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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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outsized expectations....o n'su voting---- dond trump andhillare super tuesday with 12 states voting. donald trump and hillary clinton could freeze out their opponents with a strong, why texas could be the deal breaker. charges expected over very serious allegations. inmate fighting and deputies under the microscope and accusations of politics are all at play this morning. putting the dent in a san carlos home. a dirt truck turns over spilling its content everywhere but what the truck took with it on its way down that has neighbors unnerved this morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. one in the books. tuesday, here we come. let's, in fact, check that
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forecast. >> good morning, sam and laura. we're looking great today. as we start out with mostly clear skies, we may begin to see some fog moving into san francisco within the next hour or so. as of now, it looks good as our temperatures are starting out in the low to mid-50s and highs today up to 74 degrees in the south bay and 67 degrees in the city. i'll talk more about that and several chances of rain as we go into the next few days, that's coming up. let's see how it looks now in the east bay with mike. >> kari, looking over here towards oakland and we show you the easy drive and clear view yesterday at this time. look at your maps and also talking about a nice, easy drive and been some sort of a car break down here where the interchange. that is the only issue right now that we're tracking as far as slowing. we'll continue with that follow up, back to you. decision 2016, a make or break day in the presidential race as bernie sanders doing some last-minute stumping right
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now live in his home state of vermont. it is officially super tuesday and right now several candidates' fate are in limbo. taking a live look from vermont this morning where bernie sanders is about to cast his vote. i think i know who they're voting for. let's keep up with everything that is going on checking in with "today in the bay" kris sanchez sitting on top of the election coverage for us this morning. two candidates way out in front. >> sam, if you ruin the surprise, you have to tell people that you'll spoil it for them. bernie sanders voting for himself. 13 states do go to the polls today and each party has a clear frontrunner. hillary clinton has a 2-1 lead over bernie sanders in the big state, texas, georgia, tennessee and as we showed you, bernie sanders just cast his vote in his home state of vermont. we expect ted cruz to do the same in texas later. on the republican side, donald trump leads the pack by 19 points, according to the latest
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nbc news survey monkey poll. now, all of the candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard ratcheting up the rhetoric and, aside from donald trump, they all seem to be taking aim at the same targets. >> you have to get out and vote. >> a vote for donald trump tomorrow is literally a vote for hillary clinton. >> what we will see i believe is donald trump and me coming out both with a significant chunk of delegates that everyone else far behind. >> at some point, you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. >> we will defeat mr. trump because the american people understand and always have. that love trumps hatred. >> these are the 13 states are in play. here's bernie sanders in vermont and, of course, ted cruz will vote in his own state of texas.
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republicans voting in 11 states and 595 delegates up for grabs. democrats are voting in 11 states and american samoa and for them 865 delegates for grabs. we are monitoring as sanders and cruz vote in their home states. we should show you bernie sanders and we are monitoring the rest. sam? >> some big prizes out there. thank you very much, kris. stay with nbc bay area for extensive coverage of super tuesday on haair and online. nbc news will have special election coverage, as well. lester holt will have an hour-long edition of "nightly news" and "today" show will bring in chuck todd to break down the big day. we may soon learn the fate of san francisco sheriff deputies accused of running a fight club. according to "chronicle" be announcing possible criminal charges today. nbc bay area has confirmed the da and the fbi are holding a joint news conference. this stems from accusations made
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last year where two current and one former deputy allegedly forced inmates to fight as they made bets. the deputies have been under investigation by both local and federal authorities since last march. three south bay correctional deputies returning to court today. they're going to hear more evidence against them in the death of a santa clara county jail inmate. yesterday marked the first time that the family of michael tyree saw crime scene photos of him. also accused of assaulting a mentally ill inmate. nbc bay area has obtained the final report of the investigation among the findings, the jail failed to distinguish between ordinary grievances and alleged staff misconduct. also, the jail fails to report use of force allegations and management allows guards to intimidate inmates that file a grievance. >> i think they're probably lucky that more incidents haven't happened like the death
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of mr. t xwryree. once we see a problem, we're trying to fix it even before the suggestions are made and the feedback is made. >> a blue ribbon commission has been appointed to improve jail operations, retired judge kordell heads that committee. before the recommendations can be implemented, they have to be approved by the santa clara county board of supervisors. police are still trying to figure out why this 18-wheeler lost control and the truck driver was rushed to stanford hospital and the truck has now been removed. crews worked through the night to restore power to more than 100 homes. our desk making calls on that. the latest was 14 people, customers. >> you are right. the temperatures today. let's check in with kari hall. >> we don't have the dense fog we had yesterday at this time, but we start out with still some mild temperatures. it's 53 degrees in oakland and san jose and 53, also, in concord and livermore now at 49
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degrees. heading into the next couple of days, we're getting ready for some rain and the storm gates about to open up wide across the bay area and starts out with spotty sprinkles for the north bay and for tonight a better chance of rain for tomorrow night and we could see several days of rain heading into the weekend. i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes and let's get an eye on what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> take a look at the bay and pretty much green all over. overnight road crews that's a digger, just in case you were wondering. this time south 28 o0 at lawrence expressway for your overnight road work through that area. the earlier and disabled vehicle has cleared and still a little flowing typical at that spot and there is the bay bridge. clear, easy drive. a major mental health concern affecting student athletes nationwide. >> someone who says, well, this isn't happening in california, what would you say? >> i don't know if any college
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coach that could look me in the eye and say that. i just, i can't, just not true. >> up next, we investigate an illness that can have a life-long impact and we learn some schools are ignoring the problem. athletes. investigative unitexcg
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right now a dream come true
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to play student sporths. it could feed into a serious health condition. >> vicky nguyen looks into a problem that affects thousands of young people. >> we often see college athletes as the picture of health and they're among those to develop bone fractures and organ failure associated with eating disorders. students and medical experts say it gets little attention and in some cases it's ignored by coaches and administrators. a 1999 survey found 34% of women at risk for anorexia and 88% of men with signs of belemia. the investigative unit asked all public division i and division ii programs in california how many student athletes treated for eating disorders in five years. educate nearly 10,000 student athletes each year and none of them and others said they didn't refer any students for treatment. our entire report is online right now, including details
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about a stanford study aimed at developing a tool to predict which students are most likely to develop an eating disord oer so they could be treated early. a lot of information for athletes, coaches and parents. all online at and just click on the investigations tab. >> if you have a tip for vicky or the rest of the investigative units call or send us an e-mail. >> a look at your weather right after this break. be right back.
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coming up here on 4:45. tuesday morning. fog ruled the day yesterday at this time. the question is will we see a repeat. >> if won't be as widespread as yesterday. some spots like san francisco will start to see the fog rolling back in within the next, i'd say, couple hours. now it's all clear as we get a view of the bay bridge looking good with those headlights rolling across and we'll check in with mike to see how it looks for the commute all across the bay area. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. come on over and take a look and you may notice that after today, there are some raindrops on every single day for the next seven days. we'll talk about that. let's talk about this fog this morning. it will start to spread some to san francisco and into parts of the bay at about 8:00 this morning, still, some low visibility in spots. of course, that's when the most people will be out on the road and then we'll see more of it rolling in as we go into
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tonight. so, i think tomorrow morning looks a lot more foggy than this morning. and the futurecast shows the potential of rain for the next couple of days. some scattered, light showers moving into the north bay tonight. this won't be a washout. we'll just see a few of those showers moving in while you're sleeping and then on wednesday night, for tomorrow night, we'll start to see some heavier rain moving in. this one will make it all the way across the bay area and wake you up on thursday morning with the possibility of some heavy do downpours and then as we go into thursday afternoon, still some scattered showers and off and on throughout the day. now, our temperatures are heading towards the 60s and 70s today. it will be a few degrees cooler than it was yesterday. but still very nice and comfortable in the mix of sun and clouds. in napa today, we're up to 70 degrees. in the forecast for the weekend, temperatures still warm than average into the mid-60s for san francisco, 71 degrees in the south bay and the rain will be off and on and some heavier
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downpours heading into saturday and sunday. i'll talk more about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. but let's see how it looks rolling across the san mateo bridge, here's mike. >> here you go, kari. here's the decline. a smooth, easy drive. a clear view as we have been talking about and a clear view around most of the bay and the fog rolls into the city and the beginning of the big part of the morning commute. look north of there to san rafael and no problems for visibility. yesterday at times we could see not see the roadways from our camera. clear, easy view and we'll look over towards the tri-valley with a live look. 580 westbound. no problem. good flow of traffic as we get ready for the express lane to kick in. can you guess which state is being the best one for retirement. little hint given the cost of living, it's not retirement. >> let's check in with landon dowdy. where she's headed to far, far
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from now. >> or new york for that matter. good morning to you both, guys. let's get a quick check of your markets and wall street looks to rebound and stocks fell monday with the nasdaq and s&p 500 posting their third straight monthly decline and that is the first time it happened since 2011. the dow bucking that trend with the first monthly gain since november. look for data on manufacturing and construction spending. the dow falling 123 points to 16517. the nasdaq losing 32 to 4558. automakers report their fb sales numbers today and analysts expect the strongest february for the industry in 16 years on continued strong demand for trucks and suvs amid low gas prices. however, automakers are increasing incentives, which are good for car buyers but even to their profits. it may be time to check out real estate listings in wyoming. a report from ranks
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wyoming for the best state for retirement. cost of living, crime, health care, state and local taxes, weather and personal well being. new york ranks last mostly to the nation's highest tax burden and cost of living. california through the middle of the pack ranked 31st. sam and laura, back over to you. >> love our state, but it could be expensive. >> buy a whole bunch of land in wyoming. 100 acres. >> farm house and feed the chickens, landon. >> thank you very much, landon. a first right now for google. the tech company is taking partial responsibility for a car crash involving one of its self-driving cars. a dmv report says the accident happened on valentine's day in mountain view. a self-driving car merge under to a lane and it hit a vta bus. the car was traveling slowly and nobody was injured. consumer advocates are calling for google to release video of that crash. google says it's the 18th accident involving a self-driving car but the first where google car is at least
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partially to blame. starting today, some of the most popular names are no more done in by a legal dispute. trademark battle involving the park service to take some action that some are really calling unthinkable. starting today the historic hotel is now majestic yosemite hotel. that will take some getting used to. the company that once ran those attractions said it trademarked the names and critics say the company is trying to hold the park service hostage. temporary signs have been installed. it's so long ingrained. yosemi yosemite. the debate raging on these days who is the face of u.s. politics? >> at one alabama restaurant the answer is as easy as pie. take a look. pizza pie that is. joe, the owner of joe's world famous pizzeria in athens, alabama, managed to concoct a
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donald trump pizza. we don't know yet how it tastes. maybe a little cheesy. no doubt some people might visualize, not the least of whom his competition. >> no one has taken a bite of trump yet. i think he has taken a bite of more people than they have taken a bite. >> if you are wondering about the ingredients of the trump pizza. i hear it is a real lock of his hair, by the way. the donald is a classic cheese pizza roasted in a stone fired oven and definitely burn when it's overheated. >> i see. but will it be feeling the burn? we'll find out. coming up next, new revelations about a ku klux klan member living in san francisco. the reason police say he was involved in a violent stabbing and yet never faced charges. happening now, the power's still out at one san carlos
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neighborhood where a dump truck plow under to a home. bob redell is at the scene and trying to talk to neighbors. a live report at 5:00 and also tweeting out updates right now. what's at stake on super tuesday could be the end for donald trump and the latest for his gop nomination. get the latest on the primaries. back in two.
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we were talking about the fact that we had a foggy start. >> what are we looking at today? you're already taking a look at the weekend. >> time to look athead the weekend. this is tuesday. it's about time and it's because we're going to have some major changes. if you enjoyed the dry and warm
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weather and get ready to cool down and get wet. a look at friday. we could see widespread rain and saturday to sunday it turns bright red because we will have gusty winds that continue throughout most of the day on sunday and lingers into early monday, even tuesday it looks like it could still be raining and the return of el nino and the influence of that will be here for the beginning of march. let's see how it looks in the east bay now with mike. >> so far it looks great, kari. a clear move of fremont. this morning the roadways better. we're looking over towards the map and the speeds are just fine, as you would expect, as well. fremont coming down to the south bay and the northbound throughout silicon valley without any incident. we have the lawrence expressway and southbound 280 closed for overnight maintenance and more construction typical through
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580. we'll send it right back to you. >> mike, thank you. a dramatic scene unfolding in san francisco. look at all that smoke. a bus catches fire causing multiple explosions at this chevron station at ninth and howard. even looking at it from this distance it's hard to believe. it all happened yesterday when the bus driver pull under to the station after the bus' engine started overheating. once he was out, the entire 25 passenger bus consumed by flames. two of the gas pumps then exploded. witnesses were terrified to watch this all unfold. >> in the explosion you could feel the force of that even from maybe 100 yards away. something you could feel in your chest. >> despite what that looked like, remarkably, no significant injuries. the bus had been inspected recently and they found no issues. as for the driver, he will be back on the job today. >> wow, pretty frightening there. 4:56. the leader of the kkk group involved in saturday's violent
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conference fagz blame police for the chaos that erupted. a bay area man sits at the center of the controversy. charles donner is from san francisco and he is the kkk supporter who stabbed three people. officers arrested him but later determined it was actually self-defense and they let him go. the group's grand dragon who helped organize the protest said police denied their request for protection. >> i'm black and blue all over from getting kicked, hit. >> seven people still face charges from saturday's brawl. police say about 30 people were waiting when members showed up. coming up, the importance of super tuesday voting according to experts, hundreds of delegates hanging in the balance as voters in 12 states are joining in the political fray today. a live look -- >> commonwealth of virginia. >> that's what i was going to say. we're back in just a bit.
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i'm kris sanchez. we are monitoring all of the super tuesday news for you. we have brand-new poll numbers coming up. i'm stephanie chuang where charges against sheriff deputies accused of staging fight clubs
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behind bars. we have details coming up. a dramatic scene still playing out in san carlos a big rig through a home and the aftermath left behind. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. big changes in the works and kari hall joins us with a look at your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. starts out all clear and no fog like we had yesterday and may see that moving back into san francisco for the next couple of hours. visibility is clear and temperatures in the mid-50s and looking at 67 today in san francisco while the north bay is at 70 degrees a few light showers there late and else where it stays dry with a mix of sun and clouds. i'll detail what to expect as it turns very soggy across the bay area heading into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes, but the san mateo bridge looking like it's getting a little more busy there, mike. >> few more


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