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  Meet the Press  NBC  June 19, 2016 8:14am-8:17am PDT

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they have a hall pass to -- donald trump was eager to respond. my colleague hallie jackson caught up with donald trump just before his rally in las vegas. >> what we can do as a party is unify. i want to see speaker ryan focusing on the budget, we need to get the budget down to where it should be. otherwise i have no view on it. >> reporter: does it bother you that the head of the republican party is -- >> you see the crowds i'm getting, you saw last night in houston, you see today in nevada, i think we're going to do very, very well. >> you told me recently that your campaign really hasn't started yet. >> we start pretty much after the convention. >> reporter: why wait? >> i have raised a lot of money for the party, we're doing very well. millions of dollars just this week.
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she's selling herself to wall street and the wall street fat cats are putting up a lot of money former. i don't want that kind of money. i don't need that money, frankly, this is like a commercial, but it's tougher than a normal commercial. look, we're going to raise a lot of money, i have raised a lot of money this weekend, i'm raising it for the republican party. if you look at ryan, he'll say we have done an amazing job in a very short period of time. we're going to have a great convention, and we're going to go on to a great cam pain. i think i'm a different kind of candidate, paul ryan said that, i'm a different kind of a candidate. i think i can win either way. >> reporter: with them or without them? >> i think i can, because i obviously won the primaries. i'm an outsider and i won the primaries. i do believe we can win either way, but it would be nice if we stuck together. >> reporter: you talk about
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republicans, your critics say within your own party, your campaign is not organized well enough, it doesn't have the money and it doesn't have the infrastructure in the battle ground states, what are you doing to reassure people in your own party that you can windy? >> if my campaign were short of money, i would just put up my own money. >> reporter: how much? >> i would put up what i need to win. i wouldn't be that generous with it you. people have to put up money, people have to endorse and people have to come through. the one thing we're not doing, i have had so many endorsements, darrell issa called me yesterday. >> reporter: do you think the convention is going to try to overthrow? >> number one they can't do it legally. i worked for one year and we won
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all of those delegates, almost 1,600, 1,500 to 1,600. remember they said the most we would get is 1,200, we would be short of the magic number and i got to 1,600. i competed along with a lot of establishment people, i beat them all and now a couple of them would like to come in through the backdoor. it's awfully hard when i win, what did i win? 37 or 38 states, i win 38 states and somebody else won none and they're going to be the nominee? i don't think