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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> that's right. a lot of the democrats here at the dnc this philadelphialy believe that trump's astounding plea for putin's government to spy on hillary clinton. plays into one of their themes tonight and that is that trump can be dangerous. the democrats pivot tonight to target donald trump. who's invitation to russia to go after hillary clinton has shocked senior republicans. leaving the attacks on trump in philly will be president obama. who warned savannah guthrie, trump is frightening. >> what i think is scary is a president who doesn't know their stuff. and doesn't seem to have an interest in learning. >> vice president biden lambs trump tonight. >> the things he says are absolutely no sense. >> vp candidate tim kaine takes his shots tonight. >> to donald trump, everybody's
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second class. >> from florida, trump said he'd love to see a woman president, but the pick of hillary clinton is a disaster and today, a remarkable plea from a u.s. adversary. trump reached out to moscow for clinton e-mails. >> russia, if listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> breaking again with trump, paul ryan warned russia is a global menace led by devious thug. at the same time, bernie sanders backers are upset. over reports clinton might flip and back the pacific trade agreement. that's opposed by trump, but backed by president obama. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. >> steve, thank you. >> hillary clinton and help the trump campaign is pretty much squeezing out many other issues here in philadelphia. i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay
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area news. >> steve, thank you. we'll check back with you later this night as well. not just governor brown, another california political heavy weight addressed this convention within the past hour. gavin newsome spoke about inclusion. >> we believe you belong here. we need you here. we believe you can beat whoever you are and become whatever you want to be. and we're going to fight for you. we're going the fight for you not just over 100 days, but over the next 100 years. that's what american is is all about. that's what makes america great. >> lieutenant governor also spoke and said that donald trump is unfit to be president and thaz mike pence is a strong opponent to the lgbtq community. our coverage continues throughout ooempk. that includes our prime time special, where we'll see
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president obama. lester holt leads our coverage at 7:00. part of the bay area are dealing with crippling heat. 100s in places like dublin, but in san francisco, much milder. jeff ranieri is breaking it down for us. >> and right now, some of the hottest temperatures are in contra costa county with 106 degrees in brentwood. check out the humidity. dangerously low. down to 9%. fire danger is is extremely high across this afternoon. take a closer look at the east bay, you'll find your hot 102 in concord, 101 walnut creek, 101 in pleasonton and 1100 in livermore. we're seeing numbers slowly try to drop off with cooling fog and seeing the results near downtown san jose at 94 degrees. it's going to be a slow drop this evening in terms of getting any kind of major cooling.
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we'll like lly stay in the 70s san jose through 9:00 tonight. we're tracking a hot forecast for tomorrow and i'll let you know about 110 degrees of cooling. >> can't wait for that. thanks, jeff. because of these hot temperatures, a flood alert is in effect. fearing this summer heat may strain the state's electrical grid. people are being asked to voluntarily use less electricity until 9:00 tonight and late today, officials extended that until tomorrow. they recommend the thermostat should not be set below 78 degrees and unnecessary lights and appliances should be turned off. zblncht the wildfire in monterey county continues to burn out of control. at the hour, there are more evacuations. take a look from our nbc chopper. you see that huge cloud of smoke pouring into the sky. this was early today. this was near big sur. michelle, a lot of people being chased from their homes.
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what's the status of this fire fight? >> well, this point, the fire is only 10% contained and still growing. the big issue, low humidity and high heat. we're here at the stage area where the firefighters are getting their rest and we're being told fatigue is starting to set in. >> it was small enough to fill up my car. and it was one of a kind. >> how filled his truck and got out before flames ripped through his neighborhood in california canyon south of monterey. >> how can you sleep? zblo to sleep. you'll be okay. it might not be okay. >> he's been told his house is still standing, but some of his neighbors weren't so lucky. >> weepy, like i could cry, but i don't want to. >> while homeowners wait for news, firefighters are mourning the loss of one of their own. last night, a dozer operator was
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killed in a rollover accident. >> our hearts go out to his family. >> he said the rough terrain is a huge challenge in fight. he said in some cases, crews have to hike up to three miles to reach the fire's edge. >> we're starting to watch the firefighters. >> more than 3,000 fire personnel are working around the clock to knock town the flames. back at the red cross shelter. >> this is the latest. >> he's hopeful his art studio will still be standing. >> i can still go back when this is over and start painting again. >> well, the fire captain says safety is a number one priority. in next priority is protecting those homes. so far, 20 have burned and tonight, 2,000 homes are at risk. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the fires also raging in southern california. different fire. this is progress though in the sand fire.
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this is about 30 miles north of l.a. last night, late last night, it was 25% contained. right now, 40% on the majority of the evacuees were allowed back to their homes today. the fire has scorched more than 38,000 acres. santa clarita area. one man was killed. new video of a police confrontation that ended in death. you are looking at video showing officers chasing a man in pittsburgh. that same man died shortly after officers toewsed and handcuffed him. jodi hernandez is live in pittsburgh with more and two very different accounts of what took place. >> that's right. very different. pittsburgh police say the man was actively resisting and fighting back. they insist that officers responded appropriately. but the man's family say police crossed the line. >> this surveillance video show ed the 32-year-old pulling away from his friend's pittsburgh house yesterday afternoon, then
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just a minute and a half later, pulling back up with three pittsburgh police officers chasing after him. police say he fled as they tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. >> he fled from our officers. he overpowered them in the garage and then physically was fighting with our officers in the kimpb. >> pittsburgh plifs say the suspect bit one of the officers inside the house. they toewsed him, but say it didn't faze him. >> the taser did not have ab an effect on him. >> they managed to handcuff him, but moments later, he stopped breathing. he died at the hospital. >> we'll have toxicology reports to determine was there drugs in his system and was there an existing medical condition. >> my son, my only son. now, he's gone and i don't know they killed him. they didn't have, excess i force. >> martinez' friends an family say police were out of line.
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>> they were just beating him. >> he was at the house when it went down. >> angry, i'm upset. i'm scared. i'm horrified. >> police say martinez has an extensive criminal past and the past decade alone, they say he has numerous convictions including resisting arrest, false imprisonment and drugs and weapons. violations. reporting live in pittsburgh, nbc bay area news. new details tonight in the criminal case against pg&e is now in the hands of a jury. after six weeks of testimony, attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments today. prosecutors accused pg&e of maximizing profits over safety, which attributeded to the deadly san bernardino explosion in 2010. pg&e face 12 counts of breaking tral laws and if convict, fines could top half a billion
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dollars. >> a gruesome discovery in the east bay. someone spotted a dead body on the side of the road. this happened around noon today in concord. there were no signs of trauma. the body was found on the side of willow pass road. the victim was a man in his late 20s. no word on the cause of death. and no word on what caused a tanker truck to crash and cash fire today in san lan dro. it was carrying used motor oil and the driver was apparently killed instantly. investigators say the truck crashed through an embankment on the davis street off ramp from interstate 880. now, lanes were shut down for hours this morning. we want to check our traffic map right now. you can see lanes of 880 are open. and slow going northbound and the david street off ramp still closed at this hour. cal trans said they will reopen tonight at 8:00.
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walking with his grandmother, a 6-year-old boy is attacked by a pit bull. live in a, how that child a doi and what happened to the dog. also, a brand-new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art courthouse, but is there enough parking? a potential oversight in the south bay. the united states women's water polo team just minutes away from their final exhibition game before heading to rio. they'll take the number one rank ng the world with them. why they say they love the pressure. that's next. good afternoon. i'm yef ranieri. it's not hot everywhere. right now, a cool 63 in san francisco. we'll track when everybody cools down. that's in just a few minutes. old boy -- while he was walking
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with his grandmother. the dog got ay. a pit bull attacked a 6-year-old boy while walking with his grandmother. the dog got away. how's that little boy doing? >> he is okay. you know, the attack happened right here behind me. he was walking with his grandmother when a pit bull attacked him. authorities say the owner and that dog got away and still on the loose. ashley said she sees it far too auburn xuan. zpl especially a transient who's not taking care of their dog and the whole community. >> a grandmother and her 6-year-old were walking along
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this raised walkway when out of nowhere, police say a pit bull attacked the boy. >> a grandmother fought the dog off. >> but the dog left several wounds to the boy's groin and upper legs and the owner and pit bull, who authorities say is a transient, got away. >> that's where they're congregating at night. >> it happened around 8:00 at night on july 14th, when around 150 pokemon players were along the marina. still, authorities have few witnesses or leads. >> it was obviously an aggressive animal. it attacked a young boy unprovoked, so it's a danger to the public. >> she believes it's part of a larger issue. some dog owners being irresponsible. >> why is the dog attacking somebody, especially at random. no provoking, nothing. >> an animal control officers say there was another attack this week when two pit bulls attacks a dog and is owners. both are said to be okay.
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and as far as that 6-year-old boy, he is also expected to survive. authorities are asking the public to contact them if they have any information on this attack. reporting live, nbc bay area news. law enforcement training programs now canceled after causing continue ver say in the south bay. it's run by a private company known as bulletproof warrior. the first con ver say, the name. also upset. silicon wrote an angry letter in mid august. the group says bulletproof teaching an aggressive approach in dealing with citizens. >> our officers on the street should not be thinking of themgs on the bt l feed. >> the sheriff's office has declined to comment. a brand-new multi-million
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dollar courthouse is about to open but there could be a -- where is the parking? the yus tis center should be open in a couple of week, but no additional parking was added to accommodate the eight floors of the courthouse. county workers tell nbc bay area they've been advised to take mass transit or to arrive early. others have been assigned to park in a city garage two blocks away. when we were there, almost every floor was about 70% full. >> they're consolidating four courthouses into one, so ma tha means located a few blocks down, they're going to lose their parking where they're at and they're going to have to compete for parking, too. >> could be an issue. the court told us late this afternoon that he does fot feel park aing will be an issue because there should be enough spaces available downtown. in less than two hours, the
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u.s. women's water polo team will play their final exhibition game before heading to rio. they are welcome russia. here's colin rush. >> four years ago, the u.s. women's water polo team won the first gold medal in program history. they'll head to the games in rio has the prohibitive favorite to repeat, but first, the highly an is tis pated lead up against russia tonight. member four members return, considered by many to be the best players in the world. the team captain is back for more. she said she can't wait to thrill the home crowd before heading to rio. >> this is probably the ultimate send off. >> it is so exciting to know that we're going to have avery stadium full. i've been in a couple of huge games here and it is one of the feelings. you get the nerves, the
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butterflies, you feel the energy. and you're not going get that on home soil. we're going to rio and who knows if we'll ever get to play another game on american soil this big until another four years. we love it and we love the opportunity we're getting to play in front of our home crowd. >> tonight at 6:00, why maggie and her head coach are welcoming the pressure of being number one as they head to rio. nbc bay area. we are counting down the days to the rio olympics. the opening ceremony is in nine days. our own jessica is heading to rio and will be reports live from the games. >> b i believe the temperature in rio was 90 degrees. >> it's like winter there. so it should be milder. >> i think it's one of the only summer games that's been played in a technically wintertime.
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>> it's wild. even though it's warm, it's a lot hotter here. and this is well above average even though it bets hot here, we're close to records in danville, 105. walnut creek, 102. east san jose, it was a skornlger with ut. little bit of fog and 60. walnut creek again did top out in one of our warmest and you can see results here. the hazy air quality. looking towards mt. diablo. another spare the air date in effect tomorrow. look at the temperature round. while numbers are dropping off to 99 in walnut creek, we'll hold on to 70s and 80s into 99:00 tonight. we hear there are cooling centers open in pleasonton. if you want to check that out frk you don't have ac and you're stuck in this heat, we know some of these local communities are opening up those cooling centers. as we get a look outside, it's
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not hot everywhere. san francisco with the fog rolling in and 61 degrees, but it's more comfortable and 79. tomorrow morning, mild yet again. contra costa, al immediate, we'll start with an average of 70 degrees. 67 and tomorrow morning, we'll expegt some of the smoke from the monterey fire to be filtering in. so you want to watch out for that. your micro climate forecast on thursday, it is hot for the south bay. 98 for san jose. no big change in the temperatures. morgan hill, again, 100. for san francisco, 72 in downtown. if you want some cooling relief, you have the day off, head right on over to the golden gate bridge. we'll have a stronger westerly wind in place and that will get you free ac with 65 degrees. more dangerous heat tomorrow with so 10 2 in liver mor. it's going to be another one of those days. we had the ac blasting in the car and it doesn't seem cool
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enough. make sure you hydrate. drink plenty of water. north bay, 100. napa, but impact of some of the cooling breeze in mill valley starting to move in from the coast and 84. air quality, another spare the air day, but notice down to the good category for the norlt bay and peninsula. still unhealthy for the east bay and south bay. we have some changes coming our way by the weekend. 4 to 7 degrees of cooling come frg this trough of low pressure. it's not going to be too noticeable san francisco. drop to the 60s by saturday and sunday. forecasts for the inland will go from 101 tomorrow to 89 on sunday. we're tracking more of this coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thanks, jeff. stimcotom, californiaens buying into green energy. we're leading the way with electric cars. prospective
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jurors in the bay area. callers are telling people they can stay out of jail if you happening now, u.s. marshals are warning people about a scam aimed at perspective jurors in the bay area. callers are telling people you can ta out of jail if you pay a fine. tim cook talks about the sale of the 1 billion iphone. he says the device is one of the most world changing products in history. a violent break-in at a fire
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station in petaluma. police suspect a man threw a heavy object at the front door ... shattering the g a violent break in at a fire station in pet lieu ma. police suspect the man threw a heavy object at the front door shattering the glass. the fire captain called police while they found the man inside a building. he started throwing chairs and ripping off the screen. they managed to keep him in the building until police arrived. school's out for the summer and so is the superintendent. an unexpected vacancy. the superintendent is moving to houston. he announced today that out of four years of leading san francisco's public schools, he's accepted the job of leading the biggest school district in texas, about four times larnler than san francisco. with him in charge, san francisco has seen a 50% drop in suspensions and an increase in overall graduation rates. california is a fan of green
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energy. a new study by green car says californians bought more electric cars than the rest of the country. last month, drivers across the u.s. bought over 13,000 plug in vehicles. 7200 were bought here in california. more than half. california does have a zero emissions sales mandate for automakers. back in a moment with the new new type of swing in the bay area. stay with us. within th epast hour -- governor
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brown spoke at the democratic national convention. in a passionate speech -- h as we showed you within the past how, governor brown spoke at the democratic national convention in a passionate speech, he pledged his support for hillary clinton. but that wasn't the case decades ago when the governor and bill clinton were feuding. coming up at 6:00, the switch he's made and the people who saw it in person. once again, live pictures from the convention in philadelphia. musical twins are coming to the south bay. to give people a fresh perspective on cooperation. here's how it works. each swing triggers a different musical note and when people swing together, a melody plays. the project designed by a kai nad yab company comes to plaza chavez in san jose next week.
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>> that looks pretty cool. >> how fun. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. we'll turn it over to lester holt, next. >> hope to see you at 6:00. . tonight, trump's russia bombshell. >> russia, if you're listening. >> an extraordinary play to encourage espionage. conden nation and alarm. star power, bill clinton and obama and biden in swinging defense of hillary clinton. what will obama say tonight about donald trump? set free, the gunman to assassinate ronald reagan to impress jody foster, released. outrage from regan family and friends. and dropping all charges for all remaining police officers awaiting trial on the death of freddie gray. a stunning end in a tragedy plunged the


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