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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 1, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> in this case there was an instruction to the employees that said you might hear popping and cracking sounds and that's normal. not the type of popping and cracking sounds that you heard from the video that you saw earlier. these were loud popping and cracking sounds. the workers should have evacuated immediately and shut the system down. >> reporter: again, turner construction says it believes the county released the video in order to divert attention from its on mismanagement of the project t project. coming up at 6:00, more on the video and what turner instruction says what the video doesn't show including their disagreement over how seriously that worker was hurt. live many san jose, robert honda, nbc news opinion. a retired east bay is busted on child porn charges. authorities searched the home today and say they found child porn on his computer. he retired from teaching at high school in lafayette.
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alarming accusation ons the cal campus. was a young woman assaulted inside a campus library? officers responded after midnight. the woman told officers she had been touched inappropriately at a university library. police haven't said which one. it's also not clear whether the 20-year-old woman is a student. health warnings still exist but there's no new measles cases in the east bay. you see berkeley leaders reveal a student was diagnosed with the highly contagious virus. the student road the bus 25a to richmond last monday. he or she is in isolation. the measles risk is very low to anyone who has been vaccinated. the odds of seeing a lot of rain this winter just got better. today the current el nino
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phenomenon could be one of the strongest on record. this is noaa's latest map. unusually warm temps are shown in red. you can see some red out in the pacific. jeff is tracking these conditions. this is a good sign? >> it's a good sign. el nino will be developing as we head throughout winter and spring. the new update today, the sea surface temperatures are warmer than average. it puts us in line with the 1997 temperatures. at least 95% chance that el nino will continue to develop through winter bringing that wetter weather to the southeast and back across the west. the latest and newest information as of this morning is the january, february and march climate outlook for rainfall now has the bay area with above average chances. southern california with the highest possibility of above average rainfall as well. with this rivaling the 97/98
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strength we wanted to take a look at the rainfall averages. the average rainfall for january and february is 11.52 inches. in that 97-98 el nino, take a look at the astonishing amount of rainfall we had in two months. 30.12 inches. will we get as much rainfall as we head into 97-98? nobody knows the answer to a that. purposing is the new green. pleasanton is fighting the drought with some new pipes. ten miles of purple pipes are being installed. they will deliver recycled water to key areas of the city. jodi hernandez is in pleasanton with more on the purple pipe
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project. >> reporter: the lawns are dry and brown as they are throughout the bay area. that's all about to change thanks to a $17 million effort to pump in recycled sewer water at a time water has never been scarcer. >> reporter: work began today on what's being called the purple pipeline project. workers are installing purple colored pipes throughout much of the city. that will soon pump 450 million gallons of recycled water a year to some of pleasanton's biggest water users. >> using more recycled water. it's a great way to preserve a precious resource. >> reporter: the sports park and the sports fields will be first to go online followed by the hacienda business park. in this time of drought, the city says recycled water is the way to go. while brown has become the new green, the purple pipes will
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soon pump in what it takes to brighten up the landscape once again. >> purple is the new green. we're really excited about this project. >> reporter: in case you're wondering why purple pipes. purpole is the color used throughout the state for recycled water. if all goes as planned, the first phase should be finished by this time next year. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. september off to a terrible start on wall street. stocks plunged. dow finished nearly 470 points lower. as we've been reporting the slowing down of chinese economy which is the second largest in the world is the reason u.s. stocks have been so volatile. it's official. today the u.s. olympics committee named its bid city which will compete to host the 2020 games.
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>> it's my honor to name the city of los angeles as the u.s. bid to host the olympics. >> the announcement was made in front of several former olympians. l.a. has played host before. the 1932 and 1984 summer games. l.a. will be competing against rome, paris, germany and toronto for the 2024 summer games. decision 2016. hillary clinton is returning to the bay area. mrs. clinton is coming to town later this month. tonight we're getting her full schedule which includes four fund raisers. the candidate will start with a fund-raiser on september 28 in saratoga. she will then attend private fund raisers in orenda and san francisco. she might also visit with the
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prime minister of india who will be in san jose on september 27th. pope francis is rocking the catholic world again. this time on the topic of abortion. in a letter reported today he said he's allowing priests to forgive women for the sin of abortion. the woman would have to ask the local bishop who would then delegate a priest to craig herrera confession. the year of mercy is this december. still ahead, a closer look at what the pope's new message on abortion and forgiveness means to catholic women. nightly news begins at 5:30. it's not about the money. the family of kate steinly, the woman who was shot and killed in san francisco filed a claim against several agencies today. >> it's been two months since kate's death. the city of san francisco and the sheriff's department have done absolutely nothing to protect this from happening to
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another person. >> they say it's well beyond the money in this case. her brother speaking on steps of city hall today. his sister's accused killer an undocumented immigrant who has become a flash point in the debate about sanctuary cities. nbc bay area kim is in san francisco. this will be a difficult and emotional family for the family. >> reporter: it's definitely will. kate's last words to her father, help me. he couldn't save her life but he says by filing these three claims, he can try to make sure nothing like this happens again. >> we're here primarily for kate. we talk and prayed about it. we're here for every citizen of this country. every citizen that comes to san francisco and to brad's point, if you think this can't happen to you, think again. >> reporter: on the steps of san francisco city hall the family unveiled how they plan to hold others besides the accused shooter accountable for her
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death. three separate civil claims were filed in court today against the bureau of land management, immigration and customs enforcement also known as i.c.e. the other claims the city and county of san francisco and the sheriff's department, specifically the sheriff himself. >> the sheriff we've alleged in the claim filed today acted in excess in abuse of his authority when he issued an order in direct contradiction of federal law. >> reporter: the claim states she would not have been killed in july if juan sanchez had been turned over to the proper authorities back in march. that's when he was released from custody. four months later she's killed. this memo tells his staff not to contact i.c.e. unless there's proper paper work. statements were released by all
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parties involved. he continues to extend his deepest sympathy to the steinle family for their loss. >> reporter: including in the claim, the public statements by the mayor and senator diane finestein. they state the suspect should have never been allowed back on the street. reporting live in san francisco. >> a spokesperson for i.c.e. said the director of immigration enforcement met with members of the family to express the agency's sympathy. the statement goes onto read in part while as a party of policy i.c.e. does not comment on pending litigation. the agency continues to work with the local law enforcement partners in california and nationwide to promote or shared goals of protecting communities and upholding public safety.
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a silicon valley ceo reignites the debate over maternity leave at work. we'll have reaction, coming up. turning this parking lot and a hotel in downtown san jose into place for the homeless. coming up, find out why neighbors are upset. and good afternoon. clear skies right now. check out the outer sunset. my full forecast in just a few minutes. = t eryocaingn -on coty.une caingn othrics otheil
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more than 5,000 people are estimated to be living on the streets in santa clara county. one plan calls for turning the hold plaza hotel into transitional housing for the homeless. there's several other plans.
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>> reporter: one plan calls for turning this county owned parking lot on the corner of camden avenue into a safe parking zone for the homeless to send the night. it's part of a $26 million plan to help the homeless. this parking lot at camden avenue is empty now but the county is considering establishing a pilot safe parking program where homeless people can park, stay in their vehicles and have access to showers and other facilitiefaci. the county supervisors will consider turning the old plaza hotel into transition sal housing for the homeless. the owner of the restaurant says he's already had problems with homeless people camping out on his doorway and breaking heaters. he feels bringing more homeless to the streets will scare customers away. >> it will affect our economy here and the business for sure. >> that location is a pretty strong location for that kind of
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a facility. for years and years it was an unofficial homeless shelter. if governments involved and we do the job right, it can be a safe, secure, sanitary facility. >> reporter: he says the goal is not to just offer the homeless a roof over their heads but access to services so they can one day secure permanent homes. neighbors we talked to here are not happy about the idea of car camping. they say it will disrupt all the families here. the supervisors are said to take up the issue on september 15th. >> a heated debate it will be. long term isolation at the prison practice that's stirred up a lot of controversy. california is ending it. state prisons have kept thousands of inmates for mixing with with general population for
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a decade or longer. they will only segregate those committed new crimes behind bars. a major tech leader makes a big announcement, she's having twins. yahoo ceo says she's pregnant. she will only take limited maternity leave. the announcement sparking debate. scott. >> reporter: it was in 2012 that she took two weeks of maternity leave launching national debate. it seems we can expect that debate to reignite once again. it's the post people are talking about. yahoo ceo announcing on tumblr that she's pregnant with twins. also saying that like her previous pregnancy, she'll take quote, limited time away from work. >> i think it's great that she has the ability to make the
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choices right for her family. >> reporter: it's an issue coming up lot lately in silicon family. tech companies giving new parents more time off. these women protesting netflix policy of giving unlimited time off to full-time but not hourly employees say she doesn't have to take a long leave. >> the best thing any ceo can do is expand paid leave to all their employees. >> companies in the united states that are beginning to dip their toe in paid leave is doing a good thing. there's a long way to go before we have paid parental policy in america. >> reporter: it's a debate that won't go away any time soon. who gets time off and how much time off is enough. >> it's one of challenges of unlimited paid parental leave is anybody going to use it? >> reporter: now about two years ago yahoo upped the paid parental leave to eight weeks. adobe up upping it to 26 weeks
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for new moms. nbc, bay area news. >> everyone trying to keep up with the joness. let's get a check of our forecast. looks beautiful today. it's going to get a bit cooler i hear. >> yes, you heard right. in our forecast we have been previewing the dropping temperatures for wednesday's forecast. that's the main thing we're tracking now. you can see how comfortable it is across the south bay at 84 degrees. for the peninsula at 79. east bay beautiful, sunny skies in in san francisco there's a sign of cooling dropping to 68. the fog is beginning to move in at the immediate coastline. we can show you that on our weather underline camera. there's that fog line right now that's starting to move over the golden gate bridge and secure portions of the downtown skyline. tomorrow morning we think the fog will be a lot thicker for commuters especially anyone near the peninsula. golden gate and also bay bridge commuters as well.
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let's get you to the morning forecast. not only will it be thick fog but also areas of patchy drizzling starting off with 60 and low clouds down to the peninsula. south bay at 59 with a mix of sun and clouds. the way the weather pattern looks now the fog is continuing to develop. with that in place we have seen temperatures drop anywhere from two to seven degrees today. a little bit of cooling but then even more coming for tomorrow. the main reason why we'll see that cooling is the storm track is just off to the north at the upper levels. down at the surface we had the cool front that will be moving across northern california. no rainfall for this for us. we have high pressure blocking it to the south. it's going to be good enough to reignite that marine layer and get it thicker for tomorrow. it's not only going to be cooler at the immediate coastline but back toward the interior valleys. if you're curious about the labor day weekend we have some great weather coming your way.
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it's going to get hotter as we head through saturday, sunday and monday. with the storm track to the north, the good news is we should be out of that 100-degree territory. there's nothing showing we will have triple digits as we head throughout the three-day weekend. here is that much more comfortable weather coming our way as we head throughout wednesday. 79 degrees in san jose. over towards san mateo, 72 degrees. san francisco will still go to low 70s in the financial district and mission but the marina will be at 68. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley we take temperatures down to the low 80s for the tri-valley. that will leave us with 83 in danville. east bay awesome day here. 74 in oakland. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. up into napa expecting 80 degrees. we have the hotter weather
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coming our way. it's not going to be uncomfortably hot. know that by sunday the south bay will be averaging 92. for san francisco 79 and the tri-valley it will be at 90 degrees. as we head throughout labor day we're looking at low 90s. still ahead, did you notice google changed its world famous logo. we'll tell you why. a flasher alert in the east bay. a man turns a normal day at the office into an unsightly scene. terryinordl ipleant.poce y aan
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a bathroom trip turns into an unpleasant ordeal in pleasanton. police say this man looked like this just released sketch followed a woman into the bathroom. when the woman headed to the parking lot the man was already driving naked behind her. he's between 40 and 50 years old and driving gray ford fusion. she was taken right off the streets and now oakland police officers are reaching out for some help. a woman was grabbed last night at sterling drive and lamp street. here is the map. witnesses saw man throw her into
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the trunk of black car before driving off. there's vague description of the car. it's a two-door black car with tinted windows and blue paper plates. family of ten escaped just in time. an early morning fire in east san jose. this happened near center road. that's down the street from christopher elementary school. the flames started in the garage and think it could have been an electrical issue. the family is expected to return home this evening since the actual house was not damaged. first a new parent company, now a new logo. google unveiled the redesign of its famous logo. the font making it a lot more modern and it's an maimate preponderance of the evidence the company says the logo is designed to look better on all screens. it's following a restructuring announcement last month. google will operate under a newnew newly create holding company. plummeting air fare.
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the ticket to your dream vacation may be cheaper this fall. they are likely to stick around for a while. prices are more than 9% cheaper than this time last year. prices will average about $237 now through december. he's a hometown hero and he's jimmy fallon's special guest. andotheonit
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awards, news conferences and now the tonight show. anthony sadler will sit down with jimmy fallon on the tonight show tonight. he's a senior. he and two childhood friends took down a heavily armed gunman. you can see him on the tonight show with fallon right after nbc bay area news. >> so far he's been a pretty shy guy. i think jimmy will get something out of him. >> he's been very humble. he's definitely a hero. take us outside before we leave here. >> let's get a look at the sky camera network. you can see a lot of blue sky. you can see the fog rolling into san francisco. that will come into play in the morning forecast. the east bay 58 and the south bay will start off at 59. overall cooler day as we head
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throughout wednesday. >> lester holt is next. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. bye. ceok d ttte developing news tonight. a massive manhunt as a veteran police officer is gunned down. a trio of cop killers on the loose, armed, dangerous, and desperate and a city on lockdown, fears they could be hiding anywhere. forgiving abortion. the pope takes the world by surprise ahead of his historic visit to the u.s. his powerful message tonight to women and to the church. the vanishing. happening near the top of the world. our team on an extraordinary journey to a place that is rapidly disappearing. families bracing to flee what could be the first american refugees of climate change. and hidden treasure. has one of the world's great mysteries finally been solved? "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world


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