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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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san francisco experience. you're looking at cell phone video of that tourist moments after he was shot. emergency crews are trying to stop the bleeding. the man is in the hospital right now, and we hear he is going to recover and be okay. but it almost didn't happen that way. it all started on lombard when his camera was taken. the suspect then led police on a chase way into the east bay. we have team coverage for you tonight. chuck, that poor tourist had only been in town like a day. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. a tourist from thailand was shot. this section of lombard street, we should say, at jones is something of a tourist highway. we learned that all afternoon by seeing a steady parade of people going up and down lombard street between russian hill and north beach. but few people who live in this part of town thought they would be vulnerable to robbers. residents were stunned as a tourist from thailand was shot
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and his expensive camera stolen. >> i constantly see people from china come walking up and see the crookedest street in the world. it's very safe here. i never see any problems. >> reporter: a house painter nearby took pictures of the man who was shot, a young man trying to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived. it happened on lombard near jones shortly after noon. >> it appears that the victim was walking towards lombard street, and that's when he was approached by one of the suspects, who then tried to rob the item that he had in hand. at that point, the victim tried to get his items back. a little chase transpired heading down towards lamb board street, at which point he was shot. >> reporter: police found two bullet casings on the street and dug a third out of an apartment building. tourists gawked at the scene. >> it's scary. middle of the day.
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i mean, you just don't think that that's going to happen. >> we got told areas that we couldn't go in at nighttime, so it was actually quite dangerous. >> and this isn't one of them. >> it definitely isn't one of them. >> so it's really scary. >> reporter: we have just checked, and the shooting victim's injuries we've been told are not life threatening. he was shot in the shoulder he may even be released sometime later tonight. and we just learned that tomorrow afternoon there will be a joint news conference here at this location where the shooting happened with a representative of the city and police chief. as for the robbers, they took off in a car and led police on a high-speed chase across the bay bridge. this was a tense afternoon. as we mentioned, this crime screen stretched from lombard across into the east bay. police chased the suspects into oakland, right there at the oakland emeryville border.
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cheryl hurd picks up the story from the east bay with the crash and the ensuing manhunt. >> reporter: a huge sigh of relief for an oakland neighborhood that's been under lockdown for about three hours. now that lockdown is now complete. but it all ended here near this church behind me. and the second suspect was caught on 60th street. that's where the getaway car crashed into a tree. here is video of the first suspect being arrested at 61st and idaho in front of a church. soon after that, the s.w.a.t. team and police from several different agencies, including san francisco, did a door-to-door search for the second suspect. that search lasted a couple of hours. the second suspect was eventually caught in the backyard of this woman's home. >> the suspect ran up past where my son was, and he went like this. and i thought he was trying to snatch my son up. and i said, juan! so he -- i was closer to him. so he turned around and he comes in the house. he runs in the house. and so then i saw him hop the
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fence. >> reporter: police say the men were armed and dangerous, and they are very happy they now have them off the street. in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. again, a reminder, stay with us for continuing coverage of the story including that news conference that will happen tomorrow. san francisco county supervisor julie christianson and police chief greg sir will both be there on the street to talk about it. happening now in the air and on his way home. one of the three americans who stopped a terrorist attack in france is touching down in sacramento within the hour. anthony sadler is expected to land in about 45 minutes. this is video of him when he arrived in oregon this afternoon on a private jet with his family members much the 23-year-old sadler is a student at sacramento state university. the city is planning a parade for the three heroes who all grew up together in the sacramento area.
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now yesterday they each received france's highest civilian honor. we'll bring you the arrival later in this newscast live when it happens. new video shows a man trying to run from police along a packed freeway. check it out. the chaotic scene unfolding on 880 in san jose. right near stevens creek boulevard just before 10:00 in the morning. police say the man appeared to be on methamphetamine as he tried to shut down the freeway putting up traffic cones. he then began to run between the cars. eventually it took four officers to take that man into custody. you can see him running wildly. three officers suffered minor injuries trying to apprehend him. new details on the shooting death of kate shinely. chilling evidence was presented today against the accused gunman, francisco sanchez. the tourist captured photographs of the suspect before and after the shooting in san francisco.
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we're not allowed to broadcast the images, but we can tell you none of the photos clearly show the suspect's face. there's different video we're showing you here. now sanchez is accused of killing steinle while out for a walk with her father. a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to send sanchez to trial. it went way up, and then it went way back down. the dow jones shoots up to more than 400 points but then came tumbling back down. another day to remind investors that the stock market is not for the faint of heart. our business tech reporter is joining us now with a check on your money. scott, difficult day again. >> that sigh of relief you heard, bay area investors who saw the bleeding stop on wall street. yes, our funds have been damaged but today was the day optimism came back to the stock market. wall street shot upwards at the opening bell, led by apple,
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netflix, and facebook, coming back after three days of beatings. >> optimistic. why be negative about something that would benefit from optimism in the first place? the more you sell, the lower things go. the more you buy, the higher things go. keep the money moving. >> reporter: but while the morning felt good, our market volatility is not over yet, and ultimately stocks ended the day back in the red. >> it's hard to explain day-to-day fluctuations. >> that's santa clara business professor robert hendershot, who says investors should keep their seat belts on. >> the stock market is very forward looking. it's not that netflix or apple or facebook are doing worse than they were last week. the stocks just got a lot cheaper. >> looking ahead, some real estate watchers tell us the slowdown in the chinese market may actually be good news for hopeful home buyers here in the bay area. as fewer chinese developers buy homes here, they say prices may stabilize. in san jose, scott budman, nbc
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bay area news. this just in. within the past hour, the san jose city council voted and passed unanimously a moratorium on closing mobile home parks much the move will stop the closures of any mobile home park for six months. that will give the city of san jose some time to revise an outdated ordinance that deals with these closures. this has been a big issue in san jose, which has 59 mobile home parks, more than any other city in the state. developers have been buying up the parks so they can build new homes at higher costs. 35,000 people live in mobile home parks across the city of san jose. they are mostly senior citizens and lower wage workers. apology not accepted. today an apology from the ceo napa valley wine train was questioned by the women in that book club. they were kicked off that train because they were told they were being too loud. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in napa and spoke to both
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parties. michelle? >> reporter: well, the women say they are grateful for the apology, but they say at this point it really doesn't change anything. as for the ceo, he has apologized multiple times but is not going into details about exactly what mistake happened on the train. >> that's not something that i thought that i would ever have to experience in 2015. >> reporter: lisa johnson says her book club party in wine country was cut short, and she believes discrimination was to blame. they shot this cell phone video, capturing what johnson calls a humiliating experience. >> but all of you come with guns? >> reporter: 11 book club members, including an 85-year-old, were kicked off the napa valley wine train in the middle of the tour following a noise complaint from another passenger. the group was met by police once the train came to a stop. >> to paint this broad brush stroke of african-american women that painted us to be unruly, aggressive. we were physically abusive. >> reporter: today she received an apology from the napa valley
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wine train ceo. >> we made a mistake. we're humans. we made a mistake. we own our mistake and we've apologized for it. >> reporter: he says that race did not play a role in the incident. he said it was a lapse in customer service and poor planning given the size of the reservation. >> we didn't afford them the space they needed to keep their joyous activities from interfering with other guests. >> reporter: he is also considering adding more diversity training for his employees and would like to invite the book club back for another ride. >> you apologize, and it doesn't make it go away, you know what i mean? like this is raw. this is our life. >> reporter: over the weekend, a wine train employee posted on facebook that the women were actually kicked off because they were verbally and physically abusive to a staff member. that post has been deleted, and the ceo was also apologizing for those words.
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reporting live in napa tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. new at 6:00 tonight, california state agencies are vulnerable to a major cyber security breach. that's according to a new report by the state auditor, who found big gaps in i.t. security systems. she says only four out of 77 agencies are up to date with the state standards. leaving sensitive data open to hackers. the department of technology, which oversees the state i.t. department, says it is taking steps to try and boost compliance. ♪ dozens of people burst into the santa clara county supervisor's meeting this afternoon, bringing it to a standstill. coming up, i'll tell you what they were protester testing. -- protesting. also, fighting to keep the raiders in oakland. a new stadium plan. but there were some notable no-shows at today's presentation. and dealing with more than just flames. how mother nature is slowing
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down nearly 200 firefighters from battling blazes on the central coast. and good evening. we're tracking a storm system offshore. we'll let you know when our best chance for showers will be and a very important el nino update within the next 10 minutes. itasn onhe end...abt 8proste st
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new at 6:00, it wasn't on the agenda. about 80 protesters stormed into the santa clara county board of supervisors meeting this afterno afternoon. at issue, sanctuary cities and immigration. marian marianne, this was a vocal group. what was the message? >> reporter: it was a vocal group of about 80 people. and as you mention, this issue was not on the agenda for today, but the protesters said they wanted to make sure that the supervisors know exactly how they feel before they ever take up the issue. about 80 people burst into the
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santa clara supervisors chambers this afternoon interrupting the meeting for about 15 minutes. they spoke out against any efforts to allow ice agents to work more closely with law enforcement. >> we are worried about communities that are already reluctant to call about crime will not be calling. people in domestic violence will not be calling because of fear of deportation. >> when juan sanchez allegedly killed kate steinle on the pier this summer, it prompted some local residents to urge county supervisors to strengthen sheriff's deputies role in working with ice. >> certainly we are not accepting retainers anymore. i think it's worth looking at, because i do honestly believe that the people who are violent -- serious and violent felons and been convicted, we
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should at least notify ice if they are in this country illegally. >> reporter: the group also headed to the supervisors 10th floor offices to make sure their voices were heard. they pled with them to say no to a priority notification program which they say just gives ice more power to deport undocumented immigrants and break up families. a working group including members of the community will meet on monday, and then make recommendations to the supervisors. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. a packed courtroom in the east bay today as the man accused of killing a police officer made his second appearance before a judge. it was standing room only inside the courtroom as 21-year-old mark estrada appeared. estrada is charged with the murder and special circumstances shooting and killing of hayward sergeant scott linger last month during a traffic stop. dozens of police officers showed
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up to show their support for lung er's family. >> that we support them and care about them, that scott was part of our family as well. and he is not going to be forgotten. >> estrada did not enter a plea today. his case has been continued until october 9 to give his attorney time to review the case. $11 an hour in the new year will bring new wages in pal oh alto. city council members unanimously approved the increase of the minimum wage to $11. it takes effect january 1. until now, palo alto has never had a local minimum wage. businesses went by statewide rates, which is $9 an hour. it increases to $10 next year. this morning, a new plan to build a stadium for the oakland raiders in oakland. but it was more about who didn't show up. here is a live look at the coliseum, the current home of the raiders. the raiders' lease with the city runs out after this season.
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developer floyd kephart presented his plan today. it was attended by several raiders fans and several members of city council. however, the mayor's office and the raiders' organization didn't attend the event. >> i understand why they are not here. and the county elected officials are just like the city elected officials. we have not seen the final deliverables that mr. gephardt has submitted. >> the raiders have made it very clear without a new stadium in oakland, they want to move to l.a. and share a new stadium with the chargers in the city of carson. time to check in with our meteorologist. jeff, it was a beautiful day outside. warmer, but not unbearably hot. >> that's due to this area of high pressure in the desert southwest. it will stay in effect through
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the next two days, helping to boost our temperatures even lotter. let's look at the forecast throughout tomorrow. the warmest we'll go is the average of 94 in the trivalley. also 94 anticipated for the south average. we have been talking about the possibility of rainfall this week. that next biggest change would not get here until saturday. that's when temperatures cool to five and 10 degrees. you can see for the north bay in san francisco, that will be the best chance of isolated showers and temperatures dropping into the 70s. at this point, we'll stay dry down the peninsula, and also down into the south bay. i do want to get to an important update on el nino. the way it looks now, 95% chance and higher we could have el nino continuing to develop into winter and also spring. this would mean that wetter weather here down towards the southeast, warmer weather for the midwest, and then of course our rainfall potential here down across california. we have broken apart california because there are two distinct areas when it comes to these rainfall averages.
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southern california usually has an above average chance. that's what we're now seeing on the september through november climate averages. and an equal chance here of average rainfall for september, october, and also november. but with a very strong el nino event expected, the way it looks right now, we thought it would be very interesting for all of you to take a look at these numbers. the last time we had these very strong el nino events was back in 1982, 1983. also, '97, '9 8. there was eight to 10 inches of rainfall above the typical averages. that's what actually could be coming our way. you can bet we'll be on top of this with that el nino update as we continue throughout the next couple of months. coming up, thousands of california high school grads left in limbo without diplomas. the unprecedented action governor brown is taking. also, carpooling in the digital age. uber is giving discounts for certain routes. re
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a lot of issues on the table. more californians are embracing obama care. and our new field poll shows it will play a significant role in next year's presidential election. the favorable opinions not only span all ethnicities but also cross party lines. among the state's registered voters, 62% support the law up from 56% last year. 33% oppose it.
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and when asked how important a candidate's position is on the affordable care act when deciding how to vote, 66% say it will be very important. 26% say somewhat important. and you see there about 4% not important at all. these numbers were similar when the survey was asked about congressional candidates. request denied. a lawmaker's request for an audit of planned parenthood was reject rejected. the request after the allegation that they profited from tissue of aborted fetuses. the issue was brought to light after secretly recorded videos of planned parenthood officials. pro-life supporters say the officials were discussing selling the tissue, but planned parenthood says that the videos were deceptively edited. >> we should not have our public institutions using our money to prop up these technologies. a green energy program is now under fire by lawmakers who
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say the billion dollar program has done little to make california more green. i'm robert honda live at san jose city hall. measure b, san jose's pension reform measure, was supposed to make changes. but critics say the changes tore the city apart. coming up, how a new deal today is supposed to heal those financial and emotional wounds. and still ahead, a hero's welcome. a plane carrying the sacramento state student who helped stop a suspected terrorist in france is due to land in california in the next half-hour. we're tracking that story. that update live coming up.
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for around 269 per month. it has been a sore spot in san jose for the last few years. it was a pension reform measure designed to change san jose. but instead supporters and critics alike say measure b appears to have torn this city apart. among those hardest hit, the san jose police department which has seen officers quit or retire at a record rate. today a new deal. nbc bay area's robert honda is joining us from city hall where the new agreement was passed just about an hour ago. robert, the big question, will this help the beleaguered sjpd? >> reporter: the political enemies did bury the hatchet, so it should help a little bit. the two sides agreed on a deal that is supposed to deliver some
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of what measure b promised while staying out of the courtroom and repairing the police department. the effects of the measure b cuts could be followed by the falling number of police officers, a staff once at 1,400 cops is now down to around 900. today the city and the police and fire unions agreed to a new deal that for cops restores pay, including a 5% bonus and 8% in raises but also mitigates some of the retirement and disability benefit cuts. almost as important, it is designed to end expensive litigation and the ongoing public battles. >> i'd rather not spend a lot of time focusing on what if or should we have or shouldn't we have. what i know is where we were at in terms of what the police and fire offers were in march of 2012 and where we are at today is very different. >> no hard feelings? >> no hard feelings. it's always tough to move on from such horrible years. but we're willing to do it.
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and we need to do it. >> reporter: the police department says the new deal will help retain and recruit officers and also persuade some cops who left to return. >> quite frankly, we feel that san jose is their home. and to the extent we have read -- again, we've read the resignation letters. we know that the individuals that left this department did not leave because they wanted to. >> reporter: now again about two hours ago, the council agreed to this proposal on a 10 to one vote. since voters actually passed the measure first, they should have been the first to help modify it, says one critic, and he is also concerned that the agreement will lead to raising taxes. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. hawaii police released new details about the arrest of cardinal william la vada, san francisco's former archbishop. he was arrested last week for dui. he was reportedly vacationing with other priests on the big island. however, he was alone when he was pulled over for allegedly weaving.
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he said, quote, i regret my error in judgment and intend to fully cooperate with the authorities. the 79-year-old was san francisco's archbishop from 1995 through 2005. that year pope ben dictappointed him the highest american at the vatican. a hit-and-run driver at just after 7:00 this morning. police say the driver tried to get away after hitting a pedestrian. you can see that porsche right there. he then ran over the victim a second time. but the crowd surrounded his car. the victim suffered life threatening injuries. no word yet on the charges that the driver may face. an international hero on his way back home to the states. we're waiting for the arrival any minute now of one of three american friends credited for helping take down an alleged gunman on a passenger train in france. he is about to arrive. anthony sadler scheduled to land
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in the next 15 minutes. more details are emerging about that alleged terror suspect. jessica, the suspect is continuing to say he is not a terrorist, but today french prosecutors say that he is. under high security, 26-year-old ayoub el khazzani was marched into a police station bare foot and blindfolded. he was charged with attempted mass murder for the attack on a high speed train last saturday. prosecutors say that kazhazzani brought on nine clips fully loaded, a box cutter, and a bottle of gasoline. investigators say the intention was to launch a full-scale terrorist attack but was ultimately stopped by the swift action of these three americans,
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childhood friends from the sacramento area on vacation together. yesterday, french president francois hollande awarded them the country's highest honor at the presidential palace. anthony sadler enjoyed life as a hero at a red carpet film screening last night. >> it was a great honor to meet the french president. i never thought i would be in that position. he was a really nice man and i appreciate everything he did for us. >> reporter: sadler will be back home at any moment before getting some rest. alek scarlatos and stone are resting. police are still trying to determine if ayoub el khazzani had accomplices or if he acted alone. in the smoke and rough terrain wasn't enough, those battling wildfires are facing another issue. nearly 200 firefighters have been treated for allergic reactions to poison oak.
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the problem is especially bad in san louis obispo county. the poison oak actually entwines with other plants and gets up to 12 feet tall. the symptoms of poison oak, exposure include swoll thinken coughing, and trouble breathing. >> even though we'll be running long buses and every minute or two throughout the day, we do encourage people to plan ahead. >> this closure is a follow-up to the one that happened back in the first weekend of august. again, construction crews will be working inside the station so bart trains won't be able to operate at all between san francisco and oakland. service is expected to resume in time for the morning commute on tuesday, september 8. coming up here at 6:00, that little device that google hopes will help drivers solve the bay
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area's pothole problem. we'll explain. plus, how a preteen's stumble has launched an international controversy in the art world. tog, t enis sit fth buauctican
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tonight the end is in sight for the bureaucratic tangem over high school exit exams. governor brown says he will sign the bill passed by state lawmakers that rescues 5,000 high school students whose diplomas were in limbo until they took the exit exam. the problem, the contract lapsed with the state's testing service. the state will now shift to the common core standard and a new testing. google once again in the business of fixing potholes. but google needs some help.
6:38 pm
most cities say filling potholes isn't really the big part of the issue here, but it's finding the potholes. that's the bigger problem. google wants to help with a system that uses the gps from cars' navigation systems. a bump sensor would be added to participating cars that would then detect and map potholes. basically, you drive over the potholes and it alerts google. google says it would create an entirely new system for road and transportation departments. uber is offering a new service. it's called smart routes. it's basically a carpooling service. it's been tested in san francisco. the two routes are in valencia between 15th and 76 and fillmore between the hait and az bury. >> that would be fun for the young ones. >> how young are thinking?
6:39 pm
>> college, dating age. hit a cab, and it's like a party. >> take us outside. yeah. let's go outside. tonight on this tuesday, fog rolling into san francisco. if you're heading out to tonight, you'll have that fog coming on back. we'll talk more about hotter temperatures and a chance for showers in just a few minutes. also, we investigate the green energy fee on your monthly electric bill. where is that money really going? mlio ofubl doars- fueleto i
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is it a good use of taxpayer money? millions of public dollars funneled to private companies that promise to make california more green. >> investigative reporter vicky nguyen first raised questions about how the money was flowing to a silicon valley fuel company. >> if you're a paying customer, you pay for a program paid
6:42 pm
designed to pay incentives to new green technologies to cut carbon emissions. but now three lawmakers says it has delivered minimum benefits at extremely high costs. they want changed, but one company does not. >> i set a very high bar. and it's a bar we must meet. >> reporter: governor brown earlier this year saying by 2030, he wants half of the power in california to come from renewable resources. >> the governor is really laying down an ambitious and visionary proposal. >> reporter: state assemblyman josh williams says california will never achieve that green vision without revising the state's self generation incentive program. it was created to fund innovation in clean technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions. >> extremely disappointed.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: he is disappointed with the public utilities commission. last month, he proposed new limits for companies who want that money. a 5% reduction from the current standard for greenhouse gas emissions. it's not enough for williams. he and others say a 20% cut is more in line with the state's goals, and if the puc won't do it, he says lawmakers will. >> frankly, i expect more from the puc. >> reporter: williams and two other lawmakers wrote this letter to picard, urges him to do better. they said if his proposal is adopted, they will continue the absurd practice of subsidizing natural gas consumption, supporting existing technologies that have already taken hundreds of millions of dollars. >> i wrote it because i thought it was important to not be vague and to not be lukewarm. i thought that it is clear that the legislature wanted a change
6:44 pm
in policy. >> reporter: at stake, $415 million. the puc has already doled out $1.4 billion in incentives to companies since 2001. sunnyvale-based fuel cell maker bloom energy has received nearly $400 million, nearly a quarter of the money, and the biggest piece of the pie. >> we should not have our public institutions using our money to prop up polluting technologies. >> reporter: sierra club senior attorney matt vespa has criticized them for sinking too much money into companies like bloom that make fuel cells. fuel cells traditionally run on natural gas, a dirty fossil fuel. >> it's not clean. it's very carbon intensive. and no, those should not get public money. we need to move past the era of fossil fuels. and to the extent we still use them, okay, but do we subsidize them? absolutely not. >> reporter: we analyzed bloom's project and found that 81% use natural gas, not renewables.
6:45 pm
the investigative unit first exposed last fall that bloom technology was emitting more greenhouse gas than advertised, and that bloom was benefitting from the lion's share of the funds. >> i love the word boondoggle. and, you know, you add an l to that and change the n to m and you get bloomdoggle. >> i don't think it's that far from the truth. a big fraction of the money is going to a single company that has a fairly polluting product. >> reporter: numbers show that bloom fuel cells may not be much cleaner than the grid we already have, which is measured in carbon output. we are told that the statewide emission rate is 799. pg & e's rate is 427. bloom technology, between 735 and 849. williams says that's not good enough to continue receiving public money. >> we cannot be in the business of subsidizing something unless it is cleaner than the grid.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: bloom declined our request for an interview. in public comments, bloom urged the puc not to change the standards at all, not even by the 5% picard is proposing. in an email, they wrote, bloom supports a standard that supports real measurable reduction today and in the future. the current standard does that. the company also wrote, there are seven separate measures of program success, one of which is greenhouse gas reduction. and our technology has significantly reduced carbon emissions for our customers and is the largest contributor to greenhouse reduction in the program. we caught up with the president in sacramento. >> will you change the standard? >> i don't know. >> reporter: he says his staff will consider comments from all sides of the debate. >> we will never make everybody happy on most of the things that we will do. >> reporter: he admits determining which technologies to include is a balancing act. >> this has always been a fairly controversial program because a lot of these technologies are
6:47 pm
new, they are developing. they are getting cleaner. they are getting cheaper. it's very tough for us to actually pick which technologies are winners and losers. >> reporter: meanwhile, assemblyman williams says he's confident that technologies like bloom's can meet tougher goals but will only do so if they're forced. >> one of the founders said, yeah, we can meet a higher standard. just set a standard, and we'll meet it. >> reporter: the cpuc is expected to take up the proposal at a commission meeting this week. we'll let you know what happens. all right. if you have a tip for vicky or any one of our investigative unit, give us a call or email vicky. we are talking about what's happening mid week. as we inch towards the weekend. can i say the weekend right now? >> no, too soon. >> he's excited. and we do have great weather coming our way this saturday and sunday. a little bit of a hitch with the
6:48 pm
potential of some showers, but that's still a great weekend considering the drought and our fire danger. let's get you outside to one of the best sky camera networks here in the bay area. you can see in the south bay, 81 degrees and sunny skies. 72 in the peninsula with winds out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. currently in san francisco, we do have high clouds moving across as the sun sets. nice reflection off the downtown. in the east bay, while the average is 87 degrees, what you'll find in oakland is the current temperature is 68. and that's because we had that bay breeze that's beginning to move in. let's go ahead and take you to the morning forecast as we head throughout your wednesday. mid week forecast. what you're going to be able to see here throughout the south bay, we will have areas of patchy clouds coming back in 60, 59 for the east bay. light jacket might be needed in the north bay and 55 degrees. a lot will be happening in the
6:49 pm
west. an area of high pressure is sitting across the desert southwest. there's no indication we would get any kind of storms from this. those storms will stay off to the east. so the main driver of the weather on wednesday would really be hotter air. temperatures in the 90s inland and also just a touch of humidity. nothing too uncomfortable. but you'll notice it out there. but now let's take to you what we've been tracking, talking about the possibility of rainfall. the storm system is still out here. a moderate storm by many accounts. what the problem is, it's so far to the north. it's way near canada and also washington. and that's what the issue is today. right now the way the storm track has it, it's lifting a little bit more to the north. so our possibility of getting showers on saturday decreased a little bit today. but i still think as we head throughout the first part of your weekend on saturday the north bay has a chance of trace amounts of rainfall. nothing huge but something that would help that fire danger out and definitely some cooler temperatures as well. let's take you into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout wednesday. sunny skies in san jose.
6:50 pm
87 degrees. up in morgan hill, it will get hotter with 94. peninsula, we have 85 in pal oh alto. then up the coastline, westerly wind keeps pacific at 69. but a nice day in san francisco. the mission likely up to 76. financial district, 73. to the north bay, east bay, and also for the trivalley down to the 90s again here in the trivalley. 91 in danville. 94 in pleasanton. doesn't look like we'll see any 100s across the east bay, but a little more uncomfortable for tomorrow. napa expecting 88. hotter weather all the way through friday's forecast. throughout saturday and also sunday, those numbers begin to cool down. once again the possibility of a slight chance of showers in the north bay on saturday. >> okay, jeff. thank you. we'll take a quick break. but also happening now, an international hero is returning home. this is from our live nbc chopper in sacramento. anthony sadler, one of the heroes there from sacramento, returning from paris via oregon
6:51 pm
within the next few minutes. they'll have a hero's welcome in sacramento where he's from. he's the one that helped thwart that terrorist attack on that high speed train in paris a couple of days ago. back in a moment.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
happening right now, a hero about to land in the sacramento area. you're looking at that plane right now. it's an aalaska flight carrying anthony sadler. he is one of the three american friends who helped thwart what seemed to be a terrorist attack on a passenger train in france. this is a live look right now as he lands back here. he was in oregon earlier today. he goes to sacramento state. he's got to get back to school. it starts in just a couple of
6:54 pm
days. he is a senior studying kinesiology this year. he was with two friends in france vacationing when they saw a gunman on the train. they went, attacked the gunman and were able to subdue him. it's been a wild ride for anthony and his two friends. yesterday they were awarded the highest medal of honor from france given to a civilian. he said he feels like a celebrity. >> so many excited in sacramento. all three of the men grew up in the sacramento area. there he is touching down. and kevin johnson, the mayor of sacramento, has organized a parade in honor of the three men. the parade will happen most likely sometime next week. >> we'll continue to monitor this and bring you more tonight at 11:00. and now all of the sports news of the evening. >> hi, guys. the surroundings are certainly more appealing, but the task at hand isn't any easier for the giants. first of six at home against the
6:55 pm
cubs and cards and the injuries continue to mount. chicago started tonight jake aryet, the ace of the staff. he started with a .066eer. e.r.a. on august 9, the cubbies right-hander shut out the giants 2-0 at wrigley. >> i think the sense of urgency is definitely there. we feel it. everybody is starting to feel it in the league. and this is where it gets fun. nearing september here. and like you said, it's time to put the pedal -- put the gas down. >> these games matter. it doesn't matter who you're playing against it. just happens to be against a team that's ahead of us right now. hopefully we can gain some ground. an angel pagan sighting tonight. nice single to center to get things started. in the second, pagan draws a walk and singles to right.
6:56 pm
he'll be re-evaluated after tomorrow's game in cincinnati, dodgers starting 1 1/2 in front of the giants. top third, 1-0 dodgers. justin turner, lift off. two-run shot off john lamb. 3-0 dodgers. right now it is 5-1 l.a. in the bottom of the eighth. finally, as we talked about earlier in the newscast, developer and finance professional floyd gephardt keeping his dream of a new raiders stadium at a proposed coliseum city in oakland alive. he presented renderings of the project today during a luncheon in jack london square. the 73-year-old, who reportedly has connections to hedge funds, believes money for the $4 billion project will not be an issue and there's a 50/50 chance to pull it off. however, no one from the mayor's office or the raiders attended the meeting. all right. oakland mayor libby shaft had a prior engagement and the raiders refused to address this
6:57 pm
particular presentation. back to you guys. like the raiders did in the early 1980s, they could be doing it again and going back to l.a. a live look outside. this is the airport in sacramento. you can see that plane arriving right there, an alaska airlines flight. aboard one of the three sacramento area heroes that helped to thwart what appeared to be a terrorist attack on a train in france. we'll bring you more tonight at 11:00. >> good night.
6:58 pm
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