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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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he's seen pushing through the brussels airport just moments before the bombs went off. "today in the bay" starts right now. well, good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cann garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. no real surprises to watch. let's continue that into monday with kari hall. good morning. >> such a great weekend and the sunshine continues today. but one thing you will notice, it will be a little bit more windy and the temperature will be cooler. we start out this morning in the mid-40s in the north bay. we have 49 degrees in the peninsula. and it won't be as warm as yesterday. with a slight chance of some spotty rain over the east bay and over the tri-valley. al else where a mix of sun and clouds and 68 degrees in the south bay. i'll detail that and talk about the chance of rain and what else to expect this week coming up and let's head to the south bay now with anthony. >> talking earlier the traffic
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101. this is a look at that. you can see traffic is starting to pile up here. 101 in san honorjose northbound. to get a better visual, there is an accident. 101 at alan rock and the backup just looking at the cameras right there and looking at that thoroughfare there. as you get towards that scene, keep in mind it will slow as it does every single day monday through friday. over towards the suno grade car fire earlier. sig alert around 5:30 and dropped that around 5:40 and working very quickly to get this out. you can see that car fire still causing some backups even on 580 hopping over to 680. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. keep in mind, slow going there . >> good advice, thank you, anthony. governor brown is expected to announce a tentative deal that would raise california's minimum wage to $15 an hour over the course of the next several years. "today in the bay" stephanie
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chuang joining us from our newsroom with details on a potential pay raise that would put california into rarefied air. >> first up for a vote in the legislature in the next couple weeks but even if it's not something the californian voters make a decision on anyway. first here is an overview. this move put the state in line with san francisco where voters have said yes to a $15 minimum wage by 2018. supporters mainly labor advocates say this statewide will help workers afford to keep up with rising costs of living. opponents mainly visit to say this will kill jobs, especially outside of big cities like san francisco and los angeles. overall, political analysts call this move a compromise. governor jerry brown's attempt to satisfy labor unions who have one initiative and another in the works for the november ballot that would raise the minimum wage to $15 by as early as 2020. keep in mind that is earlier what the deal expected to be
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announced by the governor today. take a look, this is the schedule according to "l.a. times." two 50 cent increases through 2018. and it would be $1 up every year each year until $15 an hour is reached in 2022. except for smaller businesses meaning 25 employees. that would be by 2023. now, we also heard people like hillary clinton and bernie sanders show support for something like this for all americans. this could be something california setting the stage for a conversation on the national level. we'll have to see. live in the san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." new this morning, firefighters just finished battling a two alarm house fire in pittsburg. this is on stoneman avenue. the flames started shortly after 4:30 this morning and reportedly burned through the roof. crews say the house appears to be bandoned. the fire now under control. also in the east bay, police are stepping up patrols after finding a racist graffiti at a
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popular san leandro park. "today in the bay" bob redell joining us from san leandro this morning. so far no arrests but police say they think they know who is behind the vandalism. good morning. >> good morning, sam and kis. san leandro police have not made any arrests but they do believe who put up that racist graffiti is a member of a gang. someone discovered the racial slurs directed at hispanics and african-americans yesterday morning. as marked on an am pp theater. before family uz rived to celebrate easter sunday in the park. >> the graffiti we believe was done by a hayward based gang and investigators are looking into the possibility of who the suspects in this case could really be right now. we do not believe that this is a white supremist gang. >> police say that gang crimes
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in san leandro have been minimal. they believe the gang may be trying to mark territory. they also see no connection to racist graffiti that appeared on a school district office. reporting live outside san leandro police, bob redell, "today in the bay." a developing story out of pakistan where that country is beginning three days of mourning after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy park killing at 72 people. more than 300 others are hurt. most of them are children and women. all of this happened while christianallies were celebrating easter in the pakistani city of lahore. again, many of the dead, most of them women and children. a breakaway group of the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack this morning and the group is also warning that more attacks could follow. and that chaotic scene unfolding more than 8,000 miles
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away left those here in the bay area with ties to the region feeling very helpless. include a san jose state student moved from pakistan to california five years ago and he says watching video of yesterday's attack is painful. >> i was like we can't do nothing. be far away from them. >> now, the u.s. state department released a statement condemning the attacks calling it a cowardly act of targeting innocent civilians. it also says the u.s. will continue to work with pakistan to fight the threat of terrorism. new video this morn of the man in white that belgian police are still desperately trying to find. we've showed you pictures of this man before. authorities now issuing a new plea for information in the hopes of tracking that suspect down. show him pushing a luggage trolley alongside the two brothers who have been confirmed as suicide bombers. officials say that the suspect left moments before those
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explosions leavinghat large bag behind. prosecutors say that bag contained the largest bomb, but it was never detonated. you shutter to think of what sort of fallout that would have created. at 6:07 just hours ago officials in belgium confirmed four people have died from their injuries following last week's deadly terror attacks. that brings the total number killed now to 35. over the weekend, weed that two more americans died in last tuesday's bombings. that brings the u.s. death toll to four. u.s. officials have not released their identities. that news comes shortly after thunouncement that an american couple living in brussels died at the airport. justin and stephanie shults were dropping stephanie's mother off when those bombs detonated. in brussels, chaos erupting yesterday as right-wing protesters clashed with belgium police at a vigil. this happened at the temporary shrine honoring the victims of
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the brussels suicide bombings. violence broke out over the demonstrators over the issue of allowing refugees into the country. police had to use water canyons to disperse the crowd. ten people were arrested and two police officers were injured. back here at home, a manhunt is under way on the peninsula for a driver involved in a deadly hit and run crash. that happened just before 7:00 last night in lahonda. police say that's where a pickup truck traveling westbound crossed over into the eastbound lanes and struck a car. that truck flipped and officer os say the driver of that truck then ran into the woods nearby the car's driver died at the scene. and another head-on collision with deadly results. this one in san francisco's mission district just after 5:00 yesterday. police believe the 64-year-old driver had some sort of medical emergency and drove into on coming traffic at 18th and guerrero streets. investigators are trying to figure out whether that driver died because of the crash or because of his medical
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condition. the driver of the second car, though, was not seriously hurt. take a look at this house fire in santa rosa. witnesses reported explosions that fire started yesterday. it almost destroyed a four plex in the city's southwest neighborhood and it prompted a massive response. that includes highway patrol, police, fire and even the sonoma count arson task force. >> someone trapped within the building and we went into rescue and found that there was no one within the building and then we started going into fire attack within the building. >> two people suffered smoke inhalation. you see one man being treated there. all ten of those living in the four units now have to find a new place to live. damages could reach up to $1 million in total. and the cause of that fire is still under investigation. happening today more than 12,000 pounds of cocaine an alameda-based coast guard crew makes one of the largest drug busts in history.
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now commanding officers will share more about it at a press conference. the event is scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning and held at the coast guard pacific area in alameda. discuss how these seizures impact transnational organized crime networks. more on the busts in our 11:00 a.m. newscast. >> the only thing busted over the weekend were brackets. certainly not your weather plans because was picture perfect all weekend. good morning. >> good morning, sam and kris. more changes in the works for the bay area, we have rain to the north and some snow off to the east and in between with dry air and it looks like that does hold in place but that does mean a chance of spotty, light showers especially over the east bay later on this afternoon. you'll also notice it will be cooler and mori with our temperatures now at 49 degrees in san francisco and 45 in livermore. we'll bring those highs back into the low 60s today and inland with a 60 degrees in
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morgan hill and 60 in san mateo and 64 in oakland and that slight chance of rain in danville. i'll detail what else to expect as we go through the week. now, let's check in with anthony to see if he needs any updates or heads up before you head out the door. >> we had a lot of happening across the east bay this morning. take you on a tour across the bay area and include other locations. north bay moving without any problems here and northbound, i should say 101 southbound near petaluma seen some slowing there. slowing from walnut creek and 680 down towards 13 and also earlier we had a sig alert issued for this accident with a car fire near vargas avenue. 680 southbound. that's been reopened, but it's still looking at a pretty extensive backup towards 580 and that sunol grade remains slow. across the south bay looking pretty good. accident earlier 101 and alan has cleared and keeping things slow across 101. guys, back over to you.
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most of us remember the movie angels in the outfield. but what about bees in the outfield? the swarm that had a star player scaling the outfield. forget about five, how about the elusive six-star rated hotel. the rare experience opening up today in the bay area. today is the day, the day that you get the new dr goggles everybody has been talking about. how they work and what you do with them coming up in "business and tech."
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and it is 6:15 right now. we want to take you to los angeles where a three-story is on fire and you can see the emergency response there. it is a church there in the southern part of the city. we can tell you that it appears right now that the roof has collapsed. at least in part into that church. unknown now whether there were any people inside the church at the time, but, as you can see, there are lots of water canons shooting down on to that building and we will monitor this response and bring you more details as they are necessary. there is a new modified plan for california's high-speed rail. today lawmakers get their first chance to critique it. the state's high-speed rail put out a blue print. the new plan overhauls the first leg of the route between san jose and shafter.
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it will hopefully be up and running by the year 2025. that's actually three years beyond the initial target. the assembly transportation committee will scrutinize those details later today. here's something you don't hear often, a six-star hotel opening today on the peninsula. this is the clement in palo alto. here's what you get. all suite hotel, amenities, personal assistant, meals prepared by an executive chef, a private cabana and a mini fridge with your own personal favorite snacks. that is all for $800 a night. you pay more if somebody joins you. it is next to the stanford campus and that is about all i'm going to see of the hotel. >> too rich for our blood. >> a little bit. a new report right now showing that the fbi has been asking a local jean company for private records. records maybe about you. >> 21st century privacy concern
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here. >> it is, kris. people send into their genetic material. they send it off to 23 and me for genetic analysis. you can find out where your genes come from. are you really irish, for instance or a carrier for cystic fibrosis. the associated press reports this morning law enforcement have asked 23 and me and for private records to try to solve crime. now, in the case of police sent the suspect's dna to ancestry without telling the company why. the p reports that 23 and me received four requests. personal law enforcement but turns down police every time. the markets were closed for the good friday holiday. many european markets took today off. the day after easter. we get the latest jobs numbers coming this friday. today is the day the oculous riff goes on sale.
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that vr gear that mark zuckerberg is so excited about. facebook bought the company for $2 billion. starting today you can put your money down to buy those goggles and you can play a video game or maybe you can feel like you're courtside at a warriors game. >> the people that are interested in sports, there are incredible opportunities where you can have a 360 camera and be sitting courtside and looking all directions like you're actually sitting there on the court. >> that is taylor freeman from a site. you can think of this tv guide for virtual reality because some day you'll be able to do things like the basketball game. the goggles will cost you 600 bucks. but they have to be linked to a fairly high-end pc. talking maybe about a $1,000 pc. not a laptop. you're looking at $1,600 to get started. but a lot of people, kris and sam are excited about this. several brands out there and this is the one that everyone is
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really excited to try out. >> i'll turn around and look with my eyeballs. >> if you can get to the front row. >> exactly. this is a good replacement. thank you. the crowd wasn't the only thing swarming the ballpark during spring training this weekend. yes, take a look. poor jason hayward this is yesterday's game between the mariners and the cubs. get me some relief, please. mr. hayward by a swarm of bees. he tried to run around and swat them with his glove and he hopped on the fence to try to get away and that didn't work too well. he said he was stung at least ten times. i guess they're not playing at wrigley right now, spring training games. but he's not allergic to the bees. eventually the swarm made its way out and he has a bunch of ointment on his skin this morning. beautiful day for a ball game here. too bad they're not playing here, kari. >> we will have some beautiful weather for, take a look at that
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camera, though, shaking around. but hopefully you are not doing like this all day. 50 degrees in the peninsula 45 degrees in the east bay and 44 degrees now in the north bay. we start out with clear skies and taking a look at these temperatures now. we have 50 in belvedere and napa 43 degrees and we drop down into the upper 30s there. this is what's going on in the bigger picture. we have clear skies here. but we also have some snow, even saw a couple of lightning strikes there in the sierra and we have, also, some spotty rain to the north of us. we will continue on with some dry weather, but we can't rule out a spotty shower that may be rotating around some of that, that disturbance that was moving just to the east of us. and it is showing up as we take a look at the rain timeline today. some of the showers may develop this afternoon over the east bay hills. else where, we continue on with dry weather.
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and we will also have some gusty winds rushing in from the northwest. up to 25, maybe 30 miles an hour today. so, we'll be windy and it will be cooler. we're actually going to be below average today in san francisco. coming down from a very warm weekend. we're up to 60 degrees today. 61 tomorrow and the average high is 62 and be there on wednesday as our temperatures slowly warm up the rest of this week. and the rain stays well to the north of us. we will have high pressure starting to retreat off to the west. allowing for that cool and windy weather to move in today and a few showers will be possible. so, over the next three days, our temperatures will only reach into the low 60s to start. into the mid to upper 60s by the middle of the week. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's see what's happening at the bay bridge with anthony. >> the bay bridge metering lights are on. you guessed it, there is the backup. sun come up over the horizon with clear skies. always have to point that out.
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we have the backup there at the toll mrauza and the rest of the east bay looking good and no major concerns there. if you head over down to the sunol grade we're still tracking that slow down because of that earlier car fire near of680 southbound and the residual effect pretty extensive and 101 northbound in san jose. but earlier that accident has been cleared and things picking up and palo alto all the way into the city and no concerns on 1 o01 or 280. good going there. back over to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. they buddied it up at a baseball game and now from fidel castro to president obama. castro's controversial response to the president's historic trip to cuba. all about wisconsin. that primary just over one week away. i'm tracie potts. the latest in politics, next.
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to the women who know what real values are, sands - t decision 2016 after a very successful weekend for bernie sanders. the week ahead looking a little more quiet in the race for the white house. >> quiet as in no primaries or caucuses. we all know that doesn't mean the candidates are quite themselves. "today in the bay" tracie potts is in washington, d.c., and a lot of attacks flying on the campaign trail. >> no question about that, kris and sam. today we'll hear a lot more about wisconsin. they've got twice as many candidates for delegates as
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republican. that primary coming up in a week but it may turn out to be a bigger for the gop. here's why. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich answer voters questions at a town hall in milwaukee tomorrow. they're vying for 42 delegates in wisconsin next week. it's winner take all and like cruz, kasich is now backing off his pledge to support donald trump if trump wins the nomination. >> we're going to look at it every single day and we have a long way to go and i don't want to protect it. he'll be the nominee. >> trump and cruz are still tradinginal attacks. the latest, cruz insist trump planted the tabloid story accusing cruz of extra marital affairs. >> this story is garbage. tabloid smear and came from done donald trump. >> for him to say i had to do to put the shoe on the other foot is disgraceful. >> reporter: bernie sanders appears to be off the campaign trail today after winning washington state, alaska and
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hawaii last weekend. pressed on whether he supported hillary clinton's nominee. >> too early to talk about that. right now we have a lot of momentum. >> reporter: he's pushing to win the majority of wisconsin's 96 delegates and wants to debate clinton in her home state, new york. but today the focus, again, with johnson and clinton giving a speech there and we've got an advance copy of some of the points that she's going to make about the supreme court. the president's nominee urging congress to deal with that and tying that into the campaign saying that is greatly concerned if donald trump is elected and selects the next person on the u.s. supreme court. sam, kris. coming up next, california's minimum wage heading towards $15 an hour. details of what could be a landmark deal with a ripple effect nationwide. joininus. i'm m bro
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=kri2shot good morning for those just waking up after their holiday weekend, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. if you're just waking up, lucky. >> yeah, it's going to be a great day kris and sam. start off with cool temperatures and clear skies and that's not the case all around the state. we'll talk athat in a second. now, it's 44 degrees in the north bay and 48 degrees in the south. and it will be cooler than yesterday. only reaching 67 degrees in the south bay. and 62 degrees in san francisco. we'll also have a chance of some spotty rain and some of those east bay hills. i'll talk about that and what
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else to expect this week. also a heads up if you're planning to go to the sierra and that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. let's see what's happening at the bay bridge toll plaza with anthony. >> the metering lights on for an hour and backup extensive all the way back towards the maze. pretty slow coming in from oakland headed over to san francisco, so keep in mind another one of those slow mornings. at least you have a beautiful sunrise. no this morning. little windy and hold on with both hands to the steering wheel because winds gusting over the area bridges. across the rest of the east bay looking pretty good. slowing from walnut creek and caldecott tunnel. dublin starting to see some slowing and an earlier car fire in sunol. that has been cleared but keeping things really slow coming through the of the sunol grade. through the south bay, no concerns there. earlier accident keeping 101 slow. very common slow spot here this
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morning. continue to track the rest of the bay and the slowing. back to you guys. >> thank you very much,any. 6:32 right now. happening today governor jerry brown is expected to announce a tentative deal that would raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2022. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is in our san francisco newsroom. you have been talking about this in the context of the state minimum wage and also saying it could be part of the national conversation. >> it could, it could, kris. bernie sanders likes the idea and might bed a long shot considering that would more than double the current minimum wage of $7.25. others say $12 is more appropriate. donald trump, ted cruz, they don't want any of that. let's talk about this in real terms. we can look at a cal study on the city of los angeles and raise to $15.25 an hour.
6:33 am
end up making about $4,800 a year more. on the flipside, the study would say 1% in an increase in consumer prices and reduction in prices and percent. now for the deal could be up for a vote in the legislature in as early as two weeks. according to "l.a. times" two 50 cent increases and $1 each year until $15 an hour in 2022. smaller businesses go another year. meaning fewer 25 employees that deadline would be 2023. but political analysts say this is a compromise move that governor brown has to do this because unions have already got one initiative and one in the works for the november ballot that would leave it up to california voters and make it as early as $15 an hour by 2020. so, again, we'll have to see. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." international news now and a
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developing story out of pakistan where that country is beginning three days of mourning after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy park killing at least 72 people. more than 300 others were injured. these were mostly women and children. it happened while christian families were celebrating easter in the pakistany city of lahore. again, many of those dead. women and children. a breakaway group of the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack and the group is warning that more attack could follow. 6:34 now. in brussels just hours ago, officials confirmed four more deaths following last tuesday's terror attacks and that brings the number killed to 35 and now includes several americans. the "today" show keir simmons has more on the video and the so-called man in white. >> good morning. a mystery this morning surrounding a man seen at the airport with two of the suicide bombers. the man in the white wearing the
6:35 am
hat and the police issued a new appeal and includes video of him walking in that airport. there had been reports in belgium media that the police had him in custody but they knew he was. they are asking for more information and discussing news over the weekend that four of those injured did not make it taking the total number to 35. a state department official confirming that they believe that the u.s. believes that four of those killed were americans. back to you guys. >> all right. you can watch keir's full report coming up on "today" show, of course, at 7:00 this morning. also new this morning, former cuban leader fidel castro is speaking out for the first visit to cuba by president obama. president obama only met with his brother, raul castro, who is the current president. fidel castro, though, still had quite a bit to say. in his 1,500-word essay he
6:36 am
recounts cuba's political tensions with the u.s. and says cuba "has no need for gifts from the united states." perhaps he should have told his brother. >> new era, new sentiments now. 6:36. closer to home police in the east bay stepping up their patrols after finding racist graffiti at a popular san leandro park. >> bob redell is live at police headquarters and the graffiti is covered up. you know what was underneath and the impact that it leaves for people in that community. >> well, you know, this is also, sam and kris, the second time someone is tagged with racist graffiti. san leandro police do not believe the incident earlier this month is connected to what happened yesterday morning. yesterday morning someone found some racist graffiti on the back side of an amphitheater wall. city workers quickly covered it up before families arrived for easter sunday picnics and
6:37 am
celebrations. and even though they have yet to make an arrest, police believe that the graffiti was not the work of white supremests, rather a hayward-based street gang. >> why would a gang that has different ethnicities as the members in that gang spray paint the words on the wall this morning targeting primary african-american and hispanic cultures. >> police believe the gang might have been trying to use the graffiti to mark territory. a lieutenant with the san leandro police department reports that gang crimes in his city are minimal they see no connection, as i mentioned to racist graffiti that appeared on a school district office. this is earlier this month. a 21-year-old man has been arrested and charged with that incident. reporting live outside san leandro police, bob redelll "today in the bay." the man accused of murdering an 8-year-old girl is due in court later this morning. opening statements expected to start in the trial of darnell
6:38 am
williams. you may remember that williams allegedly shot and killed while she was at a sleepover in east oakland. this happened back in july of 2013 and he is being charged with first degree murder. williams is also charged with killing a 22-year-old in an unrelated shooting. if he's convicted of her murder, he could face the death penalty. and closing arguments expected to happen as soon as today in the case of a former stanford swimmer who is accused of sexual assault. brokk turner is accused of assaulting a woman last year outside of a fraternity house where a party was going on. two people passed by claiming that they found turner on top of the victim. during the trial, the victim has testified that she blacked out from drinking that night and has no memory of the incident. uc berkeley is moving forward with efforts to curb both sexual assaults on campus and sexual harassment. yesterday the chancellor announced had been appointed as the interim lead for the school's response team. the dean of social sciences.
6:39 am
she will work with school officials to address sexual harassment and violence. uc berkeley is struggling to improve its image after the recent firing of an assistant basketball coach who was accused of sexual harassment and criticism for not adequately investigating sexual assault cases, as well. it is a pivotal day for waited crab season. the season oep oened early saturday morning, but only a couple boats went out to collect samples for testing. commercial crabbers say they expect to have fresh crab for sale by friday as everyone starts licking their chops. >> i think i smell melting butter in the diner. well, let's take our forecast with meteorologist kari hall. they were concerned about the storms. you think they'll have clear sailing today? >> it will still be very choppy out there. we're in between high pressure to the west and low pressure to the east and that low pressure is also helping some snow showers over in the sierra.
6:40 am
that pressure gradient giving us some gusty winds today and we're still in between with some clear skies and some beautiful weather to start out the day. but taking a look at the rain timeline. there will be a chance of some east bay showers. possibly some brief, heavy downpours before it moves on and it looks like only secluded to the east bay and the tri-valley with that chance of rain. but we will be watching for that as we go trhrough the day. otherwise mostly sunny skies and temperatures coming down and highs today in the upper 50s to lower 6 o0s and, once again, breezy winds later today. i'll detail that and a look ahead to the rest of the week coming up. let's see what's happening on the roadways as we check in with anthony. >> we mention the breezy winds of san mateo and chp issued a wind advisory here just because it is so windy across those bridges this morning. that does not include the rest of the bay. see over the san mateo it is slow. both hands on the wheel and, again, very slow getting on to the bridge. not because of any accident, but
6:41 am
just typical slowing across 880 headed down towards the south bay. p fremont things start to pick up and for the south bay. earlier we had that car fire in the sunol grade that has been cleared and things very slow coming through 680 southbound near varggas. starting to see slowing on 85 northbound near saratoga and same deal at valley and also 101 starting the slowing, as well because of an earlier accident there. get out of san jose towards the and things moving pretty well for the dumbarton bridges and coming over near 101 and 280 and. guys, back over to you. >> thank you very much. anthony. coming up, crushed by falling concrete. airplanes and drones are not supposed to mix, but they do in the bay area skies. we'll take a look at the latest reports coming up in just a moment. in the meantime, boy, barely budging after a three-day
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a 17-year-old construction worker is recovering this morning who was nearly killed when concrete slab fell on top of him in an accident. this happened at oakland yesterday. a construction crew was shoring opfoundation around a home near san antonio park east of lake merit. the victim was working in a trench when the concrete came crashing down. >> a man approximately six feet
6:45 am
down and slabs of concrete that have fallen from the foundation. pinning him against the wall. >> and saving him was a long process. it tookfirefighters an hour to shore up that trench and get the concrete off of the victim and pull him out. despite the serious injuries he suffered, he is expected to survive. too tipsy to fly. an american airlines co-pilot expected of being drunk was arrested saturday after failing a breathalyzer twice. american airlines apologized to passengers who had to be booked on other flights. no word yet on that pilot's identity or the charges he now faces. kris, a report due out this morning that will clear up some issues behind a cal state university teacher strike. at 9:00 a third party fact finder report will be released suggesting how to resolve the pay dispute. the union representing teachers is expected to issue its comments shortly after its
6:46 am
release. if the pay to suit cannot be resolved, cal state faculty members are still threatening to walk off the job for the first time since april 13th to april 15th. the faa just released a new report showing how often drones and airplanes come too close together in bay area skies. >> it does feel like we hear about it a lot. scott mcgrew looking over the numbers and, scott, what did you find out? >> a long look at it, it's not that worrisome. to be sure drones get too close to aircraft and we could very well see a serious incident in the future. but what we're seeing in the latest data. close encounters in san jose, oakland and several in livermore and modesto are really just pilots reporting that they have seen a drone but really little more. in san jose, a fedex dc 10 pilot saw a drone as he was on final approach at sjc and he landed as normal and law enforcement was never notified. pilots routinely report something they might see in the sky. mention a flock of geese so that
6:47 am
air traffic control can tell the airplanes behind him to watch out. a bit of drone history. the first delivery by drone by a company called flirtey. they did it delivering a smallage to a house outside reno. several people on the ground were supervising and it was videoed by another drone. that answered the question, how many drones does it take to deliver a package? the answer is. today is the day oculus virtual reality gear goes on sale. a company that so impressed zuckerberg facebook bought the company for $2 billion. you can buy the goggles starting today for 600 bucks. you need a powerful computer, as well. tim westigren is the ceo of pandora. just took over this morning. a bay yare music app. you know it well. it struggled and been down 50% since the current ceo. he's now left. but now down another 8%.
6:48 am
going to hurt your feelings when the markets find out you're in charge of something and then your stock falls. >> that is not a strong vote of confidence there. >> no. but i'm rooting for pandora. >> i use it, too. thank you, scott. 6:48. quick check of weather with our main woman kari hall. >> hopefully you have the play list for today. >> yeah, it's going to be beautiful again today. so, no matter what music you're blasting it goes with this kind of weather. we're taking a live look right now at san jose and have a cool start, of course. but then as we warm up today, it won't be as warm as yesterday. so a few changes in the works. it's now 49 degrees in san francisco and the peninsula and the south bay is at 48 degrees as we get a closer look, we have 48 degrees now in santa theresa. downtown 49 degrees and willow glen at 47. wear a nice, warm jacket as you head out. clear weather here and spotty rain to the north of us and that area of low pressure causing
6:49 am
some snow over reno and parts of the sierra. we will continue to see this spinning and it may expand wide enough to produce some rain over the central valley and maybe even a little bit of rain over the east bay as well. this is what the rain timeline paints the picture for what the radar can look like today. at 3:00, showing the possibility of some rain moving through parts of the east bay, but it won't be all of the bay area. and the rest of the bay area will see some sunshine and some cooler air. it will also be windy. we're looking at those winds rushing in from the northwest. at about 25 to 30 miles an hour. and that will be the casein into tonight as those winds stay up and it will be choppy all along the coastline. the low 60s today in the south bay to 66 degrees on wednesday and then in the peninsula and more of the rain and also in san francisco, we're looking up to 6 it 2 degrees in the north bay and then 68 degrees and feeling
6:50 am
a little bit milder as we go through the week after a cool start and gusty winds and keeping an eye on that chance of rain over the east bay and the tri-valley. that's a look at weather. let's sea happening on the roadways now with anthony. >> starts in the south bay because we see things start to slow down, on 101. this is always a slow spot and you can see behind me, starting to slow. really speed limits here less than 20 miles an hour. keep that in mind already starting to see that slowing on 101. switch over to the sxhapz show you what's happening across the bay. slowing on 280 and heading over towards cupertino and an accident just past west valley there. once you geet the peninsula out of san jose, things start to improve and heading up to san bruno and getting on to the san mateo bridge a little slow there from 880 and no concerns and no accidents once you get past union city, things will improve. an earlier car fire that has been put out and residual effects back through 580. rest of the east bay, no problems or real concerns.
6:51 am
a few areas of slowing over towards walnut creek and once you get over towards 80 and headed over to the maze and the bay bridge, some slowing there. metering lights are on and stop and go approaching the maze. else where, smooth sailing walking on sunshine, guys. back over to you. >> thank you, anthony. manhunt is under way on the peninsula for a driver who was involved in a deadly hit and run crash. crash happened just before 7:00 last night in lahonda on highway 84. police say that is where a pickup truck going westbound crossed over into the wrong direction, the eastbound lane and struck a car. that truck flipped and officers say that driver then took off and ran to the nearby woods. the driver of the other car, though, died at the scene. talk about another frenzied chase here, kris. a southern california woman still shaken up after watching a high-speed chase involving her truck on tv. a woman stole her truck from out of the driveway yesterday and
6:52 am
then led police on a chase in simi valley. attempted to jump into the driver side of a police cruiser. >> i was just watching and praying that she was not going to hurt anybody. cars get better gas mileage than i thought it would. >> at least you know she didn't hurt anyone, thankfully. officers managed to tackle the suspect to the ground. she is now facing several charges. so, how was your bracket shaping up? most people not answering positively. >> a lot of people saying why do i even bother? set for the ncaa tournament. and the big surprise here syracuse. the final is scheduled for houston. also, congratulations to the stanford women who made it to the elite eight before getting knocked out by washington. on the women side, stanford, again, is out. lost to the seventh seeded washington in the regional finals.
6:53 am
85 to 76. stanford in a big hole early couldn't quite make it out getting as close as five points with about a minute left before folding down the stretch. this is washington's first ever trip to the women's final four, but, still, stanford ladies, keep your heads up. >> a lot to accomplish there. is the silver lining. washington made the first ever final four. ism on full display for a second time in less than a month. it's covered up there in the park. but the bay area city that just uncovered another sighting of hateful graffiti. i'm stephanie chuang with details on the tentative deal we're expecting governor jerry brown to announce that would raise the california minimum wage to $15 an hour. the pros, the cons and more. coming up. and happening now. a church goes up in flames in southern california. firefighters are still on the scene there. short time ago the roof collapsed. we are gathering details from our los angeles sister station
6:54 am
right now. we'll link you to the latest in our twitter feed. and what can't sean diddy combs do? themogul taking on a new role charting a charter school in his hometown. one ltheck todas topstors
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back at 6:56 on your monday morning. one final check of today's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few minutes. >> right to bob redell live in san leandro with hateful graffiti, bob. >> good morning to you, kris and sam. san leandro police have not made any arrests but they do believe that the person or persons who put it up there in the san leandro marina park is a member of a and directed at hispanics and african-americans. a march on an ampthater walls. police believe the gang may have been trying to mark territory and they also mention they see no connection to this racist graffiti that appeared on a school district office earlier in the month where a 21-year-old
6:58 am
man was arrested in charge. reporting live in san leandro, bob redelll "today in the bay." i'm stephanie chuang and the state may be trying to make history by raising the california minimum wage to $15 an hour with incremental increases through 2022. this does follow san francisco where voters have approved that through by 2018. supporters mainly labor advocates say this will help workers akeep up wikeep up and l business and kill jobs especially outside of big cities like san francisco and los angeles. overall political analysts say this is a compmize. governor brown's attempt to satisfy labor unions who have one initiative and another in the works for the november and what you're looking at according to "l.a. times" a tentative deal announced by jerry brown today. two 50 cent increases by 2015
6:59 am
and a dollar each year until $15 an hour until 2022. this could be up for a vote in the legislature in as early in the next couple of weeks. live in our san francisco newsro newsroom. >> thank you. the price of a good easter egg hunt is priceless. the rain wasn't here to muck it all up this weekend. >> it's a big deal if you're wearing new little easter dress and luckily it was dry. >> it was dry. beautiful, too. and now we start out with some mid-40s this morning as you head out the door as we look at today's forecast. up to 65 degrees in the north bay. 67 in the south bay and cooler than it was yesterday. >> and breezy, too. that's what you've been watching. >> nuthing to muck it up. >> you know, just the typical flow and that we see on a monday. bay bridge toll mrauza and metering lights were on here and gorgeous sunrise over the horizon. same deal for the san mateo bridge. both hands on the wheel and
7:00 am
sunol grade still finding the residual effect. >> to be chelear, not a mucky monday. good morning. breaking overnight -- belgian police release new video of th good morning. breaking overnight, belgian police release new video of the so-called man in white, just moments before the bombings of the brussels airport. why can't they track him down? as authorities confirm two more americans are among the dead. death toll rising. at least 70 people killed. many of those women and children, as a suicide bomber targets a park in pakistan. a taliban affiliated group claims responsibility, saying it intentionally targeted christians celebrating easter. truth or tabloid? ted cruz alleges donald trump is behind those tabloid charges of infidelity. >> he goes to garbage and sleaze and lies.


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