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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, that fire continues to rage in southern california despite evacuation orders, many people are staying on their property and risking their lives. we have a crew live on the fire line. and donald trump bears all. the story behind this weird wax figure. they're popping up across the country, including here in the bay area. this story keeping changes. team usa in hot water. new details about ryan lochte and three other usa swimmers. what rio police say really happened. >> thanks for joining us. >> what really happened to gold medalist ryan lochte and three
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or swimmers. were they robbed at gunpoint or did the swimmers make the whole thing up? michelle roberts joins you live with what -- >> they say the video is proof. look a tike at the surveillance video. it shows a gas station and the swimmers there the night they say they were attacked. >> please in rio says ryan lochte and three fellow swimmers were not held up at gunpoint as they claimed. at a new conference they said they were confronted by security guards after they trashed a bathroom. they were forced to pay for the damage, not robbed at gunpoint. >> he pulled out his gun, cocked it, pulled it to my forehead. >> locketty, who is already in
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the u.s. seemed to change his story, saying the gun was pointed in his direction. his teammates gunnar bentz, jimmy feigen and jake conger were booed as they left. athletes at the olympic village have mixed reactions to the controversy. >> i don't know what happened to them, and i don't really care. >> the biggest honor i can think up to compete for usa and have somebody make of a blatant lie about something in that's pretty shameful. the investigation is ongoing. no word on how long the swimmers will be held. police could potential charge of swimmers. janell back to you. our over jessica join us with
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more. that fire in southern california is nowhere near containment. here's a live look now from our nbc chopper on the scene down there. this is about 60 miles east of los angeles in san bernardino county. you see a lot of smoke there. that's some good news, because the flames that dissipated and more smoke is visible. the fire has burned more than 32,000 acres, about 4% contained, and evacuation orders are still in effect for thousands of people. but not everyone is cooperating. cheryl hurd is live. what's the latest? >> reporter: everybody may seem calm right now, but the firefighters say don't be complacent. the fire is still raging out of
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control. that's when a couple people pulled out of here. >> eric swanson's names may have left, but he chose to stay in his home he's owned for 24 years. >> i've been around here for a long time. when i feel threatened i'll leave. i've only left one time. >> reporter: this time he packed some key items just in case. >> everything is -- i grabbed probably -- i don't know, a week's worth of clothes, dress shirts, pants, toiletries, pictures. >> the blue cut fire is still raging. it's grown to over 32,000 acres. full containment nowhere in sight. >> this has been a different fire fight. we've had four different fire fronts on this fire. so through san bernardino fire, cal fire and the forest service coming together we operationally had to move resources to each
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one of those. >> reporter: on day 3 of this wildland fire, when you drive around, all you see is devastation. homes burned to the ground, animals rescued, and a famous restaurant, the summit inn, gone. this restaurant has been a landmark since the 1950s. the rip and famous have been known to come here. people like sammie davis jr. and elvis presley. now all that's left are ashes full of memories. there's another problem in this town. that's looting sheriff's officials say they arrested three people. volunteers are saying they'll be out in force to make sure that doesn't happen again. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. more good news closer to home. relief is on the way in lake county. the so-called clayton fire is 55% contained, full containment is expected by this weekend on sunday. this started last saturday off
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highway 29 south of lower lake. it's destroyed more than 200 structures. investigators believe a serial arson i arsonist da mutual in pashils is respond. janell, i can't remember i've seen the green bridge this clean for a long time. some say they know the reasons taggers are staying away. the train overpass is like a fortress with barbed waibel and razor wire, but that hasn't kept the taggers away. until now. we're told the bling hasn't been touched for months. >> it looks very nice. i guess they got control over it.
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sources at the me the secret is grease. you can see the black grease on the steel plates and poles ought over the bridge form the grease is apparently too slippery for taggers to climb onto the bridge. it's a different story for this bridge over highway 101 and 13th street. >> we see the tagging quite a bit. you can cover it up, but it will be back. nothing really you can do about it. >> reporter: my source tells me this and other bridges in the south bay don't have the same grease deterrent, and they continue to be tacking targets. for now, on this one slippery spot, it certainly appears the grease is good. at this point we haven't confirmed who actually put the grease on the bridge here near byrd avenue. union pacific representative tells me they're still trying to find out if that bridge even belongs to them. i'm damian trujillo, nbc.
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aside from the ryan lochte, we have the golden girls flashing smiles. >> usa set the record for most women to compete in olympic history. and we spoke to jessica aguirre with more. >> thefz endured years of hard work, they paid off big with gold, silver and bronze, but today they face their biggest ten of endurance and might when they faced me. there was a buzz on the beach today. >> i'm on cloud nine. >> there was the share of -- >> the trip was amazing. >> so excited to represent such a great field of women. >> followed by a call for good old party food. >> burgers onion rings.
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>> we definitely want a huge pizza party once we get back to the states. >> the best of team usa showing out of their girl power at copacabana beach, as they put the games behind them and let the winning feeling sink in. >> to sill in with a silver medal, even to be in the event final again four years later is just crazy, so i'm very proud. >> anointed as the world's best, the final five remain humble, even as they head back home. >> when i was little i used to look up to other athletes and celebrities. i'm happy i'm able to go out to the olympics and just put a good name out there. >> ali is there as well. >> the leadies of team usa dominating not only on the mat, but on the track, too. >> all the hurdlers having goddess type women. we want to keep that trend going. >> we definitely have a reputation to uphold.
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>> a record not likely to be beat. they're taking the trifecta on the track with a gold, silver and bronze sweep and did it if their first olympics. >> i felt it all along. i knew we all prayed about it, but i knew they were going to pull their weight. >> and they're not done yet. in ferret they say they have another meet and the fab five or final five, they are going on a 36-city tour, the kellogg tour to show on gymnastics to the rest of us. that was it is question today" show said. later at 5:00, i'm hanging with matt and hoda, and i'm going to tell you about their olympic dreams. >> you've had a busy day. >> i like that. >> what a great today, jessica. see you in a bit. >> thanks, jess. and coming up, donald trump makes a surprise appearance in san francisco. sort of.
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i'm stephanie. we're going to tell you who will be in the driver's seat. good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, hazy skies from san jose, plus cooler changes for the weekend? just a few minutes. donald trump is popping up all
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take a look here are the bare facts. donald trump is pops up all over the country. statues of trump, wearing no clothes have been put up in san francisco, new york, l.a., seattle and cleveland. some are amused, others not so much. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang has a revealing look. >> reporter: very revealing raj. what i do know, by the way, is that the department of public works has been here. the head was just here and says this has been become a public safety concern. you can see the crowd is gathered here at castro and market. so the department will be removing this sometime tonight before tomorrow morning, so that's a warning for folks, this is only here for a limited time. the cass trolls is busy on any
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given summer day. >> that's hilarious. >> but today the action is focused here. on donald trump in the nude. . it's an art installation piece that playing off of the tale of the emperor who has no clothes. >> yes, i'm sure he's already plotting to sue. >> an activist collective dubbed in decline is showing the months-long process from waxing to molding, mixing to airbrushing, blue-green veining for detail. >> it's actually gross. i didn't see the veins and stuff. >> in new york city union square, the department of parks and rec took down an identical statue. in san francisco there's been a constant crowd all day. >> open to criticism or ridicule or whatever. it's a form of free speech.
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>> reporter: but speed not everyone is happy to see. >> it polarizes. we need to stop polarizing and work towards more discussion. >> reporter: we could only find two people all day who identified at trump supporters. neither wanted to talk on camera. they have live individual saying they don't feel they could express themselves if this was hillary clinton on the other side. this is a political statement by the group in decline. we'll have more on this mysterious group at 6:00 tonight. >> thanks, stephanie. well, are you ready to get an uber from just a car? the san francisco ride-sharing company says it will launch a where autonomous vehicles will pick you up. they'll be testing in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, where it has an operations center. what it means for jobs and why some of those that use uber say they are skeptical. nbc bay area has learned of
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a new crisis hitting immigration course, in sparse by a new surge of undocumented immigrants crossing the border. stephen stock joins us with the later. more than half a million people are set to hear their case. that means courts here in san francisco and around the nation are now facing the largest number of backlog cases in their history. our investigative unit discovered that some of those cases are being given priority while others are being kicked to the back of the line. that means some undocumented immigrants won't get a hearing under the year 2019. >> i have not heard a coherent explanation as to why some cases are considered to be priorities and why others are not. >> tonight our investigative unit goes behind the scenes and talks to the people directly affected by this backlog.
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we also break down the numbers and see how the problem is delaying justice for tens of thousands around the country. that's tonight at 10:00 after the olympics. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. the south bay is really hazy. is that from the fire from big sur. >> definitely, plus a combination of pour ire quality across the bay area. so a tough day if you have allergy or respiratory problems. i do want to get you outside to a live view. you can see it with your ownize off to the distance just how hazy it is here across the santa clara valley right now. currently in san jose, 84 degrees. also notice the humidity up to 52% today, a bit of southerly winds bringing in smoke from the fire, is also hoping to increase our humidity. we will see temperatures drop off into the 70s, and then eventually 60s tonight. as we push ahead, we get that
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typical fog moving back in. fog also across the peninsula and low 50s. for the south bay, it will remain hazy to smoky, and 60s. a look at the weather pattern continues to show this hot area of high pressure across the pacific. that will still bring heat for the weekend, but what we are still watching is this trough of low pressure. it's rather weak, but it will be good enough to cool or temperatures. so let's go ahead and take you to the microclimate forecast, and instead of upper 80s throughout parts of the south bay, to 85 in morgan hill, a cooler 83 for cupertino. half moon bay at 59, then palo alto, mostly sunny 77. for san francisco, 6 had in the financial district and 60s over towards the marina. for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, we drop to 90, and also a cooler 84 expected in pleasanton. the area quality forecast again remains unhealthy, as we head
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into friday. worst air quality for the east bay and also for the south bay, a spare the air alert in effect so, if you suffer from allergies or respiratory, you may want to limit your outdoor exposure. san francisco staying steady with 60s through the next seven days. for the interior valleys, again temperatures will drop. i'd like to see it down in the 70s, but we'll go from a 90 today down to 87 on sunday. really the large cooldown we have seen was from yesterday with mid 90s down to this 87. it's a little something. i think it's going to make the weekend more enjoyable. >> it looks beautiful. still to come, a scary ride for a lyft driver. also a beloved local restaurant has a new lease on life. the way the community rallied and same together to save salute. kanye west -- popping-up in san
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francisco. the rapper will be selling merchandise -- at a pop-up store -- themed after his latest album. you can get all the details on our website. ==reveal kanye west will be selling merchandise at a pop-up store. you can get the details on our website. michael phelps and kerri walsh jennings among with multiple olympics tunneled their belt. the photos documenting the changes are on our facebook page. we're back in a moment with more news. crystal geyser alpine spring water from here to there ♪ to you crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water to you from us
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crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. a yule hike on the pacific celt trail turned into a terrifying rescue. you're looking at video of rescue crews descending from a helicopter to help tara steele on sunday. authorities say she likely suffered a stroke. she activated her emergency beacon which gave search-and-rescue crews her location. they were able to hoist her to safety and transfer her to the hospital. her condition is unknown. frightening details about an armed rob robbery in san francisco. a man and two women jumped into a car and forced the driver to withdraw money. the driver saidal someone canceled a ride, the suspects, police are looking to see if the person who canceled a right is
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connected. the popular restaurant escaped an eviction order. after more than 20 yeerz, they received a 30-day eviction order last week. the claim was the owner failed to maintain the plumbing. the landlord rewithdrew the eviction order, giving them one more chance, but the owner of the restaurant is still a bit uneasy. >> i don't understand what it means one more chance, like a little girl, you know? i don't understand one more chance. am i in danger? >> salute does not have a long-term lease agreement. until it does, many supporters say the fight to keep it open is far from over. still to come, we head back out to rio to find out what olympic sports the "today" show anchors really want to medal in. stay tuned. omed respite in rio.
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get in. okay. ready for the red carpet treatment? it's a vip experience. we're going to take you inside
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the exclusive usa house in rio. that's coming up on our 6:00 newscast. >> apparently jessica knows somebody, jess, you interviewed two very familiar faces today. >> yes, janell and raj. i went down to the "today" show. i was hanging around with hoda and matt. we talked about the experience of hosting the "today" show, the athletes they met, the most memorable interview, but i asked hoda and matt, what sport would you do? hoda said she would do table tennis. matt, he went big. >> i would go greco-roman wrestling. i would packed on about 200 pounds, but that's what i would go for. >> how come? >> how could you big a bigger bad ass than saying i have a gold medal in greco-roman
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wrestling, don't mess with lauer. >> he will take you down, that is for sure. you can hear more of my interview with them tomorrow on "today in the bay." it's super, super fun. tune in for that. >> we have to get greco-roman in the olympics first. >> i think jessica -- >> reporter: no, it's in! >> what would you do? >> it is. >> oh, it is in? >> i think jessica would do dressage? >> jessica would do equestrian. >> and gymnastic, and the jessica, which would involve just doing this. it's my whole move. you landed it. >> janell would do diving. jeff and i would do the shotput. >> no, no, i would do more -- i think swimming. >> jeff looks like a swimmer. >> maybe some diving. thanks, jessica.
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see you at 6:00. >> see you later. >> bye. bay area dot com, and on facebook and twitter. breaking news tonight. caught in a lie. the tale of the tape in rio. surveillance footage revealed as police accuse ryan lochte of making up a story about being robbed with team usa swimmers. a stunning turn of events. double disaster at both ends of the country. raging fires and floods. so bad they can't even count the number of mes destroyed. face of war. a 5-year-old boy dazed, covered in dust, pulled alive from the rubble of a horrifying air strike in syria. the latest atrocity in aleppo shocking the world. and conspiracy theories about hillary clinton's health. outlandish claims fueled by the far right. the clinton campaign hitting back hard. "nightly news" begins right now.


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