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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the iy temrates eepgthbayreahise it might be movember, it's also november. the chilly temperatures sweeping through the bay area this morning. a closer look at the forecast with kari hall who is laughing right now, coming up next. >> reporter: in the south bay a man is hit and killed on a highway on-ramp. the chp just told me there's really one remarkable thing about the scene. >> taking a stand, cal students expected to walk out of class today in response to allegations another professor sexually ar h harassed a student. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us on this cold thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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kari hall is back. so happy to see you again. we're talking about the fact there are frost advisories, the coldest day of the year. thanks a lot. >> i know. a chilly reception. >> because, yeah, it is really chilly. we saw kris sanchez out there with a bubble jacket on. you can see her breath as she talks. that's the kind of weather you're facing. frost advisories in effect for parts of the north bay. temperatures will be dropping between 32 and 36 degrees. we'll talk about that and also how warm it gets this afternoon coming up in a few minutes. mike has an update on something happening in the east bay. >> that's right. despite the frost advisory, no problems reported for the north bay, south bay and peninsula. it's the east bay where we're getting reports with details that have to be sorted out still. there's a car fire and a crash reported. this one slowing through san lorenzo south from 238 down
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toward a street. this is where a car fire was originally reported. now they're saying it's farther south. also a crash somewhere north of the car fire. we're hearing davis, but maybe somewhere south of there. slowing between 238 and a street right now. back to you. back to a story we've been following all morning. new overnight, a hit-and-run investigation is under way in san jose after someone hit a person killing them, then just taking off. it happened off of tully road and highway 101 about four hours ago. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in san jose with what officers are telling her this morning. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we talked to an officer at the scene while the vaks was under way. that officer now is back here at the san jose headquarters. and he just told me in the last 15 minutes that the remarkable thing about this scene is there was very little evidence. often when there is a collision, you'll see car parts or other debris that could help to identify the driver of that
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hit-and-run. but in this case, very little to go by, so they will be leaning on the public for help in this one. it's definitely a hit-and-run crash because the driver who struck that man did not stop, leaving that man to die on the middle of the tully road on-ramp onto southbound 101. moments after that man was struck, a good samaritan saw him, they did call 911 and stayed with the victim until the san jose fire department arrived. by that point the man had already passed away. the coroner will not release his identity until his family is notified. he's a hispanic man in his mid to late 40s. here are the details the chp hopes will jog your memory. if you got on to 101 south via tully road on-ramp heading west between 1:00 to 1:15. >> if anybody was in the area around that time, if they can please call their local chp office, it would be greatly
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appreciated. >> reporter: i mentioned that the investigation at the scene is wrapped up. the roadway is open once again. i'll tell you that earlier this week there was a pedestrian hit-and-run on 580, unrelated hit-and-run. in that case there was enough debris found on the roadway that the chp was able to piece together a description of the vehicle. that certainly the hope here. the other hope is that the public will come forward with information. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you very much. 5:04 on your local thursday morning. a local police chief is accusing a school principal of crossing the line when it comes to protesting donald trump's presidency. last night the chief took his complaints to the school board. antioch police chief briefed the board about the anti trump protest that happened last thursday when pittsburg high school classes walked out of class and marched to antioch high. here is cell phone video showing protesters jumping fences and pushing their way past school administrators. the chief believes the high school principal who walked with
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the students is partly to blame for the behavior. >> my goal was to make the board understand that this is more than a few students and it was not a peaceful incident. >> we cannot physically stop 200 students. clearly our desire was for them not to leave campus. >> the principal argued that he didn't condone the protest and only left campus to make sure the kids were safe. the chief hopes the pittsburg school board is going to make changes to ensure this incident doesn't happen again. today cal students are staging a walkout. it comes as an internationally acclaimed professor faces allegations he sexually harassed a student. now the university is responding to those claims. cal officials say students enrolled in a course taught by knee czar alsyaad have the option to leave the class and take it with another teacher. earlier protesters demanded he be removed immediately. last week an independent investigator concluded the
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professor indeed violated the university's sexual harassment policy. alsyaad's attorney maintains he did nothing wrong. the transgender woman accused of a triple murder faced the judge for the first time. that suspect dana rivers previously made national het lines when she told students about her gender rean assignment surgery. rivers is accused of the brutal killing of charlotte read and patricia wright and the couple's 19-year-old son at their home last week. their other son says rivers knew his mother and had been to the house before, but he has no idea what prompted the deadly attack, the alleged at stack on his family. >> i just san jose to ms. rivers, i don't understand why you do this. i was raised on the fact that we have a lot of love in this household and a lot of love in the family. >> prosecutors have not yet revealed a motive. we're still following a
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story of a shooting at a park near the cal cam prus. it happened in strawberry creek park after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. our nbc chopper was overhead. the victims were taken to the hospital, but details on the injuries are not being released. happening today, unique demonstration in the middle of what some call a dangerous san francisco intersection. >> you're talking about dozens of people including san francisco leaders who are creating a human scramble in the intersection of clay and kearny streets. that's basically walking across the street in all directions at the same time. that group is calling on the mta to install a scramble-style crosswalk which stops all vehicular traffic and allows pedestrians to cross intersection in every direction including diagonally at the same time. last summer an elderly woman was killed while she was crossing that busy intersection. >> taking a live look outside at san rafael, november has officially arrived. certainly cold out there. the season's first frost
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advisory is in effect nor the north bay's inland valleys. certainly could feel the temperatures dropping last night. people advised to keep the pets indoors and protect the plants. >> you can put mulch around them, wrap them. >> we love cold weather. we want to cee cee sons. we want to sell cashmere sweaters, we want to wear boots. sbl the frost advisory ends at 8:00 this morning. the cuteness can continue. >> the fashion side of things here, kari, can't hate on that. good morning. >> good morning. that's one thing women think about when it comes to colder temperatures, boots, sweaters. you need all of that this morning. let's take a live look outside, san francisco, 47 degrees. and, yes, it's really chilly out there as we take a look at more of those temperatures. 34 in napa.
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it may drop down to freezing briefly before sunrise. 38 degrees now in morgan hill. a very cool start to the day. here is a look at those highs this afternoon, reaching into the mid 60s for the south bay, the peninsula, up to 62 degrees after the cool start. tri-valley 62 as well. mid 60s for the north bay, east bay reaching 63 degrees. we'll have some rain coming in this weekend. i'll talk about that. let's get an update on the car fire from mike. >> sorting out the details because the speed sensor reaction and reports aren't quite lining up. we'll show you what we have. most of the bay moves very smoothly. i'll take you over to the east bay where we continue to have this report. this time the report has been updated. southbound 880 just past highway 92 is where we're getting this car fire. we've seen no slowing here. it may be off to the shoulder. waiting for crews to report. here is the slowing we see. i believe this is where the crash is in lanes just before a
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street. i have a friend who called and left a message there is a four-car crash. it sounds like the two right lanes are getting by. because of this, a lot of slowing south of 238. this is the main commute here guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. a key meeting in muni's effort to jump on b.a.r.t.'s wireless network. the board of directors is considering a recent deal with muni to extend fiber and cellular system. right now muni riders lose cell reception while they're under ground. supervisors have already approved the plan. it could lead to muni wireless service by the end of this year. where students will not be allowed to light up despite what voters decided. to leave or not to leave. that's the question. >> yes, the calexit. taking the most important meal of the day to a whole new level. the popular breakfast item that
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these mushrooms reportedly taste like next.
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good morning. the time now 5:13, as we take a live look outside palo alto, a chilly start to the day. it warms up into the 50s, already by 9:00 in the morning and reaching the low 60s later today. we'll talk about this warmup,
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the chilly start and maybe some rain for the weekend. that's coming up. we are looking over here. very slow bottom of your screen, 35 minutes from 238 to dumbarton bridge. the majority of the slowing all there from 238 to 92. there's a crash around a street. we have that confirmed by a driver out there. westbound 80, the bay bridge moves smoothly. eastbound there's a crash heading toward treasure island. thanks to voter approval, the wreck ashlg use of marijuana is legal in california. that does not mean students at stanford are allowed to light up on campus. despite the passage of prop 64 last week, students, faculty and staff are not allowed to possess, use or grow pot on stanford's property. that includes off campus housing. that information comes courtesy of the "mercury news." here is why. mayrijuana is still illegal undr federal law. university officials san joses the campus receives federal funding for several things including research and financial
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aid. 5:14 right now. a new report out of washington, d.c. raises concerns about bright lights at local stadiums near airports. the lights in question surround levi's stadium. earlier this year right before the super bowl, pilots on a commercial jet said they confused leavy's for the lights directing them to land. it was the 43rd complaint that our investigative unit uncovered. former secretary of homeland security tom ridge issued a report saying the problem we found at levi's should not be repeated with new ram stadium near lax. >> it worries me when the proximity of a stadium to an airport has created problems for the pilots. it's no longer a a figment ochl
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imagination. it's a reality. >> the faa says they're working with the rams to make sure the stadium doesn't create new issues at lax. the 49ers said they thought the problem about bright lights at levi's stadium had been resolved. to see the full investigation, tune in tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to a silicon valley venture capitalist is walking back earlier statements where he said california should secede, just leave the u.s. >> he's claiming he never said that at all. >> he's the guy working on hyper loop. he was unhappy that donald trump won. he's nthis morning he's saying e didn't mean for his comments to be construed that he was pushing for california to secede from
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the united states. lots of mainstream news agencies thoughts that's exactly what he was saying. here is an article from our sister network. shervin is saying this morning, who me? i do not believe in cessation, nor will i ever. i never used that term. i love this country and everything it has to offer. where did we get the idea? it could have been he tweeted, if trump wins i'm announcing funding a legitimate campaign for california to become its own nation. he told a crowd at a conference, he said, yes, i'm very serious ability cessation. good morning. wall street will try to resume its positive ways, futures are mixed. the dow snapping a seven-day winning streak yesterday. tech shares advanced pushing the nasdaq higher.
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look for data today on unemployment, inflation, housing and earnings from walmart. they reported better-than-expected earnings. revenue fell short. fed chair janet yellen is testifying about the economy. dow falling to 18,868. nasdaq rising 18 to 5,294. back to you. >> we'll be running that video again. sam and laura, a couple days ago i told you about a new rule out of washington, new electric cars starting in 2019 have to make a noise. no more silent cars creeping up and scaring people walking in the middle of the parking lot. we don't know what that sound is going to sound like. i kept bugging the national highway traffic safety commission until they sent me the film. here it is. >> laura was off mike. >> it kind of sounds like
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b.a.r.t. >> it sounds like something has gone terribly wrong with your electric car. carmakers can make whatever sound they want to so long as it's in that frequency ban. i would like my car to play "turkey in the straw." it's up to the individual carmakers. that's the minimum it has to make. >> i'm with you. i almost got hit yesterday walking in a parking lot. >> walking in the middle, sam, not to either side. we electric car drivers come right up behind you. >> it's hard to miss me. i think it's because my head is in the clouds, in case you didn't notice. >> but his feet are on the ground. something like that. when it comes to omelettes, mushroom growers in arizona may have killed two birds with one stone. those mushrooms you see from tucson, arizona. it looks beautiful. it tastes beautiful and here is why. it has a certain smoky bacon flavor to it.
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the growers claim it has health benefits that real bacon lacks. >> bacon is not healthy. >> protein in bay con, right? $4.00 per container. you can only imagine the possibilities of a bacon-mushroom veggie burger. >> i think we really need to investigate that. get a little taste test. >> may be good for the vegetarians who really miss bacon. there's something -- >> put it on a salad? >> maybe so. >> we've been missing what feels like real winter i guess. no more waiting. >> i don't miss it. it's cold outside. >> everyone wants to wear fall clothing. >> and put something else on top of that, a heavy jacket. it is really cool out there. we even have some frost that's been developing in parts of the north bay. we'll check that out. a live look outside in oakland. you see it is busy already to start, and everyone's got the heaters on inside their cars.
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it is 45 degrees, but a high today expected, up to 63 degrees. so checking out some more of those temperatures there. it's 34 in napa. 38 in morgan hill. palo alto starts the morning at 41 degrees. this frost advisory continues until about 7:00 this morning. we'll drop down anywhere from 32 to 36 degrees in these spots, shaded in that purple. that includes the north bay, 101 and you head up towards sonoma and napa counties. that's where it will be the coldest. then as we go into the south bay today, gilroy up to 64 degrees for a high. east san jose 66 degrees. then towards the east bay, mid 60s. again, a lot of sunshine, very nice. 59 degrees for the high at half moon bay. and then in san francisco, from 61 to 62 degrees. we'll also have the upper 50s near the coast and low to mid 60s for most of the north bay. after a couple of days of very chilly temperatures, it will still be breezy and cool
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tomorrow. then we watch this storm system approaching from the west. it will bring a chance of rain just in time for saturday. it starts out in the north bay, continues into the south bay, but some of the heaviest rain will be in the north bay as we get a look ahead to that futurecast. rain once again starting on saturday, continuing into sunday, and we could have up to an inch of rain. a look at the rain for the weekend. highs only in the 60s in san francisco. low 60s for that as far as the inland areas, also in the low 60s. another chance of rain on wednesday. mike, how is it looking on the roads? >> a little confusing. i'll sort it out as best i can, combined with the sensors and reports from chp and our friendlies is a at the station. a smooth flow of traffic in the south bay and the peninsula. getting out of san francisco, we do know a crew is still on the bay bridge trying to get clear from these three vehicles, one on the left, another on the right. that will be an issue. no slowing on the sensors.
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that's countercommute. westbound the commute direction a build towards the toll plaza, a crash 880 southbound at 7th looks like it just cleared. our friendlies is a said she did pass a four-car crash, only two lanes open southbound 880 at a street. the car fire reported at 92 was not there. an easier drive now at the bottom of your screen. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:23 right now. coming up, "nbc bay area responds." his long distance bill multiplies tenfold. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. lal milwita ctlyongdiancproem.=u
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"nbc bay area responds" to a bay area family with a costly long distance problem. >> chris chmura has more on their staggering phone bill. stephen betts says the statement for his home phone hovered around $60 a month. suddenly it shot to $916 one month, then $350 the next. he soon discovered his daughter was the culprit, making calls to los angeles unaware that land lines don't always offer unlimited long distance like many cell phones do. students say an at&t agent sympathized and told him the company could reduce his phone bill, but because his account was set to auto pay and the balance had already been paid, their hands were tied. no refund.
5:27 am
he says he spent months trying to change at&t's stance but failed. he called us. at&t then took a second look at stephen's account and granted him a $1,005 refund. at&t said its goal is to deliver an exceptional experience for its customers every time they interact with at&t. if you have a consumer complaint, you can let us know about it. call 1-888-996-tips, or visit coming up to tomorrow, a fee for not showing up at the airport. back to you. >> thank you very much, kris. 5:27. coming up, it's starting to feel a lot like winter. a live look outside at san francisco on this thursday month. how much longer can we expect these chilly temperatures to last. it's all coming up in kari hall's full forecast. >> reporter: a man is struck and
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killed on a freeway on-ramp. now the chp is looking for information because of what they found at the scene. a hil thsdamorng. afrt aiso isoh
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it is a chilly thursday morning. a frost advisory is now in effect in the north bay in several counties. everyone this morning is going to need to bundle up. good morning and thank you for joining us as we warm our hands. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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winter finally arriving as well as kari hall back from maternity leave. >> good morning. great to be back. unfortunately i brought back the cold weather, too. hey, bundle up, crank up the heat this morning and make sure you have a hot cup of coffee. we're going to have a warmer end to the day, but this is where we're starting. it's 34 degrees in napa. 44 in san jose and livermore 37 degrees. we have the frost advisory in effect for the areas shaded in purple in the north bay. we'll continue to watch those temperatures dip from 32 to 36 degrees there. i'll have an update on what to expect as we go into this afternoon and some rain for this weekend. heading over to mike now, he has something going on in hayward. >> i have changes which are not necessarily the greatest. we'll show you most of the bay looks great right now. hayward is where we're having the problems concentrated over here between 238 and the san mateo bridge. this crash still blocks three of your six lanes over there at a
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street. we had one more lane opened than the last time we talked. also coming here off the castro valley y, 238 jammed up as well. chp doesn't know when they'll be able to move up to four vehicles there involved in the crash. we have a very slow drive there, 238 as well as 23 minutes. better than it was a time ago. if you're south of a street, you're completely in the clear there. mass transit not showing delays there. >> mike, thank you very much. back to the cold temperatures. this is an alternate feel for a lot of people. a live look outside at san rafael as kari just mentioned, the first of the season. but everybody is waking up to colder temperatures. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live in mill valley where people are putting on extra layers this morning. you have a nice warm jacket, pete. >> reporter: indeed. i can even see my breath a little bit as i'm talking here.
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we're here in mill valley, about 4 degrees at camel pious high. you can see the steam coming off the pool. these folks do a community swim. obviously when it's cold they're going to do the swim. there's a frost advisory in effect. of course, when it's cold you want to stay bundled up. nbc gives us these cool jackets. you can have a fleece on. when it starts getting cold, you want the plants protected if you're in to planting. if you have pets, you want to bring them inside to keep them warm. i now kari is keeping an eye on this. we're inside the live truck, keeping an eye on the cold weather on you can download the app. we'll continue to monitor these conditions. these folks are going to go for a swim. i'm going to hop in this warm live truck. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> i was going to say, pete, you're kind of a tough guy,
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putting on that fleece. you need something for your head. for complete microclimate weather coverage, you can download the free nbc app. pete showed it to you there. very cool. it's neat because you can access the same radar that our meteorologists use and get the forecast for your specific neighborhood and see what's coming and when. 5:34 right now. new this morning, a deadly hit-and-run in san jose as officers are searching for the driver. it happened off tully road and 101 just a few hours ago. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san jose with what we know about the situation. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. if you're headed out the door and this is part of your commute, chances are you'll drive by and won't know anything happened around 1:00 this morning. that's exactly the problem. the chp told me the last 45 minutes that when they arrived on scene of this deadly hit-and-run, they had very little to go by as well. not a lot of evidence at the scene. they say it is definitely a
5:35 am
hit-and-run crash. the driver who struck that man did not stop, leaving him to die in the middle of the road, the tully road on-ramp onto southbound 101. moments later, a good samaritan saw him, they did call 911 and stayed with the victim until the san jose fire department arrived. at that point the man had already passed away. the coroner will not release his identity until the family is notified. we can tell you he's a hispanic man in his mid to late 40s. this is 101 south of the tully road on-ramp on to 101 south heading west. it happened sometime between 1:00 and 1:15. >> if anybody was in the area around that time, if they can please call their local chp office and describe any details, that would be greatly appreciated. >> reporter: the roadway is open again this morning. the chp wrapped up their investigation on the scene. earlier this week the chp came up with a vehicle description in a different unrelated
5:36 am
hit-and-run based on car parts left at the scene. we tell you that because that is the kind of work that's going to be happening today. they're also hoping that you will think about what you saw if you were on the road around 1:00 this morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. a class action lawsuit filed against the berkeley unified school district superintendent and members of the board of education. the suit claims students' civil rights were violated because they associated with middle school teacher aye vet felarca, a civil rights activist placed on leave after a confrontation at a neo nazi rally in june. the lawsuit claims her students and former students were interrogated and intimidated, actions that the suit claim sent a hostile message to immigrant students. >> such interviews are illegal and the real aim of those interviews were to intimidate the immigrant youth of this district. >> district officials say they
5:37 am
haven't had time to review the lawsuit and cannot comment at this time. happening today, uc regents are reportedly planning on tightening sexual harassment policies to ever co-their own off-campus policies. the committee agreed to agree the board update policies in a change sparked by an incident back in may. that's when an actress went public with a recording where she was harassed she says by a current uc renal into at his podcast company. uc would become the first college system where ethics rules covering the private lives of its governing board. a troubling act of racist graffiti discovered inside a bathroom at a bay area high school. here is a picture from a bathroom at monta vista high school. you can see two urinals, one with the word white and one with with the word colored. a statement reads in part, quote, at the san ramon valley
5:38 am
unified school district, we are committed to fostering an environment on our cam pulses where we can safely speak about the similarities and differences that make each of us unique. president-elect donald trump will meet with japanese prime minister shinzo abe today. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with more on what is next for trump. >> reporter: good morning everyone. what's next is more meetings today including florida's governor and south carolina governor nikki haley who reportedly has landed on one of those short lists. new names are emerging as possible choices for president-elect trump's cabinet, mike flen as national security adviser, jim talon as defense secretary and senator ted cruz as attorney general. south carolina governor nikki
5:39 am
haley is being considered as secretary of state even though she publicly opposed trump including -- >> we discussed the transition. >> how did it go? >> reporter: former new york mayor rudy giuliani and former u.n. ambassador john bolton. there may be enough democrats or republicans to block both. >> i don't think you really want your chief diplomat to be an advocate forward. >> reporter: vice president elect mike pence is in charge of the transition. today he's back in washington meeting with top leaders from both parties who could choose the next supreme court justice even with a republican majority, confirmation may not be easy. >> to say the least i think they have another thing they better think twice about that. >> reporter: hillary clinton made her first public appearance since the election urging democrats not to give up. >> please don't lose heart, don't give up on the values we share. >> reporter: speaking of
5:40 am
democrats, on the house oversight committee, the top democrat on that committee is asking the trump team for the names of anyone they have requested or are thinking about requesting security clearance for, even after they've repeatedly said that jared kushner, trump's son-in-law and his adult children have not been -- that they have not asked for security clearances for any of them. good morning. it's 5:40. it is chilly outside. here is a live look at san francisco. it's 47 degrees. you need a heavier jacket. we've seen our friends out there, reporters on the scene with bubble coats on. maybe that's definitely appropriate this morning as we drop down to 32 degrees in the north bay. these areas shaded in purple, that's where we do have a frost advisory in effect. the coldest temperatures coming within the next hour to about 7:00 in the morning. warms up nicely later today,
5:41 am
we'll talk about that. also there's some rain in the forecast for the weekend. that's coming up in the next microclimate forecast. now as we head over to mike, we get an update on traffic. >> we have problems in hayward and also in the south bay. i put these in the wrong order, the newest one, you want to stick around if you're driving north towards 237. over here southbound 880 we have the crash blocking half of the freeway, three lanes blocked at a street. you see the drive jamming up at davis and marina. southbound 880 moving smoothly. coming off the castro valley y, you have a problem now. this is annish issue that changed to a serious incident blocking all lanes northbound 880, a crash and a car fire. 680 or zanker are your alternates. cooking the thanksgiving meal next week. we'll show you how much it will cost you for turkey and all those trimmings. >> a controversial appointment of a silicon valley millionaire.
5:42 am
we'll tell you all about it in business and tech. >> the trump lesson plan. one bay area teach has one, she says it is honesty and truth. we'll spell out the plan next. a programming note for you. today because of thursday night football on "nbc nightly news" will air at 4:00 p.m. then the pregame show followed by the saints and the panthers. after the game, stick around for a special edition of nbc bay area news. stick around here, we'll be back in just a few. =ki/wfulka wehereas
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good morning. the time is 5:44. as you head out, it's chilly outside, especially in the north bay where temperatures have dropped in the 30s. right now the mid 30s, napa at 36 degrees at 9:00 and making it into the 60s later today. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up in a few minutes. a slow drive coming off the castro valley y and out of oakland toward san leandro. a crash blocking three lanes at a street. 27 minutes from 238 to the dumbarton bridge. south bay, these numbers aren't a surprise, north 880 approaching 237 we have a crash blocking all lanes right now.
5:46 am
>> a authorities are trying to find out who killed a connecticut man and stuff his body inside a suitcase. the 26-year-old's body was found in new jersey. authorities believe he was stabbed to death in a luxury apartment late sunday night. investigators are questioning two men seen going into that apartment with the victim. one person is dead and nearly a dozen others injured after a glass explosion in central illinois. it happened last night in canton about 200 miles southwest of chicago. several buildings were damaged, the search for victims continues. the explosion was caused by a gas leak, but it's not clear what triggered that leak. happening now across seven southern states, dozens of wildfires, some of them intentionally set. 80,000 acres have been burned in alabama, georgia, kentucky, the carolinas and virginia. in tennessee seven people have been arrested for arson. in north carolina, resented
5:47 am
droughts fueling the flames there. some fires have been burning since the beginning of the month. sad news now, we have new details this morning as to how singer/songwriter leonard cohen died in his lochlt home. the manager says cohen died in his sleep after falling down in the middle of his night. he died november 7th, but it wasn't announced until three days after that. cohen was 82 years old and best known for his songs "hallelujah" and "suzanne." a san francisco school teacher is defending her proposed lesson plan that calls president-elect donald trump racist. it was established in the san francisco teachers union. shaw says the lesson plan is the truth and her right. >> it's also a call to educators to take that anti racist stance, to take an anti sexist stance and tell the students, you know, we are here for you and we are going to have these discussions, we're going to talk about these
5:48 am
issues. >> the district says the lesson is not part of the official curriculum and they did not endorse it. critics say it's an out right insult to the president-elect. 5:48 on your thursday morning. this story is pretty amazing. a florida boy makes a miracle catch, saving his little brother, coming out of nowhere to catch him. you saw it on the upper right-hand corner. the mom left her 11-month-old on the changing table for a moment when the infant rolled over. that's when the 9-year-old sprang into action, catching his baby brother just in the nick of time. new video of a marathon runner getting taken out of the race by a deer. >> watch out for the deer! >> wow, that's what it looked and sounded like as people tried to help him out. this happened in pennsylvania during a college cross country
5:49 am
championship. we're happy to report that the runner was not seriously hurt. >> deer gone wild there. san francisco's twitter taking serious heat for what's called an alt right purge. it's been banning the accounts of people posting hate speech. twitter made the decision to ban a number of alt right accounts, some of those booted off say they did nothing more than support donald trump for president. some critics accuse twitter of testing the limits of free speech. >> i just found this ambiguous leeway and leverage to basically purge any accounts that don't fit in with whatever agenda their ceo or company has in mind. >> twitter, a privately run company has the right to do this. twitter argues its rules prohibit abuse and harassment. a venture capital firm in chicago has made a controversial hire. >> a silicon valley millionaire best phone for his appearances
5:50 am
in court. >> accused by two women of domestic abuse. he stepped down as ceo after a judge found he violated his probation on one of those abuse cases, chahal has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in 2013, accused by a different woman in 2014. chicago-based nim ventures just announced it appointed him to the advisory board. they say we welcome him to the advisory board. we have great faith in him and his contribution. they invited reporters to ask questions which we did. the top question being, were you aware of mr. chahal's legal challenges? we have not heard back. we'll let you know. wall street trying to resume positive ways, the dow snapped a seven-day wink streak. rookie mistake, put the guy with the gavel on the other side where he can strike it. second, this is not the first time that's happened. you have to get yourself a new
5:51 am
gavel. today is the day shareholders of solar city voted where to accept tesla's offer to buy it out. shareholders also have to vote. the idea is controversial, some investors worry it's a bailout of solar city in disguise. elon musk, also the chairman of solar city, says it's good for both companies. that's musk on the right. that's huss cousin on the right, the ceo of solar city. neither man has enough shares to ram this through. musk owns about a third of tesla. they certainly have a lot of influence. we do think this is going to go through, sam and laura. again, the vote on shareholders for both of them this afternoon. interesting call. thanks, scott. >> this is also very interesting. what you're going to eat ahead of a thanksgiving day holiday. what are you musing about? >> the cost of cooking, cooking up that fantastic feast. it's actually going down this year. i bear good news, less than $5.00 a person. dinner for ten is just under
5:52 am
$50. 25 cents less than last year. the big-ticket item is the turkey, a 16-pound bird will cost about $23. >> if i were still doing the whole reality check reporting thing, i would have to do reality check there. >> let's check the forecast now with kari. >> i'm going to jump in first. last-minute change, a major crash in the south bay and another in the east bay. we're talking about normal traffic flow for most of the peninsula and south bay except for north out of san jose. we have this crash, multiple vehicles involved. originally it was a blacked-out vehicle stuck on the roadway. now reportedly a car fire and crash blocking all lanes northbound 880 at 237. this is a problem, northbound 680, san kerr or mccarthy are your options. we will track that for the south bay. another crash southbound 880 at a street blocking three of the six lanes. that's a problem coming off the castro valley y and out of oakland. we'll look at travel times
5:53 am
coming through the area and we have a slower drive developing through the east bay, especially with the red there. crawling from the castro valley y. 4 minut 24 minutes towards the dumbarton bridge. everyone driving out there has the heaters cranked up all the way. as we take a live look, clear skies to start. as you look out the window, it looks fine. take a look at numbers, 37 in livermore, 34 in napa. santa rosa, 36 degrees. that's where we have the frost advisories in effect. as we go to the day, it warms back into the mid 60s, low 60s for morgan hill. 63 as we head towards the east bay. 63 degrees in san mateo and san francisco. 62 in the embarcadero while the north bay starts out in the 30s, but makes it up to 63 degrees in sonoma today for the high. as we go into the weekend, we get ready for that cool air to shift off to the east.
5:54 am
some scattered showers to move in right behind that. it starts out in the north bay. it continues off and on between saturday and sunday with some rain moving from north to south. and we could rack um at least an inch of rain in some parts of the bay area. something we'll be watching over the next couple days. seven-day forecast shows it stays in the 60s in san francisco, rain for the weekend and another chance of rain next wednesday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. coming up, anger over allegations of sexual harassment against a cal professor. the action some students plan to take against that professor today and how the university is supporting them. first happening right now, as we've been mentioning, if you're getting ready to walk out the door, bundle up. you can track the temperatures in your area on our nbc bay area app. the flight path that american aviator charles lindbergh lost in 1927 is now up for auction. you can get a claim ps of the memorabilia on our facebook page. back in two minutes.
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right now an investigative unit exclusive. they catch workers who lie about injuries and bust employers who don't have insurance. >> our investigative unit liz wagner is digging into who is breaking the law and why some are saying the fight against fraud has gone too far. >> workers' comp fraud is a
5:58 am
multibillion dollar drain to california's economy. law enforcement puts a lot of money into catching cheaters. sometimes that means doctors who overprescribe drugs and bill insurance companies for treatment they've never performed. investigators pegged gary martinovsky. law enforcement filed criminal charges against him, but cases in two bay area counties were dismissed. the doctor is suing investigators say they violated his civil rights. his attorney claims law enforcement officials target and harass successful medical providers. district attorneys though don't believe there's much merit to that claim. medical provider fraud is a big cost driver. d.a.'s say they tackle a variety of cases. we crunched the numbers and found from 2011 to 2015 da's across the state convicted 644 people here in the bay area including six medical providers. you can watch our full investigation online right now.
5:59 am
just head to >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to right now at 6:00, we or tracking a chilly start to your thursday morning. >> frost advisory in effect north of the golden gate bridge as you look at the drivers coming into san francisco. we'll talk about a warmup and rain for this weekend coming up. >> reporter: a man is hit and killed and now the chp is looking for clues and help in the public. very good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm e ooh laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we start with mike, we launched our chopper in hayward. >> a major crash blocking half of the freeway.
6:00 am
southbound 880 around a street is where the headlights are bunched up. jammed out of oakland. we have our chopper feed toward a street again. a slow stretch, also backing folks up onto northbound 238. you see that issue here. we don't know when they'll be able to open the three lanes that are open. we'll show you the map and you're backed up off the castro valley y. a big slow drive out of the 580 area. southbound you can also take 880 itself through that mess. northbound 880. this is our second major incident for the nimitz. this is northbound 880 at 237. a crash and a car fire reported here all lanes are blocked. use northbound 680, use zanker or mccarthy to get through this area heading toward 237 and past the scene of this crash which is blocking all lanes of northbound 880. those are the two major incidents. the rest of the bay a pretty


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