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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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let's get a look at temperatures right now. the hottest locations are interior valleys from the southbound to the east bay, right up to the northbound. currently reading 106 in livermore. 106 in pleasanton, 102 in santa teresa. now, if the peninsula, we're finding the heat in los altos at 101. in san francisco, we had another day with uncomfortably hot temperatures. we didn't see the mid 90s that we had on monday, but we had a lot of widespread 80s here throughout the bay area. you want to drink plenty of water with more heat coming our way. we'll have the forecast and exactly when a we cool in the next 15 minutes. >> this heat and no ac prompting
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a shorter day in south bay schools. students and athletes feeling this heat. >> that's right. we're here at municipal stadium where the san jose giants are getting ready to play a playoff game. and right now, even they've been hot, they would like to keep their players and fans cool. they've been talking some precaution, but nothing as drastic as some of the action that schools took today. it was another shorter summer break today. the district sid it began monitoring how the heat was affecting students the past week and decided to shut classes shorter today and tomorrow. the main problem, older facilities with no air conditioning. >> when you have 88, 92 degrees, the quality of the instruction and the ability to instruct students goes way down at that point. >> extra class hours are, as officials put it, banked for these types of unexpected situations. as you might expect, student wes
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talked to with their parents permission told us the minimized schedule was a smart move. >> it can affect how you study and how you can act in school. when it gets hot, you feel kind of lazy like you don't want to do anything. >> some groups couldn't escape the heat, mainly because of crucial work deadlines. the most ironic, a santa clara valley water district crew toiling in the heat in the midst of a drought on an el nino flood control project. >> the rocks are slowing the water down when the flood comes during a flood-type event. >> kind of expecting a lot from el nino? >> yeah, they say that's what's going to happen but we'll see how it goes. >> well, some can escape the heat by coming here to municipal stadium because the team has taken precautionary steps. we'll show you what the team is doing to beat the heat before it tries to beat the stockton force. robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> you can track the heat on our
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nbc bay area app. you can finds the temperatures specific to your neighborhood. >> well, ready to upgrade? today's big reveal a dud? mixed reviews for apple, but that usually means we'll constituent go out and get the new iphone, but today a twist. an apple pencil. this is something the late steve jobs didn't like. the cupertino company showed new iphones, ipad and a remote. but is it worth your money. scott budman you' been doing these apple rollouts for more than a decade. what sticks oit today? >> even by apple standards, we saw a lot of gadgets to take a look at today. also by apple standards, we got something we expected, and that was music. ♪ dreaming about the things that we could be ♪ >> the auditorium, made famous by concerts, one republic ushered in the littest apple
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update. new iphones. the 6 s and 6s plus with what apple calls 3d touches. also new colors to entice holiday buyers. >> the new coloring in the lineup will be for some consumers to encourage the upgrade. now you have rose gold. >> reporter: also coming to your living room, a new version of apple tv. not a tv set, mind you, but a search tool to help tv and movie fans find what they're looking for. >> this is radically different. now i can use siri to drill down and get the exact program i want, the actor i want in that program or data or information. >> you'll also have more apps to choose from on the apple watch and a new ipad with a 13-inch screen. nothing earth shaking, but plenty of new product to move
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come this holiday season. and here's the questions we're being asked the most. you can preorder the phones on saturday, they go on sale september 25. $199 for the 6s. the 6 s plus starts at $299. coming up at 6:00, even more gadgets rolled out today, including a look at that apple sen si pencil that really took us all by surprise. diversity is the hot topic. among the 11 people who took the main stage, three were women, among them, the ceo of guilt. apple has frequently been criticized for the lack of diversity. as for the new apple pencil or stylus, not everyone is a fan. >> who wants a stylus? you have to get them and put them away. you lose them. yuck. >> that's the late steve jobs
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back in 2007. but today, 2015, apple unveiled, yes, a stylus, or as they're calling it a pencil. at 6:00 we check in with scott budman. what this move reveals about the new leadership of apple. >> new at 5:00, an alert in the east bay right now. someone posing as a comcast capable worker forced his way into an unsuspecting woman's home and sexually assaulted her. it happened near the union landing shopping center. jody hernandez with more on who police are looking for. this is a sketch of the suspect. >> reporter: this is the sketch of the man union city police want everyone to be on the lookout for. police say the suspect dressed in a red comcast shirt knocked on a woman's door and claimed to be there for cable service then sexually assaulted her. >> when she shut the door, the gentleman forced his way in and proceeded to sexually assault the victim. >> kind of messed up, you know? who are you going to trust now
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these days. >> folks who live in the neighborhood where the attack took place are shocked and worried. the woman who lived at this house was even reluctant to open the door to talk to us. >> if we don't have business with anybody, we're not going to open the door. >> reporter: police say people should look for precautions. >> if they're wearing some sort of identifying feature either a shirt with a company name on it, give the company a call and verify that someone should be in the area. >> reporter: police are hoping to catch the imposter before he hurts someone else. jeed dihernandez, nbc bay area news. comcast says they are fully cooperating with authorities in this investigation. >> we have new details on three suspicious fires in san jose. two people have been arrested. we first show youd these pictures last night at our 11:00 newscast. it was breaking news at the top of the show. the fires burned very close to each other by 280 near
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winchester boulevard and morepark avenue. we're still waiting for more details about the people arrested. hate crime charges for a san francisco man accused of writing graffiti slurs over labor day weekend. last night, police arrested this man after officers noticed his car matched the description of the one driven by the vandal. the offensive messages were found monday northerning at six different places in san francisco's portola neighborhood. the suspect doesn't live far from the area. 4 police aren't discussing in i motives. >> i can't get into details into exactly what he said. but because the incident was obviously hate motivated, s.i.d. took over the place. >> that stand for the special investigations division. the charges for the ratist graffiti are felonies. >> beaten by police simply for being black. that's the claim at the heart of
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a new civil rights complaint being filed against the san francisco police department. a 23-year-old man says three plain clothes officers assaulted him. today he and the aclu went public with their accusations. we have more on the latest issue for an increasingly embattled police department. >> reporter: travis hall did not answer reporter questions, instead he read from a prepared statement about what he says happened. he said he was beaten by police officers, taken to jail with little explanation. and now a lawsuit has been filed on his behalf. '. >> the officers assumed i was doing something wrong because i'm black. >> reporter: today, he described what he says was a confrontation with san francisco police officers in prig april. the aclu is now helping him file a federal civil rights complaint against the san francisco police department, the officers and the
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city and county, claiming the 23-year-old recent college graduate was unlawfully detained, beaten and arrested as he was getting dropped off south of market. >> the officers didn't provide justification for their initial approach, even after being repeatedly asked. >> reporter: she says the officers gave conflicting information on why he was stopped, he got scared and called his mom. >> the officers then yanked travis from the car and body slammed him to the concrete. >> when i found out what happened to travis, the only thing i could think to do was to call 911. >> reporter: they say he had cuts, bruises and a concussion and are looking for accountability. >> we hope the department and the city will take this case seriously by adequately compensating travis but also taking action to address its problems of racially biased policing. >> reporter: of course, we reached out to the san francisco police department for comments on all this. they referred us to the city attorney's office. a spokesperson there says they just received the case, so it would be premature to comment on it right now.
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reporting live in san francisco christie smith, nbc bay area news. . >> heroic actions. the quick thinking by the pilot of this plane that burst into flames in las vegas and how it saved the lives of his passengers. >> and can you feel it in the air? football season is here and the super bowl just around the corner. we have new details on the bay area's big plans and what happened today with some local legend. >> then at 6:00, an inmate allegedly beaten to death in jail. we broke the story about his mental illness and how he should have been in a hospital. now the judge who sentenced him speaks out about how the system needs to change. we investigate. that's new at 6:00. less than 30 minutes from now -
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a somber ceremony in san bruno. ==take vo== it was five years ago today that a p-g-and-e gas line exploded, killing 8 people and injuring dozens more. deep scars still remain, and many still think the utility is doing five years ago today a pg&e gas line exploded. chuck copola where survivors are talking about recovery efforts and pg&e. chuck? >> that's right. multiple surgeries, third degree
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burns, years of psychological therapy. that's what survivors faced after a major gas line exploded five years ago tonight. >> the anniversary of the worst day of our lives. >> reporter: five years have done little to dull the pain caused when a pg&e transmission line is exploded in a fire ball that burned for 17 1/2 hours, taking the lives of eight neighbors. >> we had children die, moms and die, grand patients die. am i angry? yes. >> i couldn't breathe. it was like an oven. it was terrible to take a breath. it was like breathing fire. it was so hot. so i knew i was going to die. >> reporter: maria was another survivor. >> steel was melted, glass was melted. my fence was gone. i would not have lied had my neighbor not seen me there. >> reporter: 22 of the home december stroied have families in them and two more were built.
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pg&e confirmed their apology. while they have replaced miles of cast iron pipes, added shutoff valves, some say it's still operating in the shadows. on this past labor day holiday, the utility filed motions to try to get 28 federal criminal charges it's facing dismissed. >> there was money allocated to go in and check the lines. it wasn't done. i think people who pocketed that amount of money as bonuses instead of, you know, really working on the line and inspecting it and getting the changes done, those people are responsible. >>. >> reporter: the mayor has called for jail time for pg&e decision makers. the utility has been fined $1.6 billion and has paid about $500 million to victims' families. chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. what went wrong?
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ntsb investigators are in las vegas as we speak trying to determine why that engine of a british airways plane caught fire just moments before takeoff. >> may day, may day. >> we have an aircraft on fire with people coming out of it. >> pretty alarming. that's the pilot communicating with the control tower. this happened yesterday right before our 5:00 news. we showed it to you as our breaking news coverage. this was a boeing 777 heading down the runway on a flight heading to london. the plane never got air born. it was going almost 100 miles an hour when all of this happened. the crew quickly evacuated the passengers. a couple of dozen people have minor injuries. some big-time star power in san francisco today to kick off super bowl 50. it's still five months away, but the nfl is ready to start a season-long celebration. >> make sure the bay area and the experience people have is a wonderful one. >> steve young, the 49ers legend along with the raiders legend
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kicking off the festivities. the super bowl is february 7, but for the next two days, some super bowl parties, free at pier 35 and justin herman plaza. >> we basically transformed pier 35 into a free football fan festival where fans of all ages can experience, they can catch a ball, play a little bit. they can pretend they're on the nfl draft stage and get their picture taken. >> reporter: and how about a free concert? train and l.e. golding. the celebration will also include an interactive mobile exhibit for fans. it will travel around the bay area showing off the eight super bowl lombardi trophies, won by the niners and the oakland raiders. the free event will continue tomorrow noon to 5:30. and the nfl is also sponsoring a free concert, as i mentioned. gates will open at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. the 2015 nfl season kicks off tomorrow right here on nbc bay area. the steamers versus the
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patriots. and our coverage begins at 4:30. >> hopefully your house cools down in time for a kickoff. it's both hot and hazy outside. a live picture right now across oakland. in fact, there you can see alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. we bring in jeff ranieri. what have you got? >> more dangerous heat coming our by next. the hottest temperatures down right uncomfortable. it didn't matter wh you true to do to stay cool. highs 108 in napa. pleasanton, 106. lafayet lafayette, 104 degrees. east san jose, 100. also san francisco at 87 look outside right now, temperatures have started to cool off a few degreesing but it's not that noticeable when temperatures are 100 degrees into the south bay. this is unbearable in the east bay. an average of 107. sfroon at 80.
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check out the north bay, humidity values at 10%, that's bone dry air. that's why the fire danger is also so high right now. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, i do anticipate some relief, but it's o.j. going to last from 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning that we will experience temperatures like this. the north bay will go down to 67, 71 in the east bay, and 69 here in the south bay. so the most important thing to remember with heat like this, of course, is your health. we have that heat advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. on thursday. you want to remember to drink plenty of water. no outdoor exercising and, of course, remember those pets as well. let's take you to the forecast as we head throughout thursday. i know you'll want the cooling in here. but we're not going to head to the next 24 hours. high pressure continues to remain strong across the entire west coast. it doesn't matter where you are, you're experiencing these warm temperatures right now. for thursday, bottom line, more low 100s expected inland and 80s at the beaches. we get that cooling that you
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want by saturday's forecast. that's where the onshore flow increases. the fog returns. we're looking at at least a 10 to 15 degree drop in temperatures. that's good news. the other thing that we'll be watching is tropical storm linda off to the south. looks like most of the rain chances would be southern and central california. we haven't put any hateful in for us just yet. we're going to watch it closely for the potential here of some showers. i want to spend some time on the microclimate forecast. you can see again how uncomfortable it's going to be here. for san jose, 100 degrees tomorrow. the trivalley, that's where you've got to take this heat seriously. danville, 106 degrees for the high. in in oakland, up towards the
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north bay, napa also expecting 106. the changes coming as we head throughout saturday's forecast. it's going to feel a lot better for you. in the south bay, 90 degrees on saturday. san francisco 75. we'll go a few more degrees cool cooler as we head through sunday. the hottest stretch of weather we've had in a few years at this point. a first of a kind test and what it's revealing about the smarts of california kids. >> and are you a cheater? the troubling trend in california's car pool lanes. and the place drivers are most likely to break the rules. ♪
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are you a carpool cheater? live picrures...on the peninsula... this is usal slowdown at 101 and university... c-h-p is on pace to issue 22- thousand carpool violations this year in the bay area. that's up 3-thousand fm php is on track to issue 22,000 car pool lane violations. that's up about 3,000 from last year. 41% of solo drivers -- that's
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right -- 41% of the solo drivers are breaking the rules. it will cost you, though. if you get caught, it's a $491 ticket. >> a majority of jail agents busted in a mass i raid now have their licenses suspended. our investigative unit has uncovered new details. 41 bail agents were arrested last month as part of a sweep. bail agents from several different businesses are accused of using inside information to get information to get business inside of the jail. 26 of the 31 agents now have suspended licenses. the department of insurance says it's possible more people could be arrested. a big shake-up today in san francisco's racketeering scandal involving a former state senator and a one-time china town gangster. the lawyers for six men who were to go on trial next month entered unexpected guilty pleas. the charges include money laundering, gun possession and selling illegal goods. however, they did not plead guilty to the racketeering charge. the men were to be tried with
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china town association leader raymond shrimp boy chow. chow, however, is not pleading guilty to any of the charges. >> it's a hot topic on a lot of campuses. a rocky start for the dmon core standards. fewer than half of california's students passed the new math and english tests. here's some of the numbers. 44% of the students in third through eighth and 11th grades met or exceeded the new language arts or english portion of this test. while 34% passed the math portion. asian american students scored highest on both tests. low income students tended to get the lowest scores. >> up next a royal record, how queen elizabeth made history today. that's next. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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did more than chime the hours today. they tolled in honor of "her majesty queen elizabeth." at five-thirty this evening-- >> the chimes tolled in honor of her majesty queen elizabeth. at 5:30 london time she broke an historic record becoming britain's longest reigning monar monarch. elizabeth was crowned in 1962 after the death of her father
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king george vi. >> she's still very active in the public. >> people love her there. >> thank for joining us at 5:00. lester holt is next with nightly news. tonight, fireball on the runway. an engine bursts into flames just before takeoff, leaving passengers just seconds to escape. tonight we hear from the captain whose actions saved lives as fire consumed part of that plane. moving targets. terror on the freeway as bullets pierce through cars. a possible tenth shooting just today sparking fears of a serial sniper. world outrage. the camerawoman caught kicking and tripping families of migrants running for freedom. now she's paying a price. and two massacre survivors from the church in charleston, for the first time describing the moment shots rang out, the shooter's chilling words before he fled, and a grandmother's act of love that saved a little girl's life. "nightly news" begins right now.


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