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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and the direct connection they have to the attacks in paris. the south bay honors a san jose police officer shot and killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. and i'm stephanie chuang live in our contra costa newsroom. the latest on the capture of the bearded bandit. what helped lead to the arrest last night? "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. very calm with your weather. welcome to spring. what are we at day five or six at this point, kari? >> it's falling. >> five or six. i guess so. >> quick map. well, we had some great weather, though. it's been so nice. yesterday we had sunshine after a cool start. more of the same today except this afternoon we'll be a little bit warmer. now at 49 degrees in the east
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bay and headed up to 73 degrees this afternoon. in san francisco, 68 degrees while we have 74 degrees in the north bay. i'll is a look at the weekend microclimate forecast coming up. let's see what's happening in the south bay. a heads up for those drivers, mike. >> or eyes down. a ladder reported on the roadway and i think a car hit it and that's what's going on northbound. the off ramp there looks like traffic flows smoothly past the scene and looks like it. things are very calm and slowing out of the altamont. north bay an easy drive through san rafael and no problems southbound. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:01. an hour's long standoff just about over. just into the newsroom and the suspect is being taken away in a wheelchair. police say it all started when officers responded to a call on a suicidal man. when they arrived, thaw fou thes wife was stabbed twice. she was rushed to the hospital and expected to survive.
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that's when the standoff began. it happened in the bay view neighborhood near gjennings street surrounded by police. still working to learn more about the suspect. let's go back to europe and a country and a world in mourning. a live look right now at the memorial in brussels that continues to grow by the minute. people gathered there for a memorial yesterday, as well, to remember those who died in the terror attacks two days ago. >> this comes as new details arrive about the man involved in the deadly blast. now, authorities are not on the hunt for one suspect, but two. >> steve handelsman is up to date live from brussels with more information that is just now coming in about the investigation, steve. clearly, it's widening. good morning. >> well, it might be widening, sam and laura. good evening to you. it's certainly a much more
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popular scene here in brussels. this is the center of the center of oeurope. the middle of lunch hour and lunchtime here. a lot of people have come down to pay their respects. i think it's fair to say that there is a lot of worry here among these people and people who are not going outside. that there could be another attack. let's go on to the report. unconfirmed by nbc news that police might be looking for two other suspects. what does that tell you? tells you not only that there could be more attacks because there could be more conspirators on the loose, but also tells you since the police are happy to come out and elicit the public help, it's the police who put out that shot of those three guys in the airport with those duffel bag bombs. the police knew how many people they were looking for. police knew who they were. if police had any imagery of them, you would see it. so, that is not good news. that the police are out looking and they're not sure how many people they're seeking. they're not sure who they are.
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not sure what they look like. so, sam and laura, those are the big questionmarks, if you will, here in brussels. there definitely was a connection between the paris attacks and brussels. exactly who was connected? how many people might still be on the loose? might there be another attack? all big questionmarks here in europe at this hour. back to you. >> the existing threats foremost on everyone's mind right now. thank you very much, steve. happening today, the alleged mastermind behind the terror attacks is expected in court in paris. salah abdeslam was arrested last week. that capture could be related to the brussels attack. french officials will try to extradite him back to pairs to stand trial. 130 people were killed in those attacks in paris. you'll recall just last november. the world continues to pay tribute to the victims of the attack. famous landmarks in london were lit up in colors of the belgium flag and stay with nbc bay area
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for continuing coverage of this developing story on air and, of course, always online, as well. back here locally at least 11 bank robberies across the bay area now police say that they have the man responsible. >> stephanie chuang with how authorities nab the so-called bearded bandit. good morning. >> good morning, laura and sam. it was a caller who had seen the pictures on local tv news and recognized the man. that's what started this whole thing, according to a local law enforcement. now, apparently, this is a joint arrest, joint effort by east bay police concord and brentwood police leading to the arrest of the so-called bearded bandit at a safeway in brentwood last night. police believe this is the same man that robbed several banks in many counties. as well as an attempted robbery and casings of several banks. law enforcement dubbed him this bearded bandit for obvious
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reasons because of the facial hair in every single one of the images. the fbi had asked for help in also identifying the man who sported different sunglasses and hats and clothing in each of these robberies. the bearded bandit had a particular method. hand the teller a note with a demand from a black bag and would not show or threaten to have a weapon. again, a capture of this man, they believe, was responsible for at least 11 robberies in places like lafayette, pleasa pleasanton and expected to hear more from police later this morning. >> thank you very much, stephanie. an arrest in a highway shooting in concord. police have arrested joshua cano for last month's shooting on highway 24. during that investigation, officer os identified the 18-year-old as the driver of the suspect's car. officers say the gang member. authorities say this shooting is not arrested to the seven freeway shootings that happened in the east bay in the last
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several months. happening today, it has bipartisan one year since officer michael johnson's life was tragically cut short. the former san jose police officer. well, the city is now honoring the fallen officer for the memorial highway. >> "today in the bay" bob redell is live in san jose with a dedication ceremony that is happening live today. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. on this stretch of highway 87 back in the 1990s that michael johnson, not yet a san jose police officer road his bicycle on this with his mother, this according to "mercury news" so it's fitting that this stretch of highway will be renamed later this morning. the san jose police officer michael johnson memorial highway in honor of michael johnson. the new name will be posted on signs that will soon go up along side the road. now, officer johnson, if you'll recall was killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today.
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reporti responding to reports of a suicidal man and that man shot and killed officer johnson and the suspect was killed when another officer returned fire. did take a legislation to rename it after city johnson. the city of san jose putting up the signs with the name and the city and the san jose police department that will be participating in the dedication ceremony. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." >> very nice tribute. >> certainly, we remember, actually, that was about a year ago covering that event. thank you. 5:08. a look at the forecast for today. another cool start to start our day, kari. >> but a nice, warm afternoon on the way. even a little bit warmer than it was yesterday. our nice spring-like weather continues. as we take a look outside right now. 52 degrees in san francisco while we have 40s else where and mostly clear skies.
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looking at all of the microclimates, we're into the 70s for many spots in the south bay and in the peninsula and 67 degrees in san mateo and in san francisco. 68 degrees in the financial district. 7 in napa and 73 in oakland. livermore we're up to 70 degrees today with more sun. mike's tracking an issue in oakland. what is happening there? >> kari, i flipped this camera around as soon as we got anything going on. turns out past the coliseum and you see the shot is clear. you look at your map and just outside our camera range and over here and reports of a big rig verse as pria. chp should give us more detail as it reports to the scene. no problems towards the bay bridge toll plaza. the second crash we're watching north 85 and that latter still was still done to the car but the car over on the shoulder. back to you. >> mike, thank you. coming up next a housing battle that is reaching a boiling point. the decision in pacifica that
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has tenants up in arms. we'll look at san francisco real estate. there may be some cracks going. we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech." got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1- 88-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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at 5:12. happening today real concerns among some. coyotes at city hall. reports of coyote sightings are up in san francisco. last week a coyote killed a family dog near san francisco state. animal control officers have now posted warning signs, but some residents feel that's not enough. park and rec representatives will attend today's meeting to address residents' concern. despite what they want to do, residents cannot go back home. tenants fighting to return to their apartments in pacifica that are literally hanging on the edge of a cliff. last night tenants argued that the building is still standing, therefore, they'd like to be able to return. many tenants say they're homeless now. but after hours of testimony, commissioners decided tadeny that appeal saying lives would be in danger. >> from what we saw in the written and verbal presentations here, it does appear it is an unsafe structure at this point.
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>> many tenants say that they are, again, now, homeless. the building owner says he plans to appeal the commission's decision. the u.s. coast guard will outline ways for fisheries to play it safe now that the commercial crab season is going to start to get cracking. >> get cracking. >> crab season has been on hold ever since last fall. that's because of a toxic algae bloom that left bay area dungeness crabs safe to east. the coast guard says crab fishing is the most dangerous job. all right from commercial crabbing to commercial real estate now. there is some cooling in san francisco's markets. >> what does that mean for the rest of the country? >> scott mcgrew joins us in the newsroom. you are not talking about apartments and homes. >> those prices are still
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outrageous. commercial real estate the leasing of office space may be under pressure this morning. seeing companies like twitter subleasing their space. they are leasing out offices to other companies. that is a sign there they have too much floor space themselves and they need to get rid of it. a study says office subleasing in san francisco is at its highest since 2010. extra space or empty space is one of those things that we're going to look for when we look for signs of a slow down. i gave you a heads up on this yesterday, today's the day. the "wall street journal" says any moment will nominate an entire new board for yahoo! launching a potentially new fight that ends with lots of yahoo! leaders out on the street. we expect the slate of nominees any time now. it will suggest an entirely new board. that will take them, take that slate to the voters, to the shareholders in june. we're talking about --
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let's check the rest of your news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you, as well. futures are lower this morning and stocks fell wednesday dragged down by oil prices, which saw their biggest percent decline in a month. look for data on unemployment and demand for durable goods. also a reminder the markets are closed tomorrow for good friday. the dow falling 79 points to 17502. the nasdaq losing 52 to 4768. scott, back over to you. >> amazon looked over all the paychecks in the entire company and dedetermined it pays the male employees and female employees the same salary for the same work. technically, according to the data, women get 99.9% of men's salary. minorities get 1100.1.
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amazon has achieved something that a lot of tech companies still don't. >> setting a good example. >> they are. i want to say the federal pay gap, the gender pay gap is, what? 17 cents for every dollar. that sound about right. >> that sound about right. the latest. better in silicon valley and we really helped lead the way. >> excellent to hear. thank you. this is pretty cool, guys. the latest wax figure at madaame tussauds. >> the newly crafted figure of steph curry in wax. and guess who's supposed to be there to see it. the real stephy. we're already pretty sure the museum nothing but net on this new statue as it is supposed to show curry dribbling in its trademark warriors jersey. the cost $350,000. >> kind of unreal to stand next
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to a wax figure of yourself. we don't need any hot weather just yet to melt all that wax. >> oh, look at kari. >> i'm a wax figure. >> are you dribbling a basketball? >> that's me as a wax figure. we'll have some great weather today. another day, laura, to take the triplets out to the park. we will have some sunshine and a beautiful afternoon. but it is cool now. make sure you bundle the up. we do have low 40s in parts of the north bay as we get a closer look at napa. 42 degrees in petaluma. looking at the hour by hour forecast in san jose, we start out cool. but then all of that sunshine helped warm up our temperatures up into the upper 060s to low 70s today. wind won't be much of an issue unless you're along the coast. look at half moon bay. the winds rushing in from the northwest. up to 25 miles an hour and we
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will still have the gusty winds all throughout the afternoon. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows how we continue on with a lot more sunshine. this is part of the reason why. had high pressure into the jet stream well to the north of ous taking with it the chances of, but then we will have a slight change in the pattern as we head into the weekend that will bring in some cooler air but with this system dropping in from the north, it will bring in light snow for the sierra but looks like at this point the rain will be misting the bay area and we'll see much of the activity for the intearier parts of the state. as we go into the weekend. we will have temperatures in the 70s on saturday in the north bay. and some mid-60s for san francisco. then as we head into sunday, more clouds move in. once again, with that change in the pattern and some more clouds here. wae will have a high of 68 degrees in the east bay and the tri-valley and 63 degrees in san francisco. beautiful weekend ahead, but does it look nice on the roads?
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here's mike. >> the answer is, yes, kari. a number of school districts with spring break and the others the week after that. right here traffic flows nicely through san rafael and look at your map. no real issues. oakland another one that has spring break next week. we should see a lighter commute. we'll track it in the meantime because we're not there yet. slowing not for livermore and dublin but west 580 coming out of the altamont pass. a smooth drive for the south bay, as well. this crash on the shoulder north 85 and a quick look at fremont shows you the live shot southbound. taking up a few cars. no slowing for the nimitz or on the other side of the bay shore freeway. >> drivers all getting along. thank you very much, mike. 5:20 right now. a war of words and photos. the harsh twitter battle happening between ted cruz and donald trump and how it's impacting the campaign. got a tip for nbc bay area's
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investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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at 5:23. a follow up now. still need to notify buyers about radiation guidelines. blocked an injunction request. approved that ordinance which is the first of its kind anywhere. it requires phone customers to receive warnings about
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potentially unhealthy radiation levels. earlier this year the judge cleared the way for it to take effect. requested an injunction until its legal peal plays out. yesterday, "the chronicle" sided with berkeley. a potential conflict of interest. some of the same lawmakers looking into concussion safety in football are reportedly getting campaign contributions from the nfl. that's what a berkeley-based nonprofit is telling "mercury news" researchers at map life say that over the last eight years the nfl political action committee has handed out about $300,000 to lawmakers who are reviewing concussion research. members of the house, energy and commerce committee began informal hearings last week on nf concussion. 41 of the 54 members received money from the nfl. turning to decision 2016. it is looking more like california will play a key role in the primary election cycle. a new poll shows who voters want
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as president. on the gop, donald trump is in the lead with 38% of voters picking him. ted cruz in second and john kasich in the third spot with 14%. now on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a very close race put in 48% of the votes and sanders right behind with 41%. lead vote as californians here on june 7th with 172 delegates up for grabs for the republican. 317 for the democrats. >> what is really interesting about that, is that california divides the delegates by congressional districts and all worth the same thing. san francisco is worth the same amount. >> there you go in central valley. meantime the presidential campaign, once again, taking a personal turn. a war of words and photos between donald trump and ted cruz now. all of this playing out and surrounding each other's wives. >> i know we were talking about it. let's check in with tracie potts
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live with the new developments and the new tweet from trump over. good morning, tracie. >> and the new response this morning from ted cruz, laura and sam. good morning, everyone. ted cruz says donald, i'm quoting him here. essentially says we do not need to be picking on each other's wives. real men don't attack women is what high he said. that was his response to this from donald trump overnight. overnight a new retweet from donald trump comparing trump's wife with heidi cruz. gutter politics. >> for donald to go after heidi, i think is despicable. and it reveals a lot about his character. >> we will not stupe to toop to level of donald trump. >> donald said he spilled the beans about heidi cruz after this ad handcuffed and naked
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from a photo shoot. >> that ad was completely inappropriate and we had nothing to do with it. >> reporter: trump had already been going after cruz's wife. >> his campaign has been calling numerous reporters and talking about supposed criminal and mental issues. >> reporter: meantime, bern sanders just wrapped a late-night rally in los angeles. >> if we win the california primary with a decent vote, we're going to get to the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton is talking national security. >> how high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out? >> reporter: denouncing trump's wall as ineffective against terrorists. >> now, we've got hillary clinton going to l.a. tonight. earlier today, actually. she'll be there through tonight and then bernie sanders moving up the coast a bit to washington state. that's to say that he thinks he can win those caucuses happening this weekend. he thinks if he picks up washington state and then does well in california, he has a
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shot at this nomination. >> all right, tracie potts reporting live from d.c. thank you very much. 5:28 right now. coming up breaking overnight. a tense standoff in san francisco ending with an arrest.
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and a good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam rock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. a cool start but a nice finish, right? >> spring-like day across the bay area and even trending even
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slightly above average later this afternoon. now, we're at 45 degrees. so, you definitely need to bundle up in the north bay. it's 49 degrees in the east bay and looking at highs today in the 70s. mike's tracking a few issues but is there anything happening at the bay bridge? >> only the expected activities, kari. the metering lights turned on and right on schedule, even on thursday. look at your map and we show a smooth flow of traffic around the area. we do have the crash at san leandro and no major concerns and give you more detail on that. again, speeds are okay. the south bay the earlier crash and the sharks play tonight, we can look forward to that. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. at 5:31 an hour's long standoff in san francisco is finally over. the suspect being taken into custody in a wheelchair. police say it all started when officers responded to a car of a suicidal man. when police arrived they found his wife was stabbed twice. she was rushed to the hospital
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but expected to survive. that's when the standoff began. happened in the bay view neighborhood near underwood avenue and gjennings street. they are still working to learn more about the suspect and bringing you the latest as soon as we get it. two days later and emotions still very raw this morning in brussels. a live look right now at a memorial there that continues to grow and continues to be a source of comfort for those mourning the loss of life in the terrorist attack. people continuing to stop by to pay their reand honor the victims from tuesday. >> this comes as new details are coming in about the men involved in the deadly blast. now, authorities might be on the hunt for not one suspect, but two. >> for the very latest, we go to "today in the bay" steve handelsman reporting live from brussels this morning with information just coming into the newsroom right now. steve, what can you tell us? >> sam and laura, thanks. first of all, sam, i think the word comfort is perfect.
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why would so many people in this city consider the capital of europe by many take time in their lunch break which is now to come down here. there are hundreds, maybe thousands of people here, not just this one circle of flowers and photos. there's a photo there said to be of one of the british men who died here in brussels on tuesday. but there's a bigger one over there. still bigger one over there. belgians are grieving. they're emotional. many of them say they are not giving into terrorism. but they are fearful of another attack because the police quite clearly do not know how many people they're looking for or they make that public and so police themselves are fearful of still another attack. as people again today in brussels continue to mourn those lost this week. wept open while police look for a suspected terrorist on the loose. the man in white. and maybe others who helped kill
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31 innocent people. in a series of raids, police have found explosives, weapons and the links that they had earlier missed between the paris attacks last year and the secret terror cell in belgium. blew himself up at brussels airport. working with salah abdeslam who planned to join this week's attacks until he was arrested. the turkish government said it deport deported. >> not requested as the best in europe. >> reporter: but belgiums are
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resilient. >> just go ahead with business as usual. >> while police race to stop any more loss of life. >> there's a lot being made about belgiums about what they were saying. bakraoui and they say consistently identify him as an islamic militant and warned the belgians, that's the most important part, that he was headed back here and he was worrisome and ought to be watched. and the question is, was he? police, again, say they are looking for the man in white, maybe more people and police clearly, sam and laura, are concerned that there could be another attack here. back to you. >> yes, certainly, they knew about the presence of that terrorist network in the neighborhood where it was and they still couldn't prevent those attacks. steve handelsman reporting live from brussels. thank you. >> no doubt a lot of heightened alert and even days after the
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attack, still confusion over a missing american couple. justin and stephanie shults have not been heard from since they dropped her mother off at the airport. the couple is from the south, but they were living and traveling in europe. the brother and sister from new york also unaccounted for. the world continues to pay tribute to the victims of the attack. famous landmarks in london lit up in colors of the belgium flag. on air and online at all right. quite a few strikes here. a serial bank robber now finally behind bars. authorities have nabbed the bearded bandit. he is accused of robbing almost a dozen banks. >> with how police finally landed that arrest. good morning, steph. >> good morning, laura and sam.
5:37 am
the fbi and the local police had asked the media as they often do to broadcast images of these so-called bearded bandits caught on security cameras. and, apparently, it paid off. the caller with the tip is what apparently kick started this effort last night that led to an arrest in brentwood of the suspect. investigators believe this man is the same person who robbed many banks in several counties as far north as sacramento, down to santa clara. as well as an attempted robbery and casing of several banks in the bay area. now, it began february 12th with the robby of a chase bank in fremont to most recently this past monday two robberies, one in lafayette and one in rio vista. this man supported different sunglasses and clothes and a hat to the robberies. also had the same behavior given the teller a written demand and would never threaten or show a weapon and make a calm exit. again, connected to at least 11
5:38 am
robberies. we're expected to hear more from local police and probably concord police later this morning. live in our newsroom, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." a housing battle in pacific a a. tenants of a building teetering dangerously close to a cliff edge want to stay in the building but the city is putting their foot down and says no. kris sanchez in the newsroom with a decision that was made last night. kris, we have seen those images, of course, hanging right there with no ground left and the city now made its decision. >> yeah, the tenants appeal to the safety commissioner's emotions saying they have no where else to go. the building owner tried to appeal to their sense of reasoning saying the bluff is safe but in the end it is hard to argue with those images. the hillside under the $2 million apartment building crumbling on to the beach below. now, seven commissioners upheld the city evacuation order siding with the city which paid for a geophysical analysis that was
5:39 am
complet completed. to earthquake damage. still, the own of the building disagrees. >> in front of 310. it's not likely to be in our very near future. >> from what we saw in the written and verbal presentations here, it does appear that it is an unsafe structure at this point. >> now, the commission's decision means that the tenants cannot go home, which this woman describes as just a little slice of heaven. the building owner says he will appeal the decision in the courts. until then, 310 will stand vacant and lonely. 320 and 330 were already demolished last month. sam and laura. >> kris, thank you very much. >> right there on the edge. >> appeals to common sense. looks like that. 5:39 right now.
5:40 am
what is your comance sense telling you about how to dress for your? >> pretty cold to start, kari. >> start with a jacket or a light sweater. >> yes, then you won't need that as we go into this afternoon as temperatures warm up. looking at where we are right now. 42 degrees in napa and san francisco 52 degrees and oakland is at 49 degrees. we get the day started with some cool air, but look at where we go later today. up to 73 degrees in gilroy. palo alto 71 degrees and 61 degrees and 72 degrees in napa, while we have 74 in brentwood and 71 today in san ramon. mike is tracking an issue in the south bay. what's happening? >> kari, we have that build. that first build and now we look at that just ten minutes later we have the slowing for north 101. look at your map, not a major concern and not a major surprise for folks, but a lighter traffic flow for the rest of the south bay. i wanted folks to know why it is orange and yellow there. look at the rest of your map and we see a smooth drive. the tri-valley east 580 at
5:41 am
isabel. countercommute not really a problem but sticking out into lanes. big rig involved here and bigger involved at marina and new crash and meanwhile the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. back to you. jumping into action. huic efforts by a south bay police officer that saved a boy's life. a special dedication for another south bay police officer shot and killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today. that story, coming up.
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hang later today. remembering officer michael johnson. it's been one year now since his life was tragically cut short. the of san jose is honoring the fallen officer with a memorial highway. bob redell in san jose with a dedication ceremony that is happening later today. good morning, bob. >> in just a few hours from now. good morning to you, laura and sam. the city of san jose and the police department here in san jose along with the state will dedicate this stretch of highway 87 behind me. we're talking about the stretch between interstate 280 and highway 85 and they're going to rename it, dedicate it, "the san jose police officer memorial highway." new name posted on signs that will soon be going up alongside the road. this is to honor johnson who, if you will recall, was killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today.
5:45 am
he and his fellow officers were responding to reports of a suicidal man at an apartment complex and here in san jose. that man shot and killed officer johnson. the suspect was killed when another officer returned fire. now, the stretch ofway highway is special. tells mercury news that her and her son road their bicycles on it when it was being constructed back in the 1990s. it took a resolution of the state legislation to rename it. the dedication ceremony later this morning will be at 10:00 at the great oaks parkway police substation. bob redelll "today in the bay." we know police officers save lives. a quick-thinking police officer in mountain view did just that with a young boy. >> here is officer curtis lowe on the left and 2-year-old eduardo in the center with his dad on the right. last monday eduardo started choking and stopped breathing.
5:46 am
his parents called for help and the moment he saw the boy his instincts kicked in. >> i laid the baby on the ground and gave him a couple of rescue breaths. >> he makes it sound so simple. he saved his life. the boy blinked and gasped for air and eduardo is now back home and doing just fine. >> look at that face. a cute kid. is an front's hometown airline facing a takeover? >> scott mcgrew first brought you this news. virgin america may be for sale. >> that's the talk, laura. we virgin america stock jump on wednesday back up better than 10%. what we think here is happening is virgin america's biggest investors which include the british group may be ready to cash out. here we see virgin's first day of trading. that is ceo back at the bell in 2014. he is a very well thought of executi executive. virgin turned a profit recently, one of those companies that
5:47 am
makes money, but if you're an investor, you're never going taget crazy rich on the stock price and nobody ever got crazy rich on airline dividends ever. the only way to make money if you're one of virgin's big investors is to sell your position. the markets could see more red arrow today. the dow fell 79 points on wednesday. the nasdaq down 52. markets are closed tomorrow for good friday. smart watch maker pebble will lay off a quarter of its staff. smart watches never really caught on. a lot of companies making them. a lot of watches out there, but very few risks. fitbit shares down 50% for the year. apple doesn't break out of its watch sales, guys. just looking around, i don't think they're selling many. you see them occasionally, but not terribly often. well, it's an unusual standoff in a tree high above the streets often seattle is now over. the man who triggered it is safely in custody. >> it was actually a very difficult situation for police
5:48 am
on the ground. a man on tuesday climbed to the top of an 80-foot sua and then threw apples and debris at police and people who were just passing by. >> the situation where you have somebody who is highly agitated and the additional presence of people is making him more agitated. you want to kind of limit that opportunity for him to become angrier and then risk the possibility of something tragic happening. >> it took 24 hours, but police eventually coaxed that man down yesterday. officers have been talking to him from the sixth floor window from an adjacent building. the man is in the hospital and doctors are evaluating his mental health. unlike our friends to the north in seattle with all the gray skies, don't expect to see much of that here this afternoon. >> sunny afternoon certainly feels like spring. the flowers are in bloom, kari. >> a day for a lot of pollen, too. we'll look at that pollen count in a second. a cool morning as you head out. make sure the kids have a nice,
5:49 am
warm jacket on. 47 degrees now in the south bay and 45 degrees in the north bay, san francisco, 52 degrees. as we get a closer look at the south bay now, hopefully some mid-40s out there and 46 in santa theresa and willow glen at 43 degrees. after this cool morning, we will have a very pleasant afternoon. once again at lunchtime we will have sometures in the low 60s in san francisco and the peninsula and in the east bay we're at 65 degrees and 68 degrees in the peninsula. as you ride home, the north bay will be at 73 degrees. so, some 70s today. something that we didn't see in many spots yesterday. we have been talking about the winds blowing around that pollen and it will be especially strong along the coast. winds coming in from the northwest and the wind speeds at 25. maybe even 30 miles per hour there while mainly calm for the valleys. and the pollen levels have been high and will continue to be high through the weekend, as long as we don't have any rain. and it's mostly oak pollen.
5:50 am
mulberry and ash also very high and in the mold, it's low at this point. the jet stream still displaced to the north of us and high pressure is blocking any rain from moving into our area. so, our temperatures continue to warm but there will be a slow shift in this pattern as we go into the weekend. by sunday, we'll have cooler temperatures as that low drops in and will bring in light snow for the sierra. looks like we'll have a very slig chance of rain, but at this point, staying mostly dry. so, into easter weekend, we will have a very comfortable one. especially on saturday with highs in the low to mid-70s. and then on sunday more clouds, slightly cooler air and seven-day forecast shows you that we will also have a cool start to next week. now, for an update on what's happening for a couple of crashes in the tri-valley. here's mike. >> kari, first, i want to assure folks, westbound 580 and moves well here at the dublin interchange and we did see slowing on our sensors which i'll show you on our map. now, over here, this is the
5:51 am
crash at isabel. eastbound countercommute over on the shoulder and hasn't been a problem and big rig is involved and we're tracking that. shadow cliffs, so watch that around the parks and that's the issue for the local traffic and folks heading towards 680 and keep that in mind. moving the map out, no other real drama and southbound at marina involving a big rig there off the shoulder and bay bridge toll mrauz metering lights are on and anywhere from the dumbarton bridge south moves very well. south bay just a little slowing north 101 in san jose. back to you. >> mike, thank you. a san francisco tour bus driver on the defensive. an investigation revealing it was operator error that led to a dramatic crash last november. that bus barreling out of control for several blocks. all of it as you can see captured on video. investigators say the driver likely panic and mistook the acc acc accelerator for the brake.
5:52 am
>> nay said i didn't know my gas pedal and brake pedal. to me that's absurd. because i know my petals the vehicle. >> malvar was cited for speeding has since hired an attorney. 19 people were injured in that crash. happening today, the ongoing problem knocking out b.a.r.t. trains and confusing b.a.r.t. leaders will be on the agenda when board members meet. b.a.r.t. is running limited train service at the end of the pittsburg bay point line. the two stations were shut down because of a mysterious power surge. the power crippled many of b.a.r.t.'s older train cars and has not been completely fixed. a.r.t.'s meeting gets under way at 9:00 a.m. new clues unraveling more than two years later. what investigators are now revealing about malaysia airlines flight 370, next. happening right now, a break in the of the bearded bandit. a serial robber who says police say targeted numerous banks
5:53 am
while an alert shopper noticed that man buying razors for his beard. steph chaung following developments and you can find the details at our home page and the warming trend outside continues as kari hall tells us parts of the bay area today will hit the mid-70s. we're about to post our morning weather alert and sign up for the alerts at our nbc bay area app. we're back in two minutes. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail t theunit@nbcb we investigate.
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5:56 am
plane found near africa may belong to the missing mulation plane. two parts were found along the coast of mozambique earlier this month. the parts are almost certainly from the missing plane. a third piece of debris also found this month near africa is now being tested. 239 people were onboard that plane that disappeared more than two years ago now. a follow up to a story only on nbc bay area. responding to bullying allegations made to a muslim student in hayward. the seventh grade student
5:57 am
attends cesar chavez middle school. school police officers are now looking into the matter. the girl's mother met with administrators yesterday who said they are taking those allegations very seriously. >> the district we need to ensure that all of our families feel safe and welcome in our schools. >> the school and police are not the only parties involved here. the groups including the aclu and the council on american islamic relations are now reaching out to that family. now to an investigative unit exclusive. a new question this morning about who exactly is on the pay roll for a job that could mean the difference between life and death. >> senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen joins us with investigations into the guards in palo al it,to. >> after we first reported three guards were arrested while working for the city, palo alto leaders promise the new security
5:58 am
contractor would be more professional and alert. we set up surveillance. night after night our hidden cameras documented guards away from their posts for hours texting on their phone and even one guard sleep in his car for hours. we also obtained records showing another arrest. he pleaded guilty to lewd behavior after police allegedly found him slumped in his car with half a bottle of wine and his pants unzipped. the owner says he understands the concerns and says the company conducts spot checks to make sure employees are following the rules. palo alto city manager jim keen refused to answer our questions on how they ensure the new guard on duty or the city will make any changes to its program. parents tell us they're upset by what they see as a lack of transparency. just click on the investigations tab. guys? >> thank you, vicky. if you have a tip for our
5:59 am
investigative unit, give us a call. or send us an e-mail to breaking news at 6:00. a tense standoff nets an arrest. the reason san francisco police say that this man hid out in a home for almost ten hours. and good morning, i'm bob redell with a special dedication for a san jose police officer shot and killed in the line of duty exactly one year ago today. that story coming up. and the so-called bearded bandit linked to 11 robberies in just about five weeks. but this morning, he's behind bars. i'm stephanie chuang live in our contra costa newsroom on what helped police catch their guy. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. our eyes and ears tell us it's going to be 70 plus degrees later today. that's not how it feels to our bodies. >> at least not in the morning. but it will warm up later, right, kari?
6:00 am
>> yeah, cool start as we are seeing cool skies across the bay area and temperatures in the 40s. 48 degrees in the peninsula and san francisco is at 51. looking at highs today up to 73 degrees in the east bay. 74 in the north bay. san francisco will stay in the upper 6 o0s with the light wind and sunshine also in the tri-valley. i'll show you the rest of the microclimate forecast, including easter weekend. that's coming up. mike's tracking the approach to the bay bridge. >> that's right, kari. we have the unusual backup and in that backup i have reports of a hit and run crash. i don't see it. looks like everything has cleared from those lanes. everybody tells you about anything they saw over at the toll plaza just before 6:00 make sure they call the chp. you the slow down right there at that pacific scene, but the east shore freeway and the maze all moving well. in fact, the rest of the bay moves very well and typical build starting over in the tri-valley and over here hayward down towards


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