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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's tuesday, august 11th. coming up on "early today," just 24 hours after gunfire erupted, hundreds of protesters in ferguson keep police on their toes. with more than 100 arrested. massive hail caused flash flooding that swept away cars in colorado. new details this morning on the epa's massive mistake that dumped more than 3 million gallons of toxic mining waist into a healthy river. plus, more proof of mother nature's sheer power. big developments in the race for the white house including a candidate who is no longer paying his staff. and much more on a busy tuesday. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm melissa
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reyberger. heavy rain and hail made the street in colorado springs look like a fast flowing muddy river. the water was so strong that several cars actually got swept right down the street. the rising waters made it to yards and close to home. >> it went a few feet into everybody's yard. covered the sidewalks. took our mailbox all the way down to 30th street. >> cell phone video caught one man stuck on the roof of his suv as the flood waters swirled around him. according to the colorado springs fire department several people throughout the city had to be rescued from stalled or flooded vehicles. the coast guard is showing off its historic haul. 66,000 pounds of cocaine. there were bales of it all seized from smugglers lined up in rows. the largest known drug seizure known in coast guard history worth billions of dollars. you're looking at 33 million lines of coke. this could be the center piece in a stellar year for drug
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busts. the numbers are massive. it's rated at $2 billion of coke. authorities have declared a state of emergency in ferguson, missou missouri. hundreds of protesters gathered in the streets. more than a dozen people were arrested last night after protesters blocked at least one lane of traffic. overnight the st. louis county police department tweeted this, officers are being hit with rocks and bottles. we continue to support free speech, but agitators who ignore orders to disbeers risk arrest. nbc's jay gray is in ferguson with the latest. >> reporter: hey there, melissa. things have calmed down considerably, at least for now. still, there is concern and frustration on both sides of the protest lines after what was another difficult 24 hours here. protesters and police in full riot gear squared off again overnight in ferguson.
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officers stepping up their presence and intensity when they say things turned dangerous. with many in the crowd throwing rocks, bottles and other objects at the police line. a handful of protesters were arrested on a day when activist groups called for civil disobedience in ferguson and across the country. demonstrators shut down i-70 west of st. louis for a short time during rush hour. 60 or more were arrested. >> we going to be all right. >> reporter: dozens more were taken into custody during a protest downtown at the federal court house, and supporters gathered in other cities throughout the day. >> i'm troubled by the continued police violence and overreach against people who are protesting against people who are out here exercising their rights. >> reporter: the protests were, for the most part, peaceful tuesday. after a gun battle sunday night that ended when police critically wounded 18-year-old tyrone harris jr. after they say
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he opened fire on undercover officers. in the wake of that violence, county leaders declared a state of emergency. >> last time, you know, around last year we saw a city burned and we are not going see that again. i'm taking every measure possible to avoid that scenario. >> reporter: in a community still on edge right now. the state of emergency provided more officers on the front lines, and officials say it will continue for as long as they believe it's necessary here. in ferguson, i'm jay gray. melissa, back to you now. >> jay, thank you. late last night a new sign that a big-name presidential candidate could be close to throwing in the towel. no, it is not donald trump although there is plenty of talk about him this morning. jimmy fallon has us covered. >> anyway, yesterday i called megyn kelly to personally not apologize. when i said blood was coming out of her wherever, i obviously
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meant nose and ears. if you think i was talking about something else, you're a deviant. i was not referring to hormones or menstruation, period. >> trump may be leading in the polls, but a huge conservative group is giving him the snub. the club for growth is giving its endorsement and money to five gop candidates, ted cruz, rand paul, marco rubio, scott walker and jeb bush. also this this morning, new information on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the state department has confirmed to nbc news clinton has certified under penalty of perjury that she has now turned over all work-related e-mails from her personal account that she used during her time as secretary of state. nbc's brian mooar is in washington this morning. brian, let's start with rick perry. there are signs that his presidential campaign may soon be over. >> reporter: yeah, there's news that rick perry's fundraising
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has all but dried up. he stopped paying staffers in the critical early voting states, but this morning it's not all bad news for the underdog. he's supposed to be the underdog, an afterthought, but democrat bernie sanders packed an arena in los angeles a day after drawing the biggest crowd of any 2016 presidential candidate. >> we have more than 27,000 people. >> reporter: front-runner hillary clinton is taking aim at republicans. >> the other side is pretty entertaining from time to time. you know, when they're not insulting and offending people -- >> reporter: but clinton didn't reserve that criticism for donald trump whose fellow republicans are struggling to get out from under his shadow. >> i can't win this race, but together we can win this race. >> reporter: carly fiorina is riding a post-debate wave. >> the one candidate to really
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come out of the under card republican debate stronger. >> reporter: unlike texas governor rick perry who's struggling this morning to keep his presidential hopes alive. a cash flash super pac is promising to keep him afloat through the iowa caulk wussit c there's no getting around it. this is bad news for rick perry. this morning the epa is racing to contain the toxic spill in colorado which the agency actually caused. at least 3 million gallons of mining waste has turned the animus river mustard yellow. the color is slowly fading but the pollution is making its way past communities and into other states as well. many people living nearby are frustrated and upscity -- upset >> i have a place in the valley now too. i live about 100 yards away from the river. >> the wastewater contains levels of led 3500 times higher than normal. copper, zinc, arsenic have also
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been found. despite all of that, preliminary tests indicate little danger to fish or wildlife. overnight a powerful reminder of how quick natural fires can get dangerous. crews in oregon were working to contain a grass fire when a huge trestle started to burn. it's a wooden bridge-like structure used to support train tracks. the goal then became to evacuate the people on the east side of that overpass. it burned into the night and then this. as you can see, the whole thing collapsed. the fallen pieces were still on fire for some time. the good news is that nobody was hurt. the original cause of that fire is still not known. and check out this dramatic dash cam video from taiwan. it shows a tornado flying over a car tearing down trees and swallowing a white mini van. the van was pulled down the road where it eventually got stuck between two trees. a woman can be seen on the right side of your screen.
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she was caught there by strong winds and reportedly suffered serious injuries although the time stamp on this video reads 2014, nbc has confirmed that it was from this past sunday when typhoon soudelor ripped through taiwan. the typhoon has killed at least 24 people in taiwan and also in china. meteorologist domenica davis is now here with our weather. good morning. >> hi, melissa. not looking at anything that severe but we do have flooding concerns on both coasts this morning. so we're looking at the east coast floosh flooding concerns and then through the rockies once again. all that monsoonal moisture will be working its way through colorado and colorado springs picked up several inches of rain yesterday. so that's going to continue with the chance of thunderstorms each and every day, really, with that moisture coming in through the end of the week. it's still very hot down to the south that. heat will eventually start to build west. so we will see temperatures in the interior northwest start to climb up as we head through the
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later part of the week. we'll make it up to 90 degrees in denver by wednesday. es will stay in the triple digits as well through much of the week. and that's a look at your tuesday forecast. >> domenica, thank you. a southern california police chase takes to the skies. plus a hit-and-run traffic accident that turned explosive. you're watching "early today." ♪ to the dodge ball bruisers, to the team rally cruisers, to the touchdown dancers, and the long distance chancers, ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
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(music plays) people are both soft and strong, which is why our products are too. and we believe in value, so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong. angel soft. be soft. be strong. fire department released this dash cam video showing a red car that had just been involved in a hit-and-run accident. it crashed into a home hitting a gas meter. luckily the family inside was able to get out in time, but
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investigators are still looking for this vehicle involved. in new york city two of the base jumpers who parachuted off the freedom tower in september of 2013 were fined $2,000 yesterday. they were also sentenced to serve at least 200 hours of community service each. andrew and james did manage to avoid jail time. the third jumper will face sentencing next week. southern california's well known for police chases, but not like this one. a 67-year-old man flying a motorized pair a glider got a little too close to a detention center. sheriff's deputies initially thought he was going to drop something into the prison complex. he was ordered to land and been arrested but he has since been released without cry station. now to a historic first. astronauts at the international space station have been able to grow vegetables in space. you can see them eating their own space grown lettuce. it is an important break through especially during long space missions. now let's get down to business with cnbc's landon
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dowdy. >> google is restructuring forming alphabet. it has web search, online shopping, health care and self-driving cars. its web page will lead alphabet. the biggest division will be google comprising search, ads, maps, youtube and android. ikea will now sell only led light bulbs. ikea says it will save consumers $3 billion in energy costs from energy bulbs it sold in the past few years. before itunes and spotify there was the columbia house record club. since peaking in the 1990s, the mail order business which promised 8 cds for a penny has struggled mightily. now the parent company is struggling and plans to sell columbia house at auction.
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this morning on "today" what would you do if you saw a drunk person get behind a wheel? jeff rossen has a hidden camera
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experiment. step in and step off. and for sports, i'll send it over to my friend betty nguyen. >> the u.s. olympic rowing team. 13 rowers on a 30 member team came down with an illness. the team doctor said she suspected it was due to pollution in the lake. the u.s. coach said 13 athletes and 4 staffers including herself suffered from gastrointestinal symptoms during the two-week training in rio. olympic officials have not ruled out the fact that the illnesses could have come from food or drinking water. rory mcilroy says he's 100% ready to play. thursday will be his first competitive round of golf since the u.s. open. the world's number one golfer injured ligaments in his left ankle playing soccer which left him on crutches. he's paired with masters and u.s. open champion jordan spieth and zach johnson for the first two rounds.
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nbc sports has extended its deal to carry the england premier league for six more years. it's a $250 million deal. a scary moment during the tour to utah. an irish rider come speeding and crashes into a car. scary. he posted this photo on twitter with the caption, all good in the hood, guys. thanks for the messages. we do wish him well. baltimore ravens wide receiver steve smith announced he will retire after the 2015 season. smith and tim brown are the only players in nfl history to eclipse 13,000 receiving yards and 4,000 return yards. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton was involved in a scum during training camp. they said that the scuffle began because mormon had stiff armed newton after intercepting the pass. after they got up newton told norman hit me like that and you'll know something.
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from flowers at the bench that was made famous in "goodwill hunting" to where his daughter posted this on his 64th birthday. melissa gilbert from the iconic tv show "little house on the prairie" will run as a democratic against mike bishop. at the tv associations press tour, that 70s show actor says he wants to play dezy arnez and has a lucy in mind and says there are very few who have the ability to play her but i think mila kunes can do it. sandra lee is recovering from a double mastectomy. my plan is game, set, match. channing tatum posted this photo yesterday to honor a
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special forces soldier who was under attack. he met peter mckenna on a uso tour in february. one of donald trump's aids recently quit or did he? jimmy fallon explains. >> and a top aid to donald trump says he quit because of trump's public feuds but trump said he was fired. when asked what he was fired for trump said, quitting. all of this buzz around who's going to replace him on the apprentice. >> i know. >> different names. >> i know. right? it will be really interesting to see how that actually turns out. there's always jimmy fallon to count on for a laugh about that. i'm milissa rehberger. this is "early today." we hope it is just your first stop of the day on nbc. ♪ food should be good. strawberries should sing. lettuce should be dirty.
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leading the news in u.s.a. today, take the vapors. londoners buzz over breeze@booze. the london bar called alcoholic architecture used humid did i phiers to pump gin and tonic in. that sounds scary. patrons who breathe in vape pons soak it in through the skin and the eyes. and from mother nature network, say hello to the virgin rainbow. the finest open pal ever unearthed. this is an opal made of silica and water. it is worth over $1 million. the gem stone will be unveiled in september at a museum in australia. also in the news, a man killed in baltimore this week has become the city's 200th
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homicide this year. there's been a recent spike in the city's murder rate. the most in 40 years. this comes after months of unrest following the death of freddie gray in police custody. a family in texas has been reunited with their dog after the miniature australian shepherd was found more than 900 miles away. the pup went missing from her home in houston, texas. somehow was found in northeastern florida. the vet was able to contact her family thanks to a microchip. and researchers are now saying that skipping breakfast may not actually cause weight gain after all. for years dietary guidelines for the federal government had said no breakfast means more weight. well, now a new columbia university study shows that may not be the case. they say the guidelines have been based on speculation, not fact. new dietary guidelines are the basis for shaping school lunch menus and other government food programs. a panda bear in china gave birth to four cubs last week. the cubs have passed a critical
4:28 am
seven-day period which shows whether or not a newborn panda will survive. look at how little they are. so far they're doing just fine. this according to breeders. they're eating well. they're gaining weight normally. check out what they're doing. the care takers are massaging the cubs bellies with cotton balls. i want to volunteer for that job. >> i know. >> i want that job, right? >> they're so little. isn't that just amazing. >> i know. >> now for a look ahead. nik wallenda, king of the high wire is at it again. he is bringing his tight wire act to the wisconsin state fair today. wallenda will attempt his longest ever tight rope act just over 1500 feet. he's going to do it 10 stories above the milwaukee mile racetrack. happy birthday to thor actor chris hemsworth. he turns 31. actress viola davis is 50 and wrestling legend hulk hogan turns 62. now keep it right here for more news, weather and sports. i'm milissa rehberger. thanks for watching "early today." have a great one.
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shots fired overnight in san francisco, two men found fighting for their lives on city streets. the search for the shooter is underway had morning. and only under certain conditions. san jose city council expected to pave the way for a pilot drone program. plus the traffic change coming to san francisco that could cost you hundreds in fines if you don't follow the rules. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." a good tuesday morning. it's 430 toib. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to this morning. let's first check that forecast with meteorologist kari hall. good morning. >> good morning. we have some cool temperatures as we start out the day. right now it's 62 degrees in the


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