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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11 ... russia responds to president obama's sanctions. on the heelof right now at 11:00. russia responds to president obama's sanctions on the heel of the president announcing the expulsion of 35 russian diplomats. we've learned russian president vladimir putin will not be following suit. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. >> we didn't know why or who all the activity until now. remarks began about 20 minutes ago. >> they come as we've learned two of the russian diplomats are being kicked out of the u.s. are coming from san francisco. nbc bay area pete suratos joins us from the russian consulate. pete, what did the russian
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consulate say about these rising tensions? >> yeah, good morning to you, kira and sam. we had russian officials coming in and out and providing a no comment as a response to those sanctions. as you mentioned just moments ago we heard from the consulate general handing down the heavy sanctions against russia's alleged cyberattack. to have influenced this past presidential elections. the president wants 35 russian diplomats out of the country by the weekend including those in cities in washington, d.c., and right here in san francisco. as we mention at the top of this, this is an impromptu conference and ask him directly about his thoughts on the sanctions. here's what he had to say. >> we can see the lead sanctions
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complete complete completely unreasonable and very detrimental to the bilateral relations between two neighbors. between the united states of america and the russian federation. >> now, i went on to ask the consulate journal how many people would have to leave the consulate. he mentioned 11 people altogether leaving the consulate as a result of these sanctions. that number also includes children. however, he did not give a timeline as far as what time these folks will be leaving. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos. >> beapete, thank you for that report. we're switching gears bebefore the fireworks and preparations. thousands of people will be celebrating at bars and restaurants along the embarcade embarcadero. we have what you need before you head out to celebrate 2017. nbc tom jensen is live in
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san francisco right now. we start with the forecast. vianey, some colder weather and a chance for rain. >> we are tracking a chance for rainfall. however, it looks like the majority of the rainfall right now is affecting southern california and they are expected to get rain through tonight into tomorrow as far as the bay area goes. right now in the 50s. south bay and san francisco already climbing into the 50s. let's get right to it. let's talk about your new year's eve and your new year's day. as that moisture pushes its way up from the south we are tracking the possibility of seeing some light rain early on in the morning at about 10:00 a.m. and this is for the southern most counties. not so much san jose or the san francisco area. by about 1:00 and 4:00 on new year's eve we should be drying out and seeing that cloud cover, though, which means those temperatures dropping down into the 40s by midnight. it will still be chilly, but tracking even colder temperatures as we head into 2017. new year's day also shaping up
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to be quite nice. 43 degrees expected. a very cold morning by about 1:00. 4:00 we'll drop in those temperatures as a second system makes its way into the north and monday bringing a better chance for rainfall on monday and as we head into tuesday, that's when we're tracking the possibility of seeing record lows across the bay area which could trigger several freeze warnings into the upcoming 27 workweek. i'll have more details on exactly when we're expecting to see the coldest temperatures across the bay area coming up in just a bit. we are taking a live look outside at times square in new york city. of course, home to one of the most iconic new year's eve celebrations in the world. people across the country and around the globe will watch the ball drop in times square as we countdown to 2017 tomorrow night. as for what's happening locally, san francisco pd right now is not giving out any crowd estimates but it is expected we are seeing as many as 100,000 additional people out here to take in the celebration.
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let's go right now to tom jensen who joins us from san francisco with much more on what the city is doing to get ready ahead of the holiday weekend. >> good morning. they really are beefing up their patrols as they did last year for crowds like that. 100,000 people as you said. down here on the embarcadero. especially, that's why they put up the chain link fence to keep the crowds from getting into the water and that's the problem they can have every year. those fences don't go up. office officers will be out in force in and out of uniforms and watching for duis, drivers and anything out of the ordinary. restaurants and bars are expecting to be swelled with customers and coming out to the celebrations and to see the annual fireworks show down here. police spokesman tells us this morning there are no known terror threats, but he says people can help keep themselves and others safe by being aware of their surroundings and reporting anything suspicious. >> the last thing that they're going to suspect is some ordinary civilian just enjoying
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the night. and, you know, and seeing something or doing something suspicio suspicious. we rely very heavily on the public because they are our eyes and ears and we may not be able to see. >> police officers will also be watching for people who are drunk in public or tearing open containers on the streets. both of those things can get you a citation. in addition to the street patrols, the department's marine unit and the coast guard will maintain a buffer zone around the fireworks this year. now, three quick safety tips from san francisco pd this weekend. keep your eyes on your environment. if you're staring down at your cell device, you could lose it easily to see if they see that every year. and determine beforehand a meeting place with family and friends just in case you get separated and a cell phone dies. that can happen with using that cell phone so much during the night and, for use public transportation.
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muni is free and b.a.r.t. and take you in and out of the city. the most important thing, be safe. be smart. don't drink and drive. we're live in san francisco, tom johns johnsen, nbc bay area news. continuing what tom was just talking about in order to keep drunk drivers off the roads, many bay area transit agencies are offering free rides and running special schedules on new year's eve tomorrow. s samtrans from 8:00 tomorrow night until 5:00 a.m. sunday morning. caltrain rides will be free after 8:00 p.m. and those rides will end around 2:00 a.m. tuesday morning. there will be trains running on a special schedule from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. also will have extra trains standing in by san francisco to run after the fireworks show on the embarcadero. and, of course, you can watch the times square ball drop right here on nbc bay area.
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carson daly is hosting our new year's eve party. jennifer lopez, alicia keys and blake shelton all are performing and that starts at 11:30 tomorrow night. back here in the bay area, fire investigators are looking for the cause after a house burst into flames earlier this morning in palo alto. we brought you the live fire under control about an hour later around 6:00 a.m. this home is on the 2100 block between embarcadero road and oregon expressway. firefighters thought someone might have been trapped inside the home, but fortunately that homeowner was able to escape safely and neighbors woke up to the noise. >> i think it was pretty high. i mean, it was roaring about 10, 15 feet above the roofline. but i don't know if it hit the tree or not. i saw it when i came out. >> no one was hurt. the fire was so big, though, at one point, that both the m
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mountain view and fire departments offered mutual aid to fight the fire. a stabbing in east bay target. yesterday cameras were allowed in the courtroom but the defendants never appeared. attorneys for the co-defendants waived their right to appear in court yesterday. the two brothers are accused of stabbing griffin when he was shopping with his 4-year-old son for some last-minute gifts on christmas eve. witnesses say it happened after griffin asked them to turn down what he considered to be inappropriate music for the toy section of target. one defense attorney says it would have been inappropriate to have his client appear in front of the media. >> when this case does end up going forward, i expect that he will be fully exonerated and that he was acting in self-defense. >> according to the police report, the victim, griffin, grabbed a wine bottle off of a shelf and hit frankie acheltta with it.
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his widow doesn't believe it. telling nbc bay area that she hopes the investigation will be a thorough one. now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area. a brazen robbery in san francisco leaves a jewelry dealer beaten and shaken up. it hand last night around 6:30 right off the 101 freeway in the city's design district. treated by paramedics was hit in the chest by at least three men as he was leaving the jewelry center. they got away with about $400,000 worth of diamonds and gold. >> they probably waited for him to go in, watch him and when he came out, they got ready and ran out and jumped him. >> the robbery was caught on surveillance tape but, unfortunately, we're told that video was poor quality. the san jose cvs store is back open today after a driver crashed their car into the building yesterday afternoon. it left behind just a mess of broken glass and border up doors. this happened at cvs on the 6900
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block of almaden expressway. fire crews called just after 2:00 and not clear if anyone is injured. it's 11:11. up next at 11:00, several states will spend a new year under a heavy snow. a storm that is taking aim at the east coast. first, a visiting family gets a taste of san francisco crime and then one of hospital hospitality. the gift that they were given after their car was broken into and thousands of dollars and belongings were all stolen. =3 shot down the line= toss to wx.
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it is absolutely our favorite time of the year. getting to set those new year's resolutions which we always keep every single time. >> every time. >> i was just saying, what is the point? if you're not going to follow
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through. >> you have to some goal. >> it really works for two or three days and then right out the window. which is going to be a cold window the next couple days. >> now, as you're wondering about your new year's eve we're expecting to drop into the 30s and 40s and much what we've seen the past couple of days. so, bundle up if you're heading out for any new year's eve plans. in the 50s and also out near san francisco we are starting to see some of that cloud cover and that's because we do have that storm system that has made its way into so cal. let's give you a run down of what we can expect this weekend. it is new year's eve weekend. we have that moisture sitting right now over the l.a. area. if you are going to be commuting down to the l.a. area, we are expecting for you to probably get some rain along your commute. you may want to take some extra time and be careful because there could be some traffic out there, as well. they are expected to keep the rainfall through tonight and into saturday which means their new year's eve can be a soggy one, as well. stick around through sunday.
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as far as the bay area goes, you may notice we have moisture pushing in and this is only going to affect the further southern counties. might see the chance of a few scattered showers tonight. let's go ahead and take a look at your hour-by-hour outlook. as we head into early saturday morning at about 7:00 a.m., we have this moisture sitting off the coast which could bring s e possible scattered light showers and some areas near the santa cruz mountains and for the most part clearing out by 10:00, 11:00 a.m. look at midnight. there it is as you head into saturday night and into sunday morning, it's going to be nice and clear across the bay area. so, have no fear, it looks like we won't have a wet new year's eve. it will be very chilly. you want to go bundle up. let's look at your estimated rain totals. as we head out to the l.a. area, we'll see a quarter of an inch and expecting to get between a half inch by saturday and looking forward through sunday,
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they could get an inch of much-needed rainfall down there. our best chance is going to come in on monday and tuesday when we see the arrival of a second system come in from the north and that's going to bring a cold snap. let's get a quick rundown of your new year's eve plans. by 10:00 a.m., 44 degrees and by midnight clearing out from the clouds. monday night as we head into sunday night, start seeing the arrival of that system which means scattered rain. pay attention really quick to sunday night heading into monday. this is when that other cold front comes in and that is going to drop our temperatures down. take a look at our highs for monday and tuesday. we'll top out in the 40s. those overnight lows could trigger some freeze warnings and not just for san francisco but looks like the area in the trivalley and protected vallas could see teens in the forecast. we'll keep a close eye on record lows going into 2017. kira. as we look at the record lows in the bay area and heading into the new year. millions of people are right in the path of a powerful nor'easter. that's packing high winds and
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heavy snowfall. some places already have seen two feet of snow. look at that. nbc morgan radford reports from concord, new hampshire. >> reporter: overnight a flash of light and then a rare burst of thundersnow. the last winter storm of 2016 arriving with force. the nor'easter quickly piling up snow across new england. this morning more than 7 million people are under winter storm advisories. in massachusetts, crews using new liquid deicers getting a head start before roads completely freeze over. in maine, most of the state is under a winter storm warning. up to 18 inches expected there when it's all said and done. in vermont, an ice skater's paradise. and a skier's too. one resort said it got more snow thursday than all of last year. in new hampshire --
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>> this year could be the big one. >> jay has been plowing these winding roads for 19 years. >> what do you recommend to people who are traveling on them? >> just go slow. you know, take your time. >> reporter: but for skiers this storm has been a long time coming. >> beyond excited. i'm shaking right now. >> how does it compare to last year? >> oh, last year sucked. >> reporter: it's a different story. ending the year with a literal bang. no real bang on the markets today as we are looking at actually now two triple-digit losses since the election. the second one coming yesterday. ed to, the loss is not that bad but the dow jones industrial average down 15 points at 19,769. sam, there are hundreds of new laws going into effect in the new year and we have a look at just a few of them for you. california's minimum wage is changing. it will go up to $10.50 an hour
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for companies with more than 25 employees. there will be added gun control for assault weapons, magazines holding more than ten rounds will be banned and, get this, buyer's now will have to go through a background check before they can buy ammunition. a new law aimed specifically at law enforcement. if officers are leaving their gun in their car when they're not in it, they will be required to store the gun in the trunk or in a hidden lock box just like civilians have to. there are changes coming to sexual assault sentences. in 2017 the probation will no longer be of someone unconscious or severely intoxicated. this is in response to the brock turner. zsa zsa gabor is being laid to rest. family and friends packed the church of the good shepard in beverly hills. actress and former beauty queen died on december 18th at the age of 99 of a heart attack ending a
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year's long struggle with a variety of health issues that kept her largely out of the public eye. now to a heartbreaking situation for a brazilian family visiting the bay area that amazingly took a full 180 degree turn. thanks to the genrosry of one of our viewers. the brazilian family just landed in san jose on tuesday night for their first trip to the u.s. they stopped in an applebees to eat. stealing their passports, a laptop and $6,000 worth of cash. money, they tell us that they have been saving up for years. a viewer saw this story on our air yesterday and offered to help. >> i'd like to offer you $10,000. >> this is great. i'm really, really thankful. i'm really grateful for you, okay. >> oh, it's my pleasure, victor. >> good news. don't lose faith in humanity. >> pretty amazing.
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you saw some of the family members there wiping away tears. kisses, hugs. the donor has asked to remain anonymous. it is the family's first trip to america and they're not going to be forgetting it any time soon. more great news, they also got their passports back because they were discovered by a homeless man in oakland who returned them. >> incredible. just gets better and better. all right, now, after all 15 locations abruptly shut down without warning this week, one chain is stepping tine help the hundreds of employees left jobless. wendy's is now inviting every pasta pomodoro employee to interview for them. a moment of good news for the stunned employees who learned they were out of jobs through a text message the day after christmas. the first of two baby american bald eagles has begun to hatch in ft. myers, florida. there is a national watch going on over this. it's delighting millions of people who all tuned tine watch
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the eaglest amerge. under the big mama eagle are those eggs. on thursday afternoon, viewers did catch a glimpse of the beginning of the hatching process and the first crack in an egg shell. a live camera is poised over the ft. myers area the american bald eagle named heriot and her mate. been chronicling harriet's nesting seasons since 2002. coming up -- >> i loved him. i wanted -- i was hoping that he would change. an emotional interview with ray mcdonald's ex-fiancee after a disturbing video is released in the high-profile domestic vilance case. a couple that has been together for 17 years will tie the knot while aboard the rose parade float. read their story on our website and watch the parade right here on monday morning.
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and the tributes to carrie fisher keep coming in at the presidio and home of lucas film. a picture of leia was placed directly under the iconic yoda water fountain. see the photo on our facebook page. we're back in two minutes. this, after she released cell
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phone video that ...she says... the exfiancee of a former
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49er is speaking out. this after she released cell phone video that showed ray mcdonald moments before he abused her. >> kendra kept her face and her name hiddenntil now. she sat down to talk about a variety of issues related to this case. >> i loved him. i was hoping that he would change. >> stop! >> reporter: the woman who is terrified voice can be heard on this cell phone video is coming forward to talk about what the world is now seeing. kendra, the ex-fiancee of former nflor ray mcdonald said she needed to speak out for what she calls other domestic violence victims. >> i think as a group if we can all come together somehow. you know, more powerful. >> reporter: kendra says that 2015 video just released publicly yesterday is a snapshot. >> the video is just part of the night. and, you know, it doesn't record the whole thing.
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it shuts off at a point. but there was a lot of physical abuse and emotional and verbal. >> reporter: in 2015, the video was shown at a grand jury hearing but mcdonald was not indicted. his celebrity had an impact in court and in public. >> it clouds everything. it makes it like my voice wasn't heard. i got so much negativity from people and he is a celebrity. >> what kind of negativity? >> i got thoughts. i got hate mail. >> reporter: kendra says one common problem victims face is making excuses for their abusers and then having those words used against you in court. but she kept her believing then fiance when he said he would change. when did you give up? >> when i realized it wasn't happening. when i was pregnant and he
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got -- >> reporter: robert honda, nbc, bay area news. well, in the light of this case, that interview robert did reach out to ray mcdonald's attorney. so far we have not heard back. a new report sheds light on the disciplinary processes at stanford and why some say it's not enough. "the new york times" is reporting the university did not punish one of their football players, even though two majority votes agreed a woman was sexually assaulted by him. at the time of the trial last year, the school required at least a 4-1 decision to find a person responsible. but since then, stanford has changed their structure to a three-person panel and that decision must be unanimously for someone to be found guilty. stanford says its new standard is to avoid wrongful judgment. but critics are saying the policy is stacked against victims. coming up next, the family is reeling right now after their 2-year-old dog went in for
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grooming and was in fully good health and died five days later. the groomer is defending what happened and wants to show us the video that they say, proves it. coming up after nb xrrx bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood" live followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. a pet death that's putting two
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very different stories at odds. only on nbc bay area a pet death that is putting two very different stories at odds. a 2-year-old dog is paralyzed days after getting groomed and then dies. >> rick. >> she was traumatized. she was handled and there was something happened. >> peter and his wife, carmine, still don't know why their healthy 2-year-old dog, honey, suddenly died. >> there was nothing wrong with my dog. they damaged my dog. >> reporter: he feels it is connected to the dog's last hair cut at showtime pet grooming in
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san jose on december 21st. >> there could have been a neck trauma. and and i don't know. i don't know what happened. i can't say. >> reporter: he says when he picked up honey, her back legs could move and days later she passed away from what doctors called a fractured spine. >> our hearts go out to her family. >> reporter: but showtime pet owners dispute anything wrong. in fact, they say honey had injuries upon arrival. >> we then see honey walking away from the camera and her legs seem a little bit stiff and then actually crossed. that's a very unnatural position for a dog and she's definitely looking like she's in pain. >> reporter: the groomers stand behind their affectiont care for all their animal clients. something that they say is clear in this surveillance video of honey's handling during her hair cut. >> i am absolutely 100% certain that no one on my staff injured honey. i would never have anyone on my staff that would lie to me or
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injury an animal. >> reporter: still, the dog's owners won't stop pushing for answers and what really took the life of its close friends. >> we never had any issues with her before. >> reporter: rick boon, nbc bay area news. well, the pet owners are now looking to the california senate for help for a new pet grooming bill. they're hoping to put in place stronger rules on regulating groomers. for the first time, we're hearing from the family of a 14-year-old san jose boy who was killed by a suspected drunk drive on christmas morning. he died when the car he was riding in with his parents was hit head on. the family has released a statement. the family says they're devastated, but they will celebrate andrew's life. they also want to thank first responders at the scene of the deadly crash and ask for their privacy. a follow up now. prosecutors are dropping a dui charge against a man who only tested positive for caffeine. this comes a year after the
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ticket was given. back in august of 2015, joseph schwab was driving home from work when he was pulled over. the officers say he was darting in and out of traffic and they believed he was under the influence. but after running several tests, the only thing that showed up was caffeine. authorities initially believed he might have been under the influence of a drug that didn't show up in the system. prosecutors have dropped that one charge but have not dropped the second charge against him for reckless driving. it is not illegal to have caffeine in your system while you're driving. it is illegal to drive while high on marijuana. now a new bill wants to make sure that one more thing is illegal. according to the san jose mercury news, right now nothing technically forbids smoking while driving. senator jerry hill says the new bill introduced yesterday would make laws for smoking while driving consistent with laws for drinking while driving. once again, people in palo alto their tap water may taste a little bit funky. it happened earlier this month
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from a blending of water supplies. residents were caught off guard. city officials that everyone is still safe to drink and tastes weird. from weird taste to weird smells. there are questions that still remain this morn. there have been dozens of reports of a rotten egg or some sort of sulferric smell. firefighters, as you see, checked out the area. they determined that it was safe, but they still couldn't locate a source of the stench. air quality managers right now are checking air monitors and they have inspectors out working to try to find a cause. we are looking at two incidents that happened in richmond. we are looking at local waste
11:36 am
water facilities. we are looking at landfills in the area, as well as ships. a number of potential sources. chevron says that it did have some flaring on wednesday night at its richmond refinery but the company says it's premature to speculate about whether or not that is the cause. now, to a quick-thinking uber driver who helped save a teenage girl from a suspected sex trafficking ring. keith has been an uber driver for just over a month. back on monday he picked up a 6-year-old girl and two girls near sacramento. he noticed the teenage girl was wearing skimpy clothes. as he drove along, he said it sounded like the women were coaching the girl on how to ask for money from a man she was about to meet. as soon as he dropped off the trio, he called police. >> get just enough distance where they're not going to see me and i make the phone call. i didn't want to be any part of it. >> the two women and the man were arrested shortly after avala made that call. >> did the right thing there.
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b.a.r.t. service back to normal after a woman walking on the tracks faced a major delay yesterday. they searched the transbay tube for more than an hour trying to find the guy. trains were stopped in both directions during that time. the man was arrested around 8:00. at 11:37. coming up, how much drinking is too much. before you celebrate this new year's eve the report now need to see that could change how you ring in the new year. plus, dna has yo-- seeing the 50s in san jose, but changes for the new year's. i'll have your dan planner for new year's eve and new year's day, coming up in just a few minutes. miles of confusion over an airline account and a credit card. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura.
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to a san francisco man whose frequent flier account welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a man whose frequent flier account was wiped clean and he couldn't understand why. >> our consumer team got to the bottom of this. here's chris chmura with the reason for this. >> david james has been using a hawaiian airlines mastercard.
11:41 am
rewards miles for purchases. but recently he noticed his miles balance had been wiped clear. we learned from hawaiian airlines that his wife was the primary credit card account holder and the miles have been accumulating in her mileage account. since david hadn't had any activity on his account for 18 months, his miles expired. this is a good lesson for all of us. miles earned through credit card purchases are only awarded to one person. even if there are two people or more on the account. and you need to keep your miles reward account active or you are going to lose your miles. that inactivity period varies by airline by the way. now, back to david. he and his wife were always frequent hawaiian airline travelers. but they stopped traveling when his wife became seriously ill a few years back and she recently died. when hawaiian airlines heard david's story it reinstated his miles. the company says it considers extraordinary circumstances and
11:42 am
evaluate each case individually. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us the number 888-996-tips or visit us online at have a great day. >> chris, thank you very much. obviously, the holiday now right around the corner tomorrow night and a wakeup call for anyone headed to a new year's eve party this weekend. many of us are going out to parties and drinking and thinking we know our limits. i can have a couple drinks and i'm fine. >> new numbers are out showing how dangerous it is to drink and get behind the wheel of a car and brings the question up, can you really trust yourself? national investigative reporter jeff rosen and his team set up an experiment to change the way you might behave. >> reporter: we invited this group of friends to a restaurant and tell them we're doing a story about holiday drinking. what they don't know -- >> blow hard in that. >> reporter: after the party,
11:43 am
this local police officer working with us is giving them breathalyzers. >> three, four -- >> reporter: and field sobriety tests. >> seven, eight, nine. >> show of hands. how many of you feel in control of yourself. coordinated. this man told us he would even be okay to drive right now. you'd get behind the wheel? >> yeah, why not. >> too often people lose track of how much they're really drinking and don't know their own limits. according to new government data, during the new year's holiday, 36% of all traffic deaths involve drunk driving. which makes our social experiment so important. >> four martinis in an hour. >> we supplied the alcohol telling them to drink as they normally would and the other half not to drink at all. they're our designated drivers. we also hired car services as backup to make sure everyone got home safely. but would they drive if they
11:44 am
could? i'd wait longer. >> how long would you wait before you drove? >> me? at least an hour, hour and a. >> keep going. >> so, we waited that long. then gave kim a breathalyzer test. the legal limit is 0.08. >> 0.10. >> are you surprised it took you two drinks to get over the legal limit? >> i am. >> that is another common mistake. even after you stop drinking, your blood alcohol level can continue to rise as the liquor seeps into your system. >> eight, nine, ten. >> all right, you're good. >> art here stopped drinking two hours ago. he still can't walk straight. he blows a 0.2. well over the limit. >> good thing i didn't drive. >> most of our drinkers told us they wouldn't drive but then there's ron who is about to make a bold admission. if you lived close by, would you drive home? >> two blocks. >> you think you could do it
11:45 am
safely? >> yeah. >> watch what happens when the officer tells him to walk straight. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> he can't do it. and his blood alcohol level. >> 0.13. >> 0.13. >> you're intoxicated. >> three drinks and i'm intoxicated. >> actually, we watched him order one, two, three, four drinks. and a shot. >> i probably would have gotten into a car to drive home if i had been at a local bar. >> but now seeing that you're at.13 nearly twice the legal limit. what is that like to hear? >> disheartening. >> that you would have gotten on the road. >> very scary. >> what do you make of that now? >> i'm an idiot. you don't realize how much you drank until after the sobriety test comes. >> and then it's too late.
11:46 am
>> god forbid i would hurt somebody or kill somebody. >> wow. >> jeff rosen reporting there. >> i think the bottom line is, don't just take the chance. make plans. >> it's so easy to take uber, lyft, a cab. >> we have b.a.r.t., mun. that will cover you for the ride. the cold, different story. >> that's another story. >> you'llinately need to bundle up because it is going to get chill for the new year's eve. but we're tracking even colder temperatures to welcome the 017 year. across the bay area right now, front 52 degrees heading over towards the san jose area. also in the 50s. a nice 51 degrees mostly clear skies. however, we're starting to see some of those clouds and that's because we do have that storm system that is pushing in to the l.a. area right now. pushing up moisture from the southwest and it can bring the chance for a few scattered showers overnight. let's talk about it. this weekend's storm is right now very focused in so cal.
11:47 am
they are already seeing some much-needed rain. you can see that rain pushing through and look at where we are. san jose, san francisco. this first storm is actually going to miss us. however, areas like monterey and san bruno could be seeing the chance for a few scattered showers overnight into early saturday morning. we are seeing a few storm cells that are going to be located off of the coast that could bring some scattered early morning a.m. showers. here's a quick look at what i'm talk about. saturday by 7:00 a.m. we'll see a few storm cells off of the coast. if we fastforward through that saturday morning a few pop of showers along the coastline and into palo alto and higher elevation areas, as well. if we fast forward into midnight, theden. look at this. nice, clear skies. not a cloud in sight and no rain, which means, yep, those overnight lows will be kind of chilly. 40s and possibly 30s. much what we have been seeing the past couple of days across the bay area. now, in terms of estimated rain
11:48 am
totals we are tracking a second storm system that will make its way in on monday. estimated rain totals for friday in the l.a. area over a quarter of an inch. by the end of the weekend, they are expecting that rain to carry over into saturday and sunday. look at this, they could be seeing about an inch of rainfall out there. here in the bay area, though, we're not seeing much rain. at least not through sunday heading into monday, though. and tuesday we are seeing a second storm system that is going to arrive from the north. and with it, bringing a cold snap, which means we could see record lows across the bay area. here's a quick look right now at your new year's eve day planner. by 10:00 a.m. 44 degrees. as i said, we could see that light rain. by 1:00, mostly cloudy skies and by midnight we're ringing in the new year and temperatures in the 40s and:00 on new year's day when we could see the scattered showers. over the next seven days, pay. this is when it's going to be the coldest. heading into monday night and tuesday. that cold snap comes in and
11:49 am
overlows dropping right back down into those 30s, which could trigger a series of freeze warnings as early as tuesday night. could carry on over into thursday, as well as wednesday. in the inland areas, also expect to drop down to the possible 20s and maybe even the teens. as we head into the first week of 2017, keep a close eye on that. for now, the new year's eve forecast is looking pretty good. just kind of chilly. i'll send things back to you guys. >> vianey, thank you. coming up, new york's biggest party is less than 36 hours away. we have the tactics police aring to make sure that everyone is safe. ==kira/vo== happening today...
11:50 am
11:51 am
preparations for new year's eve will continue in new york city. happening today. preparations for new year's eve will continue in new york city. organizers are testing the big ball drop. about 1 million people are expected to pack into times
11:52 am
square tomorrow night and really pack in there. as you just mentioned a second ago as they pack in in new york city and all these other cities around the country. we have, what, 36 hours to go before it's officially 2017. sounds a little weird. with new's celebrations set to kick off in cities across country. >> because of recent terror attacks, security personnel in new york and across the globe are on high alert hoping to keep everyone safe this holiday weekend. nbc's stephanie gosk reports. >> reporter: this morning, new york city is getting ready for its annual bash. with nearly 1 million people planning on watching the ball in times square. ringing in the new year with noise makers, confetti and massive security. >> we have reached the new level of patrol strengths of nypd. >> reporter: tomorrow night a record 7,000 of uniform and undercover police will be on the streets, including hundreds of heavily armed counterterrorism officers. this year, law enforcement is
11:53 am
bringing in sand trucks and other vehicles to block off streets. and cities across the country is a similar sight. fences and concrete barricades in boston and chicago. >> it's sad that we have to do this type of stuff, but it's reality of what's happening now in the world. >> reporter: in pasadena, california, police have their hands full. with year's celebrations taking place tomorrow night and the rose parade on monday, forcing them to come up with new tactics. >> we'll be using water barriers to create -- part of law enforcement strategy a big show of force to create a deterrence and instill confidence. today security is also being beefed up across europe. with some officers in germany arming themselves with machine guns. officials not taking any chances after vehicle attacks at a berlin christmas market this month and an attack in nice july. in london, a higher police presence at buckingham palace and local markets. back here in times square, the
11:54 am
public seems to support the work that law enforcement is doing and don't seem worried. >> i think that they've been doing a great job anyway. and just enjoy it like we're enjoying it. >> well, new york law enforcement officials say that there has been little so-called terrorism chatter. so, they feel confident going into this holiday weekend. >> not taking any chances, obviously. up next, if the mannequin challenge was not difficult enough as it is, how do you stay in space? the latest feat from the international space station, coming up next.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
while this was challenging, but executed to perfection. astronauts on the international space took the mannequin challenge and they took it to a whole new level. five of the six crew members performed that challenge while they were floating in space. all this happened on sunday. that vid was just posted by a french astronaut. now, as you see there, of the footholes and where their hands are, some of those astronauts are clinging to as the camera passes them by. others were just rigid as they floated around. >> that is so cool. back on earth, one quick check of the weather before we go to 2017. >> let's see if we can pull up that graphic for you. we should be drying out and cooling down just in time for that new year hour. the first day of 2017 is off to a good start. tracking rain next week. >> saying sayonara to 2016. >> thanks for joining us.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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>> announcer: stand by, everyone. we're live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. how was your meeting today? >> just friends, just friends, and he's a good man. >> long time. i think that was a smile at the beginning. who knew? >> what is going on? kanye west met with donald at trump tower today. i'm not sure what they talked about, what went down. >> he resurfaced after his time and the breakdown. >> good to see him back. >> a little blond fuzz on the top. going back blond again. a lot of people


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