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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 27, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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down part of i-80 for hours this morning. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in richmond with the latest on the investigation and the troubling trend. sgrsh. >> reporter: it has happened once again. gunfire on an east bay freeway. we're talking about interstate 80. this time what police are saying is the man who was shot went off the road just before the hilltop mall exit. the car went off the hillside here then bounced forward and rolled down the hill. the drive ir, a man in his 40s, was ejected from the jeep. he died at the scene. this happened at about 1:00 this morning. chp says the driver was heading westbound near richmond parkway when another car drove by and fired multiple rounds at the jeep. westbound lanes were closed for hours while the investigation went on. the chp says the victim was specifically targeted and there is no danger to the public at this time. this is the seventh, possibly eighth shooting on the corridor since november.
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some investigators have said gang activity or feuds are suspected in at least some incidents. one east bay mayor showed and up weighed in. >> it's way too many that should not be happening. there seems to be an epidemic right now of people thinking they can pack their guns in their cars and drive by whenever they're unhappy with somebody and start firing. this is very disturbing. >> reporter: he says whether this might be tied to gang activity or perhaps some road rage, he believes elected officials should be working with law enforcement on this. again, investigators believe the victim was likely targeted and that the public is not in danger. westbound lanes are open but if you do drive by you'll notice that several of the freeway signs on the side of the road have been knocked down. just a to you hours ago a small plane crash landed in san jose about three hours ago.
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the faa saying that the landing gear of this experimental airplane collapsed right after touchdown. there was only one person on board the plane. that would be the pilot. he was not injured. right now the faa is investigating. a warning for uc berkeley faculty, staff and students. the school has been hit by a cyber attack. about 80,000 current and former teachers, student, staff and vendors all at risk. uc berkeley says criminals broke into a system that stores social security numbers and bank account numbers. this happened in december. and a flaw in the system is being blamed for the breach. the flaw has been patched but it's not clear why the school waited until this week to warn victims since i.t. experts reportedly knew about the attack within 24 hours. it happened in december. the university is giving those affected a year of free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance. hillary clinton is the winner in today's south carolina democratic primary. now both clinton and challenger bernie sanders are shifting their focus to super tuesday.
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steve handelsman has the latest from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: confident about south carolina, hillary clinton went to alabama. >> we have a lot of work to do in america. what are we waiting for? >> reporter: south carolina democrats, most of them african-american, voted for their long-time favorite. >> hillary clinton. she's a very smart and capable woman. >> reporter: at celebrities hair salon, trust -- >> i definitely trust the clintons. >> bernie sanders is what, unproven? >> he's definitely unproven. >> reporter: canvassers for clinton are hearing these a d.c. insider. >> go in there, make some changes. >> bernie sanders, i feel like he's honest. >> reporter: sanders went to texas, working to win more than just his home state of vermont on super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow the trumps of the world to divide us up. >> reporter: with chris christie, donald trump focused on the biggest super tuesday
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state. >> we're tied in texas and i think we have a really good chance of winning texas. >> reporter: take cruz's home state where cruz leads in the polls. >> pick a side. and i'll tell you this, when it comes to picking a side, i pick the side and i stand against washington and with the american people. >> reporter: like cruz, marco rubio on paper can still beat trump and their fight is ugly. >> a con artist will never get control of this party. >> little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. >> the worst spray tan in america -- >> i thought ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse. >> reporter: three days till a showdown. it will are tv ads, big rallies, and the candidate s shuffling like crazy around the super tuesday state. it is day two of the california democrat state convention in san jose. today big-name democrats including vice president joe biden fired up a big crowd
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there. nbc bay area's laura malpert is live where joe biden delivered the keynote address. i've got to think hillary clinton's win in south carolina is going to be a hot topic there. >> reporter: absolutely. it is not on the official agenda but it is still center stage. a very exciting day here, peggy. take a look here behind me. vice president joe biden is still speaking. he is wrapping up his keynote address to a very energetic crowd that has a lot at stake here. thousands of democrats pack the san jose convention center to hear biden motivate skin spire with the presidential nomination and the u.s. senate seat before voters california democrats have a lot to gain or lose. a heckler disrupted biden off the top of his speech but was quickly escorted out by security. biden started offsinging his fellow democrat's praises then took jabs at republicans in washington, talking about the u.s. being the epicenter of
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energy around the world, urged voters to unite and warned they have a long, important battle ahead of them. >> let me start by giving our republican friends not so much republican party friends and candidates a tip. you can't lead this great country without recognizing what made it great in the first place. and more important ly, you can' lead america unless you believe in the american people and their capacity to do virtually anything they set their minds to. >> reporter: the crowd also heard from senator barbara boxer who talked about the need for proactive immigration reform. she also took jabs at donald trump and senator ted cruz. representative nancy pelosi
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addressed women's rights, climate change, and the voters' rights to know. and crowd favorite attorney general kamala harris took the stage. harris, of course, is rumored to be on obama's list of potential supreme court nominees. she has said that she has no interest in that and instead is fiercely fighting for the senate seat. back out here live, you hear the crowd cheering for biden. he is expected to leave out of san francisco shortly then head to l.a. tonight the democrats will hear from former secretary of labor robert reich. the convention wraps up tomorrow. reporting live from san jose, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. >> well done, especially with the vice president speaking on the day, it's hard to keep the whisper going, great job. joe biden is focused on his top initiative while here, eliminating cancer. he toured the research facility at uc san francisco and also held a roundtable discussion there with his wife: jill biden.
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the vice president is spearheading a $1 billion national initiative to find a cancer cure. of course this is an issue that is personal with the bidens. their son beau died of brain cancer last year. >> i'm counting on you, but i desperately need your help. in working through the things you think i should be trying to direct and move. i'm -- i'm just a facilitator. but i think with your help, you know, may help facilitate the things that you are on the verge of doing. >> the vice president says one of the key priorities of this initiative is to identify any regulatory barriers that could be slowing down finding a cure for cancer. there's a reason lieutenant governor gavin newsom is missing from the state democratic convention here in san jose. and that reason weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces. newsom posted this photo on instagram yesterday with the caption, welcome to the world, dutch. >> aww!
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>> we love you. >> cute. >> dutch william thibel newsom is named after the town of dutch flat east of the sierra. it's a special place of significance for the family. new son did make an appearance at the convention but only by video. he was excused by unanimous consent. >> his lovely life. who looks that beautiful after deliver an 8-pound baby? got to hand it to her, that's amazing. congratulations, dutch, that's kind of neat. at 5:00 -- >> in my head i don't know how -- i knew it was gunshots. i knew it. >> the first victim of thursday's shooting at a kansas factory speaking now about her ordeal. and also how she survived. hunter pence takes a turn acting. the cameo makes a lot of sense for a san francisco giant. we'll explain all that. right now mild temperatures around the bay area. some hazy sunshine from san jose over towards ocean beach. but we're tracking some changes out across the pacific that will finally bring us some increasing
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chances of rain over the next few days. when you can expect that rain in your neighborhood when we come right back. ==peggycu==
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crews are clninup a traffic mes if you've been in redwood city today you might have noticed a traffic mess. a light pole is down after a car ran a red light, crashed into another car. marianne favro is live at the scene. >> reporter: i just talked to a
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police officer who was out at the scene, told me this happened about 45 minutes ago. if you can take a look here you can see that this light is now out of commission because of what happened earlier. and now there is a repair wor r er in a cherry picker trying to repair that light. what happened as you mentioned is that someone ran a red light here on the intersection of broadway and main. that car slammed into a minivan and the minivan was pushed into the signal light and it caused it to come crashing down. so i just talked to that gentleman in the cherry picker, asked imwhen he's going to be do fixing that light, he didn't have any specifics. reporting live in redwood city, back to you. i want to add there were no injuries in this incident. of course that's very good news for everyone involved. >> absolutely. thanks a lot, marianne. three people in the hospital, several people behind bars, in southern california after a kkk rally erupted in violence. take a look at a picture of the
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aftermath taken by a bystander. counter protester clashed with kkk members who announce they had would rally today in an anaheim park. we know three people were stab the. one klans man and several protesters ended up arrested. our sister station in los angeles is gathering more information and video of that clash. we'll have more on the story later and online. the first victim of thursday's shooting spree at a manufacturing plant in kansas is now speaking out. melissa torres says that she was spraying and drying parts when she heard gunshots outside. she turned to the door and saw cedric ford walking in with two guns raised. that's when she ducked and started running. >> i just kept running. and i could see like rick -- i could hear shooting. and i could see ricochet, bullets, the sparks off of metal. but i didn't look back and i didn't even dare to see where he was going. he looked directly at us and looked so evil. how could you look your
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co-workers that you see every day right if the eyes and shoot at them? >> torres, who was hit in the hand, hip and back, was one of 14 injured. three of her co-workers were killed. ford was killed in a gunfire exchange with police. still ahead -- >> you know that gradual day after day, one step forward, could get you somewhere pretty incredible. >> he's a magician who spends hours honing his craft. magic is not his only talent. what this cal grad has his sights set on will make you bay area proud. something up his sleeve ... and.
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==peggy/2sho= a berkeley magician has something up his sleeve and it's not a card or handkerchief, it's something much more meaningful. "bay area proud." >> chuck says he fell in love with magic at the age of 5. seeing a street performer in london turn a single coin into many. he thought he had discovered a way to get rich. what he really discovered was a talent. though as you'll soon see, it's far from his only one. >> first thing i'm going to do is show you how magicians find your card. >> reporter: chuck tatis has been busy practicing these days. >> take a few cards -- >> reporter: he's got more than one big event planned this summer. >> if i have the ace here, where's the 9? >> reporter: there's the magic show he's putting together, one that will support his nonprofit, helping sick, hungry, and homeless children. >> oh, wow!
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>> reporter: chuck was just a kid when he became fascinated by magic. though it wasn't until his sister was in the hospital and his magic tricks helped keep her spirits up that chuck realized it was a talent he could use for good. >> i realized that it was something that was meaningful to me and the flood gates opened. >> reporter: it started chuck down the road to forming the magic of miguels, performing and teaching magic to kids in hospitals and homeless shelters. >> it's this magic to take them out of that situation for even a second, it would have been totally worth it. >> reporter: chuck sometimes wishes he could devote all his time to magic. but then there is that other event he's been preparing for this summer. a little something called the olympic games. chuck, you see; a cal grad and american record holder in the medley relay with his goggles firmly fixed on rio. >> i want to make the olympic
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team. i want to go represent the u.s. >> chuck believes his two passions aren't as different as they may seem. mastery of either takes untold hours of practice. what's more, chuck is certain that doing one helps the other. making the olympic swim team would certainly bring attention to his nonprofit. and working with children in need, well, that provides an extra kick in the pool. >> and i think receiving that strength and energy back from them makes everything i do worth it. >> reporter: chuck it would seem is a magician with a little something extra up his sleeve. particularly when he isn't wearing it. chuck's specialty is the breast stroke. and while not a shoo-in to make the olympic team, he believes if he has a good day at the olympic trials, it is a goal well within reach. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that's amazing. >> his stories are always good
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that one was doubly good. speaking of getting up, a lot of people would love to get out today, it's hot out there. >> temperatures close to 70. and outside right now all sunshine. a few high clouds from the north bay, tiburon 66. a view of the fog-free golden gate bridge to the south. san francisco at 65. a little bit of onshore breeze towards ocean beach. the kites going around. high clouds. look at the waves out there. a line of white water on the coast. we still have these wave heights of about 10 to 13 feet. use caution if you want to enjoy the pacific ocean. those wave heights running a little high to wrap up the weekend. in san jose right now, looks like baseball weather. 67 degrees right new. and temperatures at least short-term are going to be trending a little bit warmer early next week. first tomorrow we'll see a few patches of clouds for the morning. patchy fog. mid and high-level clouds heading through the day will be climbing, mid to upper 60s and
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warmer for the work week. by noon tomorrow low to mid 60s and highs tomorrow close to 70 around morgan hill, san jose 68. san francisco mid 60s. and for the north bay areas north of santa rosa a slight chance might see a late day shower for the tri-valley you're looking at temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. so mild temperatures to start the week. the warmest day likely will be monday. you see those numbers climbing up. low 70s for the north bay. tuesday a slight chance of seeing a shower but dry pretty much everywhere else. look at all the 70s out there. warm temperatures here as we finish off february for the extra day there on monday. as we move into march, finally some changes. that high which for the most part stayed around all throughout the month begins to weaken slightly. enough so that by the middle part of the week we begin to see some rain chances on the increase. thursday into saturday now look at the temperatures beginning to cool down. best chance for seeing rain for the entire bay area will come on thursday. then another system follows as we get into saturday and to
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start the weekend. the good news about this pattern change midway through the next week is that that high is going to totally get out of the way by next weekend. finally a big pattern shift we think setting up toward the end of next week and into next weekend which also follows the seven-day rain outlook. finally measurable rain into the bay area for the second half of the week and the long-range outlook going from a drier than average outlook to one that writes an above-average chance of rain. good news. nice weather for the weekend. then that much-needed rain and sierra snow increasing the odds of seeing more of that later next week. >> february, a let-down. >> in terms of rain. we'll be right back.
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hey, guys. fallon smith in the csn studios. the biggest story in bay area sports, the warriors. tonight they play their seventh of eighth consecutive road games and collide with one of the best teams in the west, the thunder. now in their last meeting in oakland the warriors won 116-108 in a shoot-out that went down to the final minute. steph curry had 26 points and 10 assists in that game to outduel russell westbrook and kevin durant. tonight, well, this matchup presents a different challenge as the ws head to okc. however, the thunder have dropped three of their last four games. to baseball, and good news from giants camp. matt cain told reporters saturday that he is confident the ten-day rest period to remove the cyst in his right arm bo won't keep him from being part of the rotation when the season starts. cain said there were workouts to
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keep his elbows and shoulders in shape. should be good to go. hunter pence has tendinitis in his right achilles. but pence said it's "very minor." the giants aren't taking chances so pence will stay off the field for a few days and be re-evaluated on monday. who hockey. we have a trade alert. sharks have acquired backup goaltender james rhymer and jerry more rinna explain for alex stalock, ben smith, and a conditional draft pick. the 27-year-old riler has a 2.19 goals against average this season. college hoops. winners of three of their last four, stanford hosting ucla. second half. allen drives, spins and lays it in. nice move by the senior. a few plays later marcus allen finds dorian pickens, corner three, that's money. stanford wins 79-70. coming up tonight after the
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hockey game we'll have full highlights and reaction from okc, so we'll see you then. that's it for sports. terry, peggy, back to you. >> looking forward to that. still ahead, hunter pence in a deep slump. >> a fictional slump. we'll tell you all about his cameo on "fuller house" next. check out netflix's spinoff sho
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if you're a fan of hunter pence or "full house" check out netflix's "fuller house." >> the san francisco giants right fielder plays himself in a new episode of the show. take a look at the picture, the whole cast, crazy eyes. the episode was released yesterday. it's called "a giant leap." in it pence struggles with a deep slump in terms of dating stephanie. >> this is not the first time the giants have had fun with the
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show. last summer they released this spoof video called "full clubhouse." >> very nice. thanks for watching. . nbc sports, home of the 2016 rio olympics, the nhl, premier league, nascar chase for the sprint cup playoffs and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football". only on nbc. >> mike: the majesti rocky mountains and down in a mile high valley in the home of the rockies baseball team. they laid down ice for two old advesaries. there is an ominous anticipation in the rocky mountain air. an anticipation that only matches the fire that once was. right from behind.


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