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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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expected. but will it make much of a difference in this drought? tonight we have team coverage on this topic. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is standing by with the conditions brewing in the pacific. first we start with nbc bay area scott budman live in san jose with how some in the south bay are mobilizing. >> reporter: you're right, peggy. today's forecast has people here already cleaning out their gutters and wondering if the forecast el nino will be enough to help push back our drought. all signs point to a very wet winter in the bay area. which is why robert cole is working overtime. >> looks like it's going to be busy here, we're going to have a lot of rain. >> reporter: cole is cleaning gutters all over san jose, getting ready for what the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says will be a very wet el nino year for the bay area. >> last month i probably did about 50, where i usually do
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five. this month i've scheduled -- i think about seven scheduled already this month. >> more than usual? >> way more than usual. >> reporter: but even with a lot of rain, experts say our drought won't go away right away. >> will this be the drought buster we need? >> reporter: that's the question we asked santa clara university professor and civil engineer ed mahrer, who says our warm weather is bad news even if we get very wet. >> more likely than not to be a warmer year than we've experienced in the past. what that means is there's less snowpack. snowpack is our los angelesst natural reservoir we rely on for our water supply. >> reporter: even with a very rainy forecast experts say we should still conserve water. because the drought is likely to stay around for a while. the national weather service says the el nino is not likely to be short but could last into the spring.
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reporting live in san jose, scott budman. >> we remember 1997, a lot of floods and mudslides around here. what will happen this time around? jeff ranieri is with us now. this is where your local expertise comes in. how much do you think the bay area will get? >> there's no exact number we're focusing in on that would show us 20 to 60 inches of rainfall per se. we do not have a hard and fast number right now. but when it comes to el nino, we're hearing terms like godzilla, major, monster el nino. i think it's too early to say that. yes, know the el nino is strengthening but the exact impacts are fuzzy. let's take a look at what we're tracking right now. when it comes to el nino we look at the equatorial pacific off the coastline of south america and further out in the 3.4 region. we have seen ocean temperatures warm since january, up 1.4 degrees. that brings ours total sea surface temperature anomalies up to 1.9 degrees above average.
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that, yes, is now rivaling 1997 sea surface temperatures of 2.3 degrees. that's when it peaked at its highest. when it comes to the forecast, noaa has a 90% chance of el nino throughout winter. what does this mean for us right now? the way we look at it, again, no exact rainfall totals with this. but the noaa forecast anomalies for december, january, february, all have the potential here of some above-average rainfall. yes, that's in the cards but here comes something totally different. that is the warm pacific blob out here in the west. no scientist knows right now how that is going to play into el nino. so plenty of caution here, at least over the nextsy days at this point. >> very good information, thank you jeff. from el nino to our heat this week, our free nbc bay area app is a good resource for your neighborhood-specific forecast. detectives in sunnyvale are combing for evidence in the
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city's first homicide of the year. the homicide happened inside the plaza del ray mobile home park. the prime suspect is a woman? >> reporter: that's right, peggy, the suspect is a woman. and we're just getting information from vest investigators that the victim died from blunt force trauma and a hammer was found at the scene. homicides here in sunnyvale are a very rare occurrence. a resident who's lived here over 30 years said she's never experienced anything like this. this afternoon, investigators discovered the body of a woman inside a home in the plaza del ray mobile home park on vienna drive. arriving officers were actually met by the suspect. they say she was the one who initially called police to report the crime. but they aren't saying much more. >> i don't have any information that the person became armed with a weapon. what i do know is she was cooperative at the time they contacted her.
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>> reporter: she was taken into custody. police won't confirm the relationship between the two women but several neighbors say the suspect and victim are related. one neighbor tells us he was just over at their house yesterday to fix a doorknob. >> really shocking. she was a nice lady. i've done a lot of the work for her. then when i do work for her, her daughter was never there. but then i guess something happened and her daughter moved in with her. and then this is the first time i met her. >> reporter: again, police won't confirm the relationship but do tell us one person is under arrest in the city's first homicide since last august. the autopsy results are in. some sobering details about the death of 8-year-old mattie middlet middleton. the santa cruz county coroner concluded the little girl died from asphyxiation and stab wounds to the neck. middleton disappeared on july 26th from the apartment complex where she lived with her mother. the following day, police found
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her body in a recycling bin. prosecutors have charged her 15-year-old neighbor, a.j. gonzalez, with murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault. they want to try him as an adult. we are getting new information on the police shooting in oakland. the coroner has confirmed that the man police shot and killed died from gunshot wounds and the bullets entered his body from the front. hundreds took to the streets, some vandalizing businesses and briefly blocking i-980. jody hernandez is live at oakland police department. they do not want to see this again tonight in oakland, sounds like police now really want calm? >> reporter: they certainly do. in oakland, the mayor is urging people not to jump to conclusions. tonight we're learning a lot more about the man's deadly confrontation with police. at least one witness tells us officers were left with little choice but to shoot the man.
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>> drop the gun, drop the gun! >> reporter: ka near sha is shaken by what happened in front of her west oakland apartment yesterday amp. she says a man with a gun ran right by her with police chasing after him. >> because he had a gun. he didn't want to drop that gun. >> reporter: oakland police say three officers ultimately shot and killed that man when he came at them with a gun. it all began in east oakland when police say they tried stopping a car involved in a july armed robbery. they say their high-speed chase ended with a man crashing into a car, attempting to car jack someone, and finally threatening police. >> the body armor camera shows the man was approaching with a firearm raised at the time of the shooting. >> reporter: while the mayor is urging people not to rush to judgment the deadly police shooting has many feeling angry. >> you could at least shoot somebody in the leg or something. >> reporter: last night protesters took to the streets closing the highway and breaking out the windows of a downtown
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starbucks. griffin says the destruction's way out of line. >> they don't make no sense. tearing up because y'all want to, that's not fair. >> reporter: griffin says the shooting will always haunt her but she thinks police did what they had to to keep the community and themselves safe. do you think the police acted correctly? >> yes, yes. yes, they did. >> reporter: the oakland police department is conducting an internal investigation while the alameda county district attorney's office conducts an independent investigation. oakland's mayor says this city takes the lethal use of force very seriously. she says she is going to ensure that all the protocols are followed and that an in-depth investigation takes place. a brush fire tangled traffic in the south bay this afternoon. take a look here at the northbound and southbound ramps
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from highway 87 to interstate 280. they were shut down while firefighters tackled the flames. in this video you can see traffic moving well but that was not the case for the entire day. in fact, the fire started along the highway, spread to a wooden sound wall. several homes on the other side of that wall were threatened but none were damaged. here's a look at the thick cloud of smoke that the fire sent up. all labor lanes are back open. the cause under investigation. the fire is not considered suspicious. this could be a precedent-setting lawsuit. a former uc berkeley football player suing the university for medical malpractice. his name is bernard hicks. he played for the golden bears 2004 to 2008. he says he suffered several concussions and has permanent neurological injuries. the lawsuit accuses cal of failing to take measures to prevent concussions and failing to warn players about the long-term consequences of head injuries. the university has responded. "our coaches, fits and medical staff and everyone involved with
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cal athletics are dedicated to the safety of our student athletes. while we cannot comment on any student's specific medical history, we were saddened to read the lawsuit statements about mr. hicks' health." on a lighter note, counting down towards giants baseball on nbc bay area. this is a good one. two teams fighting for a playoff spot. let's take you outside towards mccovey cove. at&t park, perfect for baseball this evening. giants and washington nationals. let's bring in gerard moncure from field level during batting practice. this is when the season gets a little stressful? good stress we should say. >> absolutely, very important series. huge for the giants. it's an uphill climb against washington starter stephen strasburg, who they've never beat no one the regular season. he's 3-0 in six career starts against the orange and black regular season. neither of these teams come into this series hot as they both trail by 3 1/2 games in their respective divisions starting
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day. big concern for the g-men is phone. bruce bochy is hoping to generate pressure on the nationals. >> it's a tough group of characters in the clubhouse. they don't look at things they can't control. they know there's no point in it. and you have to pick it up somewhere else. >> now, this will be the first meeting between these two teams here at at&t park since the giants sent the nationals home packing for the winner last year's divisional series. we'll have much more on this very important game, one of a four-game set, later in sports. >> john miller will be joining us for this game at 7:00. we have some programming notes to pass along. "food fighters" and dateline miss tree" will air on cozi tonight or over the air at 11.2.
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nbc bay area news will likely air immediately following the game. san francisco supervisor proposes a change in the law that would allow bicyclists to roll through stop signs. i'm mark matthews in san francisco. the story coming up. redwood city, a 14-year-old has been fighting to stay in his home. coming up, why he says that fight was worth it and what he hopes for others. the identity of the woman who vanished after jumping over the bay bridge now revealed. who is this mystery woman in black? and why police say she still hasn't been found.
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new details in bizarrease...the within the last 90 minutes we've gotten new details in this bizarre case. the chp says this is the woman who fell from the bay bridge yesterday. her name is erlin sanchez edwards from richmond, accused of crashing a stolen car on the bridge then fleeing the scene and then falling off the bridge as the chp officer tried to grab her. investigators say she then swam to shore and was picked up by a local truck driver at the toll plaza. they are still looking for her tonight. new at 6:00, do that or break the law, an ultimatum given to residents when their apartment complex was sold. some families fought and won. nbc pay area's that she w miche live at the apartment complex. >> reporter: eight fall he's are still living here. they knew eventually they'd have to move out, they were just hope
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for a little more time. they say they have time, until october, and at this point they say they're also fighting for other families in similar situations. gabriel spent his summer organizing for change. >> when everyone gets there we all build more power. >> are at 14 he's become the spokesperson for his family and neighbors at 910 clinton in redwood city. >> i call him an angel. >> reporter: all 18 families previously received a notice to move out before june 30th. the property management company plans to renovate the units and offer the apartments at market value. linda howell says that's twice or three times what she can afford. >> this is the worst thing i've ever gone through. it's been the most emotional. >> reporter: she's currently on the wait list at more than a dozen senior care facilities. and she's hoping the phone rings with an opening. >> it's all i've ever wanted, more time. >> reporter: now she has it.
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>> i'll be more happy. >> reporter: spi management made a deal with the eight fall he's still in the building. they can live rent-free until october 12th when they must move out. they will receive relocation compensation and their full deposit will be returned. >> that could be our starting point to start saving some money. >> reporter: gabriel and the family are still looking for an affordable place to live. but he calls his summer project a win for low-income families. >> we want every family in redwood city and all over the peninsula to get together in their community and fight this. >> reporter: i just reached out to sdi management for comment on the agreement. they didn't have anything to say at this point. i asked gabriel what his plans are, he says he's not running for office yet. he says they're focused on finding a place to live in redwood city so he can stay and go to high school. the bicyclesists might win. san francisco's now considering allowing the bicyclists to roll
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through stop signs. this comes after several protests procyclists who say they've been riding this way all along, but drivers, they're not so sure this is a good idea. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in san francisco with this hot debate. >> reporter: the power of the pedal is something to behold in san francisco. cyclists don't feel they should have to stop at every stop sign. now they've got some county supervisors agreeing. psych lists regularly roll through stop signs here in san francisco's lower haight. under a proposal from supervisor john avalos, it would be legal to do so. >> as long as they yield to anyone in the intersection. >> reporter: supervisor avalos' legislative aide says the proposal is getting support from cyclists but on page street, motorists aren't liking it. >> we have to stop, we have to turn our blinkers on. we don't know what they're going to do, it's going to cause a lot of accidents. >> i think it's dumb. i almost hit a guy right here.
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for not obeying the crosswalk. >> if you're going to use the street, pay the cost like we pay the cost. obey the traffic. >> reporter: when police captain john sanford sent officers to enforce bicyclist stops he touched off a protest that touched station house tuesday. >> standing room only. >> reporter: his two-day bike enforcement program is over but he is not crazy about john avalos' idea for changing the law. >> i have a little reservation about that. because i'm out here on the street every day. >> reporter: sanford fears the change in the stop line law could result in more injury accidents. at avenue cyclery, jim late that will says most riders will be safe but some will not. >> it's just like we're at critical mass. there's always a few that give the whole thing a bad name. >> reporter: and what we have observed here on the street is that some cyclists blow through an intersection, but most roll
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through. and it really depends on the intersection. sometimes they'll stop if there's traffic. lots of times they won't. it appears what john avalos is trying to do is take the status quo and make it legal. rip it out and get paid. california says it is willing to pay you to ditch that water-sucking lawn. the state department of water resources is now offering $30 million in rebates to encourage homeowners to rip out their green grass. they can get about $2 per foot, up to $6,000. there's a $100 rebate for installing low-flow toilets. >> we need to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to make the water and energy-efficient choices that are in their best interests. >> the rebates come as the state just released new standards for low-flow shower heads and faucets sold in california. they hope all these incentives will eventually save our state
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2.4 billion gallons of water per year. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, counting down towards giants baseball and we see behind you it looks gorgeous. >> it does. our at&t ballpark cam. the flags blowing, west wind 10 to 20 miles per hour, typical for at&t park. we'll take a look at the forecast. you can see first pitch 70 degrees. we do anticipate a bit of cloud cover but not a foggy start at 7:00 p.m. then by 9:00 p.m., clouds will increase with 64 degrees. so you know the usual, take your jacket if you're headed out tonight. the reason why we are forecasting some of those clouds, you can see in our weather underground sky camera, the fog is rolling back in right now. we'll take you to the south bay. you can see mainly clear skies. just a little bit of haze. beautiful day down here in san jose. the forecast for tomorrow morning has it all coming back, possibly isolated drizzle, then the clearing and the warming begin for tomorrow. sunny skies tomorrow not only
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inland but check out the coastline. we expect a fog-free day to come our way. so that should push temperatures tomorrow about 3 to 5 degrees hotter. that would leave the north bay with an average of 90 degrees. san francisco 73. tri-valley 91. south bay 89. so still not that uncomfortable as we head into friday. looks really good. as we head throughout saturday, that's when we'll see that 10 to 15-degree increase. notice the huge jump here in the tri-valley. up to 101 for the average. 98 in the south bay. san francisco likely up to 81 degrees. for the south bay, 97. we're tracking how long this heat will last. i'll have details in about 20 minutes. coming up, a bay area woman waiting for a lung transplant reaches out to taylor swift and actually hears back. we'll tell you about their upcoming meeting at levi's stadium. people come here not just to adopt an animal but to find a companion. >> local shelters filled with
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pets. they are waiting for their forever homes. coming up next, we'll introduce you to some of the volunteers who keep them happy until you take them home. wanna start busine... go
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6:25 pm ptures tight fr want to start a business? go to emeryville. live pictures tonight from the home of pixar studios. according to financial website nerd wallet this is the best
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place to start a business in northern california. they looked at 170 cities with 10,000 or more people. south san francisco checks in at number two on the list, san francisco at 39, and san jose at 101. a swift response from a music superstar. a bay area woman's dream of meeting her favorite singer is about to come true. >> taylor swift, positivity, bring them together, amazing. >> we first told you about taylor swift uber fan tiffany rich last week. the 26-year-old from brentwood has cystic fibrosis and she's been waiting for a double lung transplant. she told us the grammy winner's music keeps her spirit up as she goes in and out of the hospital for treatments. a special campaign to help rich reach her idol ultimately did reach taylor swift and swift invited her to hang out backstage at levi's stadium on saturday. a big night there, good news. they had extra parking,
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extra parking at the local airport with shuttle buses, extra police to help with traffic control. what happened when the crush of shoppers that was expected at livermore didn't show up? plus fires and toxic fumes linger after deadly explosions in china. we are getting new images of what the destruction left behind. our neroom suyvale pice say it r
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this just in. this picture has come into our newsroom. sunnyvale police say it is the
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prime suspect in a killing at a mobile home park. her name is linda smith. police say the 50-year-old called them today to report the killing. when officers showed up they found her and the body of her mother. the victim is 81-year-old ann smith. investigators also say they found a hammer at the scene, possibly the murder weapon. detectives are still investigating right now. where is all the traffic? this was supposed to be a mess today. be warned the traffic mess could come this weekend. the premium outlet stores in livermore, they just got bigger. more of them. they had reason to worry about the traffic concerns. on the left side of your screen you can see what the traffic looked like when the livermore outlet mall was opened a few years ago in 2012. traffic at a virtual standstill. today on the right side of your screen, not much. no chaos. nbc bay area's chuck copeland joins from us livermore with cars and hot deals. >> reporter: raj, they planned for a big crowd. but it didn't show up.
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you can see behind me i-580 at this hour is doing just fine. two and a half years ago, it was a mess. as for the parking lot, it's not a crush either. you can find lots of spaces available. you can practically take your pick. it's busy but not crazy. perhaps it's because it's thursday. and the end of the year holidays are months away. to some even a bright summer day is no match for a new crop of high-end outlet stores. >> a lot of things, a lot of stores. >> reporter: livermore police braced for potential carmageddon. cones, signs guiding drivers to parking. while it's crowded, everything seems to be smooth. shoppers say, wait till the weekend. >> the weekend is going to be really, really tough getting parking here. this is what all of my friends have said too. >> reporter: for much of thursday the only lines involve
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shoppers waiting to get into one of the 30 new outlet stores. >> an hour to get into this store. >> worth it? >> we'll know in a few minutes. >> reporter: a summertime addition of 30 new stores drew far less congestion than the mall's opening in 2012. this time the mall made sure it was prepared for a rush. >> we've added almost 1,000 new spaces to parking so that's great. we've worked wonderfully with our municipalities. they keep traffic flowing smoothly and easily and we've always refined that program. >> reporter: an additional 20 new stores will open, not all at once, between now and the end of the year. then san francisco premium outlets will have roughly 180 stores and perhaps one very busy off-ramp. but not so right now at elcharro road. police say this weekend may be busier, the department will have extra officers patrolling the
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mall itself and helping to direct traffic. they're also going to have free parking at livermore's airport with shuttle buses if needed. another homicide to tell you about in san jose, that makes 19 homicides so far this year. police found this latest victim about 1:00 this morning at a busy park on lundy avenue. officers say the man was shot dead. police have not named a suspect or released a name of the victim. >> what we do know is that the shooting did occur inside a business. but beyond that, we're still trying to piece together what happened and trying to determine the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting. >> this is san jose's 11th homicide in six weeks. the uptick in crime is keeping detectives so busy they say they're running out of crime scene tape. now to a grisly scene along a busy freeway. a deadly crash after an suv
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rolled off highway 101 onto a parked car north of mckee road in san jose. police say the woman in the back seat was not wearing a seat belt at the time. the impact of the crash threw her from the suv. medics pronounced her dead at the scene. two other men in that car were not seriously injured. no one was in the parked car. not just the flames from all our wildfires but the people fighting the flames. today a procession for a fallen firefighter. traffic was stopped on highway 50 through the placerville area for this funeral escort. well-wishers gathered on the overpasses along the route to pay their respects to michael hallenbeck, the 21-year-old rookie killed saturday night by a falling tree while battling a brush fire near lake tahoe. there are so many fires still raging. north of calistoga at this hour, firefighters can see the end of the battle. they estimate the jerusalem fire will be fully contained by monday. that's the good news. bad news, the weekend temperatures.
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we heard from jeff ranieri, expected into the triple digits. fire crews did have some great progress and made great progress since yesterday. cal fire says this jerusalem fire is about 33% contained. no homes have been destroyed. the fire is now burning in both lake and napa counties. that jerusalem fire is described as circling around and burning into this fire, the rocky fire in lake county. it's about three times larger but it's almost out. cal fire now estimates the rocky fire is about 95% contained. and right now, fires possibly producing toxic fumes, still burning after explosions in china. military chemical experts are heading to the scene to investigate. the massive blast that rocked the port see of tang gin were so strong people miles away thought they were experiencing earthquake. the death toll stands at at least 50, 700 people wounded. the explosions caused buildings to collapse and littered hopes
6:36 pm
with shattered glass. several thousand imported cars stored at that port were bumped or destroyed. estimated loss from that alone is $33 million. here's more proof of just how huge these explosions were. a weather satellite in space actually picks up the blast on infrared. china's national earthquake bureau says the first explosion had a force equivalent to three tons of tnt. the second had the equivalent of 21 tons. the first time this has happened in 50 years. the u.s. will raise its flag over its embassy in havana tomorrow. the event is being soured somewhat by accusations from cuban leader fidel castro. he wrote united states owes cuba billions of dollars because of its decades-long trade embargo. the essay includes other alleged shortcomings of the u.s. government. even so secretary of state john kerry is expected to raise the flag as planned tomorrow. it's been happening for years, now it's legal.
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beginning today uber is getting the green light to pick and up drop off passengers at oakland international. these are live pictures at the airport looking oaf oakland. uber announcing they have reached agreement with airport officials. the agreement cops with a fee for riders. here's the deal. dangers will be charged an airport surcharge fee of $3.15 for every pickup and dropoff. still ahead, he says he was simply trying to help out but it backfired. why facebook let an intern go before his internship even started. pilots reporting near-misses with drones at an alarming rate. the new push to put a stop to it and punish those people flying the drones. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans
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and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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harvard uversi studenwho po unfriended by facebook. a harvard university student who exposed privacy flaws on the company's mobile messenger promptly lost a much-coveted internship. ran kata used data from facebook messenger to create his own app highlighting the bug. it showed where your friends were as they were talking to you. facebook told him to deactivate the app then rescinded their internship offer. he said he was trying to help out but facebook claims he violated the company's user agreement. behind every good shelter is a good volunteer. this is a special week at nbc bay area. there are nearly three dozen animal shelters taking part in our clear the shelters pet adoption this saturday. among the dozens of volunteers around the bay area, one from the humane society of silicon valley is helping out and giving back. from lounging around or jumping
6:41 pm
for joy, to being the center of a child's attention. the animals of the hue mine society of the silicon valley are never bored. a team of 1,100 volunteers help care for the animals as they wait for a new family and a new forever home. >> i started volunteering with my husband 13 years ago because we had a pet dog. it was our first. and we fell in love with all dogs at that point. and rather than getting a second dog, we decided to volunteer here and get doggie love every day. people come here not just to adopt an animal but to find a companion. dogs and cats and pets just make such a difference in all of our lives. and i think that when i get to make that love connection, that i'm enhancing not just the life of the animal that i've really come to love and enjoy, but the family that takes them home as well. >> reporter: for mrs. laverty it's a no-brainer -- offer these pets a home, they'll offer you unconditional love. >> it will be the best time
6:42 pm
you've ever invested. >> if you want to volunteer go to there you can find the list of participating organizations. you can learn more about this pet adoption marathon this saturday when fees will be waived or severely reduced. we'd like to see you and your pet. just tweet out a picture for us, #cleartheshelter. >> so looking forward to that. >> we'll be there. >> looking forward to getting all those animals homes. >> i'll be at sfpca, it's going to be a fun weekend for sure. >> we go and adopt dogs and cats. >> i'm going to bring one home. we'll see how that goes. it's going to be dangerous. you can see a live look in san francisco right now. and we do have mainly clear skies from this vantage point. the fog is rolling in. details in the full forecast in a few minutes. the populity of ones isbooming t
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6:44 pm
you know this by now.
6:45 pm
the popularity of drones is booming nationwide. but that boom is also creating a major problem for airplane and helicopter pilots, especially those fighting fires here in california. the faa says pilots are reporting near-misses with drones at an alarming rate. in the past two months alone, there were 275 different sightings across the country. sometimes pilots have had to change course or simply land. nbc's jennifer johnson has the latest from washington, d.c. >> reporter: just yesterday, an air ambulance flying a patient to a hospital in fresno had to take evasive action to avoid a mid-air collision with a drone. >> 15 feet from the aircraft. could definitely take down the helicopter. >> reporter: the faa announced pilot drone sightings so far this year are over double last year, 650 compared to 2038 -- 238 in all of 2014. >> if one of these drones was to
6:46 pm
go into an anyone at a critical period, if one of these drones was to strike the windshield, the results could be catastrophic. >> reporter: last sunday four commercial pilots reported seeing a drone during final approach to newark airport. >> drone reported six miles off to the right side. >> watch for drones. >> reporter: lawmakers fear a possible terrorist attack using a drone. they're hard to detect and can carry up to 15 pounds of cargo. hobbyists and businesses fear more restrictions and say most people just don't know the current faa rules. >> we've been sluggish to understand the technology, understand how it will change our economy. and therefore, businesses right now are on hold in many aspects waiting for word on how they can do this legally. >> reporter: congress has given the faa a september deadline to come up with new regulations on the use of nonmilitary drones. but apparently the faa needs more time to study this issue so that deadline is now on hold.
6:47 pm
checking in now with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a big game tonight. giants/nationals. >> weather forecast is looking pretty good too. you can see in our temperature averages, 81 in the south bay. currently in san francisco, the average is 69. it's a little bit hotter out at at&t park, checking in with 71 by first pitch at 7:00, we expect it to drop down to 70. by 9:00 tonight, 64 degrees. you'll need that typical light jacket if you're headed out to the ballpark. morning forecast, that fog will be up against the immediate coastline to start. i still think we'll have sunshine down here in the south bay and 60 for the east bay. 58. north bay 54. the tropical low pressure that's been kept tours out of the 90s is beginning to move north. replacing that will be a strong ridge of high pressure. there's going to be two main impacts with this. the first one will be our fire danger. it's going to the extreme level.
6:48 pm
by saturday and sunday, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll keep the fire danger up there with humidities that could go as low as 18%. the second thin is the uv index. it will be a 10 as we head throughout the next three days which means you can get burned in as little at 15 minutes. tomorrow, temperatures warm up but it's not going to be uncomfortable. looking pretty good here. you can see for san francisco we'll have 74 in the mission. 72 in the financial district. for the peninsula stein in san mateo. palo alto 83. south bay 90 in morgan hill. cooler in san jose with 87. we hold on to sunny skies. sunny conditions through the north bay, east bay, also the tri-valley. this means up into wine country. we'll push into low 90s but still stay out of the 100s here as well for santa rosa. 89 for your high. in the east bay, 77 in oakland. over towards walnut creek a little bit more heat coming your way, 90 degrees. fremont 87.
6:49 pm
tri-valley, no mid-90s tomorrow. i think we're going to begin to break into the 90s. danville at 91. the real heat comes by saturday. that's as the ridge of high pressure moves right on top of california. these numbers are, granted, uncomfortable for the inland valleys. tri-valley 101 on saturday. 102 on sunday. the north pay 98 on saturday. 100 saturday is. mid to upper 90s for the south bay as well. the good news, if it's hot inland, head to the beaches. san francisco and along with areas against the coastline will definitely have 70s as we head throughout this upcoming weekend. so again, too hot, head to the coach, you'll be a-okay. >> jeff the concierge. we are counting down towards first pitch. giants/nationals on nbc bay area. we'll check in with ice cube at
6:50 pm
raiders training camp as well. giants a tionalsi
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
good evening. geraud moncure joining you from at&t park. giants/nationals, both teams trying to creep closer to the playoff picture. giants a little while ago put norrie aoki on the seven-day disabled concussion list. he came out of yesterday's game after the fourth inning feeling lightheaded. he's added now to their walking wounded. we have breaking news to tell you about. it's concerning second base man chase utley of the philadelphia phillies.
6:53 pm
now, heck he could be on the way. the giants have made an offer and they're waiting to hear from philadelphia. giants gm said though he doubts a deal will get done tonight, utley has a no-trade clause and reportedly is looking for guaranteed playing time if the deal is made. john miller and mike krukow have a preview of tonight's game. >> beautiful night at the ballpark. for giants, a big showdown series, four games with the washington nationals starting with stephen strasburg tonight. the nats have been reeling lately. really struggling big-time. however, this is a team that swept the giants earlier on. >> i think the giants have to have that in the back of their mind when they tee up against these washington nationals. the nationals are really 4-6 in their last 10 games. the giants are 3-7. especially not giants, they haven't been able to get the offense going. shut out in two of their has it three games. ryan vogelsong on the hill tonight for the giants.
6:54 pm
strasburg, the last time the giants saw him, he had to leave in the second because he messed up his oblique. a lot at stake for both teams, a lot at stake tonight. >> last time the nats were here vogelsong was on the mound, game four of the division series, and he pitched great in that one. let go back to you. >> thank you. the story tonight, the a's probably would have taken a bus out of toronto if they could have, they needed to get out of this. final game of their series and missed opportunities. top first. valencia, bases loaded, no outs. grounds into the 1-2-3 double play. sacks full. bottom second, ryan goins, three-run bomb to right, 4-0 blue jays. toronto sweeps the a's for their 11th straight win 4-2. golf's final major of the year, the pga championship is through its first 18 holes.
6:55 pm
and some of the favorites are off to a very slow start. let's take you to whistling straits in kohler, wisconsin. last year's winner rory mcilroy returning after a five-week absence due to ankle injury. this shot from the water, very good. what a shot. saves par on the hole. mcilroy finished at 1 under. jordan spieth shooting for his third major title of the year. 12th hole from the fringe. he will chip it home. just his first birdie of the day. he also sits at 1 under. tiger woods. rough year, more of the same. at 3 over, putting for birdie on his 17th hell of the day, misses left. woods finished the day tied for 88 at 3 over. what about lefty phil mickelson? third shot on the par 5, watch this beauty. great approach shot. nearly backspins it into the
6:56 pm
hole for eagle. he finished with an even 72 today. your first-round leader, who else put dustin johnson. at 2 under on 16, this is for eagle, gets the honk putt to drop so he's off to a hot start, shoots a 66 holding a one-stroke lead heading into friday play. finally, it's no secret. rapper and actor ice cube aka o'shea jackson has been a huge raiders fan. cube hooked his team up with a private screening of the much-anticipated movie "straight out of compton." the bio-pic of his former group nwa opens in theaters friday and it was a big hit with the silver and whack. khalil mack taking to twitter calling the film a must-see. i'm looking forward to seeing it myself. but tonight it's baseball. giants/nationals, game one of a four-game set. strasburg and vogelsong. highlights at 11:00.
6:57 pm
>> it is a big night for giants baseball and of course more details on that chase utley possibly coming here to san francisco. >> big news. programming changes because of tonight's game, "food fighters" and dateline mystery" will air on cozi tonight. we'll see you at 11:00 or after the game. >> a great night for baseball. we'll send it live to at&t park.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> jon: the last time the nationals were at at&t park was for game four of the nlds last october. the giants were once again playing inspired baseball, just like they've done so many times before. making it another october to remember. tonight, it's vogelsong again, against stephen strasburg, as these teams are hoping to play ball in the fall. game one of the series, next. >> jon: a beautiful night for a ball game here at 24 willie maims plaza, at the corner of third and king streets in downtown san francisco. the giants and the


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