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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a th ecutive es trng tosaveis yi right now at 4:30, a tragedy for a peninsula family. a tech executive dies trying to save his young daughter's life. plus, beatings and accusations of a cover-up. more details from the lawsuit filed against an east bay sheriff's department. and we are warming up on this wednesday. it will be another beautiful day in the bay area. city by the bay doing a little glistening this morning. today in the bay starts right now. a good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to get a look at your forecast on this wednesday. here's meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning, sam and kris.
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more chilly temperatures as you get the day started and head out the door, make sure you have some nice, warm clothes to wear, but it will be warmer this afternoon, as we start out now at 51 degrees in san francisco, in the east bay, it's 41 degrees in the peninsula and 42 in the north bay. a few more clouds as we start out, but we'll see some sunshine, and a breezy wind, once again, up to 71 degrees in the north bay and the south bay, 68 degrees. we'll take a look at more weather coming up in a few minutes, but let's head over to anthony to see how the roads are moving. >> things moving without a problem this morning. we don't have any concerns out there. you can see traffic is really good. we have lots of green on the map, and there is some overnight construction wrapping up near the tri-valley, a few lines restricted, but otherwise, the traffic slows, moving nice and slow on this wednesday. sam and kris, back to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. a tragic freak accident takes the life of a former facebook executive. the father was electrocuted after jumping into a pool,
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trying to save his young daughter's life. now questions are emerging about pool safety. "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live in burlingame. a tragedy, bob. what can we learn from this? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. people who know the tremel family have been leaving flowers on the doorstep of their door here in burlingame out of sympathy for jim tremel, a 43-year-old tech exec who was electrocuted easter sunday in the pool at the family's vacation home in palm springs. he jumped in the pool to save his 9-year-old daughter, who was experiencing electrical shocks and turning blue. she was taken to the hospital, last report was in critical condition. tremel, unfortunately, didn't survive the electrical current. law enforcement in palm springs believes faulty wiring, possibly to the pool light, might be to blame. tremel was a former exec at facebook and most recently the bp of sales for revjet in san carlos. >> he was always really nice, good to the kids.
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you could always see him jumping on the trampoline back here and yelling to my dog. especially to hear about the oldest daughter. i hope she's going to pull through and be okay. >> an adult woman and four other children were also in the pool at the time. one of those woman was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the others treated and released. it's believed they survived because they weren't as close to the faulty wiring. according to the consumer product safety commission, 14 people died inside of a pool, being electrocuted inside of a pool between '03 and 2014. the consumer product safety commission and the red cross recommend electrical inspections, especially if you have an older pool. reporting live here in burlingame, bob redell, "today in the bay". >> thank you very much, bob. 4:33 now. a suspected car thief is suing alameda county's sheriff's department. attorneys for stanislav petrov say that the force deputies used was excessive during his arrest
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last november. that beating caught on surveillance camera and then the photos to show what happened after. petrov also claims a third deputy stole his necklace and gave it to a homeless couple that witnessed the beating. sheriff greg ahern promises a thorough investigation. and sheriff ahern already making changes in his camera. he's making body camera use mandatory. 10 of the 11 deputies used in this arrest say they did not have their cameras on, and the one who did have his camera rolling say it happened by accident. the search right now is on for the person shooting wild animals with a pellet gun at the berkeley marina. a groundskeeper there discovered three raccoons and a possum and a feral cat either dead or clinging to life along the shoreline yesterday morning. investigators bully they were targeted. police are putting out this information because they have nothing else to go on. >> we're keeping a close eye on the south bay this morning after a swarm of earthquakes overnight. maybe they woke you up. in a matter of three hours,
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starting around 7:20, there were at least ten earthquakes, all centered in the alu rock area of east san jose. the largest was 3.1. the usgs says swarms are not unusual for this area, as those of us who live in the south bay can attest. there was a quake swarm a few miles north of santa rosa. in all, there have been 40 small quakes in just the last four hours. >> and you didn't feel any of those? >> i didn't feel it, but we got the nbc bay area alert. so that woke me up. >> a lot of people not clinging to their beds from the earthquake, but because they didn't want to get out of bed. >> it was so cold, kari! >> another cold morning. it makes it hard to get the day started, but once you step out the door, that will instantly wake you up, once you feel ow chilly it is. it's 41 in livermore. pa little bit milder in the north bay this morning, because we've seen some clouds rolling in. and that will kind of act as a blanket and keep those temperatures from plummeting into the mid-30s, like we had
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yesterday. we're looking at highs the today up to 71 degrees in los gatos. and burlingame, 66. 63 in burrno heights. napa, up to 70. and antioch today, 71. we'll take a look at the rest of the forecast and into the weekend adds well as this dry weather continues. let's get an update on the roads. >> things moving without a problem. i want to show you the dublin area. yesterday we had some accidents pile up here around 6:30, 7:00. nothing really happening now. traffic moving without a problem, pretty good on this wednesday. let's switch over to the maps, we have some overnight construction wrapping up along 680. a few lanes restricted, same thing for the east bay over near oakland. south bay no problem, lots of green, green means go. >> thank you, anthony. coming up next, a new housing development coming toing los gatos, but not everybody is
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happy about it. we'll talk about residents' concerns. and you may now tie on your bib and melt the butter. indu indugnous crab headed to an area near you.
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4:39 now. as the murder trial of a man accused of killing a 16-month-old baby boy is expected to begin in san jose today. alejandro benitez is accused of suffocating the toddler. it happened four years ago at a home in east san jose. benitez faces the death penalty. and the fate of a former stanford swimmer now in the hands of the jury. prosecutors wrapped up closing arguments in the rape trial of brock turner yesterday. they say the victim didn't want to have sex with turner after a fraternity party on campus last year. turner took the stand and testified the woman did want to have sex with him. he dropped out of stanford after those allegations. later today, los gatos examiners will examine the details for a long-discussed retail and housing development. council members have already approved what's called the north 40 development. but questions still surround how big it's going to be. council members and people who live there are concerned about the potential traffic impact, as well. that meeting takes place at 10:00 a.m. busy there, busy at the docks this morning. if you head down, you're bound
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to see the first haul from this year's dungeness crab season. >> buyers and fishermen set a wholesale price at just under 3 bucks a pound yesterday. crab season officially got underway last saturday, more than four months late. crabbers now have until the end of june to make up for all that lost time. i guess we do too. >> coming up next, fried brussel sprouts. how does that sound to you? >> those are the new additions to at&t park for the new giants' season. when we come back, not just bobblehead dolls, but how they'll let you get on the field with the actual players.
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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. a li lookt a dk at&pk.
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i think i can smell the garlic fries from here, as we look live at a dark mccovey cove right now. the giants are wrapped up in arizona. they'll be heading home to take on the as friday night, but you can catch the action right here on nbc bay area. >> and you can smell those fries coming a mile away. fans will get the chance to join the players on the field this season with a little help from technology. the team is unveiling these new virtual reality headsets that are going to be available for fans in the at cafe. they say this is a whole different kind of game experience for fans. >> there was a baseball that madison bum gartner was throwing the long toss and i was right in the middle of buster posey and jake having a conversation. you'll want to check this out.
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>> as ea sports says, it's in the game. and of course there's the new's in the ballpark, too. we're talking about things like fried brussels sprouts, shrimp sandwiches, and porchini donuts. >> no thank you. >> i'll give it a chance. how about that? >> try everything at least once. try our weather a lot, because it's just so beautiful. kari hall joining us now. cold again, like it was yesterday. >> i remember when we went to the giants game, sam. you had that gigantic bratwurst think. >> a kielbasa. those things. >> garlic tfries, that's alwaysa hit. let's take a look at what we're feeling now. another chilly morning. it's 51 degrees in san francisco. and 41 degrees in the east bay as we get a closer look at san francisco now, we're right at about 50, 51, 52. not a wide range. and in the north bay, we have a few more clouds this morning and 41 degrees.
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so that may keep us from getting some frost. as we go hour-by-hour, we're looking throughout the day in berkeley. a few clouds this morning, and then all of that clears out for some sunshine by 11:00. and into the lower 60s today. we may have some spots hitting the upper 60s and low 70s this afternoon. like los gatos, 71 degrees. 66 in burlingame and the financial district at 61 degrees. so, it will be a touch warmer in a few spots. and of course, we can hold back the windy conditions. and more clouds will mix in, as we go, at least into the first part of the day. but then, here's a look at the temperature trend in dublin. the average high is 66 degrees. but we're up to 71 degrees for tomorrow. 72 degrees on friday, and then saturday, looks like the warmest day, before those temperatures start to come back down, a couple of degrees. here's part of the reason why. we will have a few more clouds mixing in, by the end of the weekend. so a little bit more cloud cover on sunday, out ahead of this.
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a chance of rain that could be moving in by monday afternoon. as of now, it looks like it could have at least a measurable amount of rain in parts of the bay area. and this is what the models are showing. the potential that at least a quarter of an inch, maybe closer to a half of an inch in the north bay, which would definitely be some great news, as we head into the start of april. may have a little bit more wet weather working into the bay area. and next week is looking a little bit chilly, at least to start. let's see what's happening on the san mateo bridge now with anthony. >> hey, everyone, from the chp, we have an actual report to say there's something on the shoulder. they're not really sure what it is. it's a stall, some debris in the roadway. but coming over the high-rise, on the westbound side, getting down into foster city, keep that in mind if that's your route. not sure when that will be cleared, but something is in the roadway according to chp on the shoulder, coming on westbound 92. let's switch over to the maps and show you what i'm talking about. there is the incident i'm reporting near san mateo. once you get into the city,
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though, or over to the peninsula, things are pretty good. and a little overnight work wrapping up in the tri-valley. that's what's going on right now. guys, back to you. >> let's get you updated on a major story from yesterday. new this morning, the first court appearance for a man who hijacked an egypt air jet plane and briefly took hostages. this is video of seif eldine mustafa being transported. prosecutors called the suspect psychologically unstable. authorities say he wore a fake explosive belt and did it in an effort to see his ex-wife. >> more on this story. some calling this a bit of levity in a very serious situation. others are calling it just not right. one passenger onboard that hijacked plane, britain's ben ines posed for a selfie with the hijacker during the standoff. authorities say he unnecessarily put ines at risk.
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others say he really should not follow his lead. the three remaining gop presidential candidates are changing their tune when it comes to supporting the party's future nominee. all three took part in a town hall in wisconsin last night. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, all declining to say they would unquestionably support the candidate who was picked as the republican nominee. the front-runner, donald trump, spent much of the night defending his campaign manager, who now faces battery charges after pulling a reporter away from donald trump. we turn to some business news now. apple is giving major league baseball teams a new tool that's going to help out the managers. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters where even there there's baseball on the brain, landon. >> we've always got to have a little sports in business. good morning to you. futures are higher this morning. expect early losses after fed
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chair janet yellin said the central bank should continue to move cautiously on raising interest rates, and that is causing economists to project the fed may only raise rates once this year. look for data today on private sector job growth. and the dow rising to 1763. the nasdaq up 79 to 4846. meanwhile, at&t is raising data limits on its broadband plans as it gears up to offer its direct tv service over the internet later this yir. users will be able to get unlimited data from an additional $30 a month. but for customers who use direct tv or uverse, the unlimited data will be flee. the changes go into effect in may. and apple has struck a deal with major league baseball to equip every team with ipad pro tablets. coaches will be able to search for stats and call up a video from current and past seasons. they'll come with a custom app called mlb dugout. zbll they're actually keeping tabs on what's going on on that ipad. thank you very much, landon.
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coming up next, we are watching two key numbers this morning. how much you're going to pay at the pump. that's one. >> and how much water we will have come spring. what we expect from this year's snow survey. and happening right now, neighbors stunned after the death of a silicon valley executive in palm springs. he was electrocuted when he jumped into a pool to try to save his daughter. she's now in critical condition. our bob redell is talking with neighbors this morning. he's got a live report coming up next. there's also an update at our home page. and plenty of warriors fans talking about 67, as in wins. the you can link to the story on our twitter feed. ==topv= a crical ment for calir
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happening later today, it
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will be a critical moment for california's water supply. state water leaders are going to measure the sierra snowpack. and no surprise, surveyors are going to find more snow than they have in recent years. but even with the el nino weather pattern bringing more generous snowfall, it's expected to be about normal levels for this time of year. today's readings are likely also going to affect new water conservation numbers. from water to gas, and have you noticed at the pump that gas prices have been inching up? they've gone up for 22 straight days now. prices now up 30 cents, and that includes here in the bay area. current prices, now, san francisco, $2.84 for a gallon of regular, and san jose, it's $2.76. oakland, $2.74. the price increase comes because of strong demand and because refineries are slowing production. and the warriors definitely on the up and up. >> yes, they are. another step towards history. warriors dazzling a national tv audience tonight and even the fans were impressive. >> this is 7-year-old ezra,
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showing off his inner steph curry. he has a prosthetic leg, but his hoop skills are curry-like. steph actually met with him before the game. the warriors recovering from a sluggish second quarter last night, taking control in the second half of that game, beating the washington wizards. the warriors now improve to 67-7. so there's only eight games left in the regular season. they got to go 6-2, and they will break the all-time record. >> i want ezra to be my coach. >> ezra had some moves. >> yeah, he did. 99 days and counting until the road to the olympics kicks into overdrive here in the bay area. >> that is when the u.s. olympic trials for one of the world's highest profile events happens in san jose, team women usa gymnastics. so mary lou retton was at san francisco city hall yesterday being honored. the 1984 gold medallist got a commendation from the city. she believes team usa will win the all-around goal. >> your flags and your red, white, and blue and the signs and you just get so patriotic
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when it's an olympic year and gymnastics does that. and you're going to be completely in awe. >> she did it for me back in the '80s. longtime fans may find this hard to believe. mary lou retton, now 48 years old. by the way, tickets are still available for the trials at the sap center and that will be july 8th and the 10th. >> and the gymnasts are always so incredibly impressive. all of the sports, it's just the combination of grace and sports and coordination. >> the power. >> it's really shocking. >> yeah. >> in such a little package. a seal caused a stir last night near the berkeley peer. >> the animal was seen wandering in the middle of the street, kind of moving along, shaking its tail. police called the marine mammal center to come and pick that little guy up, but by the time they arrived, he was already back in the water. turns out the young seal is tagged and named school days. >> i don't know why. >> good thing he's back at home.
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the popemobile is up for auction in new york. >> you might remember this fiat that pope francis used during his visit to new york last year. the auction ends tomorrow. the fiat 500 lounge has low miles, a glass roof, and a premium sound system. bids have already reached more than $130,000 for that car. the proceeds will go to catholic schools and to charities. how much music do you think the pope was listening to that in a high-end sound system? >> "ava maria," "hallelujah"? "amazing grace." coming up, a north bay school shut down because of measles. >> we're getting ready for a warm-up. i'll show you the microclimate forecast, coming up. melt theutterdungess cb is w hee
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you may now tie on your bib and melt that butter. dungeness crowd is headed to a plate near you. but when? details, coming up. and jumping in to save his daughter, only to die himself. the bizarre and tragic accident that claimed the life of a former facebook executive. and a swarm of earthquakes in the south bay. how many struck overnight? "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning and thank you for joining us on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at your forecast on this wednesday morning. good morning, kari.
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>> good morning, sam and kris. we have cool temperatures again this morning, but not as cold as yesterday, thanks to a few clouds starting to roll in from the north bay, making it across san francisco and now into the east bay. after this cool start, a beautiful afternoon, once again, a breezy wind, sunshine, and up to 67 degrees in the east bay and peninsula. 71 degrees in the north bay. i'll talk about what to expect this weekend, and a few more showers in the forecast for early next week. that's coming up in a few minutes, but anthony has a headsup for the peninsula drivers. >> this is 101 right near the ikea store, off to the shoulder. they just started letting a few cars through, this is on the northbound side. you can see the crash of some sort, not really sure if chp hasn't described this too well, but we're just hearing there's some sort of crash, some sort of debris on the highway because of this crash, and now they're just starting to let about one, maybe two lanes through. but it's a trickle of cars. there's not much movement here. this is 101 northbound. it's kind of starting to com


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