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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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furious flames--- consuming a san jose auto repair shop, threatening the safety of people livg >>. >> serious flames consuming a san jose auto repair shop threatening the safety of people living nearby. >> paying the price to keep people safe after a rash of freeway shootings. urgent discussions how to stop them. >> live pictures from oracle arena. a season worth of basketball brilliance. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we need a longer weekend. >> a lot of dark colors up here on the desk. where is that powerful ray of
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sunshine? >> we are going to get that later today. another day with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. pretty much the same pattern. it will be warmer today and that warming trend will stick with us as we go into the weekend. now it's 50 in the north bay and 56 in the south bay. morning clouds and once again afternoon sunshine. up to 71 in san francisco. really starting to warm up in spots. north bay up to 83 today. we'll talk about that warm-up for the next couple of days. that's coming up in a few minutes. you already have a little activity on the roads? >> yeah. we have activity all over the bay. chp activity for san jose. let me show you the maps and what you would expect green all around. zooming in northbound 87 just past that 280 interchange. we have debris in the road. everything over on the shoulder. maybe flashing lights. we'll track the rest for you guys. now back to you.
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to an overnight fire in san jose that tore through an auto repair shop and threatened a nearby apartment building. right at willow street by the washington elementary school. kris sanchez live in san jose with a close look at the damage for us. a nearby utility pole caught fire adding to the danger of this situation. >> right. we want to start with that. you can see the power pole how it's leaning to the side. that is compromised. power lines have the potential of coming down in this neighborhood. that power pole complicated the fire fight here last night. at the height of it, there were 50 firefighters on scene who for some time had to watch the fire burn because the building was too unstable to enter. it's an old brick building. the fire inside the auto shop was fueled by flammable
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material. when that fire burned and jumped to the power line, several lines came down. pg&e deenergized them and nearly 600 homes and businesses lost power. people were evacuated because of the fire and risk of electrocution. >> we had a powerful with transformer and high voltage wires many spread from the fire. they were at risk of falling on our people. we couldn't be in the area in front of the building at all. >> reporter: fire crews remain on scene to make sure the fire doesn doesn't flare up again. the power is on again for all of two of the customers. if you woke up to flashing lights on your clocks in your house in san jose, this is why. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you, kris. 4:34. tragedy in the north bay after
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an accident in a swimming pool. authorities say a 4-year-old boy drowned when he slipped off a kick board and went under water unnoticed. a public safety spokesperson says minutes passed before the boy was found. paramedics could not revive him. 4:34 on your monday. this swarm of aggressive bee that held a concord neighborhood hostage now appears to be gone. at least two people were stung and had to seek treatment in a hospital saturday. experts believe they are probably africanized honey bee also known as killer bees. they were first discovered in the bay area two years ago. >> we keep bees. we did not see the problems before. >> two small dogs that died are believed to have been stung by the same bees.
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testing is being done to see what kind of bees they are. they've been relocated from that neighborhood. turning to technology to keep east bay drivers safe. city council will vote on whether to instault security cameras. highway patrol say there have been 20 shootings on east bay freeway since last november. they hope cameras will curb other shootings. it comes with a price tag up to $100,000. >> as far as i'm concerned, i think it's a positive thing for us to put our cameras where they need to be. if they need to be somewhere near highway 4 a little bit and the corridor there, so be it. >> investigators believe most of the shootings are gang related.
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>> at 4:35 we see bright lights behind us. the bay bridge all lit up. sunshine on the way. >> kari has a look at our forecast. >> we are going to have warmer temperatures today. looking at another day of sunshine. you enjoyed the weekend. you'll enjoy today. it will be a couple of degrees warmer than it was yesterday afternoon. we start out at 58 in oakland and 54 in san francisco. also 54 in concord and livermore. look at the microclimates with highs reaching 08 in morgan hill and 75 in san mateo. low 70s for parts of san francisco and 84 in fairfield. low 80s for the tri-valley and oakland 74. we'll talk about a big warm-up for the middle of the week. that's coming up. you have a clear view of the bay bridge. >> clear view and clear drive. very early, obviously. let's look at your maps. we do have reports of something going on, disabled vehicle around the toll plaza.
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i'll bring you that update. all our sensors looking good right now. we have no major concerns. still closed through the end of the year. a live shot for dublin and smooth traffic and easy drive for 580. 4:37. sharks singing the blues this morning. game one of the western conference final against st. louis blues didn't go how the sharks want it. highlights next. but on the positive side of things, the sharks lucky charm did find a new home. the warriors are back at it..
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a live look at oracle arena ahead of tonight's game. they host oklahoma city thunder the warriors are back in action. a live look at oracle arena ahead of tonight's game. rare to see the arena empty. tonight it won't be. they are hosting oklahoma city and thunder in game one of the western conference finals. tipoff set for 6:00 p.m. get there early because along with the normal commute traffic, there is an a's game going on around the same time. >> it's not the start the sharks were hoping for. the teal took on the st. louis blues and came up a bit short. >> sharks face the blues, fans were able to crowd into the shark tank to cheer them on. the experience reaffirmed their confidence in taking home the
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stanley cup. >> the tank, there is nothing more deadly to anybody else if this last round proved anything, this tank being full. >> unfortunately, blues took game one with a final 2-1, but sharks have plenty more opportunities to take the series. they face the blues tomorrow night in st. louis. >> they tanked game one. the sharks' good luck charm has found a home with a bay area family just in time for the western conference finals. the humane society said the 3-month-old kitten and a companion kitten were both adopted friday. little joe became an internet sensation when she bopped along the side. they are still going strong. should we be spending more
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on more technological innovation? it's not in this bond. >> how california's massive water bond is being spent and how big oil and even a country club are benefitting.
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welcome back. good monday to you. did you have a nice weekend? >> i did. did you? >> yeah. >> hoping to not feel the monday morning blues. >> we'll get on that.
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>> good-looking day ahead? >> great day. why not get out of bed. we have nice weather later on today. we are looking at low clouds hanging over the bay bridge. you can see that as we start out the day. there will be spots dealing with patchy fog. it's 50. in the north bay 54 in san francisco. a nice cool start. we start out in the 50s now over the next three days we are in for warmer temperatures. up to 78 in the south bay then 86 tomorrow. 87 on wednesday. the peak of the warm temperatures will be on wednesday. up to 76 tomorrow in san francisco. 72 on wednesday in some spots starts to come down. especially closer to the coast. in the north bay up to 88 on wednesday. it will feel very warm. east bay looking at 75 in the
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tri-valley up to 88 by the middle of the week. we have this area of low pressure. now we are replacing that with high pressure. inland temperatures will make it into the mid 80s and near 90. then just in time for the weekend, not so much cooler temperatures moving in and chance of showers for parts of the north bay. looking at temperature trend that once again spikes up over the next couple of days and goes down for the end of the week, even below average in some spots. we'll keep tabs on that. let's head over to mike keeping tabs on an earlier crash in san jose. >> that did clear from the roadway. this is our shot from 101. we'll show you the maps overall. good around the bay. we do have that earlier incident reported with debris and a fender bender. it's not a concern. no slowing and no activity in the lanes the last 20 minutes. toward the bay bridge we did
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have reports of a smalled vehicle. the live look shows you, no problem here. north bay smooth and easy drive novato down to the golden gate bridge. amazon reportedly about to launch a new line of private label brands. >> doing their own thing. for more on that we turn to landon dowdy doing her own thing at cnbc. >> wall street looks to get the week off to a good start. futures are slightly higher and markets coming off a negative week on the back of disappointing retail earnings and higher oil prices and stronger dollar. nasdaq down for four straight weeks. on friday, 185 points to 17535.
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amazon set to expand the number of private label goods it sells on the side as it takes on walmart and supermarket chains. it will launch several new lines including tea, coffee, baby food, diapers and laundry detergent. they will only be available to amazon prime members. >> if samsung has its way, you may not need a magnifying glass to read the screen of your smart phone. they can project content on to everything from your hand to the wall. it could detect the shape of your hand. you could see extra buttons on your fingers if your phone is open. it's just a concept for now. they may not go through with the idea. back to you. >> a little look at the future there. investigative exclusive. experts say much of california is not out of the drought.
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leaders in sacramento talking about $57.5 million water bond. >> our senior investigative reporter dug into the fine print to see where that money is really being spent. >> good morning, guys. we examined every project begin some of this bond money since 2014, the year voters passed the measure. we found some projects that obviously address future droughts here in california, we also found some questionable projects such as old traditional water projects that critics say are not innovative and so small and local, they likely don't benefit the state at all. included among those old school projects are several waste water treatment plants in small counties, as well as funding to study whether or not to build a waste water treatment plant. 23 different projects in all, costing more than $18 million in bond money. we found several projects
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benefitting private groups including $30 million for a pipeline at an oil company here in the bay area another $15 million for another pipeline that will serve a country club. and a half million dollars for a storage tank at an exclusive retirement resort. state leaders say it will help the state in the long run, directly or indirectly. to see our full report, go to and click on the investigative unit. back to you. >> thank you. if you have a tip, give us a call. nbc is digging into a bounty of information leaked about the inner workings of isis. the terror network is believed to have successfully recruited two americans with bay area ties who are allegedly operating in syria.
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one is from gilroy. another is a 24-year-old from palo alto. documents show he enlisted with isis in 2014. one cousin says he grew disenchanted attending high school. >> he said we are surrounded by a bunch of pitiful people. >> nbc recently obtained that information from a thumb drive leaked by an isis defector. about 250 americans have tried to join isis, but most have not made it to syria. 4:51, hackers are going to be the cross hairs of a staged event this week in boston. boston college will host simulated cyber attacks. the drill will include a round table on the legal and technical challenges in preventing hack attack. >> san jose mansion heading to the big screen. who will play a lead role in the
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movie about the winchester mystery house. san jose fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire at an auto repair shop adjacent to an apartment building. >> kris sanchez is tweeting out updates from the scene. >> seven people arrested at the annual bay to breakers. we posted a slide show of all the weekend festivities. cal train will be providing
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extra service today to accommodate the influx of fans going to the beyonce concert tonight 4:54. cal train will provide extra service today to accommodate the influx of fans going to the beyonce concert tonight at levi stadium. this will be the second time the
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queen bee performs at the venue this year. she performed at the halftime show with coldplay. the tour so popular, she added another stop at levi in september. >> so fear not if you can't get yourç tickets this time around. the story behind the winchester mystery house in san jose is headed to the big screen. >> actress helen mirren is set to play sara winchester in a yet-to-be-announced movie. legend has it sara winchester was afraid she would be haunted by people killed by winchester rifles. to keep the spirits away, she never stopped construction on her house. even had crews build fake doors and staircases to nowhere, 24 hours a day. >> helen mirren can be the queen, she can be sara winchester. celebrity crush there.
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4:55. dropping the 49ers for a chance at olympics. >> jared hayne is trying for a spot on the rugby team. his father is from fiji and he played on their national team in the past. good luck to him. world war ii veteran is riding his harley-davidson from coast-to-coast to honor his fellow military members who never made it back home. the 89-year-old served in the marines during world war ii. last month he set off from southern california on his way to washington, d.c. the goal is to roll into town just in time for memorial day. he made a stop in salt lake city on saturday where he talked about his mission to honor those who died in the attack on pearl harbor 75 years ago. >> memorial day is hot dogs and
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roasted marshmallows. if we recognize everything we do our freedom comes from our military. >> what a back drop there. he survived an airplane intelligent and has been awarded many medals for his service. out in the open road and bringing a topic so many people would love to articulate, to honor the people that died for us over the course of many, many years. >> wish him well. >> the fire quickly transformed to a communitiwide threat in the south bay. it started at a local shop, threatened a utility pole. the pole caught fire making for a dangerous situation. >> we are watching a developing situation over the bay bridge. we'll check it out with our cameras. plus--
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a destructive fire tearing through a san jose auto repair good morning. i'm stephanie chuang live in pittsburgh where leaders believe they could fight back on heightway shootings. what they are voting on tonight coming up in a live report. a destructive fire tears through a san jose auto repair shop threatening nearby apartments and a utility pole. a closer look at the aftermath. >> what cold case investigators unveil that could lead to answers in mysterious south bay homicides decades ago. "today in the bay" starts right
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now. a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. light on a monday so far. volume is light on the roads. >> watching that bay bridge. something might be going on. >> first a look at that forecast. >> looks good today. we'll start out with clouds this morning. then we'll see the sun coming out later on this afternoon. looking at temperatures in the upper 50s. >> you can see clearly the traffic flows smoothly in toward the treasure island tunnel. a vehicle running on three wheels. i'll track this carefully because we don't want any issues flowing down toward san francisco from the oakland side. so far the


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