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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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her father, her mother, snatches a memory ever farther away. >> that's all for now. i dozens evacuated when fire bus their apartment complex. a viewer caught this video right now at 11:00, dozens evacuated when their apartment complex caught fire. the tonight, many do not have a place to stay. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. fire crews are still on the scene right now. one person had to be transported to the hospital. the fire broke out on telegraph avenue and dwight way just a few blocks from the cal berkeley campus. christie smith is joining us now. those people are going to be able to go back in tonight or not? >> well, spi spoke with one man
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and he said he was let back in briefly to get a few things. but firefighters say no one will be staying here tonight. the red cross says about 30 people are living here and the red cross is helping those who need it. >> a resident shot video while people inside made their way out. >> and the fire alarm went off. i started smelling smoke and when i looked out the window, i smelled orange. >> lynn didn't want to give her last name, but is now among those displaced. >> i'm just feeling -- not to sound hokie, i'm feeling blessed that, you know, we're all okay. i mean, and our neighbor, other neighbor was was -- the medics took him and he seems fine. >> berkeley firefighters were not certain of the man's condition, but say he is disabled and needed to be rescued from a two alarm fire that started on the top floor. >> currently, it's uninhabitable. we disconnected the electricity
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for our safety and shut off of the gas. the building has got a partial collapse of the roof on the backside of the building. >> the immediate concern, making sure everyone was out. neighbors banged on doors, grabbed their pets. below were a handful of shops. >> there was black smoke coming in the back of our business. we have some windows and some vents and such. so we came up. >> he thinks it may not open for a month. meantime, the red cross was out to help residents. >> the smoke was getting pretty thick, so i just grabbed what i could. >> just a few minutes ago, firefighters told me they believed that who was transported is being released tonight. meantime, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live from berkeley, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christy, thank you very much. other top story tonight, developing news out of brussels where heavily armed security
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forces carried out several raids. right now, 16 people are being questioned and it's also monday morning in brussels. this is the capital city of b l belgium. the belgium prime minister is warping of, quote, credible concerns of a paris style terror attack. and for the very first time, the band members of eagles of death metal are talking about what they saw inside the theater the night of the attacks in paris. the band wag headlining the show in the theater. take a listen to their emotional interview. >> several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them except for a kid that was hiding under my leather jacket. >> killers got in your dressing room? >> yes. people were playing dead and they were so scared. a great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. so -- and so many people put themselves in front of people.
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>> now, a total of 130 people were killed during the paris terror attacks. 89 of those victims were in the theater. members of the band's crew were among the victims. in video shows the drama and horror of the attack of that theater. they also see some host aemgs escaping there through the side. some of the injured also being rescued by others who were outside. tonight, french police are issue ago new appeal. officials released this photo on twitter of a third man they believe was involved in the terrorist attack outside the national stadium in paris. he, so far, has not been identified. the french government says he's one of the three suicide bombers who attacked outside of the stadium where the soccer game was under way. >> and this just in, a 16-year-old autistic teenager has gone missing in livermore. police sent us this picture of daniel patterson. he was last seen on rode depend
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ron drive. he's about 5'3" and was wearing a blood hooded hollister jacket. take a live look at downtown san francisco. looks pretty clear. not a bad night at all. but cold temperatures, wind, rain, maybe even snow in the bay area? that's what i'm hearing from meteorologist rob nietta. >> on some of the higher hilltops, that's a possibility. right now, things are looking very calm. these could be close to some high temperatures coming up later on this week. right now, just high clouds passing by the bay area. the storm we're watching is still developing here in the gulf of alaska. as it's dropped to the south, along for the ride is going to come very cold air settling into the bay area. out ahead of it, we're going to see the winds on the increase for your tuesday as the showers begin to move in.
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could get guts up to 45 miles per hour. with the rain, there's a chance of thunder showers and snow levels dipping down to maybe 2,000 to 3,000 feet for parts of the northern sierra. right now, things are pretty calm, but we've got an active week ahead with some freeze warnings possible by the end of the week. we'll be did he tail this storm coming up in a few minutes. the chilly weather has hardware stores preparing for. the national fire protection agency says half of all home heating fires happen between december to february. they say to regularly check your smoke alarms during these high risk months. well, police are looking for new leads in a year-old murder. last november, david renzell was shot while hiking on an east bay trail. shortly after, thinks mris released these sketches of their suspects. however, the sketch never produced any solid leads.
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nbc bay area spoke with renzell's wife and those working this murder case about the frustrations they have been facing. >> east bay regional park district police working with local agencies have interviewed a dozen people who heard the gunshots or passed the suspects on the trail. despite that, no one has been arrested in this east bay murder a year later. >> my family thanks all of you. our brothers and sisters, for the outpouring of support. >> a year worth of -- parishioners brought back home, but she is dumbfounded that two suspected killers depicted in these skechs are still at large. >> i was very hopeful that there would be some solid leads and i don't understand.tches are stil large. >> i was very hopeful that there would be some solid leads and i don't understand. >> her husband was murdered in the botanic area regional
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preserve. >> no one, it seemed, saw the suspects get into a car and take off from some parking lot. they doubt renzell stepped upon a drug deal gone bad. but possibly he was mistaken for an intended target. >> we just need to help out. >> if not to seek justice for the widow and two grown children, then justice for renzell's father. >> it's very important for david's father, b who is 90 years old. if he was here today, he would say, yes, i want justice and i want to see it before i go. it was very difficult for david's father, fred, to lose his son. >> a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the cap ter of renzell's killers. an unexpected landing today for a flight heading to los angeles. some passengers were apparently
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acting suspiciously. the flight out of indianapolis had to lavend in kansas city this morning. the airline says, quote, multiple passengers did not follow crew instructions and continued to act suspiciously during the flight. other passengers say they had no idea what was going on. >> i was really scared. i didn't know what was happening. it was just kind of a rough experience, i guess. >> it was pretty well hush, hush. they had a lot of police presence out in the lobby of the airport. police dogs, all kinds of things. >> well, those four passengers who were acting suspiciously were questioned. after landing, one was allowed back on to that flight and the others were booked on other flights. coming you.airports will be packed this holiday season. security and weather will be issues and we'll tell you about some other things that will keep travelers way from their records. one away from the record. the warriors winning 14 games to start the season.
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they are on fire. >> yeah. kelly johnson at the comcast sports net studios. kelly, of all teams, we're going to have to set this record against the lakers. >> yeah. lakers are next. they have two wins on the season. while a perfect 82-0 season seems unlikely, the warriors are simply unbeatable right now, winning their 15th straight game right now to start the season, matching the best start in nba history. warriors doing it in denver, taking on the nuggets. eyeing perfection, first half winding down. clay thompson drains the three. he had 14 of his 21 points in the second quarter to lead the team. third quarter, iguodala drops the dime on barnes who lays the hammer down. a nasty, one-handed back door dunk. s steph curry with the three. steph with a season low 19 points and the warriors win again, 118-105. here is curry on history. >> it is a great accomplishment
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that we haven't had any blemishes on the record so far. i think it's kind of a quiet confidence. we don't feel like we're going to lose anytime soon. the way we're playing and we can get even better. >> and the warriors can break the record tuesday night in front of the best fans in the nba when they hold the 2-11 lakers. much more coming up in sports. >> let's hope it happens. >> all right. a man throws tiles off the roof of this temple in san jose. i'll show you how police were finally able to take him into custody can. and also, the downside of the business boom in the bay area, we're going to tell you where office space is at a premium. >> and the long and winding road to recovery. get the earthquake-damaged church in napa back open. jose police tried to talk a man
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down from the roof of the budhist temple in east san jose. police shut down several streets until they finally coaxed the man down.
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==2 box== nbc bay areas marianne favro joins us live where it happened. for more than six hours, police tried to talk a man down off the roof of a temple. he was just sitting up there on the rooftop. >> he was just sitting up there and dancing. the man finally came down off this roof at this buddhist temple at 9:20 tonight. police took him into custody for felony vandalism and resisting arrest. >> one minute, he was thrown ceramic shingles and the. this man climbed atop the roof of the temple on san fernando street and threatened to jump. police tried to coast hicks down with offers of pizza and a chance to talk to his grandmother. >> they've been trying to get him down, but he just starts throwing stuff at them. he didn't respond to them in a
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good way. he started yelling at them. >> police closed saekz of san fernando street and police cars responded. but some say they thought most of those officers should have been fighting crime elsewhere. >> i think it's a waste of tax dollars. a single man with no weapons up there throwing pieces of tile down. you've got tactical officers out here. tranquilize the guy and let him fall down on to some mattresses. >> finally, after 9:30, the man climbed down the ladder and officers took him into custody. police have not yet released the name of that man who was up on the roof, but they have reopened san fernando street. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. fighting for affordable housing in mountain view, dozens of people protesting in front of city hall today. to call attention to what they say is a housing crisis to the peninsula city.
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these people say low income earners in mountain view face dispropositionat rent increases when they need help. it's devastating. >> we are losing workers at the restaurant, we're losing a lot of people and we want to be -- >> they're asking the city council to support a rent stabilization policy at their december 1st city council meeting. from rent stabilization to skyrocketing rent for places to live and places to work. in fact, three of the nation's ten most expensive streets for office building rentals are right here in the bay area. you're probably not surprised. real estate investment company jll did the research. they found the fifth most expensive street in the nation, mission street in san francisco. the price per square foot, about $89 per square foot. the new sales force building going in right there.
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about $90 a square foot there. the second most expensive street in the entire country. hs in the bay area, hamilton avenue. $124 or so per square foot, the most expensive street in the united states for office space goes to gentle road in memo park. the average price per square foot, $141 a square. the street is home to a lot of venture capital firms. >> very, very pricey. it was a happy sunday today at a downtown napa church. the congregation has not had sunday service at their beloved church since it was badly damaged last year. the first united methodist church on randolph street had a lot of structural damage last august. today, though, the church had its doors back open just in time for the holidays. it took backside 2 million to restore the 99-year-old buiing and make it seismically safe. >> we are so pleased to be back. it's so wonderful and even
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though it looks the same, it's brand new. >> the church had earthquake insurance which covered most of the building cost. donations covered the rest. calls to end hunger this holiday season is loud and clear. >> our team reached thought weekend for help. so far, people have donated 22,000 bags of groceries. the saveway stores across the bay area. it's easy to do. they'll be distributed to those in need to seven bay area food banks. you can make a $10 donation towards a bag of groceries through christmas eve. real easy to do. >> and one bag of groceries feeds a family of four. right now, rob is here with that forecast. it is hot in here. i think our ac is broken. it is toasty. >> this will be a good place to be wednesday through friday where it's probably 80 degrees. it's nice in here right now, but 50 degrees outside. 40 out in the north bay. these feel like overnight low
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temperatures, but they're going to feel like afternoon high temperatures as some cold conditioning drops into the bay area. tomorrow morning, patchy low clouds, probably some mist for those low clouds. we're going to see our temperatures dropping out on the 70s as we drop into this weekend now into the 60s. actually, pretty close to average tomorrow. close to 60 in san francisco and into the north bay and tri valley. at least for one more day, we should see highs as warm to the mid to upper 60s. but then big changes coming up monday night into tuesday. as you see here, getting into tuesday morning, here comes the first chance of rain and scattered showers coming in through the day on tuesday. not nonstop, but off and on at times and there's a chance of isolated thunder, too, as some of these showers come in along the coast. we will see more shower activity as least into wednesday morning. for your travel and vacation plans, looks like the afternoon into the evening, the bay area
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continues to clear out on wednesday, but that snow will be an ongoing event. rainfall, not a whole lot. we'll see higher amounts across the coastal top. the sierra is going to get a lot of snow, at least 16 inches of snow now. a winter storm watch in effect from tuesday into wednesday, so the biggest travel impacts in the sierra. look how low the snow is. down into plasterville and colfax. speaking of cold air, look at these high temperatures. almost 20 degrees cooler than we had on saturday. san jose there, dropping well below average. highs this in the low to mid 50s. maybe only close to 50 degrees in livermore. into san francisco, average highs about 52 degrees. so the other side of the coin here is the cold air that we're going to see at night into the morning, take out thanksgiving morning, we'll see temperatures across some of the wind
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sheltered north bay valleys, possibly into the upper 20s, the the low 30s around san jose. 35 degrees and single digits up towards lake tahoe. 43 degrees, not quite as cold around san francisco. it will be wednesday night into the weekend where we can see these very cold temperatures. weekend forecast, plans there, may see a slight chance of showers. this system will be coming in saturday, possibly toss something showers for mainly the south bay down into southern california. not a sure thing just yet, but as the cloud cover sweeps over the bay area, if you're hoping for a weekend warm up, not going to be in the cards. our high temperatures starting tuesday all the way through next sunday will be staying in the 50s and we could still see some patchy frost at times even at the start of next weekend. so a real taste of winter on the way and it's going to stick around into and through next weekend. back to you. >> rob, thanks very much. get this story, one of only four remaining white rhinos in the world has died. coming up, the reason nola had
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to be euthanized today and how the species became nearly extinct.
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the san diego zoo. one of only 4 remaining "northern white rhinos" in the devastating news tonight from the san diego zoo. one of only four remaining northern white rhinos in the world has died. staff euthanized 41-year-old nola today. nola lived at the san diego zoo safari park since 1989. now, the three surviving northern white rhinos are living in a preserve in kenya. northern white rhinos are at the brink of extinction because of poaching for their horns. >> when you get home, who do you
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kiss first, your dog or your spouse? when a coast guard cutter pulled in today, friends b and family filled the port to welcome their families home. and one wife who is pregnant, by the way, predicted her husband would greet the dog first. >> i'm sure that my dog is going to get the first hug. she won't be able to wait. >> really? >> oh, she'll be so excited, yeah. >> more excited than you? >> oh, no. just not able to wait. the dog is a she, by the way. and look what happened. straight to the dog. the dog did get the first kiss and hug, but finally the wife got her kisses and hugs, as well. and time to tell him about their first child, a boy, that they are expecting in april. >> if you were getting off that ship, which one would you -- >> i am a dog lover, so i understand completely. >> there you go. so you see nothing weird about this? >> no. >> still to come tonight, a solution to this very tough drought. >> it's water that's always
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going to be there. it isn't dependant on snow pac or rainfall. >> coming up, how can telling help solve california's water crisis whether or not it rains or snows.
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention
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is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. says we should brace for the drought to continue, well into next year. and it doesn't matter how much rainl governor jerry brown says we should brace for the drought to continue well into next year and it doesn't matter how much rain el nino brings. >> as a result of this, the governor has extended his executive order last week that mandated possible reductions in water usage until next october. senior investigative reporter steven stock was sent halfway around the world to search for solutions that could help us solve this water crisis. >> we traveled to israel where about a decade ago, that country faced a similar drought crisis to the one california is facing now. now israel has more water than it can use.
11:30 pm
while this, we discovered some of the solutions israel is taking are slowly taking place here in california. but experts tell us in order to solve our drought problems for good, it will take a major change in our approach to water. >> so we had to learn how to acclimate, how to change our systems, how to completely redevelop our whole strategy. >> seth isn't your stereo typical central valley farmer. he's an alfalfa grower with an mba from fresno state who has been using drip irrigation on his fields for the last five years. not just because it saves water, which it does, but also because it makes him more money. lots more money. >> we have increased our yield so much that if you start calculating the dry matter pounds per drop of water, we've increased 62.5% of our crop per drop of water. >> all because of this plastic irrigation pipe system made by an israeli firm called netafim. >> it's not a familiar type of
11:31 pm
irrigation to many growers. >> as ceo of netapim usa, john faces the challenge of trying to convince central valley farmers to change historical irrigation techniques, especially when it can cost a lot of money up front to install the irrigation system. >> we spent a lot of time trying to educate growers that drip irrigation is an easy to use technology. it's a very durable form of irrigation. >> this drip irrigation technology was first developed 50 years ago in israel on this collective farm. located in the desert. >> we are in the desert. >> we are in a desert. yeah. >> as head of netafim's commercial division, barak believes california's government must do more with grant and financial incentives to encourage farmers to use these new technologies. >> we shouldn't wait until we
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have a desert in order to -- but not everyone here in california is buying that line. most farmers are not following seth rosso's lead. in fact, experts say less than 40% of all california farmers use drip irrigation. >> if you want an illustration about the different approaches to water policy here in california, consider this. this is the san joaquin river, the middle of it. there is no water anywhere. and less than a hundred feet away, flood irrigation is being used in a field. >> while some farmers still defend the practice of literally opening large pipes and flooding acres of field with several inches of water, dozens of water policy experts told us the hundred year old flooding technology is inefficient and wasteful because more than half the water simply evaporates. .it's not just innovative irrigation techniques that are working. at plants like this one israel recycles 85% of its urban
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wastewater, sometimes two and three times. the water is treated not only to israelis, but also to epa safety and purification standards. and because of its widespread use, things like this, acres and acres of pomegranate trees now grow in the desert. this farmer remembers when nothing grew here because it was desert. it still is, in fact. >> so you don't care if it rains any more. >> translator: not at all. i don't depend on rain at all. the rain is an extra for me. i don't need the rainy more. >> just like in california, there are critics of recycled water who worry that the filters won't catch everything. that's why chemists at hebrew university continue to search for molecular sized filters to search for even the smallest of human waste filters. >> we're trying to find the niche where the robust tellings don't work. >> professor rahel mishelle
11:34 pm
works to create molecular filters, even though right now she says there's no scientific evidence that recycled water poses a risk, especially when used on agriculture. >> but we have this -- evasive pollutants, they have a variety of names, that slip by the system. that's where we come in with our specially tailored materials to trap them, to trap them. >> the desalination plant is a three-stage process. >> then this is the most expensive and energy using technology of all, desalination. taking ocean water and turning it into drinking water. >> mark run these plant in carlsbad outside san diego and took us on a tour. >> sea water desalination could perhaps become 20% or 30% of the water portfolio. >> it is the largest plant of its i'm kind in north america, cleaning 54 million gallons of sea water every day by forcing the sea water at high pressure
11:35 pm
through long tubes with a process called reverse osmosis. >> it's water that's always going to be there. >> desalination is so important. marion, director of the solutions department at ide israel took us on a tour of carlsbad's sister plant located outside tel aviv. only this is the largest desalination plant in the world. it produces more than three times more fresh water than that plant in carlsbad. just about ten years ago, israel made a commitment to desalination because israeli leaders said it was the only way for the country to become truly water independent. >> they understood that we cannot depend on the weather. we cannot depend on rainy more. >> in fact, the five israeli desalination plants provide currently half of all the fresh drinking water for the entire country of israel. while the carlsbad plant provides about a quarter of the water needed by san diego.
11:36 pm
as for desalination critics who say it takes too much energy or produces salty water water that can hurt marine life, mark says the process of those issues are being addressed. >> we need to change our approach to water. we need to look at it as an input to a production process, an economic driving process and realize that the value of water shouldn't be free. >> on that and many other issues we've reported on in our special series, surviving the drought, top california state officials agree, coming up in a couple of weeks, we will take our findings straight to the top to sacramento and the people in charge. both here and in israel to get their take on how to address california's drought. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> that's it for our investigative unit. give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit
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at nbc bay basketball fans, coming up next, the golding state warriors have been nothing by winners during their historic start to the season. 15 wins, no losses. >> and we have reaction coming next in sports. now let's go to kelli johnson
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with comcast sports net. kelli. kelli oncam the warriors just continue their assault on the record books.... matching the best start in nba history tonight with their 15th right now, let's get to kelly with comcast bay area. >> the warriors matched their 15th consecutive win to start the season and marked for the best start by a defending champ. warriors in denver taking on the
11:39 pm
nuggets. steph curry eyeing perfection. second quarter, warriors up four. klay thompson goes to work, sweet kick out to barnes. buries it and klay gets in on the action himself. long range and he wasn't done. no, next warriors possession, klay making it rain again. a perfect three for three in the second quarter. warriors led by six at the break. third quarter, with steph curry catching fire. wide open at the top of the arc for three. nothing but net. now curry pops from the wing and right in the face of gary harris. let's flash the three, please. yeah, we love that sign. curry finished with a team low 19 point. the bench got it done. clark with a fake, tip in. the warriors win, 118-105. they're now 15-0 tying the best start in nba history.
11:40 pm
coach, what does it mean? it's awesome. i mean, those guys -- and i've been saying it, they deserve it. they play the right way. they're unselfish. they have fun. you can see the joy that they have when they play basketball. so for teams like that to have success is great and we just congratulated them on it after the game and, you know, we'll try to go break it next game. >> to the nfl now, raiders looking to snap their two-game skid at the detroit lions. not a good offensive day, but here in the third, down nine. latavius murray, down from nine. final minute of the period, oakland at one. janikowski from 59 yards out the. that's good. so the raiders led by four after three. fourth quarter now, matthew stafford finds the end zone on the quarterback draw. detroit takes the lead for good. oakland falls, 18-13. after the game, derrick car reflected on the offensive woes. >> whatever the problem is, it
11:41 pm
just needs to be better, you know? we need to be better. and we will. this is -- i don't get -- you know, you guys know, i don't get too high or too low. it upsets me, absolutely. i hate losing more than anybody. but, you know, all i know is that i'm going to go back and fix it, whatever it is. >> 49ers in seattle, and randy johnson, the former giants and mariner, first quarter up to wilson, to locate, 24-yard touchdown. seahawks scored touchdown owes their first three drives. fourth quarter, niners down ten. wilson swings it out to rolls. marshawn lynch, most rushing yards in 49ers franchise history. they lose, 49-13. you only hope to play better. it's been that kind of season. it's been that kind of day. you know, we have to turn it
11:42 pm
around. i don't know the mathematical, you know, if we're still in it or not, but if we want to have any chance of it, we have to correct those mistakes. to the ice, sharks and blue jackets. that is your game winner. sharks win their sixth straight, 5-3. it's their first 6-0 road trip in franchise history. the dodgers were reportedly hire a former player in dave roberts as their new manager. roberts played ten seasons in the majors. you probably remember him. the last two were here with the san francisco giants. >> looking forward to that next warriors game. i know i'm not alone with that. kelly, with thank you. the devastating valley fire has
11:43 pm
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11:45 pm
been out of the headlines. but the people of lake county are still struggling with the devastating valley fire has been out of the headlines for a while, but the people of lake county are struggling with the disaster. >> an east bay woman made a promise to a young boy and she's certainly delivered. >> candy alcott doesn't have a long history of great humanitarian effort. as a full time school teacher and mother of six, she didn't have a lot of time to throw herself into causes until this one cause, one which burned very close to her heart. >> to live in lake county these days, it's to be reminded every
11:46 pm
single day of the devastating power of nature. >> i need all volunteers down here. >> how nice it must be, then, to be the force of nature. >> okay. all the chairs go behind the tables down there. >> working to build them back up. >> kids helmets right here. adult helmet owes that table. >> candy is not a trained relief worker. she's a preschool teacher from livermore. she used to live in lake county, though, which is why she was so moved by what she saw on her tv screen in september. >> and i saw a fire. >> feeling she had to do something, candy packed her minivan with supplies and started making trips to the disaster zone. when the bike repair class heard what she was doing, they donated 18 bicycles. candy handed those out one day in september. but one little boy got there too late. sfwh and i didn't have any more bikes. >> she promised to come back. >> and that's where the -- comes
11:47 pm
in. this is about a promise to one little boy. >> this is about this little boy right here. >> candy did come back in october. but not just with one bike for meesrom. she brought 300 more. and this past weekend, the bike angels united return once again, this time 500 bikes in tow. >> we have approximately 222 new bikes and 300 used bikes. >> many of them families are in the process of having to replace absolutely everything they own. and while a bicycle might not seem lie on that list, candy disagrees. she has seen first hand what a lift a little ride can give. >> if the kids are happy that mom and dad can deal with the everyday issues. >> but even now with 800 bikes rolling around lake county, candy is not done. she says someone is going to need to repair them all and
11:48 pm
she's promised to come back and do that. and as the people of lake county have already learned, when candy makes a promise, you can be sure she will deliver. >> while candy is promising to return to lake county, she doesn't want it all to be relief efforts. she says she has bonded with these people now and considers them friends and she's looking to more trips just to go camping and fish, them. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> amazing. good for her. >> and i got a chance to meet some of the families when i was covering the valley fires. that's fantastic. really helped out? yeah. what they have to watch out for now is erosion from all the trees burning down. people have some rain coming this way. >> yeah. we'll have to watch out for heavy rain, maybe right there. but even some snow showers across the higher hills of lake county as we get towards tuesday and wednesday. right now, 40s and 50s right now. tomorrow morning, mostly 40s in the forecast with patchy low clouds and probably a little
11:49 pm
mist or drizzle along the inner bay and coast for the morning changing over to partly cloudy skies. tomorrow we'll drop our temperatures down. no more 70s in the forecast, but 60s not all that bad for your monday. partly cloudy conditions once the low clouds break up for the morning. close to 65 in morgan hill. should see numbers near 60 for stran. and the tri valley seeing temperatures in the mid 60s for one more day. then cooling changes ahead, gusty on tuesday. could have those wind speeds increasing through tuesday evening and into early wednesday. we will and he see rain returning and it will be b the chance to have some isolated thunder, too, to contend with. late tuesday into wednesday, look at the snow levels as that cold air drops in and as the precipitation moves on, the cold air is going to linger from wednesday probably all the way through next weekend. so first the timing on the showers during the day tuesday. monday will be fine, but notice tuesday morning, you get those showers moving through off and on at times and we will see those showers moving through the bay area as we go into wednesday. increasing slightly and about
11:50 pm
6:00 a.m., you see the showers there and then by 9:00 a.m., and into the afternoon for your travel plans, not too bad. you can see how skies continue to clear out here. we'll see more than a foot of snow and look how low these snow levels are in the sierra, too. chain controls are up around kol fax and mr. plasserville therco there. coldest day is probably thanksgiving. thursday into friday, saturday, still chilly. areas near the water, maybe not quite as cold, but still mid 50s. and the other side of this, again, is the overnight temperatures. starting wednesday night into thursday morning, thanksgiving morning could be waking up to some 20s and 30s and likely single digit temperatures in the sierra there as we get into thanksgiving morning.
11:51 pm
so we have one more chance of showers late in the week as we head into the weekend. it looks like a lot of these showers will head into southern california, but our temperatures all the way through next weekend, staying in the 50s for highs. once the cold air is here, it's going to stick around for a while, all the way through at least next sunday. back to you. >> rob, thanks a lot. 8 degrees in lake tahoe? you can break out your east coast coat. >> finally. looking forward to that. coming up, it is not just the weather this time. the concern for airports and passengers trying to get to their thanksgiving destination.
11:52 pm
ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
11:53 pm
automobiles... millions of americans will be using one of those means of transportation to get to where they need to be for thanksgiving. ==peggy/2 shot== travelers should get a head start. roads are expected to be busy, train stations and planes, trains and automobiles. >> and travelers should get a head start. roads are expected to be busy, obviously. train stations and airports will be b crowded. security will also be very tight. >> this morning, the airlines are trying to untangle the backlog of passengers left by
11:54 pm
saturday's weather related delays and cancellations. but as thanksgiving approach webs travel experts say there may be another reason for long airport lines. >> with all the travel warnings out there, literally every airport has heightened security. >> the tsa is predicting its busiest travel season ever. they're recommending passengers show up at least two hours before flight time. amtrak riders can expect increased security. canine units and uniformed officers. in midtown manhattan, fears of terrorism have made travelers more cautious. >> more vigilant, looking around, seeing where the cops are. >> if we give up and stopping living our lives, the terrorist wins. >> as in years past, most thanksgiving travel will be on the nation's highways. of the nearly 47 million americans expected to travel for
11:55 pm
thanksgiving, 89% will drive and they'll pay the lowest gas prices since 2008. $2.15 a gallon on average. that's down 65 cents from a year ago. for drivers, the wild card is always weather. as this weekend proves, winter may be weeks away on the calendar, but in some places, winter weather has already arrived. >> labor strikes could make things difficult for air travel. >> that's right. last week, airport strikes and they're considering that problem.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
if you want a cooler kitchen, we have one coming your way maybe for thanksgiving preparationes. >> absolutely. we'll see temperatures dropping through the 50s tomorrow, the last day in the 60s.
11:58 pm
that's cooler than the weekend temperatures we saw. notice the trend, there's san jose with temperatures into the mid 50s and the weather headlines starting. tuesday, a cooldown arrives and we'll see gusty wind. chance of rain and thunder from tuesday into wednesday and the potential for freezing temperatures wednesday night all the way into next week. >> how about that? >> you're wick. >> thanks for joining us. have a great night and a great week. >> good night.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> tim: i'm here today at the studios in boston, massachusetts. today's guest played his entire 16 year nfl career with the new england patriots, a record for the franchise. from 1975 to 1990, he was as tough a quarterback as there was in the game, setting a league record for rushing touchdowns in a season while setting patriots records for career passing touchdowns in yardage. i know that's a lot, you're right, that was a lot. he j


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