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tv   Today  NBC  August 25, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. good morning. death toll rises. now at least 241 killed in that powerful earthquake in central italy. residents desperately trying to dig out more survivors where their bare hands. moments like this one bringing hope. fighting words donald trump goes after hillary clinton questioning her true intentions when it comes to minority voters. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. >> this as she dismisses claims that clinton foundation donors were given special access to her while she was secretary of state. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces.
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tornadoes on a tear. a dramatic new outbreak of twisters in the midwest. one taking down this starbucks in indiana as customers were seeking shelter. incredibly, everybody got out alive "today," thursday, august 25th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. it's thursday. nice to have you with us. two big weather stories this morning. >> al is about to join us. he's keeping an eye on those tornadoes that you talked about. one in indiana, others in ohio. then he has the storm he's looking down in the tropics. it will be here in a couple of minutes. >> let's go right to this overnight investigation into the devastating earthquake in italy. as we just mentioned, the death toll jumped dramatically overnight.
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officials now say at least 240 people have died. >> the search for survivors being slowed by hundreds of aftershocks that have shaken that region. one area of focus in amatrice where a hotel is expected to have dozens of guests trapped inside. >> let's get to nbc correspondent bill neely in that hard hit town this morning. bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. there are now thousands of rescuers here in amatrice and in all of the other small towns hoping for a miracle. amid all of the death and destruction here, some of which you can see behind me, there have been moments of hope and of joy. from the rubble, a small voice. rescuers find a little girl trapped in the ruins. come on, julia, they urge her and then pull her out. julia is bewildered but alive
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clinging to her rescuer. amazingly, uninjured. beautiful girl they shout. nearby, a little boy is carried away after 12 hours buried in a collapsed house. life amidst so much death in the broken town of amatrice that woke this morning to aftershocks and a rising death toll from a massive quake that struck tuesday as everyone slept. its clock stopped. they worked overnight to pull people out but mostly it's bodies. just visible under the concrete, an 80-year-old woman, her daughter killed. a rescuer telling her to stay calm. amatrice was hardest hit reduced to dust by a quake felt 100 miles away in rome. >> like a bomb fell down on it. there's nothing there anymore. >> reporter: another survivor is air lifted out swaying above a
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town that's shaking still. they're going through the rubble here by hand trying to match the bodies they found with the possessions here to more easily identify them but mostly they're using these earth movers. it is now a case more of recovery than of rescue. this was amatrice before and after. an historic town nearly every building now cracked or destroyed. many slept outside overnight fearing more buildings would collapse. it's a small place where everyone knows everyone and where they all know the death toll will rise again. the rescuers admit they don't actually know the exact number of missing because there were hundreds of tourists here as well as the locals. they are working amid aftershocks. there was one this morning. 4.7 on the richter scale. that's enough to bring down fragile buildings.
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there have been hundreds of aftershocks so the danger here is still very real. matt, savannah? >> indeed dangerous work there as well. bill neely, thank you. meanwhile, here at home the cleanup is under way in the midwest where a series of tornadoes caused substantial damage. you can see one of them lifting up and destroying a building in ohio. parts of indiana also very hard hit. nbc's tammy leitner is surveying the damage. north of indianapolis. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. 15 people injured here, but no one killed which is pretty amazing when you take a look at the starbucks behind me, completely flattened. except for the restroom, where the customers and employees were hiding. >> reporter: mother nature's wrath caught on cell phone video in indiana. >> oh my gosh, starbucks just got blown over. >> reporter: in the town of kokomo a tornado taking down a
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starbucks with customers still inside. >> we don't know. >> reporter: and then relief. >> everybody got out okay. >> three or four of us work together and got the doors off and got them off. >> reporter: eight tornadoes confirmed in the state. the intense storm system bringing loud cracks of thunder and spawning massive funnel clouds that left behind a twisted path of devastation. >> glad you're already. >> reporter: george pena took shelter in his bathroom as his home collapsed around him. >> i said, dear lord, make it quick and not very painful. >> reporter: he made it out unarmed but his neighborhood is nearly destroyed. >> thankful my kids weren't here. >> reporter: late wednesday indiana governor and republican vice presidential nominee mike pence left the campaign trail and headed home. >> we'll be here as long as we need to be. >> reporter: this morning a familiar heartbreak. a community again picking up the pieces. a residential neighborhood across the street has severe damage.
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this neighborhood was also hit by a series of tornadoes that came through here three years ago. we're told about 22,000 people are still without power this morning. matt and savannah? >> thanks very much. >> we have that going on in the midwest and in the tropics some areas of disturbance. >> well, you also heard, they always say the bathroom is the best place to be if you can't get into a basement. that's good news. as you did mention, savannah, we're watching the tropics. we have hurricane gaston. we're not worried about that. it will stay out to sea. but investigation area 99-l, we expect this to become a tropical system over the next several days. chance of formation is 50% in the next 48 hours. 80% in five days. somewhere along this area, the five-day formation zone and models are now coming more into alignment. through saturday in better agreement over the bahamas between the european and the u.s. model and then sunday both cross southern florida.
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however, even though they both bring heavy rain, the european model is a little more aggressive makes this a stronger storm. probably a category 1 hurricane. whereas the u.s. model keeps it more of a tropical storm. look at the rainfall amounts. water temperature at 90 degrees. that means there could be intensification and where the rainfall amounts are anywhere from 5 to locally 10 inches in southern florida. so we're going to continue to track this. again, right now we're watching these models. they are coming closer and closer together in agreement. >> all right, al. thank you very much. the death toll is rising this morning from a terror attack on the american university in kabul, afghanistan. gunmen storming the campus leading to an hour's long siege there. nbc's kelly cove ya has the latest for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. students are attending funerals this morning for their classmates, at least 14 were killed. six of them students and a professor, a stanford graduate
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and full bright scholar. the law professor was planning to return to the u.s. for his ph.d. in a few weeks. instead he was killed in a terrifying nine-hour siege. students barricading themselves in classrooms. some desperately calling family members. >> she was worrying and crying and telling me please pray for me because maybe this is my last time that i talk to you. >> reporter: two attackers firing at will. >> just shooting through rooms and classmates. >> reporter: the target the sprawling american university in kabul. a car bomb and then two men with grenades and guns stormed in. >> we didn't think it was safe so therefore we jumped from the second floor. >> reporter: afghan forces responded. u.s. forces were there to advise. >> the security situation inside afghanistan is still one that's concerning. >> reporter: earlier this month in kabul, two professors, an american and australian, were kidnapped at gunpoint.
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security in the city is getting worse and the war now 15 years since the u.s. invaded is intensifying again. this morning in kabul, more than 100 students trapped inside for hours were finally freed. police say the two gunmen were killed. no claim of responsibility yet. it could have been either the taliban or isis. this morning at least three people are still in the hospital in serious condition and for now the university is closed. matt, savannah? >> terrifying. thank you. talk about the presidential race in this country. hillary clinton is now firing back at that report claiming her work as secretary of state was influenced by her family's charity. both sides covered this morning beginning with nbc's andrea mitchell. andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. hillary clinton preparing to go on offense against donald trump today as her husband joins in in strongly defending the clinton foundation from trump's charges of pay for play. hillary clinton after a silicon
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valley fund-raiser with apple ceo tim cook late wednesday calling into cnn defending the clinton foundation from donald trump's attacks. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe. >> reporter: clinton also ducking a question about whether colin powell really advised her to use a private e-mail account. acknowledging her past answers about e-mails have gotten her into trouble. >> i've been asked many, many questions in the past year about e-mails. and what i've learned is that when i try to explain what happened, it can sound like i'm trying to excuse what i did. and there are no excuses. >> reporter: bill clinton also in campaign mode, promising he'll stop raising money for the foundation or taking foreign or corporate contributions if his wife is elected.
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saying that's different from her being secretary of state. >> i made it clear if she becomes president we'll have to do more than we did when she was secretary of state because if you make a mistake as president you can't. >> reporter: the democratic nominee shifting her focus today back to trump, planning to accuse him of letting right wing conspiracy theorists take over his campaign. pointing to trump's new campaign ceo steve bannon who runs the populist website breitbart which has planned parenthood with the holocaust. bill crystal a renegade jew and accused president obama of importing more hating muslims. clinton's message today will be that donald trump's new attempt to pivot toward moderation for the general election is a head fake telling those all-important suburban swing voters trump's republican party is still too extreme for you. matt and savannah? >> all right. andrea, thank you very much. >> donald trump had strong words for hillary clinton during a
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wednesday rally in mississippi. he called her a bigot. this morning the question did trump make a major reversal on his campaign promise to deport every undocumented immigrant? nbc's hallie jackson following all of it from trump tower. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. hillary clinton firing back at that bigot line you mentioned that wasn't off the cuff. trump and his team scripting it. meanwhile the gop nominee is set to meet here at trump tower with gop african-american and hispanic leaders as he weighs what would be a dramatic change to one of his toughest immigration positions. it's one of donald trump's most amped up attack yet. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> reporter: the reaction of this woman behind trump going viral. watch. >> hillary clinton is a bigot.
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who sees people of color. >> reporter: clinton in a phone interview on cnn previewing how she'll respond in reno today. >> donald trump has shown us who he is. we ought to believe him. he's taking a hate movement mainstream. >> reporter: calling trump -- >> someone who is very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> a surprise guest making a cameo. >> if i was an american citizen, i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if you paid me. in fact, i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if she paid me. >> the sentiment behind brexit, anger with the status quo if i wasn't an american citizen i wouldn't vote for hillary clinton if you paid me. in fact, i wouldn't vote for clinton if she paid me. >> the sentiment behind brexit, anger with the status quo similar to what many say fueled trump's rise here, but farage
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muddling the message as trump tries to court minority voters and trump's message on immigration apparently changing again. a year ago, here is what he told nbc's chuck todd about deporting families of undocumented immigrants. >> we'll keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> you're going to keep them together -- >> they have to go. >> they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. we work with them. i've had very strong people come up to me and they've said, mr. trump, i love you but to take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out, it's so tough, mr. trump. i have it all the time. >> reporter: at a town hall, trump getting advice from the audience. >> who does not want them thrown out? >> if it sounds a bit murky about trump's deportation policy, he's promising clarity. the candidate saying he'll reveal details of a flushed out immigration policy in a speech in the next week and a half to two weeks. savannah? >> hallie jackson at trump
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towers. thank you. in other news, north korean leader kim jong-un says the u.s. mainland is in striking distance after a test fire of a submarine launch ballistic missile. kim was shown smiling and hugging officials after watching from an observation deck calling it the greatest success that puts the country in the front of nuclear military powers. the south korean government says the launch showed technical progress in the north's missile program. the world's largest aircraft was damaged on wednesday during a rough landing on a test flight in england. the air lander 10 is a hybrid blimp, helicopter and airplane and the developer is trying to figure out what caused this 302-foot aircraft to nose dive as it came in for a landing. the front of the flight deck did sustain some damage. the crew was fine. it can stay aloft for days at a time and developers say it could be used for various functions -- surveillance, communications and even passenger travel but
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obviously still being tested. also this morning, soccer star hope solo has been suspended for six months from the u.s. women's national team. after losing to sweden at the olympics, the goalkeeper called the swedish team a bunch of cowards. in his decision the president of the u.s. soccer federation labeled solo's comments unacceptable and counter to the organization's principles. in a statement on twitter, solo said she's saddened by that decision. let's get a check of the weather now by mr. roker. you're busy. >> that's right. we could see some more severe storms in the same area that we saw yesterday. stretching from illinois all the way through indiana on into ohio. two areas of severe weather today from oklahoma and kansas on into northern ohio and parts of eastern indiana. we could see some main threats of damaging winds, isolated tornado risk. very, very slight. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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m good thursday morning. meteorologist anthony slaughter. 50s and 60s for the most part. cloud, skiy iey skies. through afternoon, see plenty of sunshine. the clouds will linger in san francisco today. leaving for a cool day there of 63 degrees. 73 for the peninsula. looking at 80s for our inland valleys. 83 for the north bay. same for the south bay. another warm one for the tri-valley. temperatures cool off for the weekend. updates throughout the morning. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you very much.
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still to come, how washington is know taking aim at the skyrocketing cost of lifesaving epipens, and wait until you hear who the father of the company's well-paid ceos is. can you tell the difference between an expensive outfit and one that came from an outlet store on our new "rossen reports," how to dress for success without breaking the bank. first on a thursday morning, coming
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(zipper noise) (baby rattle shaking) juicy fruit so sweet you can't help but chew. ==topvo== might oakland a's fans soon be headed to a new home? a very good thursday morning. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. oakland as fans may be soon headed to a newer home. today shah is meeting with team leaders to look at a new site. owner will tour howard terminal located in the cargo loading area near the port of oakland. it's a water front site the city has pitched before. schaaf says oakland could turn its attention to keeping the raiders at the current coliseum site where a new state-of-the-art stadium could be built. the media is not invited to today's tour. you have invited to look at the forecast with anthony slaughter. >> i'm following it. got the fog building across san francisco. this will be with us until
7:27 am
11:00. then after that we will see a few peeks of sunshine. san francisco today is going to stay mostly cloudy. not the case in san jose. starting off cloudy. by the afternoon, nice sunny finish. 61 dreez in the south bay. 58 in santa cruz. 56 in san francisco. at the coastline we will see a good mix of sun and clouds. 63 for san francisco. mid 70s around the inner bay from oakland over towards palo alto. a few atitys today for inland locations. continue to see this warm air for inland valleys at air quality begins to suffer fwhi weekend. we'll continue to have updates throughout the morning. in the meantime, let's talk to mike and track that morning compute. >> things have calmed down after the early morning. south bay shows a typical pattern. in fact, so does the tri-valley. 580 and 880 southbound recovering to about your standard commute because of an earlier crash at andrade. we had a lot of slowing and recovery through pleasanton. dumbarton bridge shows westbound a lot of traffic flow. people might be avoiding the 13459 san mateo bridge because it's slow because of the flashing light on the left shoulder, mid span.
7:28 am
you do move well toward the peninsula. another update in half an hour.
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good boy! go for the gold. we're back now. 7:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 25th of august, 2016. in a in a day d a concert will be tan over by dnce. we're live streaming. it will be like you are on the plaza. you can learn more about that by going to >> looking forward to that. let's turn to the news this morning. here are headlines. the death toll from that powerful earthquake in italy climbed overnight to at least 247 people. the damage is so extensive in some towns that emergency crews are struggling even to arrive there. but amid the rubble, there have
7:31 am
been some moments of hope like this one. a 10-year-old girl pulled out alive to cheers and a big hug. >> state of emergency in effect for parts of indiana after an outbreak of powerful tornadoes in the midwest. buildings and homes were leveled just north of indianapolis. remarkably, only one minor injury was reported. indiana governor and republican vice presidential candidate mike pence left the campaign trail last night to return home. he's touring the damage today. and donald trump going after the african-american and latino vote by claiming democrats have done little to improve the lives of minorities. at a rally last night, trump called hillary clinton a bigot. clinton plans to respond today during a campaign appearance in nevada. also this morning, backlash is growing against the pharmaceutical company that dramatically raised prices on life saving epipens while at the same time hiking its executive salaries. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are saying the company has gone too far.
7:32 am
and we're now learning its ceo is the daughter of a u.s. senator. nbc's tom costello is in washington with more. good morning. >> in just the last few minutes, the ceo is suggesting she'll cut the price for certain customers. as we reported, her total compensation skyrocketed while the price pharmacies have to pay for the epipen went from $90 to $600 in ten years. from school clinics to capitol hill, a growing chorus of anger directed at mylan pharmaceuticals and its ceo for raising the price of the life saving epipen by 575% over the last ten years. hillary clinton and bernie sanders tweeting outrage and others wrote to mylan requesting briefing info for raising prices. >> this price gauging, there's
7:33 am
no other term for it, is morally bankrupt. >> reporter: the epipen used by millions of americans but mostly children at risk for suffering serious to fatally allergic reaction. in ten years, the price has gone from $90 to $600. this week mylan told nbc news the price change reflects better important product features and value the product provides but many people say they can't afford it. >> it's a crapshoot. do you spend the money and hope you don't need it or do you go without it and pray to god that you don't need it. >> that's what you have to sit down with them and say this is life saving. you need to figure out a way to buy this because if something happens to your child -- it probably won't happen but if it does, they need this medicine right away. >> the ceo of mylan's compensation hit $19 million. she's the daughter of senator
7:34 am
joe manchin. this morning under pressure bresh announced that they will offer a savings cost to help cut the cost of the epipen in half. >> as a mother i can assure you the last thing we would want is no one to not have an epicenter. >> several members of congress are calling for an investigation into price gaujing. the ftc saying it is constantly scrutinizing all drug market competition. let's get a check of the weather. >> we have interesting temperature extremes going on. in the southeast where we have a big dome of high pressure bringing up warm air you can see temperatures for the next several days going to stay fairly warm. by tomorrow 92 in new york.
7:35 am
97 richmond. cincinnati 90 degrees. then as we make our way into the plains the jet stream dips down. tomorrow 73. 73 on saturday in fargo. 88 in dodge city. out west seattle tomorrow at 91. medford flirting with 100 degrees. reno a high of 88. we have a slight risk of strong storms in the mid plains. heavy down pours down to the gulf where they do not need good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter here. we're waking up to cloud, skies across the entire bay area this morning. that's going to lead to a cooler day for inland locations. right now in the 50s and 60s. 54 in half moon bay. 57 in palo alto. 61 in san jose. later on this afternoon, san jose you will be up to 83 degrees. palo alto, 76. staying cool and mostly cloudy
7:36 am
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to bottom head to toe from shoes to pants to the suit to the shirt to tie is banana republic. the question is this from the regular banana store or the less expensive outlet? i'll show you in just a moment. it's hard to tell, right? many of us buying new clothes for the new season and guess what? you don't need to break the bank to impress your friends and co-workers. don't believe me? just watch this and judge for yourself. it's almost fall. back to work. back to school and we're updating our wardrobes hitting all of the big brand names and it can get expensive paying full price at these stores but at the outlet, experts say you can get almost the exact same look for much less. >> can the average person tell the difference? >> for the naked eye between retail and outlet, they can't tell. >> ali scott is a professional stylist. >> we have two outfits on this table. >> exactly. one is from the outlet and one
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is from retail. one was $206 and one was $111 so almost half the price. i want you to tell me which one you think is the retail store. >> by the looks of it, it looks the same to me. i'm struggling. this one feels more structured. this one heavier. i'm going with this one being the inexpensive one. >> incorrect. that's the outlet outfit. >> i couldn't tell the difference between the expensive outfit and the cheaper one. kathryn here went to j. crew outlet store and bought this outfit head to toe. it cost $289. over here went to j. crew regular store and bought this outfit head to toe but hers is a lot more expensive. $660. more than double. the question is will people on the street be able to tell the
7:43 am
difference? we're about to see. a few people actually get it right. >> more expensive is on the left. >> but most get it wrong. that's the cheaper one by more than double. >> that's more expensive. >> the one on the right. >> i would say on the right. really? could have fooled me. >> we did. >> this woman even asks for a 360 degree view. you want them to turn around? >> yes. >> turn around for the lady. >> i think this one more expensive. >> okay. what about accessories. these coach wallets are almost identical. both are real. one is from the regular store price tag $272. and this one is from the coach outlet. price tag $107. less than half. let's see if people can get this one right.
7:44 am
>> the brown one. >> i would have to guess and say the brown one. >> nope. >> looking at the details. the one on the right. >> you look detail on that one. >> i like the detail. i like the zipper. it makes a difference to me. going with the right and i'm sticking with it. >> guess what? wrong. you like the cheaper one. >> does that mean i can have it? >> in fact, from the outfits to the accessories, most get it wrong. what's the moral of the story here? >> buy what you like and not what costs more because it doesn't really matter. >> you look right to them and tell them. >> it doesn't matter. don't buy more expensive stuff. buy what you like. >> it does beg the question why is expensive stuff more expensive? experts say stitching is better. usually get higher quality fabric and if you look more closely, get right up on it and weird with your co-workers you can see colors are more textured. >> let's get weird. >> as matt often does. the stuff in the outlets doesn't fall apart. an experiment for you guys. come in.
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we don't want you to think we forgot the men. this is moy py producer josh. we're going to stand side by side. >> do a 360. just kidding. >> one is $920 and one is less than $400. i have a guess. >> tie shirt, shoes. >> we did touch test earlier. okay. do you want to go first? >> i think this is the more expensive one. >> i agree. >> you both think this is the more expensive one. no. josh is wearing the cheaper one. >> it's a softness thing. a better fabric. >> his shoes are really nice. everything. you don't have to break the bank. >> you surprise me. we thought we had this made. >> you look better in it josh. you really do. >> who wore it better? >> josh. >> you worked in a men's clothing store for a while. that's embarrassing. >> jeff, josh, thank you very much. >> what the legendary bruce
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7:50 am
don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. 7:50. we're back with a disturbing incident targeting an "snl" star. tamron is in the orange room for carson. tamron, what do you have? >> good morning. leslie jones is known for being funny and fierce and most recently for her infectious olympic spirit in rio but sadly the comedian has been the target of cyber abuse. the site was shut down after hackers posted explicit personal photos of leslie jones and racist images along with documents like her driver's license and passport. this is not the first time leslie jones has been attacked online. last month she dropped off twitter after receiving a storm of racist and sexist tweets.
7:51 am
celebrities are coming to jones' defense. #istandwithleslie is trending online. this one from ellen. leslie, you are beautiful and talented and bring laughter into a world that desperately needs it. you are also my friend and i support you. actress gabby sidibae wrote i don't know why people are so hateful toward leslie. she's talented and wonderful. why are people pressed to be awful. leslie hasn't spoke out about this recent attack. celebrities who tweeted out countless people that leslie jones will never meet have gotten online to support her. it is absolutely sad because she's such a nice person. >> it is sad. tamron, thank you very much. still to come, jessica alba will be here. actress, entrepreneur, mother. we'll talk to her about juggling those many passions. >> what does charlie do after our show? we're spending a day in the life
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good thursday morning. meteorologist anthony slaughter here waking up to clouds across the entire bay area. san jose, cloudy skies and temperatures right now at 62 degrees. most of us in the 50s across the bay. later on this afternoon we'll stay mostly cloudy at the coastline. 63 degrees for san francisco. sun ship for santa cruz r santa cruz. 73. we'll see mostly sunny skies for the rest of the bay area. 71 today for oakland. 68 for concord. 83 for san jose. temperatures do cool off into the weekend. we'll have updates throughout the morning. in the meantime, let's toss things over to mike and track the morning commute. >> looking a lot better than it was before. thing are starting out to your typical pattern now. that's good stuff. we will look to the south bay. the brick unfortunately for north 87 has gone away. it's slow now from 85 until curtner. getting a breakthrough downtown the san jose states back in session this week. should see more traffic for 282 the area as well. 101, both directions right around 92. this is pretty much a standard pattern through san mateo.
7:57 am
good news, no crashes through the area. slow off the san mateo bridge. better news across the span, earlier stall on our live camera has cleared from the left side as you go across the flat section. oakland recovers from earlier slow down southbound now northbound has slowing around high street. what you would expect in downtown. the bay bridge standard as well. happening now, you know about this, mike. cal tran launching a state-of-the-art smart corridor along 80. it's a network of signs designed to advised motorists during the crunch of the commute. see how it works with a link on our facebook page. remember that naked donald trump statue that landed in castro? it turns out it is still in police custody. efforts continue to have that statue liberated. link to an update on our twitter feed. and a pennies player pulls an eight figure jackpot in vegas worth millions. that story in the state section of our home page? i'll have another local news update in half an hour.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, a movie star and a mogul. jessica alba stops by studio 1a to talk about her new action movie, motherhood and running a billion dollar company. and a day in the dog's life. after he's done making us smile, see where the real work happens. our cameras follow charlie for an inside look at what it takes to train a service dog. and the boss is back. how bruce springsteen's epic concert is rewriting the record books, "today," thursday, august 25th, 2016.
8:01 am
>> we're two teachers enjoying the last days of summer. >> i waited 60 years to be here. >> you're going to be a big sister because mommy is having another baby. >> we are here to win $25,000. our guinea pigs want to welcome charlie to the "today" show! >> good morning, everybody. it's 8:00 on "today." beautiful day out on our plaza. awesome to have such a good crowd. it's a great day to surge into a giant pit of balls looking for one elusive gold ball. >> we better show this quickly
8:02 am
to put in perspective. >> this is going for gold contest. $25,000 prize up for grabs. >> it's been a bit of a tough week for our contestants. on wednesday grace gave it a valiant effort, but she could not find that gold ball either. so all of our play verse been great sports, now someone else is getting a chance. >> okay. so let's find out, where's gina from virginia? come on down, gina. come on, gina, come on over. she's so excited. >> come on in here. good. >> feeling good? >> so excited. >> we're going to ramp that up more. guess what? it's our fourth day so we're going to play with four players. we're bringing back all of our contestants of the week. we've got grant. meg and grace. all four of you are jumping into the pit together.
8:03 am
that's right. so we're going to watch the final four go for the gold in just a little bit. >> this is so exciting. >> get ready. you can get tips from your pals. get some strategy. >> they're excited. >> we'll get to these guys in just a moment. first, time for the news at 8:00. we begin this thursday morning with the devastating earthquake in oowe begin with a devastating earthquake in central italy. searchers are still digging through rubble looking for survivors. there are thousands of rescuers here hoping for a miracle especially here where the death toll is highest. amid death and destruction there have been moments of hope and joy. from the rubble a small voice. rescuers find a little girl trapped in the ruins. come on, julia, they urge her
8:04 am
and then pull her out. julia is bewildered but alive, clinging to her rescuer, amazingly uninjured. nearby, a little boy is carried away after 12 hours buried in a collapsed house. life amid so much death in the broken town that woke this morning to after shocks and a rising death toll. they worked overnight to pull people out but mostly it's bodies. they are going through the rubble here by hand trying to match the bodies they found with the possessions here to more easily identify them. mostly they are using these earth movers. it is now a case here more of recovery than of rescue. a historic town, nearly every building cracked or destroyed. it's a small place where everyone knows everyone and
8:05 am
where they all know the death toll will rise again. the rescuers admit they don't actually know how many people are missing. there were tourists as well as locals. there have been hundreds of after shocks certainly enough to bring down fragile buildings. they do know this death toll could rise. there could be real danger still to come. more than 100 students were freed overnight following a deadly terror steej at the american university of afghanistan. at least 14 people including seven students were killed on wednesday night. dozens were wounded. afghan security forces stormed the campus ending that standoff. u.s. special forces were there as advisers. no group has claimed responsibility but suspicion is falling on the taliban. the red cross is providing
8:06 am
emergency shelter in indiana where tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses on wednesday night. cell phone video showed a starbucks coffee shop collapsing. across the state at least 15 people were hurt. in ohio funnel clouds. coming up next, it is not often a plumber attracts this kind of attention. wait until you check out his tricked out ride. on pop start no hair no problem. dwayne johnson shares a video. jessica alba on her new thriller mother hood and running. a billion dollar brand. she met charlie. first these messages.
8:07 am
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no wonder it's the only one cats ask for by name. get to kohl's nowts! for great savings on all the denim your kids want! get every shade of blue and even polk-a-dots too! plus yes2you rewards members earn 1 point for every dollar spent. get a $5 reward for every 100 points! now that's the good stuff. kohl's. >> we're back. 8:09. trending time. we live in this age
8:10 am
trending time. we live in the age of overscheduled kids. little league, dance classes, chess club. that kind of thing. what's the cardinal rule for parenting? you can't quit. you have to stick it out. you start it, you stick with it. an expert is telling "the wall street journal" maybe not. sometimes calling it quits could be a good thing. here are the reasons. it allows kids to practice making decisions while the stakes are low. quitting one activity does allow focus and passion to grow in another area and it can relieve tension between parents and kids. >> bingo. >> i think it's okay to stay on occasion you can quit and the reason is because it encourages kids to try things they wouldn't normally try. if you say you're going to try it but no way you're getting out of it. you have to stay with it. kids are going to stay in their comfort zone and never try something new. >> what if they say you're going to have piano lessons and now we bought a piano. >> now you can buy a cheap keyboard. it gives kids a chance to try
8:11 am
different things. >> if they don't like it, they have to have an out. >> stick with it for six months. >> the one rule is if it's a team sport and you'll hurt the team by quitting, then you have to stick it out. >> that's a fair rule. >> katie ledecky ruled the pool in rio and back at home she brought her athletic talents to the pitcher's mound at last night's national game. of course she had to get rid of extra weight so she passed off her five medals one at a time to right fielder bryce harper. how was her arm? anything she can't do? that's a strike right there. she has been practicing she told us. the star swimmer attracted sponsors but she's turning them down. an estimated $5 million worth of potential endorsements. why? she wants to have the real college experience. she wants to swim at the amateur
8:12 am
level at college. she said it was not a difficult decision. >> we love her. >> reason number 9 trillion to love katie. now an example of truth in advertising. this is matt's favorite story of the day. this is a plumber from canada. friendly looking guy. this is how he perfectly advertises his business. that is his truck. he's awesome. >> that is spectacular. right? would you not call that plumber. >> get them on the phone. so clever. >> that's trending. how about pop start? >> let's get you to bruce springsteen. this is why he's the boss. bruce broke a record this week at metlife stadium. the singer performed his longest concert ever in the u.s. known for his lengthy performances but this one takes the cake. he gets the crowd going for 3
8:13 am
hours 52 minutes and 1 seconds. bruce performed longer only once before. that was if finland. are you ready for this? it was 4 hours and 6 minutes. at a bruce concert it feels like minutes. hang there all day. now to dwayne johnson. he has a leading role in "fast & furious" franchise but he wasn't the first choice to play hob. the role was originally written for tommy lee jones. >> that would have been different. >> revealed during a facebook chat that during production someone said they would love to see him work with dwayne. the rest is history. we're totally in love with this adorable video dwayne posted playing with his daughter, jasmine. take a look at it.
8:14 am
♪ he wrote the joys of being home with my family and playing one of our favorite games, slap daddy's head so i can't see his big, scary face. video is cute. and john krasinski telling enews after dating his wife she asked if he ever saw "devil wears prada." he admits he saw it 75 times. >> 76. >> it keeps going. >> that's not true, is it? >> yeah. i might have been lying. it might be over a hundred. >> he willed her to him just watching the movie. >> we'll ask him the story when we talk in a second about why he saw it the first time which i think was a bit of a mistake, is that true? >> you did your research. >> we'll talk to john in just a little while. >> that's "pop start." >> let's turn from "pop start" to a check of the weather.
8:15 am
>> weather is brought to you by camping world. get one stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv supercenter. >> our 8:00 update is in now as we track the tropics. we do have a category 1 storm with gaston but what we are watching is investigation area 99-l. right now a chance of formation to a tropical system. 50% in the next 48 hours. 80% in the next five days along this zone. you can see models are becoming better in agreement. european and u.s. model. by saturday in the bahamas. by sunday it's somewhere along southern florida with an increasing threat for heavy rain. the european model strengthened this more. why? there's a lot more warm water. water temperatures in the gulf at about 90. both models track it up the west coast of florida. stronger intensity for the european model. rainfall either way we're looking at a lot of rain
8:16 am
anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain especially along the western coast of florida. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in to you. we are waking up to areas of clouds, especially along the coastline. those clouds will peel back and lead into a cool day in san francisco. up to 63 degrees there. 80s from fairfield down towards morgan hill. temperatures do cool off the next couple days for the inland locations. but it will stay cool and comfort table and mostly cloudy through the weekend in san francisco with temperatures in the 60s. >> good idea. by the way, you have an exclusive first look at a new toy. it's an important toy. >> it is. national oceanic and atmospheric administration launching a new generation of satellites that
8:17 am
will upgrade the weather data we bring to you. think of when you had dialup compared to your new high-speed broadband. we got an exclusive look when we went down to florida to check it out. 4:30 this morning there was a lot more of this beach. the storm is still a dangerous storm. >> are you okay? >> like i say, when it rains it pours. now more than ever, we see an increase in extreme weather. with the forecast constantly calling for improved technology, noaa has a plan more than ten years in the making. in november, the agency launches the next generation of weather satellites known as goes r. dubbed a game changer in weather forecasting, it will monitor the earth in near real time for the first time ever allowing meteorologists to issue accurate warnings.
8:18 am
it was built in colorado and shipped to just outside cape canaveral florida where a crew unwrapped it carefully like a great birthday present. i was lucky enough to receive an invitation for an exclusive first look. before i could get a peek, i had to go through serious decontamination procedures. >> we don't want any particles, hair, skin cells, dust. >> you don't have to worry about hair. >> it's very clean environment. >> that wouldn't be clean enough for matt lauer. a so-called bunny suit, air showers and rubber gloves may seem like overkill but the oil from one fingerprint could potentially ruin the highly sensitive instruments. properly wrapped i was allowed to enter the clean room. >> welcome to goes r. >> how does this help us forecast more accurately? >> this is going from black and white to high d television. you can do a scan of a major
8:19 am
tornado outbreak. >> the satellite will scan the earth five times faster at four times the image resolution while also detecting lightning. once the goes r satellite is in orbit and functional, in six months it will send back more weather data than all u.s. weather satellites combined in the last 41 years. in other words, a cutting edge way to tell you exactly what's happening in your neck of the woods. for the average person watching this at home, what does that mean for them? >> someone worried about a tornado outbreak, this will give them a few more minutes warning and more precision. it's not just more warning. it will happen this street and that town not that town. >> once launched goes r will undergo six months of testing. we expect it to be up and running for next year's hurricane season. >> i haven't seen you this excited since doppler 4000. >> this is a big deal. this puts us on top of the food
8:20 am
chain when it comes to weather satellites around the world. nobody has anything like this. >> very cool. thank you very much. let's go over to savannah. >> all right. thank you. we're so happy to have actress, entrepreneur and mom jessica alba here fitting us into her busy schedule this morning. she's starring in the new movie called "mechanic: resurrection." good morning to you. resurrecti" good morning to you. >> good morning to you too. >> this is a return to your action roots. >> i started off my career doing a tv show called "dark angels" with james cameron. i did lots of stunt training and lots of action and i really haven't been able to use that part of my skill set in a really long time. so when i was offered the opportunity to do this movie with jason, who i'm a huge fan of. >> he's a cult hero. >> his action movies are always the best. they're so fun to watch.
8:21 am
so, yeah, i jumped at the opportunity and also, you know, being able to see the female lead and not just be in distress. it's a love story and normally you don't see that in jason's movies. >> did you have to get in shape and learn to fight and all that? >> i learned a bunch of different disciplines in martial arts. and it basically just take your opponent down basically with anything that's around as quickly as possible and then you get out of the situation. it's brutal. it's fast to the point and it was fun to do because my day-to-day is at an office usually. and not going in and kicking some butt. >> you also had awesome locations.
8:22 am
thailand, which i am officially jealous. if you shoot another movie in thailand -- >> you are so invited. for me it was a dream job. i got to do action. i got to be in a movie with jason which i wanted to do and we shot in thailand and the water is gorgeous. it's teal and aqua marine and the food is so spicy. it's really beautiful. >> you talked about your day job. you are quite the business woman. "forbes" value your company at $1.7 billion. you are not one of these celebrities who puts her name with a company and then see you later. i hear you're in that office every day. >> i'm part of the day-to-day. i founded the company and my involvement in the company is when i take a product to market, we just launched hair care so i'll work with consumer insights
8:23 am
team and identify that we have strict honest standards in the formulations but that it can compete with conventional products. you want it to perform like everything else but with cleaner, better for you ingredients and i work with a supply chain to make sure we have packaging that will go with it. it will be compatible and then we do consumer testing and then i work with marketing team to bring it out so we're working with ulta beauty in all stores ak across the country and we're an e-commerce brand as well so i work with the online team. >> it's grown in five years. there's great parts of that. a downside is you do face lawsuits. people probably heard of a couple of them. one of them has to do with the sunscreen and people were seeing pictures online does the sunscreen really work? i know there's a lawsuit there. what's your reaction to that? what do you have to say about
8:24 am
that? >> you know, obviously we want our customers to have the best experience with our brand but if an organization wants to bring awareness to their cause, i am an easy target and our brand is an easy target obviously because i get the different kind of attention than other brands would. so it's just sort of what happens. if anyone does research understands and our customers are savvy enough to do research and understand the integrity of our products. we stand by our ingredients. the effectiveness of the products and we're pretty optimistic that we're going to win every case. >> there's a couple of them that are class-action lawsuits. one that has to do with laundry detergent. one with baby formula. do you feel like you are more of a target not just because it's a big company but because your name is on it? >> of course. if i was in their position i would probably try to put a
8:25 am
spotlight on my cause and there's no easier way than someone who is like me. it's just a headline really. when you look into any of it, they are baseless. no merit behind any of it. >> some people will say where there's smoke there must be fire. you say your products are safe? >> they're amazing. and what's incredible is if anything it gives our customers an opportunity to speak out and get behind us and we've grown tremendously over the last 4 1/2 years, and we really hit a note with the millennials. they want safe, effective products. they want them to be affordable. beautiful design. and the convenience that we can be delivered to their home. they just love it. so we have had a really positive effect on so many people's lives. it's a dream come true. that's all i wanted. >> i have to let you go. you have two darling girls. a lot to look up to. maybe they'll be a
8:26 am
businesswoman, actress, entrepreneur. we'll see. >> i just want them to be happy. >> thank you so much. good to have you i'm ... ==topvo== might oakland a's fans soon be headed to a new home? a very good thursday morning to you. might oakland a's fans soon be going to a new home? they'd like to think so. co-owner john fisher will tour howard terminal near the port of oakland. it's a water front site the city has pitched before. oakland could then turn attention to keeping the raiders at the current coliseum site. the media has not been invited to today's tour. we'll enjoy the forecast for today with anthony. >> we'll talk about that in a second. i'll give you a tour of the traffic center. looking over here. a treat to have visitors any
8:27 am
time. southbound 101 drive toward marsh road, there is a crash that has just cleared the roadway. recovery should be pretty quick. we also have 87 still very slow off of 85. and a another crash might cause more slowing towards the airport. this happened a few minutes ago. guadeloupe parkway is slowing down. still okay for 101 and 280 through the area. >> we'll be back with another local news update for you in a half hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a thursday morning. it is the 25th day of august. this time tomorrow we'll be enjoying some music. dnce will take over the plaza for a live summer concert and that should be fun. >> how do you spell dnce? >> this morning we have work to do. time four is here. we have gina. we have grant. we have megan and grace. they're going for the gold in
8:31 am
our gigantic ball pit. will they be able to find that elusive golden ball that's worth $25,000? are you guys ready? >> all right. >> we want to see someone win today. i'll put 30 second on the clock. >> you know it's a shame, meg has lost her enthusiasm. >> we have such great contestants. 30 seconds on the clock. are you ready? set. go. >> all right. >> there's strength in numbers. we would like to see the gold ball. >> i don't see it. >> come on. >> they're still looking. >> it doesn't appear there's strategy together here.
8:32 am
grace! wow! all right! yes! >> my goodness. >> congratulations. >> that's gina. gina, you got it. >> come on. >> gina. >> come out. >> she got it. unbelievable. >> come on over here. >> come on over. be careful. we all -- by the way you did an epic dive back into the balls when you did it. it was awesome. >> there you go. nice job. >> we put your name on the check for $25,000. but wait there's more. because this was a wonderful event and because you all came back, you will each get $500 in a gift card.
8:33 am
so thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> wow. amazed. >> this has been so much fun. i want to thank my friend, kathy. she's my teammate. we're splitting the money. >> wow. >> we came as a team. >> wow. >> if you win, we're going to split the money. >> that's fantastic. >> but now i changed my mind. no. kidding. kidding. >> there's your $500 gift card. there's yours and there's yours. >> come on over. >> all right. still to come in this half hour, looks like charlie made a new friend. we'll talk to john krasinski about multitasking in his new movie the "hollars." >> we're so excited. we can barely go on. we have our "today" original
8:34 am
series. the original and delicious burger, the roker burger which can be found for a limited time at shake shack across the country. >> tamron has had three already. >> three days this week i had one. >> one colleague who is yet to try it. natalie is out in l.a. right now. you managed to resist the roker burger. give us a taste. tell us what you think. >> you have outdone yourself. a true test of will power. even i have my limits. i headed to the nearest shake shack to get a taste. i got to work spreading the word about the burger that not only tastes good but it does good too. all right. here i am at the shake shack in west hollywood. i can't wait to sink my teeth into the roker burger. amazing. pile of pork on a shake shake burger. what could be better? let's go give it a try. >> and a t-shirt for you.
8:35 am
>> we'll sell some roker burgers. let's go. welcome to shake shack. all right, folks. step right up. the roker burger. all right. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> it's delicious hamburger with pulled pork on top. it all helps charity. one roker burger. sold. two roker burgers sold. sold. this is so easy, al. you make it too easy, my friend. roker burger for you. they made the trip all of the way from new jersey to west hollywood to try the roker burger. that looks good. i'll say that. wow. >> this is heaven. >> home run. >> yes. >> good and juicy. because it's for charity, it's even better. >> would you like to try a roker burger as in al roker? >> al roker makes burgers?
8:36 am
>> al roker makes burgers. >> yummy. >> can you tell al how much you love it? >> a lot. >> al, she loves it a lot. casey, high five. so good. special delivery. >> thank you. >> yes. >> al roker burger. >> thank you. >> you are so good at this. >> i've been waiting all day for this. i worked so hard. al, you have outdone yourself. here's to you, al. well done, my friend. so the burger really sells itself, al. i didn't have that much work to do. good thing i found the cutest salesperson ever in casey. she loved the roker burger. >> i'm taking my son, nick, today after basketball. >> they are selling like hot
8:37 am
cakes. >> we're going to add pancakes to the menu so pancakes sell like hot cakes. >> bring me one back for tomorrow and a chocolate milkshake. $1 from every sale goes to charity no kid hungry. you have today and tomorrow to try it. when you do, send us a picture using #rokerburger. >> so good to see you. let's get a check of the weather. >> by the way, all of these balls are going to go to a special needs camp. they are going to go to good use. very exciting. let's show you what we have for your day. the weekend outlook. tomorrow, heat wave in the mid-atlantic states and into the northeast and out west. in between we have stormy weather. as we move into saturday, a gorgeous day in the northeast and new england. the heat breaks in the pacific northwest. heavy downpours along the gulf. sunday. it's raining. hot and dry through the
8:38 am
hey, good thursday morning to you. we are waking up to areas of clouds, especially along the coastline. those clouds will pull back and lead to a cool day in san francisco. looking at 70s around the bay today. temperatures do cool off as we head towards the next couple days for the inland locations. staying cool and comfortable and mostly cloudy through the weekend in san francisco with temperatures staying in the 60s. >> that's your latest weather. gina with her partner. they are splitting the 25g. i love it. >> very nice. or you could go thirdsies. >> john krasinski here to talk about directing and starring in the new movie the "hollars" and
8:39 am
real story of "the devil wears prada." this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:41. we're back with john krasinski, star and director of the new movie the "hollars" playing a struggling artist that returns home when his mother gets sick which means spending time with a dysfunctional family. take a look. >> this is daisy's house? >> you divorced her years ago. >> i agreed to a divorce but not some strange man hanging around my daughters. >> we got to go. >> get down. >> what is it? >> get down. >> mine doesn't work. >> get down. >> he's coming. he's coming. he's coming. >> he's coming over. i'm going to kill you. i'm going to kill you. this is very upsetting to me.
8:42 am
>> i said somewhat dysfunctional, it's very dysfunctional. how are you? >> great. are you jet lagged from rio? >> just one hour. i'm back in the swing. you were attached to this project six or seven years ago as an actor. how did you come to take control of it? >> about four years later the financeeer said i can't make it happen. after thinking about it for a second, i thought i had to do it. these movies are the type of movies i used to love that aren't being made anymore. i fell in love with it. i decided to take it on myself. to be honest the first call i made was martin. >> the casting is critical because there has to be that feel that these people could actually be part of the family. you seem to have gotten that right in this. >> thank you. i think the other thing is you
8:43 am
can't cast people who are going to do caricatures. for me family movies can even if manipulati manipulative. it's so honest and real and people trying their best, which is everybody. i come from a very loving tight knit beautiful family and yet at the end of reading this script i thought that's my family. there's something that everybody can relate to about this family. >> you managed to do something else which is incredibly difficult in movie making. you're going home because your mom is sick. not just sick with a cold. she has a brain tumor. there are sad, emotional moments but you bring out humor in the midst of those moments. that's not easy. >> jim wrote every detail in this script. unbelievable. he makes hairpin turns between drama and comedy unlike anything i read and those are real life. you can't prepare for bad and
8:44 am
can't prepare for good. life happens to you. i was a kid that laughed in church. i felt like that energy was so weird and yet that's the energy that's in this movie. >> it's universal because we can all identify with it. no situation is totally sad and no situation is totally happy. >> absolutely. >> you said something earlier in the orange room that i'm going to hold you to. you said you have seen "devil wears prada" over 100 times. that's nearly impossible. >> i saw a good 50 of them before i met emily. what you get on camera is a confession that i was her stalker and i somehow pulled off a wedding. >> explain how you saw it the first time. you and a buddy were going to see "superman" or something. >> i don't know how you heard this story. we went into a movie. i think it was sold out. so we said this movie i heard is good. it has word devil in it. masculine. let's get in there. i thought it was one of the best
8:45 am
movies i had ever seen. i was wiping away tears. it's good. it's okay. i'm going to see it twice today. >> when you met emily, did you tell her that? >> not the first date. first date was about trying to look tough and impress her. i think it was really about a week or two into dating she popped by my house to say hi. she was in between meetings. i was watching it because it was on tv. she opened the door. i flicked the channel so fast i think she thought i was watching something inappropriate. >> you had that movie on a loop. it all worked out. >> it all worked out. >> congratulations on the "hollars." good to see you. coming up next, charlie is more than a pretty face. we'll find out what our new puppy gets to do after he leaves us every morning. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> charlie is about to fall asleep. we've been having so much fun getting to know our new puppy. you are a puddle of mush. >> i'm so in love. >> you love him so much. >> what does charlie do after our show is done. our cameras followed him home. >> get a charlie fix. when the show ends and cameras turn off, the real work begins. charlie heads home to long island with his puppy raiser olivia for a full day of training. big brother cowboy meets them at the door. then it's time to get down to business. as it turns out, it's all work
8:49 am
and all play. >> down. good boy. look at you. >> we want to make sure everything is positive and light and fun. everything is a game. it keeps him engaged with me versus everything that's going on in his environment. >> sometimes it's hard not to get distracted. in the beginning, charlie's training is all about exploring things like sound. >> all of these objects are made of different material and make different sound. you can see different motion and feel different things against their body. >> and touch -- >> it's a great opportunity to build his confidence with different surfaces whether there's grates on the ground like in new york city or manhole covers. >> a future service dog, it's
8:50 am
important charlie gets used to wheelchairs and walkers too. >> he has a different visual frame than we do so it looks different to his level than it does to ours. we want to make sure that he's comfortable with it. >> then it's time to practice putting on the uniform. >> we want the association with the puppy coat to be as positive as possible so that they are really excited when they get to wear it and go out to work. >> in the end all that learning makes a pup dog tired. >> he makes the cutest little noise. >> that was me. he's so sweet. we are just inhaling this. >> we're all learning each other's baby talk. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. >> announcer: "today's" back to school is sponsored by kohl's. >> and charlie is technically in school as well. that's why he has his vest on. he's working hard. we love seeing the back-to-school photos. people share this time of year. we asked sponsor kohl's to put those pictures for a good cause. good ones are rolling in.
8:53 am
here we go. the first one is from tanya's daughter who wants to be a puppy doctor when she grows up. i know a cute puppy. and michelle's son is ready to take on the third grade. head to to learn how you can post your kohl's partnership picture and adopt a and help teachers get essentials they need to back to school. say good luck at school. >> let me sleep. >> tamron, thank you. >> how about some special celebrations. >> you bet. we want to show everyone who is on our smucker's jars today. first up, happy 100th birthday to richard collins. this denver broncos fan is from aurora, colorado. served in the army during world war ii. we thank you for your service, sir. happy birthday. and sardie jones 100 years old.
8:54 am
rumor has it she makes the best devilled eggs you ever had and william is 100 years old from st. augustine florida. boston red sox fan and loves to volunteer with veterans organizations. want to wish a happy 100th birthday to lillian ortloff. she created the winners certificate for the olympic games. and betty is celebrating 100 years. happy 100th birthday to albert. lives in the same home he built himself over 60 years ago and a very happy 100th birthday to the national park service. would you believe we have 413 national parks here in the united states? all of them beautiful and great places to visit. thanks for taking care of our parks and congratulations on 100
8:55 am
years. >> happy birthday. >> we love those parks. love them. >> what do you have coming up next hour? >> we have chelsea handler in the house. hold onto your baby. >> back to school snack packs. >> banana sushi. >> okay. stay tuned for that. i'm ...
8:56 am
==topvo== starting today .. the commute through a busy stretch of the good morning. at 8:56 on your thursday. the commute through a busy stretch of the east bay is gearing up to get a whole lot smarter. with today's launch of the new smart corridor along interstate 80. it's a new network of more than 100 state of the art advisory signs meant to inform motorists about potential commute problems, they also hope to
8:57 am
relieve traffic congestion by indicating the best lanes for drivers to use. they're monitoring the smart corridor debut and also talking with commuters. we'll have a live report for the midday newscast. you can also go to our facebook page for a video on how the corridor works. turns out the naked donald trump sta shoe. and a penny slots player pulls an $8 million in vegas. hopefully lady luck is on your side. we'll see you again in 30 minutes for more news updates. for now, back to the "today" show. you ir-can-a-lot, here to save from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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this morning, chelsea handler comes to shake up this morning and leslie jones targeted by hackers and how to find cold hard cash inside your home. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, august 25th, 2016. big people. little desk. i'm billy. tamron is here. >> i thought it was case law settled. >> i'm trying to work on my main
9:01 am
spread. >> you were in the air traveling and billy was making an observation that he feels that we're too big for this tiny desk. i said it's his man spread. >> i have not given this desk a thought. >> take a look. there's a monitor right there. >> i don't see anything -- it doesn't -- >> i like being close to you guys. we're getting to know you. >> billy says he has ballet size so he has to sit extra open. >> al, you were away yesterday. where were you. >> what gueoes on up there? >> she has me self conscience. >> you have a body image thing. it's not like you're popeye. >> we'll get to more on that in a bit. how was space camp or weather
9:02 am
camp? >> yesterday -- please lean closer. >> how was it? >> yesterday i got to go to titusville, florida, just outside cape canaveral. they are getting ready to launch goes r satellite. a simple smudge from a fingerprint could ruin some of the instruments. it's extremely clean environment. they're going to launch this thing. it's going to be like going basically from black and white television to ultrahigh def. now we get an image every 30 minutes. we'll be getting high definition images every 30 seconds. it's going to be a game changer. there's lightning detection on this thing. we were frozen in time there. it's going to be -- it really is going to put us at the top of the food chain when it comes to -- >> where are we now? >> we're not. japan is number one. now we'll leapfrog them. this is going to add maybe 10,
9:03 am
15 minutes to tornado warnings. it will give us better information looking at hurricanes. it really is going to help us with almost now cast. >> would it help yesterday in indiana? that was crazy. >> it fired up in indiana. we had these tornadoes fire up. starbucks was destroyed. and earlier in the day the national weather service had not issued a risk area for this. we didn't see it coming. it just kind of fired. it blew up. if we had that satellite up there, it would have given us that extra warning time for people which would have made a big difference. >> you contained your excitement. that was well laid out. i know you are bursting at the buttons. >> my head is about to explode. in fact, the launch is november 4th. this is so big in the weather world that it's like har"harry potter" time. >> chat rooms must be exploding with you and your buddies. >> 10,000 people are coming down to florida to watch the launch. >> you should cut the ribbon.
9:04 am
you're america's weatherman. >> i'm going to strap myself to the capsule. >> you weren't gone long but we got you a gift. after our fantastic discussion about ryan lochte in rio last friday and the viral video that came out of it, which is a gem. i hope you have seen it. >> if you haven't. >> here's a reminder in case you missed it. >> great swimmers. we don't want an apology from them. we agree to disagree. >> this right here, sir is a medal stirrer. commands the loudest noise. >> we decided -- >> the fun thing is i don't even remember during that stirring the drink. maybe because i had two before. >> back ups just in case. >> this is going to be engraved. we decided when you think it's time to move on, when you've had enough -- >> you're not being heard and
9:05 am
you want to be heard. >> that's our little moment. >> going to copyright that. >> my father would knock on the table when he wanted attention. that made everybody -- dad's talking. on a serious note, leslie jones once again is being harassed on social media. remember, this time hackers got into her website and posted some explic explicit photographers of her along with personal information and a terrible picture of the gorilla from the cincinnati zoo. she's been through this before. when "ghostbusters" came out she went through a series of attacks, racist comments. >> sexist comments. >> paul came to her defense. a ton of celebrities came. >> she quit twitter for a while. >> she couldn't take it anymore and then folks behind twitter tracked down some of those who had been harassing her, and they
9:06 am
kicked them off social media. his people kind of rallied behind him. we thought it was done. leslie had gone off to rio. was darling of the games. her tweets had gone viral. and it seemed as if all was okay. >> she made a triumphant return to social media. she went to all of the events. this was all through snapchat and instagram and now it's happened again. so more stars have come to her defense. this attack is troubling. the racism percolating in society is shameful and sad. she made a movie. that's it. >> these acts against leslie jones are sickening. it's sexist and racist and disgusting. he called it a hate crime. this ain't kids joshing around. >> i truly don't know where people are so hateful toward leslie. she's talented and wonderful. why are people pressed to be
9:07 am
awful? what's more impressive is that regular folks are out there and saying and trying to defeat the haters out there. >> i told billy this earlier. last night i did cry. it really hit me in a bad spot. >> for her. >> for her. for kids who get bullied. people write dumb stuff every day that you read and you go on. we've talked about how you get through the noise but when it's a collective group and not just that was an awkward moment, this is racist. this sexist. it's abusive. school starts now for a lot of kids. the idea of just a pack of people -- i told billy. i describe it as it takes one wolf and then a bunch of sheep and they follow and they attack you. >> when we were growing up, it was maybe in your class or maybe in your grade but now it's the whole school. it's all about james corden on the cover of "rolling stone" talking about bullies and hollywood and weight.
9:08 am
i know about going to high school and being heavy and he talks about it. inside you're terrified but if you're funny or quicker then them, they won't circle back on you. i used to use humor to deflect the bullying that i would get. >> we're taught if you stand up -- you tell your kid being bullied go up and stand up to them and they'll go away. what leslie did was come back to social media and she stood up tall -- >> it got worse. >> it happened again. that's really sad. did it work for you that way? >> i think that after a while you develop a shell, if you were, and use humor. many people use different things. i know james corden did. that's what i did. and eventually you go on. it's still tough. >> it scars you. you think about it. we're adults and we've all been -- i was bullied in school as a kid. i was the only kid in the home. i lived in the block where everyone had siblings.
9:09 am
that made you the outlier for random reasons. i think for me, anyway, it requires a constant substantive conversation about people like james corden putting him up as a good example. it may bug you but you get through it in different ways. >> i think in a sense between racism and also weight, those are one of those things that we still haven't dealt with that yet. >> we love both of them. james corden has changed the game in my opinion. >> i don't know what side of brexit he was on but only thing causing a panic for the british right now is the olympic luggage fiasco. seemed like a good idea to have everyone with matching bags from the same team and caused a frenzy at the baggage claim. wait until you see photos and have you seen chelsea lately? >> i see what you did there? >> she's here what are you doing right now? making a cake! ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef.
9:10 am
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back with more of "today's take." >> can we get a shot of the kitchen? this is what people don't see. everybody is getting ready for our kitchen segment. this stuff doesn't just happen. it takes a team. there's my daughter courtney. >> courtney snuck down and took a picture with her man crush monday even though it's wednesday. john krasinski. he's already married. don't worry about that. >> this seemed like a good idea at first. when you see the different athletes opening ceremony at the olympics walking in wearing the same unis, matching outfits. team britain went one step further and said let's have
9:14 am
matching bags. >> why not coordinate? >> looks like a beautiful uniform walking through the airports and then you get to baggage claim and then there's that. >> just go home. >> i can't imagine why that would cause a problem. >> i would just go home. >> look at that. >> wait until the last one is there and assume it's mine. >> nobody can move. >> one of the athletes said has anyone seen my red bag? another one says, mine is the red one. >> wow. >> i was at the philadelphia airport and left the airport a black bag. got to my hotel. unzipped it. it was some dude's luggage. new balance sneakers. docker pants. this is not my bag. so of course, you know, i love my clothes. i went back running. thank goodness my bag was still
9:15 am
there. where are my heels. rule of thumb, don't roll with the same color luggage. >> will either of you watch ryan lochte on "dancing with the stars"? the story is out there. i made a few calls. i have a feeling it will happen. good idea? >> no. i think it's a bad idea. i think he needs to take break for a second. "dancing with the stars" has resurrected many careers. people we didn't know were still out there. it brought them back. i think he needs a break. we still -- this hasn't been concluded. then he's got to answer more questions about it. i don't know. >> i think it's concluded. he said he's sorry. you decide if you're ready to accept him or not. >> punishment from the olympics hasn't come down with that. fines. >> swimming hasn't decided on their end. >> then you're on "dancing with the stars." >> strike while the iron is hot?
9:16 am
>> he's apologized. he wants to move on with his life and do something different. maybe a reset. >> it's a voting show. here's the deal. unless he gets out there and dances like john travolta in "saturday night fever." >> maybe he can do an esther williams. >>vy that fe i have that feelin. >> you're an okay dancer? >> i can barely move. terrible dancer. >> your brain has to fire down to the feet. >> excuse me. the man has won olympics. i think there's a connection there. >> dancing is more than that. it's in the hips. it's in the everything. you have to get in the groove. if he's a bad dancer -- >> let's wait and see. let's wait and see. >> that's not the question. >> i think it's a good move.
9:17 am
image rehab strike -- image is bad now. start rehabbing. >> go out and do a fun foxtrot. i don't know what they do on that show. >> when we said goes r, someone said goeser from "ghostbusters." let's show you what we have happening. we're talking about the tropics right now. we have hurricane gaston but that won't affect anybody. we're watching invest 99-l that we expect has an 80% chance of developing into a tropical system. we look for this thing. the european and usa models basically are coming into agreement. the storm strengthens over bahamas in both models. crossing southern florida as tropical storm. heavy rain either way. the euro strengthen it into a hurricane whereas american model keeps it as a tropical system.
9:18 am
it's going to dump a lot of rain. look at the water temperatures in the gulf. near 90 degrees. that's the energy source for the system. look at the rainfall. one way or the other in southern florida, we could see upwards of 10 inches of rain which is bad news especially standing water, zika virus, all that stuff. a lot going on here. we'll just continue to track it to you. that's what's going on around the good thursday morning, meteorologist anthony slaughter here. areas of clouds along the coastline. the clouds will peel back. up to 63 in san francisco. 70s around the inner bay. include iing the trivalley and jose for today. temperatures do cool off towards the next couple days for our inland locations, but it will stay cool and comfortable and cloudy through the weekend in san francisco with temperatures in the 60s.
9:19 am
>> that is your latest weather. >> up next, banana sushi. we're going bananas here. justin chapel blowing our minds with cool back to school snack hacks after this. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. hey nithanks. today. juicy fruit? sure i'll try a piec.... juicy fruit. so sweet you can't help but chew.
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9:22 am
and by providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers, we're easing the burden for all those facing it until we accomplish our goal. alzheimer's disease has devastated millions of lives. but that's all going to change when we reach the first survivor. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. parents not only have to have lunch ready for their kids as they head back to school but you have to pack a snack as well if they have after-school activities. we brought in justin chapel to show us some plus snack hacks. good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you for having me back. hello, everybody. >> let's break up. >> have you met billy?
9:23 am
>> i have not. huge fan of yours. >> we'll break into stations. >> we're starting with banana sushi. sounds super fun. you coat banana in cream cheese, yogurt, nut butter. then you toss it in toppings. cereal. coconut. rice krispies. great for after school. they can be made any time of the day. pop them in the fridge. serve them to your kids. put them in the freezer. you get a nice end of the summer treat. we have -- >> these are beautiful. this is probably better when you come home from school snack because what this will do in your bag is rough. >> what do you do in your bannan bananas are too ripe? this is great for bananas super ripe. we're making pudding cups. everything we're doing you can buy premade in the store.
9:24 am
it saves you money. we're making pudding cups. we spread nutella in it. we made a mixed fruit smoothie. pop it in the freezer. >> let's talk about chapel's apples. >> the browning of the apple. nobody wants to brown apple. lemon juice. that right there ten minute soak. >> you make these apple snack packs that you can buy but they're much cheaper and easier to make like this. last but not least, pretzel dippers. butter in the bottom. >> reusable and you save money. >> exactly. >> don't forget, apples in ice cold water with lemon juice. there you go. coming up, she's reinventing late night with netflix. i've been taking fish oil
9:25 am
from nature's bounty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! you're welcome! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for... thank you. 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty vitamin enriched to revive skin and fight 7 signs of aging your old school dance moves might show your age, your skin never will olay. ageless.
9:26 am
==topvo== starting today .. the commute through a busy stretch of 9:26 on your thursday morning. . starting today the commute through a busy stretch of the east bay supposed to smooth out a little bit. maybe a lot smart er. that's what caltrans is promising the public with the launch of the smart corridor stretching from the bay bridge. it's a new network of more than 100 advisory signs meant to inform about potential commute problems. color-coded signs indicate if there's any trouble on the road ahead and if all things are clear, the signs don't light up. they hope it relieves some of the traffic congestion by indicating which lanes are best for drivers to use. oakland a's fans might soon be headed to a new home. today the mayor is meet iing wi
9:27 am
team leaders to look at a possible new site for a new a's stadium. they are going to tour howard terminal in a cargo loading area. it's a water front site that the the city has pitched before. if a deal can be made, oakland could then turn its attention to keep iing the raiders at their current site where a new stadium could be built. the media is not invited to the tour, but we'll have more throughout the day. a look at an overcast weather forecast, rugt after this break.
9:28 am
good morning, meteorologist anthony slaughter here. we are going to see a nice, sunny finish to the day while we're starting off cloudy, the clouds will throw back to the the coastline. look iing at mid-60s from the area. 71 for san mateo. 83 for the south bay. same for napa. fairfield another warm day up to 82. walnut creek at 86. looking at mid-80s for the
9:29 am
trivalley. temperatures cool off for the next couple days and comfortable in san francisco. let's talk to mike and track the morning commute. >> things were going great around the bay and then the south bay had another issue. late slowing coming up. there's a crash that happened in the last ten minutes. that's a tougher drive. let's look at oakland as well. 880, our live shot shows 66 to high street. things are really slowing down. it caused that ripple back and now it's smoothing out past the coliseum into downtown. sam? >> thank you so much. that's going to do it for us right now. we'll be back in just 30 minutes with more updates. for now we return you to the "today" show.
9:30 am
♪ we don't talk anymore. chelsea hander, her new project chelsea on netflix, she is shaking up the rules of traditional old tv. >> there's no topic she won't cover. in one episode she tries to become a lift driver. with a trained mentor, the ceo of tinder, what was one of her gigs which she was just talking to me on whether or not i should get on tinder. she created a profile and even traveled all the way to tokyo to learn thousand be a geisha, you can imagine that. >> chelsea, it's good to see you. >> hi, baby cakes. how are you? >> i'm doing good. >> tinder, geisha. >> what's a geisha? >> you're enjoying this, aren't you? >> i'm enjoying my new job.
9:31 am
i love my job. i always liked to work but i really like it because i'm learning. i was really stupid when i started. you know what that's like, billy, right? >> i'm holding onto my stupidity. i don't know why you let it go. >> i call it my college education that netflix is paying for. so general louously. >> congratulations on sophomore year. you've been renewed for second season. there you go. >> you have kind of torn up the traditional late night thing. haven't you? some interview with some experimental stuff. you want to get your oprah on. >> well, everyone wants to get their oprah on. my intention was to make sure i didn't have the same format every single night because i got bored last time. i don't want to get bored. i don't want viewers to get bored. sometimes there's a dinner party. we had a great dinner with reese and common and we all talked about the meaning of god and who is spiritual and who believes in that and who doesn't.
9:32 am
i don't. and then one episode you could turn on and it's devoted to russia or we have in-studio guests. i like that fluidity. i don't have to start every episode the same way and finish it the same way. just get to have fun and say, you know, forget a format. >> and you waded into the tinder waters for some time. how's it working? >> it works when you work it. it's like aa. you really have to -- >> i never heard that comparison. tinder and aa. >> you have to really be involved if you want progress and results. you have to really get in there. so for instance since i live out of l.a., when i come to new york it's a perfect opportunity to go on my dating app and see who is here for a night and meet for a drink after i'm done with my responsibilities. >> do people really believe it's you? >> yes. there are people that are well known on those sites. >> do you use your picture? >> of course. whose picture am i going to use? his? >> is there something that's a no go for you.
9:33 am
going back to the tinder thing that billy asked. are you open to everything? >> i'm very picky. people think that i am, that's a mistake. i'm not. a lot of things happen like you go out to dinner and you have a drink and things are going great and you get up and you see the wrong pair of shoes and it's a wrap on that person. male jewelry. i don't like that. i don't like weird shoe situation. >> just a plain shoe will do. nothing fancy. >> when man try too hard or cologne. i can't handle. >> guy in a suit and sneakers? >> not into that really. >> what about beards. >> beards are fine. beards are cool. >> lumberjack? >> cool it with the charm for different beards. let's go with a general beard, they're fine, yeah. >> what about becoming a geisha. you study to be a geisha. i can't imagine you doing well in subber is vee yens.
9:34 am
>> well, i wasn't. >> so the great thing about netflix is that it's in so many countries they let us go and we traveled to russia and tokyo and mexico because that's so far from california. and in tokyo i trained with a geisha -- it's actually a lost art. it's going away. i like to just show highlight different cultures what similarities are and what differences are. obviously no one is doing that in this country. >> is this the most you've traveled in your life? >> i love to travel. i wanted to just incorporate travel and prer the end it's for the show when i'm trying to go on trips. >> it's so me to have the company pay for it. let's go. >> did you graduate geisha school? >> i think i did. the woman who was the geisha who was giving me the tutorial was actually from australia. she is not even asian. it wasn't authentic. it was a whole sort of mixed messages. >> i think it was a scam. >> yeah, it may have been. my money is gone. >> chelsea, new episodes every
9:35 am
wednesday, thursday and friday on netflix. she likes the long weekend. >> always good to see you. >> funny, right. >> everybody loves money especially money they didn't know they had. how to turn that stuff around your house into cold hard cash after these messages. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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9:39 am
nothing else tastes like philadelphia®. ♪ george karlin said it best. we all have stuff. >> yes. >> lots and lots of stuff. but even items that you think are totally worthless can get you some extra cash. >> we'll show you how to make money off your old stuff in just a minute. first we go to a home in new jersey to see how much hidden money she's sitting on. >> hi! >> all right, kerry, i used to like to start in the family room because this is usually where the hidden treasures are found. it should be named the hidden treasure chest. disney movies, vhs, this is always a great find. >> perfect. you can sell these guys. kerry, just between your vhs tapes and your nintendo games you're looking at 200, 220 bucks. >> who new. >> what do you got?
9:40 am
do you know a billion dollars in gift cards went unused last year alone. they're not expired. you haven't used them. 255 bucks. get to shopping. let's check out your closet. usually a lot of money in bags, specifically designer bags. what do you have here this probably went for 295. still in good condition. 45 bucks. not too bad. you'll never use it again. the attic is great place to find the hidden stuff. what have we got here? >> american girl dolls by daughters don't play with anymore. this is worth a fortune. we have to go through them. over 12 dolls. bed. really. you need to sell this stuff. this is the gold mine. this is your hidden treasures. you're looking at between the dolls, bed, the full sets of clothing, $1,500. did you even know you had that in your attic? >> unbelievable. i didn't know it was this much as all. >> we went through your entire house, gift cards, electronics, toys, your hidden treasures are worth -- are you ready? >> wow. landon dowdy, financial reporter
9:41 am
for cnbc. we can't wait. how much money? >> are you ready? >> yes. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> $2,020 she didn't know she had. unbelievable. >> you have to get rid of your american girl dolls. >> i'm telling you. >> all those dolls you have. >> i like the american girls. >> the average household has over 300 items. >> let's go through some of the rooms. >> great place to start is the closet. as a girl i have far too many items. a good rule of thumb, if you haven't worn it in a year, sell it. get rid of it. if you can't remember, this a tip. pay close attention. you have a dress, as you wear it, flip the hanger, put it back like this. at the end of the season, go through, see which ones face the original way, take those, sell them. make some money. here is where you can sell them, posh market is a great app. very user friendly. lot of people like them and the big key here, presentation is key. >> you can do it with guys stuff, too. >> exactly. you can sell your stuff on posh market as well for men. another thing, electronics.
9:42 am
we all have these old phones. >> drawers full of old phones, tablets. >> people are worried about the personal information on there, has it been wiped fully, you don't want people to look at your stuff. >> you can never be 100% sure. you can sell this on >> that will make a lot of money. we don't know if we would get rid of those personal contacts. go soo your settings. completely erase it and go back to factory setting. >> you want to make sure it's completely erased, billy. >> i've been waiting for this. >> wait a second. oh, god, maybe we should put some goggles on, al. >> just let it go, that way -- >> billy. >> and you can be absolutely -- >> billy, you're not going to make any money on that. >> jewelry. >> al and i are in the business of making money. that's what we're going to do. be careful. another great one, this is my personal favorite the jewelry. we all have jewelry we got from gifts, maybe ex-boyfriends.
9:43 am
god forbid engagement rings. here is where you can sell it, i do, now i don' the catch, you have to tell your breakup story. >> i like that. that's fair. >> let the relationship go but keep the cash. >> you go into the garage and that's lot of extra sporting goods. >> exactly. or the guitar phase you went through and never pick up or the golf clubs. you can sell those. music go make some cash. i can't promise your husband won't be upset. >> go to #todaystake and tell us your story and how much you saved. landon, thank you so much. >> make some cash. let's see what's going on. this week, will this weekend be a good weekend to do some tag sales, get some stuff going? let's start off. friday. heat wave in the northeast, mid-atlantic states we'll watch what's going on with the 99 l. out west we're looking for a heat wave.
9:44 am
saturday, beautiful weather to hold the tag sale in the northeast, new england, mid-atlantic states. heavy downpours along the gulf. wet weather. the heat breaks in the northwest. sunday, sunday! again beautiful weather in the east coast. very humid down through the south. and hot and dry in the plains. that's what's going on around good thursday morning, meteorologist anthony slaughter here. areas of clouds especially along the coastline. the clouds will peel back. up to 63 degrees there. 70s around the inner bay. 80s from fairfield to morgan hill including the trivalley and san jose for today. temperatures cool off toward the next couple days. but it will stay cool and comfortable and mostly cloudy through the weekend in san francisco with temperatures staying in the 60s. >> that is your latest weather. coming up next, know what you can do with all that extra money from selling your stuff? how about buying new clothes for the kids. cool new gear for a new school
9:45 am
year. come on. come on in after these messages. find stuff for the kids yet? ♪ ld bounce back like... used to? neutrogena® hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid, which retains up to 1000 times its weight... water. this refreshing water gel... plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin that bounces back. hydro boost... from neutrogena®. see what's possible. clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. ♪ brmilk and fresh creama. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla.
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i'm in the break room. enjoy the bold taste of ocean spray any time or place. every day my challenge is i'to be in sync with my body, with myself, with my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics every day. because when my routine is in sync, i can face any challenge. so take the activia probiotic challenge! visit to learn more. take the activia probiotic challenge now. it works or it's free! if there's one thing kids love about going back to school, it's getting a new outfit, new -- >> i'm hungry. >> this child is starving. and hungry. you're going to work before you eat. our lifestyle editor here is
9:49 am
from she is going to help us feed this child and dress him appropriately. good to see you. >> we're going back to cool this season. >> henry's look is inspired by -- >> prince george. we love this sort of great british classic look and to get the look, here we have henry in a navy and white striped tee from hannah anderson. $22. went with a pop of color. 9.99 from gap. and let's talk about the shoes. sort of modelled after the proper british sandal. >> love it. >> $36. lastly, to bring in the whale, we have our beatrix whale lunchbox. >> let's move over here. mix and match is one of our favorite trends. here we have a polka dot with a butterfly emblazonened dress. then we mix it up with her little stripe socks. don't be afraid to mix and match. and our sparklers love glitter
9:50 am
love glitter. from h & m $24. can you do the hopscotch? >> these have a little heel on it. this is more after school wear. i'm behind you. here we go. here we go. next we got -- >> that brings us to jack and lucy. our favorite brother/sister super modeling duo. >> twins. >> they are wearing the new sweats. $9 from h&m. they are fitted and more tailored, a little more appropriate for school. let's talk about their great puffer vests. >> love it. >> $29. perfect transitional. great for layering and lastly if we have time, it's all about the high tops. we have great patches on lucy's from target 19 bucks and jack is wearing herringbone tweed from old navy. >> i love these puffers can't believe they're only $29. you have been -- i'm sending it over to billy.
9:51 am
i have to feed my baby. come on, child. let's go eat. your mama is not taking care of you. let's go. >> you covered fashion. we have gear. okay. let's begin with these backpacks. five elements to this backpack and under ten bucks. >> under ten bucks. you can see here walmart, super cute, comes with a lunch pack, a cinch pack, under 10 bucks at walmart. you can't beat that bargain. it's all about animal prints. can you turn around so we can see the sharky on your backpack. super cute. this is at lord and taylor and bigger kids here this has a port where you can put a laptop, headphones and all adjustable. get that at >> okay to be compartmentalizer when you're a kid. and your lunchbox is involved. >> this keeps your hot food warm and cold food cool. we love that. this is $24. just like trusted water bottles, they don't leak.
9:52 am
this lunch box will not leak. love that. >> for kids with allergies. we have labels we can put on. >> so cute. you can put them on your j. crew lunchbox. these are from minted. if your kid has an allergy, we love these. they have name labels and this is my favorite because they're free. you can print them out and say, hey, billy, have a great day at school. you'll be awesome. you get those at love that. super excited about this. you get to supplies you need. pens, pencils, paper. this is a gel pen that has good housekeeping seal. if you erase that our testers found that it will not break the paper and erases everything completely cleep clean, four bucks. let's talk more supplies. you can get customized notebooks from shutterfly and shop justice. these light up. we'll see if we can get them to go.
9:53 am
shutter fly right here start at $9. this is so cool. are you cutting me off? >> kind of am. >> all of this is from target. every time you buy one, they donate to a classroom in need. don't you love that? >> you stuck the landing. just like simone biles. everything you need for school, go to this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
9:55 am
look. it's kimberly. >> i know. >> love the hair. >> we're having florida georgia line today. >> did you miss them? >> i saw them at dinner the other night. >> where? >> they were what? what did you say? >> hammering steaks. hammering steaks. >> coming up after your local news and weather. (scal): good day, m'lady!
9:56 am
i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at trt: 36 =trx at ck= good morning, meteorologist anthony slaughter here. waking up to clouds across the bay area. clouds will fill back to the coastline leaving for a cool day. 65 degrees. pacifica at 61. but lots of sunshine leading to 80s for the south bay.
9:57 am
we'll see a good mix of upper 70s from santa rosa to fairfield. but looking at 71 in oakland and looking at mid-80s for the trivalley. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures cool off for the weekend. inland locations staying cool and comfortable with mostly cloudy skies into the weekend for san francisco. let's talk to mike and talk things over for the morning commute. >> looking better now. we have smoother flow on the south bay. 87 recovers. still slow 101. that's the airport there. a little slowing south 101. the earlier incident has cleared, but we have slowing there. when it starts off worse for the morning it sticks around for awhile. a nice drive through oakland. and east shore freeway moves well. we have the overhead lights and people talk about our news. back to you. happening now on our home page, video of o beating that's hard to watch, but could help police make an arrest. a woman was beaten by a stranger in san francisco struck nearly 20 times. linked to the story on our home page. in our twit ter feed, find a
9:58 am
story about an overdue book. a man found that book in 60 years late and paid up say iingt was the rielkt thing to do. find out how much it cost him in our twitter feed.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello! we're so excited. it is thursday. thursday, august 25th. they're going to be with us today. >> they're going to be here, the two of them. those crazy boys. >> i like them. >> they'll be settling down. they'll be maturing or fermenting like a fine wine. >> they have a new tour and new sound. they have great, great songs. they're goio


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