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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> this is obviously a complex situation. we are going to keep on top of it here. we're monitoring the situation. you can watch n"nbc nightly new" with lester holt at 5:30 for the latest. >> stay overseas and take you to france now. blue, white and red ill luminatg the eiffel tower in paris tonight. all of it in honor of the victim of the terror attack that happened in the seaside resort city of nice. as you saw yesterday, we showed you a man kroef a truck through a packed promenade yesterday. revels there to celebrate bastille day with their families. a man killed 84 people including ten children and a father and son from texas. more than 200 people also hurt. among those injured are three cal students. but a fourth one, a cal student, is unaccounted for.
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the driver was identified who was born in tunisa, but lives in nice. police killed him during the shootout. nobody has arrested him for charges. police also arrested his ex-wife, but it's unclear what charges he faces if any. vest garretts want to know if he acted alone. a search is still underway for the missing cal student. they're hoping for good news and this has been a tough couple of months for cal. with some of their students, michelle. >> absolutely has. many so desperate for answers. nick leslie is the student still missing. we spoke with his friends. they say he's active on social media. been posting every day this summer. his last post was just a few minutes before the attack. >> it's very scary. >> he checks snap chat immediately after hearing there was an attack in nice. >> posted a snap chat of the
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fireworks. >> his friend is in nice for a study abroad program with dozens of other uc berkeley students. >> he respond, we want to make sure you're okay. nothing. >> nick still hasn't responded, but he says friends with him during the attack think they saw him running from the chaos. >> they were with nick. nick started running, they lost him. >> u u c berkeley officials say three other students in the program was injured. >> we have two with broken legs and one with a broken foot. >> yesterday, a student posted this picture on facebook. the caption says i was lucky, i'm a live. unlike other people walking with me. today, campus officials in berkeley say they're in contact with nick's family, law enforcement in nice and other students in the program. >> even though aren't physically injured, they've gone through a highly traumatic situation, so we are offering counseling. >> while the survivors in france cope with with they've
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experienced, nick's friends are hopeful he'll check in soon. >> so give us any kind of thumb's up that you're fine, that everything's okay. >> the university says several students in program are making arrangement to come home as soon as they can. meanwhile, i asked if they have plans to cancel their abroad program, and they say not at this point. reporting live in berkeley. >> thank you. we are also learning others from the bay area were among those runs for safety during the chaotic scene in nice. sarah luka was vacationing with her family when she heard explosions and saw the white truck coming at her through the crowd. she grab bed her 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter and ran. jennifer durn was visiting from livermore she found herself cloesz to the farotruck that ki so many. >> where the truck ended is
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right where we were so if the truck had exploded, i don't know what would have happened. >> today at the french consulate in san francisco, flower, candles and a message to pray for nice were left in front. social immediamedia is playing role once again in its at the forefront of the story in nice. sites like twitter, facebook and snap chat are being used not only to feget video of the scen to the masses, it's also being used to find students. facebook has turned on its safety check, a that lefts people in an area lets others know they're safe and accounted for. staying up to date on what's developing in nice, we're constantly posting updates on our app and social media sites. >> back at home, an investigation is underway after a child was hit and killed by a car in san francisco. happened just before 2:00. the call came in about a collision on rural court. that's in the india basin near any college of san francisco.
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when officers arrived, they found a child had been hit and was suffering critical injuries. sadly, the child died. only 7 years old. at the hospital. no other information about the child's identity has been released. police say the driver involved did stay at the crash and stayed at ta scene. for much of the day, social media has been buzzing about a series of solidarity protests in connection with black lives matter. they were expektd pechted in mo two dozen cities. our chopper right now is is over one of those protests. this a live look at the few people that have gathered within the past hour in oakland. right now, they are in front of the oakland police station. it has been so far, a peaceful protest. they marched from the city marching, from the city hall to the federal building. christie smith joins us live from san francisco where protesters are being called together at civic center plaza. so far, this has not been a well
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attended demonstration. >> well, what i can tell you is that right now, we're seeing a small group of demonstrators, maybe a few dozen people here on the steps of san francisco's city hall. very peaceful. they are chanting black lives matter. stop the killing. no justice, no peace. in light of police shootings of black men. the rallies and marches are planned in cities across the country. today know, here, folks telling us they found out through social media, but were not receiving clear information, but were hoping it would be peaceful and that's what we're seeing now. i can tell you, there are quite a few police officers on the outskirts, but people are still showing up. i asked some of the demonstrators if they planned to march, but it sounded like they were still puing together their plan. people are still arriving, but very peaceful here in san francisco. live from san francisco, nbc bay
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area news. rush hour problems tonight after a sinkhole opened up. so, drivers are now being told to avoid northbound lawrence expressway. that's a sinkhole there. you can see pretty big. it opened up this morning. now, the road crew is out there trying to do some emergency repairs. but three northbound lanes, expressway, are closed, which is slow traffic down to a crawl. drivers looking to get on 101 should find another on ramp. make sure you avoid the area. >> the effort to recall san francisco's mayor marched to the steps of city hall but were met by demonstrators who support the mayor. two groups shouted at each other. ed lee facing problems with sky rocketing housing calls and delayed reaction to fatal police shootings. but lee's supporters far
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outnumbered those who want them out of office. >> this is a diverse community and all the diversity, the culture forced out to benefit big business. >> completely against this. it is complete waste of taxpayer's money. complete distraction from solving the problems at habd. >> those pushing the recall need to gather 40,000 valid signatures to get it on the ballot. those opposed say it would cost tax parris $3.5 million. >> new details about the bomb scare that led to the evacuation of an entire neighborhood in the north bay yesterday. the sheriff's office said someone wired an alarm clock to look like dynamite. this happened in windsor. the clock was in a coach at the windsor wine country r park. firefighters respond and said the device looked real and sprang into action. evacuated the park, as well as a nearby country club.
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fire ruled an accident. it's not clear who made it or why they put it there. >> a unification project in the south bay is dealt a blow by vandals. volunteers from the our city force program recently planted 23 trees in san jose, only to have vandals saw the trees off at the bottom. this on meridian avenue. no word on who would do such a thing or why. >> i'm robert honda live in san jose. where a homeless encampment once stood on state property. coming up, we'll show you why some say they were removed by force and threat, including having their tents slashed. and it caused outrage. two dogs allegedly youth nuysed by mistake. live in martinez tonight, ahead, why the shelter here now says it happened. plus, confirmation on troubling fliers circulating in san francisco. what leaders of a hate
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organization are now saying. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. cooling down right now. 8 to 10 degrees cooler. we'll talk about the changes for the weekend and how much colder in just a few minutes.
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video showing a worker with what appears to be a blade in his hand. homeless camp members say is
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cutting their tentds. robert honda joins us from where the encampment stood and where the alleged slashing took place. >> well, we're here aloong highway 280 state property within san jose. last month, the residents here were give b the require 72 hours to clear out, but accused a cal trans worker of using what they called a machete to tear apart tents well before the deadline. there isn't much left of a homeless encampment near highway 280, but residents and homeless advocates say there should have been. they say on june 23rd. the highway patrol came to post a clearance notice burke some say a worker, who is shown here in a picture from video take b at the camp two days later, took what they called a machete and tore apart two unoccupied tents. these are pictures they took. >> he dwrgrabs his machete and t
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slashes the tent where it's most stable with the holds to where his machete would go right through it, so he made sure it was cut to shreds. >> he said he slashed the poik tires, and denied it saying the agency conduct gt his own investigation. the agency says it followed all procedures under the supervision of the chp. the chp referred all call to cal trans. >> nobody wants to take responsible fi for it, but the truth will come out eventually and the public need to know what's going on. >> one tent owner who was not there when his tent was slashed says he doesn't like being treated like a criminal. >> we're not out here because we want to be. i'm not any way. we need somewhere to stay. >> again, cal trans denies all the allegations. homeless advocates say they're still exploring what actions to
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take next. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. well, it caused outrage. two dogs, which animal activists say had homes waiting for them, ooet nuysed by mistake by an animal shelter. they initially told us a clerical error was to blame. elise, it sounds like it's a series of missteps and miscommunications that sadly led to the death of these dogs. >> it is a very unfortunate situation. you know, after those two adoptable dogs were euthanized here, the shelter did launch an investigation and tonight, they are taking responsible fi trt desi of one of the dog, but not both animals. ♪ the two dogs had homes waiting for them. >> when one has a way out to put it to sleep is a nightmare. >> but on the same day, both barbie and tommy were euthanized. this volunteer who didn't want
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to show her face said she saw the paperwork showing a rescue group found barbie a home. >> it said she was not to be euthanized, there was an extension. zpl a staff member is the person who made the mistake. >> the shelter director says her death came down to the actions of one of its vet techs. >> failure to follow standard policy and procedure. >> just didn't look at the documentation? >> krekts. >> but they say a rescue group never officially rescued tommy, the second dog euthanized, even though someone was in the building waiting to adopt him when he was put down. >> unfortunately, our stapf did not know that. >> whatever the reason, this volunteer says adoptable dogs should not die. >> i just don't want any more dogs put to death that are supposed to be -- >> and director ward says she is now creating a new position to deal directly with animal rescue
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groups and she also says that staff here is being retrained and because she says it is a personnel issue, she will not be able to say whether or not that tech who made the deadly mistake, is still employed here. reporting live in martinez tonight, nbc bay area news. now to our decision 2016 coverage. we will get to see them together tomorrow. donald trump today confirmed what w a tweet he selected indiana governor mike pence as his running mate and the presumptive presidential nominee says he'll join him t a press conference in the morning. banners are going up in cleveland next week, but they're making fun of them. show a letter t with trump, flag, p for pence. opponents are enjoying that tp can stand for something else. hkd hillary clinton is
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holding meetings in washington regarding her selection of a running mate. people familiar tell the associate press she's being joined by her campaign chair and vice chair. among the people being considered, virginia senator tim kaine. housing secretary castro and senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. jeff said we were going to start to see a cooldown and it came to pass just like you said. a significant difference today. >> anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler. in interior valley, okay, still in the 90s, but at least it was not in the low 100s. 98 in danville. a few degree degrees cooler. typical 60s in san francisco ch a look at the sky camera network and beautiful weather across the south bay. partly cloudy skies at 84 degrees. mild breeze and 73. cool wind in san francisco and 61 and really some of the best
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weather now across the north bay and 76. tomorrow morning's forecast, that fog coming back to start in the north bay. also, san francisco, temperatures in the 50s. more of a partly cloudy sky though across portions of the east bay and south bay with upper 50s and low 60s. the largest change happening this weekend has everything to do with the jet stream. that hot area of high pressure that brought us 90s and 100s pushes off towards the south, takes the heat with it and here comes this trough of low pressure. that's going to help improve the air qualify. as we get a stronger ocean breeze in here, that's going to do wonders here for your respiratory system. if you suffer from allergies or dmind of breathing issues, asthma, emp zee ma, it was in the unhealthy category the past twoway days. now, we're seeing all areas drop to the good levels for saturday and sunday, so not only enjoyable temperature, but also the air quality looking good. as you look at the forecast for
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saturday, you can see how much better it's going to be across the south bay. really a chamber of commerce kind of day. 84 and sunny skies. cupertino, 76. 64. palo alto, partly cloudy and 79. san francisco, you get wa you want this time of the year. low 60s, fog passing by the golden dwaet bridge. to the north bay, east bay and trivalley, and here we xwo. we're finally doing you right on some of these temperatures at the upper 90s and low 100s. the trivalley will drop tomorrow to 88. pleasonton, 89. still 90 in danville, but gep, no 100s. for the east bay, 73 in oakland. some of the best weather in the north bay with 83 in napa and mill valley, a comfortable 78. as we take you to the weekend forecast, we'll drop another degree or two into sunday. it's going to make the weekend perfect. you can see by the back half of the weekend, that will p put the south bay at 83 degrees.
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peninsula, 74. san francisco, 64 and the trivalley hitting 85 on next sunday u. fantastic weather. the next two days. garvin and jess, you know, we had to deal with heat. looks pretty good. >> yeah. still ahead, zi kai on if rise in san francisco, new numbers from health leaders and why they could be seeing more cases. plus, accident or arson. investigators are searching for a cause to a house fire in lossal to that sent a firefighter to the hospital.
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the founder of paypal will be the first openly gay speaker
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in six years t. last was met with protests back in 2000 and a new zealand man quit his job to go play pokemon go full time. he's planning a cross-country trip to catch some pokemon.
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tonight, a spokesman for the clue clux clan says the organization has seen a surge of e are cent police situations.
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that comes as the "san francisco chronicle" reports they have confirmation of racist flyers posted in san francisco are official clan material. the movement is bent on the kill lg white people. flyers began showing up earlier this week. a 49ers will miss the first month of the season. aaron link will be forced to sit the first four games of the year for violate iing the league's substance abuse policy. the general manager says the team is disappointed, but respects the stigs. the 23-year-old tied for the team lead in sacks last year. an investigation is underway for the cause of a two alarm fire that left a firefighter injured. this home was under construction so no one was inside. crews found the flames around 2:30 this morning, managing to keep it to one or two roop
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rooms. the firefighters with taken to the hospital in stable condition for precautionary reasons. the number of people in san francisco diagnosed with the zika virus is apparently growing. the health department says three new cases of the virus have been diskored in the past two weeks, which brings the number now to five. each of those people who got the virus u traveled to countries where the virus is circulating. health department says the number could continue to rise since it was in the middle of the summer travel season. still ahead, some serious star power tapped for the new olympics theme song. we'll be right back.
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the military attempting to overthrow the government. this is the video coming into our news room shows. we've seen clashes in the streets, tanks on the road. protesters overturning cars and a lot of people trying to take money out of atms and banks just in case there's no access to them. military yets are flying low over the capital city of an cara, where gunfire could be heard. also, reports of explosion antd tank fire aurnd the country's parliament building. the military has declared martial law.
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the president of turkey according to some reports, has flee d the country. president obama is calling for turkey to support the directly elected government and show restraint. we're going to have more coming wup lester holt on nightly news right after this newscast. tonight at 6:00, a rat infestation. we'll show you the video of them taking over a bay area neighborhood and why some tenants say complaint rs falling on deaf ears. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. we have a programming note. we're airing the giants padres game at 7:30. because of that, prime time programs can be watched on cozi tv. be sure to come back here at 11:00 for nbc bay area news. it is out, the anthem for the 2016 games. singer katy perry released a single called rise on youtube
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today. doesn't that make you feel good? gabby douglas and simone biles are featured in the video. we'll see you at 6:00. turkey in chaos. tanks in the streets, fighter jets in the skies. the military says it has seized total control, now in charge of the country. also shockwaves from the horror here in nice, france. major new developments in the investigation of a killer, a staggering toll of dead and injured, americans among those slain and concerns about the security of crowds in america. and second thoughts, donald trump makes it official, picking mike pence as his vp pick. but he was working the phones until midnight, trying to see if he could change course. "nightly news" begins right now.


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