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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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==gg/covo=rig noat6.:afeforhile6 madison, we promise to foster a community that is safer for children. right now at 6:00, coming together to heal. a santa cruz girl brutally murdered last night. tonight we're live as the community gathers to remember her life. >> i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. maddie was just ought years old when she was killed in her santa cruz home. marianne favro is joining live. the memorial wroping up just an
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hour ago. had to be very emotional. >> for me being a mom, it was a very emotional day here. even though maddie was just eight years old, she was full of life. that was very clear when we saw a video that she produced and starred in and when her mother read an entry from her daughter's diary. more than 1,000 people came out to the arena in santa cruz to celebrate the life of madison middleton, the eight-year-old g girl was killed in her apartment complex last month. her 15-year-old neighbor has been charged with kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing her. today many of her friends from the community where he lives sang songs in her honor. her mother read from her diary and shared a video that maddy made herself. >> i'm hoping that much like the way the lord is moving in her life, it's all about compassion.
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she's showed amazing strength and compassion. the lesson to walk away is not to demonize anybody. we're all grieving together. ♪ >> american idol finalist james durbin sang "let it be" and another friend read a poem about a little girl who liked to wear leopard print and howl at the moon. >> reporter: the mayor declared october 5th maddy middleton day and urged many in the community to eat mini cupcakes which she loved and to sing her "happy birthday". >> a nas way to remember maddy. well a toddler is recovering in the hospital today after being hit with a bullet. this shooting happened about 10:00 last night on 77th avenue near bancroft. a 3-year-old girl and a 33-year-old man was sitting in a car when another car drove by.
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someone in that car shot at them. both the man and the little girl were hit. they went to the hospital and are now listed in stable condition. american heroes in paris. tomorrow the trio who stondz a terror attack with will receive personal tribute. we have more with what exactly happened on that train. >> the three americans spoke to reporters for about 15 minutes describing what happened on that high speed train from amsterdam to paris friday night. spencer stone, the man who acted first said he was asleep when his friend alex skarlatos woke him up and pointed out the gunman. said it looked like the gun had jammed and that's when they took their chance. >> alex hit me on the shoulder and said, he's go, ran down, tackled him. we hit the ground. alex came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand. >> both alex skarlatos and
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spencer stone are in the military but the training didn't kick in until after the man was subdued. stone was a trained medic and helped to stop the bleeding from a gunshot victim. he was just thinking of his two friends, when they got up to fight, he couldn't let them go alone. >> at times of terror like this, to please do something. don't just stand by and watch. >> stone's parents are meeting him in paris and we understand that all of the heros will get a personal thank you from the french president tomorrow morning. back to you. we're getting our first look at the man accused of that train attack. this is ayoub el khazzani, a 26-year-old from morocco who has lived in europe for years. well a suspicious item inside some luggage ends up shutting down a terminal at sfo for hours. it was a nightmare for the travelers.
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tonight the airport is work pg on getting things back together. christy smith is at the airport live right now. what did they find that shut down the terminal? >> reporter: well i can tell you that the lines are looking really good now. but the suspicious item had a big impact earlier. terminal two had to be cleared out for a while. now a spokesperson for the airport is saying that item was a type hand grenade that was discovered in the luggage up near the security check point near terminal 2. that brought out a heavy police response as the investigators looked into whether it was real. the lobby and the check point were cleared out as passengers were rerouted to boarding area c. travelers also moved over to terminal one where they found long lines and frustration as they worried about whether they would miss their flight. >> so we came in and the line was extending out into infinity, as far as we could see. so we went -- they told us to go
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back to the line, so we went back there and waited, i don't know, 30 minutes or so. >> reporter: now the all clear was given this afternoon. this is video we shot about 30 minutes ago to show you what terminal two really looks like. again an average day now, no long lines. i asked an airport spokesperson about possible delays and they didn't have information on that. but did advise travelers to call their airline carriers if they had concerns. reporting live at sfo, christy smith, nbc bay area news. more crews have joined the fight against a fast moving wile fire burning right now in lake coun county. the peterson fire started at 5:30 last night west of clear lake. it's burned 200 acres so far and is 17% contained. this fire, only about 20 miles west of where the rocky fire and the jerusalem fire burned thousands of acres. the peterson fire is burning close to homes but so far no
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evacuations. stay with nbc bay area for the latest on the wile fire and evacuations. download or nbc bay area app to get up to the minute news on your iphone or android device zbloos an earthquake rattled sonoma county today, hitting near a rural area. it hit about 10:30 this morning. take a look on this map. this is on the interactive earthquake map. you can track all of the earthquakes that hit the bay area by heading to our website, and search earthquake map. tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the strongest quake to hit the bay area. on august 24th, 2014, quake hit the area. dozens of homes and businesses were ruined. the damage totaled $500 million. coming up next, a scare at a convention full of kids. the tip that foiled a possible
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attack at the poke mon championship. >> he has run for president once before. will he give it another go? and mapping a giant garbage pass that's floating in the bay ocean. the team just got back from studying it. what they learned about the environmental disaster. we're tracking high clouds moving into the bay area making for a nice sunset tonight. the week ahead turning a little more interesting as the mid level clouds and moisture coming up out of the tropics could bring us a chance of showers in the weekend. your forecast when we come back. a poiblattk atheokenwod cmpishi
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developing news, a possible attack at the poke mon world championship foiled by a tip to police. tonight two men are behind bars. police were tipped off by threats made online. officers say they arrested two suspects, 18 and 27 years old. they drove from iowa to the event taking place in boston. that's where the investigators found their van filled with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a shotgun, a rifle and a hunting knife. tonight parents are thanking police for their detective work at the convention. it's a huge draw for kids and teenagers. turning to decision 2016, the buzz continues to grow that vice president joe biden thinking about making a run for
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the white house. he met with elizabeth warren this weekend. sources tell nbc news that biden is talking to donors. biden could be seen as dividing the democratic party and he's still mourning the death of his son beau. biden has run twice before and long expressed a desire to be president and his son beau encouraged him to run. governor jerry brown may have run for president in the past but today making it clear he's not interested this time around. governor brown joined chucked to todd this morning. >> why wouldn't you jump into this race? >> i've got a lot to do in california. we have fires burning, have the budget to still be kept in check. this is the 7th or 8th largest economy in the world and i find it completely absorbing and challenging and i've given myself to this job and i'm going to be fully engaged in it. >> the governor also talked abhillary clinton's e-mail
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scandal compared the whole thing to a vampire saying that clinton needs to find a stake and put it through the heart of the controversy. he also said that vice president biden should give serious consideration for a run to the white house. health officials shut down a beach near santa barbara after the tar balls washed ashore. there are also old wells in this area. officials say that the debris is likely not from the pipeline break that was about 30 miles away. that sent crude oil to the ocean in may. officials will decide tomorrow whether to reopen the beach. and just how much trash is floating out in the pacific ocean. that's what the scientists and volunteers went to find out in a month long expedition. three of the boats returned today after exploring what ask known as the great pacific gar package patch. most of the trash was medium to large size saying the pieces make up the highest
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concentration of trash in the world's ocean. >> every week the volume of about two empire state buildings worth of plastic flows into the ocean where it damages ecosystems, it damages economies and it ends up in the food chain potentially damaging us. >> the group's ultimate goal is a construction of a barrier in the middle of the pacific to collect bgarbage near look inin? >> talking about the low pressure approaching the coast, it's unusual. it's the weak upper level system that's tossing the high clouds over the bay area right now making for a fantastic sunset right now. 73 degrees right now. sea breeze going which will eventually bring the lower level clouds across the bay tomorrow morning. 67 right now in san francisco,
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still looking at sunshine, 69 degrees with some hazy skies in oakland and the cool air reaching dublin coming right through right at you into the tri-valley at 79 degrees, san jose 72 right now with some high clouds moving over the south bay. winds on shore and eventually we'll see the low clouds forming along the coast overnight. could have some patchy drizzle in the morning. few areas of low clouds out on the coast. and as we start the week, temperatures inland starting to warm a few degrees. morning temperatures in the 50s and 60s with some misty skies possible along the coast. you'll notice the temperatures inland, upper 70s to mid to upper 80s possible for the next couple of afternoons. mainly south of san jose and east of 680 out around the tri-valley. san francisco, tomorrow upper 60s to low 70s, 83 closer to downtown san jose, north bay, highs in the low 80s and mostly
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mid 80s for now the tri-valley. two chances of showers, the first one late tuesday into wednesday. and a lot of things have to come together just right to bring us some showers. right now moisture is in the desert southwest interacting another system approaching the coast that appears to toss the best chance of showers out towards the sierra where we could have thunder showers increasing the mid and high level clouds. kind of like what we have right now. that has a chance of kicking off some showers but really not having much of an impact on the temperatures as we head toward wednesday. notice the ramp up into 90 degrees temperature. possible for livermore. san jose also seeing the numbers climb boog the mid 80s around wednesday, a little cooldown on thursday and numbers rebound on friday. san francisco following the trend of a midweek warmup. and now there's another system we're tracking for friday into saturday. this is the stronger of the two, but the latest model runs unfortunately keep it a little
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too far photo north. we'll see quite a bit of clouds on saturday but for now most of the showers staying off to the north of the north bay. temperatures into next weekend, mid and high level clouds to start, 70s and 80s inland. then a stronger sea breeze could cool things down on sunday. for now we're watching tuesday afternoon for the mountain tops north of sonoma county, may see a shower early wednesday and then stay tuned on saturday. we'll see the latest computer runs come through tonight. it's rash to talk about this in late august. we might see some of it coming our way late next weekend. >> that would be good news. coming up next, an oakland ball boy, maybe he should be playing for the big league. >> after you see the catch, he might have agents looking up his number. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. oaandolium. welcome back everyone. taking a live look right now at the oakland coliseum. a beautiful day out there and a lot of people are talking about this next story. they want to see their team stay there. >> is it going to be baseball or football or neither or both. we don't know. last second hail mayor mary to keep the raiders there in oakland, the raiders and the coliseum authority are meeting tomorrow to discuss the plan. businessman floyd kept hart is behind the plan for a new stadium. if his plan is rejected, and a lot of people think it will be, oakland will be free to pursue other options. >> this is high pressure because the raiders are in an urgent situation. they've expressed a strong preference to know soon what we're able to bring to the table and to the coliseum and any
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redevelopment scenario. i'm looking at l.a. as anyone would be looking at l.a. i don't want to lose them but they need to consider their options as as well. >> the raiders owner mark davis has given the city until the end of the year to come up with a solution. the team is listening to offers to move back to the l.a. area. you talk about a great catch. >> this is amazing. take a look at this play. the oakland a's ball boy may need an agent after making a major league play. take a look. i love it. the guy, the catch, the glory right there. last night the teenager made the spectacular diving catch. the ball headed straight there for the a's ball pen. >> could have hit an ankle or a knee. >> but he spared all of them. he took a well-deserved drink break there.
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hard worker. >> i have not seen a play made like that since the comcast sports net softball game last summer. >> you know what's really funny about the ball boy, he made another play today that was almost just as good as that one. i don't think you're supposed to upstage the major league team but he's making quite a name for himself. he's going to get his own youtube channel the a's are battling in pittsburgh right now but they have some good news. their archnemesis got swept in shoe ston. we'll have baseball highlights for you. the giants race takes over at&t park. thousands of runners got their heart rate up for a good cause. that's next from xfinity sports. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. asheyttet tclo well, as i speak to you, giants are in pittsburgh right new attempting to close ground on the division leading dodgers. but the action got started much earlier this morning at at&t park. take a look from half marathon to wedding proposals, the sixth annual giant race had a little something for everyone. thousands of runners turned out in an effort to raise money for project open hand. it's an organization that prepares packages for those dealing with illnesses and coping with aging. >> they provide over a million
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meals a year and they've raised over 300,000 in just this event alone. >> i think the giants race is super special. they get to finish on the field of the world charp jmpions. but they also get great stuff, a medal, a bobblehead, they get a great shirt and then a great experience for a great cause. there really is just something for themselves, something healthy and then, you know, a medal around your neck to say you did something great. >> a million meals. that's a lot of sour dough bread and clam chowder. here comes carlos gomez from third trying to steal home. astros down to their final out, gonzalez hips it to right and it falls in for a hit. this game is tied at 2. and in the 10th, jason castro,
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happens to be from castro valley, yep, the walkoff home run. houston wins by one, 3-2 the final and sweep the dodgers. over to the american league where the a's look to avoid a sweep at the hands of the tampa bay rays. the green open gold could secure a winning home stand with the victory. they were 2-2 so far in this five-game home stand. fan appreciation day. not only do the a's come out to play, this is ball boy scott with his a game today. now he has the leaping back-handed grab today. unbelievable. but the play of the game, the a's up 4-2 in the 7th, bases loaded for mark can that. he unloads them, a three-run triple. he had 4 rbi in this game. the a's win 8-2. >> those are as good of bats that we've had in a while, especially in a game that was
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close. we had the lead, all of the sudden it's gone again. so to be able to put those bats together after that is what -- the kind of thing we were talking about early today. you really got to separate and put all of your efforts and focus into one particular day. >> right now the giants trail the pirates 3-0 with two outs in the bottom of the third. the 49 erz are at halftime in their second has preseason game leading 13-0. mike purcell, he had a pick six. whenever you see a big guy rumbling into the end zone, it's always fun and a little dangerous too. >> i guess some cowboy fans are suffering there. >> thanks mindy. >> be right back. t naonazoon whinond-wand thea ty
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that's the exact sound that the vets at the national d.c. zoo wanted to hear. the zoo released this video today of the cubs first physical exam. >> you just want them to give the panda baby back to the mom. measure it already and give it back. that was the older of the two getting measured and checked out. the vets will care for one cub and give the other one back to momma panda and switch them around to make sure they're okay. >> the newborns are just the third set of twins born to giant pandas in the united states. doesn't happen much. we've got some misty skies, possible for the morning drive
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and temperatures starting to warm up, mid to upper 80s. >> rob, thank you. thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you back at 11:00. have a good night. 'm doug mcconnell,
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and we've got some great discoveries for you along the open road. a world-famous bay area legend on his home turf in sonoma county, where he lived, loved, and passed away. sacred ground restored and a culture reclaimed from the mists of time. saving and celebrating nature's wonders near silicon valley. and seeing winged wonders like never before. [music] doug: jack london was a globetrotter, and world-famous author and journalist.


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