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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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raiders in oakland. the new deal about to be announced to keep the first place team right here in the bay area. kris/2shot good morning, and ncheunced to keep the first e lae team right here in the bay area. thanks for joining you us. >> yeah it's sweet music to the up a and black. it's a story at that we're covering the last few seasons. rse raiders want a new stadium s w loss vegas is willing to build one. 5 miust arrived at city hall mayoe and bob, so open leader have a plan and is that enough? good morning. >> reporter: well, we expect to hear more in 45 minutes when gotiand mayor is is speaking here at the city hall publicly about this frame work agreement.
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i did speak with her about an hour ago on the phone, and she did confirm that she did agree with the frame work to build a new stadium. the board of supervisors were supposed to meet behind closed doors to consider the frame work. they must receive approval for the city counsel that's going to meet on december 29th since the city and county owned the land where situated. he pointed out that this is the first time that oakland has found a potential driver partner that's willing to build a new stadium with the understanding that it's going to have to fair money. that group being led by nfl thatplayed for the 49ers and raiders. the city is willing to contribute money around the coliseum.
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this morning indicated that she was not limited to the 90le million dollar figure. they hope that they move off the site closer to the water. now last month in the loft that's in the main port and the stadium and loss vegas. no comment from davis on this morning's frame work. nbc bay area. >> okay. it's going get mighty interesting. it's on-air and online and m coming up we're look at the over time win last night and that's d to ement for the fans.
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a new pepper spray in the classroom is recovering "the ubstanceh" going to the hospital. waews were called into the incident at the middle school just before 10:00 this morning after the substance that caused are tance was released into the classroom air. the emergency rooms. of a dog was killed during a ing ine -- and the pet smart worker and that's two broken animal, a punk kmur lunged and repo reported and then that's the pet
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smart and cooking the animal to strangulation and blunt force trauma. ccusedd on how much they're asking for. han a little girl drawning in the catholic waters is choking the nation. drawned as her 9-year-old brother was there watching. the in two hours the father will face a judge for the first time. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. they put out a statement on behalf of the church but we will get to that in a moment. as you mentioned the authorities believe that the father is the one that drawned the daughter inside of the church. we're going to show you the video from yesterday afternoon when the church turned into a crime scene. now according to the police, they say that 42-year-old left
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his wife and two other other kids at home before heading to st. john's catholic church and at the time he was joined by his 9-year-old son. police say that shortly after he drawned his 4-year-old daughter in this empty church, he ran one block to the police department and said that he was naked and carrying his daughter in the arms. the girl died at the hospital and it's the first homicide in several years. >> obviously a pretty tragic event. everybody is a little bit shaken up because of it. >> reporter: -- ning: right. we lost pete's microphone, but we can tell you that he is
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scheduled for arrangement. we do have a bay area team in place nor that hearing. we will bring you the latest on the social media platform and also new this morning, a second brothel on the peninsula busted and that house was in the public eye right across the exreet from the city hall and just a block from the high school. the police say that they y thsted two people on the home on west 20th avenue while executing a search warrant yesterday afternoon. police say that they were tipped off by several complaints by activity and neighbors were on the lock out. police sent in an undercover officer that found evidence of prostitution at the home. it was a record setting opening on wall street this morning as you see the dow average is floating and jumping ever. o the 19,000 threshold and a little bit below and we're watching the markets and they broke about 6:45 this morning
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and right now it's that 18994 and just six points below that. now experts say strong quarterly harnings and retail companies for part of the reason for optimism right now. well, president-elect don o unceis not going to pursue investigations or charges into hillary clinton's use and that's ad he announced this morning and it's going into what he said as the candidate. we brought you the breaking coverage on today in the bay. clin is a turn around from all of the campaign rallies when he lp cied supporters to lock her up and if they're a pay for play team. f stead chief adviser says that trump is going to work to help clinton heal. the holiday weekend is fast approaching and we're tracking the return of rain to the bay area. let's look live out the window where downtown san jose, and you can see a little bit of haze.
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when the rain aarrives and can we deep fry the turkey outside? >> yeah, we can tomorrow average afternoon and not today. as we see the clouds roll in and later on this evening the rain is going to be here and arriving north later on tonight and as we get a view now, some sunshine coming through. it's 58 degrees and heading up to 6 o 0, and it will be a mild day as we continue to see the clouds going in, and that's the next weather system that we have been tracking at s it continueso move closer. we will continue to see the cloud cover increases and here is the rain moving in by 8:30 this evening. it's going to move from north to south and most of us seeing the showers before midnight tonight and still some lingering spotty showers early tomorrow, but then things wrapping up earlier today. we will look at this and closer to thanksgiving and that's
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coming up a little bit later. >> thank you. a high speed crash comes and on o was shut down most of the itrning and it's opened once again now. this is how the whole thing ended and the driver on the ground and being arrested on suspension of armed robbery and also felony eluding police. police say that they asked for help and san francisco with a vehicle stop just after 12:30 the this morning. -hey tried to stop the driver about ten minutes later in 101 and third street and that driver took off with officers in pursuit at speeds and access at 100 miles an hour. then about 1:00 this morning the driver crashed into parked cars that his passenger was thrown from the car. >> it's five parked cars and over turned. p ispassenger of the vehicle was ejected and was pronounced at the scene. thehat passenger was just 18
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years old. the driver a 19-year-old man out of san francisco. they're investigating the chase and crash in sunnyville. they're investigating the lleged armed robbery that tarted the whole thing. berta woman is recovering after brutally attacked and robbed not long after leaving the bar station. ahis happened at 159th avenue. 8:59 and only three miles from the bart station the suspect probably followed her for several blocks. they say that the man hit her in gs whead with a blunt object and grabbing her phone and running off. she suffered severe injuries to her face. they raised the red flags ployethey announced that something was not right at wells ke vo=and got fired because of it. our unit is tracking wells fargo employees that fired retaliation complaints with the federal government. they run a whistleblower protection program and they will
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not disclose how many are tied to the fake account scandal and it's gotten dozen of complaints ssross the nation and then consumer financial fraud. our investigative unit spoke with an investigator and she says that a case briefly crossed rer desk. >> it sat in the back of my alleng cabinet and was transferred from me back to my supervisors. aks oming up tonight at 11:00 the former investigators felt that the reason the case sat for investg. -i-p-sreak down the number of rea s fargos complaints filed with the feds. if you have a tip for the unit, give us a call or send an ae-mail to the unit at up next at 11:00. so many parents heart broking s dr this days before thanksgiving a school bus filled y ah children slams into a tree
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nts anlling five kids. cottdetails that we're learning of the bus driver. more hateful words on the school. the vandalism that has students and parents angry. a short list of the executies to work in washington is a very short lived. we will take a look in a minute.
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kris 2 shot scott mcgrew joins us.. scott.. the markets heartened by stocks continue their surge this morning after briefly breaking 19,000 and the dow average sitting at 18.996. scott is giving us a little bit of a play by play this morning on today in the bay. right around 19,000. >> yeah, and i think that donald
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trump has a lot to do with this rally once again there. first we started out with the trump rally, sam. the expectations that he is going to order a massive stimulus and bigger than the democrats wanted. today they're encouraged by mr. trump's video message that he pubbished on monday and what he would do in the first 100 days and the decision not to lock her up. peter trying to find to work for the trump administration and working off the so called plum list and a list of people in the bay area who would be helpful and of course that's supported trump from the start and aappearing at the convention and the washington post says that he was offered a job to his papal founder but he turned him down. the post says that he is not getting very much response to his officers in general. now, bringing them up made me think of a video that they had and the very first transition
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between two palm pilots. the birth of papal in the late 90s at bucks and wood side at the time that they called the infinity. there's no news here and just a piece of video from the late 90s that we have that's really sort of amazing and then we were there and the birth of the multicompani multicompanies. >> they're aiding a new idea and to show you how crowded of a place that it is in real time. it's a poplar time featured and we presume that they're making us work through google maps. it accepteds data back to google and sees how busy the mall is. the answer is it's busy. >> we could have used that yesterday at the grocery stores. thank you. >> thank you very much. a ride home from school turns deadly in [distictive chatter] , tennessee as the bus filled with elementary school students crashes into a tree. five children have died and now the bus driver is facing
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charges. this as they're investigating what caused the crash in the first place. nbc sarah reports with the latest on the investigation. >> the scene of a bus nearly split in half by a tree is a heart breaking reminder of the young children and dozen of others injured on monday afternoon when the bus driver swerved off the road. >> we have five confirmed deaths. we have of those deaths three in the forty grade, one in kindergarten and one is a first grader. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation and speed is a strong factor and arresting the 24 year old driver over night. >> he is being charged with five counts of vk homicide, reckless endangerment and driving. >> of the 37 students on board, 24 were rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: we're at the hospital where several were taken and several of them are fighting for their life and
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desperate need of blood. they're asking for volunteers to help the meet the need and people in the community are coming out to support. >> the most important thing in the world is for the parents to mourn. >> a tragic loss just days of thanksgiving. >> we send the condolences to the children. my daughter rides the school bus everyday. we will do everything that we can to prevent this from happening again. >> the investigators have the warrant to remove the black bus and see what caused the tragedy. sarah with nbc news. back here in the bay area and continuing coverage of racial tensions on campus in the east bay. for the sixth time since mid-october races and hom foeber gra amphetaminety is found in the ceremony and the school district and the latest is on a school bus that serves in the high school and this is prior to
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vandali vandalism. the principal sent a letter and cal heights and school have been targeted four times and they have been hit twice. so did you watch? it was a little past the bed time, but conflicting times for the raiders. the best season in 14 years. last night the first ever monday night football game in mexico. >> yeah, going international for the first game in mexico city. it was a home game for the silver and black even though that was more than 2,000 miles away. fans said that they were fine with the team playing in another city, but for one game only. now for despite the talk of moving to las vegas, they're thrilled that the team is in first place. >> this is the best team that we have had in the past 13 seasons. why not. >> the raiders have sole possession and tied with the best record in the conference. there's been a lot of people
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talking about this morning and watch the quarterback here after he makes the throw. we're going to see the video and wearing a green dot and that's crossing over the face several times. this happened throughout the game and it was a head catcher. fans commonly use lasers in mexico. >> you mean soccer. >> not football in american. so there's some time to donate with thanksgiving just days away and certainly a lot of need in the bay area shelters and food banks still looking for more turkeys to feed as many people as possible this this holiday season. >> just a critical couple of days and they are scrambling to get all of the donations this year and at last check they were 600 turkeys short. if you're interested, log on to the website to see how to do it. >> you can buy a turkey and drop
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it off and $30 is a food for four for thanksgiving incase you're looking at the map and it's tax deduckable. >> yeah. and for a lot of people getting that turkey ready today if you have not already, make sure that it's out of the freezer. we're seeing a little bit of the filtered sunshine in the north bay and starting to see the clouds roaming in and here it is and it's 51 degrees and heading over to san francisco is 58 and we have a mostly sunny skies and high clouds starting to move in out and ahead of this next system that's moving in tonight. we're starting the see the clouds and now the showers late tonight and it's 57 in oakland and concord and morgan hill. it's once again in the lower 50s and that's where the rain is going to begin as we go to to
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want. looking at the temperatures we're at 54 degrees and now heading up to 60 or 61 degrees before it cools down in the south bay. concord today and 62 degrees and over to the peninsula and upper 50s and low 60s for the north bay and then once gain here is a look at what we're expecting as far as the hour by hour outlook. the rain is moving into the north bay and here we are this evening and it maybe quit heavy just intentionally as it moves in as we start to see the bright colors and it shows a very intense rain band and then it moves into san francisco and then oakland by 10:00 tonight and then continues to move in to the east bay as well as the south bay shortly before midnight. you may hear the rain pounding on the roof, but most of it is out of here fairly quickly and
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only a couple of showers left tomorrow afternoon, and we should have a lot of sunshine. it's going to be chilly. rainfall may reach a tenth of an inch and heavier mounts to the north where it's starting to move in. in san francisco only reaching 60 degrees today and 58 tomorrow. we stay in the 50s for the rest of the weekend and off and on rain throughout the weekend and the inland areas is is more of the same. the cool air moving in and several systems passing over the next several days and so at least thankss giving is drierks but after that, all of those bets are off, and we have' a lot of people having the shopping plans for this weekend. it looks like it could be wet. >> shop with an umbrella. >> there will be shopping rain or shine. i assure you of that. california leaving and to make california it's own country. happening now a washington dc restaurant apologizes for hosting a white nationist group
11:24 am
for dinner. it shows people making the natzi salute and they reserved under a different name. read about it where the restaurant is sending the profits from that dinner. forget black friday. how about green friday. california state parks is giving out 3,000 passes for the day. there's still 2,500 left. go to the twitter page how to find out how to snag one. =take vo=
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a group called 'yes california' is should california go to a long shot and now some formal steps are being taken. some groups are pushing a proposed ballot measure if it manges it to the 2018 ballot if the state constitution should be amended and it would ask voters to see it from the u.s. >> they're not set up to do that unless there's a process expressing the opinion on it. >> yes, about the process. the only way to legally succeed would be to change the u.s. constitution that requires the proefl of the congress and 38
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states. a fire started around 6:00 in the evening and some smokers say that they smelled smoke. actually shoppers said that they smelt smoke. they did not hear the alarm and if not for security, they would not have known. >> we did not hear the people come in and saying that there's a fire alarm. >> it went pretty smooth. nobody was pushing. it was pretty quick. there was a lot of people. i just want to know and i hope that everybody made it out safely. >> the fire department put out the flames and no one was hurt. employees did go back to work once they got the all clear. now possible resolution to parking roads at a poplar south bay mall and west field valley fair and officials say that they're going to work with the
11:29 am
city after weekend madness had drivers stuck in the parking lot for hours. now they're making it a priority with the timing of the traffic light before the black friday rush. >> okay. just in the nick of time. coming up next a school wants to stop the problem in it's way. going in debt to call a loved one. how they're fighting back over phone fees that are unfair and excessive.
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punished. studies show one in three families goes into debt to they're not the only ones being punished. studies show that one in three families driven to debt may lose contact with a loved one when behind bars. >> when you say contact, you mean phone calls. now they accuse them of over
11:32 am
charging for the inmates. sli vickie tell us us how it's happening. >> 72,000 people are in a carolina county jail. research shows when the inmate maintains battle, they're less likely to commit the crimes when released. they're six times as high as they are for state prisons. >> hello, this is a prepaid collect call from -- >> sherly banks treasures this time. >> the 15 minute in the morning and evening that she can hear her husband's voice. >> say good morning and stuff and pray. >> after they were married he began to serve a four year sentence for burglarizing several restaurants in the county. >> when he was first incarcerated we were newlyweds, so it was important that we kept
11:33 am
the communication. >> that communication cost her about $300 a month. each 15 minute call costs over $4. she came out of retirement and taking a dacashier job at walma. >> i am fortunate enough to be able to work. i know families working two jobs, and you know they can not aafford the call. >> lawyers have filed a class action lawsuit against the county and several others statewide. they say that the counties is charging unfair and excessive fees on the calls. the investigative unit reviewed the cost of local calls and found they ranged from $2.60 all the way to $9 in napa for a 15 minute call from jail. that same one is only $1.50 from a state prison. they capped the phone feels in 2012. the lack of contact takes a toll
11:34 am
on families. >> it's a key aspect in rehabilitation. >> he works for human rights in oakland. he knows the importance of human contact. >> if they don't care about the individual that's incarcerated, then they should care about the family and especially the children. >> the center released a report saying that inmate that is have family contact have better -- they rely on the cash for the calls that total more than $6.5 million last year. aalameda brought in the most. all of that money goes to a good cause. it requires the phone fees to go to to inmate programs including education and religious services. >> it's the families that are being torn apart. >> she served on the federal
11:35 am
commission and they say that they voted to cap the phone fees but a federal judge put a hold on that decision until early next year. >> the 2.7 million children in this nation that they have at least one parent in prison, suffer the most. they pay on average $5,000 per year to keep in touch with their loved ones. >> she said that only 38 percent of the inmates keep in touch and that has a devastating result for the entire community. >> there are 700,000 inmates released from jails and prisons each year and when they come home, they come home as strangers and within five years, 75 percent of them are back in. that's a revolving door. >> none of the counties aagreed to an interview but they cesaid that's they have always follow
11:36 am
it had law. >> shirley is speaking out for families and hoping that the call is going to make the difference when they come home. >> they're paying the time for what they did. there's no reason why the loved ones have to be punished. >> it seeks financial relief for the familiar skplis in the meantime they're going to defend the decision. >> vickie, thank you v. if you have a tip for the unit, give us a call 888996 tips or send us an e-mail at the bay a 49 player is expected back in court today. this comes after he pleaded not guilty to to several felony attacks. he attacked two men back in september. one of the victims was 70 years old. they fired him just a few hours after the arrest.
11:37 am
reports this morning of new disturbing charges after a former youth coach facing charges of lewd acts with boys. they arrested him in september and he is a former school sport's coach that used the position to repeatedly take advantage of boys. three more boys have come forward since the arrest. yesterday prosecutors successfully increased the bail to $4 million. in a third trail, jurors have convicted a 22 year old man in a south bay killing that happened seven years ago. randy thompson stabbed another boy back in 2009. his body was found in the backyard of his house. prosecutors called this a thrill kill crime. the news reports that the jurors convicted him of first degree murder.
11:38 am
in a previous trial, they were deadlocked on the issue and williams is already serving 26 years to life in prison. a follow up now on a story that we have been reporting on all week. th½ykmo9át surveillance image of the 2015 dodge caravan wanted in the next with a brutal crash that injured a husband and wife. that could be a representable car. they were on the way to the store when the car involved in a gun battle hit the couple's car head on. one is in custody, but they're looking for whoever was driving the dodge caravan. a school fight but not between students. it's the pie vit school and people living around it. the all girl's campus wants to boost enrollment and a part of that plan includes removing the trees and setting out the structures to make an
11:39 am
underground parking lot. the people in the area worry that the neighborhood is going to lose the charm. >> who wants to see a see meant wall across the street. >> the reviews is expected to take several months. expanding one of the best schools if all goes according to plans stanford is going to construct bimds and housing units over the next 20 years. that's in the county and calls for a slew of academic buildings and housing units. it's 2,000 acres of unopened space untouched. ty leader will announce the new grant to help fund the next phase of restoring it between the cultural and learning center. the old mint has been empty for
11:40 am
that are than 20 years. that's the california historical society to help with the renovations. up next nbc bay area response. someone else is told to end up on his fast track aaccount. nbc bay area responds next. d. nbc bay area responds next. a. nbc bay area responds next. c. nbc bay area responds next. c. nbc bay area responds next. o. nbc bay area responds next. u. nbc bay area responds next. el m. nbc bay area responds next. t. nbc bay area responds next. . nbc bay area responds next. . nbc bay area responds next. . nbc bay area responds next. . nbc bay area responds next. . nbc bay area responds next. a. nbc bay area responds next. c. nbc bay area responds next. c. nbc bay area responds next. o. nbc bay area responds next. u. nbc bay area responds next. . nbc bay area responds next. t. nbc bay area responds next. nbc bay area responds.
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to a san rafael man who was billed for someone else's car crossing the golden gate bridge. =kris/2shot= consumer investigator chris chmura helped him out and is here with his story. =take pkg= trt:1:04 getting bills for someone else's car. >> this call to our sender came to us from john who sold the car three years ago. he kept the fast track and put it in the new car and noticed that it was over too high and that's when john learned that he was being billed for new his car and old car. fast trak said that he owned the car and fast trak told him that a refund was on the way.
11:44 am
after three years he finally reached out to us and we helped him secure the $800 remoufund. if you have a consumer complaint call us 888996 tips. witness you're there for the yellow submit button. you can help us investigate the case. tomorrow four frustrating airport sar th airpo airport scenarios and four easy days. >> sounds like something to keep handy. >> i got to hang out with him at the food drive and second harvest foods drive. he is a treasure when it comes -- he does not just talk about the consumer but lives it. >> yeah, he really does. >> coming up at 5:00. and we're also getting some advise on the weather because it's been a nice and dry at
11:45 am
least today and it was chilly this morning and it's slowly starting to warm up. here is a live lookout side as we're seeing the clouds moving, and we're going to filter the sunshine as of now and ahead of the next storm system that's moving in. here is a look at what we're going to experience as we go into tonight as well as tomorrow. now you see that burst of some heavy rain that's starting to move forward. it's going to be wetter before it moves into the bay area. that's going to produce the heavier rain and by the time it get sboos the bay area and later on tonight a lot of that rain is going to be drying up. here is where we are right now. temperatures in the mid-you to upper 50s and it's fairly cool outside. it's trending into the low 60s and that's cooler than average and in san jose, we're going see the high up to 64 and 61 degrees in san ththen it weakens and tha
11:46 am
quick burst of heavy rain as it intentionally moves into the north baby 9:00 to want and the winds are kicking up, and we will have the scattered showers as this approaches san francisco into the peninsula and the east bay and that's going to be about 10:30 to want. it moves into the south bay before midnight and then after that, it looks like a lot of that rain breaks up and we will get the clearing for tomorrow. thanksgiving is going to be clear and rainfall totals do not look impressive but it's nice to get a tekrchth of an inch of rain. heading over to the si rerra, he the tire changes. here for the coast and the bay, after that rain moves in, by noon we will see some clearing and it will be breezy at times and temperatures only reaching
11:47 am
the low 60s. on thanksgiving day if you're traveling early, it's going to be chilly and we will have the fog at 47 degrees and then it's nice. looking ahead into the weekend and by friday we will have the plans to get out early to go shopping and we have the rain moving in during the morning and afternoon hours. we will start to see that moving from the north to south. we will keep it unsettled on sunday as we could have another chance of rain moving aaagain. temperature wise we're only looking at upper 50s and 0s in san francisco and cool for the inland areas and 58 degrees and then lows around 40s all next week. it's fairly chilly as we start december. >> it was so chilly this morning i was going to wear sweat pants. >> yeah, it was chilly. the rest of the country, i'm not sure about.
11:48 am
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visit today. who says i shouldn't havmy doctor.very day? my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. many of us think we can taste the difference between expensive wine and the cheap stuff. but can you really? ==kris//2 shot== and what if it was wine out of a box? today, a little experiment that could save you big money. nbc's jeff rossen did a taste test.. just in time for your holiday party. ==take pkg== outcue:..cheers (woooh) trt: 3:30 ==sam//2 shot== jeff rossen reporting. here's another reason to save on boxed wine... it actually lasts
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drinking wane out of a box. hours before the party my team got a bunch of empty wine bottles and poured boxed wine into them and complete with the fancy labels that we printed up. we made up an expensive sounding name in french. will these people really believe that it's high end wine because it looks fancy. right away the wine is flowing. >> very smooth. >> i smell oak. >> but there's something else that they do not know. one of the guests is is not really a guest. it's linda a branding and marketing expert. >> i'm going to speak in a tone because i don't want them to
11:52 am
hear. >> you put wine in a fine bottle, so they believe that they're drinking a fine bottle of wine. >> when ski them, what are people going to say? >> what do you think? >> i like it. it's refreshing white. >> it's refreshing? >> yeah. >> that's good. >> what about yours? >> good. the phrase is coming. >> what about you? >> there's a spice to it. >> you like that? >> yeah. >> i like it. it's a full body but does not linger. the box win is about $5 a bottle. >> how much would you pay for it? >> 20 to the $25. >> okay. we're going to ramp things up now and do a taste test. we took the test and said which wine do you like better? remember it's the same boxed wine. we test the red and the same in
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the white glasses. we're going to see what they say. >> tell me which of these wines you like better? >> i'm dying the to know? >> the second one? >> it has more character. >> okay. >> this one is a little bit better. it's a little bit thinner. >> every single person we asked -- >> this one. >> picking one wine over the other. >> i like that one better? >> why? >> it's fuller. >> remember it's the exact same boxed wine in both glasses but they seem so confident? >> this is tart compared to this one. >> okay. time to fess up. >> do you want to know what we have been up to tonight? >> yeah. >> i talk today a lot of you and you enjoyed the wine. here is what you were really drinking. boxed wine.
11:54 am
[ screaming ] . >> oh my gosh. >> surprised? >> yeah. yes. that that'sed amazing. >> there's another surprise. the taste test was the same wine in both. [ screaming ] . >> just in time for thanksgiving, go cheap. >> yeah, i will use the bottle instead. >> trick the guests. >> that was jeff reporting. >> i feel that he needed time and saying that these are the real actors. >> it seems like they're being made fools of. >> yeah, a little bit of that going on. here is another reason o the save on boxed wine. it last longer than wine in the bottle. >> that's because it has the vacuum seal. that way it's good for six weeks to eight weeks after opening. we will never know because it does not last that long in the house. >> apparently not. >> apparently not.
11:55 am
we will be right back.
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cheers to the holiday. >> yeah. >> we're tracking the next round of rain and moving in late tonight. as of now as we get a look of cameras and you see the clouds over head, the temperatures are starting to warm up. rain tonight and jeff will have the updates through the evening newscast. >> okay. i will wake up with my radar again. >> hope that you have a good day and find all of your news on the bay - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ like when i close my eyes and i don't care if anyone sees me dancing ♪ ♪ and i don't even think >> oh. a ray of sunshine. laurie and val, get a perfect score, of course, for their playground freestyle dance, the mirror ball champ will be crowned tonight. the end of the road for "dancing with the stars." >> end of the road. it was so good last night. i love the freestyle dance. >> it's my favorite. >> this is where you see their personalities. laurie of course so creative and energetic and plain fun, but james was great too, and calvin was great. it's a really difficult one. i don't know who -- i can't really pick a winner right no


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