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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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. ready to vote. the polls are open on the east coast. people lined up ready to turn in their ballots. we have crews on the ground in new york where clinton and trump will learn their fate. >> californians are critical choices on their ballots. 17 statewide propositions. the most we've seen in a quarter century for marijuana. allegations of assault in the water. east bay police investigating a water polo player is accused of doing under the water that had nothing to do with the match. this is "today in the bay." i'm kris sanchez in for laura
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garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. things heating up. are we warming up? >> by november standards heating up. weatherwise, nothing getting in the way of voting plans. this morning and later today we don't have much in the way of patchy fog this morning. 50s around the south bay and a pretty mild start. close to 60 in san francisco and berkeley right now. here is your hour-by-hour outlook. patchy fog we're watching through about 9:00 a.m. and you'll see the temperatures by 4:00, most of the bay area today soaring into the mid 70s. let's see how things are shaping up. >> can't do the red, white and blue theme. we'll stick with green and yellow and red. but it's all green. one patch of slowing westbound 580 we have a crash possibly affecting your slow lanes traveling towards the split with highway 24 and over towards the bay bridge. no major issues. an earlier fender bend every ported. only one vehicle remains on the
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shoulder. we have a nice and dry 15 minutes from toward the bay bridge. let's dip in to a polling station, and not just any polling station in new york. that's in chappaqua, but actually the one that hillary clinton is expected to be voting in this morning. we're still awaiting mrs. clinton. she's not come in yet. but this is in chappaqua, new york, near her hometown. >> that's right. we are also watching for donald trump who will also vote a little later this morning in manhattan. >> all right. the day is here, all the hype, all the back and forth, all the campaigning. by tonight, we might actually have a new president. >> both clinton and donald trump made their final arguments, now it's up to you. "today in the bay's" tracie potts has more on what we can expect as the voters head to the polls. >> reporter: hillary clinton is back home in new york this morning after winning the first contest of the day.
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with only a handful of voters, dixville notch reporting their results. >> i want you to understand our work together will be just beginning. >> reporter: clinton wrapped her campaign in north carolina with celebrities there ♪ and with the obamas. >> i am betting that tomorrow you will reject fear and you'll choose hope. >> reporter: trump and mike pence ended their campaign with an early morning rally in michigan. >> it is november 8th, the day we make america great again. >> going after this blue state, michigan hasn't voted republican since 1988. >> michigan now stands at the crossroads of history. if we went michigan, we will win
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this historic election. >> reporter: he's also hoping for a win in new hampshire where polls are nearly deadlocked. >> new hampshire has never disappointed me. >> disappointment sure to come for one of these candidates today. >> as you might imagine, with two presidential candidates in the same town literally a couple miles apart, security is very tight here. the nypd has thousands of officers out, not only protecting the election night sites, but the 1,000 polling places in this city. tracie potts, nbc news, new york. >> tracie, thank you very much. we are closely watching the presidential race ourselves. our own raj mathai and mark matthews are both in new york city following each of the candidates. we'll have a live report starting at :00 a.m. also join our special ed dilgsz of nbc bay area news at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. one of the biggest items on the ballot in california is proposition 64. prop 64 would legalize marijuana
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for people 21 and older. the state could then license, regular and tax marijuana. supporters say it creates a safe and legal system for adult use of marijuana. opponents say there's no way to monitor people for driving under the influence of marijuana and chirp could be exposed to pot advertisements as well. another important measure coming up today, people in three different bay area counties are voting on measure rr. that impacts bart service for san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties. it proposes a $3.9 billion bond measure. b.a.r.t. says the measure is needed to keep the transit system as it is. opponents say they're worried because b.a.r.t. has mismanaged its budget in the past. on this election day, the nbc bay area investigative unit has your back. if you experience any problems at the polls, we want to hear about it.
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you can call our tip line, 844-nbc-vote. you can also file a complaint online on our website at other news happening locally now. a bizarre sexual assault investigation in the east bay. a berkeley high school student on the boy's water pollo team is accused of assaulting an opponent during the match. school officials say the students reported another behavior behaving inappropriately in the game. the alameda police department is investigating the allegations. so far there has been no arrest. no names have been released because all the boys involved are minors. berkeley high school district released this statement saying we take good sportsmanship and behavior seriously but not comment on any specific case of student discipline. today the coast guard will pull a sinking boat out of the water. here is a view from our nbc helicopter. the coast guard got the call
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about that boat about noontime. they discovered the 45-foot-boat was abandoned and no one was on board. 4:37, we are just getting started. a check of the weather with rob. good morning. >> good morning. most mostly cloudy skies. on the coast watch out for another round of dangerous waves headed our way. the latest on a high surf advisory coming up. a leave look out there showing san jose, great evening drive. this is northbound with the headlights. those two sets of taillights southbound. we'll taum about your kmout across the bridges coming up. 13 an unlucky number? not for steph curry. we'll show why 13 is putting number 30 in the record books. and we are getting you ready for the election. a rematch between incumbent mike
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honda and row khanna. both are democrats. khanna lost to honda two years ago but one the primary this time of round. the district covers cupertino to north san jose over to hayworth. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning at 4:40 on this election day tuesday. we're watching patchy fog in santa rosa. meantime a beautiful day in los gatos. numbers approaching the upper
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70s by 2:00. the speed not a problem. your time driving from grant line all the way to the dublin interchange just 21 minutes. a little slowing by grant line. at speed on all the rails no matter which of the mass transit systems you elect today. the polls don't open for a few more hours, but we are getting you ready for decision 2016. one measure you'll see is proposition 61 which impacts prescription drug prices. it would ban state agencies from paying more for a prescription drug than the lowest price paid by the u.s. department of veterans affairs. supporters say the va pays the closest rate for prescription drugs. opponents say it would increase prices, reduce patient access to medicine and actually hurt vets by increasing their prescription costs. this was absolutely a prescription for what the warriors needed.
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lucky 13 for steph curry. a live look outside at oracle arena. the calm after what he did. a record breaking night for the dubs. >> curry hit another three. for the record? yeah! >> and that is the last dagger with the head roll. curry drops 13 threes last night, an nbc record. steph ended up scoring 46 points in all: he led the warriors past the new orleans pelicans. it came after curry had his streak of making a streak of 157 consecutive games, an nab record snapped on friday. >> coach rodriguez in high school used to say win or lose on free-throws. got to make them. coming up, tesla owners may be a little more like the rest of us. the change to the charging stations that will drive up the price for drivers.
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it's warm in the studio because we're pumped up for election day. >> seeing 50s outside. patchy fog setting up in the north bay. we'll see how that impacts the morning commute. >> outside in the south bay, at least you can see downtown san jose. yesterday the fog set up. we'll be watching that closely pre sunrise, 56 around palo alto. around berkeley and over to san francisco, actually kind of a mild start. 60 degrees right now, just a few high clouds. there you see the coolest spot
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around santa rosa, down to 51 degrees, visibility around a mile or two. not too bad along the coast and the south bay. what you see along the map is all the wind associated with strong storms to the west. eventually a day or two later. we'll see it setting up today. probably another round coming in for friday. what it means for the coast, wave heights approaching 15 to 20 feet by this evening. breakers taller than that. watch out for strong rip currents, sneaker waves and dangerous surf. you'll want to use caution on the beaches over the next couple days. patchy fog really the only concern we're looking at this morning as we head through the day. coastal low clouds will return after sundown and the high surf advisory continuing. highs in sflai close to mid 70s, close to 80 south of downtown, san martin and gilroy. 78 degrees in pleasanton, 76 in
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concord. peninsula temperatures mid 70s. palo alto 75 degrees. close to 70 in downtown san francisco and into the north bay highs in the mid 70s. mild temperatures will take us through the week. the one system we thought would bring us rain play still try to do that in the north bay. not much of an impact other than bringing your temperatures down a bit and closing an extra cloud your way for friday afternoon. >> looking at a nice flow of traffic here, no problems. we can see a new fender bender for free month. still waiting on word for that. in 92 off the san mateo bridge, that crash is over on the shoulder. now that we know the roadways are clear, we leelk at the times across the bridges. no delays, 13 minutes across the san mateo bridge. i'm thinking from 880 past the toll plaza toward 101 on the peninsula side, a smogt flow of traffic there through the north bay. talking about fog creeping through the area. 101 from novato to 580, that's
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the richmond-san rafael bridge, nine minutes there. the north bay to the south bay, a live look at san jose. easy flow of traffic northbound. you're another speed for the silicon valley commute. for the french fry finds among us, mcdonald's could be launching a mobile app. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. >> futures are lower this morning and yesterday's rally sparked the news the fbi once again cleared hillary clinton over the use of a private e-mail server. investors view clinton as a more status quo candidate and, therefore, more attractive to wall street. the dow, nasdaq and s andp 500 having their best days since march. over that period the polls tightened after the fbi said it
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would consider reopening the e-mail probe. the dow surging 371 points to 18,259. the nasdaq up 119 to 5,166. as unpredictable as this election has been, research shows stocks have been fairly predictable after election day with a tendency to sell off. markets have risen only one out of every three times since 1928. dow jones says the average change the day after election day is about 1% up or down. the top five declines all-time have come in the wake of victories by democratic presidents. to be fair, three of the five biggest gains have also come after wins by democrats. switching gears, mcdonald's is finally launching a mobile ordering and payment app. the fast food chain has lagged behind others in developing mobile options. starbucks, domino's and tack bow
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bell have all seen an increase. those apps are tied to their loyalty programs. mcdonald's has been testing a mobile app for the past two years now, sam and kris, over to you. >> a lot of loyal users. thank you very much, landon. appreciate that. >> free charging is coming to an end for some tesla car owners. the owner says soon owners will have to pay to use more than 700 of the super charging sites. the freebie ends january 1st but only for people who buy a tesla after that date. those new owners will get a thousand mile free charging credit before they have to pay. tesla says the feed will help the company to raise more money to build more super charging stations. this morning nasa is expr s expressing concerns about future spacex flights. according to a letter obtained by the "wall street journal." they're questioning the planned strategy of fueling rockets while crew members are on board. that's a move that goes against
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booster safety practices around the world. spacex has president flown since an unmanned rocket exploded while fueling for a test launch in september. this election is already breaking records. that includes the number of californians actually registered to vote. state officials announced 19.4 million people are now registered, and that is nearly 80% of people who are eligible to vote. that's the highest ever recorded. about 3 million of those are new voters. have last-minute election questions? check out our voter's edge guide. go to, put in your zip code and we'll give you all the details about the issues and candidates specific to where you live, and we remeepd you, it is non-partisan. >> so are pandas. here is why we say that. if the election is stressing you out, the pandas could help. >> the san francisco zoo hoping its red pandas will help to alleviate stress. the zoo along with search engine fire fox, another name for the
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red panda, plans to live stream the pandas on fire fox's facebook page. you can start watching at 10:00 in the morning. hopefully they'll cooperate. >> looked like he was in a good mood. police say this hooded bandit broke into two stores and we'll show you why what he took may not make him rich. happening right now, nbc bay area is sending out our crews across the region to bring you the most comprehensive election coverage as you try to get caught up on everything on your ballot. a pregnant woman said she was humiliate add when a walmart employee forced her to lift her shirt up and show her belly after being accused of shoplifting. back in two minutes.
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on election day, how about something uniquely american? a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge and what we can make of it through the lights. light traffic this morning to start off on your election tuesday. decision 2016, voters in san francisco, oakland and albany will decide whether to add a one cent tax to sugary beverages. supporters say it will be used to educate about diabetes. opponents say it will cause small grocery stores to raise prices on other food items. charges dismissed against a berkeley city council candidate. police arrested arrested nancy armstrong temple while she was
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trying to stop police from raiding a homeless encampment in berkeley. prosecutors say the decision not to file charges against any of the protesters was based, quote, in the sberpest of justice, but would not elaborate. a driver intelly runs down three people in an east bay courtroom before taking her own life. there is cell phone video from the scene. police say the would plan ran down her estranged husband and two friends as they were leaving family court. they say after she hit the trio, threw the car in reverse and hit at least one of them again. police believe the unidentified woman then drove to the benicia bridge and jumped to her death. the three people are expected to survi survive. take a look at these surveillance photos. investigators believe this person is responsible for breaking into businesses in cambria plaza in san jose on halloween night.
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the suspect brogue into a togo's and also into bee's flower shop and stole cash and a phone. up next, we talked about it, the fact we have really beautiful temperatures to start off your week. that continues right now. rob mayeda is joining us. >> we'll see even warmer temperatures setting up for election day tuesday. san jose average highs 67 today. we're looking at mid to upper 70s, warm high temperatures and high surf in today's forecast. a look at that in just a few minutes. over here, this is west 580 with these headlights. a smooth steady flow out of the altamonte pass and at speed to the dublin interchange. as you head to the polls today, one of the items you'll see on your ballot is proposition 57. that would allow non-violent felons to become eligible for early release. supporters say the measure keeps violent criminals behind bars
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and helps rehabilitate non-violent inmates. opponents say it releases violent criminals early. you're watching "today in the bay."
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the countdown is over and election day is here. the anticipation building as we could be hours away from electing a new commander-in-chief. we have team coverage from new
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york city where the clen ton and trump campaign are stationed as the votes start to trickle in. accusations of sexual assault by a high school student during a water polo match. now alameda police are investigating to see if this was just an isolated incident. >> reporter: coming up, the legal battle about one city throwing a wrench toward another one that may stop demolition temporarily. i'm chuck coppola. "today in the bay" starts now. a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. it is election day. >> i know. i heard a couple things about this in the news the last few weeks. >> weather won't keep you away from the polls today. >> patchy fog is the only thing we'll be watching this morning. right now we have temperatures not too chilly outside. these spots waking up to 60 degrees. san jose, 57 right


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