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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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heartbreak and humiliation for the city of chicago and their sports fans erased. how the cubs broke the curse. "today in the bay" starts right now. in fact, this is video just into our newsroom, the chicago cubs are arriving at wrigley field in chicago. look at that. they're even tweeting and take pictures. they've got the trophy in hand. anthony rizzo got to display it up first. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i don't know if that's his girlfriend. >> maybe. >> anthony rizzo, one of the good guys in sports. he could not contain himself from the sixth inning on. that was a crazy game that kept going back and forth. >> i'm an emotional wreck right now, how do you handle it. >> that's why everybody is blearied-eyed today.
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>> the weather impacting the game, all sorts of drama for game seven. tri-valley 49 degrees in lifer more, the north bay, mid 40s to start. looks like mid 70s later today. look at that, san jose 75 degrees. close to 70 in san francisco. the item to watch, watch out if you're heading to the coast. high surf advisory where some breaks can get about 25 feet. >> a good note for folks heading to the coast. right now if you're across the bay, over on the east bay, that's where you find the slowing. the rest of the bay shows no problem right now. northbound 880 heading up into san leandro out of hayward. that crash from what i understand, just about all the activity is cleared from the area. we still have the construction crew from davis north toward 98. lanes blocked until about 6:00 a.m. it starts back a little farther, but things are starting to ease up. i think the combination of those two incidents was causing an
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issue. now just the construction remains. now at 18 minutes, half of what it was about a half hour ago. a little faster, just eight minutes through that same area traveling 580. at 5:02 this morning. a developing story in the north bay where the authorities are investigating possible human remains found on the campus of sonoma state university. a landscaper report seeing a body buried in a shallow grave yesterday afternoon. it was in a wooded area of the campus, about 200 yards away from one of the parking lots. deputies say while they were investigating, it started getting dark. they decided to wait until it started getting light to exhume the possible remains. they say the possible body was buried recently. we're told classes will go on as scheduled today. our own bob redell will have a live report coming up in about half on hour.
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the 19-year-old man accused of killing a beloved elderly woman in san jose will be back in court. miss flo died after being brutally beaten in her home. kris sanchez joining us live. this is the first time we're seeing the suspect since miss flo's death. >> reporter: good morning, sam. zachary cuen has been sitting in jail next to the hall of justice since she was arrested. when miss flo died of her injuries, that's where he was. he'll be at the hall of justice at 9:00 to face charges that now could include murder instead of attempted murder. initially 19-year-old zachary cuen was charged with attempted murder and robbery and other charges. he lived nearby 88-year-old flo douglas. he's accused of beating her in her own home. according to sheriff's investigators cuen targeted douglas, ransacked her hold,
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stealing her car and jewelry off her body. sources close to the investigation say they have video of cuen driving her car and using her credit card. for four weeks flo douglas bravely clung to life. in the end her injuries were too great and she died on october 8th. zachary cuen is scheduled to face the judge at 9:00 this morning. up to this point he has not entered a plea. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> chris, thank you very much. supporters of medical marijuana are celebrating after a 3-year-old long battle to shut down a dispensary sued. valters sued to close berkeley patient's group. it's the oldest corporately running dispensary in the nation. that lawsuit claimed bpg was operating too close to a day-care center. the dispensary eventually moved and stayed open. a judge on tuesday dismissed the lawsuit. >> this is a huge victory forcepsability, amend it's a
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huge victory for patients of this community. >> berkeley leaders are hosting a news conference later this morning to talk about the court's decision. 5:04. the city leader a target of violent crime in the city he served. now telling his story to nbc bay area. eduardo martinez was robbed of his wallet and phone. it is a moment he says he will never forget. >> it was a minute i was terrified, when he seemed to have gotten agitated. i thought, uh-oh, he could possibly shoot me. >> a nearby surveillance camera caught the suspect's stolen car which led officers to arrest a 32-year-old rich man man. south bay leaders today will help break ground on the new $50 million medical facility. it is a mental health services building. the facility will house one of
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the largest psychiatric health divisions here in the bay area. >> if you're wondering if something different is going on, if you live in the east bay, it is. your tap water might taste and smell a little different. the orinda water treatment plant is getting an upgrade. during construction, the sierra nevada river water is passing through other reservoirs and getting cleaned and treated differently. the facility was built in 1935, still has many of its original pipes. the facility is going back online in april. new affordable housing development, laguna commons, is opening in fremont. half of the units will house low income families. the other half are set aside for veterans and homeless. on site supportive services will also be provided at the unit. mavericks for surfers, including women this year, are waiting for the big waves to kick off the big competition. is everybody on board with this
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move? >> there are some that that say titans of mavericks were forced to let women compete. to get a permit. the one-year permit gives everyone a chance to see how it all works out. >> we needed to start somewhere. i think everybody is really happy about the opportunity. >> so we have a plan for next year. we're stepping on the gas, we're accelerating that plan right now and will hold the event this season. >> six women will compete during this year's competition. you go, girls. the time right now 5:07. another chilly start to the north bay. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. 48 in napa. later on, livermore climbing to the low 70s around 2:00 this afternoon, above the average high. we're expecting about 73 in livermore, 75 in san jose, close
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to 70 in san francisco and low 70s into oakland. this weekend, notice san francisco's temperatures dropping as we head towards sunday, slight chance of late day rain in the north bay. that will be saturday evening b into very early sunday and clearing skies sunday afternoon and approaching the first half of next week. moik? >> most of the bay showing a nice easy drive. still tracking this issue in san leandro. this one northbound 880 haas been going on all morning. still the construction zone. you'll start tapping the brakes, add another five to seven minutes. the crash has cleared but there may be activity or flashing lights. northbound 101 around fair oaks, both vehicles able to get safely to the shoulder. don't see any slowing. your drive time there for 101 as well as 85 from where they split to where they join, 20 minutes
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for either route. back to you. still ahead, a live report from chicago where right now cubs fans are out on the streets celebrating their team's big win. >> still out there. well, from hoverboards to phones and now something else with a battery problem, we'll tell you all about it coming up in business and tech. plus it's a big if, but if hillary clinton wins next tuesday, who would be in her cabinet? some bay area politicians are being vetted. we'll tell you who after the break. you're watching "today in the bay."
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=rob/ill= rob wx tse another cool start this morning. campbell climbing to mid 70s with high clouds and sunshine. 24 minutes slowing toward grant line road. greenville, back up to speed heading through the tri-valley. the bay bridge, a tiny bit of slowing, adding about 45 seconds onto your travel across the bay. decision 2016, and months of bitter debates and ads and campaigning, now a marathon presidential race is down to the final sprint. just five days to go for the candidates and it is all about the battle ground states. >> that's, in fact, where they'll be today. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with what is on that agenda today.
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good morning. >> reporter: laura and sam, today's battle ground state, north carolina for both candidates even though clinton has pulled ahead in pennsylvania and wisconsin, trump has pulled ahead in nevada and they're both neck and neck in florida. >> nice and cool, nice and cool. stay on point, donald, stay on point. no sidetracks, donald, nice and easy. >> reporter: donald trump staying on message overnight in florida, taking a page from bernie sanders' playbook telling supporters he raised $100 million in small donations last month. >> that sounds more like a democrat thing, not a republican thing. >> reporter: today trump and hillary clinton both campaign in north carolina where african-american turnout is down from 2012, not good news for clinton as she awaits results of the fbi's e-mail investigation. she's also hoping to win ariz a
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arizona, a red state. >> we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. >> her latest message, imagining a trump presidency. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, p.o.w.s, who pits people against each other instead of pulling us together. >> putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing. >> reporter: both candidates are out with final tv ads. >> clinton won't change washington. she's been there 30 years. >> reporter: now just five days from america's final choice. and in these final days, hillary clinton has seen her biggest crowd yet, 15,000 people in arizona last night, although, sam and laura, it is worth noting donald trump had several rallies that size. >> he routinely turns out huge crowds. tracie potts on a very
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interesting finish. >> what would a possible clinton cabinet look like. in the midst of a tight finish, politicals are speculating about who might be picked in the bay area. san francisco mayor ed lee is among many names being bandied about for a role in hillary clinton's cabinet. the big caveat, hillary clinton winning the election. d.c.-based the hill says minority caucuses are pegging lee as a possible candidate for education secretary or perhaps something in housing and urban development. he's one of dozens of names included in that report. >> a vote we remember, months ago, brexit, but great britain may not be leaving the eu any time soon. >> starting news out of the eu this morning. >> that's right. one step below our supreme court says the british prime minister has to get parliament's permission to invoke article 15, the process of leaving the
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european union. today's decision creates more uncertainty in britain. here at home, uber is updating its app to make it easier to catch a ride. we'll show it to you in about 30 minutes. uber drivers in chicago have cubs t-shirt for sale. wells fargo fired 5,000 low level workers after the bank got caught cheating and creating phantom accounts. now there's word there will be more dismissals. bloomberg is one of the many news agencies looking into the company and reports, quote, wells fargo has identified current managers to be fired according to a person with knowledge of the internal investigation. determinations are being delayed so those employees can aid inquiries. more lay-off news, marvel semi kun doctor in the south bay says it will layoff as many as
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900 workers and sell off part of the company. they've had very unique struggles that are unique to marvel. courtney reagan is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, scott. wall street could trade lower again today, though futures are marginally higher as nervous investors continue to keep track of this election. stocks fell yesterday with the s&p 500 dropping for the seventh straight session. that's actually the first time it's done that in five years. the fed, though, as expected kept interest rates unchanged but says it doesn't need much more evidence to justify a move, boosting chances for a rate hike next month. the dow ultimately falling 77 points to 17,959. the nasdaq down 48 to 5,105. that's where we'll kick things off when the opening bell sounds a little over an hour from now. more battery worries this morning, this time over an electric skateboard. you may have seen these on the
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street of san francisco. they're called boosted boards. a few customers have run into problems with the batteries. the company says don't charge them, don't ride them. contact boosted boards. really anyone can master a boosted board fairly quickly, even laura garcia-cannon. you were a champ on that thing. you were amazing. >> in a skirt nonetheless. >> we did convince you to take off your shoes. >> i did kick off the high heels. this makes things pretty fast, too. >> they're a great way to get around. you' you've got to check the video. >> got to check to see how much file video you have, too. we are watching the coast right now as big waves are expected to roll in. we've been talking about this, 20 feet or more. the coast guard is warning anyone who plans to be nearby the ocean to be very careful and a high surf advisory will be
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issued about 6:00 this morning. >> never turn your back to the ocean. >> let's, in fact, check that surf forecast with right now. >> let's talk about a little cause and effect as you can see on the map. this is the cause, the big storm off the west, spanning that long period swell, 10 to 15 feet. once the energy arrives on the coast, that is what makes the waves start to grow inside, as the energy slows down. wave heights offshore seven to eight feet. by this afternoon, as the swell height approaches 15 feet, that's when we can see breakers up to 25 feet. possibly along pillar point. high caution advisory until 5:00 this morning. in san francisco, the bay bridge looking fantastic this morning. 54 degrees. mostly clear skies into livermore. temperatures in the upper 40s, and san jose right now pretty start to the morning, 51 and hour-by-hour, we'll go from the low 50s, eventually into the low
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70s. average high 9 degrees, as you see in your microclimate forecast, our temperatures are above average today. check out gilroy, 77 agrees, 76 in morgan hill, mid 70s around san jose. danville, 76 degrees, concord about 73 and even around the peninsula and heading to the coast, close to 70 in half moon bay, low 70s in palo alto. close to 70s and upper 60s around san francisco. 72 in sonoma and 71 in mill valley. we'll see a few high clouds for tomorrow. next chance of rain coming in saturday evening, starting off in the north bay. here is how things look hour-by-hour for your weekend, dry start to saturday. during the afternoon and evening, you see the rain in the north bay and dropping south very early sunday morning and then clearing skies by around 10:00 a.m. rainfall projections unlike the storms we saw over the last two weeks, not expecting much. about .10 inch in santa rosa and
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just enough to wet the pavement as you wake up. seven-day forecast looks warm around san francisco. we'll cool off for the weekend and watch for light saturday to early sunday showers. high clouds as we approach election day next week. >> big decisions to make. study up, if you haven't voted already. we volt for the peninsula or south bay if you're looking for completely clear roadways. nothing unusual except for a fender bender on the shoulder for west 580 out of the altamont. slowing through san leandro through the nimitz. add another five to seven minutes traveling north from marina boulevard, slowing towards davis. the construction zone before the coliseum and things are clear north of 98. over here about three minutes' difference between 808 and 580. meanwhile looking towards mass transit. no delays reported for any of
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these systems. a live look shows the south bay is moving well. back to you. thanks a lot. 5:21. coming up, going live to chicago where the celebration is in full swing. have you heard? the cubs won the world series after 108 years. a delivery driveer does damage but doesn't pay. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, watch the surveillance video and see how "nbc bay area responds" next. first, a live look outside at the bay bridge. as rob was saying, a sight that never ceases to take your breath away. so beautiful this morning from san francisco. we'll be back with more news in just two minutes.
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welcome back. "nbc bay area responds" to a san jose man who has spent a year trying to right a wrong even though it was all caught on camera. >> consumer investigative reporter chris chmura is here with the story and the surveillance video. last october an delivery truck backed into a tree in charles lee's front yard. this is the video he showed us. there's the truck, there's the tree. they're going to collide. that branch is going to come crashing down. charles says he paid a professional service $80 to clean up the mess. he looked to ontrac to reimburse them. the company told him the drivers are i understand depth contractors and he would have to seek reimbursement from the
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driver. charles didn't think that was right. he spent a full year trying to convince ontrac it should reimburse him. he called us. we reached out to the company and a week and a half later it cut charles a check for $80. ontrac didn't respond to our request for comment. if you have a complaint, call 1-888-996-tips or visit back to you. [ cheers and applause ] >> listen to that. >> you just know bars all over the country, in san francisco and chicago, everyone going nuts last night. crying. so much emotion. it's been that long for cubs fans. that was the last out of an epic game seven, specifically a sports bar nowhere near wrigleyville. 245es in the bay area. they greeted the end of a
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108-year curse with hugs, high fives and yes sobs. even long-time fans could not contain they're motion. one chicago native, a woman two days past her due date went straight to the hospital after the lost out. >> at last a championship to the windy city, 108 years in the making. "today in the bay's" jay gray live in chicago where even though the party went on all night, it's still only getting started. you're a lucky guy today, jay. >> reporter: hey there, laura and sam. i guess you're right. i'd love to confirm that somebody in chicago got a good night's sleep last night, but i have absolutely no evidence of that. we have seen people out here from late last night through the early morning, and now that the sun is coming up, still here. there be joined by people making their way to work. everyone celebrating the cubs' world championship.
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what you'll see in chicago is a lot of people either calling in sick or eventually showing up to work with a pretty stout headache and a lot of students who may be absent from schools across chicago today. but hey, the bosses and the teachers, they've got to give a little break. over a century they've been waiting to celebrate. that's what they're doing this morning. it's been a great night into a very busy and big morning, and it's only going to continue. sam and laura? >> i want to say a lot of the nation is probably a little tired this morning, jay. but it's worth it. >> you know it's going to be a city holiday. up next, facebook getting the green light to expand on the peninsula. we'll show you what they're planning on doing next.
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good morning san jose. thursday, november 3rd. you're watching "today in the bay." hoping for a nice day ahead. >> oh, yes. it looks like we have a great start so far, a historic thursday here and a lot of people riding a big wave of emotion after last night's game, and not much sleep. >> no kidding. all right, but well worth it. the cubs obviously won. we're winning out with this forecast if you want to pull out the fall gear. >> cool temperatures in a few spots. waking up to the 40s and still a little patchy fog and misty skies across parts of the north bay this morning. here is a view of the surf building off pacifica right now.
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wave heights offshore about eight to nine feet. those are live pictures near the peer. we can show you temperaturewise this morning, 40s and 50s outside. you see tri-valley about 49 degrees. to the north bay, a little mist being reported around sonoma. as you can see, temperatures for the afternoon pretty warm, mid 70s san jose, close to 70 around half moon bay and san francisco. >> despite the mist, we haven't had any problems reported as far as traction on the roadway. looking toward these roadways and we see the peninsula, the south bay all at speed. getting close to speed over here coming up to san leandro. speeds have come back up toward the green area. that's good stuff. your travel times are back up to their normal. construction going on around davis street as well as an earlier crash. both have cleared. now just nine minutes from marina boulevard to broadway. there's the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. back to you. mike, thank you very much. a developing story at sonoma state where in about two hours
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crews will start working to exhume a possible body found in a shallow grave on campus. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live at sonoma state with more on how this disturbing discovery was made. bob? >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. a landscaper who works for sonoma state stumbled upon this body yesterday afternoon about 200 yards away from my location to the west there in a wooded area that's adjacent to parking lot m here on campus. the discovery, as i mentioned, made just after noon yesterday. campus police and the sonoma county sheriff's office both responded. the body which is partially buried, the head sticking out of the ground. can't tell yet whether it's a man or a woman. >> there's not a whole lot of decomposition going on there, so we feel like it's fairly recent. >> reporter: the sheriff's office doesn't know who this
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possible dead person could be as there are no reports of missing people or anyone who has been acting suspicious. the body is still partially buried back there. once the sun comes up, law enforcement will be back out there this morning to begin ex-va case. sonoma state, the campus, is in session. students are being kept out of parking lot m until the body is recovered and the crime scene processed. live in sonoma, bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you very much, bob. at 5:34, a new twist in the saga of the sinking millennium tower. today san francisco city attorney will be announcing a legal development in this investigation. the city attorney won't elaborate on the expected announcement, but we do know that the city curved subpoenas to millennium's developer back in september. at issue, whether the tower's sinking issue had been disclosed to potential buyers back in 2009. multiple owners have told us they were not told about the problem until earlier this year. if that is true, millennium partners could be prosecuted
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under civil law for withholding information from potential buyers. our investigation initially triggered city hearings on the high-priced towers. if you'd like to see our previous story, search millennium tower on our nbc bay area home page. facebook is getting even larger. this week the city of menlo park approved expansion plans to add more than 6,500 employees and about 1 million square feet of office space along the bay front expressway according to the "mercury news." this is a rendering of what that part of the expansion will look like. the plans also include a new 200-room hotel as well. so-called constitution drive project also calls for the social media giant to either build 20 below-market units or pay $6.5 million into a fund dedicated to that type of housing. an armed robbery all caught on video. it happened at a 7 eleven near downtown san jose. here is what's weird about this particular robbery. as you see there, it's disturbing because the gunman
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walked in dressed up as a security guard. he had an accomplice at the time acting as a lookout. this happened in august. both men were last seen leaving on mountain bikes. that was on 11th street in san jose. an update to a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. >> two iowa police officers were ambushed and killed. police identify the victims as des moines police sergeant anthony bem min yeah and justin martin. they were shot in their patrol cars a full miles apart and it happened within 20 minutes. investigators say the suspect, 46-year-old scott michael greene was arrested after he flagged down someone working on a tractor and asked for help and to call 911. green was taken to the hospital after complaining of a pre-existing medical condition. >> if you're headed to the coast today, be extra careful. we're expecting giant waves. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in pacifica with how big the waves will get in
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the next few hours. pete? >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. the high surf advisory in about half an hour. these big waves are starting to creep in. we're talking about waves that could reach as high as 30 feet. it could be pumping up right under that pier. as i mentioned, the advisory in effect around 6:00 a.m. the coast guard is warning folks to be cautious. here in pacifica they've got to worry about the coastal bluffs and the erosion issues. there were several cases of folks being swept into the sea including the two teens from vallejo who were swept away back in april of this year. here is what they're telling beachgoers, to avoid the low lying beaches, those large waves can sweep a person into the water, don't turn your back to the ocean. the rip crepts can be very
5:38 am
deceiving. they're telling mariners and boaters in the water along the bay to follow a float plan and have a life jacket ready to go. the high surf advisory is in effect. right now it's r5:38. speaking of wave heights, about seven to eight feet right now. we expect the heights to almost double by mid afternoon today as the northwest swell is up to 15 feet. as pete was mentioning, breakers exceeding 25 feet, maybe close to 30. high surf advisory to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. we're seeing some 40s to start. you'll certainly need a jacket if you step out this moncht check out the temperatures in san jose. 75 in the forecast. 73 in oakland. about 69 in san francisco, and another warm day tomorrow. for the weekend, plan on more
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clouds and especially for the north bay, is it afternoon, a chance of light rain showers that will take us into early sunday morning. the skies clear by right around lunchtime sunday for a dry finish to the weekend. >> a calmer drive to the east bay after earlier construction. a little tiny dip in the speeds for north 101 at 680, typical at this time 06 morning just before 6:00 -- just after 5:30, before 6:00 we see that happening. the approach to the bay bridge only 16 minutes. speeds around 16 miles per hour on average. a little slower through hercules and richmond. the tri-valley shows slowing for the altamont pass moving over toward eastern livermore. by the time you get into the dublin interchange, you'reality speeds, highway 84 a little slowing getting over toward 680. keep that in mind. coming up, you're not imagining it, your commute is getting longer. before you get in your car, what
5:40 am
you need to know about your drive times. >> your car can drive for you. another car company has taken over automatic driving. we'll tell you who coming up. pet adoption nightmare. the reason this woman says an animal rescue group took back her newly adopted pup. they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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5:42. cool start to the morning, temperatures later this afternoon approaching the low 70s. >> approaching the bridge, a little slowing for the bay bridge toll plaza. but across the span, bay bridge, san mateo bridge, both moving nicely. same thing for mass transit. no delays for these rail systems. >> how long is your commute? there's a surge in so-called mega commutes for more and more workers. a new five-year study by joint venture silicon valley finds one-way commutes of more than 90 minutes have doubled for people outside the region. in 2011 it's just 3 prs. it's now 5.3%. most are driving from san francisco, alameda and san joaquin counties. the average commute from outside the region now spend about 113 minutes a day in their car. loveable losers no more. after 108 years, you can call
5:44 am
the chicago cubs champions following one of the most thrilling world series game sevens in years. >> this is video of the team getting back to chicago and arriving in wrigley field. there's apartment any rizzo, cell phone in one hand and world series championship trophy in the other as the team embraces these athletes. >> cubs will take the lead! >> that was the game winner, and the game had a little bit of everything zobrist. ben zobrist putting the cubs ahead in extra innings, up 7-6 at that point. the cubs hold on for dear life in the ninth inning. there's manny martinez with the game ending grounder. chris bryce throws it to anthony rizzo. that's history there. a game that went into extra innings and a rain delay. the cubs were up, squandered a lead. after all that drama, this was the end e result.
5:45 am
complete jubilation for an entire city. as we take a live look outside wrigley field. that's where the party continued until the early morning hours even though last night's game was played in cleveland. you can be sure the party is only getting started in chicago with 108 or so years to make up for. jay gray has a live report at 6:00. word of arrest this morning in the peninsula murder case that's almost five years old. police in foster city say two southern california men have been arrested in the death of 71-year-old clause gofter. authorities have never fully revealed how he died. the two suspects knew the victim and that was not a random act of violence. there are more than two dozens cases of the zika rye russ in san francisco. very important to say that. health officials say 25 people have been treated so far. the first case of zika was reported in march.
5:46 am
mosquitos believe to spread the virus which causes fever, and possible birth defects. a little look of the damage left behind after a large eucalyptus tree fell landing on top of a classroom for the alameda county fire department. it happened along the san leand leandro creek. no one hurt. take a look at this picture. the california department of fish and wildlife says this is one of the wolves, the department believes the male wolf is the son of well-known or 7. the other is believes to be his mate. they were eliminated more than 100 years ago until or-7's return in 2007. leaders in the east bay will announce a new program that will give grants and loans to qualifying families.
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we'll find out more about the program during a news conference in richmond at 2:00 this afternoon. b.a.r.t. is no stranger to interesting ads at its stations. a new underwear ad is a bit too extreme even for b.a.r.t. it says it won't be displaying a particular ad for moisture absorbing moisture. it b.a.r.t. says the word used in the ad is vulgar so they've decided to go with a different ad. a woman in the east bay calls it a pet adoption nightmare. lori schwartz adopted a one-eyed poodle from a pet smart adoption fair in antioch. she says the rescue group that sponsored the dog later decided she didn't follow through on agreements written in the contract. she says representatives showed up at the door. >> changing his name, letting
5:48 am
him sleep on the sofa. i turned him into a couch potato. i didn't realize that during the day i should have enrolled him in aerobics. >> schwartz says she fell in love the dog and now she says she's devastated. the adoption agency did not comment on our story. >> a tough bond there to have to break. uber is trying to be a little bit 06 everything to everyone. >> scott mcgrew joins us. soon you'll be able to go to more than just a destination. >> you'll be able to go to a perp instead of taking me to a certain address. you can ask guber to take you to wherever your friend is. obviously your friend has to give uber the permission to do that, but your bar hopping chapel lengs have been solved. uber making the app more straightforward. it's simply going to ask you "where to." ford announced new features for upcoming cars klein uding new ways to predict if someone is going to walk behind you. they'll drive themselves in stop-and-go traffic and this,
5:49 am
upcoming models will not only brake before you rear end someone, they'll steer around them taking control of the steering wheel if your computer calculates you're going to smack into the back of the bus. if a car is coming the other way? i wondered that myself. the fed did not raise interest rate at the conclusion of wednesday's meeting. it almost certainly will at a meeting next month. facebook turned in blowout numbers. fit bit goes the other way. the san francisco-based company warns investors to expect poor holiday sales. neiman marcus is selling turkey dinners to companies. they'll be expensive. side dishes for potatoes $65. the store is getting the most grief for the $80 collard greens. people who grew up poor, especially in the south, about $2 a pound. neiman marcus is selling them for $80.
5:50 am
needless to say, they're getting some teasing on social media. >> i would imagine. more money than most families spend for all of their meal. thank you very much, scott. right now we're watching the coastline today. big waves are starting to swell. we're seeing the early signs of that right now. live pictures from pacifica. surfs could reach more than 20 feet or higher today. the coast guard is running anyone who plans to be out or near the ocean to be very careful. >> that's right. keep your distance. what a nice place to wake up, by the motion. a cool one though, grab a jacket. >> 40s and 50s outside. temperatures in the few spots around the bay area could reach the upper 70s. you'll be tempted to head out to the shore. here is the issue. strong storms off to the west, a lot of wind pushing a long-period swell which will arrival long the coast later this morning, up to 15 feet high. as the energy slows down and the waves begin to build out of the water, we or looking at breakers today that will approach at least a 15 to 20-foot range with locally higher sets coming in
5:51 am
mid after night to evening. the high surf advisory will take us through 5:00 tomorrow morning. another cool start. 40s inland around the north bay and tri-valley, and around san francisco, no fog there. pretty view of the bay bridge, 54 degrees under clear skies into san jose. cool start, right now 51 degrees. hour-by-hour, temperatures climbing after lunchtime low to mid 70s around downtown. a tour through the santa clara valley. into campbell, over morgan hill and gilroy, could get up to 77 degrees today. tri-valley temperatures low to mid 70s, 72 in antioch, about 73 for livermore. belmont 72, 69 daly city, up to 60s, close to 70 in san francisco. in the north bay highs near 71 and santa rosand napa for the afternoon. still another mild day and then the chance of showers on the
5:52 am
increase saturday afternoon in the north bay. so the hour-by-hour outlook for the weekend will bring increasing clouds saturday, saturday evening into very early sunday, brief light rain. after 7:00 a.m., skies begin to clear. rain totals this time around not very impressive. in fact, underwhelming for the bay area. most of those totals in the north bay late saturdayist early sunday. seven-day forecast, rain chances shutting down by sunday morning and clearing as we wrap up the weekend and head into next week. unpleasant is anything going on unscheduled on the san mateo bridge. there was a crash. we don't schedule crashes. anyway, reported as you're approaching the high-rise. i saw slowing across the flat section. looks like things are calmed down. we'll get the update from chp. so far we see a little slowing showing westbound heading across the foster ziti side. another fender bender off the
5:53 am
roadway. nonetheless, the traffic is starting to build in kwlour commute direction. that would be northbound through silicon valley and westbound across the east bay and into the tri-valley. over here we're also looking at southbound 680 slowing quite a bit through vallejo, approaching the 780 interchange. a crash in the slow lane. once you reach the carquinez bridge, you're all right across the bay. not a problem for 101. back to you. 5:53. your ballot won't be going viral. the ruling that means voters will not be able to take selfies inside the voting booth. happening right now, sometimes in the knee future, folks will be able to sip a martini at a facebook bar, enough up their nighttime pillows at a fate book hotel. a woman mo ghaef birth inside her car in a hospital, paing lot is outraged after being billed a delivery room fee even though she never made it to the delivery room.
5:54 am
you can link to that story on o our facebook page. back in two minutes.
5:55 am
5:56 am
today opening arguments in the 34ur der of a former south carolina police officer expected to begin. michael schrager opened fire killing an unarmed black man last year in north charleston. it happened after a traffic stop. the shooting of 50-year-old
5:57 am
walter scott was captured by a police dash cam and on cell phone video. his attorneys argue there is more to what happened than what is shown in the video. he faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted. staying in the south now, an investigation is under way in mississippi after an historic black church went up in flames and pro donald trump graffiti was all over it. now investigators say all signs point to arson. someone spray painted vote trump on the church in glean ville. firefighters discovered the message as flames were engulfing the church on tuesday night. fortunately nobody was hurt. there's currently an $11,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. a san francisco judge shot down a challenge to a ban on voting booth selfies. the judge ruled you cannot picture a picture of you and your ballot. the aclu challenged the ruling by the secretary of state which banned selfies inside the booth.
5:58 am
governor brown's recently signed law repealed the ban on ballot box selfies. that bill doesn't take effect until january 1st. it's an issue that has caused planes to crash. tonight our investigative unit uncovers the problem of bogus or unapproved parts being put into airplanes all over the united states, and that includes commercial flights. by law, all parts put into airplanes have to go through rigorous testing and inspection and have a paper trail. our investigation uncovers that often doesn't happen. >> unapproved parts may not go through that, have no idea when they're going to fail. >> and if they fail? >> if they fail, it could be critical. >> catastrophic. >> catastrophic. >> it is an issue that the faa takes very seriously. our team found dozens of instances where these parts lead to airplane crashes where people have even died. coming up neblt, tonight at 11:00, senior investigative
5:59 am
reporter stephen stock traces some of these parts and how easy it is to buy bogus airplane parts over the internet. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, calls 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to at 6:00, a disturbing area, a bay area campus turned crime scene. the investigation now under way after a scholl low grave is found with possible human remains inside. plus the search for justice for miss flo. the reason the man accused of killing the be loved south bay elderly woman will face the judge once again. and -- >> here is the 0-1. the cubs win the world series! >> good-bye curse, hello victory. the cubs are world champions after one of the most dramatic games in baseball history. we're live in chicago where the party continues this morning. "today in the bay" starts right now.
6:00 am
>> so great to see. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's 8:00 central time right now. would not be surprising if clark street is still flooded with people. all the excitement, waves of emotion going on. more than in just a moment. >> big waves in the meantime in the bay area. >> seeing on the coast right now wave heights about six to eight feet. you're looking at live pictures out of pacifica, pre dawn right now where wave heights later today will be approaching about 15 feet offshore. you can see the high sur 6 advisory through 5:00 a.m. a few of the breakers could get above 20 feet. use caution out on the coast. meantime, pack your jacket this morning, down to 44 degrees in napa, 51 in san jose, 56 in san francisco. temperaturewise this afternoon, a real treat around the bay area, mid 70s around san jose. even close to 70 in san francisco and low 70s in oakland. >> a couple of crashes in the north bay. the biggest is the one going across the san mateo


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