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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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follow yours. right now at. recorheat across the b area. but tt doesn stop giants ns. we're trackg recd-breakg right now at 6:00 record heat across the bay area but that is not stopping giants. that's good thing, too. we are tracking record breaking temperatures right here in the bay. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. let's get outside to check out our top story. this folks, right there, this is summer. hot temperatures across the bay area. on your left downtown san francisco, hit the 90s today. yes, hot enough to shatter records. on your right, san jose, even hotter there, nearly reaching 100 degrees in some places. we have team coverage nbc bay area's christie smith live at at&t park where fans sat and sweated and enjoyed every second of it. first, let's go to meteorologist
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rob mayeda. >> it is summer but breaking records by the scale of six to ten degrees over the previous records for this date. in san francisco, 90 degrees this afternoon, 102, santa rosa. records oakland, 92 97 mountain view san jose, tying a record there livermore up to 105 degrees. 104, napa toward concord, those numbers above 100 degrees san rafael also above 100. gilroy 107 degrees areas south of downtown san jose saw temperatures close to 105 to 108 degrees. through 9:00, heat advisories up across the bay area, even as a weak seabreeze starts to pick up. right now, you're really not noticing it at all in the trivalley. dropping to 104, livermore, san jose still in the 90s. 83, san jose, sunshine and haze out there the reason why we also have a spare the air day tomorrow, these hot temperatures and light winds. 83 right now in san francisco, but earlier today, you saw that high of a record of 90 and nbc
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bay area's christie smith joins us live for a look at how fans thought at at&t park had to beat some of the heat. >> reporter: good evening to you, rob, finally getting a little bit of a breeze here by at&t park but even that is warm. of course giants' fans couldn't be happier with the outcome of the game but many saying they didn't expect it to be so hot here in san francisco especially right near the water. we saw quite a few of them come out of the park when the game ended sipping their water and rubbing their heads. they were hot. there were scorching temperatures across the bay area prompting a heat advise rained fires across the state that contributed to hazy skies. at at&t park giants fans thrilled with madison bum gardener finishing off the nation ast. fans in the shade told us they were feeling pretty good. others say at the peak of this made several trips for water or walked around for shade. >> sunscreen, lots and lots of sunscreen, there was a lot of water. >> yep.
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a couple trips downstairs to get some water. >> came back from the ninth and we were in the shade, it was fine. we are not used to -- we are not used to this kind of weather in san francisco, never mind ireland. >> reporter: now, that last giants fan from ireland said he packed gear for much cooler weather than this but hasn't had to use it yet here in san francisco. reporting live in san francisco christie smith nbc bay area news. >> it was a hot one. that's for sure. thank you so much. you, too, can get your own personalized forecast right on your smartphone. download the nbc bay area app for temperatures in your neighborhood. and now to continuing coverage on the wildfire that is burning in northern california. residents got the news that they were waiting for. all evacuation and road closures have now been lifted. everyone living near the jerusalem fire north of santa rosa, they were told this morning they can go home. the fire is 82% contained at this hour. it burned more than 25,000 acres. nine homes and 18 other buildings were destroyed but there are no reports of
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injuries. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. a rough day for fire crews in the east bay, not just fighting a fire but getting to it. flames erupted about 5:30 this morning near grizzly peak boulevard and south park drive, near the uc berkeley campus. fire burned about an acre before it was fully contained. no reports of evacuations or injuries. the cause of that fire under investigation. a developing story in sunnyvale. the search for a gunman is heading into a new direction. he was there when an officer shot and killed a suspect yesterday. that happened behind the commercial complex. officers have been combing nearby neighborhoods, in the area of ferndale. where we join nbc bay area's marianne favro with the latest details. >> reporter: neighbors here say about 25 officers and sheriff deputies searched this area and this neighborhood for about six hours last night. the search stems from an officer-involved shooting yesterday afternoon around 4:00.
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the sunnyvale department of public safety says officers responded to a motel 6 after receiving a report of suspicious activity. when they arrived, two men ran away from them and officers chased the suspects behind the commercial building and that's where the officer shot and killed one suspect. they have not released his identity yet. they found a gun near his body and a gun in a backpack he was carrying. officers combed the area near ferndale and medrone looking for the second suspect, believed to be armed. and that made neighbors here a little anxious. >> with all the police activity i did sense that there was something large and that was possibly armed and dangerous. >> reporter: officers don't have a detailed description of the suspect, who is described only as a slender black man wearing blue jeans and a red or ran edge shirt. he was last seen near the intersection of borregas avenue and ferndale last night in sunnyvale. officers did not find the
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suspect in this neighborhood and they have since cleared this area, but officers will be out patrolling this area tonight just in case. in the meantime they are also following up on new information that the suspect play is left the region. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. in vallejo, a hit and run has turned into a homicide investigation. police are still piecing together exactly what happened. here what's they know last night about 10:30, the driver of a u-haul truck hit two people killing one and then fled the scene. as you can see, the side of a building was also damaged. here's what's unclear. the driver may have been stabbed by one of the victims before he hit them with the truck police looking for answers tonight. now to an nbc bay area follow-up that will make some people in vallejo happy. after several frustrating days full water and service have been restored. crews working since friday to repair a 20-inch water main that
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broke on the railroad tracks near cerreno drive and broadway street that affected homes in a 20-block area. state of vallejo says the water coming out in some homes may stain cloth bug safe enough for people to drink if they take precautions. >> if you find the sediment coming through your faucets, go outside, flush the water for five to ten minutes. >> water officials will continue to monitor the water main and water quality in that area. well back home in ireland, today, one of the victims hurt in the balcony collapse near uc berkley is recovering in dublin. on friday, she posted this photo to facebook of her and father father visiting the golden gate bridge. she said that seeing the landmark was one of her goals before leaving the state of california. in the post, she thanks supporters. six people were killed another seven were hurt in this collapse back in june. the alameda county district attorney is now conducting a criminal investigation into the balcony collapse. four people are dead after
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two small planes collided in the skies over san diego today. it happened about 11:00 this morning near brown field airport, just a few miles from the border with mexico. the faa, which is investigating what went wrong, says both planes were about to land. fire official says as bad as it is, it could have been much worse. planes came down in between a free way and a prison both location where the casualty count could have been much higher. authorities have yet to release information about those four people killed. the crash started some small brushfires. they are all out tonight. coming up a new round of controversial comments from donald trump. this time it's his plan to solve immigration issues which includes building a giant wall. plus pelts finding new homes in the bay area stepped up in a big way, hope for hundreds of dogs and cats and hamsters and guinea pigs. also only 11 years old, but today, she is willing to swim with the sharks. we are introducing to you one dedicated swimmer making a trek across the bay.
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ttinsome spifics behind his soundites. tmp kick off his cpaign- and controrsy - wh hiscomments on today, presidential candidate donald trump is putting specifics behind his sound bits. trump kicking off his campaign and controversy with his comes on mexico and immigration. while adding more details it is a plan unlikely to silence his critics. nbc's brian mooar has the latest in the decision 2016 coverage.
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>> reporter: for the first time in donald trump's campaign he is talking special sive buc illegal immigration in mexico. >> mexico is taking our business. next scott new china, okay? >> reporter: trump's first policy paper lays to you the a plan that would end birthright citizenship, ramp up deportations and jack up border fees and business tariffs for mexicans to pay for a wall. >> in four years, you're going to be interviewing me and you're going to say what great job you've done, president trump. >> reporter: trump landed in his personal helicopter for a whirlwind visit at the iowa state fair where candidates compete to show voters that they are really down to earth. >> so happy to see you. >> reporter: for some fair gears, style is less important than trump's message on immigration reform. >> a lot of people like me are just tired of it you know? it just -- it's time somebody stand up and do something. >> reporter: donald trump pivoting back to the issues this fueled controversy and his poll numbers. meanwhile, trump launched a new attack on hillary clinton, suggesting her candidacy might
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be doomed by the questions and controversies surrounding her private e-mail server. brian mooar, nbc news washington. more than 900 shelter pets in the bay area have new homes today, all because of you. nbc bay area teamed up with several animal shelters across the bay area as part of our clear the shelters campaign. adoption frees waived at many of the locations. thousands of pets from dogs to rabbits, iguanas, cats they all found new homes. >> and we were hoping i guess, but to find one and take her home today is just awesome. >> the shelter i was at had 400 kittens just at that one shelter in millpitasmilpitas. so many kitty cats. clear the shelter was yesterday, some are honoring the no-fee adoptions today. it is a nationwide event with all nbc-owned stations and so far, it looks like the latest totals here that we have got adopted out, 17,823 pets. >> so cool.
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all right. >> big success. hundreds of athletes plunged into the chilly water for the alcatraz challenge and included one of the youngest competitors ever talking about 11-year-old lily redwine and her mother hitting the water for a two-mile swim and seven-mile run. the texas native has been swimming competitively since kindergarten. after the practice ready for the challenge, except for the cold water, oh and one more thing. >> on the other news thing that i saw it said like something about swimming in shark-infested water, so i was kind of nervous about that 'cause i didn't want to get eaten by a shark. >> an then she laughs. >> then she laughs. >> lily says she did see some shadows in the water during the swim but finished the race with no problems and her next challenge, wow, middle school starts next week. >> good for her. a great athlete there. >> good luck with middle school by the way. >> yes. with these temperatures jumping in getting a swim sounds pretty good.
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meteorologist rob mayeda looking at the temperatures. temperature gauge in my car today was over 100. >> most places in the bay area well over 100, especially san jose, trivalley, closer to san francisco. with the slow cooling we will see tonight, heat advisory until 9:00. we will see later tonight if this gets reissued for some of the valleys tomorrow. the coast will begin to see a little bit of cooling around this time tomorrow slightly earlier start to the seabreeze. 83 now in san francisco, where the winds are picking up, but those temperatures still plenty hot around parts of the bay area especially here in the south bay. saratoga los gatos south san jose, sitting above 100 now downtown, starting to see a little bit of a northwest wind dropping temperatures down to 91 degrees, that really tells you today, it is cooling to 91. san jose see these numbers east of 680, out towards the trivalley, livermore, pleasanton, still, close to duplin 100. livermore tied a record high 105 earlier. look at those hazy skies back toward oakland. 83 and that also is part of our
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weather story as the winds aloft, high pressure kind of strapped in right over the bay area, northern california pushing winds north to south, so, unfortunately, that's gonna bring smoke into the bay area. so we got smoke pollution and ground level owe zbloez zone created the heating of the day the sunlight hits the chemical soup in the sky break it is down to ground level ozone. two things, the smoke and ground level ozone giving us another spare the air day tomorrow north bay, east bay south bay location, the worst air quality, a hint of a seabreeze right now. those onshore winds we think should bring in some low clouds toward tomorrow morning, mainly just on the coast, marine lair stay below 500 feet through the day tomorrow then increase as we get into tuesday. so the bottom line tomorrow morning, warm start, 60s and 70s in the hills for tomorrow morning, then by lunchtime, 90s again out toward the valleys. notice san francisco and oakland, we should see the temperature pattern reverse during the afternoon. going to warm up fast with numbers closing in on 80 by
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11:00 in the morning but then that seabreeze picks up begins to cool off san francisco upper 90s, south of downtown san jose. tomorrow, the north bay, the winds start to pick up more out of the south a cooling for you tomorrow, more noticeable cooling come tuesday, but toward livermore and walnut creek, pleasanton not much relief just yet it is a hot start to the week, a third day of these numbers in the 90s, near 100 inland, but by tuesday now the seabreeze begins to strengthen and that's going to bring the marine layer closer to about 2,000 feet and that's going to be cool off inland locations including livermore, there's the hot start to the weekend, a slow cool down as we head toward wednesday and thursday in san francisco, too a sneak preview of that cool, midafternoon tomorrow head toward tuesday and wednesday, numbers cooling down, see this in the 7-day forecast that should take us into next weekend, a little rebound of those temperatures, but not to the levels of the extreme heat and poor air quality we are seeing now, the two go together the onshore winds will take the smoke and push it off toward our east and also bring our temperatures
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down. once we get past tomorrow more comfortable weather will be around even as we need next weekend. back to you. >> all right rob thanks a lot. coming up next hist troin the football field. a remarkable day for football and two women who are changing the envelope. the nfl.
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history. hs the fst "active pyer," ailiatedith a majoleague am, to me outpublic. a baseball player makes history. he is the first active player affiliated with a major league team to come out publically. david denison is a rookie first baseman for the milwaukee brewers affiliate in helena montana. denison said in a newspaper interview that supportive teammates gave him the encouragement and the confidence to come out. a rookie said he felt a huge relief from revealing his orientation. the 20-year-old is a southern california native. two women make nfl history in the preseason game between
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kansas city and arizona. one as the first female referee the other as a coach. you see them there. referee sarah thomas linebacker coach general welter talkingjen welter. the cardinal sideline has a historymaker mentioned jen wealther the first woman to coach at an nfl game she is interning as a linebacker coach during training camp and the preseason. both on the field at the same time as history is made. >> that's amazing. make some history of our own right now. >> yeah, the wolfman here. always can hear his laugh a little bit before we see him, we know he is coming up. >> he is the best. >> that's because i never know where your co-host, terry, is going. what kind of history can i possibly make, terry? >> right. >> it would be embarrassing. >> a differencemaker. >> you know first sports anchor to report with i don't know shorts on underneath the desk? >> stand up. >> i don't want to scare
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everybody. we got sports to talk about. coming up american wonder boy jordan spieth pushes for another major title at the pga championship. plus madison bumgarner leads the giants to a big sweep over the nationals. highlights of the action next from the sports deck.
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one who brght t heat sday.right w, the ants art welcome back to everyone. mother nature isn't the only one
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who brought the heat sunday, giants too hot to handle especially when madison bumgarner on the hill. giants doubt sweep the nation ast today, boy, did they get the job down, let's get the job done happening at at&t park. tom seaver in the house, juan mar shell. hunter pence, reach out and touch someone. this baby is gone. ninth homer of the year 3-0. giants, bottom of the seventh, 4-0, madison bumgarner, a pitcher, pow, with power that is, you better respect him at the plate. solo shot fourth of the year 5-0, san francisco. more bumgarner for you, this time on the hill bryce harper on the hill can't hit what you can't see, son. madison had 14 ks which ties a career high for him. he also gets the shutout, giants win 5-0.
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>> feels pretty good especially the nation ast, they got me pretty good last time. be able to come back and pretty good game against him good for me. >> it was a big boost to give our bullpen a les. just really -- i mean probably the best one of the year for me. over to the reds and first place dodgers. bottom of the fifth is where we pick it up reds up 1-0. palo atos eaterson solo to center, very next batter another pitcher goes yard. zack greinke. so greinke and mad bum having fun today. dodgers get the win. l.a. 2-1, your final. they are still 2 1/2 games ahead of the giants. over to the a's now sunny gray will return to the hill monday to face the baltimore
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orioles. gray was scratched from his last start with back spasms. many baseball fans were hoping to see him battle clayton kershaw tuesday when the a's host the l.a. dodgers. but it's not gonna happen. all right, a's in baltimore, bottom of the fifth, 6-2 already. orioles, manny machado wasn't carrying. he didn't feel sorry for anyone. coco crisp, marcus simeon look out, guys. oh, my goodness a collision. two more runs come in. the good thing, no one was hurt badly. then adam pac-man jones, he says take this. over the fence. ten home runs in the series for baltimore. they win by a final of 18-2. my goodness. final round of the pga championship from whistling straits, jordan spieth started the day two back of the lead at the fifth. this putt lips in. part of three birdies over his first six holes.
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now, over to jason day. a 49-foot birdie attempt on seven. you know it's not gonna happen right? well, you would be absolutely wrong! moves him to 19 under. skip to the 18th. day, chance to tap in for the win. he finishes at 20 under par, the lowest score in major tournament history. by the way terry and peggy you say a lot of people think my job is easy you try watching a game 18-2 when your local team loses. >> painful. >> this is a tough job. i quit! i'm out ta here. i'm not coming back to you got that >> say it ain't so henry, we adore you. >> he will be back at 11:00. and we will be right back.
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six flags diovery kgdom invallejo is sing farewell tone of s rollecoaste in orr to maroom for newrid. ==peg= the last ride six flags in valeo saying good-bye to its coaster to say hello to new rides. >> today, the last day they can ride roar introduced in 1999. no word on what will replace roar. >> all right. check in with rob mayeda now, no one can replace rob mayeda. >> try to replace the heat and the smoke in the skies. not going to do much of that tomorrow temperatures hour by hour, another hot day tomorrow 90s to near 100 inland for one more day, but tuesday, the seabreeze turns stronger midweek relief coming tuesday to next week that is when we will see cooling, tomorrow breaking records again in the bay area. >> oh boy. stay cool out there remember
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your pets too, lots of water. >> good idea. >> see you tonight at 11:00. >> good night.
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