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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 14, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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it's an all too familiar feeling for some of those who have >> a wildfire forcing evacuations in the north bay. a too familiar feeling for some of them who have to leave their homes tonight. thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area. >> that developing news out of lake county. a wildfire started late this afternoon and is spreading quickly. this new video in to our newsroom, the flame and the
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smoke is called the clayton fire. it is creating quite a bit of smoke and burned 600 acres. people who live in the lower lake area have been told to leave their homes just miles from the area that was evacuated because of the value fire. just yesterday that massive fire destroyed more than 1300 homes and killed four people. we were told that cal fire is sending resources to help fight this new fire. the clayton fire is just 15% contained. >> a chaotic incident in a hayward incident. it all happened near interstate 880. live in hayward with more on the investigation. >> it was certainly a violent night in one hayward neighborhood. the police said the driver in a stolen car hit an officer and started ramming patrol cars.
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they opened fire and it didn't end there. >> i heard pop, pop, pop, pop. >> this neighbor took cover when she heard gunshots outside. >> i heard the gunshots and a car like a big muscly car rev off and drive off. i heard a crash and more cop cars and the helicopters going around. >> hayward police responded to a report of a stolen car. there were two men inside and it quickly escalated. >> the suspect vehicle was ramming police vehicles and initially hit one knocking him down. the officers did discharge their firea firearms. >> man was shot and it's unclear if they fired, but the driver kept going, hitting two other parked cars and two officers were injured and that stolen
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mercedes stopped two blocks away and one got out and ran. >> i saw the guy lose direction and he followed by the policeman. >> he was taken into custody. >> that's scary. yeah. >> this all comes as a troubling time in hayward including several homicides. late tonight police told us they did not know the condition of the man who was shot. the two officers who were injured were not hospitalized and expected to recover. live in hayward, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, kristi. police in dublin are asking help to find a little boy kidnapped by his mother. the 7-year-old was taken around 7:00 this morning. the boy's biological mother who does not have custody kidnapped
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him with the help of her ex-brother-in-law. they are believed to be driving a lincoln continental 4 nbl 417. they could be headed to sacramento or tulare areas. remember you can always sign up for breaking news alerts at >> it has been an exciting night in rio. swimmers ending their olympics run with a bang. look at the olympic name in rio. they are helping usa rack up more medals. michael phelps won his final gold and it was an emotional evening for him. marianne, it's cool to see bay area athletes doing so well in rio. >> did they ever dominate. look at the numbers. eight gold medals handed out for
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the four by 100 medley relay and five of those went to bay area swimmers. a stunning day of competition for simone manual days after making history as the first african-american female u.s. swimmer to win an individual gold. today the stanford student sprinted to a silver medal in the 50-meter freestyle and the 20-year-old swam the last leg of the four by 100 meter relay. uc berkeley student kathleen baker. the team took home the gold. >> representing the usa is the greatest honor. >> amazing describes what happened in the men's four by 100 meter relay. michael phelps's final olympic race. ryan murphy started off breaking the world record for the 100
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meter backstroke and helping protelemichael phelps to the gold medal. followed by uc berkeley grade nathan adrian who clinched the gold. >> nothing pumps me up more than seeing this guy. i hope we build on it. >> he now has 28 olympic medals, 23 gold. more than any olympian ever. he said he is ready for something different. >> it's not the end of a career. it's the beginning of a new journey. i'm looking forward to it. >> once again on the medal stand, standing alone in the history boxes. nbc bay area news. >> it has been an honor swimming with you.
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one more gold! >> pretty cool moment with his teammates after their gold medal performance. michael phelps and fellow swimmers begged him to come back. we heard people say they were retiring and later it is not to be the case. the greatest of all time in the pool said it's a wrap. he's done. >> here's a closer look at his career. we mentioned he has 28 gold medals and he has three silver and two bronze. the first medal, you have to go back to athens in 2004, a gold in the 100 meter butterfly. the final run in rio helped the usa achieve something special. team usa got the 1,000th gold medal and according to the u.s. olympics team, nearly half came from california-born athletes. our coverage does not end here. coming up after the news,
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highlights of the men's and women's track and field and our own jessica aguire is in rio. you can follow her adventures on twitter and instagram. >> looking forward to that. breaking news in wisconsin. police shot an armed suspect during a foot chase. take a look at the scene after angry protesters set fire to a police car and several nearby businesses. one officer was taken to the hospital after he was hit over the head with a brick. so far three people have been arrested in the protest. new video of this house fire in san jose. a lot of flames are on the second floor. the house is on gourdy drive. no word on the injuries at the home. >> a woman in petaluma is seriously injured after a gruesome car accident. police are searching for the driver. it happened this morning about
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10:30 on skillman lane. she was in the passenger seat when the car crashed for an unknown reason and flew into the air and landed on a metal fence that impaled the female passenger. everyone was trying to keep her calm. >> she said she couldn't feel her legs. one gal held her hand and asked her to stay calm and keep brothing. >> the police are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol were involved. >> if you see something, say something. that's what they hope the riders will do with the launch of a new app. they allow users to report suspicious behavior or theft. they hope to promote rider safety. it appears that the app will reduce racial profiling. they complained about african american riders.
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>> it's unbelievable. it almost killed me. >> a fire captain nearly dies battling a fire, so why was he denied medical treatment? i'm liz wagner. we reveal the reason the workers compensation is turning its back on firefighters with obvious on the job injuries. >> we had fog move in this evening and it's across the coastline now. we will see a foggy start for most of us and cooler temperatures. we are back to detail the forecast.
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medical care you need to get back to work. ==ter if you get hurt on the job in california, you are promised that medical care will be in place. >> injured workers say that promise is being broken. here's liz wagner. >> we have been contacted by more than a dozen people who say they are hurting after the worker's compensation system left them high and dry. you are about to hear from a firefighter who responded to a building fire. he said if he can't get treatment for an obvious on the job injury, who can? >> there is smoke coming from a building. >> february 18th, 1999. downtown san jose. firefighters battle a warehouse fire. then this happened.
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when the building collapsed, it crashed on the captain. >> i was facedown. i could feel my right leg somewhere behind me. it crushed me. >> broken back, busted leg, fractured pelvis. >> i'm back. >> after months of rehab, he returned to his firehouse and retired in 2009 with lifetime medical benefits awarded by the city. he needed them when he woke up in pain in may 2014. >> my legs were weak and feet were numb and i said what is that? >> his doctor requested tests. >> that request was put in and it was denied. >> he was talking about administrators. the city of san jose farmed out half the worker's compensation program to contain costs and improve service to injured workers. treatment approved for years suddenly stopped. >> the business model denied
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first and denied again. they hope it goes away. >> the requests for mris, physical therapy, epidural and medical consultations denied. >> does it make sense? >> it doesn't make sense to anybody. >> it doesn't make sense to other injured firefighters either. they contacted the city with problems of their. >> many of them, the treatment was denied. >> the city's director hume on resources received 74 complaints in the past two years and they investigated each one. >> they found there was an opportunity to revisit the decision. >> in how many? >> 70 out of 74. >> they approved treatment. >> there was evidence that substantiated the need for additional medical care. >> what are does it say that the
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city has to overturn decisions made by your company? >> that's not unusual for a decision to come down and further discussions to be had. >> heather leads the worker's compensation units. they are used in a process called utilization review and that's how they make sure employers and insurance carriers are not paying for unnecessary treatment. the department sets the quite lines and her company is just following the state's playbook. >> in your opinion it is working? >> it is working. >> according to the data in the past three years, they denied a quarter of all requested for injured workers. >> a firefighter believes it's your company's job to delay care and to deny care. is it? >> our job is to provide the appropriate benefits to injured workers. >> in some cases it's
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unbelievable that folks cannot get care for injuries. >> the organization represents 30,000 first responders. many r falling through the cracks. >> there is no reason they shouldn't be treated for injuries if they have to wait. >> they asked the local fire department which injured firefighters are receiving the care they need. they got back piles of paperwork. >> what does it say that so many are complaining about the system. >> there was a problem with the system. >> many injured workers feel they are fighting a perception and they are bilking the system and not really hurt. he said just take the video. a private investigator captured him and he believes the attempt to discredit his injuries.
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>> it was not a case of fraud. it almost killed me. >> eight months after his doctor requested tests, they notified him that he was given the green light for treatment. now he is pretty much pain-free, but not silent. >> i want to shed light on this. >> many injured workers do not have the support of employers. we invite to you stay tuned in the coming weeks. we examine the reason hundreds are being strung along by what many call a broken worker's comp system. >> if you have a tip for our unit, give us a call or send an e-mail to the unit. >> the time with anthony to see how we did. hot in spots. >> close to 100 in fairfield, livermore and concord. we have fog rolling in and
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places like san jose are clear. we woke up clear, but tonight we will see patchy fog. as far east as the east bay values. clear skies and 88 was the high today. cooler conditions for tomorrow because we have more morning clouds and so quickly the temperatures are ramping back up to the 90s and cool off next week. you can see the clouds and fog rolling through san francisco. they got fog as well through the coastal communities. we are looking at another nice day for san francisco. 65 degrees and 88 for the north bay. warm spots for places like the south bay and trivalley will get close to 90 or a few degrees above. the fog will roll in and that's the plan for tonight and monday
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morning. not much more fog after that towards the middle part of the week as temperatures soar back into the 90s. tomorrow we take a break and the microclimate forecasts brings cupertino back up. 61 for fremont and walnut creek and not as hot. 91 there and for places like livermore, pleasant ton and danville. we have an approaching trough. that will kick up the winds for tomorrow. it it will be breezy for some of the east bay valleys. really no major changes as the system rolls on through. we are looking at a deepening marine layer. for tomorrow, same deal for monday. high pressure takes control and we are back into the mid- to upper 90s. comfortable as we plan a beach day in the middle of the week. >> thanks so much.
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>> pretty nice. coming up, it's not your typical police chase. a suspect right there. he had a little outing and a little fun. >> the big day at at&t. getting back on track. sports is next.
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his signature snarl made gaylord perry one of the most intimidating of his day. the giants hall of famer was honored boy his own stature. perry is the first pitcher to win the cy young award and retired wie the giants. he won 314 games in 22 seasons. the action now with oriels and giants and game two.
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dennard span gets a space hit up the middle. it's 2-0, san francisco. to the bottom of the seventh, 4-0 and brandon belt with insurance. a two-run blast to right, giving madison bumgarner his first win. giants win 6-2. how about the a's looking to make it two in a row. star works fireworks night. a's down 4-2 and lines one to right. billy butler from second and he is just going to beat it home. a's down just a run to the ninth inning. cocoa crisp strikes him out to end it. the final is 4-3. the 49ers on the preseason and the texans at levi stadium. more news after this.
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an unusual chase today in morgan hill. ==terry/2shot== and at the center of it all... an emu... ==terry/vo== we've got >> do not upset an e mu. look at this poor fella. >> we have photos trying to skirt police. the pursuit was mainly on hill road. he caught the e mu and returned him to his home safe and sound. >> it was like e mu's day out. >> it was a nice day. we are e mued out.
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ryan seacrest here on copacabana beach. we are live. these are the three things you need to know. rio, day eight. at olympic stadium, the first print medals were awarded tonight in the highly anticipated men's 100 meter. >> it was no contest. elaine thompson of jamaica put away the fielderly and often. >> in the men's 10,000 meters, mo farah won in dramatic fashion. >> oh, no. it's farah that went down. >> coming back from an early fall to defend his olympic title. >> to the roar of the crowd, another


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