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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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"we opp a rrost.t'skia czy.===gi snmplt right now, three californians saved a train from a gunman ready to shoot. they'll explain why they were able to spring into action so quickly. thousands of people across the country zero in on planned parenthood including in the bay area. wildfires bigger than tacoma and seattle combined. thank you for joining us. >> they're being called heroes tonight. three childhood friends from california risk their lives to stop a man from opening fire on
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a train full of people. anthony sadler, spencer stone and alex are from the sacramento area. sadler also lived in the bay area in pittsburgh for a while. spencer stone is seen leaving the hospital. he was stabbed yesterday in the struggle. chuck, these three men are now telling us exactly what happened on that train. >> that's right. we are learning that it took situational awareness and split second reflexes to stop what could have been a deadly disaster from boarding that plane from amsterdam to paris. >> the high speed train full of passengers could have been a massacre if not for the immediate action of three young men who grew up together in carmike who saw a man later that scind as an islamic radical, known to authorities armed with an assault rifle running down the aisle. >> i looked over at spencer and said let's go. >> i ducked down and my feet,
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alex got up. alex actually looked at what was happening. spencer looked at what was happening and he said go get them. >> spencer stone, airman first class, tackled the gunman. alex, the 22-year-old national guardsman wrestled the gun away. together with anthony sadler from university of sacramento, the three beat the man with his weapon until he was unconscious. >> i came to see my friends on my first trip in europe and we stopped a terrorist. kind of crazy. >> a businessman helped tie up the suspect. >> what else is there to do? >> either you sit down and you die or you get up and you die. >> we've seen enough of these think kinds of attacks to understand that they will kill everybody. >> in eastern contra costa county, his father reacted to the word that his son is being called a hero.
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>> i thought this trip going abroad and traveling for a few weeks would broaden his world view. never did i suspect he would encounter an experience like this. >> the gunman described as a 26-year-old moroccan. he's he had ni9:00 a.m. nigs cls and other weapons. monday the young men who subdued him will meet the french president. in the san francisco newsroom, nbc bay area news. thanks very much. we have more details about the gunman you mentioned. accused of trying on pull off that train attack. police are now questioning him. authorities say he was armed with an automatic rifle and a handgun and a knife. they say he's pen on the radar for more than a year now. a man hit by a car and left to die in the streets. tonight san jose police are for the driver who hit him.
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a call came into 911 about 6:00 this morning. police found man in his 60s dead in the roadway. his injuries suggested he was hit by a car. the crash happened sometime overnight in the area of king and story road. san jose police now need anyone who has information to please give them a call. thousands of people are expected to attend the public memorial for maddy tomorrow. she was kidnapped and killed in her own apartment complex in santa cruz last month. the i know at aer accused of killing her have been charged in the case. the little girls' neighbors and other artists will perform. ? a nationwide protest of planned parenthood. groups across the country are gathering in front of the centers including new york city, washington, d.c. and right here in san jose. these protests come after posted video showing planned parenthood employees handling tissue from aborted fetuses and other videos
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where they offered them for sale. more than 100 people showed up in front of the office on the alameda. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon, this sidewalk was packed with more than 100 people out here. they said this is part of a nationwide protest against abortions performed at this clinic and other at planned parenthood clinics across the u.s. they stay peaceful grassroots demonstration is a response to video release showing planned parenthood employees harvesting the body parts of aborted fetuses. apparently to sell. >> i think at the very least, there needs to be a federal investigation to see if they were breaking the law which it certainly looks like they are. and also, our taxpayer dollars should not to go planned parenthood. >> the protesters upset me because they create an atmosphere of intimidation for the clients and the people that work in the planned parenthood.
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the clients are getting a number of a variety of services among abortion. that's not the only service that planned parenthood provides. >> some people who saw the protesters pulled over and stopped to donate money to the clinic. others joined in, calling for a criminal investigation into planned parenthood practices. planned parenthood release ad statement which says in part, as several of our health centers, we help patient who's want to donate tissue for scientific research. and we do this just like every other high quality health care provider does. with full appropriate consent from patients and under the highest ethical and legal standards. reporting live in san jose. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. well, they say they did the work. but they didn't get paid. dozens of workers rallied in the heart of san jose for wage theft. they say it is especially
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prevalent in the care giving industry. they say no one can force the companies to hand over the cash. >> they are just violating the law straight up. it is very clear cut. and they figure that particularly, that low income workers will be afraid to say anything because they really desperately need this job. >> protesters hope today's rally will raise awareness and get san jose to take action. on the lookout. take a look at this. do you know who these two people are? petaluma police say a man and a woman used a stolen credit card to buy about $15,000 worth of gift cards from target. this happened yesterday about noon. if you have any idea who they are, petaluma police would love to hear from you. also cleaning up the streets, the city of san francisco is trying a new approach to the graffiti problem. they want to sue vandals for the clean-up. they are trying this out against a graffiti artist known as cozy
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terry. he is accused of vandalizing 28 city buses. they said that the clean-up and repairs will cost about $54,000. no wonder they're looking there to stick the stab there on the graffiti artist. coming up, an air show tragedy. what spectators saw right before the jet went down at an event in england. also, help is on the way. firefighters are coming from all across the globe to help with this year's terrific wildfire season. locally, we're seeing some cooler temperatures cloud the drizzle. temperatures now, 70s and 80s inland. as we head into tomorrow morning, we'll be tracking the drizzle. but the seven-day forecast has a chance of seeing some showers. we'll tell you that when we come back. airow enandat astsen pplere adh
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tragedy unfolding in england after a military jet unexpectedly went down. take a look at the cell phone footage. witnesses say the plane was trying to do a loop right before it went down. the jet crashed into a nearby street hitting several vehicles. in addition to the seven who died, 15 others were injured. the pilot survived in critical condition. but still alive. no one in the air show was hurt.
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>> and there's some good news to report. this on the fight to control several wildfires in washington state. today people will finally get to go back to their neighbors to see if their homes are still standing. more good news about this complex fire. it includes the fire that killed three firefighters. but it looks like they are getting some control over this. it is only grown by about a thousand acres since yesterday. it is still more than 162,000 acres. that's larger than seattle and tacoma combined. the weather improved today, allowing firefighters to be less defensive and attack flames. for some, the damage is done. >> it is tough standing back and watching. i'm 81 years old and i can't rebuild again. >> very tough there. firefighters and other experts are coming from australia and new england. they're on the way to washington state as we speak. they should arrive sometime this weekend. the complex of fires is only 38% could n could not teenage.
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the firefighter near livermore and tracy has taken over about 2,700 acres. it has burned an outbuilding. today firefighters spent the day watching the hot spots and making sure the perimeter doesn't grow. they're trying to have it completely under control by monday. cal fire has its hands full with several other fires across the state. this map shows the major fires. still to come at 5:00, emerging from the rubble. >> we're heading to vallejo to find out what it took to rebuild after the quake last year. and too many close calls with drones. we're learning about scary situations right here in the bay.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. monday is the one-year anniversary of the day that many people won't forget. it is august 24th, 2014. that's the day that a violent earthquake shook much of annapolis along the county. we go to the city of vallejo to see the city that emerged out of the rubble. >> if you come to vallejo, you're likely to spot a store front with the word victory. you're likely to find raymond behind the counter. >> time third generation.
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>> for seven decades, his family has kept the store going even through 1989 earthquake. >> my father was in the store and he said the walls moved. my father never drank but that night he came home and had a drink. >> on august 24 last year at 3:30 in the morning, raymond earned his own cocktail. >> it was an extreme jolt. long and violent. pretty scary. >> a 6.0 earthquake pummelled, him from his bed. >> i jumped up. threw on my clothes and ran down my stairs to check on my store. >> the victory store was mostly intact, thanks to the retrofit but behind it, the roof of the old department store surrendered to the seismic violence. >> the walls came falling down. piles of debris and bricks and wood. >> his apartment sat next to that down building. >> they wonderful let us in there for two weeks. >> nearby, the first methodist church was badly damaged.
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the old post office was in bad shape. grocery stores were tossed. >> i woke up to the girlfriend on top of me shaking saying we're in an earthquake. the big slip hit and then threw us both out of the bed. >> he said recently opened the brewing company in one. historic maritime buildings. >> we've moved out of there. the earthquake did a little damage to the roof and the actual foundation. >> everything worked fine from the interior and exterior. >> on the morning of the quake, the first baptist church breathe ad first sigh of relief. >> we had services. i was sitting in my office looking at the computer and it was talking about a church in vallejo might have to come down. and i thought those poor rascals. and i went jous to go to lunch and the street was cordoned off. it was my church. >> the century old church's bell tower was in danger of
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collapsing. crews raced to remove the top of the parapet allowing the church to remain open. >> and we are looking at the 1st of october. starting the repairs. and having them complete and buttoned up. >> in the wake of the disaster, the city issued 364 building permits for repair. >> better than 90% of the permits went forward. the work was completed. that's a real positive sign. >> since the quake bankrupt the city, a new breath of life expedited by 20 seconds of shaking. >> a moment that brought people together. >> nbc bay area news. >> great news for burners. the bugs are gone. earlier this week we told but thousands of little green pests, buzzing around the burning man grounds. they were biting workers in the desert. the official blog says most of the bugs, get this, have dried
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up and blown away. >> serves them right! >> i don't know what caused them but they're gone. more than 70,000 people are expected to attend this year. that runs from august 30 ths to september 7. >> braver people for sure. happening now, two things that make you think might be an awkward pair. take a look at the beer and running on treasure island. sounds like a good match, right? this is beer mile classic. it's been going on all day. if you're not familiar, the beer mile is a marathon with a twist. runners chug a beer before running a quarter mile. then they do it all over again three more times. by the time they're done, they've run four beers and drank a mile. no, wait. >> wait, you were in the race today. >> what am i saying? they've had four beers and run a mile. >> the running isn't hard. the actual drinking isn't hard. it is after the drinking, this air thing happens. i feel like an oversize balloon.
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>> it is not all about the beer. there's specialty food, fish and chips and chocolate coated bacon which sounds great after you finished a round. >> the one aspect that i think would attract rob mayeda would be the running part. >> all that carbonation and the running. the alcohol. >> i don't think i finished that. right now, the weather outside was pretty nice. 77 degrees. a bit of a breeze into the santa clara breeze. 84 in pleasanton. you know it was last weekend, we had temperatures over 100 degrees. this is more like it. you got yurp 80s inland. low clouds on the approach. and speaking of low clouds, right atop the golden gate bridge. the marine layer is up to 3,000 feet tall. again tonight no, trouble of the low clouds being pushed in by a pretty healthy seep breeze. you can see all the low clouds on the coast. drizzle. kind of a gray day.
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a repeat performance tomorrow but temperatures beginning to trend up as we head toward the beginning of next week. a little more sun on the coast, especially toward santa cruz. temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. san francisco staying school through 12:00. close to 82 degrees in san jose. murm 80s inland around los gatos. we have the 49ers hosting the cowboys. cooling through the 60s as we head to about 9:00 tomorrow night. notice san francisco staying in the upper 60s and low 70s through most of the day. for the north bay, number in the upper 80s around livermore. then the first half of the week.
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moisture rotating to the high. an good chance of showers but it will toss more clouds our way as we head toward wednesday. you see the temperatures. the clouds begin to fill in toward wednesday. seeing warmer temperatures. livermore climbing into the low 90s wednesday and thursday. i think the time frame to watch will be friday into saturday. that's when we'll see maybe a better chance of seeing some showers as you'll see warm temperatures here. we wrap up the weekend. and right on the door step by friday. it will bring clouds our way and you don't really see this in august. a system tossing rain on the northern california coast. clipping the bay area saturday. for now we take a look at the end of the week forecast. a little cooling in there for saturday. maybe a few showers across the north bay early next weekend and then temperatures mild on sunday. so stay tuned. a few showers across parts of the north bay.
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>> building the suspense. >> still to come, a scare in the air. local pilots say he collided with a drone. >> this isn't the only problem involving drones.
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youe taking a live look here at golden gate bridge. this is a view so many people fly into san francisco to see. >> i've driven over that so many days and it never gets boring to
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me. >> a little overcast. >> more than 30 sightings or close calls involving drones and planes in the bay area and this is just over the last nine months. the faa released the numbers yesterday. we combed through report and here's what we found. the majority are happening around san jose. we counted at least 14 instances where pilots or passengers spotted drones while in flight. and in livermore, a pilot reported colliding with a drone. the pilot found damage on his plane to back up that plane. there was a scary close call in palo alto. the drone was in the flight path of a pilot teaching a student. the plane had to change course to avoid a collision. >> boy! a lot of parents just went through this. senting their kids off to college. leaving home and heading into the dorm. today is the first of two move-in days. thousands of students choose to live in the residents halls on campus.
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you might be surprised to learn what some of them brought with them. >> i brought a skate board, some pillows, a flag, t-shirt, pants. >> he's got it covered. nothing too outrageous. >> he's set. move in is tomorrow. classes start on wednesday. good luck to all those students. >> i remember my first day there like it was -- >> yesterday? >> the day before. >> yeah. a quick break here. we'll be right back with a surprise at the national zoo in washington, d.c. a new season brings a new look.
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>> they say the cub is the size of a stick of butter. this is the mother panda's fifth cub. >> join us back here. on this saturday night, takedown. how three americans tackled a gunman armed with an ak-47 to prevent a possible massacre on a high-speed train. what we're learning about the other weapons the suspect was carrying. >> fiery crash. chaos at an air show in southern england as a military jet slams onto a crowded highway. the terrifying moments all caught on camera. out of control. wildfires continue to grow in washington state as a call goes out to volunteers to help fight those flames. eye of the storm. straight into hurricane danny. an elite group of hurricane hunters takes us for an exclusive ride inside the storm as it barrels toward puerto rico. and teacher shortage. across this country, school districts scramb


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