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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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from now on, it's going to be america first. okay. america first. >> on the heels of the carrier jobs news, president-elect trump taking a victory lap while also revealing his choice to head up america's military. >> the death toll rises from the violent one-two punch of violent storms and massive wildfires in the southeast. news on an nfl player shot in a road rage incident outside new orleans. >> buzz aldrin facing a medical emergency forces a high risk rescue mission from the north po pole. >> a pack of bomb sniffing military heroes are now looking for a new home.
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"early today" starts now. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. >> a little bit of a flashback to the days of the campaign trail, what we saw yesterday. a return of the donald, so to speak. he held his first rally since his 3:00 a.m. victory speech after the election, embarking on a thank you tour that sounded more like a victory lap bring ig back the showboating candidate who worked his way to the white house. >> we had people running the country who truly didn't know what the hell they were doing. from now on, it's going to be america first. okay. america first. >> and trump made a big announcement while rallying supporters surprising the media by declaring his pick for secretary of defense. >> i don't want to tell you this because i want to save the suspense for next week. we are going to appoint mad dog
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mattis as our secretary of defense. >> and trump was referring there to james mattess, marine corps general who retired in 2013 after serving as head of central command. he's credited with leading the invasion in iraq in 2003. >> just as trump zeroed in on his choice for defense, there are reports he is widening his search for secretary of state. with trump's one-time campaign manager corey lewandowski telling abc news while mitt romney and rudy giuliani have been leading the pack for the job, the decision on the matter was, quote, far from done. that as the chorus against romney's possible nomination grows with last night's cincinnati crowd bursting into chants of no romney. but they also doubled down on building the border wall, repealing obamacare, and lowering taxes. that came after trump and pence swung through indiana to tout
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their deal with carrier executives to keep over 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the united states. >> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. not going to happen. not going to happen. >> the carrier deal gives the heating and air conditioning company $7 million in state tax breaks over ten years in exchange for carrier investing $16 million into its plant. however, another 1300 jobs are still slated to go to mexico. >> new details are emerging on the death of a former nfl running back. former usc stand out and new york jet joe mcknight was shot and killed outside of new orleans. sheriff's officials have a suspect in custody and tell nbc the shooting was, quote, a possible road rage incident. ems reacted quickly, but he ultimately succumbed to his injury. the suspect is 54-year-old ronald gasser, and here's what the sheriff's office had to say about the ongoing investigation.
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>> at the present time, we're interviewing a number of witnesses as well as mr. gasser at the bureau is that mr. gasser did in fact shoot mr. mcknoit. >> now, mcknight was a highly recruited new orleans football star who played for the kansas city chiefs as well as the canadian football league. he was just 28 years old. >> over 10,000 people remain without power as the south recovers from fires and tornadoes. five people were killed in alabama and tennessee. an additional 11 people were killed by the wildfires in eastern tennessee. gatlinburg remains blocked to the public with a mandatory evacuation order. firefighters are putting out structural fires around the
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resort town, and this is something to see. on wednesday morning, this foyto was taken of some of the heroic firefighters. after battling the blazes for 30 straight hours, they were able to get well deserved rest. >> hats off to all those fighting the fires. >> buzz aldrin is waking up in a new zealand hospital in good spirits after a medical evacuation from the south pole. he left for a luxury antarctic tour on tuesday, but his health deteriorating leading to a serious lung condition. his manager released the photos you see on the screen saying he's recovering well. they also put out a statement saying the astronaut has fluid in his lungs but is in stable condition. he became a household name in 1969 when he famously became the second man to walk on the among alongside neil armstrong. >> a harrowing story out of utah where the fast actions of two parents may have saved countless
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student. that's when they saved their own armed son from opening fire. >> emergency. men with big guns. and children. >> on the sidewalk. >> being led away. >> what's the address of the emergency. >> it's the junior high. >> nobody expected this. >> he has a gun? >> at their school. >> this kid came in with a shotgun. >> he looked angry. >> i hurt the shot go off and looked up and there was a hole in the ceiling. >> we thought it was a warning shot. >> eliza murphy told her dad a class mate intervened. >> you don't want to do this. don't do this. >> i believe those seconds played a big role in the outcome today. >> because it bought time. >> time for the parents who were at the school looking for their son to be able to get into that room and actually apprehend
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their son and remove the weapons. >> investigators say the teen came to school with a fully loaded shotgun and hand gun. he also had two boxes of ammo brought from home. >> they were engaged enough in this young man's life that when they saw him doing things different differently. >> they were acting on a hunch. >> i was expecting much worse than what happened today. >> our thanks to our affiliate in utah. that teen boy is now in juvenile detention on several weapons violations. more charges are likely to come. >> this is a heart warming story. it's aubt pack of heroes. in fact, 13 retired bomb detection dogs, to be precise. they took their first steps on american soil after a long military tour in kuwait. they spent the past few years serving the country. now they're getting ready for a well deserved retirement.
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the organization mission canine will work to reintegrate the g dogs back into society at home. they hope to have the dogs in a lot of new homes in times for the holidays. there's the information on the screen. go to everyone wins. you can bring a pet home to your kids, help the dogs find new homes in the u.s. >> great for both sides. >> still ahead, it was supposed to be a civil conversation between the clinton and trump campaigns. but it got downright nasty and mean. >> first, check out the scene in cobb county, georgia, as an ef-1 tornado struck north of atlanta. they capture the powerful scene as winds swept through the area taking down trees and causing other damage. bill karins joins us for a look ahead after what could only being described as a severe weather week across the country. >> the tornadoes and then the
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flames of the gatlinburg fire. looks like over the next couple days, nothing too severe. we have wet weather coming into the northwest with the storm system. first the warm front and then a cold front later. it's a rainy day in the pacific northwest, and that will continue throughout much of the day. rest of the day looks good for travel. a little chilly and cold in the upcoming period. especially next week, but not bad throughout the upcoming weekend. sunday, the beginning of the cold air. we should clear out the rain early in the day. breezy and colder especially in the northern rockies sunday a and we'll see a heavy rain for them on sunday and monday. good news for the firefighters. we like to hear that with the rain in the southeast.
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the upcoming week is going to do a lot to put a dent in the fires still burning. >> just ahead, president obama tries out new holiday humor. whether you're going to laugh, we'll see. >> comedy may not be in his post-presidential life. >> then, it's anything but funny. a man videos himself driving over 150 miles per hour when things go terribly wrong. we'll have the details next. -he! this is for you. you didn't really have to... getting the gift you almost kept for yourself? now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it's easy to create your own at walgreens... with 30 percent off photo purchases, just around the corner. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. incr...think it wouldotection in a pwork, but it does.dn't... it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super...
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oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. look at this giant red ribbon. it was displayed alt the front entrance to the white house yesterday to mark world aids day. meanwhile, another final event of the obama presidency. >> five, four, three, two, one. merry christmas, everybody. >> last time they'll do it. the president, first lady, and first daughter sasha flip the switch on the national christmas tree for the last time in a ceremony hosted by eva longoria.
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you saw her with them. also an opportunity for the president to make another one of his famous dad jokes. >> last week, i pardoned the turkey. tonight, we're lighting the national christmas tree. this one is easier because a tree does not move. it does not gobble. you just push a button and it's electrified, which is exactly what you don't want to have happen at a turkey pardon. i thought it was funny. >> it's the chuckle at the end. >> i love the fact he's laughing at his own joke. >> leading the news, princess cruise lines will pay the largest penalty for ocean pollution. carnival cruise lines has agreed to pay $40 million after pleading guilty to seven federal charges for trying to cover up an illegal pollution scheme on five of its ships.
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now, in an effort likely to cut costs, one ship called a so-called magic pipe to discard waste in the water. british authorities then notified the u.s. coast guard. the company's president said they take full responsibility. >> we're very sorry for the inexcusable actions of our employees and we also deeply regret that our oversight was inadequate. >> carnival is now required to participate in a court-supervised environmental compliance program. >> a 20-year-old rhode island man is in critical condition after he crashed his car while streaming video of himself speeding on facebook live. he reached speeds up to 160 miles per hour. witnesses say he lost control of the car, which spun sways and hit a garbage truck. rescuers had to cut the man from his vehicle. he's charged with reckless driving along with a host of other traffic offenses. the driver of the truck was uninjured.
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we heard stories about how snapchat is aware and trying to prevent that, but we're seeing it on facebook live. >> i could think of a few word other than reckless. luckily no one was injured in the stunt. >> the insults and personal atactions were flying between the clinton and trump campaigns at a harvard face-to-face that's already becomes legend, so to speak. that's next. that's why you will stay in this drawer... forever. i can't live without you. and that's why i will never, ever wash you. protect your clothes from the damage of the wash with downy fabric conditioner. it not only softens and freshens... it helps protect clothes... from stretching, fading and fuzz... so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner wash in the wow.
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a political brawl at harvard. that's one way at least to describe it. in every presidential election since 1972, the harvard kennedy school has held a forum between the leading campaign teams of each political party. well, to capture what they call a first draft of history in real time, so to speak. and this year's discussion largely meirrored what we witnessed on the campaign trail. listen to the fireworks when it came to steve bannon. >> he gets heltd to a standard that none of these other folks are held to. >> dan, if providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, then i am glad to have lost. give me a minute, david. when i am more proud of hillary's alt-right speech than any other moment on the campaign because she had the courage to stand up. i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. no, you wouldn't. >> yes, yes. >> that's very clear today, no,
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you wouldn't, respectfully. how exactly did we win? go for it. how exactly did we win? i would like to know, because i sacrificed the last four months of my life to do it, and we did it, and we did it be looking a the schedule and yes, the electoral map of 270 because that's how you win. >> one of my proudest moments of her is her standing up and saying with courage and clarity, in steve bannon's own words and donald trump's own words, the platform that they gave to white supremacists, white nationalists, and it's a very, very important moment in our history of our country and i think as his presidency goes forward, i'll be proud to be -- >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? >> it did. >> really? >> it did. >> do you think you could have just had a decent message. you think this woman who has nothing in common with everybody -- he flipped over 200
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counties that president obama won and donald trump just won. you think that's because of what you just said or because people weren't ready for a woman president? how about it's hillary clinton? she doesn't connect with people, they have nothing in common with her. >> there's stuff that we didn't even include. >> it lasted hours. you can imagine how intense it w was. >> and if video existed, too. >> with over 103 million instagram followers, she's 2016's most popular person. >> and speaker paul ryan said he never saw a trump victory coming, and that's not all he reve reveals. the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis!
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when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. i was kind of surprised by this. instagram is out with its list of most followed celebrities of 2016. there she is. i thought the initials would be k.k., but that's not the case. it reveals selena gomez as the most followed celebrity this year. she has 103 million followers, the most liked celebrity posts. this ad for coke is her most liked pick with 5.9 million likes. and the other most followered celebrities on instagram. taylor swift at 93.6 million, beyonce at 83 million, kylie jenner, kendall jenner, but big sister kim nowhere on the list right now, and gomez adds some 200,000 fans and followers every
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day. >> probably more than you and i combibed. >> you're up there in the tens of thousands over there. i i'll take a fraction of one of those. >> attention to new parents. we have the post popular baby names of 2016. that's good news for some of us. baby center is out with its top list. the girls names are sophia, emma, olivia, ava, mia, round out the top five names. for boys, the most popular name is jackson, aiden, lucas, liam, and noah. any surprising names for you? >> no y have a lot of those names in my kids' class. this guy is having his baby girl in march. >> send us name suggestions. >> just ahead, house speaker paul ryan on his relationship with donald trump. plus, the house from full house just sold, and guess who bought it. you're watching "early today." they should express how you feel. new olay eyes collection treats every eye concern.
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well, welcome back. we're still dealing with fires in areas of the south. especially the smoky mountains. 16 large fires, 14 still not contained. this upcoming weekend, we'll watch drier weather and then rain move in. it could even be a soaking rain and the winds will be light so the firefighters will get a good grip on the fires. wouldn't surprise me if we eliminate a bunch by next week. the rainfall totals are 2 to 3 inches right over the blazes. >> anything to help them out. thank you very much. there this morning, new reaction from paul ryan on his relationship with donald trump and the tensions between the two that came to a boil during the campaign. and ryan, for his part, told cbs's "60 minutes" the two have patched things up. >> we're fine. we're not looking back. we're looking forward. we actually -- like ied, we
4:27 am
speak about every day. it's not about looking back in the past. that's behind us. we're way beyond that. >> did you believe he could be nominated? really? >> no, i didn't see this one coming. he knows that. >> the rest of that interview will air this sunday. >> well, the fbi just added a new name to its top ten most wanted fugitives list. marlon jones is accused of murdering four people in a bloody gun battle at a birthday party in october. he's believed to be a member of an east coast jamaican gang. the los angeles field office can be reached 24 hours a day at 888-can't-hide. >> and watch this dramatic car accident caught on camera from poland and a woman miraculously survived a crash thanks to a lamp post. she's walking, wearing red. she's going around the corner and you see the black car going
4:28 am
right at her. she kind of falls, but the was the white lamp post that stops it. instead of hitting her, it crashes right into it. no one was hurt and her life was saved. >> the car was really going to run into her. >> this is a very interesting story for a lot of us who remember "full house." the iconic television home is staying in the family. the famous "full house" house and it's sold for $4.15 million to the perfect owner. guess who. the show creator himself, jeff franklin. he shared this photo on instagram saying my new house in san francisco. look familiar? after reconstructing the interior to look like the show set, the producer hopes to eventually rent out the tanner residence to the public, so very interesting. nice trend. might see other homes that were featured in television. >> on airbnb. >> thank you for joining us. i'm ameyman mohyeldin. >> i'm francis rivera.
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have a great weekend. we'll see cruz campus.
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the late night lift could have turned out far worse...if not for what the student did next. sam/vo and the "escaped inmates" who kept many communities on- edge for days...are not only locked up--- they'll be back before a judge today. the new details we are learning about how one was captured. kris/vo plus, "one year later." remembering one of the worst tragedies to ever strike california. how have things changed since the terror attack in san bernardino. today in the bay starts right now. ==kris/2shot== good morning - and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia cannon. ==sam/2shot== and i'm sam brock. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather ==kari//cu== ==mike//traffic h se


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