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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 23, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> a family remembers a live of a santa cruz girl murdered last month. also -- >> she hit me on the shoulder said let's go. went down, tackled him. we hit the ground. >> we live in terrifying and ultimately heroic moments of three californians credited with saving a train full of people share new details about how they took down a terrorist. >> a scare at sfo. a discovery in a piece of luggage that shut down an entire terminal. thank you for joining us. i'm terry bunker.
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>> i'm terry mcsweeney. a suspicious item inside some luggage ends up closing down terminal two for hours today. tonight, the airport is working on getting things back to normal. nbc bay area's kristen smith live at sfo. what shut down the terminal? >> it turns out they're calling it a toy grenade. when it was found, they didn't know exactly what it was. i did take a look inside terminal two a short time ago. i have to tell you the good news is right now it looks like any other travel day. there are no long lines. there was a different story when the suspicious item was found earlier. a spokesperson for sfo confirmed that that was a toy grenade found in a piece of luggage. there was a heavy police presence by san francisco police earlier today. as soon as security agents made the discovery. travelers in the lobby of terminal two and at the checkpoint were cleared out and moved from terminal two to terminal one. there, travelers found long
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check point lines in frustration as they worried about catching their flight. >> my brother-in-law dropped me and my wife off here. they said, come back over here to this terminal one-c, so we came in and there's a line extending all out into infinity, as far as we could see. >> this is what the likes looked like earlier. again, i checked inside, and right now, the lines look about average. i spoke with sfo administration. i asked if there would be delayed. they say that could be possible. right now, they don't have information on that. i checked the boards and most look on time. their advice is to call your carrier. reporting live at sfo, christie smith. >> thank you so much. nearly 1,000 people gathered to celebrate the life of maddy middleton today. she's the 8-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed in santa cruz last month.
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today's emotional public memorial just wrapped up. friends of the family started the service and song service dedicated to the girl. her mom spoke briefly and showed a glips of the animated and happy child. we'll show you at 5:00 tonight. >> a toddler is recovering in the hospital today after being hut by a bullet in a drive by in oakland. it happened in 77th avenue. a 3-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man were sitting in a car when another car drove by and someone in that car started shooting. the man and the little girl were shot. they went to the hospital. they are both now in stable condition. american heroes in paris. tomorrow, the trio from california who stopped a terror attack will receive a personal thank you from the president of france. today, anthony sadler, spencer stone, and alex garlatos talked
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to reporters about what happened in the train. a man was injured in a track. he was asleep when they woke him up and pointed out the gunman. it looked like the gun jammed. that's when they took their chance. >> i put him in a choke hold. they kept finding weapons, hand guns. alex took that. took out a box cutter. started stabbing at me with that. >> stone was stabbed during that attack, but as a trained medic, he helped the gunshot victim. he said training did not kick in until after the gunman was subdued. we'll have more in a half hour. >> did you feel it? an earthquake rattled sonoma county today. it hit near the geyser area, a rural area not too far from the lake county line. hit about 10:30 this morning. take a look at this map, the epicenter on the interactive earthquake map. you can also track all of the earthquakes in the bay area by heading to our website
4:35 pm and check earthquake map. tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the strongest quake to hit the bay area in a quarter century. in 2014, a 6.0 magnitude quake shook napa and solano counties. one person was killed. a dozen homes and businesses ruined. the damage totaled about $500 million. coming up in the next half hour, we're taking you to nappy. we'll show you what it took to rebuild the buildings and the work that still needs to be done a year later. t minus 30 minutes and counting. the 49ers and their faithful are pumped for the first game this season. before the game, money concerns. money about the turf. it looks pretty crowded. you would expect that. crews laid down new sod on the field. this year, the team had to move practices away from levi's because of concerns.
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nbc bay are nbc bay area news has more about the turf and changes for the game day experience. >> welcome to levi's stadium where the grass is always greener. it should be. after all, it's been replaced five times since the stadium opens last season. even now, as the niners get ready to take on the cowboys in their first preseason game, the sod is still getting attention. jerry jones suggested friday that cowboys may sit quarterback tony romo out because of turf trouble. >> pretty good. we dont want hit him to get hurt. >> kimberly and her family checked out levi's stadium, but the 9ererize hoping it will be their year, saying good-bye to alden smith and ray mcdonald and welcoming jim tomsula. fans will notice cheaper beer and water. stadium operators also plan to increase the lanes near parking lots to get fans out faster after games. >> niners are looking good. >> jacob is looking forward to
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all those changes when he attends his first game at the stadium this season. >> looking forward. it's a new stadium. figuring out the transportation systems here. there's going to be more people and more excitement here. >> enjoy the improvements. don't just get too used to the sod. the stadium plans to make six more installations this year. nbc bay area news. a local team, a last second hail mary or a legitimate plan to keep the raiders in oakland. key figures from the city of oakland, the raiders and the coliseum authority will meet tomorrow to talk about a plan. a businessman is behind the project that includes a new stadium for the raiders. if his plan is rejected as many experts believe it will be, oakland can then pursue other options. >> this is sort of high pressure because the raiders are in an urgent situation. they expressed a strong preference to know soon what
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we're able to bring to the table and the coliseum and any redevelopment scenario. so i'm looking at l.a. as anyone would be looking at l.a. i don't want to lose them, but they need to consider all their options as well. >> well, raiders owner has told the city it has until the end of the year to figure out a solution. he was also listening to offers to move back to the l.a. area. >> boy, a lot of people watching that. >> so many raiders are so passionate, they want them here, here. we'll see. >> coming up next, he's run for president before. but he's not going to run again. governor jerry brown tells nbc why he does not consider another go at the white house. tried to clinch that democratic nomination. and an explosion heard at a u.s. military facility in japan. get the latest on what happened. right now, we're seeing hazy skies over oakland. 70 degrees. tomorrow morning, traging low clouds and drizzle for your morning commute. for the week ahead, tracking two chances of seeing showers.
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what to expect in the rest of the microclimate forecast when we come right back. iestati thcau ofn exosi at u. ma
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u.s. officials are now investigating the cause of an explosion at a u.s. military base in japan. this explosion happened inside a warehouse just after midnight japan time. several loud booms were heard after ininitial blast. no reports of any injuries. also, a deadly weekend at air shows across the globe. the latest tragedy unfolding in switzerland. two of the three small planes flying in a formation collided into each other. it happened near bezel. one bilet was able to safely eject, but the other crashed into a barn and died. no one else was injured. the air show was canceled immediately after the crash. >> investigators are searching the site of another deadly air show crash that a lot of people saw. a fighter jet hit the ground while participating in an air
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show in england. the jet was doing a loop in the air and failed to finish the move and crashed into a nearby street. seven people on the street were killed. police are concerned there could be more vims in the wreckage. turning to decision 2016, the rumbling continues about joe biden making a run for the white house. met with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren this weekend. sources tell nbc news biden is also talking to donors. among the challenges, biden could be seen as dividing the democratic party and still mourning the death of his son beau. biden has run twice before and has long stressed the desire to be president and his son beau encouraged him to run this time around. >> governor jerry brown may have run for president in the bast, but today, he's making it clear he's not interested in the election season. he joined chuck todd this morning on "meet the press." when asked about the presidency, brown said his current job is enough for now. >> why wouldn't you jump into this race? >> because i have a lot to do in california. we have fires that are burning.
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we have this budget still to be kept in check. and this is the seventh or eighth largest economy in the world. and i find it completely absorbing and challenging. and i have given myself to the job and i'm going to be fully engaged in it. >> brown also talked about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. he compared the whole thing to a vampire saying that clinton needs to find some sort of stake and put it right in the heart of the e-mail controversy. brown also said vice president biden should give serious consideration to a run for the white house. mapping a giant garbage patch floating in the pacific ocean. >> getting a lot of attention. coming up next, a team of san francisco scientists and volunteers just got back from studying the garbage patch. the new information that they learned about this environmental disaster. i'm sam brock. as the immigration issue sizzles nationally, there's a hawk in silicon valley, visas. this week, rick santorum threw
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heavy blows at his part ay mats. >> but where's it really going? >> why is my money going to a fossil fuel technology? >> we investigate california's green energy standards and the fight to get you the technology you have been promised. >> it's unaccountable. we need higher standards. monday at 11:00.
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welcome back. taking a life look outside from our oakland camera looking at downtown oakland. hazy. going to be checking in on the temperatures coming up. health officials shut down a beach near santa barbara after oil and tar balls washed ashore. it happened on summerland beach which has a history of natural oil seepage from the floor. also oil wells, old oil wells in the area. officials say the debris is probably not from the pipeline break about 30 miles away. there's been crude oil in the beach and the ocean back in may. officials will decide tomorrow whether to reopen that beach. well, it's a tricky business predicting storms. that hasn't stopped some weather experts from predicting heavy rainfall this winter because of el nino. >> a lot of people are talking about that. is that claim credible? sam brock dives into the stormy debate in tonight's reality check. for formulas in science,
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they follow the el nino pattern. >> el nino is spanish for the nino. >> not to be outlandish, but a nasa climatologist did have this to say. >> this is the godzilla el nino. if it matures and actually comes to fruition. >> what will this monster bring by way of rainfall to our drought-stricken state? in a recent statement, california climatologist michael anderson said it could be flood or famine. he says, quote, historical weather data shows us at best there's a 50/50 chance of having a wetter winter. is he right? we asked one of anderson's former professors at uc davis, renowned water expert. >> i believe when i look at the statistics, i get about the same kind of answer that he gets. >> which is to say you can have an el nino pattern without heavy rainfall. in fact, data for northern california shows little
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correlation between the two. this graphic plots out the strength of el nino from left to right, and the corresponding water flow. >> you'll see there are some very low and very high el nino events that have a lot of precipitation and very little precipitation. >> so el nino can mean lots of rain. >> el nino. >> or no rain. at least in northern california. southern california is a different story. >> the strongest correlation geographically is at the pacific northwest and down southern california into the mexico coast, where we are in northern california is a gray zone that can go either way. >> she says we're in the so-called gray zone because of a ridge of high pressure seen here in the dark red circle sitting off the coast. basically blocking the bay from storm activity. >> if we have a strong high pressure ridge off the coast, we don't get storms. >> even if the ridge doesn't serve as a barrier to el nino,
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that still won't end california's drought. our deficit is too deep. >> for some of the reservoirs, half decent floods will fill them up pretty well. some of the larger reservoirs, it will take something more than that. >> like decades or even centuries for some of those aquifers. don't get us wrong. heavy rains would definitely help, but the odds of that, well, the claim that a wetter winter is a 50/50 proposition is true. i'm sam brock. that's this edition of reality check. back to you. 50/50 proposition. >> you're not going to go for that. >> come on. >> i know a guy who is a meteorologist, rob mayeda, if you were a wagering man, which way do you say it would go? if el nino stays in a strong phase, thingerize looking perhaps a little better for an average or above average rainfall. saudi arabi
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certainly for southern california. signs are pointing to a stronger el nino that will get stronger in late fall. notice the bull's eye for the heavier rain, that is central and southern california. dry in the pacific northwest. now, it does look like this el nino will impact us most strongly in terms of rainfall early winter. right now, we're seeing strong storms in the pacifica. higher numbers of pacific hurricanes and more wind shear across the tropical atlantic. we have seen a quiet tropical atlantic. right now, the latest projection, late fall into early winter, el nino will peak and strong classic el nino seasons in the past, january and february tend to be the big months for rainfall. fingers crossed. we'll hope el nino stays in a strong phase throughout the winter. where right now, typical sea breeze into dublin. 75 in san jose, tiburon to san francisco, not too bad. parts of the north bay in the high 70s as the clouds come in, and 70 currently in san francisco. we do have a fairly healthy sea
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breeze out there right now. for the next couple days, temperatures will turn a little bit warmer. not much change out on the coast, but valley temperatures should climb a couple more degrees as we head towards about wends. tomorrow morning, once again, chances of drizzle with low clouds for the morning and then lots of sunshine as we head towards the afternoon. morning temperatures tomorrow, combination of mid 50s to near 60, then as we head towards lunch time tomorrow, we'll see numbers closer in on 80 degrees. temperatures begin to warm up a few degrees. upper 80s. 60s and low 70s for another day there in san francisco. to the north bay, we'll see highs in the low to mid 80s to the north bay and mid to upper 80s out towards livermore, and things get interesting as we get into tuesday and wednesday. we're going to see temperatures climb on up, but we could also see a slight chance of some of this monsoon moisture trying to make a run to the bay area. tuesday evening into wednesday, and a few areas on the coastal mountains that could see a few stray showers out towards the
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sierra. that's something we'll be watching as we head towards the middle part of the week. notice the temperatures here, as we head to tuesday and wednesday, san jose seeing members towards the mid 80s wednesday, and san francisco, temperatures in the 70s through the middle part of the week, and friday, we'll see a chance of increasing clouds. but those rain chances right now unfortunately, they're trending further to the north. there's an early look at the weekend outlook. showers to the north. maybe slightly cooler temperatures. more clouds, but it doesn't look like at least for now much in the way of rain as we head through next weekend. back to you. >> we're hoping it might be our luck. >> you're not a professional photographer, but it may not be your fault if your iphone camera pictures turn out blurry. >> all of them. >> we'll tell you what apple says the problem is about and what the company is going to do to fix it.
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us. you take a photo on your phone and it turns out blurry. but if you an iphone 6 plus, it might not be your fault. apple says a small percentage of the devices have a problem with the camera, and it's causing those blurry photos. folks, it's not you. >> i love it. >> it's your camera. apple is recalling the phones and is going to replace the camera for free. the effective models were sold between september of last year and january of this year. when did you buy that phone? go to apple's website to see if your phone is one of these that's messing up your photos. >> makes me feel so much better. >> just how much trash is floating out in the pacific ocean. this is what local scientists and volunteers went to find out on a month-long ocean expedition. three of the boats returned today after exploring what is known as the great pacific garbage patch. it is massive. they see most of the trash found wads medium to large size pieces floating between the west coast and hawaii.
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organizers say the pieces make up the highest concentration of trash in the world's oceans. >> it's about two empire state buildings worth of plastic flows into the oceans where it damages ecosystems. it damages economies and it also ends up in the food chain, thereby potentially damaging us. now, the group's ultimate goal is the construction of a 60-mile barrier in the middle of the pacific to collect the garbage near japan. >> see what's coming up next. >> i'm live in santa cruz where a celebration of 8-year-old maddy middleton's life just wrapped up. i'll have that story and the emotional tribute coming up. rembea ltleirlill ue:afeforhile
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madyson, we promise to foster a place that's safer for
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children. >> rouight now at 5 cloox, a community comes together to remember a little girl killed last month. glm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. today, more than 1,000 people gathered to celebrate the short life of maddy middleton. she was murdered last month in santa cruz. we're joined live at the kaiser permanente arena where the celebration just wrapped up. this is a tough day for so many people. >> and especially people who have children of their own. you can see behind me here, they're still playing the video tribute to maddy, and they're calling it maddy's day. a lot of people left here in tears. it was a day filled with poems, music, and memories. more than 1,000 people came out to kaiser perm anenlty arena in santa cruz to celebrate the life of madyson middleton. the 8-year-old girl was killed at her apartment complex last month. her 15-year-old neighbor has been charged with kidnapping,
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sexualy assaulting and killing her. today, many of her friends from the arts community where she lived sang songs in her honor. her mother read from her diary and shared a video that maddy made herself. >> she's funny, she's smart. wonderfully human. she has many friends. and just a really sort of a typical 9-year-old, 8 1/2-year-old. but just a great kid. very -- you know, she had a bright future. >> american idol finalist james durbin sang "let it be" and another friend read a poem she had written about the little girl who loves to wear leopard print and howl at the moon. and the mayor of santa cruz proclaimed october 5th maddy middleton day. a day that santa cruz will honor the little girl by howling at the moon, eating cupcakes and singing happy birthday to her. reporting live in


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