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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. breaking news in morgan hill right now. good evening. >> a standoff with a felon. police have surrounded a home. this is happening on manner court. take a look at the map. officers say they received this tip as the suspect was seen in this area at about 1:00 this afternoon. since that point, the neighborhood has been evacuated,
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and right now morgan hill police believe the suspect is still inside of the home alone. police have yet to tell us what he's wanted for. also new at 11:00, an alarming sight in mountain view. police officers and the s.w.a.t. team armed with machine guns. the police order -- keep the peace. ian cull is there this afternoon with more. >> reporter: police basically locked this area down. no one was even allowed in the parking lot of the event, because the speaker's life has been threatened by terrorist groups in the past. however, people who live around here say this was all just a big inconvenience. police on guard, shutting down part of the road, all for a dutch politician, known for his anti-islam views, like trying to ban the koran in his country. >> we are going to move here in
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a minute. >> reporter: the security comes after two gunmen fired outside an event in texas earlier this year, where a contest was held to draw muhammad. tonight, there was calm outside. hundreds attended the event hosted by a conservative forum, where builders spoke on why the west should stop the spread of islamic political and cultural influence. >> i thought it was a tremendous speech and saying what is very plain in front of our eyes. >> reporter: he left in a small caravan heavily guarded. police say their presence was similar to events of other foreign dignitaries and staffing was shifted to offset cops. others who live nearby, unsure of the event's speaker. >> i think it's great that we can actually have forums and discuss topics like this safely.
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but i don't necessarily have to agree with the opinions held. >> reporter: tickets for the event were $20 to $40. no word where he headed afterwards. >> thank you, ian. san francisco sheriff has his full driving privileges last night after the dmv suspended his license in february for not reporting a crash. the crash was minor. he did not report it to the dmv as required. the sheriff thought his insurance company was going to handle it. tonight, he says he's paid all the fees and has been cleared to drive. a showdown tonight between bicyclists and the city of san francisco. the beef -- over tickets. police issued close to 200 citations last week and tonight the battle comes to a head. terry mcsweeney has more.
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>> reporter: there is something of a peace treaty to report tonight. san francisco police saying they're going to back off on the crackdown on bicyclists, though they reserve the right to bring it back at any time. bicyclists say if you want to go after the problem, go after the people driving those four-wheeled vehicles. bicyclists were putting their foot down today, literally. this demonstration was meant to show the traffic jam that ensues if every bicyclist makes a complete stop at every stop sign. >> i don't think that anybody should be running stop signs. they're there for a reason. >> this is about pedestrians that don't stop. every morning i get almost hit at least once or twice. >> reporter: the two sides came together at their neighborhood meeting at the park place station. police pointing out that more than 200 citations were given out last week, most through
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bicyclists. >> we're trying to encourage the cyclists to share the road and do it in a very safe way, abide by the rules of the road. >> reporter: a spokesman for the san francisco bicycle coalition says if cops are -- the police department says the answer to the problem is for both sides to come together with open minds and stop shouting at each other. san francisco has a plan called vision zero, designed to put an end to bicycle deaths by 2024. score one for the little guy, at least for now. tonight, a temporary victory for people living in san jose's mobile home parks. it's a common fight. they're trying to fend off those high-priced developers. this is a big issue in san jose, which has 59 mobile home parks,
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more than any other city in the state. developers have been snatching up parks, putting 35,000 people at risk of losing their homes in san jose. they're mostly seniors and lower wage workers. city leaders approved a six-month moratorium on any park closures. >> we cannot force these owners to stay in business. i want to make sure that we have a team approach, where the owners are listening to the residents and the residents are listening to the owners. >> here's the plan. the city wants to revise a 1986 ordinance that deals with mobile home park closures. another key move tonight in san jose. a green light for sjpd to use drones. but there's a catch. the drones can only be used during hostage or search and rescue operations. the bomb squad can also use them. but they cannot be used for surveillance. the faa has to approve the pilot
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cram that could start in 2017. today, governor brown signed legislation banning the use of secret grand juries when it comes to deciding if a police officer should be indicted for killing someone. the purpose -- to be more plans parent. cheryl hurd has reaction from all sides. cheryl? >> reporter: the city of san jose has had its share of officer involved shootings. in fact, two in a six-hour period. the governor's move today, somewhat controversial and not everyone agrees with it. >> i really think it's disappointing. i don't think it's going to have a major effect on cases. >> reporter: attorney harry stern has successfully defended peace officers in a number of cases in the bay area. he feels the new legislation is not a big deal. >> as it stands now, district attorneys are allowed to directly file the action they think can be supported by the evidence, and i'm not sure that
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this is really anything other than window dressing and kind of a political move. >> reporter: a move that comes after secret grand juries in ferguson, missouri and staten island, new york, made decisions not to bring charges against officers who killed unarmed black men. protesters demanding transparency and the lack of charges against those officers sparked riots in ferguson and other cities. >> the passage of this bill is a game changer. >> reporter: former judge ladoris kordell says the law is long overdue. swhaz they have done by passing this bill is doing something concrete and saying secrecy has no place in the criminal justice system. >> reporter: she says especially when it comes to officer involved shootings resulting in the death of someone. oscar grant was shot and killed by a former b.a.r.t. police officer in 2009. prosecutors charged the officer with murder, but was convicted
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of involuntary manslaughter instead. he says this legislation doesn't go far enough. >> it would be tremendous had it been on a national, a federal more than a state issue. so because of that, i don't see it as a real step towards transparency. >> reporter: the new legislation will go into effect on january 1st. live in san jose, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. the governor signed a bill making it clear that taking pictures of police or videoing officers is okay. you may remember this video of a police officer recording police activity in her neighborhood. but there are limits to recording officers. it's illegal to obstruct an arrest or film on private property where you don't have the right to be. no official word on who he
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is. a man was found dead after an explosion after a west oakland apartment. it happened as the deputies were serving an eviction notice on peralta street this morning. a lock smith was drilling through a jammed door when the sparks ignited this explosion. there were signs of a booby trap and a severed gas line. experts suspect the remains are of the tenant. the fire rages on. new concerns from the jerusalem fire in lake county. it's more than doubled in size from last night, now 14,000 acres and might merge with the rocky fire. the jerusalem fire is at about 5% containment. mandatory evacuations continue in the jerusalem valley as dozens of homes are threatened. next at 11:00, they have the licenses, but they didn't earn them. details of the dmv scan that put all california drivers in
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danger. they cost about 30 cents but could save millions of gallons of water. a new idea that could be a game changer during this drought. plus, they might put a charge in your wardrobe. the jeans that could power your smartphone. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking a storm system offshore. there is rainfall associated with it. we'll let you know where this is headed coming up in the forecast.
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a unsettling sight thrunway. ay an unsettling sight on the runway. you see that there? a southwest jet nose down. this jet skidded off the runway at orlando international. thankfully, the southwest plane didn't have any passengers on board. it was being pulled through a hangar for maintenance when the nose gear collapsed. for years, there were threats but now it appears a reality. the raiders took a big step moving south to l.a. the bay area would lose a lot of business here. henry wofford joins us now. this could happen as early as
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next year. >> oakland would love to remain the home of the raiders, but it aspears the city has a night. today, the nfl vice president says the city of oakland has not made any viable proposal to keep their football team. when the team owner mark davis was asked the things could still work out for oakland, davis said, i don't know. >> this certainly isn't a good thing for the oakland situation. i think what we're seeing is nfl frustration building with not a lot there in oakland, and raiders' frustration building and there's other things happening in l.a. that are moving forward. >> the raiders and chargers are committed to l.a. if that happens, you've created a mega market that runs from santa barbara to mexico. >> reporter: the raiders and chargers have discussed sharing a stadium in carson, but with three teams vying for two spots,
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commissioner roger goodell says the team owners realize if they file for relocation, there's a chance they won't be approved. we'll keep you updated. hillary clinton has agreed to hand over her private e-mail server to the government after two e-mails were found to have top secret information. clinton has handed over tens of thousands of e-mails last year. republicans claim this development make clear she knew she did something wrong. clinton has always maintained she did nothing wrong. she said if any classified information was exchanged, it was between her e-mail and a government address. cyber crime hits wall street. hackers and traders busted for making $100 million by stealing insider information. it's the biggest case of its kind. investigators say a group of u.s. traders hired ukrainian
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hackers to break into computers of three pr companies. those agencies release information for businesses. hackers fill press releases before they went public and sold the info. >> the hackers were relentless and patient. they maintained access to the victim news wires for sometimes long stretches of time, more than years. when they lost access, starting over and regaining access. >> the scheme went on for the past five years. nine people are facing criminal charges and warrants have been issued for several hackers in ukraine. putting trust on california roads illegally. that's what three dmv employees are being accused of. the employees allegedly changed computer records to show that truck drivers had passed written and practical driving tests. the owners of three truck driving schools are also
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charged. suspects are from several cities. driver fatigue is to blame. investigators say it was the main cause in that crash that left tracy morgan in a coma last year. today, during a public hearing in washington, d.c., the ntsb revealed that the walmart truck driver had been awake for 28 straight hours when he failed to slow down on the new jersey turnpike, triggering a six-car accident, killing morgan's fellow comedian and friend jimmy mcnair. tracy morgan is still recovering from a severe brain injury. in the interest of safety, san francisco is making some changes involving its cable cars. police will start ticketing drivers who break the law bypassing stopped cable cars. two operators were seriously hurt bypassing drivers in recent months. each car will be equipped with a
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mobile stop tine that operators can hold when they step out on the seat. saving watter is a top priority in california and los angeles is banking on millions of plastic balls. >> three, two, one. >> 20,000 shade balls were released into the los angeles reservoir today. they prevent water evaporation. today's drop wasn't the first. there are now 96 million of these balls covering the reservoir. it will save 300 million gallons from evaporating. each ball costs 36 cents. >> that's a deal. >> i don't know, times $96 million, that's going to be expensive. >> all i know is i see red behind you, jeff. >> we are tracking the current draft and all those balls will be helping to protect. and you can see the drought right now is across the
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sacramento valley, lake tahoe and reno, in the exceptional category. we're going to see some hotter temperatures through this upcoming weekend as you'll see in the forecast. of course, that is not going to be good news for the drought. we still have a westerly wind in place, a little cloud cover filtering in, putting us at 66 in the south bay. east bay at 65. the coldest weather at 57. humidity at 79%, so we are beginning to see some recovery in the overnight hours from that fire danger. let's go into the morning forecast. what you'll find here wednesday morning is not a completely cloudy picture here from the north bay to the south bay. areas of sun with 58 degrees. 59 in san francisco and that typical fog and chilly in the north bay with 54. what i'm going to show you next is extremely frustrating. let's get to it. we have this storm system sitting offshore, and the counterclockwise circulation is
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helping to spin up some moisture, extremely close to california. this is just so hard to look at, because we want that rainfall here in california. as you see, as we advance this graphic, no way it's going to happen. the storm system is stationary at this point. the way the forecast models play it, this south-to-north motion push thing rainfall away from the bay area will stay in place as we head throughout the next two days, the entire duration of this storm system. so no way we'll get rainfall out of that. where do we go from here? storm system basically helps to enhance the fog pattern throughout the next 48 hours. that is the biggest impact throughout wednesday and thursday. but eventually by friday, we'll get warmer temperatures. by saturday and sunday, that hot weather comes in with low 100s expected for the interior valleys. talking high uv index, poor air quality. let's get you into the microclimate forecast. in san francisco, beautiful weather tomorrow.
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68 in the financial district. 70 in the mission for the peninsula. palo alto, 81. pacifica, cooler of course. and for the south bay, a beautiful day in morgan hill with 87 and 87 in san jose. napa coming in with 86 degrees for tomorrow. and yes, it's going to be hotter in the tri-valley, but we'll stay out of the 90s for one more day. friday, heat begins to arrive. trivalley up to 93 degrees. saturday and sunday, you'll hit 101. i may have to increase temperatures more, so wait till tomorrow and i'll make that decision. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, your next pair of jeans could charge your phone. we'll show you the new idea. and we have jimmy. >> thanks, guys. kristen stewart is my guest
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tonight and jim ba lushi. it's a great show. do not change the cham. facebook wants toring u
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breaking news-- oyour smartphon= what's the next big thing? facebook wants to bring you breaking news on your smartphone. reportedly, facebook is working on an app that will alert you from any breaking news from certain publications. the app would look similar to twitter. facebook is yet to confirm this new venture.
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jeans that can charge your cell phone. these jeans by joe's jeans has a built-in charger. the battery pack is sewn to the back with an extra back pocket to hide most iphones. the jeans, called #hello are $189. the jeans are available on the website. >> where does it fit? >> only iphone 4, 5, and 6. up next, an absolute jam at the ballpark tonight at china basin. stay with us. s in bigneed of a home-
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giants in big ne a good evening. gerard moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. giants in big need of a victory against the astros. and the right man was on the hill. madison bumgarner going pitch for pitch against scott kazmir.
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g-men trying to shake off four straight losses. kazmir facing belt, and this is hammered. deep drive to center field and gone. his 16th of the season. 1-0, giants. in the 6th, what would he do for an encore? leave the yard one more time. his third career multihome run game. bumgarner in the 9th, with 12 ks. evan gaddis lines out and 3-1 the final. the four-game skid is over. the a's facing the red-hot toronto blue jays. tied at 1-1, justin smoak all over that. 2-1, jays. bottom 5st, 3-1 toronto. jose batista, and that is good
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wood, his 27th home run of the year. jays win 4-2, their ninth in a row. they have cut the yankees' lead to just a half a game. party time for the warriors in vegas, but on the hardwood, not at the hard rock. part of 34 of the world's best at team usa's hoop practice. however, only 12 will get a coveted spot on the 2016 u.s. team for the rio games. >> how they put a team together is by compatibility, picking the right guys to form the right tome to form a gold medal. >> just got to get back in the gym. we've had a hiatus from it, a lot of us have. this is so special. >> no one can dispute the slash brother, even on a bike. thompson knocking down the half courter. he posted this exhibition on his
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instagram account. finally, more from the thompson family. trace crushing his first career major league home run. and watch this, gets the silent treatment afterwards in the chicago dugout. white sox go on to win it 3-0 over the angels. great stuff there. congratulations to the youngest thompson. that's it for sports. more news after the break. namea locate and mark fieldman
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for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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spider web is attraina lot of attention. the "mmunal weis o take a look, this is real. everything is big in texas. a spider web is attracting a lot of attention. this communal web is nearly as long as a football field, that's 100 yards, and about 40 feet high. it's rare for hundreds of speeders to cooperate like this, which is why spider experts and nature enthusiasts are stopping by. experts say the speeders are not harmful to humans, just trying to catch a large number of insects. >> good night, folks. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen stewart, jim belushi,


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