promising a thorough, fair and transparent investigation. >> a burglary in the 550s at the
8:03 am
arlington dealership. >> reporter: this morning arlington is looking for answers wanting to know how a burglary call answered by a trainee five months out of the police academy led to the death of christian taylor, an unarmed man. the surveillance video shows taylor roaming through the lot. at one point, smashing a windshield. then apparently crashing his car through a plate glass window. police say that's when a confrontation took place. out of sight of cameras, officer miller fired four times. killing taylor. >> christian was not a bad guy. he just made a bad decision. >> reporter: in a sad added twist, taylor had texted extensively, criticizing the justice system and expressing fear of police. writing recently, i don't want to die too young. >> if this was not j justified or authorized under the law
8:04 am
there will be consequences. >> reporter: officer miller has been placed on administrative leave is as the protocol in an officer involved shooting. he has yet to give a statement to the detectives. >> kerry sanders, thank you. donald trump still leads the republican presidential field in an nbc news online poll taken after thursday night's debate. trump told savannah that his post debate comments about megyn kelly was not in reference to her menstrual cycle. >> it is all fueled by the press, but you and the press. it's ridiculous. who would say such a thing? no, if i would have said that it would have been inappropriate. the interesting thing is i said nothing. because i stopped. because i wanted to get on to jobs or whatever the next subject was. >> well, although he still leads the republican pack, trump said he fired his advise e roger stone. however, stone said he quit. with one year until the summer olympics, michael phelps and katie ledecky have put their
8:05 am
swimming rivals on notice. in san antonio, phelps won all three of his events, posting the fastest times in the world this year. and at the world championships in russia, 18-year-old american katie ledecky smashed the women's world record, capturing five gold medals in all. it is on. can't wait. >> katie ledecky and michael phelp, two names to remember in rio. one of the largest retailers is making changes this morning. >> target is announcing a plan to get rid of the gender based signs. sheinelle jones has more. >> good morning. target will stop sorting into the boys and girls sections and it's a credit to the evolving customers. trains and tiaras, boy toys and girl toys. separate color coded aisles have been a staple in retailer for
8:06 am
years. a gender based market trend that target is saying good-bye to. they're removing a number of gender references, and store signs will no longer feature suggestions for boys and girls in the bedding department. just kids. in a statement the retailer said we know that shopping preferences and needs change and in some departments like toys home or entertainment, suggesting by gender is unnecessary. the announcement continues two months after an ohio woman tweeted out this photo of a sign in target's toy section. showing separate labels for building sets and girls' building sets. for many parents target's change is welcome news. as a parent of a daughter who loves transformers applaud you. one tweeted why are we going to confuse kids at a young age?
8:07 am
>> if you can increase that repertoire, you're saying you're okay. as a result, our mental haelts will be -- health will be up orthopedic down. >> reporter: when do we pick up gender stereotypes? if this video is any indication at a very young age. >> now, tell me what are your thoughts about that shirt? >> no self-respecting boy in my class would wear that shirt. >> biologically we're not hard wired to want pink or blue. so much of this is what a social conditioning that happens as a result of generations and being passed on to us. >> reporter: target isn't first company to get in on the trend. ♪ later this month, ellen degeneres is releasing a new gap clothing line for kids that encourages individuality. and there's a institute line that has female scientists, all part of the new movement to make sure that play time is fun for everyone. i think a lot of us can relate
8:08 am
to that. i was out with my daughter, she turned 3. she had a iron man, a toy truck and she was wearing a tutu. i love it. you know what i mean? absolutely. >> i always borrowed my brother's toys. i never gave them back. >> yeah. >> i think once they go to school, too, natalie and i are talking -- princess -- >> yesterday, i wrapped my son in a princess disney towel and he said, ew, yuck. >> so kudos to target. feel like the customers -- they don't want the sections. >> dylan, thank you for pointing that out. >> a little late for him. >> thank you, sheinelle. facebook says lol is out. tell you what the cool kids are texting. >> you never sounded less cool there. and he ain't afraid of no ghost. find out who's suiting up for the new "ghostbusters" movie
8:09 am
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she said to me, what's lol? >> laugh out loud. >> girl, i love you. >> ha-ha, i'm with you.
8:16 am
>> now, this is an amazing story involving william shakespeare. the question this morning -- to smoke or not to smoke? that's after south african scientists tested some old clay pipes in his garden and guess what they found? traces of weed. cannabis. >> really? surprised? >> no. inspired. >> really, a lot of the poets and great writers have -- and musicians have been linked to -- >> what you're saying is that shakespeare is ahead of his time. >> anybody that can come up with the iambic pentameter -- >> they also found traces of cocaine. >> you're making that up. >> no, a true story. >> shakespeare was throwing it down. >> it's not a lesson, not to copy. >> no, it's history. history. >> all right, last week whole
8:17 am
foods apologized for the asparagus water fiasco. they found stocks of asparagus selling it for 6 bucks and it was long enough for someone to take that photograph. whole foods mocked on line. there's a new parody video about other products you can soon see at whole foods. >> two baby carrots together with line. and yogurt and rams or granola -- whole foods, an elaborate practical joke that got out of hand. >> was that his voice? it would make sense. >> they have massaged kale. >> no. >> seriously -- >> some recipes call for massaged kale. >> what does it mean? >> i don't know.
8:18 am
>> you have to massage the oil and salt into it to make it soft. >> oh, give me a break. >> i put it on instagram. like kale really live the life, you know? massage, everything. now to bradley cooper playing with fire and a special birthday wish to someone we all know and love. tamron has the pop start. >> yeah, i don't know how we recover from massaged kale, but we'll do our best. this will make you recover from kale, brad i will cooper and your exclusive first look at his new movie. what is it about? well, let mr. cooper tell you himself. >> i just want to say i'm excited to owe how is the -- to show you the new trailer for the movie "burnt" and it's about a chef who lost everything and got his way back up. >> i don't want my restaurant to be a place you come and eat. i want people to sit at the table and be sick with longer. >> where are you from? >> louisiana. >> what are you doing? >> you're the kid -- all the time? yeah?
8:19 am
>> yeah. >> look at me. >> yes, chef. >> yes, chef. >> all right, let's go! >> my beloved natalie just asks -- or she stated, i bet bradley cooper knows about massaged kale. is that right? go on, natalie. i'll sit back. >> more about that. >> go on. >> he's playing a chef. the movie is called "burnt." he knows what he's doing in the kitchen. >> great euphemism. >> as she blushes. it hits the theaters september 28th. guess who my date is for the movie. next up, bill murray. maybe he was playing hard to get all along. he starred in the original "ghostbusters" movie and sequel. he nixed rumors he'd appear in the all-female version by saying that would be my nightmare.
8:20 am
he must have gotten over that nightmare and he'll make an appearance with dan aykroyd. and you had a surprise guest morning. >> we were shooting a special segment. just roll the tape. i will show you what happened. >> today we're celebrating a special birthday of someone i have been in love with for years. he's handsome, funny, a great dancer. a phenomenal pilot. he lives in an amazing red house. and he's the star of the peanuts movie. snoopy. happy birthday, snoopy. how about a little kiss. ♪ a dog kiss. good grief. happy birthday, snoopy. >> oh. i love snoopy so much it's not reasonable for a 43-year-old woman. >> are you going to blush? >> never showing that side of my face again. >> are you teaching your child as she approaches the first birthday? >> yeah. i have a big snoopy this high in her room.
8:21 am
happy birthday. >> that's your pop start this morning. let's go to dylan an get a check of the weather. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's climbing into the lower 60s now across the bay. still some clouds, especially near the shore. as we g into the afternoon, clearing especially inland. south bay will be 79 degrees. east bay 72. in the tri-valley we'll have a lot of sunshine, a high of 87 in san francisco, reaching 69. in the north bay look for a high of 480 degrees with mostly sunny skies. have a great day. that's your latest forecast. >> we are kicking off a new series called be a kid today. we are rediscovering our youth. this time not with botox. >> sounds like fun. the harder we work the further we drift away from the fun we
8:22 am
had as kids. not necessarily anymore. today's young at heart jenna wolf went in search of all that keeps us young. hello, jenna. >> hello. good morning. they say all work and no play makes you dull. truer words were never said according to this reporter. i'm not alone. across the country summer time activities usuallile decemby jus are broadening appeal for none other than us grown-ups. the transition from childhood to adulthood can be jarring leaving fun, lazy carefree summers behind for responsibility. >> go to work, check the e-mail. you're going, going and there is not much play. >> reporter: levi felix was deep in the heart of the rat race working 60 to 80 hours a week as vp of a tech company when he realized adults are play deficient. >> are you ready? >> reporter: need ago change he started campgrounds, a summer camp for adults.
8:23 am
>> tell me about your background and how it lends itself to this. >> for me, summer camp was the place as a kid that i figured out who i was. a lot of adults forgot what's important. >> reporter: like the camp you remember, the activities are endless. arts and crafts, relay races and my personal forte -- so i don't remember ever having to find bubble gum in a plate of flour. is that new? caroline, an architect from the san francisco bay area said her experience at camp has been life altering. >> just drop all the adult ego stuff and be the best me i can be. it was completely transformative. >> reporter: today over a million adults nationwide attend summer camp according to the american camp association. it's not just your standard summer camp adults are flocking to. rock and roll camp, tennis camp and space camp. if you offer it, they will come. >> i have always loved space.
8:24 am
now is the time to experience it. >> reporter: for years scientists hinted that play time is key to brain development. how do we make sure it doesn't stop when we enter adulthood? summer camp is definitely one way to slow down, unplug, and take in the world around us. >> just write down what you see. >> reporter: why do adults need summer camp? >> if we are taking life so seriously and we are just focused on where we are going and not how we are getting there, what's the point? >> all right. here's the deal. we thought we would bring some space camp to the plaza which is a multi access trainer from the u.s. space -- this is tight -- space and rocket center in alabama. this is what astronauts use to train for a worst case space scenario. this is to keep our bearings straight. if two people needed their bearings straighter it's me and you, natalie. >> oh, boy. >> we're going to try it out. if astronauts need to figure out how to collect themselves this
8:25 am
is how they train. >> how do we -- >> oh, go. >> through here. >> all right. here's how it will go. i told natalie i don't want you taking it easy on us. just go. >> we're ready. >> we are, too. >> let it rip. >> 80 to 95 miles per hour. >> what? >> do you believe that? >> three, two, one. >> only for the "today" show. >> here we go. >> this is fun! >> it's not bad. >> now you have to imagine if you were up in space you have to correct yourself and do some thinking while you are doing this at the same time. >> that would not be good. >> no. >> if you did get sick, guess where it would all go? >> on you! >> on me! try not to do that. >> not bad. does it go any faster? >> three, two, one. >> fantastic.
8:26 am
>> that's cool. >> yay! >> how do you feel? >> i feel like==topvo== that's good morning. it's 8:26. i'm kris sanchez a. developing story in the east bay where fire crews are still on scene of an early morning fire at a strip mall in san leandro. is what it looked like as flames destroyed the marina super market, also damaging a medical supply store. firefighters did manage to save three other businesses in the same lot. also, residents at a nearby apartment complex were briefly evacuated. firefighters say no one was injured. they believe it started at the super market but have not indicated the exact cause just yet. we know that impacted traffic for a while. what else is impacting your commute? here is anthony slaughter. >> traffic is looking good across the peninsula.
8:27 am
typical slowing on the 101 through palo alto. as we search the map, you can see the red denoting the slowing coming across the dumbarton bridge. not too many problems. also coming toward the bay bridge toll plaza, typical slowing there. stop and go approaching the maze. the metering lights have been on since about 5:40 this morning. >> we'll have a look at weather in just a bit. for now, here is back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i got bills i gotta pay >> 8:30 now on monday morning the 10th of august, 2015. a pretty day on the plaza. the gang's all here. gosh, we hope the gang will be back on wednesday. we are going to get a live performance from none other than lunchmoney lewis. >> al's favorite. >> going to come pay the bills. come on down and check him out. >> coming up this half hour a spy drama like never before. it has a james bond, slacker
8:31 am
convenience store clerk. kristen stewart and jessizenberg are here to talk about it. cool movie. >> and trends for every member of the family including your loved ones like wrangler. all inspired from stars in hollywood from jennifer lawrence to beyonce. >> and reese witherspoon is expanding her empire with a lifestyle brand more tennessee than tinseltown. she sat down with jenna bush hager to talk about southern inspiration. >> all week we are going to help you make your restaurant favorites at home. this morning a little something inspired by the folks at chick-fil-a. >> i'm a groupie. i'm excited about the segment. >> can we have sweet tea? >> oh, yeah. one bit of housekeeping. we were so busy talking about bradley cooper massaging kale we gave the wrong date for the movie. "burnt" comes out october 23. >> i blame you, natalie. >> okay.
8:32 am
first a look at the weather. >> it will be a nice one in the northeast n. the south, hot. in the midwest we are looking at storms. flash flood warnings in effect in southeastern missouri. we had eh rain. up to three to five inches of rain in the area. the storm system moves east. today we are looking for the interior northeast to the ohio river valley. by tuesday afternoon and evening they will stretch up and down the i-95 kocorridor. higher amounts could cause slow downs on i-95. and airport delays in boston, new york, into philadelphia, d.c. today will be clearing out through the upper midwest. temperatures in the 80s with lower humidity. in the southeast scattered showers and storms. i like this job wanted sign for a weather girl. i flip, twist and dance. i don't do those things. you can get the job. where are you from? >> chicago.
8:33 am
we will see a high of 85 degrees there with a mixture of sun and clouds. redwood city, 79 degrees and mission district at 67 degrees. 83 degrees today in santa rosa. warming up many some spots, also in the tri-valley expect highs in the 80s. walnut creek topping out at 89 while hayward san jose sees a high of 79 degrees. we'll have more of this weather as we head through the week. that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. two of hollywood's biggest names team up and star in the new movie called "american ultra". >> they are a small town couple leading a relatively quiet life until something unusual starts to happen. >> i shot those guys in the head. that guy, i spooned him in the neck and hit this -- ended. >> you just killed two guys?
8:34 am
>> they were trying to, like, stab me. >> why are people trying to stab you? >> i don't know. but i am, like, freaking out all over the place, babe. i have a lot of anxiety about this. >> kristen stewart and jesse. >> eisenberg. why am i laughing throughout a movie that's a lot about death. from the beginning of the movie i feel like i'm watching an indy flick like "clerks" and it turns into "mission impossible." how do you describe it to people? >> it was much better than i have done. i have known about it for a longer time. these two slacker young people who don't realize that -- i'm her boyfriend. i have been a trained cia operative until i'm activated and people are trying to kill me so i have to defend myself using whatever i can find like a spoon. >> it's like if jason bourne
8:35 am
were stoned. >> exactly. >> interesting role. i'm sure this drew you to it. it's funny. you have to be a butt kicker, too. there is action in it. is that what you like about it? >> i love getting physical. he got to do a lot more than i did. it's such a particular thing. i'm sort of like this backbone of emotional stability for him. we are in a ridiculously -- like i'm constantly telling him things are okay when things are so completely not okay. i wish i got to do more fighting. i have, like, 30 seconds in which i prove myself. my elbows prove to be useful. >> you do well in 30 seconds. >> jesse, this is an action movie. there is a lot of fighting and pyrotechnics. was that cool? >> normally i do movies about people complaining in rooms. this is the greatest thing. i complain in the morning and get to go to the set and do an incredible funny movie.
8:36 am
>> you have worked together before in 2009. you got this movie. i hear you are in a woody allen movie coming up. >> right? >> what works about this relationship? >> i just got lucky. from her, i guess she lost a bet. >> we're both weirdos. as a team we are less weird because we get it from each other. tune what i mean? >> that's a better answer. >> we are the nerds who as a whole become like, oh, really? we can make a cool movie together. >> right. >> this movie is a ton of fun. "american ultra" hits theaters friday, august 21. >> good to see you both. >> up next, dress like an a-lister at prices you can afford. red carpet looks from beyonce to jennifer lawrence. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
reese witherspoon is an academy award
8:39 am
reese witherspoon is an academy award winning actress who wowed audiences with her acting and her producing power and he savvy style. >> now she's adding one more title -- entrepreneur. jenna bush hager sat down with her. >> i did. i was in nashville, your favorite place. i interviewed my southern soul sister, reese witherspoon to find out the inspiration, a lifestyle brand rooted in southern charm. i asked her if she feels most at home in nashville. >> the second i get off the airplane, i relax and i feel so at ease. >> i feel like in some ways we're both home sick southerners living in the big city. >> i miss it, i miss the food and the people. they're so friendly. >> what was your childhood like growing up here? >> oh, i had a great childhood
8:40 am
growing up here. iefd -- i would walk home after school and my grandmother would cook us dinner because my parents worked late. >> reese is taking her style and sharing it with the world. named after her grandparents dorithea draper, draper james is the brand. >> my grandmother dorithea draper was was so elegant. she went to get her hair and nails done. should say if you look good you feel good. it's a tenet i have carried in my life. >> the line carries from clothes to stationery. >> i would never put my family name on it if i didn't feel like it was a company that i would be proud of. >> witherspoon can be spotted wearing or toting draper james almost everywhere. >> it's pretty dresses and that's what i love to wear and so it's kind of fun to help
8:41 am
design them. >> had anybody ever tried to take y'alls away? >> i remember somebody saying you'll never get a job with an accent like that. and i learned how to change it up. it's a pair of slippers i put on whenever i'm at home. i talk more and more southern. >> you sit down and make yourselves at home. >> when i'm serious i'm southern. >> you double the names up. >> yeah. you get the full name. margaret laura hager. >> yeah. >> get over here. >> witherspoon says being southern is a huge part of her identity. the values she learned growing up are the same ones she tries to instill in her three children. >> every gift gets a thank you note. everybody has to go to church on sundays. we have to have family dinner every night. that's a big thing that my grandmother instilled in us. >> i know that your grand parents have passed away. do you feel like they look down on you and guide you in some ways?
8:42 am
>> i'm really lucky that i had them for the time i did. because they were extraordinary people and it's so great to be able to honor them in this way. i think they'd be excited. >> we had so much fun together. in fact i interviewed her for next month's southern living magazine and we talked about family and tradition and more about draper james. they're opening a store in nashville. i know you'll stop by and get christina some southern goods. >> i love reese witherspoon. she's so cute. >> i -- one said i don't want to hear about her if she's as perfect as she was. she's smaller than me, and especially when i'm pregnant, it looks like i could have eaten her. >> i'm glad you brought up the fact that you're pregnant. you're so pregnant, this is your last day. you're about to go on maternity leave. >> and maybe tomorrow with hoda. but last day here. yeah, i'm going on maternity
8:43 am
leave. >> forget the present. >> what? >> we were going to get you a present. >> let's bring it on in. a little something for you. >> that's so sweet and nice. >> also, we had gotten a phone call. it's not donald trump this time, but mrs. laura bush and mrs. barbara bush on the phone. good morning to you both. >> hey, hi, jenna. >> hi mom. >> hi, jenna. >> i can't handle it. hi. >> do you have any well wishes for your darling little daughter and granddaughter before she has another beautiful baby girl? >> yeah, lots of love and we can't wait to see the new baby. >> oh, mom. >> i can't handle this. >> we're so excited. >> well, thanks. >> everybody at walker's place is waiting for the 13th. >> oh. yes, me too. >> yes, you are. >> i hope i make it to that date.
8:44 am
>> well, you look pretty good. >> well, thanks, gram. >> you had some good role models. >> the best mom and grandmothers in the world. i feel pretty lucky. >> one thing we know the bush ladies know how to do is raise beautiful little girls. you're one of them. you've got mila. we can't wait for the baby. >> not bad on boys. [ laughter ] >> oh, mrs. bush, i love you. >> every time -- >> i love you. >> she's got a voice. >> lots of love to you. we know you're getting ready to go on maternity leave so we're thrilled to have you around. >> thank you. i'm thrilled to be around.
8:45 am
oh. it's too much. thank you for calling. >> we love you. >> i love you too. >> not bad when you have a couple of first ladies call you and wish you well on maternity leave. >> well, thanks very much. thank you. thanks. >> we won't say anything the rest of the show. >> this was my entire childhood. >> welcome to your world. pack all your stuff up. >> thank you so much. >> love you. see you soon. coming up next, celebrity styles without the hollywood price tag. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. ♪ back now with the stuff we love. we are all about hollywood style bringing you the hottest celebrity trends and products. you can get the same beautiful looks without breaking the bank. the lifestyle editor of g is here. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start with the bling.
8:48 am
>> live from the "today" show red carpet. first we have beautiful jewelry by ethical fashion company 31 bits and the ecola project. we can't get enough. here we have sophia bush who traveled to uganda to promote the work the women are doing. they are made by ugandan women. they help to empower and promote the women who live in extreme poverty. style that gives back. >> love that. >> amazing. >> these are housewares. a lot of celebrity fans of this. >> these became famous in 1960. we have a picture of jackie kennedy wearing a dress on the cover of "sports illustrated" in 1960. celebrities love them as much. we have anne hathaway with the umbrella. you can get an oven mitt to a teacup. also you will see saxon you may recognize as wrangler's wrangler. wearing the top.
8:49 am
>> our next product is for the pet in your life. >> which actually celebrity dog wrangler is modeling. a fantastic leash he and his celebrity buddies wear by found my animal. they are made in brooklyn. hand made. what's great is we have seen celebrities like jessica biel and allison williams wearing them. they are made of rope. this company promotes the adoption of rescue animals. you can adopt a dog on their site. >> i love that. very cute. i like the bright colors as well. >> so chic. wrangler really wears it well. >> the hot head gear of the summer. it's banana republic. >> savannah, this hat is the perfect straw fedora. everyone looks good in it. >> really? 1378 not just us. we've also got j-law and jessica alba. >> i like this. >> they are wearing the tina hat. just there's 49. it looks so good on you.
8:50 am
>> i like it. i do. $49. >> might have to take this one with me. >> when you are done with the hat, the next huge celebrity trend the floral crown. >> how do you pull it off? >> we have beyonce and julieanne huff. kim looks gorgeous. it's all about festival style. $12 to $15 from nia >> how do you wear it? you have it with a flower print. >> wear it with anything. they are elastic bands. led light or no. >> this one comes with a light? >> yeah. >> looks like a party to me. it's like wearing a discoball. i don't think this is right. >> perfect. >> thanks. i'm having one of those days. thank you so much. to our beautiful model, appreciate it. coming up next, chick-fil-a and how to make this at home.
8:51 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
8:52 am
we show you how to make your favorite restaurant foods at home. we are recreating dishes from olive garden to mcdonald's.
8:53 am
alejandro is a top pinner on pinterest. willie geist is so excited. this is his favorite thing at chick-fil-a and you will show us how to make it at home. >> you have a nice mix of ingredients. we have the pickle juice, the secret ingredient. chicken, a mix of spices and flour. hamburger buns, milk, butter, peanut oil. lots of good stuff. >> all stuff you might have at home. what do we do? >> start with chicken breasts in a ziploc bag and pound it out. >> flatten it out. >> you don't want to use a whole chicken breast. that's too much sandwich. flatten it out a little bit. then this is the secret. what we are going to do is take the chicken breast. >> yes. >> cut it in half. >> okay. >> you stole my knife. >> i'm sorry. >> it goes right in the pickle juice. >> dip it in or drop it.
8:54 am
>> you will brian it ne it over in pickle juice. that's where it gets the flavor. that's the chick-fil-a secret. >> right out of the jar. >> exactly. this chicken has been brining overnight. it has amazing flavor. then we have a flour mix with paprika, oregano, garlic, celery salt. >> we have the tasters down stairs. >> it's a high bar to meet chick-fil-a, but this is close. >> what about willie? >> incredible. >> he's very excited. he's talking with his mouth full. >> savannah, we ate chick-fil-a in the food court in new jersey. >> we are going to dip it in this egg mixture here. >> all right. >> into the flour. >> mm-hmm. >> give it another little -- >> all the spices you put into the flour give it the tang
8:55 am
beside it be sides the pickle juice. >> we got this recipe on pinterest. you can find amazing copy cat recipes. >> this is easy. i could do this. >> you can do it at home. it's more satisfying, i think, to recreate it. >> now what happens? >> we take our finished chicken back here. we have peanut oil. if you have an allergy, use any oil. that goes right into the hot oil. >> i'm standing back. >> i know. >> you never know what happens. >> i don't want to get it on your tresz. >> there we go. that's good. >> do two to three minutes per side so it's nice and golden and crunchy. >> got it. >> we have buns here. the other secret, the bun, put some butter on them. >> butter. interesting. i thought it was mayonnaise. >> butter them up. nice and toasted on the griddle. >> yep. >> then you can put your chicken breast on there. >> let's hear what the peanut
8:56 am
gallery thinks. >> we are trying to resist eating the entire thing. >> they love it. >> did you like the pickles? >> got to do the pickle chips. i put them on the bottom. chick-fil-a puts them on the bottom. >> thank you so much. for this recipe or more great cooking ideas go to ==topvo== san jose pole are still saying good morning. it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. police are saying very little about a police shooting that led to the death of a suspect this morning in san jose. officers got a call after midnight about a man armed with a shotgun near san marcos drive in camino delray. officers fired at the mannerly on but don't believe he was hit. they later found that man dead from a gunshot wound.
8:57 am
they're not saying if he died from police gunfire or if it was self-inflicted. it is san jose's second deadly shooting in a half day. yesterday police shot and killed and stabbing suspect armed with a knife. more local news coming up in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," ellie kemper back as co-host and she's taking over our office. plus the magic trick that will blow your mind. you have to see it to believe it. and christopher meloni hitting the big screen this summer. that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from stay in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a beautiful monday morning in new york city. it's august 10, 2015. i'm willie with natalie, tamron and look who's back. the star of "unbreakable kimmy
9:01 am
schmidt" on netflix. ellie kemper. >> someone has to. i knew i was going to cheer. >> three seconds to raise the roof. ellie kemper is back. >> that's a new record. >> what's life like on the outside? >> you can sleep until 7:00 a.m. on the outside. you can go shopping in the morning. >> the alarm doesn't wake you up when it's dark out? >> you can go out when the sun is out. >> did you wake up every morning and -- >> well, you are in a framed photo on my bedside table. >> group shot or individuals? >> both. >> we're glad to have you here. >> great to have you back. >> thank you. >> we have glimpses here and there. >> we start with sad news in our family. the great frank gifford, of course, nfl legend and more importantly to us, husband to
9:02 am
kathie lee. he died yesterday suddenly at home in connecticut. he was 84 years old, a week away from his birthday he shares with kathie lee. emmy-winning sports caster on "monday night football." frank and kathie lee have been married 29 years. kathie lee tweeted deeply grateful for your outpouring of grace. we are steadfast in our faith of knowing where frank is and a bible quote. >> all of us are thinking about kathie lee and her kids. cassidy and cody who lost such a legend. they lost a legend of a dad. he really is just it shall he was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest person. i feel like i'm blessed -- those of us who met him over the years. we went to a barbecue one year. i was pregnant with luke at the time, 6 months pregnant, clearly
9:03 am
showing. at the end of the barbecue he said, that natalie is cute. she's a sweet girl. she needs to work on that tummy though. kathie lee was like, oh, my gosh, frank. you need to get your eyes checked. classic, sweet story. that kind of person. he took care of my kids, made them hamburgers. how do you like your burger, josh? >> they were a wonderful couple and family, welcoming us into their home. hoda will talk more in the next hour. she was on earlier. she talked about kathie lee in the midst of this pain, this shock. this was a sudden death here. celebrating his life, frank's life and discussing in her eyes, you know, a child dying of cancer. that's where you feel the deep pain that they have lost something. he had a wonderful life.
9:04 am
yesterday, actor jeffrey wright tweeted out and praised frank and the team of cosell for being this icon on the field and having great stories like natalie shared and the rest of us. you don't see it often. that's a beautiful thing. to see kathie lee, the love of her life, this beautiful couple, this beautiful family they have raised and her thinking of others and someone else losing a child at the time she lost her child. amazing woman. fantastic. >> our hearts go out to her and the kids as well. we are thinking about them. we love you, kathie lee. big prayers to you and your family. we are going to take a turn. this was an interesting story that jeff rossen showed us just in the last hour or so. you remember last month there was a diner in maine. the diner owner yelling at a crying toddler. made us ask the question what would we do in that parenting
9:05 am
situation. would you lecture the parent? would you talk to the child? how would you appease the customers. the diner owner took matters into her own hands and basically yelled at the parents in front of the child. "today" national correspondent jeff rossen set up a social experiment to see how others would react to a screaming child in a public place. with hidden cameras rolling and a wild child, a young girl who played a wild child running around the restaurant. and the manager of the store are all actors. here's what happened. this is the most extreme reaction we'll see when the young girl behaves badly. [ screaming ] >> you're being a little brat. >> come on, no. stop. >> don't listen to her, come on. >> don't talk to her like that. >> i'm the manager. >> you're the manager? i don't care. >> you need to stop running. you need to stop running and sit
9:06 am
down. don't yell at me. >> i will. >> i can't yell at her. >> absolutely not. she's a child. i won't stand here and witness you talk to her like that or treat her like that. that's disgusting. you, step away. >> wow. >> she got emotional there. >> tears in her eyes. >> that's a hard thing. >> jeff called it step in or step off? that's your choice in this reality game. >> what's your move, ellie? >> stay out of it. i don't think any good will come of it. as a nonparent, i have been quick to offer advice on raising your children. >> take my children. >> six minutes after the hour and she's giving away the kids. >> it's best to stay out of it. >> even if the kid is circling your table screaming? >> if you see the restaurant owner in this case come over and call the kid a brat, i think
9:07 am
that's where it would -- >> you're being a aggressive to a child. maybe because i don't have children. i'm getting anxiety. i was in a wine is it store. first of all i didn't know kids could go in. >> i know. >> i didn't know the law. i thought it was like a bar. kid's in the stroller. he's a bigger child, like 4. he was reaching and his mom wasn't paying attention. he was reaching for -- you know, the wine. i went over and i go -- >> yikes. >> i walked away. i fled the scene. but i at any time have the heart to say, he's about to pull down the wine. i could not open my -- >> i'm sure -- >> he was mortified. crazy lady. i didn't have the nefrve. related to this parental advice.
9:08 am
victoria beckham's daughter is 4. there was a picture of her with a pacifier in her mouth. people on social media doling out advice to victoria beckham. >> is that bad? >> she's raised three sons. this is her fourth kid. she's doing all right. the comments were just insane. your child is 4, she shouldn't have a pacifiepacifier. >> people are quick to be the expert on something. not everyone is an expert. >> i have seen christina geist who is a super natural mom calmly, if there is a crazy kid at a table. she'll just give them a book, open it and say, why don't you read the book? the sub text is, mom, if you won't handle it, i will. give them a toy. >> as a mom it might be easier to do it in that way. >> right. >> we have all been there. children have tantrums. you have a fun thing.
9:09 am
>> i have to give a shout out to my sister-in-law ashley's birthday today. happy birthday. i know. snoopy's birthday. ashley is my snoopy but more beautiful. it is time for a segment -- you were supposed to say this. >> she started a few weeks ago called ellie show andle tellie. >> i went to japan last summer to the beautiful city of nara. there is a temple. there is a giant, gorgeous buddha and a pillar next to it with a hole in it. the hole is rumored to be the size of the buddha's nostril and according to the travel guides if you can fit through the hole you can guaranteed enlightenment. >> how big is it? >> little children and old ladies. >> that's a book for perspective. >> my husband stayed behind on this one. he was enjoying the
9:10 am
complimentary breakfast. i was the fist person in the temple. just me and the security guard. i decided to try to squeeze through the hole. guys, mama's got hips. i got stuck. >> do you have vid wroevideo? >> the problem is with this show and tellie, it's mostly me telling. i was stuck. it was probably 11 seconds. >> do we have something similar in size. >> this mug. it's like climbing through the eye of a needle. >> what's your move then? scream to strangers. >> the security guard was watching me. i saw him watching me struggle. i think you have to calm yourself down, get to a place -- we are gettingle cut off. i made it out of the hole. the security guard gave me a shrug like, you tried to mess with the nostril, that's what you get. >> what if you get through it? >> eternal enlightenment. >> damnation.
9:11 am
>> i'm sorry. nara is beautiful. >> dylan has a check of the weather. >> another trip and we need video. >> i would love to see video of that. it will be a hot day down south. we have a dome of high pressure that will continue to heat things up. we have heat advisories from texas to florida. it is the humidity that makes it so brutal outside. stay hydrated. it will feel like 111 in memphis. you really need to keeple cool however you can. t good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures are now in the mid-60s across the bay. and mostly sunny skies in spots. we do have the low clouds in san francisco. and expect a high of 69 degrees in s.f. and north bay will be at 80 degrees. 72 in the east bay. peninsula will see a high of 81 degrees. and starting to heat up in the tri-valley with highs reaching 87 degrees.
9:12 am
in the south bay expect a high of 79 with mostly sunny skies. we'll keep this weather for the next couple of days. >> that's your latest forecast. >> coming up, miss ellie takes over the "today" show office. >> i i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. ♪ [ male announcer ] sweet sun ripened strawberries. now we've added even more of them to philadelphia® strawberry. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®.
9:13 am
i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. how do they clean the toilet, grin at it. [laughs] stop laughing. the stomach flu is not funny. get a cleaner with bleach in it. good, you can smile now. clorox means clean.
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nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... ...with frosted mini-wheats® and now you could win up to a hundred dollars when you buy any specially marked kellogg's cereal. ♪ >> how about that song? blast from the past. we have been having so much fun with ellie kemper this summer we want to think about her other talents not being used. >> there are many. as you know i spent four seasons on "the office" playing a shy and quirky receptionist. i started to wonder if i could do the job and the "today" show gave me the chance. [ phone ringing ] >> the "today" show, this is ellie. >> sometime last week hoda was talking about a five, three, two, thing. >> there is a possibility she was drunk while she was doing
9:16 am
that. i'm not sure. she may have just been slurring numbers together. >> you're teasing, right? >> yeah, i'm teasing. >> the "today" show this is ellie. >> can i speak to kim. >> what's her favorite ice cream flavor? is kim a deep dish pizza person or thin crust? and if kim could save only her dog or cat which one would she save? i'm sorry, it's a situation. >> i will go with dog. >> give me one second. i will try to transfer you to kim. >> do you have an i.d.? >> i'm going to see matt. lester. >> i'm sorry. i am subbing at the front desk and i need to see your i.d. >> lester holt. >> i'm ellie kemper and i need an i.d., do you have one? >> i anchor "nightly news" now. >> on nbc? >> could you ask matt? >> matt is a private person. i know matt. i have to respect his --
9:17 am
>> who is your supervisor. >> matt lawyggie. >> he's on the "nightly news" team. >> i don't know who is in on this. this is my first day. i don't want to get fired. "dateline"? >> these words mean nothing to me. >> oh, al! >> how did you get here? >> i disappeared. say my name three times. >> al roker, al roker, al roker. >> boom! >> he's the real deal. >> he's good. >> he's fine. >> someone tried to sneak in earlier. some man. >> lester holt. >> why does everyone keep saying his name? >> he does nbc kw"nightly news" >> is that a web series? >> hello. i was calling to ask a question about the new red-headed girl on the third hour, "today's take." >> do you like her?
9:18 am
i love her. >> yeah. she's doing a good job. >> oh, hi, mom! >> they made me do it. >> "they made me do it." you guys. >> well done, ellie kemper. well done. >> they made me do it. >> adorable. >> do you know who lester holt is? >> no. i'm trying to protect you guys. >> thank you. you put the wood to him, too. >> i know. i'm here to keep things in order. he's good. >> we'll keep your resumé on file. >> coming up next, it's the new movie getting rave reviews "diary of a ♪ in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe
9:19 am
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9:21 am
we gt got to me the him best as the hot-headed elliot from "law & order svu."
9:22 am
she's an up coming actress getting rave reviews. >> christopher meloni and bel powley are trying to navigate a tense step-father-daughter relationship in kwoez tiery. i love that you -- "the diary of a teenage girl." i love that you coordinated. >> on purpose. >> we didn't even call each other. blue and yellow. >> you work so well together. you now think alike. this is an interesting concept. the step-father, step-daughter relationship. it can be dicey territory. >> mm-hmm. >> the film explores some hidden things about bel's character you don't know in the beginning. >> i feel like my character understands. my wife, we are separated, divorced. i know how she runs her life which is not well. it's a place of chaos. i have a young step-daughter trying to find an anchor and a
9:23 am
place to navigate the coming of age stuff. >> mm-hmm. >> i'm worried. then when a boyfriend comes into -- the mother's boyfriend comes into the picture, i'm unhappy about that. >> bel, this is a role you have to be vulnerable. you put yourself out there in risky ways. sex scenes and all of that. was it hard to take on the character? is it something that you love the challenge? >> it was difficult because it's like being a teenager is encompassing so much. i feel it is a time when you are oscillating between many different things. you play at being adult and like with us, she reverts back to being a child. her relationship with alexander skarsgard's character is definitely showing the extremes. he shows an interest in her. suddenly she's like, i'm so in love with you. he breaks up and she feels
9:24 am
she'll die. it's encompassing all the emotions at one time. >> you look like a teenager. very young. but you are no longer a teenager. >> i was 15 eight years ago. >> does anyone need a pen? >> someone told me they saw the movie and the way i walked was like a baby deer learning to walk for the first time. >> i don't know what to make of that. that's a compliment. >> youthful. >> i think when you're a teenager you feel awkward, your body is changing. everything is new. >> you never experienced that. >> no, no. >> it's all foreign. what's this you speak of, this awkwardness. >> we talked about bel being a rising star. let's embarrass her. what kind of actress is she? >> absolutely transparent. every moment, any scene. it was one of the few times i hung out on set to watch other people doing their work. because it was so engaging, so
9:25 am
engrossing. at every turn whether it was, you know, as you say the vulnerability or a sense of false bravado or this lost human being. yet so open, trying to find something to anchor herself to. something to anchor herself to. >> it was really a sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver, and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet,
9:26 am
those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. how can something so little... help you do something so big. good morning. 9:26 right now. i'm kris sanchez. a developing story in the east bay where fire crews are still on scene of an early morning fire at a strip mall in san leandro. this is what it looked like as it was raging. the flames destroyed a supermarket and a neighboring medical supply store was damaged. three other businesses were saved. no one was injured. and right now firefighters say it appears that it started in the supermarket but are not yet indicating an exact cause. opening statements are scheduled today in the trial of two teenagers accused of murdering a south bay paramedic in oakland. prosecutors say christian burton and david mcneil shot and killed quinn during an attempted carjacking in oakland hills two
9:27 am
years ago. investigators believe the two were among a group of teens, some as young as 13, who were on a crime spree. the other boys are charged in juvenile court. and school starts as soon as this week in the bay area. and with an unusually high shortage of teachers. the mercury news reports last week still about a dozen teachers short of full staff. one of the problems is a shrinking pool of candidates and more openings across the state. the mercury news reports substitute teachers in some districts are in extremely short supply. meengt kari hall after the break.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we get a live look now from the castro we see those low clouds. they'll stay over san francisco throughout the day, but right now temperatures at 64 degrees. today will be cooler in many spots than yesterday. gilroy a high of 88 degrees. redwood city 79. embarcadero at 69 degrees. and 80 in napa.
9:29 am
72 in oakland today. and pleasanton expect a high of 81 degrees. let's see how the roads are moving now with anthony. good morning to you. in fact in palo alto we've seen some slowing, but not too bad. this is southbound every now and again it turns to stop and go. moving good right now into the south bay. we had the earlier accident 101 at tully but 101 northbound continues to remain slow through santa clara. we are seeing slowing getting on the san mateo headed towards foster city. westbound no problems there. final stop to the bay bridge toll plaza, wide open. kind of surprising. back to you. it is surprising. more local news for you in just a half hour. see you then.
9:30 am
taking a look all the the headlines, target is taking aim at labels. they will stop separating toys and bedding into boys and girls sections in favor of the designation kids. the changes will happen over the next few months. clothing will be divided among boys and girls. big changes coming in the way you pay for cell phone service. the nation's largest wireless provider verizon will stop offering phones at discounted prices when customers sign two-year service contracts and verizon's 15 options will be streamlined into four categories from small to extra large. verizon says existing customers can keep their current plans but with some unspecified restrictions. some terrifying moments caught
9:31 am
on camera when a storm buffeted a para sail in malta. the rope snapped leaving a man and his sister at the mercy of the winds there. they were able to land in a field of bushes and escaped with just scratches and bruises thankfully. "mission: impossible - rogue nation" topped the box office for the second week in a row taking in $29.4 million, beating out "fantastic four" in its opening weekend. it brought in over $26 million. "the gift" was a distant third. say hello to the dog days of summer. a 6 month old lab named maddie wanted to stay cool but there was no water in the pool. maddie took matters into her own paws, trdragged the hose over a filled up with pool with water. that's a smart dog. now a check of the weather from dylan. >> wonder if he fills up the water bowl. getting things done.
9:32 am
>> he should. food bowl, too. >> taking care of the chores. we have heat building down south. feels like temperatures around 115 degrees. talk about needing a pool or water. we have a front moving eastward that will bring showers and storms to the ohio river valley into tennessee. it is going to make its way into the northeast overnight tonight. we could see extra thunderstorms later in the afternoon. tomorrowle in the northeast n. the midwest, we'll start to see things clear out. the humidity is dropping. it will be nice and comfortable in the upper 70s, lower 80s. monsoonal moisture and rain up and down the i-95 corridor that could cause delays on the roads good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're mostly in the 60s across the bay area and skies are slowly clearing inland. while we do still see those clouds along the coast, highs today in san francisco reaching 69 degrees. north bay 80 degrees. in the east bay 72 degrees while
9:33 am
the tri-valley heats up to 87 degrees. and in the south bay expect a high of 79 and peninsula 81. that's your latest forecast. >> when celebrities -- celebrities have a design emergency there is only one person on their speed dial. jeff lewis. >> he's starring in season 8 of the emmy-nominated series "flipping out" packed with design dilemmas and drama. jeff has before and after designs to help update your space. >> thank you for being here. >> we are starting with a bedroom. >> we have before and afters i have done in the last few months. the fist one i would love to see. there we go. that's the before. the ceilings were high. that was a challenge. although that was a california king size bed the room dwarfed the bed. there is no color. the room fell flat.
9:34 am
they wanted something glamorous, sophisticated. sexy. >> i have a confession. >> yes. >> that looks exactly like my bedroom. exactly. >> that surprises me. you have a big personality. this room has zero personality. usually rooms reflect your personality. >> i will steal whatever after picture you've got. >> here comes the after. >> oh! >> this is easy. we brought in color on the walls. we brought in window coverings. we brought in colorful art behind the chair. we brought in a bed that really made sense for the room. a tall headboard and footboard. notice the shiny chrome metal here with a high bench and this room was so big those side tables are breakfast room tables. >> really? >> i used them as nightstands. >> to i need to put out water like that? >> you do, yes. it brings me to fresh flowers.
9:35 am
i love live plants, trees, flowers. it brings a room to life and the pattern. >> the rug doesn't have to cover the entire length of the bed. >> no. efb thi everybody thinks that. you don't have to push it to the wall. they will bring it halfway out like i did. >> i heard you want two legs on a rug. is that right? >> yes. >> at least. >> maybe that's something i came up with. >> the height of the lamp on the si side, is there a rule? >> it's instinct. i can feel when the scale is off in a room. a lot of people these days are mixing and matching, throwing in different styles and they are not necessarily doing it right. i think when you can do coordinating night stands, lamps, matching occasional chairs. it's a way to create a very consistent balanced design. >> let's go to the living room
9:36 am
and show the before picture. >> this was a challenging space. this was a loft in downtown l.a. it was huge, chilly. where i started with this is we can get to the after picture. >> that's incredible. >> this was difficult. i grouped the conversation area in the middle of the room. here's the problem. after i did that, i had all this open space around. then i started building around the room and created almost mini moments. you have a bench with a throw and books. what was nice is if you have more than four, five or six people you can bring in the seating. versus having it live there in the space. >> that's better than a big sectional where you are obligated to the big piece of furniture, especially in a small space. >> people are lined up on a sofa it doesn't lend itself to a comfortable conversation.
9:37 am
>> one more living room. this was furnished before. there is another living room. let's see the after. what you have done. >> this is a large great room. the problem is the sectional was dividing the space n. the kitchen, you want to have a conversation with someone in the family room you were seeing backs of heads. we lost the sectional. we brought in two six-foot sofas. occasional chairs in the back and the room was void of color. we brought in color and live trees. it's a balanced look. >> the plants liven everything up. >> it does. >> if you are a plant killer like me they make really nice fake flowers and fake plants now. >> you're okay with that? >> two years ago, no. now, absolutely. >> jeff, thank you very much. catch "flipping out" weekednesd at 9:00 on bravo. coming up, one of the best magicians gets ready to mystify us and you at home. he's just getting fired up.
9:38 am
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good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. this is very exciting. we have a new series, see it to believe it. we are going to astound you. incredible magicians, mentalists and more. we are kicking off with the international grand champion of magic. >> his name is greg fruin. he's featured on the new krn of "masters of illusion" on the cw. he promises to amaze us. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> very good. amaze is a big word. >> it is. that's my job. to try to amaze you. >> you can try. >> oh, cynical. >> you will work through it. >> i'll try. >> how does a man get into magic? >> i started young. when i was 12 my dad took me to see doug henning live. i remember thinking this is what i want to do. my parents thought i was crazy.
9:43 am
you don't think of your kid going off to be a magician. i started doing magic kids, playing with cards. it grew to what i do now. >> all right. enough chit-chat. >> he made us disappear. that's one. >> i think ellie fits in the box. >> maybe. ♪ ♪
9:44 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
9:45 am
>> wow. >> we are amazed. officially amazed. >> well done. >> thank you very much. >> i watched the hand the whole time. where did it go? >> did i work? did i amaze? >> more than amazed. i'm stunned. speechless. >> we don't know how it happened. >> we have been watching closely. we thought we'd catch the move. i don't think we did. >> the closer you look the better we have to be. >> that's mind boggling. >> we looked closely. >> i have to rewatch it on dvr. >> that's amazing. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i can't believe it. >> every friday evening on the cw. up next, voila, we are recreating a fast food favorite. yo quiero taco bell, anyone? the food i grew up with.
9:46 am
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9:50 am
redoes. all of your favorite fast foods recreated so you can make them at home. >> if you have made a late night run through the taco bell drive-thru there is nothing like that crunchy hard shell taco. we have been talking about taco bell and let's recreate it. >> the secret to the taco bell mystery. >> it's not the slime. it's good stuff. the mystery is there is no mystery. it's the spices and how long you cook it. 80-20 ground beef. we keep it on the leaner side. you like the taco? >> crunch. >> onion, garlic, onion powder, cumin, garlic powder, neutral oil, salt, pepper, a screaming hot pan, tomato, lettuce and shells. you have to warm them. they are on the conveyer belt thing they hold. reenacting that is hard to do.
9:51 am
you can mix it up. garlic. don't put a lot of garlic. take our 80-20 ground beef. you're asking how do you get the flavor? cook it low and slow. until it's dry. if you accidentally add beer and let it cook longer. both ways. when is the last time you had taco bell at 6:00 in the evening for dinner. >> never. >> it's a late night treat. spices. chili powder, black pepper, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, salt. >> this is the culinary facial. you don't need to go anywhere but with me here. >> terrible. >> stay right there. >> we have no knife skills. >> thanks, buddy. >> wow. >> tune how much work that took? we were using the same people down stairs. make sure it's super shredded
9:52 am
and thin. and make sure the tomatoes are diced square. >> squares. >> perfect squares. >> if you're making this, i cook for a living. >> i'm bad at this. >> choppy-choppy all the way through. >> good squares. >> thank you. come down here. when you make it at night for your friends coming over at 2:00 a.m., make sure they are hot. warm them up. >> in the oven for -- >> 8 to 10 minutes or if the oven is 500 degrees, a minute. has anybody been to taco bell and you have the guns of fwuk mo -- guacamole. i recreated it with a plastic bag. sour cream because we don't care about calories at night. >> get your sons to help. >> natalie. take a bite and let me know if
9:53 am
this is kind of similar to bringing back memories. >> ellie asked if you eat a taco with a knife and fork. >> tamron believed me. >> this is incredible. >> beer, a good party. >> amazing. >> i'm working it. >> taco night is fun. kids at home. >> exactly. >> tamron, it's all over -- >> all right. >> come back more often in third hour. fist time on the third hour. >> amazing. >> to get this recipe and more restaurant favorites go to and click on the restaurant redo tab. is this perfect or what?
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> that went by fast, ellie. >> it was the blink of an eye. >> when do we see you next? >> whenever you need me. i'm ... ==topvo== san jepolice g
9:56 am
good morning everyone. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. san jose police are saying very little about a police shooting that led to the death of a suspect this morning. officers first got a call a little after midnight about a man armed with a shotgun near
9:57 am
san marcos drive. officers fired at the man but don't believe he was hit. he then escaped. later police found the man dead from a gunshot wound. they're not saying if the man died from police gunfire or his own. this is actually san jose's second deadly police shooting in less than half a day. in a separate case last night san jose police shot and killed a man accused of a stabbing. fire crews are still at the scene of a damaging fire in east oakland. flames destroyed three homes. you see this video from overnight. one house occupied, another vacant. another under construction. investigators believe at this point the fire started at the home under construction. nobody hurt. let's check your weather this morning. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today will be a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. in san francisco expect mostly cloudy skies, a high of 69 degrees. but clearing elsewhere across the bay. highs in the 70s and 80s, peninsula 81 degrees, 79 in the
9:58 am
south bay while the east bay tops out at 72. in the tri-valley expect a high of 87 degrees. in the north bay mostly sunny and a high of 80 degrees. let's get a look at the traffic now with anthony. good morning to you. we're looking pretty good traffic across the south bay right now. we don't have any major accidents on 101 headed towards santa clara. we have a small accident on san thomas expressway. no slowdowns there. in the east bay not too bad coming through the altamont pass. and approaching san mateo bridge things slow there as well. step outside show you oakland. southbound looking good. bay bridge toll plaza wide open. anthony, thanks. more local news coming in half an hour. see you then.
9:59 am
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sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hodakotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. it's monday, august 12th, 2015. jenna bush is here filling in while cath a kathie is off. i know you all by now have heard the news about frank gifford. kathie lee always called him frank gifford. both names. he passed away yesterday in connecticut and i have to tell you, it's one of those things that frank weighed 178 pounds. you knew his weight exactly. and you knew that


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