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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 27, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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. on this sunday night, questioning the vote, president-elect trump claims millions of americans voted illegally saying that's why he lost the national popular vote. uncertain future, new reaction from inside cuba tonight after fidel castro's death and many wondered what's next for the island country. >> bourbon street shooting. ten people shot in the new orleans french quarter. hometown hero, melania trump, tiny hometown in europe, the residence hopes her success will make it a tourist hot spot. a busy travel weekend, "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world
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headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow. go good evening, donald trump leaving florida after spending thanksgiving there with his family. using twitter to break news. trump wrote that he would have won the popular vote but did not because millions of people voted illegally. the trump campaign offered no more details. the latest count shows clinton won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. we get the latest details from kristen welker. >> president-elect trump with this surprising tweet. in addition to winning the electoral college in are a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people voted ill legalillegally. mr. trump did not clarify who he
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believed voted ill l illino illegal illegally. mr. trump writing nothing will change and so much time and money will be spent, same results, sad. trump's aid took aim at the recount. >> it is a hypocrite c joke. >> you feel that there is some thing going on, hey, i want to doub check this. >> do people have the right do it? yeah, i do. >> there are also turmoil inside trump o 's world. today his top adviser slammed mitt romney and accusing romney
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going over board in his attack over the campaign. >> i am not campaignicampaig campaigning against anyone. i am just a concerned citizen. people feel betrayed to think that mitt romney would be given the most significant cabinet at all of secretary of state. >> mr. trump has had several phone calls with the current commander in chief including a 45 minutes conversation yesterday. >> i can tell you that president-elect trump enj enjoys speaking to president obama and talking about the serious issues and they get along nicely. they disagree on many things, that's not going to change. >> mr. trump will hold eight meetings tomorrow and a controversial figure, david clark. the two biggest positions, secretary of state and defense have yet to be determined. >> kristen welker in florida. >> i want to bring in
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our mark murray, senior analyst. >> kate, i think it is more evidence how thin skinned the president-elect trump about not winning the popular vote. the electoral colleges decide our races and donald trump took all the knowledge and ended up winning fair and square, this is another instance where he's talked about not winning the popular vote. of course, as kristen welker mentioning, hillary clinton ended up getting that popular vote and winning that by 2 million votes in counting. there are a couple other points to make, this does also legitimatize any recount efforts. if you have the president-elect trump questioning and saying without stubstantiation that millions of people voted illegally then jill stein and anyone else have a good faith of recount in any way they can.
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. many are wondering what's next after the death of fidel castro. andrea mitchell is in havana with the latest. >> the first sunday in 13 years that the protesters are known as ladies in white did not march after church. it was out of respect for the mourning period. a bigger factor nbc news has learned that state security police told them to stay-at-home. >> if you wanted to go out and march today, what would have happened? >> she says they'll pun p ch us a punch us and beat us and put us in jail until the morning is over. >> that's what happened last march when they protested through tight security for president obama's
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visit. nothing will change if fidel is gone. his brother, raul, is still in charge. >> this car was before the revolution. >> this car is li like -- i don't know how to say it in english. >> this is as good as raul castro opening to the u.s. cruises come to florida and americans are spending money. >> we are getting better with our economy. >> what will happen if the new president elect, the next president trump changes all that? >> that'll be bad for us. >> donald trump once explored business deals in havana. >> how much to roll back and sending signals today. >> nothing indefinite, he will be speaking to his advisers. >> and marco rubio signaling some
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flexibilities. everything should be guided by our goals. our goals are not the punish. >> reporter: until fidel's burial of a week from today t cuba are closing a lot of events and forgoing their fund for baseball. the legacy of its legendary and founding father, and also controversial. >> andrea mitchell in havana tonight. now to new orleans an early shooting left nine person dead. >> panic in the streets of new orleans. >> we need ems, people are running to escape the gunfire. >> i got one shot in the chest and another shot in the hands and some other ones, i cannot tell right now. >> surveillance video captured the chaos at
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1:30 this morning. >> mountains of police moved in. >> a mass shooting on the world's famous bourbon street leaving nine injured. a tattoo artist from baton rouge is killed. >> it continues to put an exclamation point on the death of destruction that gun violence plagued on the streets of fnew orleans. >> police say they are searching for two men who started shooting at each other after arguing on the streets. >> i am confident that we'll track down those responsible for this crime and we'll hold them accountable for their actions and make sure they are brought to justice. this is the second massive shooting on bourbon street. the incident is similar to this scene in 2014 when a student was killed and nine others injured. a deadly case of deja vu all in a popular
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tourist destination. after a long weekend, thanksgiving spent with friends and family. millions of americans driving home today. jacob rascon is at the international airport with a look at how the holiday is going. >> tonight is one of most busiest travel days in the year is living up to its reputation. >> i hate flying. >> getting through the gates is often a test of impatient. >> looks like it is going to be a line. >> in atlanta, caleb watson play watson, played a game of uno after they missed their flight to honolulu. >> the train is locked down and when we got there, the doors are closed. >> kind of had a melt down. >> nearly 49 million
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americans are trying to make it back home with 90% of them are on the road. >> i got to be at work tomorrow. >> new jersey, shawn williams, was working overtime for aaa. >> it is one of those busiesiest days and we are all out on the roads taking calls. >> one of those calls came from the jones' family whose car broke down and back to washington, d.c. >> our delay out here. we have a four-year-old with us. >> the traffic estimating that gridlocks will be up to 240% today and twice as many accidents as usual. >> both directions of i-80 were shut down after a wreck on snowy road. back in atlanta, the watchers have to wait a little longer. >> now we have to wait. >> reporter: in atlanta where the
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weather is good and reports of just 34 flie flights delayed and nationwide over 2,000. both numbers love for a daylight today. >> kate. >> good news right there. back to politics right now, we are learning more of president-elect trump's business interests all over the globe. critics are wondering what kind of potential conflict of interest maybe created. our ker simmons traveled to the country where trump had a big global business interests. >> it earns him an income between $1 million and $5 million in 2015 and 2016, according to his own financial closu disclosure. >> last year, he described it is a potential of conflict
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of interest. >> she threw to turkey four times, ivanka trump, she tweeted good morning istanbul in 2009. in 2012, she wrote on instagram, nothing i cannot do here. >> we had a long-term relationship with turkey because of the fact that we did a show of "the apprentice." >> we wanted to ask about donald trump's financial interest in turkey. >> they did not respond to a request or an interview. the president-elect trump says they are vesting his business connections and legal investigations are unclear. >> syria it is a key player in u.s. efforts to confront isis and members of nato. it is a authoritarian
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leader of preside president -- >> he maybe very critical of trump. >> this turkish businessman will only be crucial and frien friends -- ivanka had known him for eight years. >> reports say memic is connected to presidenter president erdoguan. >> i how much influence does the president of turkey have over the billionaire family that owns trump's tower? >> after the election, president erdogan was one of the first
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trying to save the endangered key deer. >> sweet and docile and no bigger than a large dog. >> she's hiding. she does not think she's hiding. she's doing what she does best. >> florida's precious key deer are dying in an alarming rate in the last two months. 13% of the population is dead. the cause of a new world screw worm. they left the screw in and that's where they live live. >> so do the key deer suffer? >> yes, they do. >> they have no idea where the infestation came from. screw worm are from the larva from the area. >> scientists setting
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lemme guess, the salmon? being transparent about our costs. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. it is a world away from the white house and trump's tower here in new york city. a small country in central new york best known for its beautiful mountain now has a new claim, nbc's matt bradley traveled to melania trump's hometown where many are hoping all this attention will give them a boost. >> melania trump has spent most of her light in the spotlight and now she's ready
3:52 pm
for a close up. slovenia about the size of houston is booming. nobody knows slovenia. >> is it possible that melania trump can help make slovenia great again. >> i hope so. >> her melania cake sole for three youeuro a piece. >> a local band dedicated a song to melania trump. >> she grew up a world away from trump tower. folks here say they don't need that kind of glamour but they want just a taste. >> inside, just one tourist attraction of a 12 century castle. melania can help put its specialty on the map.
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>> the town is known for its annual salami festival for reasons no one can remember and only men is allowed to attend. >> how are you getting male only to attract fans of melania trump. >> you just have to make promotions and i get more people will come. >> regardless of how, it is ready for recognition of worthy of the first lady. >> i think now it will be full of students. >> matt bradley. >> coming up, how one group of cuban in >> coming up, how one group of cuban in miami is you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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a story of one man trying to connect on both sides of flori florida's straight. >> they'll have an opportunity to find a new cuba and independent of fidel castro. the son of cuba exiles now raise ad a family called hope. >> his mother, martha, while battling cancer returning to the homeland for the first time to see pope
3:57 pm
francis. >> we have been pitted against one another. >> on an eye where words are chosen carefully. today at the university of havana, silence spoke volume. for us -- it was like he's really immortal. >> for young people here, marking nine days of national mourning. castro is always a rev nutrition hero. others will remember him as a deck tater. >> dictator. >> the 31-year-old opposes the communist and wants reelection. >> he calls his death is a beginning of a new era and renewed hope. one year ago today his mother lost her cancer battle. >> it was an emotional experience, it was the peace she needed right before she passed.
3:58 pm
>> tonight, so many are searching for that peace. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, havana. >> that's nbc nightly news for this sunday night. up next, football night in america. kansas city chiefs, taking on the denver broncos. i am kate snow reporting from new york, i will see you tomorrow on msnbc at 3:00 eastern, hafrom all of us from nbc news, have a great night.
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for the nascar sprint cup. and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. >> a year after winning the super bowl, trevor siemian and the broncos are locked in a three-way bat until a very competitive afc west, as they host alex smith and the chiefs. >> welcome to 2016, denver broncos, to the field. >> the denver broncos have a


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