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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a deadly hit-and-run crash in san bruno. breaking news. a deadly hit and run crash in san bruno and now an investigation that continues on a major roadway that at one point closed down. plus, the desperate search for a missing girl. the clue police are using to find the 2-year-old from san francisco. after a rainy weekend a change, a break in your microclimate forecast. here's a live look right now at the bay bridge. kari hall will have much more coming up. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good monday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at that forecast for this monday morning. good morning, kari. >> after such a soggy weekend happy to know we'll have a chance to dry out today and some sunshine across the bay area with some warmer temperatures. looking outside now, it is 54
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degrees in the peninsula, the south bay and the north bay. still some lingering clouds, but we will get a little more sun today and high temperatures right at about average reaching to the mid to upper 60s. over the next few days, more rain in the forecast and i'll detail that and a warmer weekend ahead in just a few minutes but for now i'll send it back tayou. >> kari, thank you. we're following breaking news out of san bruno this morning where police are investigating a deadly hit and run crash. here's video just into our newsroom. happened overnight. now, police are not releasing any other details other than that. stephanie chuan dpg is on the scene. meantime, the search for a missing 2-year-old girl continuing this morning in san francisco. the little girl's mother was found dead on friday. 32-year-old nicole and her daughter were declared missing on april 1st.
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nicole's body was found last week in mcclarren park. >> i want tabelieve that she's okay. i want to believe that whoever she's with hopefully nothing has happened to her. no one has hurt her. just, you know, that i want to believe and hope that she's okay. >> investigators have expanded their search now for the little girl to fresno to southern california. three people killed in three separate shootings. all the shootings happened within 4 hours of each other. the first on saturday morning and the other two on sunday. police have not identified any victims. have not said if the shootings are are related. one of the men convicted in the death of their son is out of prison after six years. former governor arnold schwarzenegger has commuted the man's sentence. nunez was released yesterday.
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he was supposed to be serving a 30 3016-year sennance. his father is the former speaker of the state assembly and a friend of arnold schwarzenegger. the victim's parents from lafayette says the justice was not served. >> not what crime you commit, it's who do you know. what access do you have to people in high places. >> the victim's family sued to overturn that shortened sentence, but they lost their case. more fallout for uc berkeley this morning. two more students are going to announce sexual harassment claims against a professor today. the students will reportedly reveal an incident involving a professor in the south and southeast asian studies department. the students claim the university failed to discipline the teacher. tod today's news conference comes after the assistant basketball coach yann hufnagel resigned. hundreds of pg&e customers
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lost power over night. the car crash under to a utility pole. traffic was closed in both directions because of downed power lines. when we last checked, crews were still working on restoring power to that neighborhood. acceptance week begins today at wind mere ranch middle school in san ramon. the week has angered some parents. they say those lessons go against their religious beliefs. after they lodged their complaints, some changes were made and students have been allowed to opt out of the lessons. the student leadership group created the curriculum and many students do support it. a look at the forecast. a rainy, soggy weekend coming out. are we going to dry out at all today, kari? >> we are going to dry out. the average amount of rain we get in one muonth just over the weekend. now we need some sunshine and this morning we'll start out with clouds and get that sun later on today. it's now in the mid-50s as we start out with mild temperatures. as we take it hour by hour in
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san jose. 54 degrees at 7:00 as you head out. during the morning commute a slow rise into the upper 60s today eventually hitting 68 degrees and look at all the microclimates and 64 degrees in san mateo and mission district 63 degrees and 66 degrees in napa and oakland, as well as livermore. so, we zil the sun mixing with clouds today and a nice, breezy onshore flow as our temperatures will be about average for the beginning of april. into the next few days, though, we're going to have even more rain in the forecast. i'll detail that and, once again, we'll look athead the weekend coming up in less than tens minutes. sam? >> thank you, kari. a ronard park goat has broken free and headed straight for a starbucks. >> where did you go? check out these pictures of the wayward goat. clearly she's hungry for whatever is in those boxes. an officer was called.
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turns out the goat doesn't live too far from starbucks and her owner has come forward to claim her. so, maybe she kind of knows the area. >> it's the neighborhood joint. figured sheedz she'd stop on by. there is backlash against mississippi and california lawmakers and it's growing. big-name music stars are canceling shows in those states after new anti-gay laws that were passed there. director of the cia speaks out against waterboarding. coming up, how he would handle orders of such torture techniques if ordered by future presidents. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. the death toll keeps rising
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after a horrific fire at a hindu temple in india. the death toll keeps rising after a sfir at a hindu temple. that fire broke out yesterday. the sparks ignited fireworks stored inside of a temple. most died when that building ultimately collapsed and members of the temple now are being questioned by the local police. meantime, the cia director says that waterboarding off the table, even if the president were to order it. >> tells nbc news his agency will not carry out the enhanced interrogation techniques because
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this institution needs to endure, end quote. however, presidential candidates donald trump and ted cruz suggested they would change that policy. you can watch the cia chief's interview on "nightly news" tonight at 5:30. state lawmakers allegedly doing double dipping. "the los angeles times" reporting 17 california leaders are reportedly collecting government pension checks on top of their monthly salaries. that includes several lawmakers in the bay area. not illegal to collect the state's but the costly pension perk is an example of what is wrong with our retirement benefit system. the backlash continues to grow over their new religious freedom laws. first it was companies like pay pal and singer brian adams is canceling a performance this week in mississippi. the state's new law that allows religious groups to refuse service to gay couples.
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they ca bruce springsteen canceled a show because of a similar law. a master performance for steph curry and histories made for the warriors in san antonio last night. they won 9-86 over their rival the san antonio spurs. in so doing the warriors tieing the nba record for number of wins in a regular season with 72. that ties the '95/'96 chicago bulls who set the record but the ws have one game left to possibly break the record. on wednesday they're going to face off against the memphis grizzlies at oracle. by the way, san antonio lost last night for the first time all season. 4:41. coming up, president obama looks back. find out what he says was his worst mistake in office. dust storms triggered two
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multi-car crashes 4:44. dust storms triggered two multi-car crashes yesterday in northeast arkansas. zero visibility conditions led to one crash involving at least 12 cars. that's about 100 miles northeast of little rock. all the injuries were minor in that crash, but arkansas state police say someone died in another pileup involving at least five cars. all right. all we've been seeing in the bay area for the last 48 hours it might feel like is rain. and rain and rain. >> and a lot of rain. i made sure to check this morning to make sure the sprinklers were off. didn't need them. we need a dry out now, kari. >> yes, we do. everyone, sprinklers off for the
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next couple of days. a lot of the showers moving through over the weekend and now that system has since moved on away from the bay area. looking at how much rain we had over the weekend. let's check out some of othose totals. in napa, over 0.5 of rain and san francisco about 0.6 and concord about 1.5. oakland over 0.75 and looking at some of the averages in spots like san jose. we were very close to getting the monthly average and in morgan hill over an inch of rain. it was good to see all of that just soaking into the ground. now, we, once again, get a chance to dry out. now the temperature at 55 degrees in san francisco as we drop in on the east bay now, pleasanton at 54 degrees and we also have 54 in dublin and the castro valley at 53 degrees. 54 now in the north bay. and the highs will rise intathe mid to upper 60s this afternoon. up to 64 degrees in san mateo and the mission district.
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63 degrees and gilroy 65. we will also have mid up toer 60s in parts of the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. not a wide range in temperatures there. then as we go into the next several days. we will get more sun and the clouds mixing in, too. by thursday, we will have some rain moving in early in the morning and it will be out of here fairly quickly, but not before leaving 0.1 for most of us. we will have some spots, especially in the north bay, getting a little more closer to 0.25 of rain. not completely done with the showers and then the temperatures heat up as we go into the weekend. looking at 62 degrees in san francisco into the mid-60s for the end of the weekend and then we'll have some spots in the upper 70s like the tri-valley, as well as the south bay. we'll be watching those temperatures really warming up. so, after a few, couple of nice days, we will have summer-like temperatures for end of the
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weekend. i'll send it back to you, sam and laura. >> this is a crooked system, folks. i've won twice as much as cruz. i've won millions and millions of votes. >> as you hear donald trump a bit displeased. ted cruz sweeping all of colorado's delegates over the weekend adding 13 more to his tally. but the big prize here is the empire state. and ted cruz is trailing donald trump and ted kasich in the polls in new york. now to the democrats. bernie sanders if hillary clinton is qualified and now questioning her judgment. >> she may have the experience to be president of the united states. no one can argue that. in terms of a judgment something is clearly lacking. >> no other industry in america that gets that kind of free pass. >> that was clinton firing back hammering sanders for voting against holding gun
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manufacturers libel in deadly shootings. hillary clinton and sanders will debate again in new york on thursday. new york holds its primary next tuesday. this weekend the president was pressed about what he considered to be his worst mistake made in office. he told fox news sunday it was a lack of planning for what to do after the fall of libyan leader momar gadhafi. working to remove the dictator was the right thing to do, but libya, in his own words right now is "a mess." secretary of state john kerry strengthens relations with jap japan. on august 6, 1945, the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb there killing 140,000 people. kerry is the highest ranking u.s. official ever to visit the site. he attended with the foreign ministers from the group of seven industrialized nations. no active u.s. president has ever been there. authorities right now believe that the men behind last month's deadly terror attacks in
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brussels switched targets just days before it happened. before the brussels attacks belgian police arrested a surviving member of last month paris attack. prosecutors now believe that the group that attacked in brussels silshy planned to target paris, again. but they changed course because investigators weren't moving in on them. gas prices, if you've noticed, because you've probably been at the pump this weekend are still kind of inching up these days. >> you might notice who is back today on this monday morning. we welcome back landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. we missed you. >> hi, sam and laura. i missed you guys, too. back to business, as usual. happy monday. the markets will try to get a positive start out of the gate. futures are higher and stocks are coming off of their worse week since february. retail sales and inflation and consumer and kicks off from alcoa and jpmorgan. on friday the dow rising and the
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nasdaq up 2 to 4850. meanwhile, gas prices keep edging higher. new data says regular unleaded rose to $2.10 gallon in. in san francisco, gas is much higher at $2.84 a gallon and it's $2.74 in san jose and the increase mostly has to do with an increase in demand. more people are on the road as the weather improves and the days are longer. also, a wave of your gadgets can lower your car insurance bills over the next few years. the growing use of collision warning systems and blind spot information and parking assistance will be so successful in cutting accidents that insurers will have little choice but to lower their rates. car insurants counts for the overall property and casualty market. >> we're glad to ask you back. hopefully stick around with us. >> all week long. 4:50 right now. now to japan where tourists can
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pay soon using only their fingerprints. >> japan right now testing a system to let you use two fingerprints to make purchases at hotels and restaurants. you will only have to register your fingerprints at the airport. that system could be available nationwide in 2020 when tokyo will host the summer olympics. they promise to keep the data that they collect anonymous. >> probably some concerns. 4:51 right now. coming up, the royals in bollywood. william and kate are in yiindia this week. happening right now on your monday. breaking news in san bruno. police investigating a deadly overnight hit and run. steph chuang is on the scene talking to police who right now are saying very little about what happened. steph will have a live report ahead and she's also posting updates in our twitter feed. on a lighter note, the warriors making history last night tying the chicago bulls team for most wins at a regular season at 72.
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you can look at that link at the very top of our home page. we're back in two minutes. a close call at oakland
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international airport. a small pland a very close call at oakland international airport. small plane had its landing gear collapse as it was touching down yesterday morning on the runway. you can see from the scene, that pilot managed to keep control and safely land it with no injuries somehow. airport workers managed to tow that plane off the runway. tense moments sometimes on that flight. now to another flight where long delays turned for delights, actually, for passengers. listen. ♪ yes, not a sound track.
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that was actually the sweet sound of a choir doing what it does best on a delayed flight to san francisco. the plane was stuck on the tarmac in san diego where the point loma nazarene university choir decided to entertain the passengers. free concert. people are like what's going on? it was delayed. this is by the way, as authorities in the bay area cleared some air space for president obama's visit. isn't that amazing? >> i like the fact that they're using the top compartments as their instruments. and ash as opposed to lisening to a baby cry, that's a nice alternative. >> maybe that will lull the baby to sleep. >> i would think so. new concerns in wine country about an invasive pest that could potentially damage some crops. >> inspectors, i should say, say they found eggs belonging to the glassy wing sharp shooter. they discovered it on a tree discovered by a southern california nursery. other egg masses also found.
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the nursery right now is under investigation. the second time this year inspectors have found eggs in a shipment of plants from southern california. bison will soon be on the move to the oakland zoo. the zoo currently undergoing a massive expansion that will more than double its size and include the new california trail exhibit. once that exhibit opens the zoo will take in about 20 bison calfs. right now the zoo has five bison that you can only see when you take the zoo's sky ride chairlift. 4:56 on your monday. the who's who of bollywood and other dignitaries entertained prince william and kate. they attended a charity dinner last night in mumbai where big-name stars mingled with the couple. earlier they paid tributes to the mumbai terror attack victims. talking about an epic meltdown for one of its true
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superstars right at the biggest stage in golf, the masters. >> you were talking about this, as well. >> i took a flight jordan spieth was up by 6 and lost by several shots. >> then at the 12th hole he just collapsed. he hit the drink, not once but twice finishing with a quadruple bogey. he basically handed the win to danny willett from england. last year's champion. then helped this year's new champion dawn his jacket. >> he had been on a roll. but he'll be back. >> a tough masters this year. 4:57. we're celebrating the warriors big win this morning. tied the nba record for most wins in a season with 72. seems like the entire country now celebrating. >> we like to think that. but certainly the bay area is celebrating. the warriors dominating social media last night and even the giants getting in on the action tweeting out a picture from steph curry last year.
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congratulations to the warriors on 72 wins. they still have one game left on wednesday. 4:57. coming, up new allegations against faculty member. more on that expected to come out this morning. the rain from this weekend is getting out of here. we'll have some dry weather for a little while. i'll show you the forecast, coming up.
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i'm stephanie chuang in san bruno. police are investigating a hit and run this morning that killed one person. the latest from the scene coming up in a live report. new trouble from uc berkeley. the new sexual harassment claims expected to come to light today. all right. maybe you'd expect to see a little more excitement than that, guys. come on, they just won 72. warriors continuing now in their quest for 37 wins as they attempt to do something that has never been done before. "today in the bay" starts right now. all right. history yesterday. today just a regular old monday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. first, a look at the microclimate forecast this morning. let's take a peek at the bay bridge. certainly a soggy morning that we have. the rain may be clearing, but we're not in the clear just yet. >> you have to like that portrait that is created out there on the bay underneath the bay id


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