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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 30, 2016 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- tracy morgan. from "billions," actress maggie siff. journalists john heilemann and mark halperin. featuring the 8g band with stanton moore. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." how's everybody doin' tonight? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that's fantastic. let's get to the news. a crowd at a recent bernie sanders campaign event erupted in cheers when a bird landed on sanders' podium mid speech. the bird stayed for a couple of minutes and then returned to its
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nest. [ laughter ] the march madness final four is now set and the teams are villanova, oklahoma, north carolina and syracuse. or as they're known in your bracket, dammit, dammit, yes and dammit. [ laughter and applause ] donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski has been charged with battery after new video surfaced of an incident in which he violently grabbed a reporter at a recent rally. surely this is going to make a dent in trump's poll numbers. son of a bitch. [ laughter and applause ] donald trump in an interview supported the idea of holding back a tax on the wives and children of rival candidates before adding, "all you have to do that is tell that to cruz because he started it." trump then added, i'm not touching him, i'm not touching him, i'm not touching him. [ laughter ] and this whole time he's been hitting himself. [ laughter ]
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a former consultant to the donald trump campaign recently claimed that trump did not initially plan to actually win the republican nomination. even more shocking, jeb bush did. [ laughter and applause ] a man in egypt held up a flight today on the demands he would not release its passengers until a love letter was delivered to his ex-wife. and afterwards his ex-wife said, "this is why." [ laughter ] stuff like this is why. [ scattered applause ] following president obama's historic visit, the rolling stones this weekend played a free concert in cuba, finally giving cubans the chance to see something older than their cars. [ laughter ] [ applause ] conservative pundit, glenn beck said friday that ted cruz was anointed by god to become president. to which god replied, "no, no, no, i said he was annoying."
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[ laughter and applause ] you guys gotta listen. on last night's episode of "dancing with the stars," geraldo rivera competed, while wearing a full donald trump costume. [ laughter ] many observers said he looked ridiculous. and that was before he put on the costume. [ laughter ] "sesame street's" elmo started a recent psa that warns children about the dangers of the zika virus. he also said, do not tickle him, if you've been to brazil. [ laughter ] video was released this weekend of a man setting a new world record by eating 200 peeps in 14 minutes. unfortunately, the record was for largest coffin. [ laughter ] and finally, a wall street executive was arrested at laguardia airport yesterday on charges that he defrauded investors out of almost $100 million. which raises an important question, then why were you
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flying out of laguardia? [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he's a comedy legend, he's an old colleague of mine. he showed me the ropes years ago. tracy morgan is here tonight, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] she is a fantastic actress who is starring on showtime's new show "billions." maggie siff is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and also from showtime's new political docu-series, "the circus: inside the greatest political show on earth" its creators, john heilemann and mark halperin are here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] got a great show for you tonight. now, it's tuesday. this is our first new show of the week. we did not have a new show last night because on sunday, my wife gave birth to our first baby, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you very much. but really it was mostly her.
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[ laughter ] the baby came two weeks early. so, on sunday, we really were not expecting this to happen. we had gone out for brunch, we'd walked home from brunch. we were sitting around the apartment getting ready to see a play at 2:00 on sunday. and basically, around 11:30, 12:00, my wife about every 10-12 minutes would say her back hurt. and i would go, you know, rub her back. and i'm bad at recognizing patterns or else i would have known that those were contractions. [ laughter ] so, anyways, once we realized that's what it was i downloaded an app. a contractions app. [ laughter ] because i'm on top -- i'm on top of it. and so, we were sort of charting it and they were really -- they were speeding up pretty quickly. and my wife was in a good amount of discomfort. and so, we were talking to the doctor and eventually they said to us -- the doctor said, "yeah, maybe now would be a good time to go in." and so i was helping my wife get changed. and while i was helping her get changed, her water broke and,
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wow. [ laughter ] i mean that, it sounds like what water would sound like if it broke. [ laughter ] it's like, incredibly well named for what it is. and so, again, you're trying to keep it together and, we get her packed up and we go and we get down to the lobby of our building. and i have to say about our doorman, just fantastic. you can tell our doorman has been through this before. there have been flustered husbands coming down with very pregnant women on their way to the hospital. and he just patted me on the back, firm handshake, grabbed our bags, and then walked us outside to get in the car. i could tell that he had done this hundreds of times. i could tell from the expression on our uber drivers face that this was the first time -- [ laughter ] that he was doing anything like this because when you're an uber driver and you see this, what we were is the opposite of jackpot. [ laughter ]
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but, i will say to tyrique, he did an incredible job. he kept his cool so well. so well. because -- and it was hard to keep your cool 'cause one, obviously, we wanted to get there in a hurry and, two, my wife was on her knees in the backseat, holding on to me. we had to roll the window down because she was getting car sick and she was just screaming out an open window. screaming. only in new york city could you drive that way and not have people say that woman's being abducted. that is -- [ laughter ] there is an abduction taking place right now. because we would -- she would be screaming while we were stopped at like stoplights and people were just crossing the street. and my wife was screaming out the window, "i don't like this!" and i just feel like new yorkers are walking by going "it's new york, nobody likes anything." [ laughter ] [ applause ] so, we get to the hospital and i
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just want to say, again, to tyrique, who is lost to me, you know, and there's no way to contact him. i just wanna say, my only regret is that you can't give an uber driver six stars. because you deserved it. i also wanna say i regret that we used my uber app instead of my wifes, because i'm pretty sure tyrique gave us the one star and that goes on my record. [ laughter ] so we get inside and we walk upstairs and we get into the admitting. and it's easter sunday and every nurse was wearing bunny ears. which was fantastic. and put me -- it just immediately put me in the best mood. it did not affect my wife's mood. [ light laughter ] my wife was at a place where bunny ears could not change her mood. i even said, "look, bunny ears!" and she was like, shut the [ bleep ] up. [ laughter ] i don't -- stop pointing. don't ever point another thing out to me for a decade. [ light laughter ] so we walk and we get in and it turned out my wife -- we had
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just kind of like missed the start of this. my wife was fully dielated when we got to the hospital. and so just immediately sort of got up into the stir ups and our doctors were there and we just kind of went to work. and it was weird because i didn't know how much i would watch everything going down. [ laughter ] i didn't have a plan. the minute it started, i couldn't take my eyes off it. it's the most fantastic thing. i was so taken. it was the best. and i also couldn't stop laughing. [ laughter ] i couldn't stop laughing for one reason. one, half the people in the room had bunny ears on. [ laughter ] and the other thing was i kept laughing, 'cause i kept thinking back to the last few months the amount of times people have said to me, "are you ready for this?" and watching it happen, i couldn't help but -- laughing at like, who could be ready for this? [ laughter ] like, what can you do to prepare for what you're seeing right now? it's like, oh, yeah, we're totally ready for this day. the last month we've been driving ubers around manhattan while we scream out the windows. so, that wasn't weird at all. and then we've been like pulling
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baby dolls through a keyhole. so, now i know what that looks like. [ laughter ] so, that wasn't weird, either. and oh, the other thing, my wife, no drugs at all. no drugs. [ cheers and applause ] absolute incredible. yeah. i was trying to score some for myself and just got shut down. and then, you know, our son was delivered. my wife delivered our son. and it's just this crazy moment where i then exploded into laughing and sobbing at the same time. and so we had our son. we named our son ash, which is my wife's maiden name. and i can't picture a better way to honor what my wife did than naming him after her. the middle name is olson, which is my mother's maiden name. it's just -- to be able to name him after those two women -- [ applause ]
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a couple people have said to us, ash olson, do you think people will think you named it after ashley olson? and to them i said, "no one will think that because i have long been a mary-kate guy." but i like -- someone's like, oh, ash olson, did you name it after ashley olson? yes. [ laughter ] that's what i did. but it's crazy. and then, you know, again, i realize that any parent who's watching this has gone through this and you must all just wait for people who aren't parents to have this moment and say we told you. but the weirdest thing is you're just not a parent and then you are. and your brain doesn't -- it takes your brain a couple hours to catch up to that. and the way that was clearly -- the most clearly defined to me was i was filling out paperwork. just like two hours later while
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alexi and ash were sleeping. and it asked for the mother's name. so, i filled out my wife's information. and then it said father's name. and i started filling out my wife's father's name. [ laughter ] 'cause i thought that's what they meant. so, i'm writing tom ash and then it says father's phone number. and i'm thinking who knows their father-in-law's phone number? and then i realized, oh, i'm the father. [ laughter ] i am now the father of record. so, yeah. what a day. and i just wanna thank -- thank you. [ applause ] i wanna thank our doctors, dr. yale and dr. romoff, the incredible staff at lenox hill. lisa, our nurses who were wearing the bunny ears, i don't know all your names, but i feel like there was a lisa and an anna, a lauren, a cottontail. [ laughter ] tyrique. one more shout out to tyrique, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
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this close. you don't know how close you were to having a baby born in your uber and how close i was to having an ash tyrique meyers, 'cause you would have deserved that. i also wanna thank timothy olyphant, tracee ellis ross, and run river north. they were supposed to be our guests last night. we'll have them back on. also, to our audience that had tickets for last night's show. obviously we had to cancel last minute. we apologize. please, we'll figure out a time for you to come back. but last, but not least, i wanna thank my incredible wife, alexi for the incredible work she did this weekend. i'm so lucky. and thank you all. and i can't think of a better person to talk to about all this than our first guest tonight. we'll be right back with tracy morgan. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ he's asleep.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. sitting in this week with the 8g band, he's a highly acclaimed genre-spanning drummer from new orleans, stanton moore is with us. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much, stanton. be sure to check out stanton and his band galactic's latest release, "into the deep" and head over to for more info and tour dates. also joining us all week on bass, formerly from a great new york based band interpol, carlos dengler is with us.
12:55 am
[ cheers and applause ] thank you so much for being here carlos. and also, just in general, give it up for the 8g band, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonight is an emmy nominated actor and comedian who you know from his work on "saturday night live" and the award winning nbc series "30 rock." he's hosting hot 97's april fools comedy show april 1st at madison square garden. please welcome my good friend tracy morgan. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> what's up? >> seth: hi. good to see you. >> yeah, man. i brought you a gift. >> seth: this is for -- >> for the baby. >> seth: for baby -- >> open it. >> seth: okay. i don't want to -- >> check it out! [ light laughter ] >> seth: tracy. >> nice. >> seth: it's a bowl of condoms. [ laughter ]
12:56 am
[ applause ] >> that's right. that's right! he had a boy. read it. i want you to read the special advice i gave you. [ light laughter ] >> seth: baby meyers, don't get anyone pregnant before the age of 30, love uncle tracy. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> holler at me! >> seth: excellent. excellent advice, thank you. >> i know. >> seth: this is great, because you're a dad. >> yeah. >> seth: you're a dad and you have a baby girl. >> papa bear, yeah. >> seth: beautiful baby girl. >> men morgan. >> seth: three boys before that, right? >> yeah. yeah. >> seth: your son, college, right? >> yeah, he's young. >> seth: yeah. >> he's the young one. he's 24. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i have one 30. >> seth: wow, 30? >> yeah. >> seth: okay, great. >> 30. in the ghetto, we use sex as a sedative. [ laughter ] eases the pain of poverty. [ laughter ] you're broke, i'm broke, let's go half on a baby. [ laughter ] i love that poodle, but you can't get food stamps from that poodle. [ laughter ]
12:57 am
>> seth: oh, that's right. that's right. that's the thing about poodles, they don't give you food stamps. >> man, somebody got to love me. >> seth: you gave your kids a completely different life than the one you grew up with. >> yeah, yeah. you know lorne michaels gave me a shot. you know, they say every jewish dude supposed to love one black dude. i'm glad he chose me. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: does your son -- do your sons appreciate that they had a different life than you? >> yeah. >> seth: okay. >> i take them back to the old neighborhood and they say, i'm glad you was on "saturday night live." [ laughter ] i'm glad. >> seth: one of the things i've liked about being around you -- >> one of the things you like doing being around me? [ laughter ] >> seth: you always -- you have your finger on the cultural pulse, so i am wondering if you have seen "batman versus superman." >> i saw "batman versus superman." the fix was in. >> seth: the fix was in. >> yeah. i walked away from that angry like i saw pacquiao/wayweather
12:58 am
again. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh no, why? >> batman ain't got no wings. all he got is a belt. [ light laughter ] >> seth: so you don't -- >> superman's father was named durrell. [ light laughter ] >> seth: jor-el. >> jor-el? >> seth: yeah. >> i thought it was dorell. [ light laughter ] you know he must be black with a name jor-el. so a black african name thrown there from cleveland. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you are a superman guy? >> i'm a superman dude, man. i mean, it's a different batman, superman. the first batman, he was angry because criminals killed his dad. >> seth: yeah. >> but ben affleck played batman in this one, and he was angry because he messed up with jennifer garner. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's why this batman is mad? >> yeah! wouldn't you be? >> seth: yeah. i would be. i guess i would be, yeah. >> jennifer garner is a fox. [ light laughter ] >> seth: she is a fox.
12:59 am
now tracy, i owe you many thanks because when i started at "snl," you took me under your wing. you taught me how that place worked. >> i remember the day you got there, i called you the big rook. >> seth: yeah. >> short for rookie. >> seth: yeah. i knew what it -- [ light laughter ] >> the big rook. i gave you some advice, too. i tell you if pages at nbc say your stuff is funny, don't do it. [ laughter ] >> seth: right. this is very interesting to me. you used to say if the pages, the very famous nbc program page program -- >> yeah. >> seth: if they came up to you and said that sketch is going to kill. >> it would bomb. >> seth: it was officially jinxed. >> yeah, it would bomb. >> seth: i remember you would always say don't let pages jinx your [ bleep ]. >> don't. you can curse? you just cursed. [ laughter ] you said [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] you better be glad i ain't no jehovah witness. [ light laughter ] because i give you a book. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that would be nice. i'd put it with my condoms. [ laughter ] >> i like that bass player. that's my bass player over there. he's real cool. >> seth: okay. >> yeah. >> seth: you know carlos? >> no, i don't. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ]
1:00 am
tracy, you went back and hosted "snl." >> yeah. >> seth: how was that experience? >> it was cool. like going back home. it was like doing it for the first time, man. it reminded me -- it was good. [ light laughter ] it was really good being there. >> seth: it was great. and now -- >> i met lorne michaels years ago at gate 4 at the old yankee's stadium. i was a vendor and i overcharged him for some stuff. [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, really? >> but i gave him his money back this last trip. [ light laughter ] he bought two of those little bats and i charged him $800. [ laughter ] >> seth: it would make sense that lorne wouldn't know how much those little bats are supposed to be. >> nope, not at gate 4, nope. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you are back on tour, which is exciting. what's it like when you walk at -- >> i'm back on tour. >> seth: again, with everything you went through -- >> they give me a standing ovation when i first come out, man. i be feeling like a magical black dude. [ laughter ] like aunt jemima or something. my pancakes are never fluffy.
1:01 am
they're always fluffy. [ light laughter ] i'm like uncle ben, my rice doesn't stick. [ light laughter ] i feel like john coffey from the "green mile." [ laughter ] i can touch you and cure your syphilis. [ laughter ] cause that's what happened on the green mile. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we are going to be right back with more tracy morgan. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ he network in america. i know what you're thiining, they all claim stuff like that. yeah, but some of them are stretching the truth a little bit. one claimed to be four times better. we said, four times better than who? they said, four times better than we used to be. wh-wh-wha? if you're four times better than you used to be and you're still not the best, your tagline should be, "not as rubbish as we were." (sighs) only verizon is the nation's most awarded wireless network ever.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everybody. we are here with tracy morgan. we were talking about your brother. >> can i send my borther some love? >> seth: please. >> hey jake morgan out there in youngstown, ohio, i love you, i love you, i love you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so nice. >> my brother. >> seth: i want to ask, because obviously you work very hard, you are on the road. you're doing stand-up now. what are you working on -- what does tracy morgan do when he's not working? >> i'm at home, regular, going commando. >> seth: okay. [ light laughter ]
1:06 am
>> that's it. >> seth: commando meaning? >> naked. butt naked. don't come over to the house 2:00 in the afternoon. [ light laughter ] >> seth: okay. >> don't do it. >> seth: how does everyone else at the house feel about that? >> they just walk around with their eyes closed. [ light laughter ] bumping into a lot of stuff. but it's all good. >> seth: okay, that's good. well, that's exciting. >> i'm papa bear. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. you are allowed to do what you want. >> i'm allowed -- you heard that? i'm allowed to do what i want to do, megan. [ laughter ] >> seth: now, could i ask you this? we obviously have quite a crazy presidential race going on right now. what is your take on this, tracy? >> oh, man, they took it back to like -- i think there's going to be a fight in the back of the white house at 3:00 in the afternoon. [ light laughter ] they are talking about each other's wives. how do you do that? that's like ghetto. >> seth: yes. [ light laughter ] >> i'm from the projects and i don't do that no more. [ light laughter ] i don't know, man. if that's going on at the top, you don't want that. >> seth: we don't want that. >> just debate each other and stop talking about each other's wives, please. >> seth: there you go. [ cheers and applause ]
1:07 am
>> leave the wives out of it. >> seth: john slattery was on this show. >> who is john slattery? >> seth: john slattery, he was on "madmen." he's a wonderful actor. >> i know john slattery. i was asking you, who john slattery? [ light laughter ] >> seth: wait, you are asking me who he is? >> yeah. >> seth: yeah, he's on "madmen." >> okay. [ light laughter ] just checking out. >> seth: we were on a flight once, coming back from the emmy's. and you were sort of telling everybody on the plane about how smart your octopus was. >> yeah. >> seth: we, and john -- >> which emmy was this? >> seth: this is a few back. >> yeah, i remember that. i got hit by a truck. [ light laughter ] going to the coroner with my memory. he wants me to go to the corner. [ light laughter ] >> seth: well, you don't have to talk about that specific flight. >> but octopus' are smart, not just mine. >> seth: okay. >> i mean, mine's got his g.e.d. [ light laughter ] but they are smart. they got three brains and eight hearts. they should be smart. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you have been a lover of aquatic life.
1:08 am
>> yeah, i love my aquatic life. i think that's because my great, great, great grandfather was jaque cousteau. >> seth: no. [ light laughter ] >> i think so. [ light laughter ] they call me morgan couseau. [ light laughter ] >> seth: they call you tracy cousteau? >> tracy jaques morgan cousteau. i was named after him. [ light laughter ] my great, great uncle is charlton heston. >> seth: no. [ light laughter ] >> he was on all easter. >> seth: really? >> yeah. that's all i watched was ten commandments. that's tradition on abc. ten commandments. >> seth: yeah. >> you remember the part when joshua came down? joshua was trying to say, he was trying to say -- moses real mom. she was going to get crushed between the bricks and moses said who is the old woman to you? he said an old woman. [ light laughter ] >> seth: now i feel like i don't have to see it. >> i was stoked. [ light laughter ] i was stoked. charlton heston. [ applause ] that was charlton heston.
1:09 am
he's been on "planet of the apes." >> seth: you are a big "planet of the apes" fan? >> big "planet of the apes" fan. >> seth: was that a movie you fell in love with at a very young age? >> young age. >> seth: yeah. >> young age. [ light laughter ] i was raised on the set. >> seth: on the set. >> yeah. i remember i used to go -- [ bark sound ] that was the music that they made. >> seth: yeah, i remember that. >> they like this -- [ light laughter ] what is he talking about, mom? [ light laughter ] "planet of the apes." i got a laugh out of you. >> seth: yeah, look, i have been laughing -- >> i know the bass players laughing. [ light laughter ] the guitar player like this. [ light laughter ] that's what we used to do at "snl." goof around. he's goofing around. he has the most infectious laugh of all time. >> seth: no, that's not true. >> you know funny. >> seth: what? >> you know funny. >> seth: thank you. that's very nice. i think knowing you is the way
1:10 am
you know funny. >> one time he laughed at my joke. and then i thought he was going to kill it. i came up on stage and i looked at him like this. [ laughter ] he was a pager. [ laughter ] >> seth: i paged you? >> yeah, you paged me. you jinxed, you messed my [ bleep ] up. [ laughter ] i said a curse. [ light laughter ] >> seth: give it up for tracy morgan, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] for info on his picking up -- >> i love hanging out with you. >> seth: picking up the pieces tour, go to we'll be right back with maggie siff. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ to a subway to prove our
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guest is a talented actress you know from shows like "madmen" and "sons of anarchy." she stars in the hit showtime drama "billions" which airs on sunday nights. let's take a look. >> tell me about today? >> if you are successful enough people think you can do anything. and then you start to believe it, too. >> you mean you do? >> i'm not superman. that's what i'm trying to get across. >> but today? >> i might have forgotten. >> it's hard not to engage in a little magical thinking. when everyone else is looking at you like you are some combination of warren buffett and god above? >> seth: welcome to the show, maggie siff. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:16 am
>> seth: how are you? >> i'm great. >> seth: welcome to the show, so happy to have you here. congratulations -- >> so happy to be here. >> seth: it's fantastic. >> i'm sorry i didn't bring you a bowl of condoms. >> that's all right. i have -- he brought plenty. that's the thing about tracy. you're never asking for more. so i want to ask about this show. on of the most fascinating things about it is your first scene, you play paul giamatti's wife. your first scene in the show is a sex scene, but it's also has a dominatrix element to it. >> indeed. >> seth: and i have to imagine sex scenes obviously certain level of awkwardness -- that was your first time working with paul giamatti i'm assuming. >> yes, it was actually my first day shooting with paul giamatti and i am both his wife and his dominatrix. >> seth: yeah. >> and it's always incredibly awkward. even in the sweetest, most romantic scenes are always just like -- this one was particularly like he's lying on
1:17 am
the floor, trust up, naked, like prostrate and i'm his dom. >> seth: yeah. >> and so i'm in my dom attire. and you know -- there's always five voices, especially that day you're like not only is this intimidating, but i have to be totally in control, totally unself-conscious. i have to walk in five-inch heels, put my heel on his naked torso and hope that i don't impale him. [ light laughter ] like with my five inch heel. i put a cigarette out on his chest. i've gota fake cigarette and i have to pretend, but not get too close. i don't actually want to like put my cigarette out. that would be really bad. cause it's paul giamatti. >> seth: yeah, with anyone, it's bad just to you know. >> especially when you're working with one of the greatest actors of all time. you really don't want to scare them. >> seth: right exactly. and then every movie they do, they're like "that's maggie." >> actually, maybe i should have done that. >> seth: yeah maybe like signed
1:18 am
it. everybody you work with comes back with a cigarette scar. >> exactly. >> seth: so also you play a life coach in the show. and for research, because this is interesting, when paul was here, he talked about, that he did all the dominatrix research. >> yes. >> seth: you actually talked to tony robbins, who is sort of a world famous life coach. like, what was that like to talk to him about how to approach that character? >> well, yeah, the character, she's sort of the in-house psycho therapist slash performance coach. but they were really interested in the part of her work, and part of her personality, it was really, kind of like, making change fast. so, brian, one of our show runners is friends with tony robbins, so he got me this like, phone date with tony robbins. i was like, "oh, my god." >> seth: yeah. >> cause, i mean, you get, i got on the phone with him. you know, he's like, seven feet tall and 400 pounds in a very trim kind of way. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> you know, and it's like, it's like i was in the room with him. he was like, "hello, it's tony robbins." i was like, "oh my god, hello, mr. robbins." i was like, super on point, you
1:19 am
know. >> seth: i guess when you are the size of tony robbins, it would almost go to waste if the voice didn't match. >> no, yes. >> seth: like you gotta have that kind of voice, or else people will -- >> no, you get on the phone with him, and he's like -- >> seth: if he was like, hey hey, it's tony robbins. you'd be like, oh no, no. [ light laughter ] >> hello, it's nice to meet you. and he led me through visualizations and talked to me about how he does what he does. but it's also just the force of personality that he has, and the charisma. and also, when you watch him on screen, he really uses his body. he uses the magnitude of, you know, his stature and his charisma. i'm not tony robbins, but you know, i tried to like, internalize a little bit of it. >> seth: that's fantastic. this show, you talk about personalities, "billions" has wonderful personalities in it. you were on two shows that are also known for that. "madmen" and "sons of anarchy." both fantastic shows, you were great on both. spoiler alert, died on both. >> indeed. [ light laughter ] >> seth: is it true you had four parts in a year where your character died? >> yes. >> seth: wow.
1:20 am
>> forked to the head. cancer. cancer. alien invasion. >> seth: oh wow! [ light laughter ] when you signed up for "billions" did you make it clear, i gots to live? >> oh, yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> i talked to them, i was like, if you don't want me to end up like a crazy person in an institution, you cannot, cannot kill me off. >> seth: and you, so "madmen" you were in season one, "madmen." you came back last season. and we didn't realize when we first saw you, but you were coming back as a ghost? >> yeah. >> seth: you did not know your character was dead. did you know when you came in to play the part again, that was the case? >> well, when i got the call, i was very pregnant. i called matt. and i was like, "matt, i'm like 8 1/2 months pregnant. are you sure you want this?" he's like it's a dream sequence. i was like, "great." he was like, that could be interesting. i was like, okay. and i figured, you know, i would go to the read through, read the script, shoot the scene. but i never made it cause i, you know, it happens. >> seth: yeah. it happens. >> you don't think it's going to happen.
1:21 am
>> seth: you don't have to tell me. >> but suddenly, you are with tyrique in the cab and it's happening. so, i came at the end of the season and i never got a script. like, the night before i got the pages which don't explain anything. and i got in there, and i was like, "matt, what the hell is happening." and he was like, "you know what, i don't want to tell you anything. just shoot the scene. i'll talk to you about it later. i think it's better if you just go in blind. just be, be the dream." >> seth: wow. >> i was like, okay. so we're like, half way through shooting this scene and i'm in a mink stole and i'm supposedly naked underneath. and i'm like, i don't know what i'm doing here. and john hamm says she doesn't know what she's doing here because she's dead. [ light laughter ] >> seth: so that's how you found out. that's terrible way to find out you are dead. >> john hamm was the spoiler in the middle of shooting my last scene on "madmen." and i was like, "i'm dead?" [ light laughter ] and he's like, you don't, you didn't know? i was like, "no, i didn't know." and then i had to shoot the rest of the scene knowing i was dead. >> seth: yeah. >> it was sad.
1:22 am
>> seth: i remember watching the scene, you are very different from the first half to the second half. the second half you like -- [ light laughter ] >> i know. yeah. >> seth: now, a fork to the head, of course was "sons of anarchy." both wonderful shows, i enjoyed both. but i have to imagine, when certain people approach you, you can tell right away, this person is a "madman" fan and then when somebody from "sons of anarchy" which is just the, sort of biker, operatic show that had a completely different fan base. how do "sons of anarchy" fans sort of pop up in your life? >> they always pop up in like -- i kind of appreciate the way the "sons of anarchy" fans usually do it. it's like, you're passing some guy on the street and he's like listening to his headphones and he's like walks away, "love your show. [ light laughter ] or, like, or, like, the sanitation guy is like, throwing the garbage into the truck and he's like, stick with jax, he's the man. [ light laughter ] that might have been my favorite. >> seth: that's great, too, because i watch that show and you should not have stuck with jax, as the fork to the head, like, bears out. that guy was trouble. >> i -- exactly.
1:23 am
it was a bad move. >> seth: and i think in general, for any lady out there, when the sanitation guy gives you romance advice, maybe do the opposite. [ light laughter ] congrats on everything, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: such a fan. [ cheers and applause ] maggie siff everybody, "billions" airs sunday nights on showtime. we'll be right back with john heilemann and mark halperin. ♪ ♪ america, let's take a break from politics this month. let's have a few bud lights and focus on what unites us all. three weeks of non-stop basketball. no! yes! this country is unified in totally blowing off work that first thursday. enough attack ads and name calling... that was a foul you jerk face! yes! yes! for one-twelfth of the year... these truly are the united states. no! no! yes! yes! eat it rogen! eat! it! no! i don't like it! why am i a fan fan favorites quesadilla burger? it's a burger... inside a quesadilla. genius. hot... melty... cheese. fresh... pico de gallo.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guests are best selling authors and hosts of the show "with all due respect" airing weekdays on bloomberg and msnbc. you can see them covering the 2016 election in the documentary series "the circus: inside the greatest political show on earth" which airs sunday nights on showtime. let's take a look. >> you got the call from your friend this morning, you already were scheduled to do a bunch of morning show interviews by phone. did you consult anybody about what to say? did you talk to anybody? >> no. you don't have to consult anybody. i say it from my heart and my brain.
1:29 am
>>right. >> it's not just heart. it's heart and brain. and that's what i do. >> it's like this morning, in the midst of a huge national security story you're on network shows, you get a call from a friend, you watch a little tv and then you just say what you want to say? >> i say what i think is appropriate. ♪ >> seth: please welcome to the show, john heilemann and mark halperin. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> seth: hi, guys. was that early dawn, that you were out? >> dusk. >> dusk at maralago. >> seth: dusk, okay, gotcha. >> nothing better. >> seth: walking around donald trump at dusk. now, i want to ask about, this show it requires access. the candidates have to feel comfortable with cameras around, with you two asking them questions. do you think that has shifted even since the last four years, since four years ago the last election how willing candidates are to let you guys follow them around with cameras? >> well, we've never asked before. >> seth: yeah.
1:30 am
>> we asked this time and people have been generally pretty nice to us. i think its' because we're very polite. >> seth: okay gotcha. so polite is key. >> yeah. >> seth: do you think, in that clip, made it very clear how he goes about deciding what he says. do you think he plugs into something that maybe we all underestimate, which is how much people wanted someone who just speaks off the cuff like he does? >> you know, often presidential elections are, the country is looking for somebody different than the incumbent. president obama is so thoughtful, he sees grays, shades of gray. donald trump, only black and white and projects strength and people like that. you know, he is so famous, right? he's been famous for decades. everybody thinks they know him. now they see him in the context of a presidential candidate. so when we go down to maralago and spend that time with him, every time we spend time with him, we see something different. he is a human kaleidoscope. [ light laughter ] turn it just one notch and he is a little bit different. >> seth: you know, it seems to be that he'll be different depending on whoever he is talking to. >> except the color is always orange. >> seth: yeah, i think that too. >> different shades. different shades. >> light orange, darker orange,
1:31 am
medium orange. >> seth: i want to ask about the idea of this contested convention. obviously, for your show, that would make it more interesting to watch. how do you think that will go down? do you think that will go down? what is the percentage chance that this is going to be the outcome? >> it is like a fantasy for a political journalist. every cycle we talk about how this might happen. >> seth: yeah. >> and it's always a fantasy. this time, i actually think most people we talk to on the republican side think there's a higher likelihood of it happening than has ever been before. it would be because it's not happened since 1976 when gerald ford and ronald reagan, had one. we really have no idea. >> there's one thing you can be sure about, it will end with a knife in the head. >> seth: yeah. that's good. that'll be fun. [ light laughter ] and you're on showtime, you can show that. >> whole thing. >> and i think it will be an incredibly exciting thing, i mean, if it happens. just at the level of pure drama, pure comedy, pure theater. an amazing thing to behold. >> seth: i think we've seen a little bit on both sides of the aisle. the establishment, the idea of this party establishment, the party machine, maybe not as strong as we thought it was. is that something you guys saw
1:32 am
coming or, is this catching you off guard as well? >> we have seen it across the board. it's not just in politics, right. in religion, in business, in government. even in late night hosts. there's less respect than there used to be for big institutions. >> seth: yeah, i guess so. >> and, in some cases. >> seth: yeah. >> you're like the new establishment. it's okay. >> seth: okay great. >> you're a young turk. >> seth: what? >> you're a young turk. >> seth: i'm barely following what you guys are saying. [ laughter ] >> you're not part of the old guard. >> seth: okay gotcha, anyway. >> you're young for a late night host. >> seth: okay, cool. >> this is trump and bernie sanders, right, on the democratic side. they kind of, hastened everybody understanding that, the old guard, the old ways of doing things in politics, like everything else, it's changed a ton. and they're just brought it out in sharper relief. >> seth: one of the other things i love about the show, is it shows how mundane running for president can be, especially in town hall settings. because what we see, what's filtered through the television are all the big issue things. you have john kasich getting asked by someone about the moose situation locay. how often -- >> that was new hampshire, i
1:33 am
believe, your home state. >> seth: yeah, absolutely. >> you know what a big problem moose can be. >> seth: true story, when i was in high school, i hit a moose with my car. >> which survived? >> seth: the young turk. >> you're the winner. >> seth: yeah, exactly. [ light laughter ] do you, i mean, is that, do you watch these candidates and do you just feel awful for how much they have to answer questions like this? >> well, they answer the same questions over and over again, ad infinitum and ad nauseam. and then they get occasionally ones like this, where kasich gets asked about moose. or you have a presidential candidate who's asked like, from someone, "hey, you know, i have a little problem with garbage removal. you know, the pothole in my street." >> seth: yeah. >> big giant hole for weeks. and you think, do these people know they are talking to a presidential candidate or a mayor? >> seth: and does kasich have to process as quickly as he can, what his moose position is? [ light laughter ] >> he's getting briefed on the bus as they're driving into the event. >> seth: absolutely. >> here is what you say if you get asked about the moose. >> seth: absolutely. >> look, running for president, that's part of what "the circus" we think, shows. it's a humbling experience. you're going for the highest office in the land. but you're staying in bad
1:34 am
hotels, if you are not donald trump, you're trying to figure out how you're gonna fly from point 'a' to point 'b'. it's not easy. it's not easy. it's a physical endurance test, but even more than that, it's mental endurance test. because, one question, you're being asked about the moose, the next minute, you're being asked about nato. >> seth: well, i'm glad that we are getting the moose answers. thank you guys. >> we're here to serve. >> seth: everybody, john heilemann and mark halperin, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "with all due respect" airs weekdays on bloomberg and msnbc, and "the circus" airs sunday nights on showtime. we'll be right back. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to tracy morgan, maggie siff, john heilemann and mark halperin, everybody. stanton moore and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, what's up? carson daly here with some more "last call" for you. welcome to t s


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