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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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water rushed over this roain pescadero. across the bay are-- the damage, widespead from you can see the flooding here. this say road in tuscadero.
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damage woidspread from this heavy weekend storm. good evening to you. terry mcsweeney is off tonight. i'm peggy bunker. a sinkhole has ruptured a gas line there, leading to evacuations right at the intersection of marine boulevard and center street. we are continue ing ing to watc situation. we'll bring you an update later in the cast. a campground had to be evacuated because a nearby creek was rising fast. you see rvs pulling out. rain brought added mudslide for hillside in maraga. we have team coverage of this latest storm and the damage that it is causing. we start tonight with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we've seen it starting to
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round down in the bay area, mt. diablo, almost 6" of rain. we saw those rain totals ratchet up, and you see some flight issues there in moraga. crows to an rain. light showers, heavy rain continues off to the south and east of san jose. an area south of san jose, combination of the rain right now, which is having urban and small stream advisory extended, 745. water release out of the reservoir, now at 105% capacity. as that rushes off, combined with the rainfall, that's causing localized flooding in santa clara county, santa cruz county with heavier rains still hung up the santa cruz mountains. head toward tomorrow morning, we'll catch a break. heavy rain will continue to move on. looking forward, we're about to
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see a major patternship. very stormy pattern we've had over the last five days. changes out here in the pacific. that will bring a much drier pattern our way. coming up, we'll give you the timing of how soon that warmer weather will arrive in our forecast in a few minutes back to you. >> rob, thank you so much. more than 150 people were evacuated from a morgan hill campground this morning because of the steady downpour. thousand trails campground is near a creek that rose very quickly and washed over a bridge as campers were quickly packing their things and rvs to escape the water. in morgan hill with the latest on this vac wags. >> dozens of rvs and campers crossed the bridge that served as the main exit, thousand trails campground. large branches and other debris washed into the bridge swept by a swift current. 200 campers packed up. many were sprourprised how quic it took over roads. >> a precautionary evacuation
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was ordered friday. by sunday morning, that changed to mandatory. >> the water has risen quite a bit since we got here half an hour ago. >> reporter: how much warning did you have this morning? >> maybe an hour. >> reporter: not everyone got the word. >> i had to hook up and really yell and shout to have them help me. they just kept smiling. they keep smiling. but i don't feel. >> reporter: santa clara water district says above the campground the reservoir is full. the creek rose when water started cassing down the reservoir spillway. reservoirs built-in escape valve, a sight that drew a parade of sight seers. >> i haven't seen this come down in how long. >> reporter: turning a firestation in a temporary v lot. by late afternoon, many campers had moved their trailers to a nearby church, which became an emergency red cross shelter. >> that was nbc bay area's chuck
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coppola reporting. on the sonoma coast, blocking highway 1, russian river. crews worked three hours to clear the tree before they could get the highway opened up again. you can see why. it's huge. this area has been one of the hardest hit in a series of storms that the bay area has been through this past weekend. >> there's also been some flooding of low-lying areas up and down the russian river valley. this car got stuck on valley ford road not too far from granville. the owner pushed it out and got a tow truck to take the car away. dangerous situation in the east bay. chrissy smith is live in moraga. a hillside is getting close doing away. christie? >> reporter: that's right. good evening to you,y. it looks like this hillside has given way behind two homes here on augusta drive in moraga. two families decided to evacuate. you can see why.
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property behind the home, they've been out here today, engineers and teams trying to protect the soil. but it's pouring and has been raining all day. and the damage between one home is clear. that homeowner noticed this week that the deck railing wasn't level. started to see cracks in his foundation. utility says it was notified, came out at a tarp, inspected it. also had engineers come out. the families who live here say they started actually in january, with a slide nearby toward the creek and regional trail below. a team of engineers came out and they had specialists come out and advise the utility on what to do. at that time, they say they didn't anticipate further sliding. the trail was closed. homeowners, though, wonder if more should have been done earlier. tim alfred said this week his problems quickly increased from inches to feet. >> now the head scarf of the -- whatever it's called of the slide is multiple, five, 10, 15
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feet. and our foundation is five, 10 feet below the frame of the house. it's just a pretty impressive movement. >> the east bay mud says one of concerns right now is that the ground is so saturated, it would have a difficult time bringing in heavy equipment in the rain on top of unstable ground. they do, though, say they plan to have geotechnical engineers out here this week. that's the latest from here, reporting live in moraga,ie smith, nbc bay area news. >> tough to see. a lot of flooding there. thank you very much. more storm coverage to come. meantime, you can always check the rain on your smart phone. download the free nbc bay area app. to get your personalized forecast, tap on the nbc bay
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ar area. one man was killed, the other currently in the hospital when they were hit by a car. the driver fled the scene and is still on the loose. still, no word on what caused that mysterious illness that hit an east bay hotel last night. video taken at the holiday nn express atn walnut creek. six hotel guests reported they were having trouble breathing and their eyes and throats were burning one even went to the hospital. the others were treated outside of the. all the victims say they smelled a pepper-like odor in one of the hallways. the hotel evacuated 100 people. all were let back in a few hours later. now to a developing story. 34 people are dead, more than 100 others are injured after a car bomb exploded in turkey's capital. the explosion happened in a busy square packed with people on a sunday evening. this is the second attack in the turkish capital in less than a month. investigators suspect kurdish militants could be responsible. just on friday, u.s. embassy in
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turkey did warn about the potential terrorist plot. decision 2016 coverage, as the candidates are gearing up for a very important week ahead, five states are holding their primaries on tuesday. a lot of the focus has been on the violent crashes -- clashes, rather, on the campaign trail. >> the people united will never be defeated. [ chanting ] >> activists at the international action center held an anti-trump rally in new york this morning. gop candidate is now facing crit after protests and arrests at three rallies this week. one happened in chicago, which trump talked about today on "meet the press." he also blamed bernie sanders for all of the trouble. >> they weren't really protesters. they were disrupters. they were like professionals. they had bernie sanders' signs all over the place. >> sanders denies any involvement. according to a new nbc wall street journal meris poll, trump is ahead in the primaries tuesday, leading in illinois and also way ahead in florida which,
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of course, is a must-win state for marco rubio, also his home state. trump is slightly trailing in john kasich's state of ohio. hillary clinton is widening her lead over sanders in florida, ohio, and illinois. both clinton and trump lead their opponents in delegate count. still ahead tonight, a scary situation at a santa rosa convenience store. the dramatic scene that a worker injured and police searching for a gunman. tragedy during the iditarod. the man who crashed his snowmobile into a sled speaks out for the first time. he says what really happened. still tracking a flood advisory for parts of the south bay for this massive storm that extends from canada all the way down to california bringing dangerous surf to the coast into the workweek. police have evacuated dozensf
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people after a update now from the breaking news at the top of our show. all due to this sinkhole, people evacuated. marine boulevard and center street. the area has been sealed for about a quarter mile. pg&e crews are currently on their way. very scary situation at a convenience store in santa rosa.
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surveillance photo of what happened. police say this man tried to get behind the counter to steal a bottle of alcohol about noon today. an employee tried to stop the man but he pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the clerk. the worker trying to fight off the suspect and during that fight smashed a bottle over the worker's head. the robbery suspect did manage to escape. the worker is expected to be okay. new details on that deadly crash during alaska's famous iditarod. a man is accused of killing one dog and injuring others is speaking out for the first time. arnold demoski, seen here, was returning from a night of heavy drinking early saturday morning when his snowmobile hit two dog sled teams. this dog here was killed. several other dogs and people were injured. he he did not intentionally crash into the sled team. >> i just had so much adrenaline. it may have seemed like i was driving erratically, but my blood was pumped and i felt really bad. i don't know how i could possibly make it right for jeff
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and ally. i hope they can forgive me. i didn't mean it. >> the two mushers were not injured. demoski is facing several charges. snow creating near whiteouts. chain installers were pretty busy as you can imagine. a march miracle for their businesses. travelers were grateful for their help. once you're up there, you see them, you are glad to see them, that's for sure. at the summit, caltrans reports several feet of fresh new powder today. rob mayeda is here with that microclimate forecast. you go up there and the snow sets really happy and you see those chain people, you're like, thank you. >> especially on a day like we had today, one to two feet of snow. midway through this storm. we have a wrnt warning up through 11:00. we'll probably get at least another foot of snow coming down. avalanche controls around the tahoe basin.
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heavy wind causing problems there in the sierra. little bit of a break san rafael over to san francisco. you see the rain drops on the lens there in dublin at 57 degrees. into san jose right now. 0 to the south. one remaining flood advisory is here in southeastern santa clara county into santa cruz county, part of this due to the rain in the area. but the release from the reservoir, as you saw in chuck's story a bit earlier, causing impacts on creeks in the area. you can see in the doppler radar right now, south of san jose, still some rain, tri-valley and over toward san francisco, things beginning to calm down. a very strong pattern, though. very low there. hooks right into seattle. rain spreading into southern california. all that wind offshore reaching the coast now, that long-period swell will continue into monday. wave heights 14 to 18 feet. as the rain shuts down, surf and beach erosion will be a problem as we head through the day tomorrow. notice how widespread the
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showers are for the evening, heading toward tomorrow morning's commute now. few scattered showers. mostly around the south bay. so, it will be a slight chance of rain drops for monday but by the afternoon and evening, skies should clear, setting up a drying trend that will take us through most of the week ahead. highs tomorrow, low 60s. one of the cooler days we'll see for the week ahead. san francisco upper 50s to low 60s. north bay, breezy. things will begin to trend drier as high pressure builds in. energetic jet stream aimed right across the state, instead it will be moving off to the north. and ridge of high pressure, temperatures set to climb. spring forward on the time, today springing forward with those temperatures. look at the numbers there. middle part of the week. mid 70s in reach. a dry break after about 12 days worth of rain. east bay to san jose, may see numbers in the upper 70s by wednesday and thursday. so the next chance of rain right now, seven-day forecast through the bottom of the screen, weak coming in toward the beginning
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of next weekend right now, mainly areas north of san francisco. we'll see a chance of a few showers. after a workweek, which feels more like spring next weekend, chance of seeing some rain. not the numbers like we had this weekend of four to six inches of rain, probably less than a quarter inch right now as things look heading into saturday and sunday. ing up these totals, though, very impressive month of march. look at the numbers. averages in white. what wave seen so far in green, now at 125 to 173% of average there for san francisco. amazing run for rainfall. all of that done in just 12 days time. we've been seeing in the south bay, the reservoir at 105% capacity filling over, causing flood advisory in south santa clara valley. 23% up to 51%, seeing a 28% gain in 14 days time. these numbers likely to rise even as the begins to move on, as that water continues to
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funnel down into those reservoir systems around the bay area. back to you. >> so good to see that. rob, thank you very much. coming up next, bay area university is getting pretty great marks here. new list of the top schools in the country. making history during his tp
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to latin america. ==vo== exclusive tour of thpahottoday san francisco mayor ed lee is making history during his trip to latin america during an exclusive tour of the panama canal. the mayor is traveling to panama and brazil to build economic partnerships with leader latin american leaders. he is now the first san francisco mayor to visit these two countries. bay area universities are
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again ranked among the best in the world. cal berkeley is the best public university in the united states according to the center of world university rankings, ucla comes in second and uc san diego is third. uc san francisco comes in sixth place. public or private, harvard takes the top spot. stanford takes number two. we're back in a minute with sports. when the gianbumgarner wi behis
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bruce bochy has already said that madison bumgarner will be his opening day starter when the giants kick off their season but could he be in danger of missing opening day? mad bum was scratched from his scheduled start against the padres and is expected to miss his next cactus league start. nerve irritation in his left foot and discomfort in his rib cage. as we mentioned, giants were in action versus the padres. bottom of the third, no score. mac williamson at the dish. drives this to right. oh, yeah. that's gone. williamson's fourth home run of the spring. just like that, it's 1-0, giants. williamson, not done. buster posey and brandon belt, 3-0, san francisco. giants go on to win big. 8-1. >> it's selection sunday. cal golden bears are going dancing and earned the program's
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highest seed ever in the ncaa tournament. 23-10, bears are a four seed with a first-round matchup against hawaii, 13th seed. they'll play friday just up the road in spokane, washington. >> great time of year. you work so hard to get to this point. so now just really having a lot of fun. you know, it's win or go home. it's that simple. >> great. hasn't been to an ncaa tournament since my freshman year. feels good to be back in there. i'm ready to get to practice and get out there. >> now get this. seven teams from the pac 12 earned tickets to the big dance this year. get this. oregon earned the number one seed in the west region. pretty impressive and great for the conference. that's it for sports. more news after the break. tough to see there but yorlooki
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lighthouse in usalito.ita the lighthouse is closetoday because of high winds andain. >> tough to see, but you're looking at -- hopefully you will being at it shortly. there we g there it is. high winds and rain, it's closed today. keeping people safe. also vallejo police are trying to stop a group of thieves targeting high-end sunglasses, which many of us know can be pricey. these are suspects believed to be responsible for shoplifting the glasses from the store last month. they can be linked to several
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burglaries at several stores in recent months, made off with reportedly $10,000 worth of high-end sunglasses. don't need sunglasses today if you're crossing the xwoegolden great. beautiful picture of the bridge but foggy out there. >> for the first time in a while the windshield wipers aren't moving so much. i have to show you the rainfall totals. these are very impressive in the bay area mountains. not just the north bay. mt. diabl o, from late friday through now, mountains there, ben lomond, 6 inches of rain there. and across the bay area, anywhere from 3 inches of rain in san francisco, more than a monthly average. we did that in three days. moraga, unfortunately we've had slides there in the hills. almost 5 inches came down there. san jose, 3 inches.
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los gatos, two inches of rain. southeastern santa clara county into santa cruz county, flood advisory until 7:45. as chuck coppola reported also, spilling over is impacting local creeks in the area. we'll let you know if that gets extended later on into the evening. the radar shows the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay seeing most of the rain right now. more intense action is off to the east now into sacramento and over toward the sierra. we're still seeing heavy rain at times and heavy sierra snow tomorrow morning. i think we'll still have rain south of san francisco. the trend does turn drier as we head toward the afternoon. showers move on. the forecast moving forward looks a lot warmer. springing forward and the temperatures, rain has been great news for our reservoirs. now we're catching a break. 70s coming back to the forecast middle part of the week. >> i requested nicer weather
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from you earlier in the week. i think a lot of people are ready for sunshine. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you here at 11:00. hello, i'm doug mcconnell
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