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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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euns=07 ds esidential campaign right now at 11:the d of the ro rubio, but does it open eoor for hers? sommajor developmentslate tonight -- in . ===raj/2-shot=good evening, i'm and i'm jessica aguir. ==jess/anim==donald trump a hiln tonight's big winnersbut the ra. ==vo== let's get right to theresults... trump winning four of the ve states... the big coup for the gofrontrun
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senator marco rubio ...howevr trump did not take the othecruc= and that's where john kasicomes he's still in the game . e governor claiming his fir ===raj/vo=== home state ohio. for 5. democratic side, a sepfo5 fromj ohio to florida -- d late tonight, missouri as wl. ==boxes== what we're seeing tonigh--could nbc bay area's ian cull h been following the late breaki results in our newsroomian? ===ian/newsroo==it's being call the republican race is do to we are following the late-breaking results from the newsroom. ian. >> it's called mega tuesday for a reason. the republican race is down to three. >> today my campaign is suspended. >> out of the race. senator marco rubio losing his home state to donald trump tonight, taking one more shot at the republican front-runner. >> america needs a vibrant,
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conservative movement but one that's built on principles and ideas, not on fear, not on anger, not on preying on people's frustrations. >> trump securing wins in key states. he'll have to win about 60% of the delegates moving forward to secure the nomination. >> democrats are coming in, independents are coming in and very, very importantly people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. >> in ohio, a loss for trump but a big win for governor john kasich in his home state. >> ohio, i love you. and i want to remind you again tonight that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> by virtue of the way things have broken tonight, looks like the republican race will go well into april, in not beyond. >> for the democrats, hillary clinton had a great night, widening her lead over bernie sanders. >> we are moving closer to
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securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! >> sanders didn't mention tonight's results while speaking to supporters in arizona, the site of next week's primary. >> up tirare you tired of a hanf billionaires running our economy in. >> after this mega tuesday, sand ears' road to the white house becomes much more difficult. >> there has to be a really, really bad stumble for clinton to lose that nomination. >> and here's the latest delegate count for the democrats. hillary clinton now with a commanding lead of more than 1,500 delegates. for the republicans, donald trump with major gains, he has 655. ted cruz still in second place with 407. ian cole, nbc way area news. >> a week from now arizona and utah head to the polls, then
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it's d.c., then a week later connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and rhode island. right now on nbc bay, all you have to do is click on the tab across the top for the latest election results. >> new the 11:00, a carjacking suspect stopped in his tracks after a terrifying ordeal for a south bay woman. among the good samaritans, a former san jose cop, who is now a city council member. >> the councilman was at a nearby coffee shop when he saw the suspect trying to get away. as he tells it, he was at the right place at the right time. >> the bad guys on the street used to be the norm for city
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councilman raul morales, previously serving eight years as a san jose police officer. so when he was taking part in a community meeting last night at this san jose coffee shop and heard a commotion outside, his instincts kicked in. >> they were fighting. the suspect was trying to take off. the two kids were yelling and saying stop. he just stole my mom's car is what they were saying. >> that man taking off was carjacking suspect john lamm. police save he stole a work van. one worker was inside, who pleaded with lamm to let her out but was ignored. >> i didn't know what was happening. i was really scared. >> the worker eventually jumped out safely. police say lamm kept going before crashing that van, right across the street from the coffee shop where prelis was attending the meeting.
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the former san jose police officer says while this picture shows him pinning down the suspect before police arrived, the kids deserve a lot of credit. >> on my part, i was able to come in at the very end, help, restrain and help calm the situation. >> the suspect has been booked on three felony accounts, including kidnapping. >> shots fired yet again on another east bay freeway. this time had happened this evening at 3:15. the woman was driving eastbound when a green toyota pulled up next to her. the driver, the woman says, rolled down his window, pointed a gun in the air and fired multiple shots and the driver of the green toyota took off. at least seven other shootings have happened on i-80 since november. >> at this hour the search
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continues for a gunman in west berkeley. police say a person was shot near san pablo avenue and delaware street off university avenue. it happened around 11:30 this morning. the victim was rushed to the hospital and for hours officers went door to door looking for that suspect. >> say good-bye to the rebel guy. the controversial cartoon mascot got the boot tonight. the rebel guy has fallen out of favor, deemed too offensive, too divisive to inspire. now the question that remains is what symbol better serves the school. cheryl hurd joins us live with what she knows. >> reporter: it's a little complicated but it basically comes down to this, students and some faculty members wanted to get rid of its mascot, the rebel guy. it happened tonight. the school board agreed that the mascot was offensive. so what about the name?
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that question started a brand new debate. >> the name rebel is directly tied into slavery, rape, torture and hanging. >> passion took over tonight when discussing the rebel name. >> please keep the rebels. i am telling you, this is something that every student at this school is connected with. and if you have get rid of the rebels, there goes our brand. >> reporter: but according to the school's principal, it's a brand that needs to be updated. >> i remember what it was like when it wasn't rebel guy, it was colonel reb, when they ran the confederate flag up and down the football field. i remember seeing the confederate flag on letterman jackets. i remember saying this is 1994, whyam i seeing this?
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>> reporter: students and fashi faculty felt the rebel guy was offensive. now the district has a tough decision. should they keep the rebel name or get rid of it? >> i think we already rebranded the rebel name. so it's just leaving the past behind and moving forward of what it actually means now. >> well, the school board decided tonight to take its time what to do about the rebel name and their dee signatures will include the entire community. reporting live in san lorenzo, i'm sheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> tomorrow marks four years since the disappearance of sierra lamar. a search is planned for this weekend. she was on her way to school when she vanished back in 2012.
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police presume lamar to be dead. family, friends and volunteers will hold a search for her on saturday in morgan hill. a suspect was indicted and his trial is scheduled for next month. >> a 13-year-old girl said she was flashed by a stranger. police have released a sketch of what the man looked like. officers save he exposed himself around 7:15 last night in the professor hill naked. >> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking some hotter weather for tomorrow. we'll let u know who hits 70. >> some skaters say it's time for city hall to roll out a solution. i'm jean elle. that story is coming up. >> and putting this road on a
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diet to save lives. the major changes planned for one of san francisco's busiest thoroughfares. new video, just into ournewsroo.
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==takeo== a small, prite plane -- skiddede landing in a close call at a southern california airport. that's a small private plane that skidded on its bell oo while landing in van nuys tonight. jean elle, people are relieving
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themselves everywhere. is there a solution tonight? >> reporter: well, there is a solution. skaters come from all over and most need a bathroom break at some point but there's no rest room here. as can you imagine, the result isn't pretty. >> it's my favorite park in the bay area. i love it to death. i cherish this place. >> skate boarders of all ages rave about the selma west skate park under the freeway in san francisco. 10-year-old kyle is mastering the heel flip. >> you don't want to leave just to use the rest room. >> some leave but most don't go far. >> most people go up there behind that triangle in the corner. that's like our own community designated bathroom. and then other people hop the fence and go right here. i mean, where could we go? >> reporter: you can smell where the most popular pit stops are.
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fed up with the stinky skaty, a individu -- skating, a video was posted of him cleaning the area. i this is a sport where you need water so i'm always running to go. >> people who live around here say this is more than just a park issue. they say the smelly issue is spilling into the neighborhood and has been since this park opened in 2014. jean elle, bay area news. >> new details on what led up to the firing of the cal basketball coach. the university released a report that shows that the coach sent a woman text messages filled with.
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huffnagle tried to defend himself by saying he was just being playful and was not sexually harassing the woman. >> gilead science is halting patients studies of a drug for leukemia and lymphoma patients. they will only use the drug in cases of people who relapsed after previous treatment. >> four people will share a $150,000 reward for the capture of two prison escapees. a san francisco homeless man will get the bulk of the reward money. he'll get $100,000. this is matthew hey chapman. he recognized the two inmates
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and followed them into a mcdonald's in san francisco back in january. he then flagged down some police officers. three convicted felons escaped from the santa ana prison and one inmate went back and turned himself in. >> the city council today approved turning the plaza hotel on san fernando street in downtown into housing for the homeless. plans are also in the works to transform another ho it witel. >> plans were revealed to reengineer lombard street to and from the golden gate bridge. they would narrow the road forcing cars to slow down.
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the gold is to make lombard street safer for pedestrians and cyclists, especially after 30 people were killed last year alone right there. >> it will slow down cars but allow them to see pedestrians more clearly. >> there's traffic all the time. narrowing will just anger everyone. >> the narrower straits will be in place by 2018. >> more than 48 hours later, work is still under way restoring service to pg & e customers due to a broken gas line. crews fanned out across the area to restore service. they had to go door to door and turn on each home's gas light individually. the only houses still not restored are neighbors who just haven't been home. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it has been a beautiful week,
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first week of the daylight's savings time. >> we don't have to feel too guilty after getting 1 to 3 inchs on average from saturday through monday morning. you can see right now we currently have 54 degrees, checking in with a cold 45, san francisco 55. clear skies in place right now. as we head through tomorrow morning, we don't expect too much in the way of cloud cover. so a nice way to get you going on your wednesday forecast. let's go and get a look. you can see it will be cold and 46 in the south bay. east bay averaging 47 for the morning commute. 50 in san francisco and 41 for the north bay. as you've probably already seen on that controlling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, we are under way with a warming trend over the next three days. future cast will show once again clear skies to start. not a cloud in the sky by the afternoon. as high pressure builds offshore. this combining with a drier
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northerly wind will be we y it will warm up. we'll max out at 74 degrees on thursday's forecast. that looks like the warmest. it not going to get hot enough to turn on the a.c. we will trend here in the 70s through friday, saturday and sunday. as we head into your microclimate forecast for wednesday, you can see sunny skies, a little cooler back in the marina. palo alto sunny, 72, back to pacifica, nice day at the beaches, 64. rough waves, 7 to about 9 people feith and rip currents. south bay does not get much better than this in march cupertino 74. for the east bay, oakland 70,
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back to fremont we have 73 tomorrow and our tri-valley microclimate also coming in in the low 70s. rain outlet continues to keep high pressure offshore. we'll stay dry through saturday. our next system arrives by sunday night, 9:00, 10:00, spotty showers near the coast line. best chance of rain looks to be on monday morning as we pick up a quarter to a half inch. still have rain in the forecast the next seven days. raj and jessica, you don't have to feel guilty. >> i don't feel guilty at all. >> i feel a little guilty but i don't anymore. >> and jimmy -- >> it's a great show, do not change your channel! >> governor brown mocked donald
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trump's plan to build a wall along the mexican border. and the chp is out in force cracking down optic truck drivers. you can see that exclusive story on our home page. back with more news. is it progress? or poor planni?e
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centerf a trechopping ntroversy aits future campus in view. ==take = is it progress or poor planning in google is at the center of a tree chopping controversy at its future campus in mountain view. it has submitted for a new company next to its current headquarters, and they're asking to chop down nmore than 100 redwood plays.
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they say they've been damaged because of the drought. >> leave some of the trees and compromise. >> the city council hasn't approved the plan yet but says google would be required to replant trees native to mountain view. the final decision will be made later this month. >> look for changes on instagram. the photo sharing site announced it lynn begin testing a new algorithm feed. instagram will place them in the order it thinks you will most want to see them. instagram is not saying, however, will hen those changesl take place. >> the warriors working on their day off. and march madness, the battle between two local schools.
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these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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teacheversus pil. raj/2shot legendarsnford cch tara vanderveer guided jennife march madness is here and we have a local dilemma. it is teacher versus pupil. >> legendary coach tara van
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vandeveer faces her opponenoppo student she coached years ago. >> this is probably destiny that we end up playing stanford at stanford. >> the top four seeds in each region host rounds one and two, which means saturday night will be a home game for the cardinal, advantage tara, right? >> i don't know. this is the court that jennifer built. it great for our fans, usf fans, stanford fans. all in all, a great situation. >> that's how both coaches are approaching it. their friendships mean more than the game. >> i think tara and i are closer
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than that. we texted back and for the and we were like just have fun of it. i said, damn, why do we have to be playing each other because i want to be cheering for her. >> the upstart dons, the 14. >> we went from being on the bottom to being on the top. if it means using me and tara to get to that story, that's a remarkable story. >> and who doesn't like a good story. >> and on the subject of basketball, a busy day for the warriors working on their day off. back in a moment. what if one piece of kale
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forward andre iguodala jned aclm finally tonight, what do the warriors do on their day off? they hang with the kids. andre iguodala joined with kids from college track today. iguodala on the injured list bullpen he still makes his commitments. it all happened at the oracle arena, helping kids focus on
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going to college. >> he's got a good vibe about him. >> he's also got an amazing collection, a closet of a thousand shoes or more. >> like jeff ranieri. >> i think you have more than i do. >> you stumped him now. >> she's got more shoes. thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jesse eisenberg, zoe kravitz, chris martin,


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