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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this news comes as city leaders are trying to meet to decide about banning online house rentals in that city. >> reporter: yeah, and jess, the meeting was prompted by the brutal beating that occurred in front of an online rental property. the suspect, we've learned, was also wanted in a violent home invasion and a robbery in utah. and it was all caught on camera. he calmly walks in, points his gun, and prepares to fire shots. this is surveillance video from december 2015 of falala maka shortly after he held a father and son at gunpoint during a home invasion in utah. >> fast forward to today we have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: authorities finally caught up with maka in san leandro last week after police say he nearly beat a fellow party goer to death outside a house party in orinda in february. >> he's still in the hospital
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with life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: while the 21-year-old victim fights for his life maka is charged with attempt homicide. >> i consider this to be a very safe community so it is disturbing to me. >> reporter: and while there already is a party ordinance here that holds homeowners responsible when parties get rowdy, the city is now considering banning online property rentals done through air b and b, home away and other web sites. >> i don't think they should ban it. people should have the freedom to use their house as they wish. >> reporter: in about an hour the city council will discuss banning online property rentals. it's something other communities here in contra costa county have already done. danville banned it last month. reporting live from orinda tonight, elyce kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> elyce, thank you. the murder charge will stand. that's the judge's ruling today against a man for this summer's shooting death of kate steinle on the embarcadero.
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the attorney for juan francisco lopez sanchez tried to get the charge dismissed today. he argued police didn't have probable cause to arrest sanchez. but the judge disagreed citing physical and video evidence. a ballistics expert previously testified at a pretrial hearing sanchez fired a gun not at steinle specifically but at the pier causing the bullet to bounce off the concrete and hit steinle in the back killing her. sanchez's next court appearance will be next month. the santa clara county jail system is broken and needs immediate reform. that's according to an independent audit. a blue ribbon commission also recommends new leadership. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at the county jail in san jose with this scathing review. michelle. >> reporter: well, the commission presented their recommendations. 120 of them. many refer to mentally ill patients within the jail, but they're also targeting leadership, specifically asking the sheriff to step aside. >> so no one is safe. >> reporter: the santa clara
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board of supervisors heard from the public today, following the blue ribbon commission review of the jail system. >> do not waste this opportunity to make things right. >> reporter: commissioner ladoris cordell says the sheriff's department at times refused to cooperate and is recommending the county replace sheriff laurie smith. >> the sheriff's conduct has created a chilling effect on the public. >> reporter: the commission recommends more oversight by hiring an inspector general, a better system for inmates to file grievances, and improving the inmate welfare fund. >> so while you might repair the jails and come up with a new and better operation, you still have a poor pilot. and the pilot, whoever runs the jails, needs to be replaced. >> i'm not a quitter. i want to do it. i want to get it done. we've already made great progress. >> reporter: sheriff smith said she agrees with many of the blue ribbon recommendations, like bringing in an oversight committee. but admits more can be done.
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>> we want to make sure that the people who work there and do the job are the very best suited for it. >> that motion carries unanimously. >> reporter: today the supervisors voted to accept the recommendation for review and promised the public that improvements will be made. >> our obligation as leaders is to make sure we're listening to even the quietest voices in our community. those quiet voices right now are in our jail. >> reporter: the supervisors didn't comment on specific recommendations, but they do say they will review all of them and likely start taking action in the next several months. reporting live in san jose, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. the fbi has been called in to help find a missing 2-year-old girl. 2-year-old ariana fitz seen here hasn't been seen in weeks. police are concerned about the child's safety because her mother, nicole fitz, was found murdered at san francisco's mclaren park last friday. a perilous problem san francisco seawall is in worse shape than the port actually
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thought. in fact, a new study says the 100-year-old barrier wouldn't survive an earthquake like the one that devastated the city back in 1906. nbc bay area's mark matthews i along that seawall at the ferry building where port commissioners just got those details. and this is a very expensive problem. >> reporter: it is. $2 billion. we'll get to more of that in just a minute. you can see part of the seawall behind me. it is vulnerable to an earthquake. but the report says it would have to be a lot bigger than the 1906 quake. it did a lot of damage but not to san francisco's seawall. a new report on the 3-mile-long structures says it would take a bigger or closer quake to crack it. still it's what the report terms a call to action. >> we do have more risk in the seawall infrastructure than we had previously thought. >> reporter: the study found the most vulnerable areas to be around pier 27 where the new cruise ship terminal stands.
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but fears that a major break in the wall could flood downtown, they're overboard according to the port's project manager. >> first i want to say that the seawall is not about to fall into the bay. >> reporter: what port commissioners heard this afternoon is that it will take 2 billion to rebuild the entire seawall from fisherman's war of to mission creek, but not nearly that much to address the most immediate need. >> i think it's in the 500 million plus range, in that range. >> reporter: the port intends to spend the next year and a half studying ways to pay for repairs. at red's java house which sits right on the seawall, the manager says he's more worried about damage to the wall from rising sea levels, particularly during king tides. >> because every time i have a big storm over here pier 2 or 3, we see the water coming out every time we have a big storm. >> reporter: rising sea levels are a concern for the port. as i said, the rebuilding of the wall could cost $2 billion. but because of rising sea water,
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that tab could go as high as $5 billion. it's an issue that the port will be dealing with for decades says the interim director. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> mark, thank you. also in the city it's a temporary victory. a 99-year-old woman facing eviction from her apartment can stay. for now. a judge granted a stay in the case today, allowing iris canada to remain in the unit for at least another week. she's called western edition apartment home for the past 57 years. canada says she was granted a lifetime lease back in 2002. but now owners of the building claim that lease is no longer valid. >> this is really heart-breaking,ing the fact that we're here today. it's really sad. this woman has a lifetime lease. so that means as long as she is here on earth she deserves to have the dignity of her home. >> the building's owners claim canada hasn't lived there for
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some time and has instead been staying with her relatives in oakland. both sides head back to court next week. okay. are you ready to witness nba history? you could see it tomorrow night in oakland. the warriors on the verge of breaking the record for most wins in a season. >> it's going to happen, isn't it? we're crossing our fingers. do you want a media circus? we've got it. nbc bay area's colin resch joins us from the oracle. colin, there's more hype for this game than most of the playoff games. how are the players handling it? >> reporter: yeah. isn't that interesting? they're handling it i think about as well as they possibly could all things considered. if ever there was a day to be at a warriors practice, today was it. more than 100 media members on hand. and four angels, mvps, were everywhere. albert pujols, mike trout, steph curry, between them five league mvp awards. pujols, he leads the way with three of them. the angels in town taking on the a's tonight. just a stone's throw from where i'm standing right now. trout, pujols, cliff pennington
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and joe smith able to talk both steph and draymond green into a game of pig today. of course it was one versus four. but guess. what the angels have some ballers. smith edged steph and then draymond unable to answer the mike trout triple. he went down. >> yeah. i'm not very good at shooting games. i can shoot in the game, i ain't good at shooting games. it's true, though. >> watched albert pujols for years and never met him. rest of his teammates and him talented guys. it's pretty cool they come out and watch us practice and get to chop it up for a little bit. >> pro athletes. they just love meeting fellow pro athletes. it's that mutual respect thing. coming up later in sports, let's talk brass tacks and 73 wins, draymond an steph? i'll tell you why they are all in for memphis tomorrow night. reporting outside oracle arena,
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colin resch, nbc bay area. >> it's nerve-racking! thank you, colin. >> now challenge steph curry in game of horse. >> now i know he can't do it. perfect. >> thanks, colin. how about tickets to tomorrow night's game? on resale sites like stub hub the cheap seats, we can't call them cheap seats in the upper deck are 340 bucks. if your company just went ipo maybe you can sit courtside for 10-k. the average price for a ticket tomorrow night the regular season finale warriors and grizzlies 436 bucks. $700 in steak? gone in seconds. the reason detectives in the south bay have a good lead on this meat thief. i'm marianne favro live in palo alto where police are beefing up patrols to try to catch a man who exposed himself to a little girl while she was at school.
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the story coming up. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri hazy skies aloss cross the bay right now looking towards san francisco. tracking cloud cover and possible rain by thursday. we'll let you know when this arrives and how much rain in just a few minutes.
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tonight, palo alto police are look for a man whoeks posed himself to a 7-year-old girl. even more alarming, this
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happened while she was on the playground of her school. the girl attends aloni elementary school near oregon expressway right there in palo alto. nbc bay area's marianne favro is near the campus with the new details. marianne. >> reporter: well, raj, police believe that the man was standing here in this church parking lot which is right next to the school playground. they say that's when the little girl saw the man. this all happened around noon yesterday. the girl was playing in the may ground during lunch and saw a man standing on the other side of the fence, off school property. he made eye contact with her, and based on the girl's description, police believe he was mass tur baiting. today as parents picked up their kids from school, some told us they're especially concerned because the suspect was so brazen and worry the man may have planned to do much worse. >> i was very scared to think that our children can be exposed to those sort of things. and i fear for the safety of the
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children. >> reporter: the school e-mailed parents, notifying them what happened. palo alto police say they now plan to step up patrols of schools with both marked and unmarked vehicles. the suspect is described as a hispanic man in his late 30s or early 40s,s with a thin build. he was unshaven and had a goatee. he was wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans with blue and gray tennis shoes. this is the fifth indecent exposure in palo alto in just the last 13 months. right now detectives are trying to determine if this case is linked to any of the others. reporting live in palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, marianne. let's show you photos of an unusual crime which are being tweeted out by detectives in morgan hill. this i them. they're on the trail of a meat thief. this is the -- okay. i'll say it. prime suspect. supermarket employee took these photos. the store claims a man stole $700 worth of steak and some
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other choice cuts. investigators want your help in identifying the meat thief who they say is probably from gilroy. at least they have tracked his car to that city. it's the same road but with a new name. a deadly shooting in marin county has prompted the renaping of the road where that shooting happened. today the county board of supervisors approved changing the name of gunshot fire road to sun rise fire road. the gunshot reference was considered inappropriate after last october's tragedy. three so-called drifters are accused of shooting and killing a yoga instructor who was walking his dog on that road. they'll be in court for a preliminary hearing next month. news of job cuts rippling through u.c. berkeley tonight in a memo the chancellor blames the school's budget for the elimination of some 500 staff positions. the cuts won't involve faculty. administrators are hoping to avoid those layoffs. the goal is to use attrition and reorganization to make the job cuts. eliminating position, should
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result in savings of about $50 million a year. not enough people to deal with the animals. the city of antioch is short-staffed. for a city of more than 100,000 people, a single animal services officer is not enough. the city's animal services department has lost two officers recently, meaning there's only one person remaining to deal with everything from wild rooster complaints to road kill, strays and animal welfare investigations. the east bay times quotes a police administrator who calls the situation desperate. city hall is asking residents to be patient, assuring them that interviews for replacements are under way. saying no to bully one bark and one shirt at a time. that's what's happening at south bay high school. the today the santa clara sheriff's anti-bullying program made a stop at piedmont high. it's led by a canine unit which carries a message to bark up if you see cyber bullying or bullying on campus. the school's business collective corps is donating 250 shirts
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with the bark up logo to the cause. >> i think before issues at the school where we do have cyber bullying and stuff. it's good to know we're helping elementary school kids like kind of raise them up to think that that's not okay and try to put a stop to it before they get older. >> program rewards kids from grade school to high school who speak up and alert school leaders about cyber bullying as well as bullying throughout the campus. smoking may be a thing of the past in our local beaches. today lawmakers moved forward on a bill that call for a smoking ban at all state parks and beaches. this includes pot and e cigarettes. supporters of the measure say it aims at cutting down on secondhand smoke and cigarette butts. >> society is changing. and it's one thing for people to smoke just out of habit. it's another if they realize they're breaking the law and they're potentially subject to a fine. maybe they'll think twice about it. >> similar bills have failed in the past. however, lawmakers say they're
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confident this time around. the car didn't survive the tree in san francisco. public works crews are just finishing clearing the roadway on 17th street in the castro after the chinese elm fell on top of a parked car there. officials say since the tree is improperly maintained. the owners are responsible for removing the rest of it. as for the volvo it's not going to make >> it it looks pretty flattened underneath that tree. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri pretty crazy weather out there. looks like it will continue to stay that way, right, jeff? >> we have chance of wet weather coming our way this week you'll see on the scrolling seven-day forecast in our underground sky camera shows us what's happening throughout our microclimates this evening. right now in san jose it's overcast and 60 degrees. we'll take you a little farther north into contra costa county. walnut creek sun at times. currently a little bit warmer here with 62 degrees due to some of that sunshine. now let's bring you across the
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immediate coastline, the mendocino coast looking beautiful. currently 57 degrees. that westerly wind again for tomorrow will stay in the forecast. that will bring us the return of some fog across the bay area also the chance of drizzle developing in san francisco with 51 degrees, east bay at 47. isolated drizzle at times for the peninsula and those low clouds extending down to the south bay at 49. what about tomorrow? no rainfall through the day. we'll stay dry. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds coming back and temperatures staying close to average. 68 in the south way, tri-valley 63, san francisco 62 and the north bay checking in at 67. beyond this, again, it's about the rainfall in the forecast. let's show you the timeline. we haven't seen too much change in this. by 5:00 in the morning on thursday we'll have it moving across the north bay. santa rosa to napa, down to san francisco and walnut creek. you early commuters will definitely get wet on thursday morning. and then if you're leaving 7:00 to about 8:00 in the morning
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that's going to be the best chance here from san jose down to morgan hill. we're tracking exactly how much rainfall we'll get from the storm system coming up in my next update in 20 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. i hit people over the head with my cane. >> the fight over a bus stop in the east bay gets heated. the reason the struggle. uber gets transparent. the rider and driver information uber gave to the federal governor.
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a grandmother lost in the forest is found. a judge talks tough to kids warning them they could end up in a body bag if they don't stay out of trouble. her talk is going viral online. both of those stories on our web site. back with more.
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sjc to shanghai nonstop. air china will begin offering direct flights right from the silicon valley. the airline which is offer three flights a week on an airbus aircraft beginning on june 16th. this is the fifth new international flight to launch from san jose airport this year.
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some of ubers' records are now in the hands of state and federal authorities. the san francisco company says it gave information on more than 12 million riders and drivers to various state and federal agencies. the data included things like trips, pickup and dropoff areas, fares, vehicles and drivers. a large number of the requests were related to fraud investigations or the use of stolen credit cards. uber says it did not receive any requests related to national or foreign intelligence. californians positive about where they think the state it headed. in the latest exclusive nbc bay area field poll 52% believe california is headed in the right direction. 42% believe it's on the wrong track. 60% believe the u.s. is seriously on the wrong track. only 32% see it moving in the right rection. a san francisco supervisor wants to ban city employees from spending money in cities or states that have lgbt hate laws.
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scott wiener is collaborating with mayor ed lee to fight against discrimination. the move comes after north carolina began restricting gay rights and mississippi allowed churches and private businesses to refuse services to gays. wiener is expected to introduce the legislation by the end of this month. it's very frustrating. and it's very frustrating after all these years. >> increasing the call for equal pay. the efforts today to close the gap between men and women. a bus stop battle is brewing in oakland tonight. will plans to put a bus stop in front of a bank cause a security risk? i'm jodi hernandez in oakland. i'll have the story coming up.
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oakland - a neighborhood is making demands to bring a stop back - that was battle over a bus stop in oakland. and a neighborhood is making demands to bring a stop back that was initially taken away. that bus stop was taken out in downtown oakland during construction of a new grocery store. >> it was supposed to be relocated across the street in front of a bank. but that bank is now putting up a fight. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has more. >> reporter: for people who live along this section of broadway haven't had their own bus stop for months. the city wants to put one in in front of this bank. but the bank says it's a safety risk. >> i don't have the option of just walking. >> reporter: for the past year, getting around's been tough for michelle rousy. her neighborhood's been without a bus stop since early last year. >> not having a stop that's convenient right there has been
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a hardship. >> reporter: the bus stop on broadway and 30th was removed during construction of a new sprouts grocery store. the city agreed to relocate it in front of summit bank. but the bank's been trying to stop the bus stop plan, calling it a security risk. >> it's not a good idea to have a bus stop directly in front of a bank where people are constantly with drawing money or depositing money. >> that implies that somehow people who ride buses are dangerous. >> reporter: city committee meeting sounded off about the bus stop concerns. council members agree the return of the broadway bus stop is crucial. their traffic engineer says the summit bank location is the right spot for it. >> the recommended location was in front of summit bank. that's what we're looking to work with a.c. transit to restore it. >> reporter: the city's traffic engineer says it will likely take months to put bus stop in. summit bank says they'll continue to fight it. in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. two teenagers accused of
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making a disturbing snapchat video faced serious criminal charges tonight. police arrested the 16-year-olds in the modesto area yesterday after this snapchat video surfaced last week. it shows a white student with a noose around his neck telling a black student that he must die. someone in the video also fires a gun. the school where the students attend say the boys in the video have been suspended. they face charges of making terrorist threats, committing a hate crime and criminal conspiracy. san jose state has a new leader in charge of the university's diversity initiative. this comes years after a task force was created following a black student was harassed by three white students. the university appointed ca kathleen wonk lou as the first ever chief diversity officer. she starts her new job this summer. women want a fair shake in the workforce. today is national equal pay day. and while the pay gap has been closing, experts say it still
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remains unequal which is bad for families and the economy. >> hi. would you like a turkey? >> reporter: in the halls of the santa clara county building, there's a recipe for change. >> equal pay day today. >> reporter: joan goddard is handing out cookies made with oatmeal, raisins and a not so sweet message. >> i'm making less money. >> reporter: a chunk of the cookie is missing, signifying women in the u.s. make 79 cents compared to every dollar a man does. >> and it's very frustrating. and it's very frustrating after all these years. >> reporter: in california women are doing better than the national average, making about 84 cents for every dollar a man makes. >> but for african-american women that's 63 cents for every dollar a male earns. latinas have the worst wage gap at 43 penalties for every dollar. >> reporter: state assemblywoman -- >> it will be a better day when
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my pay equity bill is signed into law. the reason it will be a great day for women across california, no longer will an employer be able to ask you what was your previous salary. >> reporter: but there are those who believe the wage gap is imaginary. >> free cookies today. are you hour? >> reporter: the hoover institution's richard epstein says any gap is because of which jobs women choose to go into and work-lifestyle tradeoffs. >> the state auditor is studying the wage gaps in four different counties, including santa clara county. that report is due late may. san francisco ahead of california and the country. the first city to require business to provide fully paid leave for new parents. this afternoon supervisors made that ordinance. the measure rolls out gradually. the first effecting employers with at least 50 workers or more. by 2018 it requires employers with at least 20 workers to provide the family leave benefits. mayor ed lee says he will sign the new measure into law. >>out of jail and trying to
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find a job. some of america's largest companies are looking at new ways to support people with criminal records. companies like facebook, google and starbucks have signed on to the obama administration's fair chance business pledge. they're agreeing to delay questions about a job applicant's criminal past until it can be considered in context. the white house says it will announce a second round of pledges later this year. business owners are surveying the damage after their bidding caught fire last night. firefighters are still checking four hot spots at a commercial building in mountainview. the fire ripped through the structure last night around 8:30. the building on east evelyn avenue and pioneer way house several businesses. some of those businesses were damaged. a huge honor for a local chp officer. it comes after saving a man who tried to jump off a bridge. officer brett peters from the oakland chp was honored this afternoon in sacramento with the medal of valor.
6:35 pm
back on february officer pierce responded to a report of a car blocking the lane of the on-ramp connecting 80 to westbound 980. peters saw the driver get out of the car and try to jump over that railing, 73 feet down the drop. he grabbed ahold of the man's wrist and jacket holding him until other officers could step in and help. talk about the ultimate revenge of the nerds. a perfect score on the a.p. calculus exam has earned a san jose teen a trip to the white house. he's one of only 12 students in the world to earn every point possible on that exam. he was featured on our asian pacific america show last month. the 11th grader at ever greene valley high school will take part in the white house science fair tomorrow as an honored guest. he will meet with professional scientists and high level government officials. so congratulations. it's going to take a long time to make this work. but this is the vision and this is what we're trying to get to over the next ten years.
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>> facebook's new frontier. how mark zuckerberg envisions the next ten years. plus a medieval mansion for sale. the east bay location and how many millions it will cost you. a "messy" morning commute in
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oakland. an overturned big rig spilled its load of dirt. this happened on the connection from westbound 980 ... to a messy morning commute in oakland. an overturned big wheel spilled its load of dirt. this happened on the connection from westbound 980 to southbound 880 right in the heart of the commute around 8:a.m. crews finally had the mess cleaned up about three hours later. it's still not clear what caused the crash. thankfully the truck driver was not seriously hurt. bart employees and riders aren't the only ones invested in
6:39 pm
the deal avoiding a strike. bart and its employee unions hammered out a new agreement well ahead of the current contract expiration next year. that pact gives workers a 10.5% pay raise over the next four years. a bay area state representative is weighing in. he and 40 other lawmakers have urged bart to be more fiscally responsible. on the november ballot bart is asking voters to approve a multibillion dollar bond. >> the financial elements of this proposed deal is not what i would have negotiated. bart workers are highly paid, and existing financial needs are significant. >> glazer says he respects the collective bargaining process. he'll be looking over the contract more closely. so will union members who have yet to vote on it. pickup trucks are coming up short in the latest round of crash tests. the insurance institute for highway safety recently tested
6:40 pm
seven large pickups by simulating crashes involving a pole or a tree. the only one that received a top safety rating was ford's f-150 supercab. the other three trucks -- the other trucks earned an acceptable rating. the institute says ram's popular trucks, the 1500 crew cab and the 1500 quad cab fared the poorest. a $5 billion bargain in berkeley. that's how real estate insiders are describing hume castle. the 1929 home is modelled on a 13th century convent in france. behind the gothic arches, five bed rooms, 7.5 baths. built around a central courtyard and it sits on three quarters of an acre. the $5 million it's the most expensive home in berkeley. but it has views that are fit for a king. >> man, that's beautiful. >> it is gorgeous. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think i need to take a tour. i'll be one of the looky loos. >> we can't afford it but we want to watch. >> i would love the open house.
6:41 pm
>> i enjoy that, too. oh, yeah, love this place. i'll be back never. >> i know what you guys are doing saturday. >> yeah. >> the weather's going to be good for those open houses. are we getting a commission for this? you can see live look here across the bay toward san francisco. we do have overcast skies after some sunshine this afternoon. we're talking more about some rain coming in. that's in just a few minutes. i'm scott budman at facebook headquarters. coming up how the company plans to use planes, drones and satellites to connect more people in the future. world...
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6:43 pm
today -- mark zuckerberg outlined how he wants to just in case you didn't know, facebook already runs the world. today mark zuckerberg outlined how he wants to run the world in ten years. >> he talked about drones, virtual reality, and eventually things we'll use on an everyday
6:44 pm
basis. our business tech reporter scott budman got to listen in. scott joins us live at facebook headquarters with some of those out of the world ideas. >> reporter: yeah, jessica and raj, it may seem strange to talk about a ten-year plan for a company famous for changing by the month. but facebook has an idea to bring us and the rest of the world into a more connected future. >> come here. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg welcomed a drone to the facebook developer conference. kind of a sneak peek into how his company will try to bring the internet and your photos to the world using drones, satellites, even a giant solar-powered facebook plane. >> this is an engine pod. this is one of them to give you a sense of the scale. and you know, it's made of carbon fiber so it's actually pretty light. >> each of these companies want to have more customers is what it really comes down to it.
6:45 pm
so today they have 2 billion connected customers. eventually they want to have everybody as a customer. >> we started shipping oculus swift. >> reporter: facebook also wants you to go vr as in virtual reality. for now it's mostly a way to play 360-degree virtual games. eventually zuckerberg says it will be a way to communicate with each other no matter where you are. also look out for virtual advertisements. >> virtual reality has the potential of allowing us to be in a scene, in a condo we might want to rent or in a cruise ship. >> reporter: but before you travel with these easy to wear glasses, be patient. >> it's going to take us a long time to make this work. but this is the vision. and this is what we're trying to get to over the next ten years. >> reporter: eventually, delivered by a drone to you. a little bit more about that
6:46 pm
facebook plane. zuckerberg says the plan is to launch it in a few months, first over sub-saharan africa to bring them internet connectivity. reporting live in menlo park, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. guess what? it's a girl. we want to show you the newest addition to the giraffe family at the san francisco zoo. she's so pretty. female calf was born friday morning. she stood up and took her first steps within the 30 minutes of birth. the zoo tells us she's already more than six feet tall. she and her mommy are in excellent condition. the zoo is giving them some privacy to bond before this lovely lady goes on exhibit with her mom to the public. >> she's already six feet tall? >> i know. taller than both of us. >> all of us combined. jeff rainieri joins us now with our microclimate forecast. how you doing, jeff? >> we're doing good here. we have cloud cover that's moving in right now that satellite radar picture. now a lot of you in the south bay had those clouds linger a lot longer today but we still
6:47 pm
managed sunshine in the north bay, san francisco and the east bay from this storm system that's breaking apart as it gets here. the one thing this storm will do as it moves across the weak system is continue to provide some cloud cover for tomorrow morning. that will begin with overcast skies in the south bay at 49. some drizzle possible in the peninsula. san francisco also a little bit of drizzle and for the north bay we'll start 46 you'll need a light jacket and a mostly cloudy sky. beyond this it's all about our next chance of rain. again for tomorrow morning it's just a few spotty areas of drizzle and the clouds we likely will not see any rainfall develop at least try to until 11:30 on wednesday. that's namely up toward santa row say, middle town and calistoga. it's not much of anything at 11:30 tomorrow evening. what you want to know is the rainfall has the best chance of producing some accumulations here on thursday. 2:00 to about 7:00 a.m. that is the window. so really affecting the early morning commuters on thursday morning. you'll see specifically for 5:00 a.m. this is really when it hits the heart of the bay area across
6:48 pm
san francisco, some pockets of moderate even a few pockets of heavier rainfall to napa, also for walnut creek, down through fremont. a little closer towards san jose but we think by 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning rainfall for the south bay. with it moving rather quickly across the bay area in just about a five-hour time span there's not a whole lot of chance for to us accumulate a lot of rainfall for the fast movements. totals not tioo impressive. but keeping the fire danger down in the low category. .17 santa row say, .15 nap past. .10 inch san francisco down to san jose as well. now beyond this rainfall on wednesday, or thursday, rather, get ready for some major changes. check out what's going to be happening on the temperature profile. if you have not noticed it on the scrolling seven-day forecast already, walnut creek is a good example in the east bay of what is going to be happening. on thursday as the rainfall cools the atmosphere, we'll be
6:49 pm
down to 63 degrees. then by saturday, drier winds move in. we hit 79. and then on sunday, likely some low 80s coming on back. so cooler and then much warmer weather coming our way. let's focus right in on tomorrow's forecast. and you'll see cool at the immediate coastline. san francisco 59 in the marina. financial district slightly warmer. we'll have rays of sunshine and 63. peninsula 63 also in san mateo and 66 in palo alto. san jose 68. and slightly warmer in couper tino. for tfor the north bay, walnut creek and east bay at 66, tri-valley danville comes in at at 67. next week we have chance of showers late wednesday night, also into this thursday morning. dry this weekend with that warmer weather. and then by next tuesday, now
6:50 pm
looks more apparent we could have some showers coming our way. nothing in terms of big storms into next week. but at least we're getting a little something here and there. that's much better than we have not had the past four years of our drought in place. >> okay. thank you, jeff. up next, no rain at the oracle arena. it is all sunshine inside of this building. are you ready for some nba history tomorrow night? we're going to check in with the players next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) hockey... and finally -- they've reached the stanley cup finals. more than 25 years of sharks hockey and finally they've reached the stanley cup finals. well, sort of. the people over at e.a. sports
6:53 pm
in redmond shores simulated the entire playoffs. and the sharks advanced all the way to the finals against the washington capitals. you see the picture there? the sharks lose to the capitals in the simulation. >> oh. >> the real-life sharks begin the playoffs this thursday in l.a. against the kings. okay. so the sharks and the warriors are headed to the playoffs. before we hit the playoff though the warriors have a chance at history. the hottest ticket in town in oakland. >> nbc bay area's colin resch is at the oracle for us tonight, colin, what's the buzz with the players? there's so much buzz around the community. what about the players though? >> reporter: players are ready to go, raj. the warriors they thought they could be better this year than last year. but 73 wins? that wasn't on their to do list. but here we are, game 82 of the season, and the all-time regular season wins record is there for the taking. >> you cannot talk about it at this point.
6:54 pm
the whole world is talking about it now. >> nobody wants to lose the last game going into the playoffs if you can avoid it. and obviously the 73. we really want to get that number. why not? >> reporter: exactly. why not? that's the mentality of the entire team. and if they do it, if they beat memphis wednesday night, it will be playing the same way they have all year. >> we don't want this record by playing our starters 48 minutes. we only want this record if everyone's going to be out there participating and helping get these last couple wins. so that's kind of i think what the game will be going into tomorrow. >> it would have been cool to take care of the games we're supposed to take care of and have it already out the way. but the way this thing has played out and be at home we got one shot at it. it's pretty amazing. i'm excited about it. >> we have an opportunity to do something that's never been done in history. so many great players have suited up since the nba began,
6:55 pm
and for us, 15 guys to say we've accomplished something as a group that's never been done before, that's remarkable. so we earned the right to have a 48-minute game to eclipse that mark. and we have to go out and finish the job. >> reporter: steph curry just has that look in his eyes today. i think the warriors, they're going to get the win tomorrow. they've got history at their fingertips. they know it. they want it. it's going to happen. 73-9. mark it down, guys. we'll be here again tomorrow night to view history much. >> we'll be here to view history. >> reporting live at oracle arena, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> he's going to pitch a tent there. not going anywhere. >> viewing colin viewing history. a battle of the tech tycoons tomorrow. you see the warriors you know sill von valley capitalist
6:56 pm
joel -- >> the grizzlies are in memphis but the owner robert paralives in the bay area. grew up in the south bay. worked at apple then left to start his own company. he's a billionaire just in case you're asking. 38 years young, by the way. para-actually had warriors courtside seats for a few seasons before he bought the memphis grizzlies. warriors fans around the bay area checking their bank accounts to see if they can afford tickets to tomorrow's big game. three students and a guest of their choice are going for free thanks to draymond green. the all-star tweeted that he will be -- he will pick three oakland schools and give tickets to students with the highest g.p.a.s. green said the thought just popped into his head last night and he wanted to tweet it out before he had a chance to forget. >> that's fantastic. >> get these great ideas you don't want to forget them. put them out there. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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megan fox's surprise pregnancy news. who's the daddy? now on "extra" from las vegas. megan fox pregnant with baby number three. >> i enjoy being a mom. i enjoy motherhood. >> the giant mystery today. is her ex brian austin green the father? breaking engagement news. lindsay lohan getting married? who's her 22-year-old fiance? charlize theron opening up like never before about raising two kids as a hollywood single mom. >> i feel like i'm watching something so incredibly sacred and beautiful. >> and taking on the backlash after saying her beauty was a curse. >> that was rough reading that. then, iggy azalea on w


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