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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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"today in the bay" continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we continue our coverage of breaking news this morning with mike inouye. mike, you were watching issues on b.a.r.t. and san francisco and the peninsula. >> that's right. let's get to the cliff notes first. service has indeed been restored. we have trains single tracking but there was an issue here outoutside the ball bow a station. reports of electrical issues. an insulator needs to be replaced. that insulator keeps the third rail from lighting up the rest of the system. that insulator has to be replaced. for now single tracking 24th to millbrae. the original problem. definitely here and throughout heading over into the east bay. the road rway roadways are movi well. in the east bay, richmond will be unaffected. there may be more traffic
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heading toward the bay bridge because any time anybody hears b.a.r.t. that start to hit the roads anyway. the traffic is back up here. through san francisco and the peninsula, they are single tracking on those b.a.r.t. trains but continuing with repairs. we do not have full service restored. major delays along the pooul line. low clouds. kari, looking toward the weekend. how does that forecast look? >> it looks like we will have temperatures that will be in the 50s and low 60s to start out. as we go into the day expect it to warm up into the low 90s in the tri-valley. 93 degrees there. and in the north bay, 89 degrees. and we will see a high of 88 degrees in the south bay. while the peninsula today tops out at 82. we'll take a look ahead to a hot weekend coming up in the microclimate forecast. laura and sam? >> we will check back with you. thank you very much. targeted again. for the second time in less than a month someone has chopped down dozens of newly planted trees in the south bay. "today in the bay's" bob redell
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is live along meridian avenue and dry creek road. bob, there's now a reward to find the person responsible. >> the people here at willow glen as you can imagine are pretty upset. would like to know is take an electric saw and cutting down these newly planted tree. not just one tree, not two, but 22 trees along this quarter mile stretch of meridianen and dry creek in willow glen. we will have more on that in a minute but we believe these are chinese fringe trees planted just over about a year ago. it was either wednesday night or early thursday morning that someone took electric saw to these, cutting them in the middle, cutting them in a way where, as you can see, they will never grow back. it was a month ago someone cut down 23 other newly planted trees across the street from where we're standing right now. that's a total of 46 trees wasted. damage estimated at around
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$10,000. never mind the hundreds of volunteer hours it took to plant these. we spoke this morning with san jose city councilman. he represents this district. he expressed his frustration to us as you can imagine. he helped the city team up with our city forest environmental group to plant these chinese fringe and yew pines to help beautify this area. 46 trees pranted a year ago and now all of them are gone. the councilman's office is now offering a $5,000 reward to find whoever destroyed these trees. "mercury news" reports speculates this might be politically mow investigativatet a few months ago someone used white primer paint to spray the art boxes. there's no evidence this is the same person but given the fact that someone is coming in here with what appears to be an electric saw, once the sun comes down and chopping down the trees are certainly raising some
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eyebrows as to what the motive might be. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you chlk new this morning, a scare in the air for passengers onboard a jetblue flight to sacramento last night. this morning we spoke to the rattled passengers following an emergency landing from severe turbulence that forced that landing in rapid city, south dakota. the plane had taken off from boston before it hit a patch of bad weather. 22 passengers and 2 crew members were transported to the hospital. all of them have sense been treated an released. passengers then continued on their way to b saesacramento ab another plane. >> flying up in the air and my laptop went flying up in the air. stuff flying. the whole -- the storage thing up on top opened up completely just for a second and flew out. a bunch of people got hurt. >> felt like i was in a tower of terror. >> quite a big shake. whoa.
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and then the plane just dropped. a developing story in southeast asia. five provinces in thailand have been hit by 11 bombings in less than a day. here's what we can tell you so far. several of the places hit are among the most popular tourist resorts in the country. four people have been killed. 34 injured. police believe the blasts were acts of local sabotage and not linked to any international militant group. it comes days after the country voted to secht a military backed constitution. >> so much grief on the peninsula as friends and family members remember 20 yaermd ca-y val calvin reilly. people are gathering today in san mateo for his funeral. reilly played baseball in stockton and graduated from sara high school. he was shot and killed near aquatic park last weekend. his godmother says the tight knit family is devastated.
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>> his dad and him were best friends. i mean, i just can't believe he's been wanting me to come out and visit and this shouldn't be the way i have to come. >> in the meantime, the search for his killer continues. u.s. park police investigators are asking the public for any clues that can help them to find the gunman. right now there is relief under way for businesses hit hard by five alarm fire on mission street in san francisco. you remember it back in june. the mayor's office says activated the small business disaster relief fund. gives six businesses access to immediate cash flow. the fund was created to allow businesses to access up to $10,000 after a disaster for inventory replacement, equipment purchases, and security deposits. now to our olympic coverage in rio this morning and team usa continues to dominate. take a look at the medal count. u.s. has 38 total including 16 golds. >> while we talk about the
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golds, laura, two of them come courtesy of the simones. simone biles and simone manuel. >> today a little rain is not stopping jessica aguirre. live in rio this morning. jess, you actually saw the final five this morning. >> i did. it was super exciting. i was getting coffee in the nbc commissary when there i turn around and who is there but the final five having their breakfast. so nonchalant. you wouldn't know that they were historic making team. also their coach or coordinator, i should say, for team usa martha karolyi sitting there with bella karolyi as well. that was exciting. they're going to be on the "today" show a little bit later today. so today here at olympic park you can see the rain is back, so that raises some questions as to what events may or may not be delayed. we'll be knowing that in a couple of hours as the day progress progresses. but last night it was about the pool. as you said, it was about
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olympic stadium where we saw simone biles and aly raisman and it was in the pool with michael phelps and ryan lochte. all in all you have to admit it was a great day to be a simone. it was a magical and emotional night for team usa in rio. simone biles and aly raisman in tears after finishing one, two, in the women's all around finals. stanford student simone manuel overcome after tying for gold in the 100 meter free. the first female african-american swimmer ever to win an individual medal. inspired performances continued. cal's ryan murphy with gold in the men's 200 backstroke. michael phelps taking the 22nd gold of his career in the 200 im. while kayla harrison was a nightmare for opponents winning her second gold in judo confirming she's the best judoka in u.s. history. looking to add more gold to
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their legacies michael phelps and incoming stanford student katie ledecky will be back in the pool later today. la deck ki after she saw simone manuel win her ghoeld tweeted out that she was shaking, she was so excited. they're roopi rooming together here in rio. i retweeted those on my twitter account which is jessaguirrenbc if you want to retweet them out. there is volleyball and rain or shine volleyball folks say they will be playing unless there's lightning. men's basketball is up again today. water polo is scheduled again. usa versus montenegro. one final note, there is an uber protest planned today outside of olympic park. taxi drivers protesting uber. the consulate sent out a warning to americans saying there might be traffic delays, that there
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shouldn't be any issues. the protests have been peaceful. but traffic delay, i can't imagine more traffic delays than what we normally have here. it's almost impossible to get around here in rio. so today, it's going to be even harder to get into olympic park. laura and sam? >> we thought we had congestion problems here. jessica aguirre reporting for us live from rio de janiero. thank you very much. >> we do have some traffic troubles when it comes to b.a.r.t. this morning. let's check in with mike. >> that's right. it is friday so overall the bay's commute looking really good as far as the roadways if you want to use that. you might have to. instead of relaxing on b.a.r.t. because we do have problems reported for the system started early at the beginning peninsula problems reported there. so far as we know the richmond to fremont line, that is untouched by any of the problems. and no delays reported there. we do have the rest of the east bay. there are no details but it doesn't sound like major delays here. there are problems, of course, related to because the entire system does travel back and forth through the bay bridge and tunnel. early morning problems started on the peninsula between 24th
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and millbrae. issues on the track and caused trains to stop. single tracking through the area. continuing the repair work going on. i didn't have all the detail but i do know it has something to do with the electrical system. chuck coppola is out there. what's the latest that you have over there? >> well, right now as word spreads about this power outage at b.a.r.t. station people are leaving their cars, coming up and minding out and going back in their cars and getting back on the highway. now, some people are choosing to stay and wait this out. you see on the platform there there are some people waiting on the platforms. there is a loud speaker broadcasting that service has been delayed. however, a b.a.r.t. media line has been -- been providing late information to this. and what they tell us is that 4:45 this morning at the ball boyia park station the insulator failed. insulator is a small ceramic piece that prevents the third rail from being grounded.
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when it failed it caused a flash and the b.a.r.t. people tell us this is a fairly quick, fairly easy thing to fix. so they still need access though to the tracks so they had to stop train on either side. this message also does go on to confirm that they are single tracking through the area so it is not a complete shutdown. however, i will confess so long as we've been here, about 10, 12 minutes we have not seen any trains come through here at this station in millbrae. long story short, the service is interrupted. they think they're going to have this restored soon. they don't tell us when. and, in fact, i just hear some -- i hear the beep of a b.a.r.t. train. perhaps one is coming through now. that's the latest from here in millbrae. >> that familiar sound here in the bay area. thanks, chuck. up next on "today in the bay," 100-year-old woman facing eviction again. new push today in the hopes of keeping her in her san francisco home. the stock market set three records. take a look coming up.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. brewing in san francisco - for a 100-year-old woman who two years ago won a bitter eviction fight. a little battle may be brew for a 100-year-old woman who two years ago won a bitter eviction battle. car canada in 2014 won the right to remain in her lower hade home where she had lived for decades. now iris is facing eviction again. her landlords say she failed to
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pay court ordered attorney fees, $150,000. a judge on wednesday ruled in their favor. it is 6:16. happening today, former high tech ceoch chahal avoided goingo jail in domestic abuse case. they say he violated probation by attacking his new girlfriend. when the charges in june he stepped down as ceo of gravity 4. a judge is set to issue a final ruling today. hillary clinton gave her economic address thursday in detroit. the same city donald trump chose for his economic address. >> scott mcgrew you analyze trump's speech. >> you assume correctly there. we found a couple of things to correct. fewer things though in secretary clinton's economic speech.
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it was largely accurate. we found a couple of issues. once was he claim that she opposes the trans pacific partnership. >> i oppose it now. i'll oppose it after the election. and i'll oppose it as president. >> okay. that's true. but she fails to mention she was all for the tpp just a couple of months ago. she called the tpp the gold standard for treaties. clinton also said, quote, even conservative experts say trump's agenda will pull our economy back into recession. according on the a independent analysis by former economic adviser to senator john mccain. this is also sort of true. there are two issues here. one, the analysis was a trump's older proposals. we changes his proposals so often it's hard to keep track. the analysis is dated. and, two, the analysts really just happen to be a conservative. he did work with john mccain but he now works for standard & poor's. we have no reason to think he was politically biased when he
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made that assessment about trump's policies. turning to markets. stars next to all the major indices as all three open this morning at all time records. the dow is up 117 points. enough to put it at a record. the nasdaq already close to a record. just half a percent gain over the top. 2185 on the s&p 500. the record. we haven't had all three do this since 1999. think back to what a party that was. don't think about 2000. 1999. >> the millennium scare in the newsroom the other day. >> thank you very much. it's 6:18. nba released the schedule. the warriors are playing on christmas day. it's the warriors and cavaliers. but this year they are going to meet cleveland. the warriors open the season at home against the spurs right around the corner, october 25th. on february 11th, that's when newest warrior kevin durant will make his return to oklahoma city. >> big time. >> that is a big game, mr.
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brock. it is. how's this for a summer camp for kids. steph curry hits the shot whale sitting on the floor. it happened yesterday at the warriors basketball camp in walnut creek. i love that he gets out in the community. he lives in the east bay. it's inspirational. >> he iks what these nutty shots all the time. but that from his back, upper body strength to throw that up. insane. >> athlete. >> here's my prediction. coach i all around the bay now this season are going to have to discourage that shot. >> you're right. >> steph curry effect. on full display. right now heading into our weekend on a friday. >> feeling pretty good about that. unless you're living in the inland area where the temperatures will be heating up in the 90s today. and it will be nice and cool along the coastline. nice spread in temperatures. here's a live view from mt. tam this morning as you head out. low 50s. and nmid 50s for most of us. even 60s for the south bay. where in san jose now, 62
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degrees. as we go into the day planner, start out with clouds. and then the sun breaks out. upper 70s and even the 80s into the evening commute. as we see the temperatures warming up very quickly. if you're heading out to the summer fest, the jazz fest this weekend. it will be in the upper 80s and low 0s. it will be hot. make sure you take lots of breaks. and find a shot in the shade if you can. it will be a great event to check out. up to 89 degrees in los gatos today. pacifica, 64 degrees. we'll have upper agency toss low 90s for the north bay while a wide range in temperatures from oakland and 74 tonight to 91 in concord. 90s for the tri-valley. it still stays hot as the intention heat builds across the region and high pressure that will be moving in that causes the air to simpg. it doesn't give us our onshore flow as much. we'll have more of a northerly wind. you won't notice much of a difference in san francisco where we keep those temperatures in the 60s throughout the next
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sent days. we have some 90s for the inland valleys. reaching into the low 90s today. mid 90s tomorrow. and it will be up to 96 degrees next tuesday and into wednesday. heading back over to mike, another update on what's happening on the roads. >> it's calm on the roadways but might see more traffic because of the rails. b.a.r.t. delay and that continues as you look at the map no, major problem as far as the roadway speed sensors. again, a major delay for the b.a.r.t. system along that peninsula. we had the problem. chuck coppola was at the millbrae trans station and showing us the traffic was light. he did hear a b.a.r.t. train arriving though. and we do hear they're single tracking throughout this stretch between 24th street and mill bay station. that will be delays. single tracking is better than no service. they continue to repair that insulator. look at the roads. no problems for those systems on the peninsula over into the east bay. just slowing for the east shore freeway down toward the bay bridge toll plaza where the
6:22 am
metering lights are on. no real issue from the berkeley curve. the lanes up to the left, the cash lanes, very easy drive. folks hearing about b.a.r.t. problems may hit the roads anyway. looking toward fremont where b.a.r.t. travels down in towards fremont and stops but the roadway 880 continues down into the south bay. smooth drive throughout silicon valley. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, quicker ride to 49ers games at levi stadium. consumer investigator chris chmura is joining us to breakdown cases closed this week. >> this is the question we have lingering here. is it an investment in your purchase or just another impulse buy? either way nbc bay area responds, next.
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right now nbc bay area responds. saves consumers $5,000 just this week alone. >> there you go. consumer investigator chris chmura noticed a trend negotiating refunds and closing some of those cases. what did you see? >> good morning. in two of the four cases we featured this week and one we're going to show you monday an extended warranty or service plan didn't pay off as advertised. susanna and chuck had trouble replacing a $239 blender despite an extended warranty. jim's extended service contract on his car owed him 1500 bucks with we had to fight to get back. monday's case tops two grand. so the question here is, are those protection packages, service plans or extended
6:26 am
warranties, whatever they call them, are they actually worth the price? consumer reports says no. in general, we have found extended warranties to be a bad deal for the customer and have long advised against them. for many of us an extended warranty is just an impulse buy pondered only briefly at checkout. instead we say anticipate the sales pitch before you go shop for a big ticket item like a refrigerator or a car, investigate the costs and the benefits. finally, we'll repeat savvy advice the state gave thus week. only buy an extended warranty if it's backed by a licensed ins e insur insurer. find that in the fine print that nobody reads. we'll take your consumer complaint. call us at 888-996-tips or submit your story online, upload video and photos and documents sla
6:27 am
the person asking that question likely gets a commission and the company sees it as a profit center. push back a little bit. >> know what your getting there. >> you don't want to feel like you're taking a risk by not getting an extended warranty but if it's not doing the job. >> the only way to answer the question is to do the research ahead of tape. >> time. >> bring your readers to read the fine print. 6:27. hey, the niners are getting their preseason started sunday at levi's, this year on game day fans can take the express train to get there. exclusively for niners games. instead of taking the local train which has 26 stops along the way the new 49ers express train will make four stops at the biggest locations including the great mall. express train ticket runs $20 round trip. regular train s costs about hal that. coming up next on nbc bay area, breaking news, major delays for b.a.r.t. riders. chuck is live in millbrae with much more.
6:28 am
>> that's right. very tough morning for commuters so far. we'll tell you how long it's going to take to fix this and how many people are expected here at the millbrae station. i'm chuck coppola, that story coming up. republicans get together with donald trump today to talk about his campaign. i'm tracie potts. some are frustrated inside the party. we'll talk about that and questions about hillary clinton's aide working for the clinton foundation. and it is back to schooltime for many families in silicon valley. we'll show you how sacred heart services communities are helping and how much costs have gone up.
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thanks so much for joining us on this friday. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it has been a very difficult morning for a lot of commuters here using b.a.r.t. mike inouye has been tracking residual delays. how are things looking now? >> sam, we're looking over here toward the roadways. signs are going to be lit up around the b.a.r.t. stations talking about the delays. looking at the traffic flow on the map. we do have an issue. over here in the east bay the richmond to fremont line is operating without a problem. the rest of the folks traveling across the bay, stopped over on the 24th station. south san francisco area. then there will be single tracking down in toward millbrae because of electrical problems reporting earlier on the track. we have delays continuing although they are single tracking like i said. service has been restored. chuck coppola is at the millbrae station because he has more updates on what is going on. chuck, we heard a train behind you last time we talked to you. >> reporter: well, i can tell you right now just called the b.a.r.t. information line. they say they are now fire
6:32 am
crews, also working on this. apparently this was an insulator that caught fire and caused some arcing around the balboa park station. 4:45 this morning when that happened. and necessitated crews to come out and repair this. take this old insulator off and put a new one in. that in and of itself is a fairly simple process. but it requires stopping traffic on that track for the work crews to do their job. we were told earlier that this would be done in a fairly quick order, short order time frame. so far it has been now -- now 6:35, and it is not repaired yet. here at the millbrae station, there is one b.a.r.t. train sitting on the track. that particular train came in from the northbound approximately 6:20nd it's been sit heerg for about 15 minutes. so there are delays at least 15 minutes on that turn around time. this is of course the end of the line for b.a.r.t. on the southbound side on the peninsula. now, it's starting to head out.
6:33 am
you can see it taking off right now. 15-minute turn around for the b.a.r.t. trains here at the millbrae station. a lot of people are choosing to wait it out. some people are getting back in their cars and choosing to drive. that's the situation. the other thing we can share with you is that if you want to get into the city faster, caltrain is engaging in mutual aid. that means it is stopping here as well. major transit hub. and they're allowing passengers to get off the b.a.r.t. and get on a caltrain and take that all of the way downtown for free. it will take you as far south as market street. take you around fourth and king. long hike to market street but lit get you there probably sooner than if you waited for a b.a.r.t. train to take you farther up north into the city. reporting live in san mateo at the millbrae station, i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. in the meantime, grief on the peninsula as friends and family remember 20-year-old calvin reilly who was killed last weekend while he was playing pokemon go last weekend
6:34 am
in san francisco. people will gather today in san mateo for a funeral. reilly played basketball and graduated from sara high school. he was shot and killed near aquatic park. his godmother says the tight knit family is devastated. >> his dad and him were best friends. i mean, i just can't believe he's been wanting me to come out and visit and this shouldn't be the way i have to come. >> in the meantime, the search for his killer continues. u.s. park police investigators are asking the public for clues that can help lead them to the gunman. a freak accident on the peninsula has left an 18-month-old boy in the hospital treated at stanford after falling from a third story window. he is in critical condition. it happened at an apartment complex in foster city yesterday. police say the boy leaned up against an open window and just fell through the screen. >> i feel so bad for the
6:35 am
parents. but i mean, god bless that little boy. i just hope god has him in his arms and is going to pull him through this. >> at this time neither the parents nor the property owner are being held responsible for what's being called a horrible accident. 6:35 right now. san francisco police are making an unusual public push today to try and help solve a killing of a high school student that happened a decade ago. on august 14th, 2006, someone shot and killed this 17-year-old aubrey abrikasa at the intersection of grove and baker streets. at 2:00 today his mother paulette brown is going to be at that location happeneding out fliers. both brown and the police say they know who the suspects are but arrests can't be made unless witnesses come forward. brown says that a street full of people ran from the shooters. decision 2016, donald trump's team is sitting down with the republican party today, one staffer is reportedly calling this, quote, a come to jesus meeting about his campaign. >> "today in the bay's" tracie
6:36 am
potts is live in washington with more on that. plus the latest on whether the state department official crossed the line working for the clinton foundation. >> good morning. yeah, we'll tell you all about that in just a moment. first, this meeting with the trump team and the republicans, trump's campaign staffers say it's nothing unusual but there is some frustration within the party about him as he now continues to explain why he's tying president obama to isis. >> barack obama is the founder. >> reporter: donald trump is not backing down claiming the president is responsible for isis. >> i tell the truth. i tell the truth. a lot of people like that i said it. >> reporter: as trump campaigns in pennsylvania today his staff is meeting with the republican party in florida despite reports the party's frustrated with their nominee, trump's team calls today's meeting routine. what's not routine, more than 70 party insiders going public, urging the gop to give up on
6:37 am
trump and redirect their money to struggling lawmakers up for re-election. >> because he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and released his tax returns. >> reporter: hillary clinton's released eight years worth and says last year's is coming soon. her campaign is responding to a report that one of her top aides at the state department did double duty for the clinton foundation. >> the american people are tired of the pay to play politics in washington, d.c. >> reporter: in a statement the clinton campaign says aide cheryl mills volunteered for the foundation on her own time. and on her own dime, too. there was a trip to new york to help out with some interviews that the clinton -- i should say the clinton team says she paid for out of her pocket and that's why they are arguing that this is something she did on her own time and not a conflict with her work at the state department at the time. >> tracie potts live from washington. thank you very much. happening right now, it's
6:38 am
schooltime. thousands of kids in the south bay are getting their hands on brand new backpacks and much needed supplies. we see how long these lines are every single year. getting ready for the first day of school. >> that's right. now handing out the backpacks. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose in is a day many parents and kids wait for every year. they have to sign up for it months ago. >> reporter: they sign up for it months ago, laura. and it's important to note that those folks are going to get the assistance but you do have to be preregistered. back panlg room though is ready and all the backpacks are hung so that the kids can pick one that matches their personal style. i like this polka dotted one because turquoise is my favorite color. inside there are $75 worth of skull supply, notebook, marker, highlighters. this will appeal to you. they pack them up by grade so the parents on the have to pick up one thing and not shop around for the individual items. now, distribution will start at 8:00 this morning. but we do know that it's going
6:39 am
to be busy here. this is video of last year's event. sacred heart community service this year will distribute 3300 backpacks and this is the most students that they will serve in the 14-year history of this event which sacred heart says speak to the pressure that low income families are under here in the silicon valley. consider that here in santa clara county minimum wage is $11 an hour. that means $75 worth of supplies, means about a full day's work. >> families shouldn't be making a decision with putting food on the table and buying school supplies. >> now, back to school costs are up for all families not just low-income families. according to the annual backpack index this year families will spend $657 per elementary school student. nearly a thousand dollars per middle schooler and nearly $1500 per high schooler. that index does include extra
6:40 am
curricular activities. this is an index put together by huntington bachk nk of ohio. clearly kids still need uniforms and hair cuts and sneakers. definitely $75 per child will help the families among the working poor here in one of the toughest economies for people on the low-income wage scale. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> one of my favorite events that we see year after year here in the bay area. thanks to all the people that contribute as well. >> peace of mind for those parents. peace nul as we head into your weekend, getting your friday forecast right now. kari hall is standing by. >> good morning. we do have the low clouds and fog this morning along the coastline and our temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s as you get this day started. it will spread out with the highs in the mid 60s in san francisco. up to 93 degrees today in the tri-valley. and the peninsula expect the high to reach up to 82 degrees. upper 80s for the north and
6:41 am
south bay. air quality will be a lot lower for parts of the south bay and east bay due to that heat building up and also some smoke drifting in. i'll talk more about that and how hot it gets this weekend. that's in less than ten minutes. heading over to mike, b.a.r.t. is still the main story. >> friday has a lighter flow of traffic on the roadways. thank goodness. folks are using driving as an option along the peninsula. look at the speed sensors. no problems on the south bay or east bay across the bridges and in toward the peninsula where the issue again is on the rails. we have between 24th street in san francisco down to millbrae there's a problem. there are single tracking through the area because of an electrical issue. insulator has to be repaired. chuck coppola continues to follow this situation from the millbrae station where some folks are taking to the road moving all right up into the bay bridge. you can take the b.a.r.t. trains but get off at 24th because single tracking south of there. meanwhiling looking at slowing now for the east shore freeway and look at the live camera. we did find a fender bender
6:42 am
reported and another vehicle. it's out of the roadway. it's been there for a while. doesn't look like the bus was filled with passengers. no injuries reported. flowing just at the scene. we do have that build through berkeley and down towards the berkeley curve. >> thanks, mike. coming up, we'll go back out to rio as the first week of olympic action comes to a close today. a look back at the golden moments from last night and a look ahead at the action on tap today for bay area athletes.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
new developments on wednesday's deadly late night explosion that flattened a maryland apartment complex. we still don't know the exact cause of the last but investigators are certain it's trigger bid anatural gas leak. authorities confirmed two deaths. at least five people are still missing. dozens others were injured. three firefighters suffered injuries while trying to fight the fire until crews were pulled out because the fire was deemed too dangerous. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is taking the stand today. why? because he's seeking a conviction reversal. sandusky is trying to prove his claim he was wrongly convicted four years agoff sexually abusing ten boys. he appears for a post conviction relief act hearing. 7 the-year-old was convicted of 45 counts and is serving a 30- to 60-year sentence.
6:46 am
oakland is getting a sports arena. >> maybe they could use one but scott mcgrew, this is for video games. >> this is a thing. millions of people, sam, are around the world watch other people play video games online. so the figuring is they would watch them in person, too. here's what the oakland facility is going to look like about 1,000 seats. a similar facility in southern california. a few months ago the s.a.p. center had a video game tournament and, look at this, fans stuffed themselves up to the rafters. tens of thousands of people watching. other news, san francisco business times says steven stapp of the san francisco credit union is moving his family to oregon because home prices are too high. this is the second time in two days a community leader here in the bay area has publicly announced their departure simply because of the cost of living. palo alto transportation commissioner kate downing said, you know what, it's clear that professionals like me cannot
6:47 am
raise a family here. stapp says something similar. he said, it's a gut wrenching decision but economics are driving us away. taking a look at the markets' new records. record open for the nasdaq, record open for the dow, a record open for the s&p 500 as well. something we have not seen since 1999. not just the olympics. we are setting records. >> there you go. which is food to see. talking a lot of olympics these days. this, in fact, takes a live look this morning. the flame burning brightly in rio this morning. now on week one in to competition. team usa, boy, they continue to dominate. >> racking up the gold medals. our very own jessica aguirre is following the action the entire time. so much attention on swimming and gymnastics but today is the day track and field fans have been waiting for. good morning. >> yes, it is. we're on day 7 in the halfway point, 38 medals so far.
6:48 am
you're right, sam, track and field kicks off today. it has been raining pretty steadily all day. let up a little bit. but so far, there have been no delays put into the system for track and field so it looks like it's going to be on. checking to see what other erchs might be canceled or delayed. but, what's really going to happen here at olympic park later today, do you see that building? that's the aquatic center. and tonight that will be rocking once again when katie ledecky and michael phelps take their final swim. they were in there last night when phelps became the fourth athlete to win the same individual event four consecutive olympics in a row for the 200 im. he could repeat that tonight with the 100 meter butterfly. when he won yesterday he was very low key. swimming against ryan lochte. it was like a big face-off but phelps got out of the pool very, very low key. lochte placed fifth. katie ledecky will be swimming tonight. her final race in rio. and it may be her best race.
6:49 am
she has won gold in london in this exact race. look for that to be fantastic. on the sand, round of 16 begins at midnight for kerri walsh jennings and her partner april ross. they will face-off against laura, a late add because of a doping ban. and from what we've seen heard, it will be on for volleyball players because they play rain or shine in exception of lightning. and then the quarterfinals happen today at 1:00 when the u.s. plays against sweden, the u.s. expected to easily take sweden. it did have a draw. the first time it had a loss or didn't win actually when it clad colombia. this is a big match-up. the u.s. is expected to take it. also happening at olympic park later, fencing. san francisco native alex massialas got a silver the other day in the individual men's foil. today is the team the garek
6:50 am
meinhardt and the team is supposed to be the best ranked first. if they medal today it will be the first time the u.s. has won a medal in fencing team since 1932. so it's a big, big day. also on top, men's basketball, men's water polo. so people are streaming in. they're ready to go, rain or shine. they want the games here to begin today. >>ing loos like you're ready, too. thanks, jess. >> the athletes will be shining. stay dry, jessica. thank you. historic night in the pool. not just michael phelps. stanford swimmer simone manuel etched her name in history becoming the first african-american woman to win an individual swim medal. she won in the gold in the 100 meter freestyle. actually a tie canadian oleseka. saying the medal is for everyone who in fact inspired her. >> she can't even hold back her tears, understandably. from one simone achieving great things to another, simone biles
6:51 am
also won gold dominating, dominating the women's all around gymnastics competition. now her teammate aly raisman also had a flawless performance but despite how good she was, biles wins the gold, raisman wins the silver. along with the rest of the final five. on "today in the bay," i should say on the "today" show this morning at 7:00 a.m. we wish we had them on the show. they will be on the "today" show. >> more then welcome to flip on by. >> friday four. >> friday four. >> all right. we're coming into the weekend right now. how are we looking? >> like a good start to the weekend, especially when you head out this morning. it feels nice and comfortable. we do have some low clouds and some fog in spots. and as we take a live look outside at ocean beach, you can see that the visibility is not all that clear as of yet but we will see things clearing up later on today. 57 degrees there. we have upper 50s to low 60s as you step out the door. and going through the day planner in oakland today, it
6:52 am
will be 60 degrees at 8:00. lunchtime you want to take it outside. upper 60s and low 70s by early afternoon. this weekend big event going on in san jose with the jazz fest happening and it will be in the upper 80s to low 90s for the highs for each day this weekend. so you want to make sure to wear sunscreen andrey plenty of water. maybe find a spot in the shade. 88 degrees today there in san jose. 79 in san mateo. and the i'm bar der ro at 63 degrees. low 90s for fairfield. concord, 91 degrees while oakland is at 74. and dublin today a high of 91 degrees. still very hot weather all across the region. and we will see this continuing as we see our winds turning more from the north and that doesn't give us much of an onshore flow to help bring our temperatures down. but you will have enough of a break at the coastline and in san francisco to keep those temperatures in the 60s throughout the next seven days. as far as the inland areas, it will stay in the 90s so a wide
6:53 am
range in temperatures and that continues even hitting into the mid 90s. 96 on next tuesday. and wednesday so we might as well get used to this hot weather. heading over to mike now,off got some more problems for the rails. >> yeah. want the good news or bad news first? we'll do good news. b.a.r.t. system traffic flow. we have competed that fix. they have completed the fix through the millbrae area. and trains are both track north and southbound through the area. that's better news but caltrain was providing mutual aid. caltrain reports delays through palo alto. i'm hearing train 305 have had problems and it's stuck on the track. may be a single tracking situation there. still trying to get more detail from caltrain. that's the problem in palo alto. on caltrain but the problems on the peninsula for the b.a.r.t. system looks like they may be clearing up. meanwhi meanwhile, smooth flow of traffic. the ores this were affected. it does sound like service has
6:54 am
been restored from 24th down to peninsula no more changing trains. no more single tracking. the bay bridge toll plaza because it's friday we give you a live look. the fastrak lanes are all backed up and some cash payers are starting to see traffic even out off the berkeley kuf and no more delays on berkeley uchbnderneat the university. you can't see the bridge. there's fog there on the north side. keep that in mind. just keep your guard up because visibility is tough at times. back to you. >> good to know. coming up next on "today in the bay," severe turbulence on a plane bound for sacramento sends dozens of people to the hospital. plus, in san jose, vandals strike again. dozens of trees chopped at the stump in the willow glen neighborhood. this is not the first time that's happened. >> but first happening now, a massive quake on the hayward fault would leave many communities without water despite dozens of natural gas sparked fires. plus, we're all over the big
6:55 am
olympic stories. 24/7 from here in the bay area to rio. check out our daily 5 to watch feature on our home page right now so you don't miss out on history.
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welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> severe turbulence injured passengerses on a jetblue plane. the plane took off for boston. 22 passengers and two crew members were transported to the hospital. all of whom have been treated and released since. passengers eventually continue on to sacramento aboard another plane where they landed about three hours ago. someone is chopping down trees in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. 23 trees were chopped down on meridian avenue and dry creek road. it wasn't the first time. right across the street 23 other trees were also chopped down just a few weeks ago. all the trees were planted as part of a $50,000 project with volunteers from our city forest program. city leaders are now offering $5,000 to anyone with
6:59 am
information. all right. 6:58. air quality is once again an issue today. another "spare the air" alert. >> yeah. and they encourage you to take public transportation if you can. we will also have the poor air quality through the weekend. 50s and 60s heading up to 93 degrees today in the tri-valley. mike has been monitoring the track. >> while we talked about the urge to ---er the push toward public transit that's where we've had the issue. look at the roadway. maps are showing you the speed sensors are not a problem. typical friday light. we had major problems with the b.a.r.t. station between 124th street and millbrae. delays are recovering throughout the system. no more problems. caltrain has a delay in palo alto because of a problem on the track there. getting reports of perhaps single tracking and slowing on the east shore freeway. just a little bit though. >> all right. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> just reminder, no 11:00 a.m.
7:00 am
newscast. today our olympic coverage begins at 10:00 this morning. what records will fall today? we'll have to find out. tears of joy, a gold and emotional night for team u.s.a. >> mel presidents has done it again. >> michael phelps grabs his fourth gold in rio and 22nd of all time in his final show down with ryan locked tee. >> sam moan manuel wins gold, the first african-american woman to medal in an individual swimming event ever. that race ending in a dead heat. >> it's a tie. it's a tie for the gold. >> and simone biles cements her place as the world's greatest gymnast with gold in the all around. her teammate aly raisman taking silver.


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