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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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walnut creek. not even 6:00 in the morning and look at all the people lined up. not just trying to buy a car, but to put down a deposit to buy a car from more than a year from now. a drug as powerful as heroin hitting the streets of northern california. i'm bob redell. we'll tell you all about it coming up. an update to breaking news. a desperate rescue effort under way to save 150 people who are trapped underneath a collapsed overpass. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this thursday, i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off this morning. >> i'm sam brock as you saw a very busy morning. the latest developments from india but first a calm start here on your thursday morning. kari hall has a look at your microclimate forecast. >> some patchy fog may develop in the past hour or so as many people get out on those roadways otherwise we're in for some sunshine once the clouds clear and lunchtime temperature at 62
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degrees. north bay 65 degrees and heading up to 69 degrees there. south bay 68 degrees and the tri-valley 70 degrees for today's high. into the next few days, no major changes, but we may have showers in the forecast for early next week. i'll detail that coming up later and let's check in with anthony for a look at the morning commute. >> things moving pretty good. we don't have many concerns out there. one accident right now and that is very goods especially considering the bay area. you know how it goes some days. 101 northbound right at mckie there is an accident and this is already a slow spot. so, you just be prepared for more slower than usual going here. let's take you outside and see what you're talking about. see not all that bad even though we're seeing slowing cars just down below 65 miles per hour which is the speed limit, folks. keep in mind, not all that. an update to the breaking news out of india. 14 people are dead. 150 others still trapped at this
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hour after an overpass thered. right now, people are using their bare hands to dig through the debris and the cement just to try to get to those survivors. a crane is also being brought in. this happened in the city of kolkata near the country's border with bangladesh. the overpass was under construction when part of it fell. we do know we have family members that extend all the way to india. we will continue to track this breaking story, bringing you updates as we get them this morning. in developing news closer to home, seven people have now died from overdosing on a street drug believed to be 80 times stronger than morphine. this is happening near sacramento, but it's gaining attention here in the bay area. >> "today in the bay" bob redell live in san jose. bob, these pills are being made to look like a prescription pain killer but usually when you get fentanyl you're in a hospital. >> correct. they're also not as high a dose as what we're seeing on the
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streets. police in upper northern california. we reached oitute the public health department to see if this new powerful drug has yet to hit the streets here in the south bay. what we're talking about are the pills made from a synthetic pain killer caused fentanyl. if you're not familiar, fentanyl is a prescription drug considered to be eight times more powerful than heroin. and this dose after being found on the streets. in sacramento county, it has already caused 28 people to overdose and has killed seven. the most recent death is jerome butler and thought his friend was giving him a dose of norco. a less powerful pain killer. he became unresponsive saturday. his family just made the heartbreaking decision to take him off life support leaving his son without a father. >> half of me is gone. he was my baby. he left three kids. >> i'm just a young boy.
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i don't think i'm supposed to be going through this right now. >> people one pill. one pill. we have find out where it's coming from. >> the drug enforcement agency says that fentanyl is produced mainly in china. shipped to mexico and then smuggled up north here to the united states. fentanyl can be lucrative for drug dealers. for example, a $5,000 purchase of heroin can generate $80,000 in sales. 3,300 in fentanyl over $1 million in revenue. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." >> pretty scary. thank you very much, bob. facing tens now behind bars a jury finds former stanford swimmer brock turner guilty of rape. prosecutors say quick thinking from two stanford grad students helped their case in court. they saw turner on top of an intoxicated and unconscious woman back in january. when turner tried to run, they stopped him. >> i think without them this would have gone unreported or
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unsolved. >> turner is out on $1,000 bail and he's going to be sentenced in june. the death penalty is now off the table for a trio of drifters. they're suspected of two murders last october. a bay area therapist who was shot while hiking in marin county and a tourist who was found dead in golden gate park. if convicted, the suspects could be sentenced to life in prison without patrol. the so-called bearded bandit will appear in federal court today. the feds say he has confessed to robbing 11 banks across the state. he was arrested last week. authorities say he got away with $34,000. you might remember he was arrested buying razors. police in berkey are investigating two recent strong arm robberies on the cal campus. the first one happening in the parking structure on tuesday night. a man had his wallet stolen by two men.
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one of whom grabbed him from behind. shortly after that in speaker plaza, a student lent his phone to two women who then walked away from it. an attempted burglarly in belmont on tuesday. you watch the two men appear at the corner of your screen going to that home on the right side of your screen after the people next door leave jump the fence and try to break into that home. the home alarm went off forcing the men tew bandon their plans and start running. call belmont police if you have any information about those suspects. thanks to three canines. cricket, robby all found pot and tuabacko inside the folsom prison on tuesday. the contrband was stuffed into drains and light fixtures. >> a name like scout, you know he's legitimate. california is one step closer now to becoming the first state in the country.
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the assembly appropriation committee passed a bill yesterday that issue could now go before the full assembly and the senate as soon as today. the increase would be gradual, not hitting the full 15 bucks until 2022. an overflow crowd gave feedback last night on plans for a giant south bay development. los gatos city leaders approved the project which will eventually go up in what is currently an orch oered. the question is, how big will this retail and housing development be? current plans call for 270 housing units right now. critics are concerned about potential traffic nightmares and worry that the project will change the feel. the small town feel of los gatos. >> a lot of questions, kris about our snow pack and where it stands right now. the answer, close, but not enough took the words out of my mouth. >> dramatic improvement in the sierra snow pack. we are still in a drought. the state snow pack below
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average at 87%, however, that is a vast improvement over a year ago when the snow pack was just 5% of normal. most of us will still have to take shorter showers, flush less often as we head into the summer. >> but we are happy that those inspectors or measurers are getting put to work. they actually have something to stick that thing in. >> exactly. meteorologist kari hall we're not adding much to the reservoirs right now. >> no, we are still on some dry weather as we start out this week. and our temps are over the place. we also have some clouds, something a little different this morning. we may have patchy fog developing, especially as we head to the morning commute. after all that clears out some more sunshine this morning. peninsula today up to 65 and 68 degrees in the south bay. i'll have another look at the microclimate forecast. we'll check out this weekend coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to anthony to
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get an update on the morning commute. >> yeah, well, things are moving really nicely this morning. we haven't had many concerns out there. one accident in the south bay dealing withing 101 northbound and want to take you to the east bay and coming down near 580 near dublin and 880 southbound starting to slow near hayward and keep that in mind and take you outside and show you what the san mateo bridge looks like. quite a bit of traffic here and not that bad and things are moving smoothly towards the foster city side. guys, back over to you. >> thank you very much, anthony. coming up, turbulence onboard a flight so severe that sent a drink cart slamming into the ceiling. what passengers say was going through their mind when that plane shook so violently. a new app tells you where not to drive. speaking of driving. let's take you out to walnut creek. those people are not lined up for a new iphone, but a new tesla. we'll take you out there live coming up in just a bit. let the bay bridge series
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begin. a live look at quiet at&t park this morning. the giants and the a's are about to fill that puppy up later today. one thing you won't see at the ballpark any time soon. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. "amecan ele" fght... ing mentsn
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peoplen boa say e pla ight ft d violtly - drincartactuly hithe so violently that a drink cart actually hit the ceiling and you can see some of the liquid in the photo here. some passengers thought the plane was going to crash, they say. >> the guy behind me saying, are we going down? are we going down? and he goes, i got kids and the husband and wife sitting behind me and i look back and i say, sir, i promise you this aircraft is 100% safe. >> wow. the two crew members were treated at the hospital, later released. no passengers were hurt. so, probably damaged psychologically. >> a lot of people are about flying to begin with. a study on headlights is making headlines. cars are now getting ranked for
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safety. from a pretty household agency here, kris. insurance institute for highway safety the prius 5 is the only car that received a good ranking for headlights. the headlights shine almost 400 feet ahead giving a driver going 70 miles an hour enough time to stop and avoid a collision. the bmw 3 series received one of the worst rankings with beams reaching less than 200 feet ahead. >> i want to measure mine in the parking lot later. comedians joke about it, but now real gps that steers you away from bad neighborhoods. >> okay, but any flaws in the system here? scott mcgrew, no doubt, will cause some controversy. >> the makers of red zone, the app say, hey, just based on crime data and we didn't create that data. shows zones. you need to be careful driving through and then realtime police data showing where violent crimes have been committed. the information may be factual, but impractical.
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it also needs a bit of work. if you look over there in the right-hand corner, that's not how you spell the word hazard. other news we have been talking about, the little hints that we're seeing in the tech economy that it might be slowing down. so, i have some news that kind of sounds inside baseball at first. and you think, why do i care? one of those hints. fidelity has cut its estimates about how much various companies it is invested in are worth. palo alto and benefits in san francisco. these are private companies. they're not on the stock market. so we just can't look up how much they're worth. they're worth whatever investors think they're worth and one of those investors this morning think it's worth a lot less. in the case, about 40% less so, the shine is coming off some of the real high-flying start ups in the bay area. we just got data on first-time jobless claims a few moments ago. a bit higher than we would have liked. the big jobs number tomorrow.
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tomorrow is the day of the financial quarter. interest as people line-up to put $1,000 on the new tesla. you're looking at live pictures this morning. the model 3 out in walnut creek where people lined up to put a deposit down on a car they haven't even seen yet and won't be built for years. steph chuang is out there and a live report coming up shortly. sam and kris, this is a model 3. if you do with me in air quotes, low-cost tesla. not everybody thinks that $35,000 is a low-cost car. >> is it a four-door sedan. >> we assume like a smaller sedan. bmw 3 series. >> otherwise you wait in line to drop your deposit and go, i can't fit the kids in there. >> no. until tonight when elan musk shows it to us. >> they're doing the unveiling
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in hawthorn. do you know why hawthorn? >> they have plants down there and also space x is down there. >> i told sam, there is a reason. >> a method to the madness. $35,000 is a bargain for a car, well, there are bargain tickets, i'm sure for the exhibition series game today, kris. at at&t park. cheaper than the regular season. the giants are playing the a's in their first game of the year here in that spring exhibition. that series is then going to continue tomorrow at at&t before it moves to the coliseum on saturday. for the real thing, the start of the season, the giants home opener is next thursday. one site you're not going to see, players with tobacco spilling out of their mouths and a new san francisco law makes it illegal to chew tobacco in all athletic facilities in the city. some giants fans will have one less option to get to at&t park.
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direct ferry service in marin is canceled. that's because the golden gate ferry service is down a boat. it's currently in san diego for repairs. marin ferry service is canceled for all giants games through april. >> that will affect the traffic picture on those days. here is meteorologist kari hall with whether the weather is going good for an exhibition game. >> beautiful weather and we start out with clouds this morning and the sun breaks out later today. now feeling a little bit chilly but not as cold as it has been. 54 degrees in san francisco and 52 in the south bay. let's drop in on the south bay now. morgan hill 49 degrees and downtown is 51 and in campbell also 51 degrees. still long sleeves needed. calm winds and the winds will pick up again today at 15 to 20 miles an hour moving onshore and those onshore flow. this will keep your temperatures in check as we see the skies clearing later today. so, here is a look at the break
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down for livermore. 50 degrees will be the temperature at 8:00. and then we may get into the upper 50s as the sun becomes all across the sky, the clouds clearing out of here. 62 can degrees at lunchtime and upper 60s throughout the afternoon and into the evening. 60s and 7 o0s all across the bay area and about average temperatures. not really well above average. walnut creek and dublin today looking at a high of 71 degrees and the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you see that our temperature is pretty much hold steady and then start to warm up towards the end of next week. we also are seeing some clouds and fog this morning. visibility may get low for just a little while before those clouds clear out and then the clouds and the fog hugging the immediate coast moving back inland as we go into tonight. mainly san francisco, oakland and farther off towards the south. where we may have some fog, again, tomorrow morning. high pressure still just to the west of us. and giving us that onshore flow. the storm track, though, will
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slowly start to slide to the east as we go into the weekend and that may mean some changes in the forecast for monday. scattered showers possible. starting on monday and some cooler temperatures that will be moving in. looking at the forecast, will have some highs in the 60s and 70s in the north bay, as well as the south bay. very pleasant weekend. still our weather dry, once again, until monday when we see that storm track moving into the bay area. let's check in now with anthony to see what's happening on the roadways. >> well, we're moving pretty good through the bay area right now. not much to talk about as far as any accidents. show you what is happening through the bay area. through the east bay things build especially along 680 where there is an accident along vargas and same deal over 880 near hayward and san mateo bridge and 101 is slow in spots and earlier accident at mckie keeping things slow. once you get past the 880 overpass, things do improve.
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along the peninsula all the way into san francisco. no problems palo alto does show traffic is starting to build here. both northbound and southbound direction and no accidents as you get into the silicon valley and headed back into the city. back over to you guys. >> thank you, anthony. disturbing new details out of brussels. up next, the reason authorities believe the suspect they're targeting belgium's prime minister. plus -- >> republican frontrunner donald trump is now back pedaling over comments about abortion and women. i'm edward lawrence in washington. details coming up.
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a potential isis target list emerging after last week's terror attacks. "the new york times" reporting the mastermind behind the brussels bombing had floor plans of the belgium prime minister's office. that office not far away from the metro that waw was attacked. experts say that isis may be planning a larger-scale attack. and now decision 2016 and the republican frontrunner donald trump coming under fire again this time for comments surrounding abortion. in a sitdown interview with msnbc chris matthews trump says women should be punished if abortion is illegal and they have one anyway edward lawrence joining us live from washington, d.c. edward democrats are mad and republicans are mad and now trump is back pedaling. good morning.
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>> good morning. how can you compete with that. that is exactly right. republicans and democrats both thought that donald trump's comments may eventually get him in trouble. hasn't seemed to happen until until now. donald trump is backing off comments this morning where he said women should be punished for having an abortion. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? gesor no? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> trump's campaign clarified his position saying the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case, as is the life in her womb. the exchange with msnbc chris matthews has both republicans and democrats anti-abortion rights advocates and abortion right supporters condemning the republican frontrunner. saying the woman should never be punished. >> i think probably donald trump will figure out a way to say that he didn't say it or
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misquoted or whatever. but i don't think so. i don't think that is an appropriate response. >> you know, i'm constantly just taken aback at the kinds of things that he advocates for. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehension. >> some female voters are still for trump. >> does not change my mind or anything about him. >> reporter: still, she thinks trump should tone it down. and a new marquette law school poll that was out yesterday in wisconsin shows that senator ted cruz has a lead by about ten points for those 42 delegates in wisconsin. reporting live in washington, edlawrence, now back to you. kris, sam. >> thank you very much. senator bernie sanders could be left off the washington, d.c., primary presidential ballot and all because of a clerical error. the democratic party was a day late in passing along his registration information to the
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d.c. board of elections. a voter has since filed a challenge and the d.c. board must hold a hearing next week. sanders campaign says they are confident that they still can get him on to that june 14th ballot but what a heartstopper. >> you'd think they want to get that corrected, stat. >> that is really bad. coming up next, the 8-year-old boy shot in concord finally well enough to return home. he's going to share his story with us, coming up. well, it is a bay area tradition camping out for the latestt. this time we're not talking about a gadget, we're talking about a car that they haven't even seen yet. we're live in line coming up right after the break.
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good morning on your thursday. thanks for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is cleeping up this morning. meteorologist kari hall up bright and early. >> a nice start to the day although we are seeing clouds and cool temperatures and still need a light jacket as you head out the door. patchy fog possible in some spots in the bay area and then high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. a look at those lunchtime temperature and make plans to get outside. 61 degrees in the peninsula and 65 in the north bay with highs in the upper 60s to even 70 it grees in the tri-valley today. more of this weather continues into the weekend. so, we'll take a look at that coming up in a few minutes. anthony has a heads up for south bay drivers. >> just want to show you this
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quick picture. live 101 northbound right at the 280 interchange. barely moving. just stop and go traffic because we're dealing with not only one accident, but we've got three separate accidents on the 101 right now. let's take it to the maps and you what we're talking about. you get past there the 280 interchange and another accident near mckie and then past that another one right at the 87 connector. so, this is always a slow go usually every morning and now it's going to be because we have more accidents in that area. along the rest of the peninsula looking pretty good. east shore looking good, as well. little slowing for hayward and accident right at 680 southbound. >> anthony, thank you very much. right now, lots of folks braving the cold for a tesla not to drive it, but tareserve it. to put down $1,000 to put their name on a list. people lining up at the dealership in walnut creek to do
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just that for a model 3. stephanie chuang is live among the crowd this morning and waiting for a car that they haven't even seen yet. i think you were telling us some of the folks in line are even surprising themselves to find themselves there. >> yeah, absolutely. these are very dedicated tesla fans. let's just put it that way. this line is not as long as we've seen, but it is pretty long, especially doubling in just the last couple of hours. maybe 60 people they're all mostly and now they're wide awake. waiting until 10:00 when the doors to this store open and employees will take reservations in person. making a reservation at and that doesn't start until 8:30 tonight and we don't know what model 3 looks like. ed for much more affordable starting price compared to the model s which starts at double that. it was unclear just how long
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these lines would be this morning, so tesla fans put the number on speed dial. >> we kept calling to see if there was a line and they kept saying one guy here, one guy here. but eventually more people started showing up and we thought, we have to go now. >> and he's been here. he's one of the first in line. now, everyone has to put a $1,000 deposit down. it is, though, refundable and tesla says the model 3 won't begin production until late 2017. deliveries after that but the good news, kris and sam, we get the tesla model 3 first. >> that is a bonus. thank you very much, steph. >> get it in like november of 2017 instead of december. waiting it out is going to be a good thing, though. about to catch muni. keep a close eye. san francisco police say pick pocketing is way up. the man in the black hat steal
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the wallet right out of the san francisco man back pocket. the victim who was with his kids at the time didn't realize what happened until the thief started using his credit cards. >> that guy was a sitting duck. no one wants to be the mark but your you think you're smart and aware. one in your arm. >> keep all the personal items in front of you or in your front pocket. >> b.a.r.t. riders will keep their belongs close or secure at all times. >> had the baby in his arms. the search is on now for this man who snatched a dog in san francisco police say the suspect seen in the surveillance video stole a dog from outside a store in the western edition. it happened earlier this month. now the sfpd is asking for help to try to find the dog you see here. the dog's owner went into the and came back out and the dog is gone. that dog's name is catfish, by the way. if you have any information, you're urged to call police. the city of berkeley wants to take a specialized approach
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in helping traumatized school children. berkeley's mental health division is in the process of selecting three public schools in which to launch a new program. it will train teachers and ined parents to build awareness about trauma and how it impacts students. program leaders are asking for public feedback at a meeting tonight in north berkeley. kris, it is a first. a liver from an hiv positive person transplant under to an hiv positive patient. that transplant was done in johns hopkins in baltimore. the transplanted liver is funking. surgeons transplanted a kidney between hiv patients which is also a first in the u.s. but successful transplants have been completed in south africa. a young boy in concord is recovering well after he was shot by a family friend last week. last friday 8-year-old joshua brathway was standing in front of his home when police say a family friend started firing a gun. a bullet ricochetted off the ground and struck the little boy
6:36 am
in his neck. it is a story you will see only on nbc bay area as joshua talked about his frightening ordeal with us. >> just felt something hurting. >> he was holding his neck. and he said, mommy, my neck. my neck hurts. >> joshua came home from the hospital on monday. his family says now he's doing what he loves most, which is playing with his brothers. the suspect seen here, james girard is under arrest. he was arrested in a fairfield parking lot on monday. a follow up now and more fallout this morning in connection with this video of a man seen being beaten by sheriff deputies. sources within the allah county sources department confirms that a third deputy has been confirmed of bribery and now on administrative leave. that deputy stole a necklace from the beating victim and gave it to them to buy their silence. the department is now facing a civil lawsuit over that case.
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now, california's overcrowded jails are now a little less crowded. a new study the public policy institute says proposition 47 is significantly reducing jail populations. in 2014 voters approved prop 47 to lower punishments for certain drug and property crimes. some felonies are classified misdemeanors and arrests are down overall. a richmond man with a lengthy rap sheet is turning to police for help. daniels has been in and out of trouble since he was is it 12 years old. the richmond father of four is out of work and out of a home. he planned to steal food from a cvs store last week and at the last moment he decided to change his plans and flag down a police officer. >> he became very tearful and told me that he was hungry and living in his car. >> officers came together to give him food, to rent him a motel room and to help him get back on his feet. and you know that the outcome
6:38 am
would have been very different if he had stolen that food. quite a change of events. >> he could have away from his family for a long time. just strength that he had in doing that. flagging down that officer. meteorologist kari hall is here with a look at a forecast that is looking pretty sunny for later today. >> yeah. we do have some clouds this morning, kris. some milder temperatures compared to where we started earlier this week. it's 54 degrees now in san francisco. 52 in the south bay. and you can see those clouds kind of acting as a blanket to keep our temperatures from really taking a dive this morning. and our highs today will reach 66 degrees. once that sun breaks out, 70 degrees in the north bay and san francisco 64 degrees. i'll have a look at the rest of the microclimate forecast. that's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's head over to anthony tracking a few problem spots on the roads. >> we are looking at problem spots. things are starting to slow a little bit. not all that bad for a thursday considering how well it has been
6:39 am
going. east bay seen slowing across the san mateo bridge. same deal for 680. an earlier accident near vargas. that has been cleared and in the south bay dealing with extensive slowing from 87 to the 101 connecter and all the way back to capital expressway and that's because we have three separate accidents in between there. also see some slowing on 87 northbound, as well. keep in mind 101 avoid that route if you're used to taking it it. across the rest of the peninsula, no problem there's. get into san francisco and lots of green and that means go. guys, back over to you. speaking of green, whoopi goldberg is teaming up with a bay area woman to do it. harrowing moments, as well, caught on camera as two wing sky divers collide in mid-air. we hear from the survivors of this racking experience. we'll tell you how to sit courtside during the basketball finals. plus, let's take you out courtside to wall street. dow industrials gaining 25 points this morning.
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good morning, coming up on a thursday. tornadoes ripped across parts of the south overnight. heavy rains triggering dangerous flooding and expect even more severe weather today. we'll get his forecast. also ahead new this morning. stars of the u.s. soccer team, including alex morgan and hope solo launch a fight to be paid the same as their male counterparts. they'll join us for an exclusive interview. plus, a sneak peek at the new exhibit opening at the georgia aquarium today. we'll introduce you to its adorable stars. when we get started on a thursday morning right here on "today."
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whoopi goldberg is teaming up with a woman to start a new marijuana start up. the focus on women and easing menstrual cramps. the company is called whoopi and maya. range from edibles to bath soaps and available later next month and will only be sold in california. well, new disturbing details about the zika virus this morning. the virus can cause extensive brain damage to a fetus despite normal ultrasound results. no signs of birth defects such as a small head. that was early in the pregnancy, but later ultrasounds did indicate brain abnormalities. the research included a pregnant woman from d.c. who contracted the disease while vacationing.
6:44 am
it is a fertility blood test. it it indicates to a woman houg how long she can wait to have a child. this test measures a hormone released by the woman's remaining eggs determining what is left sof of her so-called varian reserve. and plant the idea freeze the eggs, if they want to, before it is too late. a new policy on pay now in the state of california, which is inching its way towards raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. that issue could go before the full assembly and senate. >> paola reyes is in san jose where there is a rally planned. it has a lot of support among workers. >> that's right. a lot of support and this morning about 300 service workers are expected to gather here at the plaza in downtown san jose to support that $15 an
6:45 am
hour minimum wage. this as california takes one step closer to come into the state with the highest wage in the nation. the bill which cleared the assembly committee yesterday would raise the minimum wage from the current $10 an hour to 15 by 2022. legislatures on both floors of the house are expected to take up the issue today. governor brown is hoping to sign the bill into law as soon as april. >> california showing that we can do right by workers. we can advance our economy. and can do it through the legislative process. >> belonging to the united service union and organizing today's talks renew their talks with companies throughout california. today they also want to draw attention to what they call a broken industry where abuse is rampant and make sure the new minimum wage is enacted, which is everyone including immigrants and women of color.
6:46 am
and the event here today is part of a statewide day of action to commemorate cesar chavez day with a historical achievements. reporting live from san jose, paola reyes. >> a lot of people affected by poli policy. 6:46. overcrowding still a problem for california preschools. tens of thousands of children are being shutout. that according to the california institutes for research. a report says about 170,000 children are not enrolled. that's because there are simply not enough spots at public preschools. years of education cuts could be to blame. shares in the bay area esla mildly higher this morning. >> certainly no shortage of anticipation of what is going on right now. scott mcgrew might have expected more of a pop considering what is happening outside of tesla stores. >> people lining up for a car. dozens of people waiting
6:47 am
overnight for their opportunity to plunk down $1,000 deposit for a tesla model 3. a car they don't know what it looks like considering elan musk won't unveil it until tonight. tesla shares up about 80 cents morning. we got the latest data on first-time jobless claims this morning. those higher than we'd like but the big jobs number and the unemployment rate we get tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning. we will be here to bring it to you. the broader markets are only mild higher this morning. they're waiting on that jobs number. we have been talking a lot about virtual reality lately with the oculous and the ncaa says the basketball finals will be offered in virtual reality. you'll be able to sit courtside and watch the game like you're jack nicholson. but keep in mind, regular tv is the best way to watch sports.
6:48 am
sam and kris they show you the best camera shots and the replays. you don't miss anything. vr is just moving your head back and forth. i like to watch sport in the comfort of my own living room on television. >> yeah. it's true for basketball and for football, too. they wonder why people aren't going to watch the games at the stadium. the product is better at home. >> it is. >> hockey forget about it. thank you very much. you can't find the puck sometimes. >> people always say hockey is the best experience live. >> i meant on tv. we're agreeing. >> meteorologist kari hall is here and we can agree with you that the forecast is going to be lovely. >> even though we start out with clouds this morning, sam and kris. all of this clearing out and a beautiful day, ahead. 48degrees now in the north bay. 44 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay. 52 degrees. getting a closer look at the east bay. livermore 49 degrees and make
6:49 am
sure you have on a nice, warm jacket. 59 degrees in castro valley and 58 degrees in the north bay. weak onshore flow gets us started for the day and then starts to pick up later this afternoon at 15 miles an hour feeling more breezy this evening and also tonight we may also have some clouds moving in, once again. some spots seeing some patchy fog by early tomorrow morning. looking hour by hour. let's break it down for san jose. 55 degrees. we'll still have a few clouds at 9:00 and then rising into the low 60s by lunchtime. into the upper 60s today. so, another comfortable one. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you see not a major change in those temperatures for the next few days. we'll also have a slight chance of rain in the forecast early next week. a mix of sun and clouds today. again, once those clouds clear out by mid-morning sunshine and highs today reaching into the upper 60s to lower 70s. looking at the storm track, we still have the same weather set up we had all week. this high pressure to the west
6:50 am
of us giving us onshore flow and then slowly as we go into next week, we'll see this changing with areas of low pressure taking a dive a little bit further to the south that could allow for some scattered showers to move into the area. starting on monday, but right now these weather systems look fairly weak and don't look to bring much in the way of rain. seea sn sierra snow pack. the statewide average now at 87%. and compare that to last year, where it was just 6%. northern sierra doing the best. if you're heading there this weekend, more snow melting and high temperatures reaching into the upper 50s by friday and saturday and a lot more sunshine. no more snow in the forecast. let's check in now with anthony to see how the roads are moving. >>, you know, we've been talking about the crash in the south bay. i want to start you off in the east bay and quick update there. 580 and dealing with the 680 connector headed northbound.
6:51 am
580 northbound and off ramp is dealing with some slowing because of a car there on the shoulder. also 238 at the castro valley off ramp. an accident there and also 101 northbound in the south bay is dealing with some slowing. we had three separate accidents earlier and you can see right now it is stop and go. if you can, hop over on 85. it's wide open there. back over to you guys. >> thank you very much. good alternate. thanks, anthony. a go-pro camera captured a sky diver's worst nightmare. ing mid-air with another jumper. >> the collision itself actually knocking the jumper with the camera unconscious. he survived because his reserve chute still deployed. thankfully. the camera spins out of control to the ground. the injured jumper is paralyzed right now from the waist down. he was doing a jump with a wing suit and plans to do it, again. >> i love wing suits. i encourage people to try it. i have no regrets.
6:52 am
and it's a great feeling, you know. i have no regrets. >> doctors believe the jumper will eventually be able to walk, again. and when the swelling around his spine goes down, he says he's going back up there and jumping out all over again. >> yeah, we'll see what his mom has to say. >> permission slip maybe. the next story might take the prize here for tiniest patient. >> stop brushing your teeth for a minute and look. >> it's a tiny, tiny little hummingbird that was rescued by a sacramento paramedic yesterday morning. a worker at a nearby nursery found the chick and then realized there was nest around. who do you call? the fire department, of course. our local heroes. responding paramedic is now taking the job on as mother hen. after nursing it to health, the paramedic takes it to the nearby wild care center. likes how it gives it soothing music. >>ry rhyme. little dropper. >> it is the cutest.
6:53 am
>> tiny baby hummingbird. coming up next, an update to breaking news that we have been following since 4:30 this morning. an overpass in india collapses burying nearly 150 people underneath and the rescue efforts under way still going on to find survivors. a drug many times more powerful than heroin hitting the streets of northern california. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up. and happening now, still no end to our drought. you may want to keep that spigot closed. the latest snow pack surveying that the state is 80% of normal. that's even with this year's el nino storms. a huge improvement, but still issues. at our website look for the story at our headlines. they accuse u.s. soccer of wage discrimination. the plaintiffs read like a who's who of the best women's team. you can link to that story in our twitter feed. we'll be back in two minutes.
6:54 am
6:55 am
look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes. fiber one.
6:56 am
an update now to breaking news out of india. 15 people are confirmed dead and 150 others still trapped at this hour after this overpass collapsed. right now people are using their bare hands trying to dig through the debris and the concrete to try to find those survivors. a crane is also at work there now. all of it in the city of kolkata
6:57 am
near the country's border with bangladesh. before you head out the door some of the other top stories going on. seven people now dead after overing on a street drug believed to be 70 to 80 times stronger than morphine. >> let's get to bob redell with an update and a warng, bob. >> yes, we're also trying to figure out if this is something that hit the streets here in the bay area. we've reached out to the santa clara county public health department to see if this new, powerful drug has hit the streets in the south bay. what we're talking about is a pill that contains a synthetic pain killer called a prescription drug considered to be eight times more powerful and caused 28 people to overdose and killed seven. the most recent death is jerome butler. his friend thought he was giving him a dose of narco a less powerful pain killer. became unresponsive saturday and
6:58 am
his family just made the heartbreaking decision to take him off life support. he leaves behind three children. reporting live here in san jose, bob rdell, "today in the bay." bob, thank you. here is a look at your other top stories. this morning donald trump spark agnew firestorm saying that women should be punished if abortions were made illegal. back tracking on those comments but the damage seems to be done. calling this the latest sign that trump is not equipped to be the next president. plus, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith hands the "mercury news" a note. a recent jail fight caught on closed circuit cameras was staged. critics remain skeptical saying the fight appears to be an effort to vindicate her purchase of the surveillance cameras. $1,000 will get you first crack at the newest tesla. line and that's just a snapshot that goes all the way around the
6:59 am
block there. all those folks waiting trying to get their hands on an economy model quote/unquote model 3 at $35,000. live in walnut creek where people are waiting in line for first dibs. wait until next year to get the car. tesla is uning that model 3 for the first time tonight. >> definitely see some folks bundled up there. track that story and more on our digital platforms. kari, some of those folks were bundled. it's cold out there. >> sleeping bags and heavy coats. all of that stuff just tastay warm out there. but we've had milder temperatures this morning compared to the past few mornings with highs today reaching 64 degrees in san francisco and 70 in the north bay. >> some of the folks bundled in on the road, as well, where you see a lot of cars packed together. anthony, where are you looking at? >> three separate crashes in the south bay on 101 northbound at the 280 interchange. barely moving, but we are making some progress. switching over to the maps and show you what's happening.
7:00 am
one accident looks like it is cleared and two accidents and one near the 87 connector. >> that's a rough morning. >> we'll see you again in just 25 minutes with more updates. good morning. breaking news. [ siren ] powerful storms unleash tornadoes in oklahoma. golf ball-sized hail in kansas. widespread flooding in arkansas. this parking lot turned into a river. and look what happened in this college dorm. severe weather, and it's moving east today. damage control. a rare backtrack from donald trump after making controversial comments about women who get abortions. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the women? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> pro choice and pro life groups blasting the front-runner. >> he's dangerous. >> will trump's comments do damage to campaign or will it


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