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tv   Today  NBC  August 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller. >> is that buble. >> it is buble. nobody but me, booze day tuesday, also august 23rd. excited for tuesday. terrific show. guess who is here? your friends. >> final five. >> they are back home after their domination and there's no other word for it of gymnastics
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at the rio games. we'll find out what's next for these golden games. >> the people best in the business and there's nobody like these girls. >> john johnson, nadia say there's nobody like these guys they were awesome. >> what happens when you put fun, captain kirk, boxing champ together, what do you get? a show, "better late than never." >> it's kind of like a reality show a little bit, right? >> i can't wait to actually see it. i never say that. i love all those guys. they are so funny separately. i can't imagine when they let loose. one of our favorite irish lads. i love to say his name. he's going to show you how to sneak veges into your kids lunch box with healthy burgers made out of garbanzo beans. >> you want more flatulence.
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it is delicious. >> you bring the wine, i'll bring the chick peas. can't wait, katie lee. >> great performance that will blow you away. youtube star, "america's got talent," she was on that show. she can work a violin like nobody's business. she makes playing the violin. >> you know how hard to play the violin well and she puts in those dance moves. >> isn't she adorable. >> she's like an elf. okay. today is a big day. today from 7:00 a.m., so it all righted started, to 7:00 p.m. i-hop pancakes for $1. the same thing al's burgers is going to. >> helps end childhood hunger in the u.s. >> there's so much of it. people would be shocked how much childhood hunger there is. we can all help. their goal is to serve 1 million pancakes today. >> you can donate online
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starting today until september 25th on they would like to you donate. guess what, our puppy has a name. >> oh, my gosh, we are madly in love with this dog. >> this black lab puppy, we are dying over it. we got to meet them yesterday. >> i wish we could have named him sehcky, because he reminds me of mine. >> you hold him and he falls asleep. >> good night, going to bed now. >> he's a snuggle bug. >> the name is -- have we announced it. >> the choices we have seen, charlie and ace. the viewers chose charlie! welcome to the family, charlie. >> he's so darn cute. you know what, gabby douglas and her mom and their press person, old time friend of mine, leslie, all came out to my house yesterday. we had like a four-hour lunch. >> a marathon lunch.
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>> marathon lunch. i'm looking forward to meeting the other guys. it was so special. i am such a fan of gabby. there's been a lot of garbage out there about her, can i tell you something? she's one of the finest women i've ever met in my life and i'm old. i've met a lot of people. regardless of -- >> what you might have heard. speaking of olympics and the olympic spirit. we told you the story about abbey d'agostino, the young woman who collided, they helped each other and the other returned the favor. the olympics award a meteorologist for extraordinary acts of sportsmanship. it's only been issued a few times. they issued that award to these two women. it was selected by members of the international olympic committee. it was because they showed -- instead of thinking of themselves. as an athlete when you train as you fall down, no matter what
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caused your fall, your in extinct is to keep going. not to look and help someone. each of them did that, helped each other up. >> didn't you tell me the new zealand girl -- >> abbey. >> abbey didn't know. she fell down. i said what did you think when the woman from new zealand picked you up? she said i didn't remember it. when you fall and it's chaotic and you're back up on your feet. she said it wasn't until after i saw the video after i realized, you know, she had helped me and i helped her. >> fantastic. congratulations to them. >> laura from our hair department was flying home and abbey happened to be on the plane and the pilot announced abbey d'agostino was on the flight and the whole flight went crazy. big heroes. so barbra streisand, okay, pronounced streisand. she asked tim cook to do something -- this the guy --
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>> who runs apple. >> you keep telling. ♪ luckiest people in the world ♪ >> is it over yet. >> your voice is amazing. >> boy, does your voice come back strong. she noticed apple siri wasn't pronouncing the name correctly. she never spells mine right but she pronounces s as a z, streisand. >> it's wrong. >> i'm saying siri does. she called the head of apple, tim cook, who delightfully said she would have her name updated. >> when you say barbra
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streisand, it tells you -- >> let's see. how do you see -- >> it's not on -- >> i was told it would. why do i believe. >> now try. >> how do you say barbara streisa streisand. >> no match found. >> no match found. how long does the woman have to be a star. how do you -- no wonder people are crazed today. >> do it again. >> how do you -- >> now, now. >> how do you pronounce barbra streisand. >> no match found. >> no match found. >> who is -- hoda. >> okay. do it now. >> who is kathie lee gifford's co-host on the fourth hour of the "today" show.
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>> not found. >> apparently you and barbra streisand do not exist. >> what are the names of kathie lee gifford's children. if you don't know that, you're at. >> this never works. when are we going to learn that, hoda. >> siri, siri, siri. speaking of streisand, remember we gave away -- one of our fans got tickets to barbra streisand's concert. >> she won it. >> we played a barbra streisand tribute. you were in rio. here they are. felicia on the left -- on the right. the one singing. she won and guess who she took? >> who? >> she took the other lady, the other contestant, courtney. wasn't that sweet. >> she could have taken anyone
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she wanted and she took the other contestant. >> i hope they have a wonderful time. i hear it's fantastic, her concert. >> try it again. >> how do you say barbra streisand. >> not available. >> genius not available. do you want to try yours? people are turning off their tvs at home and rightfully so. >> here, kat. say something. >> what is barbra streisand's. >> barbra streisand born -- >> now ask something else. >> what is kathie lee gifford's co-host on the "today" show. what is her name? >> i don't see her in the contacts. perhaps one of these? >> jennifer lee. >> how about pamela lee. >> we have so much in common. >> that is really -- siri has
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attitude, too. did you miss spanky tuesday while you were away? >> i didn't. they are listing all the lees. >> almost time. we're going to give it away like hoda does all the time. superstars of the olympic games, gold medal winning final five are here. are here. we'll hear their advice on a box is where you keep things safe. which might be some people's goal. but not mine. when you dare to move forward... so much is possible. and what helps me do it? new oikos greek nonfat yogurt. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d, 25% less sugar than before and 12 grams of protein to help keep me going. i'm misty copeland. and i am unstoppably myself. be unstoppably you. the sensational news? new lash sensational luscious mascara from maybelline new york. oil-infused formula softens. fanning brush reveals layers and layers of denser lashes. the full fan effect goes luscious!
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hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. left the summer games in rio as the most successful women's u.s. gymnastic team ever. simone biles, aly raisman, gabby douglas, madison kocian, laurie hernandez. nine, epic displays of strength and talent and determination night after night after night. >> hi, guys.
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>> ladies, such a pleasure to meet you. god bless you all. you did amazingly well. >> did you guys go back and watch your performances? >> last night went -- >> can't in rio. >> are you curious to see these moments, they were very emotional moments for all of you. there was a moment you could see a total release with you. describe what that felt like when you know you nailed something. >> felt really good. i was so proud of myself and the whole entire team. i don't know. your emotion just takes over. >> i don't think anyone cried harder than aly after your last? >> i wonder if it was going to be your last. when i saw it, i wondered if this was your last. this was a major release. i wondered if you were thinking this would be the last time at the olympics. >> for me i've competed three world championships and two olympics. it took me five chances to get
10:15 am
the all around medal. especially after getting tied for third and not having the tiebreak go my way, that's what i thought about every single day for the last four years so it finally happened. >> which ones of you are going off to college? >> madison. >> madison. where are you going? >> ucla. >> are you going to visit her, crash her parties? >> yes. >> gabby, gabby, gabby. hi, girl. >> hey. >> how are you? you did something that is unprecedented, really, to go from one olympic game to another one, did the magnitude of that hit you as it hit you. >> it really didn't at the moment. i was so excited to come back and be back for the games especially with aly, us being back on winning teams. it's amazing, so phenomenal. >> isn't that weird when you think about that. and this little one, little
10:16 am
laurie. i can't believe you're 16. when you look at her picture -- >> gabby was 16. how old were you, aly at the last game. >> 18. >> you were the old lady of the crowd. >> is that what they call her? >> grammy gram. >> laurie, your family and i think a lot of your families are standing right there. the biggest crowd of people in the world. i wonder which one is laurie's mom? >> by the way, i hate to say watching you guys was fun but what was more fun for me was watching parents. >> you were with the parents. >> our hearts were pounding. we saw moments, madison, your mom and dad, it was fun for them. what was it like knowing you were performing in front of them? >> i think it gave us more comfort to have them here. they had been through everything with us. having them cheer us on that the
10:17 am
stands. we look up to them and all we can do is smile. >> we're going to see you sunday night at vma? >> yes. >> what aren't you doing? jimmy fallon, vmas, what else on tap? >> "snl." >> what? >> we want to. >> i like that. it would be great. >> hoda, i have a request. ku get me and her to hang out profit carrie underwood? >> yeah. >> gabby. >> can we print up music for them. we can get you al roker burgers, that's all we can do. >> we love you. this is a song you requested, we heard. you're going to dance. ♪ let me love you
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he's the actor, producer, director and author whose life was changed forever when he was cast in the role of the fonz in "happy days." we're talking about the golden globe winner, henry winkler. >> now the silver fox, a few buddies you may have heard of, george forman and terry bradshaw and william shatner all together as they packed their bags on the trip afterlife for nbc's new
10:22 am
series "better late than never" with open minds. >> that's true. >> take a look. >> have you to have skewers of meat. >> seems like he's done his research. that's bill. he knows something about everything. >> this is great. >> so i'm in. >> can i ask you a question. what is that? [ laughter ] >> and hilrity ensued. and you have something else to eat? >> that was in tokyo. in hong kong we had soup. >> i'll tell my mother. >> i'm never going to try it. >> bill was, henry, we're in the culture, you've got to eat it. i said, i'm having chicken. and not parts. >> is this like a reality show, unscripted? you do your thing? >> it was a travel show, eating show, comedy, no script, five cameras, six cities, four countries, five guys.
10:23 am
>> in how long? >> 35 days. >> that's amazing. >> you probably knew one another. >> i knew bill. >> everyone knows bill. >> but i now have friends i never knew i would have. >> i bet. >> we really -- the show is delightful. it gets funnier each consecutive tuesday. >> the more you get to know each other. >> that's exactly right. we got tighter and tighter and tighter. >> called friendship my friend. >> and now we are. >> was the chemistry there right away or did it take a minute? >> it took a minute because these are very big personalities. >> egos, let's keep that in mind, will shatner. >> bill, i did not say that. >> terry bradshaw has a strong one, too, and george foreman. >> terry has got the heart of oklahoma. bill is really underneath -- he's adorable. george was a major fighter to
10:24 am
the end and became a pastor. jeff a wonderful comedian. >> he's one i'm not familiar with. >> he travels all over the country. he was supposed to be our valet and became one of the guys. >> you do a bit and stick you in a chair and talk. >> say we're with you and in tokyo. >> we did several cities, then we would talk about what we remembered from each. like you cannot put chop sticks standing straight up in the rice. that is -- >> why? >> it's a no no, an insult. >> show us how to do it. >> if you had a bowl of rice, you would put it on the side. >> rest it. >> is there a right way to eat it? >> there was a "today" show we did in tokyo where they play russian roulette with wasabi. they made you a roll. >> get the roll. >> there was one roll filled -- >> makes my eyes water. >> i put it in my mouth, and i
10:25 am
wanted to tell you my mouth is just recovering. >> you got the one. >> we're eating. i'm hungry. >> cheers to you. >> congratulations. >> "better late than never" airs tonight on 10:00. >> on nbc. >> four tuesdays in a row. >> can't wait. >> me either. sticks in my teeth. more surprises for deserving english teacher as she heads back to school. time to work some magic. tada. get gooeyflakyhappy. toaster strudel. new root cover up.ion? 3 seconds to flawless roots. 3, 2, 1 roots gone!
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new root cover up by l'oréal hair oh my gosh! was that our lunch?. sfx: "boop" oscar mayer turkey & american cheese basic lunchable, made with white meat only, on rollback for $1 save money. live better. walmart shhh! laughing) what's going on? gasp! you going to shut it down? this is totally going viral. i wanna go viral. going viral? get scrubbing bubbles, clean and disinfect. 20,000 views! what? oh, it looks so clean in here. out of sonoma county where at least twoeo happening now, we're following breaking news out of sonoma county where at least two people are dead after a car went into water off highway one. nbc chopper on the way to the scene right now and we have a ground crew heading there as well. look for updates on our home page and right here on the air
10:27 am
in about 30 minutes. plus, effective immediately, stanford students under 21 no longer allowed to drink or possess hard alcohol on campus. more on that. we'll be back at 11:00.
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♪ ♪ ♪ clouds to clear up across the interior bay area and for the afternoon, hazy skies probably
10:29 am
still a little bit of smoke around the south bay. highs, downtown san jose 83 and 86 in morgan hill. mid 60s for san francisco and north bay locations around mill valley. 76 degrees, low clouds at times for midday. mid 80s towards the tri-valley. seven-day forecast, keep temperatures about the same for san francisco. but valley locations tomorrow, seeing the numbers climb through wednesday and cooling approaching the weekend. another check. >> the tuesday morning commute is back. we see more volume of traffic and many more incidents we have for the south bay and still slow across that bridge west 84. it was tough. there's university that reportedly had cleared from the roadway. recovery here traveling west down 580 past the earlier crash that took hours to clear. it has gone now and the live camera still with driving coming past the shopping center at grass view station and here at xfinity. there you go.
10:30 am
back to you guys. >> and now we'll see you at 11:00. for our next newscast, see you. we are back on this tuesday with school bells ringing across the country teachers and students need new looks for the year. >> we decided to give one deserving teach area style makeover. let's take a look at her story. >> my name is amanda cornwell, mother of two and teacher in michigan. when i completed college, i never intended to go into education but that was before i met my husband garth. he adores teaching and his energy and enthusiasm for his profession inspired me. suddenly my office job didn't feel as important or rewarding and i found myself wanting to be in the classroom.
10:31 am
that was about 15 years ago. now i teach reading and writing to about 150 middle school students each year. while the schools provide a modest budget for supplies, i try to personalize my classroom with special purchases. i also purchase additional books for my students, since inspiring a love of reading is so important to me. however, all of those costs add up. i found myself spending anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each year of my own money for these extra items. teaching is not easy. the hours are long and you don't see the immediate impact you're having on students. but what i love about teaching is when those moments happen, and they do happen, that's when i know it was all worth it. >> absolutely. here with us style and trend expert britney levine who picked out a great first day of school outfit for amanda. hi. how are you doing? >> hi, i'm doing well. this is so special.
10:32 am
>> this is terrific. we do have a before picture. she's an awesome person inside and out. what did you feel like you needed to do to help her out. >> she's amazing. she deserved an equally amazing look. this is the before picture we just saw. she wore her jeans, she's very comfortable teaching. we wanted to give her fashion confidence to go back to school. she starts tomorrow. >> there's the before. amanda, come on out. >> very nice. >> adorable. >> menswear is a big trend for fall. we wanted to put her in that tuxedo suit look that tailoryli her. >> tucked it in, gave her the blazer and a pop of color on the wrist. she never wears stretchy pants but look at these pants we gave her. she looks absolutely amazing. so confidence, so trendy, and your strappy heels as well.
10:33 am
>> they are comfortable. >> that's the thing. we want to make sure she's comfortable for school but also in the reading corner. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> also go for date night. >> exactly. >> thought we would bring out -- >> a couple models. >> we have models for you. >> bring in our first student model. come on out, student model. these models from last year. >> from her classroom. >> so nice. >> look beautiful. >> just as trenda and confident as amanda. kate is dress-- cade is dressed t-shirt. ruthie in lauren conrad dress with peek-a-boo shoulders. >> i love that. >> her backpack, all of their
10:34 am
looks from kohl's. nothing too over the top but trendy for fall as well. amanda, you do so much for your kids. since you have a classroom page on adopt a kohl's wanted to make a big donation to really give back and get all your essentials for the new year. you have everything you need. you don't have to spend your own money. they wanted -- cade and ruthie looked so incredible in their looks. they wanted to outfit all your incoming students as well, so your whole new class can look fun, fashionable and trendy. >> oh, my gosh. so cool. >> a surprise. >> burgers and cupcakes that taste good and are good for you. that's all coming up next. that's all coming up next. ♪ ♪
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finally, i discovered new tide odor defense. it eliminates the yoga aroma. so i can breathe easy hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. you know this, it's not easy coming up with healthy lunch ideas day after day that your kids are actually going to want to eat. so they call him the irish chef and co-host, i can't help the accent, food network star. >> yes. >> a couple of ways, in a sneaky way put in some good things for a kid, stuff with vitamins. >> that's the important thing.
10:40 am
it's so easy to forget this time of year it's easy to get vegetables in there. garbanzo beans. they are in here. i call them chick peas. >> they are so inexpensive. they are great. i can roast them. >> we say garbanzo. >> i don't know what i'm saying half the time, kathie lee, to be honest. >> moved from ireland with swedish wife to los angeles. >> no wonder you're confused. >> in here garbanzo beans, egg. you don't have to add egg, not essential. cumin and a spice from indian cuisine. you blend this and get this mixture which looks exactly like this. i always tlib add a little bit
10:41 am
-- like to add a little bit of texture, some carrots, chick peas and what you'll get is this most beautiful mixture that will make up these beautiful patties. who doesn't like a patty. so you fry off these patties and these cook off really quickly. all you're looking for is a nice color on them, golden brown color. >> kids like the taste of that. >> it's surprisingly delicious. because they kind of look like burgers, they are something kids can get involved in. >> pita bread. >> we stuffed them into toasted pita bread with a little salad and grated carrots. i made up this yogurt. a dip. put some of the spice in there and it just tastes fantastic. >> get in there, hoda woman. >> you've got a burger. a healthy burger, what we're going for. drizzle with sauce. don't need ketchup here and
10:42 am
carrots. it's delicious. some tomato. i'll give you a choice. come around, kathie. we have some to taste. these are simple to make. inexpensive ingredients, really easy. i have beautiful zucchini muffins. >> i know. i'm surprised so good. >> by adding garbanzo beans, you get something to bite on, scallions. kathie lee? >> very good. >> come on a date with you. >> i'd come on a date with you and your swedish wife. >> i'll have to speak to her about that. >> desert. >> zucchini carrot cupcakes. so easy to make. another way of sneaking vegetables in there especially this time of year. >> you wouldn't have known i was irish. come on. >> for these recipes, >> get
10:43 am
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now the music sensation unique as her style. >> electric violinist lindsey stirling combines with pop and rock music and does this whole thing while she's dancing. >> and dancing well. lindsey is also a youtube superstar with 1 billion views on her channel now out with a new album "brave enough." they named it number one on the youtube chart. here is lindsey performing "the arena." ♪ ♪
10:49 am
♪ ♪
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10:51 am
10:52 am
♪ >> wow, she's fabulous. catch her on tour this fall. >> miracles do happen when we give it away. five lucky viewers will get something. >> thank you, hoda. "today" on nbc.
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who is jane doe and why would she drop in times square for us to find her? >> this tattoo. it's the one to watch. >> you don't know who she is. >> the only memory i have of my father is from the fire. >> you were there the night of the fire. >> are you my father? i'm going to find out the truth. >> i'm sure you will.
10:55 am
all right. we are about to make five lucky viewers really, really happy. it's time to give it away. this is the fall lawn and garden props. this is from miracle grow and worth $521. >> water and feeding to trimming hedges, leaves, grass and garden will never look better with this seven package item. you get a hose and weed wacker. and other things. >> let's find out the other winners. >> let's open it up. >> all right. >> dig in there nice and deep. >> people get mad at you.
10:56 am
>> the good ones are down here. >> francis elliot from waynesboro, georgia, come on down. >> i've got one here. this is a good one. oh, my gosh. skeeter bean from tulare, california. congratulations. >> kelly geiz from texas. >> hold on. >> i'm not looking. >> i'm going to start spanking right now. start it right now. it is norman king. >> no, it's my turn, sharon clark from how do you pronounce it? rhinelander, wisconsin. >> and noreen king from california. >> we want to say congratulations to all of our winners. if you want to win next time -- there she goes. go to klg and hit the connect button.
10:57 am
guess who is here? >> dolly parton. >> spanky tuesday. >> is it over? go. i'm getting out. >> don't try to run. you can't hide. you can't hide. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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we begin with breaking news north of the bay area. a car crash and two children were killed. thank you for joining us today. >> the details here are still coming in, let's get right now to what we know coming into this developing tragedy. a car traveling by the jenner beach trail crash. two adulted were rescued from the car. two children died. there is no word on why or how the car left the road. we're going to continue to follow the breaking news. we have a reporter heading tre


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