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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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last thursday night had a long history of mental health illnesses. according to the dock toumt from santa clara superior court that we obtained today, the man's name is michael tyree. he was 31 years old and tyree weighed 150 pound. he was very small. he was being housed on the special needs floor of the jail. the irony, tyree was in santa clara county jail on a petty theft misdemeanor where he was sentenced to just five days. he had already, in fact, been given credit for time served. he had served his time already. he was well-known in the court and the jail community. in fact, he had been arrested on these exact same charges and given the same five-day sentence in jail just back in april. now according could the court paperwork, he was waiting to be transferred to a bed at momentum crisis residential treatment center. a mental health facility here in the area. in fact, tyree last appeared
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before the mental health court judge steven manley last monday and told the judge he was doing fine. according to sources at the jail, three correctional officers and tyree got into a confrontation. loud words were exchanged and a physical confrontation ensued. several sources tell me that tyree had wounds consistent with a physical beating, with lacerations to his liver and spleen. the autopsy report has yet to be publicly released. when the officers went back to check on tyree about an hour or so later, he was unresponsive and was later declared dead. three different sources tell me that search warrants have been served on each of the correctional officers' homes. sources also tell me that one of the officers had a multiple use of force complaint filed against him several times in the past. nbc bay area spoke to michael tyree's family in louisiana. his sister told us the family was not ready to talk at this time. santa clara's sheriffs office
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told us "we are working around the clock on this case and it is an ongoing investigation." back to you. steven, thank you. you can continue to follow us on this breaking story and others on our nbc bay area app. our social platforms, facebook and twitter are also a good resource. in need of their own bail. tonight, exclusive insight into that raid of bail bondsmen in the south bay. we told you that late last week, state law enforcement agents have arrested nearly 3 dozen bail bondsman. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is here. the state now says that jail inmates were actually involved in this. >> actually, jess. sources aware of the investigation have told us bail bondsmen were using inmates on the inside, paying them to find new leads to new inmates. leads to new business for some bail bondsmen. after more than a year of investigating, the state moved in and made arrests. these are pictures from the
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raids. state agents arresting nearly 3 dozen bail bondsmen accused of illegal business practices, charge with felony crimes. >> this was a significant case in the bail industry. >> george mueller helped direct to raid the for the state department of insurance. >> the best for bail agents is to follow the rules an the regulations in place. what the law is. if you break the law, we're going to investigate those crimes. >> the state says the investigation started with complaints from citizens. they led investigators to listen in on phone calls from inside the santa clara county jail. calls that uncovered the alleged crimes. >> what did they do wrong? >> they violated the law of bail agents. by illegally having people inside the jail -- >> you're looking at mug shots of some of the bail agents working for seven bonds companies in the south bay. the state says they ignored warnings to follow the rules. >> we sent a letter to bail
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agents to follow the rules. even d.a. from the office sent out a letter reminding them of the rums. they pushed the envelope and they got caught. >> here's part of the problem. the inmates are in for crimes they're not allowed to work for bail bonds companies. sources have told us in some cases bail bondsmen would use inside information to post bail for inmates who had no idea they were hiring the bail company. we contacted all seven companies with employees arrested during the raid. many are not commenting and three have no comment at this point of the process. jess? >> thank you very much, tony. if you have a tip for tony or anyone in the unit, call us 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail. the finger pointing continues regarding the botched hospital project in santa clara county. today, a new twist. alarming video from the
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construction site. those are two workers right there inside of a manhole. this explosion is an example of another problem happening with the construction company. workplace safety issues. tonight, turner construction says this new video is diverting attention from a $300 million mismanaged hospital project near valley medical center in san jose. robert handa first broke the story and has more inside information for us. robert? >> reporter: raj, the explosion on the video is very jarring. not only did it cause a lot of confusion and concern when it happened here a year ago, but it is having a similar effect now as the county tries to determine the future of turner construction on this project. the video of the explosion at santa clara valley medical center last year is jolting and the county says it showed the video today as another example of problems caused by turner
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construction that delayed the $300 million hospital bed building. the crew was working on the steam system that supplies steam and chilled water to the hospital facilities when workers heard cracking and popping sounds. >> joel, maybe you should step out for a minute. >> get out! >> for this particular part of the project. they do everything from the beginning to the end, all design, all construction. they have to deliver a complete and usable system. >> reporter: turner construction declined to be on camera but told nbc bay area it took responsibility for the explosion at the time and said the county released a video now to distract from its own mismanagement of the project. it sent us payroll documents
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indicating the man hurt in the explosion continued to work and was not seriously injured. the county says the man did not return to work on this project and maintained the bottom line is turner did not run the project effectively. >> first of all, it's a job hazard analysis. anticipate what the hazards are going to be. make sure the employees are well-instructed on what the steps are. >> reporter: now, the release of the video today does seem significant as we reported the two sides met last night to hear turner's plans to complete the project before the county makes a decision on friday. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. turner construction is one of the biggest construction companies in the world. it is built or in the process of constructing 126 hospitals around the country. now, turner has constructed 14 sports venues, including levi stadium and madison square garden and behind 137 housing developments in the u.s., two of them here in the bay area.
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it is going to be a very wet winter. that's what scientists predictions hold up. climatologists with the world meteorological organization said the current el nino phenomenon could be one of the strongest on record. what you're looking at is noaa's latest map. the unusually warm temperatures are shown in red. you can see, there's some red in the pacific. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking the conditions. jeff, this is a good time because we need the rain but it could be problematic. >> it is a good time to get some sort of rain to help us out with that drought. again, el nino continues to strengthen. our best indicator are the sea surface temperatures at the equatorial pacific. it's putting us on track with what we had in 1997 el nino's event at this very time. the way it looks like right now, 95% chance that higher el nino will continue through winter bringing us that wet weather back toward california. the newest information from the
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climate prediction center those that january, february and also march, above average chances of rainfall, specifically for the bay area. this is the first signal we have had of which months could bring us that heavier rainfall. southern california, the highest of a chance of that rainfall. that's pretty typical with el nino. when we look at what happened in 1997, also 1998, we get a look here at the rain averages. san jose, 5.5 inches average in january and february. in that 1997-98 el nino in january and february, we had over 15 inches of rainfall in just two months. will we get as much rainfall as in '97-'98. nobody knows answer to that. one thing for sure, el nino is developing and we'll have some sort of impacts throughout late winter and parts of fall. >> thank you, jeff. a local teacher facing child pornography charges. the authorities searched the home of marshall pfeiffer. this is his picture here.
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they found child porn on his computer. he recently retired from teaching in lafayette. as of now, investigators have no evidence to suggest any of his former students were victimized. a trip to the bathroom turns into a disturbing ordeal in pleasanton. a man who looks like this in this sketch here released by police tonight followed a woman into the restroom last month. he then trailed her through her office lobby. when she headed to the parking lot, he was driving naked behind her. he's in his 40s or perhaps up to 50 years old and driving a gray ford fusion with paper dealer plates. a bad start to the month or a sign of things to come? wall street begins september in the red. stocks plunge and the dow finished nearly 470 points lower. as we've been reporting the slowing of china's economy is the reason u.s. stocks have been
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so volatile. a dog in the south bay is recovering after her owner dragged her by the neck. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, hear how the dog is doing tonight and what's next for the owner. a silicon valley ceo resparks a debate about paternity leave. i'm scott budman, that story just ahead. do thstree.. lleby rowlea
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unconscious and dragged down the street. pulled by her own leash and by her own owner. what would make anyone treat their pet that way? that's what vets are asking themselves after saving a young pit bull's life. the owner is facing animal cruelty charges. we're live in sunnyvale where the dog was rescued. how is it doing? >> reporter: much better. when the dog came in on friday, she was in such bad shape, she couldn't walk or lift her head. somebody called 9-1-1 from the area when they saw a man who seemed transient dragging her body down the road. >> it's disgusting. >> it's very upsetting. >> reporter: many people are disturbed to hear the allegations against 34-year-old manuel. his dog was rushed to a vet clinic in critical condition on friday after someone called 9-1-1. police say he was walking along lawrence expressway in sunnyvale and dragging an unconscious pit
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bull on the sidewalk by a leash around her neck. >> she had abrasions all over her body. super, super dehydrated. >> reporter: dr. ken sawyer was the first vet to treat the pup. he didn't know her name but says she was barely alive. >> to have her be that hydrated, he had to have worked her a long time without a drink or rest. >> reporter: dr. sawyer stabilized the 1-year-old pit bull before transferring her for care. >> it makes you wonder what goes through people's minds. they wouldn't want it done to them. >> reporter: he's facing felony animal cruelty charges. >> reporter: the dog is in protective custody with the city and is expected to survive and doing much better tonight. reporting live in sunnyvale, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. the first day of the month means a for some to pay rent.
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rent control is a hot issue. the city council might make changes to help renters. so far it's just talk but renters and their advocates have been pushing for a lower ceiling on rent hikes. san jose's current laws allows them to hike rent by 8%. activists want it cut down in half, 4%. the council is considering guidelines to block landlords from overcharging new tenants. helping the homeless get off the streets. a new plan to do that. some of the ideas, though, are raising eyebrows. one calls for turning the old plaza hotel in downtown san jose into rooms for the homeless. neighbors, including the owner of a restaurant a few feet away fear it will hurt their business. that will be considered september 15th. not a good sign for uber. a judge ruled drivers can move forward with a class action lawsuit against uber. the drivers claim they should be labeled as employees instead of
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contractors. there are restrictions to this class action lawsuit. uber black, uber x and uber suv drivers can join the suit. those drivers must have driven for uber in california at any time since august of 2009. now, if the drivers win, uber will be forced to pay expenses, such as maintenance, insurance, gas and for the vehicles themselves. she is pregnant and stirring up debate again. marissa myer ceo of tech nient yahoo took a short maternity leave after having her first child. now she's pregnant with twins and again planning a short leave. our business tech reporter scott budman is here to tell us more about that. the message an the impact on other women in her company and other workplaces too. >> reporter: people talk about it, jessica. as you may remember, three years ago mayer took two weeks of maternity leave launching a
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debate. judging from her post, it's about to start again. >> it's the post people are talking about. yahoo ceo marissa mayer announces on tumblr she's pregnant with twins. like her previous pregnancy, she'll take "limited time away from work." >> i think it's great she has the ability to make a choice for her family. >> reporter: it's an issue coming up a lot for women. tech companies like yahoo, netflix and adobe giving new parents more time off. these women protesting netflix's giving unlimited time off to full-time but not hourly employees, say mayer doesn't have to take a long leave. >> the best thing that any ceo can do is to expand the paid time leave to all employees. >> companies in the united states are beginning to get their toe into paid leave are doing a good thing. there's a long way to go before we have paid parental policy we need in america.
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>> it's a face that won't go away any time soon. who gets time off and how much time off is enough? >> i would say that's one of the challenges of unlimited paid parental leave. anybody can use it. >> reporter: for point of reference, two years ago yahoo updated its parental leave policy so men and women can take eight weeks off after having a child. reporting live in sunnyvale, scott budman, nbc bay area news. thank you, scott. breaths let's bring in jeff ranieri to talk about the micro climate forecast. >> it's beautiful now. check it out from weather underground. clear skies at points all the way along the norp coastline. we're not fog-free across the area. ening will side and san francisco, the fog rolling along. we'll take you to the south bay, we have high clouds visible across the santa clara valley from mt. hamilton. looking at the forecast, the main driver of the weather, at
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least over the next 24 hours, will be that stronger on shore wind. it's out of the west at 18 in san francisco. bowie is reporting winds at 25. wave heights of 8 feet. that wind, again, will be chillier and reaching all the way back to the interior valleys as we continue throughout tomorrow. let's take a look at what that means for the forecast and you're going to be able to see tomorrow morning that fog will definitely be thicker. not only at the immediate coastline, but check it out. alameda, contra cost a counties, low clouds, spotty drizzle near fremont and some of the low cloud cover towards san jose. throughout the day tomorrow, we get the sunny skies by 11:00 for the interior valleys. we'll still hold on to the fog right against the immediate coastline. in terms of temperatures, it will play out like this tomorrow. 84 for the average in the tri-valley. 76 in the peninsula and the south bay coming in at 82. curious about the labor day forecast? big plans going on, a barbecue, off to that three-day weekend?
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i've got that for you. let's get a look as we head throughout labor day. temperatures will get hotter but we still should stay out of the triple digits. 90 expected in the south bay. 92 in the tri-valley. 74 in san francisco and the north bay at 87. i have more on your forecast in about 25 minutes. thank you, jeff. coming up, apple wants you to watch how apple plans to take on netflix, amazon and hulu. i'm janelle wang, a firestorm inside a clerk's office after marriage licenses are denied again to same sex couples. why a clerk is sticking to her belief even if it means jail time. that's next.
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a showdown over gay marriage inside a kentucky courthouse today. a county clerk continues to defy a u.s. supreme court ruling, and now she may go to jail for it. janelle wang joins us with the details. jamel. >> that's right, jessica. the clerk and her staff are ordered to show up in court by refusing to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples, they could be held in contempt. to face possible jail time and steep fines. >> we are not issuing marriage license today. >> based on what? >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses today? >> because i'm not. >> why? >> by whose authority are you not? >> under god's authority. >> the kentucky clerk kim davis is not budging. even after the u.s. supreme court legalized same-sex marriage in june, even after her
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appeal was rejected by the lower courts and even after the u.s. supreme court rejected her argument yesterday without comment. davis, citing her beliefs as an apostolic christian refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. >> you can call the police if you want. you can call the police. i pay your salary. i pay your salary. i pay you to discriminate against me right now. that's what i'm paying for. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, supporters of same-sex marriage and supporters of kim davis. >> we believe what we believe with a very strong conviction and we're not going to back down either. >> reporter: even though the issue is gay marriage, davis has stopped issuing all marriage licenses because she says she doesn't want to discriminate. she cannot be fired as an elected official. it's not likely she'll be
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impeached. she has an order to appear in court on friday. >> janelle, thank you. pope francis is shaking upchurch hierarchy when it comes to a borks. pope francis is allowing priests to absolve women from abortion. a catholic woman wanted to repent had to ask her local bishop and delegated a priest to hear her confession. the pope is giving all of the priests a discretion to forgive the sin in the upcoming holy year of mercy coming in december. the pope will be visiting the east coast in the united states later this month. three civil claims filed by thesteinly family believe the shooter's family isn't the only one to blame. hillary clinton headed to the bay area. she announced what will have her so busy during her stay here.
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accountability. today the parents of katestein lee filed a lawsuit that could send political shockwaves from san francisco to capitol hill. at issue, sanctuary city policies that set her accused killer free they say. kim yonenaka is live at city hall and this will be an a difficult and emotional battle for the family. but they say they're up for it.
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>> reporter: they serm acertain up for it for the memory of their daughter and the safety of the public. they filed these three claims for accountability outlining all the things they say went wrong, which ultimately led to their daughter's death. >> her family filed three civil claims today. two against federal agencies, the bureau of land management and immigration and customs enforcement, also known as i.c.e. the other claim targets the city of san francisco and the sheriff's department and particularly the sheriff himself. ro ross. >> we're here baugs of a tragedy and for people to take ownership and send a message that things have to change. >> essentially the claims state that kate's death could and should have never happened. from the federal ranger who improperly left his loaded gun in a backpack in his car only to
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have it taken allegedly by the shooter, to i.c.e. for not previously deporting the accused gunman back to mexico. juan francisco lopez sanchez is a five-time dee pour tea and -- then there's the mandate that ice could only intervene if proper paperwork wos shown. in the case of sanchez, ice was never contacted when he was about to be releasend' walked out of jail a free hz man. a few months later, he's accused of killing kate with that ranger's stole n gun. >> she said help me dad. that's my bedtime story every night. if you want it to be your bedtime story every night, then do nothing. but if you feel that this was wrong, and it is, be active. >> reporter: all those mentioned
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in the claims have issued brief statements. all expressing sympathy to the steinle family but not wanting to comment on pending litigation. i'm kim yonenaka, nbc bay area news. >> ice released a statement saying the director of immigration and enforcement met with the members of the family to express sympathy. the agency says they continue to work cooperatively with local law enforcement partners in california and nationwide to promote shared goals of protecting the community and upholding public safety. now, we are getting our first look at a suspected flasher on the peninsula. not what you think, though. police released a sketch of the man they say recently exposed himself to a woman friday night. police say the woman was walking along university avenue and noticed a man following her. she got in her car and drove off. had she stopped a few blocks away, he reappeared, knock on the passenger window and exposed himself.
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if you recognize him, call police. solitary confinement is an age old prison practice that's getting new scrutiny. california is making some changes. many state prisons kept inmates from mixing with the general population for decades. the state's correction's secretary says in the future california will only segregate inmates who commit new crimes behind bars. many of those kept in long-term isolation were gang leaders. the practice prompted criticism all the way to the supreme court. 2016, hillary clinton headed back to the bay area. as first reported last week, mrs. clinton is headed to town later this month. we're getting her full schedule including four fundraisers. it will start on september 28th in saratoga. mrs. clinton will attend private fundraisers in belvidere and san francisco. she will visit with the prime minister of india who will be in
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san jose on september 27th. no obvious smoking guns or evidence of wrongdoing in the newest batch of her e-mails released by the state department. while 125 more than 4,000 state department messages were upgraded to confidential, that occurred after clinton sent or received them. we're learning that staffers at first didn't recognize her e-mail system. she regrets using a private server now. as the presidential race heats up, clinton's opponents continue to use the e-mails as an important campaign issue. the drones could be grounded. a privacy bill could hamper amazon. the bill bans drones from flying lower than 350 feet over private property without permission. governor brown hasn't said yet where he stands on the issue and is now reviewing the bill. amazon is currently creating a drone delivery service, but many more companies could also be impacted. lawmakers say they're making
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sure that trespassing laws keep up to date with technology. >> someone can't jump the fence into your backyard without your permission, neither should they be able to fly a drone over your house without your permission. >> if approved, it would ban drones from taking photos and recording conversations over private property no matter how high that drone is flying. it's official, today the u.s. olympic committee named its big city which will compete to host the 2024 summers games. >> distinct honor to name the city of lang laes as the u.s. bid to host the 2024 summer olympics. >> it was made in front much several former olympians. they gave the mayor the go ahead to pursue the bid. a assurances that taxpayers will not foot the bill. l.a. played host before in 1932 and 1984 summer games. l.a. will compete against hamburg, rome, paris and toronto for the 2024 summer games. up next here at 6:00, purple
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is the new green. the innovative way pleasanton is saving water. plus, getting the -- the new places chipotle will deliver the burritos to.
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did you see it? google's big reveal. a new reveal. it's a typeface making it more modern according to google. for the first time it's animated. the logo's design, it's designed to look better on all screens. the change follows a restructuring announced last month. google will operate under a newly created parent company
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called alphabet sfwliefrnlts apple is looking to get into original programming. reporting that apple is in talks with several hollywood executives. the cupertino-based company is not commenting on the possible ventures. netflix has plenty of original content. it's been nominated for 34 emmys this year alone. it plans to invest $6 billion into original content next year. hunting airfares, a ticket of your dream vacation may be cheaper this fall. be on the lookout. analysts say low airfares are likely to stick around for a while. prices are more than 9% cheaper than last year. the airfare prediction says prices will average $237 now through december. students of the south bay don't have to leave classroom to satisfy their chipotle craving. they will begin delivering tacos and burritos to 40 college campuses nationwide. even directly to classrooms.
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san jose state and santa clara university are on the delivery list. use a food delivery app to make it happen. it hopes to expand to more than 100 campuses by spring. as long as they don't deliver to news rooms, we're good. we still have the freshman 15 from college years ago. >> please. >> no deliveries here. >> sounds delicious. >> what's today, wednesday? >> tuesday. >> i usually hit up chipotle on tuesday. >> we'll see you in 20 minutes. you can see the sky camera network at the ballpark shows fog way off towards the distance. we have details on that full forecast and your labor day in a couple of minutes. tre'sti a altwarng--ut erere ni
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a health warning on campus.
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but no new measles cases in berkeley. it was announced yesterday that a cal student was diagnosed with the highly contagious virus. that student rode a local bus, transit bus 25a to richmond last monday. he or she is now in isolation. the measles risk is very low to anyone who has been vaccinated. the city of pleasanton fighting the drought with a new set of pipes. literally. ten miles of purple pipes going into the ground that will soon deliver recycled water to the city. nbc bay area jodi hernandez joins us with more on this purple pipe project. >> reporter: here in the city of ples ton, lawns are dry and brown. there's a plan to turn things around. green may be making a comeback thanks to the color purple. >> in the midst of the dlorough it's great we're starting this project. >> reporter: it's the biggest
6:44 pm
pipeline project in pleasanton. it's called the purple pipeline project. workers are installing purple-colored pipe throughout much of the city. that will soon pump 450 million gallons recycled water a year to some of pleasanton's biggest water users. >> using more recycled water is a great way to preserve a precious resource. >> reporter: the sports park and fields will be the first to go online, followed by the has en da business park. it will save 10% of pleasanton's drinking water. >> save a lot of money and more importantly, save a lot of water. >> reporter: in this time of drought, the city says recycled water is the way to go. while brown has become the new green, the purple pipes will pump in what it needs to brighten the landscape once again. >> purple is the new green. we're really excited about this project. >> reporter: if all goes as planned, this lawn will be getting all the water it needs
6:45 pm
to make it happy and green by this time next year. in pleasanton, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you, jodi. >> you like that purple is the new green. >> look what you're wearing. >> purple. >> jeff ranieri is here. >> we're tracking rainfall coming our way. unfortunately, nothing over the next five to seven days. >> 82 degrees in the south bay. looking really nice. little cooler throughout the bay area compared to yesterday. tracking 80 in the east bay and the evidence of the cooler air is in san francisco. check out how beautiful the fog is rolling throughout downtown. we could see the tower, there it is right there, just the top of it. stands up 977 feet tall. you add on the higher elevations and there's a marine layer of about 2,000 feet and that will be good enough to give us that
6:46 pm
fog back for tomorrow morning. take a look. it's going to be drastically different, not only areas of patchy clouds but the thick fog in san francisco and the peninsula likely areas of spotty drizzle as well with temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. the forecast has a lot of moving parts throughout the west. the first one, again, is that fog at the immediate coastline that drops temperatures anywhere from 5 to 6 degrees today throughout the interior valleys. as you get a larger look, we're tracking this trough of low pressure to the north. that's at the upper lechls. down at the surface, we have a cold front moving through tomorrow. that will keep rainfall in the pacific northwest. that same cold front will be responsible for helping temperatures to drop more for tomorrow. as we head throughout wednesday, it will keep the fog going at the coastline for, again, a round of temperatures dropping from the north bay down to the south bay. let's get you to the labor day weekend forecast. we'll remain to see the storm track just off to the north throughout labor day weekend. that should keep temperatures out of the 100s.
6:47 pm
if this storm tracks off to the north, we could be looking at 100 to 105 degrees. so you can thank that jet stream again for being over california, washington and oregon for keeping our temperatures down for this upcoming labor day weekend. into the micro climate forecast for wednesday, you can see how comfortable it's going to be. san jose expecting 79 degrees. santa teresa and saratoga, looking at low 80s. morgan hill at 81. for the peninsula, 72 in san mateo. 76 in palo alto and in san francis francisco, 68. and the financial district up to 70 degrees. the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, temperatures dropping throughout dan vim, pleasanton and livermore with low to mid-80s. nice day in walnut creek, 83 degrees. back to oakland 74. right after the wine country, 80 in napa. by the upcoming weekend forecast, temperatures go hotter but again it looks like we'll stay out of the 100 to 105-degree range. we'll really see things warm up
6:48 pm
on sunday in the south bay to 92 degrees. temperatures in the upper 70s in san francisco and the tri-valley at 90. in case you missed our weather forecast earlier in the show at the top of the show, we did want to share with you the latest climate prediction outlook for january, february and also in march due to el nino. it looks like we could be looking at above average rainfall those months with he will anyone owe impacts. january, february and march the way it looks now. >> thank you, jeff. a major super bowl event is coming to san jose. we'll explain. also more drama in just a few minutes between the dodgers and giants. down at dodgers stadium. geraud moncure joins us next. jap's ymp coitt isscppi it202lon
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there's a slight problem. japan's olympic committee is scrapping its plans amid allegations of plagiarism. >> the designer of the logo is accused of using images that he found off the internet. a belgian-based designer says it's a ripoff of one he created for a theater. they will hold a new competition for a new logo. >> sketch something up. let's bring in geraud moncure from the newsroom. did you stay up for the game? a lot of giants fans are tired after last night's game into the wee hours of the morning. >> of course, i stayed up. did you stay up? >> i stayed up. jessica also. we were watching it in the newsroom around 12:15 last night. >> when i got done here, i got home real fast, caught the rest of it. this is going to be another good one tonight after the 14-inning marathon loss last night.
6:52 pm
giants turning to the gamer to even the series as madison bumgarner takes the hill. mad bum -- e.r.a. and whip. game 2 as great of a pitching matchup as there is in the bigs today. there's another way the two aces help their squad, that's at the dish with both pitchers batting eighth in tonight's lineup. >> it seemed like looking at our guys and the way they're stacked, zack seemed to fit there. he might be the right guy. >> pretty much speaks for itself. look at me if i didn't have -- [ inaudible ] >> of course, we'll have at that story tonight at 11:00. beer and baseball have long had a history together as to anchor brewing and the giants. the two teamed up to release orange splash lager, a brew described as refreshing and
6:53 pm
citrusy and you can pick one up at the yard near at&t park as well as select bars through october. well, today the 49ers trimmed the roster down to 75 with the final cut to 53 on saturday. return specialist and australian rugby sensation jared hanes survived the cut today but is one of the many players fighting to make the red and gold's final roster. tim tomsula addressed that han or anyone else is a lock on a morning show. >> some rugby columnist from australia wrote that -- >> i don't know what they're -- i don't know what the moves are in the media in australia. you might want to fact check. >> was there a reno owe. >> 53 is not set. >> all right. tomsula described docket's self-reported cracked rib as a cartilage thing that shouldn't keep him out of the september
6:54 pm
14th opener if he makes the team. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> i'm just here so i won't get fined. i'm just here so i won't get fined. >> so i won't get fined, boss. >> in the wake of that performance by marshawn lynch last season, the nfl is going to do things a little differently this time around for super bowl 50. hosting a super bowl opening night at s.a.p. center. the event will occur in primetime monday night instead of traditional tuesday morning affair. fans will have a chance to sit in the stands, watch the interviews in addition to listening in on musical performances and cheerleader appearances. tickets go on sale later this fall for less than $30. myself being a purist, i liked media day when it was the players and the journalists and you're trying to get a scoop or two. it's a little bit of a circus but that's the nfl these days.
6:55 pm
it's big business. >> it's a show. the big show at the shark tank right before the super bowl. the sharks won't be there, right? it will just be the football players. >> the football players and april few tens of thousands of their friends as well sitting in the stands. >> okay. thanks, geraud. full half hour of area sports coverage "sportsnet central" tonight at 10:30. at 11:00, making peace with the past. an unlikely trip for a local man to japan 70 years. i was helping close a difficult chapter in his life. that's tonight at 11:00 after hollywood game night. he's a hometown hero in sacramento, anthony sadler being honored in his hometown city. just days after receiving the award by the president of france, after he helped thwart what would have been a terrorist attack on a train. what's next for the senior? >> he sits down with jimmy fallon. sadler and two childhood friends
6:56 pm
took down a heavily armed gunman on that paris-bound train. you can see sadler with fallon after the late news. >> we'll hear about his basketball history and maybe he'll take jimmy down. >> he might. jimmy might do something pretty fun. before we leave, can you take us outside and how are we looking tonight? >> let's look at the morning forecast. you can see temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. areas of drizzle to begin in san francisco. the fog will be thick in the peninsula. we'll start with 59 in the south bay. through tomorrow, it will be a cooler day. we'll average 84 in the tri-valley. 70 in san francisco. north bay at 80. for the south bay, averaging 82. it looks hotter by the labor day weekend coming up. but temperatures should only top out in the low to mid-90s. no 100s at this point. >> good barbecue weather. >> just what we need. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> hope to see you at 11:00. > rhianna speaks out about
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
kanye's show stopping vma rant. >> now on "extra." rhianna rates kanye. >> what do you think about kanye running for president? >> a.j.'s new interview with rhianna today from her sexy summer vacation to the rumors about her new man. miley explodes. her back stage tirade after nicki minaj blasted her at the vmas. >> taylor's terror. the scary moments as a crazed fan charges her concert stage. what we just uncovered about his past. >> democrats for the donald. >> when i see someone like trump i go good for him. >> alec baldwin, martha stewart, the stars take sides. new video. cameron diaz and benji madden


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