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tv   Today  NBC  August 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> hi, everybody. it's tuesday, august 11, 2015. that song is called "love myself" by hailey steinfeld. >> the actress! >> i think we may be hearing the song for the very first time. >> first time ever? >> i think so. i think it's very new. it's very new. we have a great show today. a handsome star. he's really become kind of -- he's quickly becoming a big hollywood name. his name is army hammer.
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his movie is much anticipated, "the man from uncle." he does a mean russian accent. >> yes. with can't wait to hear it. maybe the whole interview. >> we'll see if he'll do that. elvis durand is here with an artist you have heard of or your kids have. teen sensation austin mahone. he has a song called "mm, yeah." >> it's good. >> are we cranking? ♪ >> he's fun. also, do you know the breadsticks at olive garden? >> that's all you want. >> breadsticks and salad. we'll learn to make them. >> and the salad, too. >> all right. that is all coming up. we want to let everybody know that kathie lee is hearing you. the outpouring of love and support has been amazing.
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it's been all over the facebook and twitter page. cass texted me this morning and said to let everybody know how much she appreciates the love, prayers and well wishes. today, you know, a lot of people have been asking about cassidy and cody to see how they are doing. a lot of america grew up watching those two kids grow up. cassidy did an instagram tribute to her dad yesterday. this is what she wrote. it's touching. she wrote, "very few people are blessed enough to call their father a legend and an even smaller number are able to share that notion with the rest of the world." it went on to say, "i lost my best friend and despite the worldly passing of an incredible man i know heaven gained one stud of an angel." she thanked everybody for support. that picture of cass and her dad is perfect. >> so sweet. >> cody thanked everybody on twitter for kind messages that the family has been receiving
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using the hashtag, # fight on and live on. we'll do something kathie lee would want us to do, get on with the show. i know that's how -- >> look how they raised those children. >> amazing. >> that's what everybody wants, right? to raise people like that. >> those two kids, by the way, i will say -- this is a weird thing. i don't know why i'm saying it. when i went to kathie's house i saw cody at the door. do you know what he said? he looked at me and said, i just want to wish you a happy birthday. that's what he said. so these kids are the most selfless people. who would have thought of that ever. >> for cassidy to write something that beautiful about her dad, it just epitomizes the love in the family. >> there is a lot of love in your family. >> a lot of love in my stomach. >> this baby is due soon. it could be today.
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>> it could be. i'm hoping it's not in the next 53 minutes and 45 seconds. >> that would not be pretty. >> you know, i have witnessed a water breaking. >> yours did. >> mine broke at my baby shower. mila came into the world in a spectacular way. let's say that. >> have you explained the notion of a big sister. >> mila is excited but she's taking a regression. i'm not sure if people feel this way. just on sunday he was giving her a bath. and said are you going to share your bathtub with baby sissy? no! i can't help but love the bad faces. she goes like this, no! so cute like a little warthog. no! i said you have to share daddy with baby sissy. >> she said -- >> my daddy! there she is.
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>> what an adorable family. do you believe you will have another baby girl? >> no. i'm terrified. >> how do you think it will be having two kids? >> it's going to be great. >> you grew one a sister. >> and you grew up with a sister, one of the closest people in your life. >> yes. >> i can't wait. that's what my mom keeps doing. she sent a baby picture of barbara and me where i'm strangling her with pure love. she was like, this is auntie barbara and mommy. look how much auntie barbara and mommy love each other. >> your mom is a good teacher. isn't she? vin diesel shared a picture of his daughter. >> oh, my gosh. that makes me excited. >> pauline was born in march, named after paul walker, his friend who passed away from "the fast and furious." he said when i was in the delivery room i felt like paul was there.
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that's so cute. we are going to switch gears. >> all right. >> do you know who kylie jenner is? >> yes. what did you get for your 18th birthday? can you remember? >> no. we didn't get things. >> i don't know. >> we never got anything big enough to remember like, oh, my, that was the year of the computer. >> my boyfriend gave me a james avery ring. it was in the malls. >> like spencer gifts? no? >> we had spencer gifts. he probably got the card there. it was an angel ring. >> and you loved it. >> the cost didn't matter. >> kylie jenner turned 18. her boyfriend, rapper tyga -- t-y-g-a -- in case you are wondering. >> i was. >> tyga got her a ferrari with a bow on it. people say it is between a quarter million to upwards of $300,000, depending on how many bells and whistles were added.
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the bow was there. they were in the club with the family celebrating her birthday. they all got out, piled in the car. i mean, okay, everybody's shocked. is that her? >> she went blond. >> oh, it's blond. >> she must have gone blond. >> that's tyga. look, he's reached the point where when you give someone a ferrari, that's a mountaintop of gifts. >> i don't know what else you do. >> he performed at kendall's sweet 16. that's when they got together. they have been dating and breaking up. oh, my gosh. >> wow. i don't know how to feel about this. >> i would have trouble if my daughter said, look, my boyfriend got me a $300,000 ferrari, i would have trouble saying, sweetie, keep that car. >> once you go that high you can't imagine. but once you go that high on a gift what do you have to look forward to? >> nothing. i don't know.
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it seems like a lot. i think it's way too much. plus, if you are in an on again off again. you're not together, married. >> even together and married. that ain't a good idea, husband, to start off with a luxury car. what are you going to give them for the 50th? >> kylie is estimated at $6 million. tyga, according to some reports is having financial problems. >> shock. >> he has a lien for more than $200,000 from a jeweler. we haven't been able to confirm all this. anyway, tmz reported he's being sued by his landlords, owes $125,000. >> doesn't look good. >> no, it doesn't. tyga denied the tmz report that he's having financial troubles. we shall see. >> after this story that got me worked up. >> tell me. >> i want to calm myself. do you know you can calm yourself in four words? twitter is reporting on this. >> twitter does viral questions.
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they asked people, give us your four words. >> okay. >> i like this. ready? just be. you're enough. >> or this, too, shall pass. >> breathe in, breathe out. >> everything's going to be all right. >> some of the funny ones we like. >> nobody else? >> the other ones that are good. there's always bacon. >> hey, everybody, let's eat. >> i like that one. >> your favorite. >> the coffee is ready. >> doesn't it make you feel good? four words strung together can make you feel better. >> what's yours? >> i have three words. i had one but it's kind of porno. >> please, do it! >> are you ready in the booth? i will do the good one first. three words. be here now. >> that's good. >> here's the porno one.
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scratch my egyptian -- come on, control room. oh! ready now? >> this reminds me of the "saturday night live" skit. my sister and i have been reliving this. i'm good enough, i'm smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me. >> that's a lot more than four words. >> i strung two phrases together. do you know what i'm saying? >> i like it. >> i think breathing -- >> don't you think? in and out. do you believe you will have that baby in a couple of days. >> i will be doing a lot of breathing. >> this friday we are giving five lucky viewers a prize. if you didn't enter last week, enter again. go to we have terrific prizes. the cold war thriller with a slew of hot stars. >> we have one of them here.
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armie hammer has appeared in dozens of movies and tv series over the last decade but you probably know him best as his turn as the winklevoss twins in the facebook inspired movie "social network" or from "mirror mirror" as prince andrew opposite julia roberts. >> now he's starring in "the man from u.n.c.l.e."based on a popular 1960s series from the same name. armie plays a kgb agent forced to team up with an american to protect a spy. >> but it turns out to be more difficult than expected. take a look. ♪ >> i'm dancing by myself. i need a partner. i need your hand. >> you're not an east german. don't you make me put you over
10:15 am
my knee. >> so you don't want to dance? but you do want to wrestle? >> i did not say that. >> oh, armie, armie, she has her way with you. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> so you were not expecting that slap. >> no, i was not. so apparently the director said -- maybe he just wanted to slap me. >> your audition for this film with guy ritchie was unique. that's a way to characterize it. >> true. >> describe what that was like. >> well, the first time i ever met him they said "guy wants to meet you at his house." i was like great, perfect. really nervous, i prepared my audition and i get ready and they're like "it's an audition, you'll read the scenes." okay. so i'm in work mode. i show up in 100% work mode, get to his house, knock on the door, open the door and they go "guy's out back, he's waiting for you." and i walk back and he's laying in the pool.
10:16 am
i was like is this what we're doing? he's like, oh, yeah. and we continued to have the rest of the meeting with him in the pool. >> was he dressed? >> well, as dressed as you would be in the pool. he was wearing shorts but it's one of those things where i'm fully dressed sitting on the side of the pool. i'm thinking do i look at him? do i like -- sunbathe? i'm not sure what i'm doing here. >> did you read the lines? >> not at all, not at all. not the first time. >> you just chatted? >> the first time he said to me, you know, i hear -- is the guy ready with the buzzer? >> be ready with the buzzer. >> he says "basically americans are pretty bad at accents. can you do a russian accent." i was like, i don't know, i can try. he said, let's hear it. >> well, we heard you're really good. will you teach us? >> oh, no, no. i learned on youtube so if you want to learn just go on youtube. i'm not kidding. i'm serious. just go on youtube and type "russian." is that a hard accent to master? >> yeah, it is. >> yeah. >> any accent that's different
10:17 am
from your own is difficult. especially when you're hearing yourself doing it and you're like i sound ridiculous. this is stupid. >> did he say to you "you got the accent, you're good." >> i did and he goes "that's not bad. i guess that will work." >> by the way, it looks like such a cool place. you were shooting in so many awesome places. where are you? >> we went to london, we were in rome. we were in naples. we went a little bit to the amalfi coast. it was heaven. like, it was one of those things we never wanted to end. some of the locations were in the most beautiful places i've ever seen. we shot on the spanish steps for two nights and shut down the whole spanish steps. so people in period costumes and alfa romeos and people on vespas, women in dresses. it was gorgeous. >> let's talk about the stunts. you did them all? >> as many as they thought "oh, he probably won't kill himself." [ laughter ] >> but there was one where you were underwater and you had a little bit of trouble. am i right? >> well, thankfully we avoided the trouble. they rectified the situation
10:18 am
before it got all the way to the trouble stage. but someone thought it would be a good idea to tie a cinder block to my foot in a pool and they said "we're going to drop you in the pool and henry will swim down and grab you and you'll come back to the surface." they were supposed to put a slip knot on my foot. so if he pulls me the cinder block comes up. it was basically a mob execution. so they dropped me in the pool and the first time henry grabs me and he starts swimming to the surface and he's like "armie, you're getting fat." nope, you're on your own. and he lets me go and i felt myself drifting back down and i'm like this is not what's supposed to happen. before anything happened, luckily a diver came over and gave me air and figured out what was wrong with my foot. >> if armie hammer is in a movie you know it will be a great one. we can't wait. "the man from uncle" hits theaters this friday. >> and tell your beautiful wife, she was a pal of mine from college, i love her. tell her i said hi. she should be here. >> she was supposed to be. >> there she is.
10:19 am
look how cute she is. the man from radio, elvis duran, shows off the artist of the month. >> austin mahone has new music for us coming up right after this.
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usually when we bring you elvis duran's artist of the month he brings you someone whose career is about to take off. >> but today the national radio host brought someone we all know very well and your kids know even better. >> he's 19-year-old pop
10:23 am
sensation austin mahone and he's out with a new single called "dirty work". >> i like it already. >> i like switching gears like this. it's nice. >> what made you decide to do this? >> austin and i met each other three years ago. he walked in my studio, austin and a guitar. he performed a song a cappella, blew everyone away. we knew he was on his way to big things. >> was it a meteoric rise or did it take a minute? >> it took a minute. it was like me posting videos on youtube two or three years. >> and youtube got your career to take off. tell us about this new single. it's different. >> hello. what is it? >> and you're all grown up. >> i'm 19 now. "dirty work" is my single and it just came out. i shot the video and we did in the an office setting and we had these crazy actors and there was a lot of fun. >> the video has already been out since the end of last month. there's already four million, maybe five million hits on it. >> do the girl throws themselves at you? that was happening.
10:24 am
>> sometimes, yeah. >> stand back. >> look at that smile. >> they're going to try to throw themselves at you. >> she's about to have a baby. >> really? congratulations. >> can't you tell? >> well, she just said. >> no, i mean you can tell. >> when i heard this single i had to say "what about the album? we want more. i have been promised before the end of the year austin mahone's album will be out so all us mahomey's will be out. >> is it similar or different? >> it's a fresh new push. it has a different kind of thrust -- my word. different propulsion. he's going to perform it for you in a minute. >> we can't wait. austin, you'll sing for us in a little bit. we also have your kids looking cool for back to school after your local news. >> i love transitions. >> don't you?
10:25 am
♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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squeeze. stir. share. [ male announcer ] only true match has l'oreal's technology to match your skin's unique tone and undertone. 100% guaranteed. my skin. my story. my true match. [ male announcer ] from l'oreal. ♪ move your body move your bodi good morning, everyone. 10:26. i'm scott mcgrew. the san jose police department today will ask the city council for approval to use a drone in an experimental program. the police department which in the past had denied purchasing a
10:27 am
drone now says it would like to test it in conjunction with the bomb squad. while the council is expected to give the go-ahead, the drone will remain grounded because the police do not have permission from the faa. in ferguson, missouri, the tensions are getting worse. we don't have video of this yet. but there are reports this morning by "the washington post" that civilian militia carrying automatic weapons have arrived at the town. they call themselves the keepers. we'll have a look at traffic and weather after the break. =trx at ck=
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. 70s and 80s across most of the bay but 60s near the coast. in san francisco, expect a high of 68 degrees. half moon bay also at 68. in the south bay, san jose topping out at 79. and the north bay, look for highs in the lower 80s. but fremont, 75. and danville a high of 75 degrees. dublin topping out at 86. let's see how traffic is moving now with anthony. >> we're still seeing the slow spots through palo alto. you can see the slowing there but no accidents coming through 101 on the southbound side or the northbound side. san jose northbound, 101 slow past santa clara but no accidents there. a on the dumbarton bridge, you see there. oakland, more cars still here, but once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, stop and go
10:30 am
here this morning. >> thank you. make sure to join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. see you then. we're back with jenna bush hager filling in for kathie lee today. as we head deep into august, the back to school season gets closer and closer. >> i know, sad! but for a lot of kids the best part about headed back to the classroom is new clothes. >> the senior life-style editor of went shopping for clothes your kids will love. hey, amy. you always come up with good, cute ideas. >> yes! >> for the little ones, you've got something from you called animal instincts. >> big bold prints on sweaters, shirts. and at zulily we like to help you save money every day on clothes that you love. >> elizabeth, raise your hand. >> this shirt is $4.99 from h&m, adorable baby bunny here.
10:31 am
on zion from hannah anderson we have the applique wolf. this is adorable. and the blues, slightly warmer. this is a droid r2d2 backpack. >> and what about roan? >> this is salt city emporium. we have the fwold wolf and i love the military tie-in with the cargo shorts. >> how do you like how you look? thumb's up? show your purse, i like the purse with the kitty. >> adorable. >> animals are everywhere. >> you guys can have circle time now. now we can sit down and play. >> and i see leal and joseph. >> hi, joseph. this is like a throwback. >> popular playeds. >> yes. >> i like you can use this for school time straight to the holidays. ella has an adorable plaid shirt dress that has so many details on it. so sweet. the shoes from the children's place, those riding boots and on joseph we have separates here from tommy hilfiger, shorts are great for warmer climates that ease into the fall and you can switch into pants later. also the shoes from the children's place.
10:32 am
>> how cute! do you like your sweater? >> do you love it? >> is it cute? are you happy? >> do you like your look? >> joseph is quite the sharp dresser, let me tell you. >> i think i see two people we recognize, right? mackey and fiona. >> mackey is doing studying. >> so here we have if the knit fits. so much knit wear on the market this season. on fiona it's really at zulily about embracing your fashion personality so we have a knit dress here. if that's too much for you from bowden, you could just do the tights. >> i like the look. >> aren't they fun? >> fiona, do you like it? >> so great. >> and fab kids shoes on both kids. they are fabulous kids. >> what about mr. mack? >> on mack, a beautiful cardigan sweater from j. crew. it's a glow in the dark t-shirt. >> have you tested that? >> we did actually. so much glow in the dark on backpacks and skirts and shirts and amazingly soft pants from tea collection. you want things that will be comfortable. >> i love this.
10:33 am
i can't stand it. >> those are hoda's shoes. she wants those. >> mackey, let's see that smile. that's your best accessory. >> let's do a tight shot on that. >> that's the best accessory. >> we know he got this from his mother. >> joanne. >> moving along, we have this sporty lounge look because it's about athleisurewear and having that comfortable look for kids. i saw jogger pants everywhere. this is about jogger and trainer pants. so we have separates from old navy here on jared but check out this shirt. this is from junk food. "star wars." >> do you like "star wars"? >> yes. >> oh, good. >> if you are a "star wars" fan now is the season to load up. >> but you have to tie your shoes. or is that the look? >> that's hip. >> it's totally hip. >> to be a little undone but laid back and cool. and here on olivia we have separates. good catch and save there, by the way. >> that was totally laid back but hip and cool! >> from h&m, don't you love the
10:34 am
lace cutouts on the shoulders of that sweatshirt? totally dress it up. this is so affordable, under $15 for that amazing sweatshirt and the star leggings. >> let's get to our rockers. i can't handle what i'm looking at. >> you look like a band. >> are y'all in a band? >> yeah. >> right now they are. >> exactly. so on our teens the thing that grounds both of this look on caroline and kingsley is those faux leather moto jackets and she has an amazing dress by abercrombie kids which is mixed media and then ankle booties. on kingsley he has an amazing tony hawk shirt. the graphic print shirts oh on kids are fantastic with faded jeans from gap kids. >> we have to show kingsley's smile, too. >> and his eyes. look at this. >> and caroline's, too. >> and embracing their style personalities, i think, no matter what the trend is. i want kids to feel confident and feel empowered by the clothes they have. >> do you feel empowered? >> you look great. >> you guys, thanks to
10:35 am
everybody. you were terrific. >> thanks, guys. for these ideas and others for back-to-school looks, go to >> when you say "salad and bread sticks" only one name comes to mind. >> olive garden. >> we'll make those two for you, your favorites. and if you are a mahomey -- >> we all are. are you a mahomey? >> austin is going to sing for us right after this. n, stiffnes, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz.
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earlier we met austin mahone. >> and now he's going to sing his latest hit. >> it's called "dirty work." look at all the mahomeys out there! [ cheers and applause ] >> the one, the only, austin mahon mahone. >> and now, everybody to the dance floor. ♪ rolling my sleeves up in here to make you smile ear the ear ♪ girl i've been hitting that, hitting that graveyard shift ♪ you won't find another one built for this, dirty work ♪ dirty work ♪ maybe i don't need no help,
10:41 am
i'll do it all by my myself ♪ girl i've been putting in, putting in over time ♪ you ain't got to tell me what's on your mind ♪ dirty work, dirty work note note? ♪ cause when you do what you love you're nonthat love what you do ♪ you know i do it with love ♪ each night i do it with love when i do it for you ♪ it's the dirty work, somebody's gotta do it ♪ dirty work, so we're getting into it ♪ dirty work, get your body moving ♪ it ain't no nine to five, we're going sundown to sunrise, dirty work ♪ ♪ dirty work ♪ i'm filthy down to the core, leave all your stress at the
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10:43 am
♪ cause when you do what you love you're gonna love what you ♪ i do it with love every time i'm with you ♪ every time i'm with you ♪ it's the dirty work, somebody's gotta do it ♪ dirty work, so weer geegt into it ♪ it's the dirty work, go and get your body moving ♪ you know it ain't no nine to five, we're going sundown to sunrise ♪ dirty work >> that was -- >> so much fun! >> isn't that excellent? >> elvis, you were right. by the way, your mahomeys know every single word. [ cheers and applause ] unlimited salad and bread sticks at your fingertips after this. >> that was awesome! thank you, austin. moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand.
10:44 am
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we are about to make you so hungry. there's nothing better than a warm basket of bread that comes to your table when you go out to dinner. >> and one popular restaurant chain is famous for its yummy buttery bread sticks and the salad. but really the bread sticks. >> that's olive garden. so our "today" food team has come up with a homemade version of these recipes and hear what the restaurant redo is the host of "eat the trim" on pop sugar, brandy malloy. >> thank you so much for having me. >> today you're especially popular. >> you can smell the garlic and butter when you're walking up the stairs, right? >> we've been talking about carbs since 7:00 a.m. this morning. >> you can't have a salad without the bread sticks. this is an easy recipe. you can make homemade dough from
10:50 am
scratch but i like to buy the dough already made in the refrigerator aisle. flour, butter and garlic salt and that's the ingredient that gives it the olive garden taste. so we have refrigerated dough and each of you have two ounces of that. so you're going to take your dough and, like anything, you don't want to play with the dough too much, ladies. this is fundamental. >> that's hard for hoda but she'll do the best she can. >> look at that. you've already -- >> palms of your hands, ladies. >> this is therapeutic. >> and what we're looking for is seven inches. so we want a good healthy seven inches. it's the perfect size. >> we have some guys with issues here. you guys are all sick. >> we're talking about bread sticks. >> does that look nice? >> why is it pointy at the end? >> i don't know. >> here, measure mine. >> that's exactly seven inches. >> let's check mine. >> i know seven inches. >> a little scant on the edge we
10:51 am
could do a half inch more. >> don't skimp on the inches. >> every inch counts okay? >> so now what do we do? >> we put this on to our parchment-lined baking sheet and cover it with plastic wrap. and the key with these bread sticks is you want to let them rise for 90 minutes. >> so you really have to have some time. >> so after 90 minutes they double in size. they'll still be a little firm but they're nice and fluffy and now we can bake them. >> so that's the rise, okay. >> so hoda if you can nut in the oven, i'll grab the ones we already baked. we baked them at 400 -- oh, you can pretend to put them in the oven. >> that's what we've been waiting for. >> so you put them in for 12 to 15 minutes. this is when the magic happens. melted butter. >> stop it. >> and jenna if you want to help with the garlic salt. just sprinkle it on top. >> we don't need too much.
10:52 am
>> sometimes after i've eaten three of these bread sticks i want to just take the bread stick and bite it from the top just to get the garlic salt and then i just leave this remnant. >> like an ear of corn. is it good? >> so good. >> let's do the salad. >> so it's a mortal sin to have the bread sticks without the salad. >> why are we even doing this? >> this is like the power couple of entrees at a restaurant, the bread sticks and the salad. this dressing is easy to make. starts with mayonnaise, white vinegar, olive oil, sugar, lemon juice, water, two types of cheese, italian seasoning and parsley. and then our usual suspects for the salad. so into our blender we have our mayonnaise and hoda if you want to help me put everything in here. >> lemon juice. >> can i step in. >> we're going to puree this until it's nice and smooth. i mean, i love this dressing because this is what i use the bread sticks to kind of like -- >> dip! >> soften it up. >> i love to dip. >> a little sugar?
10:53 am
>> is that a lot of sugar? >> just a little bit. >> can you cut this back if you feel like you need to? >> ladies, let's not get ahead of ourselves. so we'll blend that until it's smooth. >> we have a few seconds. so you toss this up? >> everything you need, the pep ron kme pers, romain. >> great segment. we're so happy right now. >> we've been really wanting this bread stick all day. >> oh, good. >> for the recipes, and i know you want them, go to tod >> and we're back after we eat all the bread sticks. >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
i want to thank jenna for helping me out. i can't believe this might be
10:57 am
your last "today" appearance before the baby. >> i think this is. >> how are you feeling okay? >> i feel good. >> let us know the details. we want photos soon. >> i will. >> tomorrow matt will come and help me out. >> that's not too shabby. >> i know. lilliana will give lucky teens a back-to-school surprise. >> and you're digging into jill's shopping bag for the items you can't believe you lived without. >> plus trivia about the place jenna once called home. we're talki
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
from a vote that uld give n jose police the abily to fla drone. fighting crime from the air. we're just hours away from the vote that could give san jose police the ability to fly a drone. >> san jose police may be a step closer to flying that robot over san jose. it's been a controversial idea because police want the drone without telling the public. >> had chuck coppola is live at san jose police. any idea how the vote is going to go? >> we will findut


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