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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. right now at 11:00, a high-wire act on highway 101, major bay area freeway closed to traffic. >> good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> drivers are holding their breath hoping that work is finished before their morning commute. >> 101, one of the busiest freeways ne the bay area, shut down right now. this video just into our newsroom, showing a section of 101. this is 101. empty, no cars, erie. crews are out there doing work. >> not used to seeing it empty.
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lanes are shut down for 16 hours. if you are anywhere in that vicinity, you remember this well. they then reopened it yesterday afternoon and now, shut it down again. so right now you will not be able to drive between this section, this is southbound from mill brea avenue to poplar avenue. christie smith is live in burling game. we are saying how erie it is to see 101 so completely dark. >> reporter: the freeway has been closed for about an hour now. it is backed up about a mile and a half each direction, which they say, isn't too bad. work is moving along to replace the high voltage power lines that fell. the message to drivers tonight, avoid the area if you can. >> with highway 101 closed in the burling game area, crews are back to work on the next phase of the emergency repair work. >> we are spanning about 1500
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feet of the power line that runs across the freeway to towers that are across the freeway adjacent from this work. >> they are replacing high voltage power lines that fell after the utilities and third party contractor struck a transmission tower friday leaving wires on the roadway. 101 a major link between san francisco and the peninsula was closed for hours. >> i try to go through california but it was completely jammed. and getting through the city was tough. >> omar was relieved when it reopened and returning from a wedding in the east bay tonight. >> yeah. i don't know. that kind of, i wish it was a little bit later. maybe around 11:00 or 12:00. >> late night closure means he has to find another way. driver might want to avoid streets too which could become clogged. >> city streets will be significantly impacted. particularly if people try to use them as alternate routes. again if you can avoid being on the el camino real. >> so right now, just workers
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out here, no cars at all, 4:00 a.m. latest to reopen pg & e said they do not expect any service interruptions while this work is going on. live in burling game, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. if you need it drive in the area of 101 closure tonight, there are suggested alternate routes. if you are going northbound 101 take 92 west to 280. from 280, take 380 back to 101. this gets you around the closure. this is on your screen, in the green. southbound, take the same route. starting on the 380, do it in the reverse. >> let's take another live look. this is 101 in balanpalo alto. this is portion is open. the part that's closed is with you for the morning commute. stay for continuing coverage on this closure.
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you have updates first thing in the morning on today in the bay. coverage starts there at 4:30. >> a suspect is on the loose after robbing an east bay convenience score. also, pistol whipping the clerk. the 76 gas station on monument boulevard. two men robbed the store. a large bullet hole visible in the window. moments in the robbery, a clerk injured and he was not shot. the gun went on by one of the suspects pistol whipping him. police secured the area and search for the suspect and get away car and in arrest reported yet. officers fire on man with a rifle in south san francisco. and that suspect in the hospital tonight, this all started at about 9:30 this morning. when officers arrived, m south san francisco b.a.r.t. station, that they had received calls after middle aged man in the street with the rifle. officers say when they showed up, they saw him and told him to
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drop the wep weapon. that's when police say the suspect kept coming. the officers shot the man and police did not say how many times he was shot. he was taken to the hospital and the suspect has not been released. >> a warning now in in palo alto, a slasher is on the loose and police want to catch him before he does it again. the latest incident was friday night in one of the busiest streets downtown. this is just three days after a man expose heed himself it a woman a few miles away. nbc bay area's marianne favro is near university avenue. usually university avenue is very busy. >> and it was very busy tonight as well, peggy. a flasher exposed himself it a woman here on university avenue in the 100 block on friday night and this is the third time this summer this a flasher has been reported downtown. >> now when katie richie walks her dog, ted, the paolo alt why native is more cautious and especially after a man in his
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20s exposed himself it a woman here on university avenue around 8:30 friday night. when the downtown area was bustling with people. >> it makes me feel less safe walking around, that's for sure. but it also is an indication of kind of more people, more activity. so he is probably giving, you know, more reaction which is probably what he wants. >> just a few miles away here at monroe park, a man exposed himself to a woman walking her dog. that happened tuesday around 5:45. police have a sketch of that suspect, which they posted at the park. he is described as man in his early 20s with an olive complexion and dark curly hair. he is wearing sunglasses. while both men were described to be the same page police are not saying if they believe the suspect is the same guy. >> i'm definitely surprised. palo alto university avenue is very populated and stanford is a
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very elite school. i'm surprised that there is someone out there who is trying to get attention by, you know, going through the neighborhood like that. >> as a mom, she is concerned her child or other kids visiting done town may be exposed to this type of crime. >> and back in june, palo alto police arrested a 63-year-old man in connection with two other cases of indecent exposure. reporting live in downtown palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we just learned a total of six legion air's disease. it is spread from mist from water. the diagnosis prompted the prison to turn off water on friday. faucets and showers have to stay dry until the prison figures out
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the source of that outbreak. haven't done it yet. inmates are using portable showers and water shipped from outside. another 51 inmates are monitored for symptoms. >> an explosion and fire set off by an aerosol can have police and firefighters rushing into action in san jose today. officers happen to be nearby. they heard the bang and saw flames shooting out of the creek bed where it's been very dry. this is before noon near coyote creek. it burned less than an hour acre and was under control within an hour. a homeless encampment is nearby. no other injuries to tell you about. >> a red wood tree is responsible for knocking out power to more than 4,000 households earlier today. a giant red wood came down on two giant power lines. it was in so nomo county. crews worked on those lines. pg & e website said about 125 customers are back in the dark and power should be back by
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around 2:00 in the morning. >> anthony sadler and one of three friends who stopped a terror attack in france got a warm welcome home in san francisco today. you may remember sadler with one of the men who took down a gunman armed with several weapons on board a paris bound train. sadler got a standing ovation if his church congregation. the 23-year-old father is a father pastor. >> there isn't anyone who doesn't want to raise their son to be just like anthony. >> sadler said he is looking forward to things get back to normal and is about to start his senior year at sacramento state. >> watching the market closely to see if the extreme volatility of last week continues.
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asian stocks are already down. concern about a she down in china sends stocks diving. down more than a you this points before gaining background. >> we are on top of our developing story tonight, 101 closed right now in both directions on the peninsula. crews working quickly to get it over by morning commute. and -- >> she basically crawled from where she was injuried to a creek. >> an incredible story of survival pap woman with several broken bones survived in the theater for nine dayes. we are learning more about how she kept herself live in these conditions. and the locals who helped bring her back safely. >> don't go in the water. sharks getting close to swimmers and kayakers. unusual behave your that has lifeguards closing two beaches. >> right now we see temperatures in the 60s. north wind keeping temperatures mild in the north bay tonight. patchy low clouds tomorrow
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morning with cooler changes for the week work ahead and latest on the three hurricanes by the hawaiian islands. thicoc fmmar ,wescren"iedodaaftl
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o. did that make your spine tingle? es with craven died today after a battle with brain cancer. the family says he was in his los angeles home when he died with his family. he he was known for his "freddy krueger" and "nightmare on elm street" movies. and also directed "scream" movies. they were a box office smash. he was survived by his wife, sister and son. two shark sightings in 24 hours and beach-goers are on edge. take a look at video. latest sighting was around noon today off the la jolla shore of san diego. a kayaker was fishing when he spotted the hammer head. this is like two miles off the coast. they were way out there. when the sharks started heading for a swimmer the kayakers note find that coast guard.
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hammer heads were seen circling boats about 1:00 yesterday. no one was hurt in yesterday or today's incident. >> an incredible incident. mission accomplished. a woman was saved after being hurt and lost in the sierra for nine days. this rescue happened yesterday. you can see teams from san mateo counties. they were returning was delayed because of smoke from a wildfire. we hear more about the woman's amazing survival. >> reporter: a search area filled with heavy smoke and so remote it took military helicopters to air lift rescuers deep in the sierra nevadas. then the call. after nine days of searching with aircraft forces and even a
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drone, 62 mayuki found alive blowing a rescue whistle. she he was camping with the sierra club when she decided to go on a hike in her own. somehow in the area she broke several bones and thick smoke from a burning miles away, she pulled herself down the mountain for water. >> she crawled from where she was injuried it a creek. took her about two days to do that. >> she addhad a water filter buo food. hot days and cool nights. >> she had a jacket on. north face. and temperatures were in the 30s. >> she is having several bones setback into place. her family ecstatic when they found out she he was alive. >> they couldn't stop screaming and crying and yelling amongst themselves and they were all in a car on their way up. >> rescuers saying this is the longest case of survival they had ever seen.
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>> incredible story. rescue teams never gave up hoax of finding mayuki har wood. we want to share with you the moment rescue was able to deliver good news. >> we have contact with our missing person. i have coordinates. i need, if they are available, for a distraction. she is injured. >> she said now she will have some much deserved sleep and quiet. >> google is rolling out new features to help users in case of severe weather. google public apaerts will send alerts to your smart phone or computer or in the path of a big storm. advice could range from charge your phone to evacuate to high ground. wow. serious warning. government agencies are teaming up to provide up-to-date detail
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plus google search shows rotation and comparison it the storm's path. >> also, how about this story here. the name of the tallest mountain in north america has officially been changed. alaska's mount mckinley is now denali. president bush ordered it be renamed to its traditional name. native alaskans have been called the 20,320 foot denali for years. the mountain was later named after william mckinley. >> rob? >> we will seeing a mild fin tisht weekend. here is the view. nice sunset. little bit of smoke from fires up around trinity county around the coast. clear skies wrap up the weekend p. we watch for patchy fog but nothing there right now. around the golden gate bridge. few low clouds there. dublin 68.
11:18 pm
mild outside around the hills of the tri-valley and into belvedere in the north bay. temperatures close to 70 right now. very fascinating as we take you into the north bay. look at the hilltop temperatures. really good off to the north. and close to 70 right now. you don't see that too often. that air is forced at sea level, it warms up and drys out. even in the night. and winds grow really strong. we don't expect wind speeds to be strong enough for that tonight but if temperatures are warmer than you could be accustom to this time of night it is north winds in the east and north hills. three major hurricanes continuing around hawaii but good news is the 3 for the most part avoiding the hawaiian islands. ig naso will move north of hawaii. so right new, latest traction is with the storm ignacio tuesday
11:19 pm
into wednesday. tropical storm watches were in effect for hawaii but those may be dropped as that storm paths. looks to turn further north and away from hawaii. have you high clouds coming by. notice active weather bringing in this trough of low pressure which will increase in strength by wednesday and thursday. that leads temperatures to cool down more. can you see in the receive not day forecast in the bottom of the screen. likely to be the warmest day of the work week but cooler changes coming in towards wednesday and thursday. patchy low clouds. 70s by lunch time and tomorrow's high, similar to what we had today. closer to 80 degrees around san jose. south of downtown. upper 60s to low 70s around san francisco and into the north bay. north winds keeping your morning warm early into the day. and around the same around the tri-valleys. notice the drop in temperatures.
11:20 pm
extra cloe cloudlow clouds. tri-valley as well should see highs in mid 80s. likely dropping into the mid 70s to low 80s. rebounding some for friday and san francisco similar trend drizzle could be possible at times to wednesday morning. and numbers begin to warm up. stay tuned to latest model run a couple day easy go. mid 90s. late burst of heat could be heading our way just in time for the enend of next weekend. 90s could be making their way back towards the end of the forecast. >> coming up, making games safer for fans. major changes coming to stadiums after baseball fans are injured at the game. >> plus, bay area civil air patrol practicing for natural disaster. the problem that kept some people from flying today.
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only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. east bay skies busy this weekend thanks to the civil air patrol running disaster drills. they carried out search and rescue drills and reconnaissance missions. the group is responsible for supporting the air force during emergency situations, nationally and close to home. >> we participated in that a year ago. we did photos for them along the levies to ensure there was no breaks in the levees. >> now there were fewer participants because there was an emergency elsewhere and some of the pilots were called away from training. rs. >> president obama leaves tomorrow for alaska where he will push for sweeping action on
11:25 pm
climate change. alaska has some of the most beautiful sights on earth and they disappearing. glaciers are losing at unusual rates. they are shrinking by almost 30% a year. >> the last leg of 14,000 mile trip focussing on climate change that will include a debate over how to balance envirn naltal protection. the critical international meeting on climate change in paris in december. >> tough to figure those walls of ice just continually falling off. very disstresing there. still to come, major bay area freeway closed down for areas. an update of section 101 that will be open. >> we should not have a public institution using our money to prop up losing technology.
11:26 pm
>> we investigate a company. why they've done little to make california greener.
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take a look at video from a short time ago. you see crews working highway 101. the freeway is closed in both directions. this is going on near burling game. crews working on the high voltage power lines that fell on the freeway friday night. the power collapsed after a construction crew drove a truck into it. they are advised it take detours and please be patient. >> city streets will be significantly impacted. specifically if people try to use them as alternate routes. highway 280 is your best alternate route. >> 101 southbound from mill brea
11:29 pm
it poplar and northbound from burling game from anza to broadway closed until about 4:00 tomorrow morning. the everpass in burling gaim is also closed. it won't reopen until about noon tomorrow. all these are estimated times for reopening. and they are just estimates. repairs can actually take longer. stay with nbc bay area news for more on the closure. coverage starts at 4:30. good use of money. millions of public dollars, promising to make california greener. but has it worked? first raising questions about money flowing to a silicon valley fuel cell company and lawmakers are weighing in with harsh words. vicky nguyen has details on prt gram under fire. >> i set a very high bar but a bar we must meet.
11:30 pm
>> governor brown wants half of the power in california it come from renewable resources. >> the governor is really laying down app envisionnary proposal. >> saying that they will never make that not vision without the incentive program. it was created to fund innovation if clean technology that cut greenhouse gas emissions. he edisappointed with the public utility association led by michael picker. picker proposed those who want money. 5% reduction in greenhouse gas emission. not enough for williams. he and others say 20% cut is more in line with the state's goal. if the puc won't do it, he said lawmakers will. >> i expect more from the puc.
11:31 pm
>> williams and two others wrote this letter picker urging him to do better for rate payers and climate and if the propose heal is adopted, they will continue the absurd practice of subsidizing natural gas consumption supporting existing technologies that have taken hundreds of millions of dollars. >> i wrote it because i thought it bass important to not be vague or luke warm. and we wanted to change in policies. >> at stakes $415 million. puc has already cold out $1.4 billion in incentives in 2001. sunnyvale bloom energy received nearly 400 million. that's more than a quarter of the money and the biggest piece of the pie. >> we should not have, you know, our public institutions using money to prop up technology.
11:32 pm
>> sierra club senior criticizing too much money into the companies like bloom that makes fuel cells. and the fuel cells run on natural gas a dirty fossil fuel. >> and natural gas isn't clean. very carbon intensive and no those should not be public money. we need it move past the era of fossil fuels and to the extent we just use them but to the e. tent we subsidize them, absolutely not. >> 81% use natural gas, not renewable. the investigative unit said last fall that bloom was benefiting from the line share of funds. >> it is boone doggle. well, you change the n to an m an it is bloom doggle.
11:33 pm
>> well a fraction of the money goes from t a company with a fairly blooming product. >> it is not much cleaner than the grid we have which is measured in carbon output. the california air resources board said the statewide emission right is 799. pg&e is 4277. bloom is between 735 and 849. they say that is not enough to receive money. >> we can't be in the business of subsidizing something unclasses it is cleaner than the grid. in public comments bloom urged puc not it change standards at all, not even by 5% picker is proposing. in e-mails the company wrote, bloom supports the standard that ensures real measurable redu reductions today and in the future. the company further wrote there
11:34 pm
are sevreceiv seven reductions. it is the largest contributor to greenhouse reduction in the program. we caught up with puc president picker in sacramento. >> will you change the standard? >> don't know. >> pimard said his staff will consider comment from all sides of the debate. >> we will never make everyone happy on the things we he do. >> he determined the technologies is a balancing act. >> it has always been a fairly controversial program. because a lot of technologies are new, developing, getting cleaner. cheaper. it is very tough for us to pick which technologies are winners and losers. >> assemblyman williamson he feels companies like bloom can meet stricter goals but will only do so if they're forced. >> one of the founders said, yeah, he can can meet a higher standard. just set a standard and we will
11:35 pm
meet it. >> they postponed the meeting to discuss picker's he proposal. the new date is september 17th. we will follow up and let you know what happens there. if you have a about our invest gettive unit call us at 88 -996-tips. you can also e-mail us at the >> this is what passengers on board a plane saw. the tip wing is broken. oakland airport workers say the planes hit wing tips. wing tips to wing tip. nobody hurt. as you can see the damage has been done. look at southwest jet. passenger who took this photo said the flight he was on ended up being cancelled. we will keep you updated if anything changes.
11:36 pm
but no one hurt. fans and fell why drivers pay tribute to justin wilson at go pro grand prix. a especially designed logua that drivers wore on their helmet and cars. wilson was struck in the head with a piece of debris during race last sunday in pennsylvania. he died one day later from injuries. >> it is a tragedy that stunned a sell-out baseball crowd in atlanta. a braves fan died after falling from the upper deck at the game. major league baseball is facing renews questions about how safe stadiums really are. gabe gutierrez has more. >> alex rodriguez is gooding it hit. >> reporter: the seventh inning, yankees versus braves. largest crowd of the season. in tlatlanta's turner field. >> someone just fell off the up are deck, right below us. >> greg murray fell head first about 50 feet to his death as he was yelling at yankee star alex
11:37 pm
rodriguez. many fans were oblivious and game went on but several jumped into action including a surgeon sitting nearby who performed cpr. >> he just came down like a thud. pretty nerve-wracking. people were in shock. >> paramedics carried the 60-year-old out on a stretcher. today murray's family said he was a season ticket holder for 20 years. >> he was going his favorite thing, watching the braves play. >> third death at turner field since 2008. across the country more than two dozen fans have fallen in a stadium since 2003. this season major league baseball las been taking a closer look at safety. after a broken back hit someone and a foul ball hit someone at wrigley. . the safety provisions from the 1920s may be outdated.
11:38 pm
>> public entertainment in 1927 was a lot different than it is in 2015. americans were shorter and smaller and the types of entertainment that the building exits code was designed to address included going to the opera. attending vodville. >> in atlanta, it is not clear if outdated codes were a factor but appears to have been an accident. police are still investigating. >> this afternoon, a moment of violence, as both teams remember a life-long fan. >> up next, pennant race heating up. >> henry wolf order on base, right? >> yes. >> he's waiting? >> he will not get picked off. >> that's right. big moves done in the national league west. >> yeah. now t goo hry ffo wi coastpor ne
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
we bring in the wolf man. >> he nooeeds a cup of coffee right here, right now. henry? >> a lot of sugar. >> that too. you are that, too. >> a lot of sugar. only you would come up with that. thank you very much. let's get to work here. when mac came back on the disabled list, and back to the giants rotation, trying to get back to the rubber match, lets a he get to highlights. very entertaining. 4-2, st. louis. moss gets a hold of one. solo homer. chris gives up five runs in his first start since august 16th.
11:41 pm
eighth inning. marlinburg hits one. triple. belt showing off seat. actually, he wasn't but it sounds good. two outs later, the tying run. strikes out and ends the inning and the game. giants lose, 7-5. >> we're not where we want to be but there's gas ball left. the sore reries coming up, we'r behind and we have to execute. play our best ball. hopefully go down there and get on track. >> you heard the skipper. huge series in l.a. best place to get all of your action, giants and dodgers coverage here on nbc bay area. and highlights, reaction and
11:42 pm
analysis with you won't get anywhere else. keep it going with the dodgers who are sitting in first place. trying to pick up a game on the giant. ache arietta for the cubs. date with destiny. no-hitter through seven. what about in the bottom of the ninth? arietta, taking care of chase utley. dodgers no hits for second time in nine days. cubs win, 2-0. for a's and diamondbacks, on the road for the first time since july 12th. got me vote. second homer in two days. game tied at three. extra innings. bases loaded. marcus, oakland native. two runs come in. a's win 7-4.
11:43 pm
cardinals, raiders, football time. sunday night football here on nbc bay area. that's him. pulling down carson palmer. mixed bag for quarterback darren carr. second half. carr, pressure, throws the bull. dent do that. brooks returns to the house. raiders lost their game and their offensive lineman to an achilles injury. at the barclays. day had his putter game going all tournament and makes the long putt on 14. then on 15, drains the tough putt down the hill. when you're hot, you're hot. and he is red-hot. reads the breaks perfectly. third win in last four starts.
11:44 pm
pennsylvania fell to japan in little league world series. final score, 18-11. by the way, terry, peggy, good news. got tickets for you for the giants/dodgers game from height rind home plate. terry, i have yours too, from a tv in the parking lot. >> i like the way you think. >> peggy is beating heavily on a giants sweep. put it all down. >> henry is looking out for me. i appreciate it. >> terry, we'll work on it. >> i deserve it too, that's the problem. we'll be right back.
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certainly a nice day for a trip to the beach. you saw some nice waves. >> this is pacifica this afternoon. the surf was bigger than normal. actually warning out for beaches between monterey and through sonoma and meteorologist rob mieta was showing us earlier -- >> yes, rip currents through 9:00 this evening. waves coming down but temperatures having a tough time coming down right now. you see isn'tsanta rosa there, degrees. most of the inland bay area, and north winds out of the north by and air that drys up and warms up as it heads down towards sea
11:48 pm
level. right new, the hilltops tomorrow morning. you get out numbers in mid 60s. this weather system passing by cranking up north winds in hills of north bay tonight. a weather system looking a bit more like october. very strong weather heading into the pacific northwest for us though this is the pattern which will strengthen some what by tuesday and wednesday. showers to the north but onshore winds will continue and drop our temperatures even more between tuesday and thursday. patchy low clouds, temperatures in 50s and 60s. and noon tomorrow, seeing numbers in the 70s. san francisco a few spolts into the mid to low 70s. 80 degrees around downtown. 75 and upper 60s to low 70s in san francisco. the hilltops will see numbers in mid 60s for the morning with mid to upper 80s tomorrow.
11:49 pm
the, week includes the tri-valley. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. notice the trend for san jose. it will increase the onshore winds and drop daytime temperatures and we head towards friday and tri-valley, typical this time of year, finishing off august and we see numbers in the upper 80s. nowhere near that. numbers say quite a ways below average in the middle part of the week. numbers begin to drop off also toward the middle part of week but the pattern reverses as we get into the weekend. we see high pressure strengthening. by next saturday and sunday, this saturday with light rain. next weekend high pressure will be strengthening so we have upper 80s on saturday and likely by next sunday, mid 90s across the valley.
11:50 pm
so summer not done yet. >> thanks very much. that's for the labor day weekend. >> yeah. nice. looking forward to this. thanks, rob. >> coming up, turning to others for help in the classroom. >> the one click they make sure teachers and students get what they need so they can learn. bumankidareetuingoclsros whouth'
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
well, time for kids to go back to school but many times they he have to return without their tools to succeed. >> let's turn cot into cut. >> at estell elementary outside of new orleans, these kids are starting their new school year. >> i get to learn stuff on the computer. >> but across the country, so much of what happens in classrooms like there one goes
11:53 pm
beyond the budget. charles best remembers it well. he struggled to get basic resources for his students in new york 15 years ago. >> there were lots of times i would want to make photo copies and there wasn't enough paper. >> he started a website where people could help him raise money for his classroom. he convinced 11 other teachers to post for their classrooms. >> i didn't know any donors to fund, but anonymously, to make sure it worked. >> fast forward 15 years. now he runs a nonprofit calls donors choose. it raised $340 million, helping 250,000 teachers and 15 million students across the country. projects on the website range
11:54 pm
from basic skol supplies to library and field trips. even science experiments an sports to grams. in ba the computers, ipads and many books and the classroom were funded by donations. >> financially it is not something i would afford to do on my own. >> she received more than $22,000 worth of teaching materials. >> i don't have the words to express what donors choose has done for me as a teacher and what it has done for my students. >> all from the kindness of strangers. >> that is great. sometimes teachers end up picking up extra supplies. >> we'll be right back. do you like the passaaadd?
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ back to our developing
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story. a stretch of 101 closed as crews perform a high-wire act here. they are repairing high voltage lines that came crashing down over the highway. >> highway 101 from mill brea to poplar in san mateo and northbound in burling gaim anzes to broadway closed until 4:00 tomorrow. broadway overpass in burling game is closed past that maybe until about noon. officials say all these times of opening are estimates. it could take longer. let's hope not for the morning commute. >> sure. now we know, bloopers, this may hit the blooper reel. >> last night broadcaster bob dropped the cake for carl banks. he he tried to show the cake to the camera and it goes off.
11:58 pm
>> all wait down. >> that's where the 5-second rule comes into play. he grab the cake, grab a slice, good as new. >> oh boy. >> a man who does not fumble is joining us now. >> even a promo. >> tomorrow morning patchy low clouds. numbers in the afternoon, 80s inland. warmest day of the work week. >> have a great work week ahead. thank you for joining us. >> have a great week.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
coming up on giants clubhouse. >> and the pitch -- >> swing, to the outside corner. >> lights out week for reigning world series mvp. we take a look at madison bumgarn bumgarner's incredible performances. >> how well do you know yourself? >> pretty good. probably like the average person. >> brandon bell put to the test. who can stop the baby giraffe. >> what's your favorite animal? >> my favorite animal. >> and because you want to know pence's favorite animal, his girlfriend, serve ups the questions, high and tight. >> giants clubhouse starts right now. >> from the broadcast home of the san fra


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