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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 2, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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president donlds trump tough talk is creating controversy with australia's top minister. they send a warning putting iran on notice. angry, violent protest and a speaker get ugly overnight. the president will wake up to a joint effort by the business leaders opposing his business plan. buzz wiser strikes a whord ahead of super bowl li. get ready for punxsutawney phil on this ground hawk day. "early today" starts now. i'm francis rivera.
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delaware state prisons are on lockdown due to a hostage situation. inmates at the prison in delaware are holding two corrections employees captive. two others were released. they are working with libya to end the stand off. they are planning to protest outside the prison later this morning in support of the inmates. they were concerned over the treatment and leadership. now, an international stand off. the white house puts iran on notice, not taking a military option off the table with the president tweeting this morning, iran has been put formally on notice for firing a ballistic missile. should have been thankful for the terrible deal the u.s. made with them. the u.s. came along and gave it a lifeline in the form of the iran deal, $150 billion. this after the country tested
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the missile. the trump administration accusing iran of violating a u.n. resolution. we are live in tehran. talk about what the white house means by iran being put on notice. >> reporter: that's the big question here. what does it mean? does it mean renew eed sanction or more options on the table? what we are seeing is a renewed spike in tensions between the two countries. this morning, we are getting reaction from tehran. iran and the defense minister say the missile launch was successful despite the u.s. claims it wasn't. they say it wasn't in violation of the resolution. the policy adviser weighed in today. he said this isn't the first time a person threatened iran. they will continue to test.
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they don't need anybody's permission to do so. america is being defeated by weaker countries, saying they are the strongest military economic power in the region and not going to take threats from america seriously. no doubt, this has given the regime a census. they stepped into the unknown with the donald trump presidency. they thought they had the nuclear deal wrapped up but they are in a new era. francis. >> reporting from tehran, thank you. back here in the united states, angry protests erupted at california berkeley leading the president to weigh in with this early morning squeeze. if they do not allow free speech, no federal funds, that was in response to the planned, then canceled appearance. it led to protests causing the campus to go on lockdown. after hundreds of demonstrators
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gathered. the protest grew angrier with mass agitators. there were some reports of throwing smoke bombs and flairs. the fire was set with violence exploding on the street, cancelling the planned appearance. police were in full riot gear dispersing the crowds. here is overnight reaction. >> particularly scary and troubling, it happened on an american college campus. those that come to the talks want to hear the other side. they were presented from doing so by them. they are terrified by anyone that might be persuasive, interesting or take people with them. this time, it was one of america's closest allies. an explosive conversation between president trump and his
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australian counter part. he said this is the worst phone call by far. the president tweeted overnight, do you believe it? the obama administration agreed to take thousands of immigrants from australia. why? i will study this done deal. what more can you tell us about this phone call? and reaction from the other side. >> talk about unexpected turn of events. donald trump saying he would be killed politically standing by this deal. australia is one of america's closest allies. trying to export the boston bombers to the united states. we need to clarify inaccuracies in the tweet. they are not illegal immigrants, but refugees. 1200 that the u.s. were going to look into assessing after vetting from an australian detention center. they are down playing reports of a clash saying the deal still
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stands. take a listen. >> they were taught that the president hung up is not correct. the call ended courteously. as far as the nature of the discussion, it was very frank and forefront. i stand-up for australia's interest and make australia's case as powerfully and persuasively however i can wherever i am. >> again, the two countries have historically close ties, intelligence fighting with one another. this could have pretty devastating consequences for the relationship going forwards. francis? >> watching the relationship with iran and now australia. thank you for that. the squirmish with australia comes as rex tillerson was sworn in as the country's secretary of state. meanwhile, the president's pick for education secretary is
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suddenly in jeopardy after two republican senators said they would oppose her nomination. >> i will not, i cannot vote to confirm her. >> i have heard from thousands, truly thousands of alaskans who share their concern about mrs. devos for secretary of education. i do not intend to vote on final passage to support mrs. devos. >> mike pence could cast the deciding vote. that, as the president paid his respects to the final homecoming as navy s.e.a.l. william ryan ownens days after he was killed in a military raid in al qaeda in yemen. the president tweeted about the solemn occasion saying attending his transfer with my daughter ivanka was my honor. to a great and brave man, thank you. i'm sure you saw it on
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twitter or facebook, beyonce on the internet with big baby news. she and jay-z are expecting twins. we have been blessed. it is the most liked instagram picture of all time. it only took seven hours to surpass the previous record held by salina gomez with many picture. the question is, what will it be named? they have blue ivy. now this stream of lava shooting from the side of this sea cliff on the big island. it dumped a fire hose. it is pouring 70 feet down into the pacific ocean. once it hits, explodes on impact sending steam high into the air. officials warned visitors not to get to close. it contains shard of volcanic
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gas. it can be dangerous. let's head to bill karins with details on a storm slamming west, not letting up. >> those pictures are amazing. hard to believe it is real and happening now. this storm in the west moved in as expected. we have the rainfall coming down here. san francisco is supposed to get light rain. the steadier rain to the south. batches in sacramento. the blue is showing up with the snow in the higher elevations arnds 7,000 feet. another big batch will come on shore later on tonight. it will be in northern california. in portland later today, too. you are going to get the nasty wintry event.
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to get the heavy snow. we are not getting the moisture in washington, it's confined to oregon today. francis, an update on the missing bobcat at the national zoo in washington, d.c. after two days of searching, she's been found. where do you think they found her? the zoo's birdhouse. smart bobcat. zoo keepers set traps to capture her. the 7-year-old bobcat escaped on monday through a hole in mesh netting. they haven't found the scissors she used to escape. >> hopefully she wasn't hungry. thank you. just ahead, the biggest news story of 2017. has nothing to do with politics but what you may be eating for breakfast. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works...
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former president bush and his wife will do the coin toss. he's fired up about doing it. the announcement comes after he was releaseed from a houston hospital after a bout with pneumonia. roger goodell says the plan was in motion before the president fell ill. >> i approached him in december. they were very enthusiastic about wanting to participate. we are honored to have them. >> a lot of us are ready. kick off is at 6:30 eastern on sunday. one person got a laugh at nigel. he was speaking yesterday on his support of president trump's actions. look at that. look at the left, that sign. as he spoke, how about that handwritten sign saying he's lying to you. he was scolding for that and told the press, he acted out of
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frustration getting air time without being challenged. this morning, we may have inside. president trump maintains his full head of hair. you saw jimmy fallon saying it was real. the president tells "the new york times," he takes three medications one for prostate health and/or hair growth and an antibiotic and a statin for cholesterol. it is working for him and donald trump. what a pain in the ash. i said ash. cops were supposed to find a suspect stuck in a chimney responding to a burglary call responding to a california home. police received the same call from a woman saying her friend was caught in the chimney. firefighters were able to get
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in today's quick hits, the republican house voted to repeal an obama administration rule preventing coal mining debris from being dumped in a nearby stream. the republicans call it oo job killer. it goes to the senate. scientists uncovered evidence of a lost continent under the indian ocean. it probably sank 84 million years ago. "the new york times" says reports of a 2017 bacon shortage wednesday is fake news. rest assured, they traced the report back to an ohio council saying pork belly reserved declined in half in 2015 and '16. there are plenty of hogs and bac bacon. get the skillet out and get frying. facebook is about to do something unimaginable. a number of americans are
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joining forces to take on president trump's immigration policy. we have all that and a big development. morg morgan, good morning. >> good morning. the u.s. could export more oil this year than the total of four opec producers combined. they honored the pledge to ease restrictions on drilling. it will save the u.s., the largest consumer of oil, could sell 800,000 barrels a day overseas. that is more than libya, cue tar. the increase, resurgence in oil and gas from shell. google, apple, facebook and others are working on a letter opposing the immigration ban. they are leading the effort and trying to involve other industries such as consumer goods as well. this is the first major push to support immigration in the wake of the executive order signed late last week.
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watch shares of facebook. the quarterly earnings beating wall street. facebook is closing in on another milestone. 2 billion monthly active users. 1.86 billion currently check in on their profile and news feeds at least once a month. you can count me among those numbers. >> morgan, thank you. just ahead, the super bowl commercial that is creating a huge global reaction. plus, nfl stars get a case of bad lip reading. per roll
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a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. more than 100 million people are expected to watch sunday's super bowl. there's a buzz about the commercials. kevin tibbles explains, one ad is causing a stir in these politically charged times. >> you don't look like you are from around here. >> the fabled story of the american dream. american football staple, beer. budizers super bowl ad. bush, who left germany for the united states in 1857. making his way to st. louis and meeting his future partner, anheuser. >> thank you. this is a weak drink. >> reporter: at a time when
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immigration is on the minds of many, this american tale struck a nerve on social media. well done, buzz wiser. i can't watch your commercial without crying. for others, it fell flat. this bud is no longer for me, it's activist juice. they say it was a year in the making, adding, we did not set out to create political commentary. we recognize you can't reference the american dream today without being part of the conversation. >> i do not think you are going to see a lot of politics in the super bowl this year. people would like to take a break and own joy super bowl and enjoy some ads they find, you know, either humorous or th nostalg nostalgic. >> another ad, another issue in the news. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. per roll
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february 2nd, today is groundhog day. this is a scene in pennsylvania moments ago. the world's most famous prognosticator, punxsutawney emerged. whether or not he saw his shadow. well, he did. boo. that means six more weeks of winter, says phil. not what we want to hear in the west, especially when you are looking at snow in the mountainous areas. winter storm watches continue in oregon and idaho. also here from tahoe to yosemite. as far as the snow totals go, look at the snow in the northern rockies. levels up to three feet in the next couple days.
4:27 am
six more weeks of winter is not what many in the west want to here. >> in the northeast, around new york, we had it ease yes. >> it hasn't been shared across the country. president trump inches closer to filling the supreme court seat. the president says he deserves nothing short of a unanimous decision. >> if we ent up with that gridlo gridlock, if you can, mitch, go nuclear. that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was put up in the web. i would say, it's up to mitch, but i sago for it. >> 76 protesters were arrested in north dakota. they were demonstrating against the access pipeline near the standing rock camp.
4:28 am
they were warned they were trespassing and needed to leave. police started arresting the protesters and forced them off the property. local law enforcement made 696 protest-related arrests since august. the latest installment of bad lip reading, the nfl 2016 addition. you have to see it. >> look at my hair. >> i'll flip for you. >> this wall is magical, you can't touch me. >> my neck. my neck. >> you play for the devil. >> somebody took the nickels out of my dang locker. you are all a suspect, okay. >> don't you wonder who is behind that? who are the guys at the computer editing. >> matching it up. it's a fun job. >> brilliant. maybe they can do it for us. that would be dangerous.
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thanks for watchingearly today. "" "protests on the cal campus" --
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turn vlent. smoke bbs, fires, and vandasm all brk out. protests on the cal can campus turned violent. smoke bombs and vandalism break out. cal leaders express their dismay. and the president also has things to say about the violence on campus last night. early this morning he tweeted out a threat to cal that could influence the school's bottom line. and the rain is triggering a microclimate weather alert. today in the bay starts right now. very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i had to think about it for a second. really. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.


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